The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 28, 1934
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Served by United Press BLYTHPILLE COURIER NEWS •HIE DOMINANT NKWBPAl'EJl Or' NORTHEAST MiKAN3AB AND SOUTH BABT MIBBOTJHI VOL. XXXI—NO. Ulythevllte Dally New« Blythevllle Courier Valley leader Hlythevllle Herald ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JUNIO 28, 103-1 SINGLE .COPIES FIVE v idEit&9' Driver Asks i>i His How .d Extension Into This State Will Follow Entry Into Memphis, He Says OSCKOI.A. Ark.., Jim-:- 28.—TV A electric- power will bo available- l« Eastern Arkamns consumers within 30 days after ii is extended tc. Memphis, where :i smvey for its proposed extension is now under way. Congressman W. .1. Driver, who returned to his home lierc parly | tills week following adjournment of the 73d congress, said lie had posi- [ tive assurance from tile authority tliat the po'.ver wou'd be carried across tlie Harralmu bridge and into Eastern Arkansas immediately upon its extension 10 Memphis. Commenting further on legislation of local interest. Mr. Driver said that an appropriation of S32,- 000.000 was definitely earmarked by congress for flcod eonirol in the Lower Mississippi valley. Tr.e appropriation was withdrawn from the public works division anci was placed again under administration of the svar department and shouli! be immediate'.}' available. He indicated that, it was not unreasonable to expect that work would begin at the concrete casting plant at Butler and on other revetment projects in this vicinity by July 1. Laborers will be employed under regulations of cr.c war department and not under the NRA code, he said. The application for I'WA grants, made by the Arkansas Centennial Commission to establish recreation parks in ten localities in the state, was favorably received, Mr. Driver said. Approves Cotlnn Program Mr. Driver, who is a member of the powerful rules committee, expressed pride In the fact that he personally reported the Bankhead bill for the reduction of cotton acreage in the South, and the bill which removed the stigma of emergency legislation from federal uid for roads and placed that appropriation on a three year Instead of a one year basis. Three million dollars if federal -aid for roads Is ..ayaU^ifc-^Jtiy^r; Jor A«isr l £aj> Mr. Driver-sees in the delegation to the president of power to treat with other nations as to tariffs one of tile most epochal pieces of legislation ever enacted. For the first time in our history this country is on a par with other countries who have always been in a iwsition to regulate trade in relation [o changing conditions. Until our export markets, however, ore reopened, Mr. Driver sees in the administration policy of adjusting production to consumption a real ecoitomic advantage to the farmer, in which the tenant farmer and farm laborer will not suffer. OSCROI.A, • (£*• -mei'om- itlg bani|iK s ^p* .or Mday evening ; ^p % ^, .1 welcome to Coiifir _.;>» v> 0% Jriver has b?en '•- tsi.. vjjff .-oned at his request. ™ Membi of the enlortnlinr.tiil committee said that Mr. Driver declined to discuss his reasons for shaking t:.e postponement bill asked li'at it be tois :u a ipecla! favor to him. The banquet. ;--pana>ri\l by tlie Gu'eoln Civic club, was 10 be l'.c-Ul ii'i tli? high school auditorium anj atian^emenis weie being made fu: t.'.e enU'.'ttunineiu tf -100 guests. Twelve Members Captuvcc or Killed; Leader Wil Be Found When Death Hailed Speed Flyer WASHINGTON, June 28. (UP>- Tlie federal government 1ms smashed John Dillinger's murderous outlaw gang, although Dillinger himself remains at large. In the past two months picked agents ol the justice department and local authorities have run down, captured or killed 12 of Dll- llngtr's associates. The chief quarry, wanted lor a dozen killings, and three remaining henchmen so far have eluded them, but justice officials expressed certainty that they would be tracked down. Capture in St. Paul yesterday of Albert W. Rellly, who arranged medical treatment for Dillinger wren he was shot by federal men there in March, may develop new clues to the desperado leader's whereabouts. Whether the trail Is hot or cold at the moment hone would say, Federal agents finish their jobs first and talk afterward. Officials discount reports that Dillinger has participated in any recent western ban^: robberies in which he is supposed to have been seen. They believe he has gone into hiding, hoping the storm will blow over. But as far as the federal government, is-concerned the war. on Dillinger and his. kind, far fron blowing over, is really jus!,'begin- ning. With new laws and »225,000,000 of new funds, the justice department soon will iucreus; its .force lo 450 agents nnd arm them witli the most deadly weapons devised. Atty. Gen. Homer S. Gumming; under the new "reward fo: public enemies * law, 11 has placed a price of $10,000 on Dillinger and $5,000 on his trigger man. Lester M. Git- lls. alias George "Baby pace" Nelson. Rewards may soon b; offered for capture of John Hamilton and Homer Van Meter. Dillinger's other henchmen who are still at large. Lahor Loader Taken From Irani Near llarriman at Point of Pistol HAP.RIMAN, Tdi.ii., June 2il (UP)— A star department o! justice net-in wns on his v.ny to iliis mill town luduy to investigate, the I kidnaping of <i union official, newest Harelip in Ihe bitter con- 1 ticversy between ihe llarriman j hosiery mill and ihe NRA. Fred Held, vice-president of the American Federation of hosiery ivorkers, was taken oft a train by ! a mob nnir Harrimati yesterday! and released several hours Inter.] lie wns threatened with death if j lie returned here. _ I Police Chief Creed Mabry said ; the kidnapers were employe. 1 ; who lost their Jobs when the mill closed Monday because the NHA would not restore Its blue eagle. William A. Horer, one o[ the! federal agents who captured ' George (Machine Gun) Kelly, was ordered here from Nashville. In' Challauooga Held told a harrowing slory of his experiences. During a wild automobile ride, n gun was pic«ed in his side. ''If Hugh Johnson comes down icre." one of Ihe men told him, ' we'll do the same lo him that ve'rc going to do to you." ^_ A United Press correspondent oured Harriman today and found lie town of G.OOO divided into two bitter groups, one pro-NRA, the ither anti-NRA. Officials of the Harriman Hos- ery' company seemed determined .u keep the mill closed rather than •ehirc 53 striking workers, as the d:mands. Their blue easle wns withdrawn on the allegation lliat they violated the collective bargaining provision pi the recovery act. Without a blue eagle theli customers evaporated. The mill is Ifarriman's biggest industry and elimination of its payroll v was a frightful blow to local business. Because of financial, family, and social connections of tiie mill'; officials the (owu's leading cilijseivs are . on . its. Junt! "Call" Expected to Reveal Latest Rise in American History WASHINGTON, June 18 <UP>A l.-iilioj] doihij- uu'ieiw In Ino bank deposits Eiuco the nd of FebnutV w:is i-liilmecl lo- ikiy by Government bunking authorities. This four-monili gain was be- Ik-.vd to te Hie larseit in Am-ji Icmi hl:lory. )i does not Include | a shut;) use in government dc- :oslts or deposits of banks wlt'i one anoiluT. which muy bring the gains In lulnl bunk depots In tills in-rlod to nearly $3.000,000,0011. I.'i other uurd.-i Hu- si.OOauOl),- OVO Kaln In Hie publics dnpo:-lb rollecls "real" accuuuilnlcd s of American Individuals and corporations. OtVidut figures mi the huge gir.n will not Le available for ^evera mouth'j until federal mid slnto nt- ffciais compile figures from the end of June. It wns regtudcd l:eilain today Hint I President Announces Steel Labor Board WASHINGTON, .Iiitic 28. (UP) — A lluei? nuin IxKird lo tuko jurls- illclliui in Hie sleel controversy was named Kxl.-iy by Hresldenl Iloow- volt. Tr.f bonnl Is composed of Judge Walter P. Stncey, Rear Admiral Henry K. Wiley, ami Jami-s Mul- leubach. Acceplnnce by both steel Industrialists nnd representatives of workers of tile jurisdiction!)) powers of the special board presaged probable. st-Klemrnl of the threat LMied iteel strike. 1ELLPULI5H Comptroller Standini! 8iote:,i]iiely on hc-r &or,e. bore is the ivicrkacc of the plane m which Jimmy Wedell, famed rurman and sp;cd flier, met his dealh while Instructing n student flier over Patterson, La. The si- p nose- dived' into a rice field 300 loot altitude-. of Currency J. P. T. O'Connor would Issue n "rail" for the condition of Ihe country's national .auks before the end of Ihls week. :or the past 20 yeirs the treasury .n each year has called for the condition of nallonal banks the etui of June. The March bank "cull" was sinned three months ago In 111 effort to publicize Improved banking conditions, ft showed that banks were regaining hundreds of millions of losl deposits. Even letter showings are cxi>ected In this wecl:'!i call for condltloiiri Will Speak at Osceola at,Bound Over at Kennelt 2 p. m. and at Blyllu-i Under $5,000 Bond ii ville at 7 O'clock Howard Reed, former state comptroller, who is opposing Oovcrnir Marlon Futrell.-for .the Democratic leading cllijseivs are . on Its. sidfl Marion FutreU.-for _Uic Democratic This includes "most 'of "the" me'r-'I Buuernatorial ''homlhalibn. win de- chants. In the blue eagle camp are union 'labor, low wage workers, and 'ardent Democrats. Demands Pniseculltm liver an address here Monday at- 7 o'clock on the courtho'.isc lawn. Announcement of Mr. Reed's ap- ] pearance here was mad? today by ATLANTA. Ga.. June 20 (UP) — I Sam Manatt. lo:nl attorney, who The American Federation of Lator' llas '"' 3 office with Ncill Reed, bro- Tl:e bugaboo that \ve are in danger of losing our position as the world's largest exporter of cotton is not taken seriously by Mr. Driver. The threat of cotton development in the Soviet is idle because the climate Ls too cold, and equally without foundation in Egypt where irrigation costing from'S200 to $1,000 an iicre would make expansion economically unsound. South and Central America offer the only possible comiretition and labor conditions there are such that expansion of the industry is not probable at the present time, he believes. Completing Fourteenth Year Mr. Driver is rounding out his fourteenth year as congressman from the First district. Recognized Seventy thousand'pasters, picturing Dillinger anct Oillls and calling attention to the rewards, are being distributed. They will go to every local law enforcement agency and also will be placed in t:ur- kt camps. Atlarncy General Roy II. Becier of Tennessee irersonally to direct the state's prosecution of tliosc responsible for tiie kidnap- ing of Pred G. Held, labor union official, in the Harriman Tenn hosiery " iNHA. controversy with ths Georgj I,. Googe, southern rep- icsentalive of the fedeiatioii, lias instructed Held, now in Chattanooga, not to letuin lo Harriman until "necessary steps to protect his life" can be taken. Second Baptist Church Revival to End Tonight A 10-day revival meeting at the Second Baptist church be brought to a close tonight when the Rev. A. o. Talley, pastor of the LeachviMe Baptist church, delivers his final sermon. Tr.e Rev. Tal'.sy will use for Ihe •subject, of his closing sermon "Setting Sun." as the bulwark behind the flood ' fhe'Leachvillc pastor has been control legislation of 1928 and an admitted authority on flood control .problems, he served as a member of the committee on flood control for a number of years. Two years ago he was made a member of the ix>w- erful rules committee and had a part in "greasing the wheels" for passage of much of the president's program. This committee provided the special rules which enabled the house to enact major bills rapldlv and pile up a record of legislation im. equaled by any previous session of congress. assisted in the scries of services by Jim Ferguson of Jonesboro, song leader, and Miss Ruth McCormick, pianist. Two new additions to the church have been made since the services opened. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 28. (UP) —Continued dry weather over the cotton belt ha'd a strengtheneing effect oil jy.lces today and the market pushed forward 12 to 14 points over yesterday's close. open Mgh low close July .... 1209 1221 1208 1221 Oct 1245 1246 1235 1244 Dec 1249 1259 1249 12S8 Jan 1253 1262 Mar. \... 1264 1216 1264 1213 May .... 1281 1285 1281 1283 Spots closed steady at 1236. up 14. New York Cotton Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 115 Anaconda Copper 153-8 Beth. Steel 34 1-4 Chrysler 40 3-8 Cities Service 2 Coca Cola 126 1-2 Gen. Am. Tank 37 1-4 Gen. Electric 20 3-D Gen. Motors 31 3-8 Int. Han-ester 333-4 Mid-West Utilities 1-8 Montgomery Ward — 28 1-2 N. Y. Central 29 3-4 Packard 3 3-< Philips Pet 17 3-4 Radio 71-8 Simmons Beds 16 St. L.-3. P. 23-4 Standard of N. J 44 1-4 Texas Co 23 1-8 U. 3. Steel 39 5-8 U, s. Smelting 130 1-2 NEW YORK, June 28. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. ' open high low close July .... 1212 1224 1212 1222 Oct 1239^1250 1239 1247 Dec 1252 1263 1252 12G1 Jan 1258 1207 1236 12C5 Mar 1268 1271 1267 1276 May .... 1277 1288 1217 1287 Chicago Wheat open high low close July 90 1-2 92 3-8 90 1-2 5 Sept. 91 1-4 93 1-8 31 1-4 92 5 Chicago Corn Sept, 60 open li!|jl> low close 58 1-4 61 1-8 58 1-4 61 63 1-8 GO 62 1 tiler of the candidate. Mr. Mauatt Colion Thefl Case National ,Toll Near Ona Hundred With Little Prospect for 'Relief CHICAGO, June 28 (UP)—Swl- tcrhiB, killing heat hung over the United States today with fcant hopes of curly relief after exacting a toll of nearly a hundred lives. In seveial states all June rer ordi were shattered ns the mercury continued Its upward climb neath a blazing sun. Under a slimmer, sun Hint beat down 01 a suffering populace and parch"d vlthcred crop's, the mercury rose o well above the 100 mark. Tem xraturcs ol 104 were report! d rom a number of cities. The heat wave, following elosi tpon the worst drouth In a gen erallon, was held responsible fo 75 rtrownlngs and 23 other death during the lost week, accordlnc t 1 a United Press nation wide survi;. Charles Fleemau and •' Charles Hodse,' Manila rcsid.'ius. waived preliminary ' before Justice of ' tiie 'Pence '•: M. • Kim-'' brew at Kennelt. Mo., yesterday and wcr:? ordered held lo the July term of circuit court at Kcn- nett under bonds totalling $5,000 each. Uimblo to moke bond they were n-luiiicd to jail. Each of the two men is charg- i cd with obiaininn money under New Guarantee For Belgium Is Likely LONDON, June 28 (UP) — A move lo guarantee Belgium's neu trality in view of the increasing danger of war was reported today In usually reliable diplomat! quartets. Information was that ab the sug pestlon of'the British gorcrnmcn Belgium would approach Ckrmnn with the suggestion of a 10-yenr non-aggression treaty between'Bel- gium and Germany.. said he hud been advised by long j fa . :i ,, ,,,.,„,,.,„ mi(1 " lccr ,i v ; Mi . ^ distance telephone today that the j pi-o^-iy former ccniplrollsr would be hen: Monday. Word of the candHato's speaking date here was released by Neill Reed, who is now at his brother's headquarters in Little Hotk. Before speaking here Monday The accusntion-j are l;ascd on alleged Lales by and llodge of btolen collon to n Maiden. Mo., coHiiiiw-r. which was. later destroyed by nrr. Officers claim that Brief Shower Brings Relief From Hea A shower shortly after noon to day brought welcome relief from a heat wave that has held In city In Its grip for the pas week, causing the temperature t tumble from today's high mark ' 88 to 81 In lees than an hour. The rain totaled only .15 i an Inch, too little to be of muc benefit, to gardens, which are need of .moljliire.'•"'•-• • Program for the Future Will Be Outlined; Housing Bill Signed Today WASHINGTON. June 28 (UP)— President Koosevelt- In his fireside chut to the nation' 1 tonight 'Is expected to bring "persorml word-to the country of his plan for ' a •gieatcr now deal." •' , ' i The president's proposed bro'ad social program probably will divide nttc-ntlon with his account of conV .-.onal stewardship. • . Phases of the social program which will be whipped Into shape during the summer In readiness r presentation to congress early -| xt year were gone over Inform- •[ .• by Mr. Koosevelt. . .-'."'''• He discussed his plans with lim- Hopklns, federal emergency'te- cf administrator, Secretary of the ilcrior Ickes, Secretary of Labor ranees Perkins, and Donald Rich-' eig, chief NRA counsel. It was thought likely that" the" resident will also give an explan- tlon of his long range planning logram, calling for systematic overmn.eiit expenditures tliroiigh rdcrly development of public •orXs and the complete utilization t land and water resources. / " Signs Homing Bill. The housing bill, one of the ma- or efforts In the administration's ecovery program, designed 'to llinulate construction throughout he nation, was signed today By President Roosevelt. There Is no indication as yet, lowevcr, as to the personnel of the board that will administer the iicasure. The bill provides for im- irovement In housing standards nnd conditions with a system of nutual mortgage Insurance, President Roosevelt approved a night Mr. Reed will deliver an ad- • Fireman nnd Hodge aomiltcrl Mi- dress at Osceola Monday alter-1 co ' ilj|1 was stnli-n in confession noon at 2 o'clock. Mr. Reed's ap- uhc ' n lllc >' v;cre nrrcMctl sonw pearancc l:ere will be the .signal lin:l ' " llt -' r the lomiirjfs hnriif.:. ft!r other candid ilcii lo go Into! TJV two nu-n allc-'id nicmi»i-rsi action in this section, il is believ- • of .; retl(m ;i, f a ,- m; r 0 ; :cr ;uli,s ed. No announcement of the cam- h., l!lr: ,, S [ a i c . s . ( i cn jcrl cmphnt'c- paign plans of Governor I-'utrel! ],.];-,-. howc-v.r. tliul they lm<[ a Ins been forthcoming and friends' ];r.r.i> j n ]. llr nin;; of the convprt-y. do not nnllclpnt? tint he will link? j Authorities had attempted to link an active personal campaign. Oov-j |] i( , buruinx with them on the ernor Futrcll and Mr. Reed have • Uu . liry , 1; ,,i ,|, L ,,. !tm \ |] ;c com - ths field to themselves in the s; territorial race. PlIiyEFEBE 59 Jailed, 20 in Hospitals Following Milwaukee Strike Disorders MILWAUKEE, June 28 (UP)— Violence broke out ngain today Milwaukee's traction strike, ^ the city's transportation system by hrcc riots dm Hearing for A. B. Young Set for Friday Mornin CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Pr llminury hearing for A. B. Youn 31, former accountant of this cl 1 lias been set for Friday at to in., before Justice C. E. Brag Young, arrested In Miami. Fl last week for his part In tlie a Ic-ged tlicft of $51,000 in bonds the St. John Levee and Drainage District of New Madrid county, was returned to this city Wednesday by Deputy Sheriff Bob Ownby and "Cap" Foley, Hnytl. Memphis officers recovered »13,500 of the missing bontls from Miss Trances Thrailklll, New Madrid jhtgli school girl. When questloj)- 1 cd. Miss Thrailklll said Young told her he bought the bontls .several iolnt resolution to amend the set- llemcnt of the war claims act of I02B and a Joint resolution providing an additional appropriation for expenses of special and select, committees of the houee for. the fiscal year 1035. : .. • ..- : ". Reports that Mr.. RoosevVit was. concerned over -a' ,claiis; .InVthe. housing . bill • rowlng by congressmen from federal agencies apparently were unwarranted as he made the approval of the housing bill the flrst order of today's business. Studies Appointments Meanwhile, it was explained/" at the White House that he was making steady progress .toward- the appointment of various boards and commissions. It was indicated trfat. all of them might 'not be filled.' before he leaves Saturday for Hawaii and that he would complete the Job by navy radio from trie cruiser Houston. Faced with a busy week, - Mr. Roosevelt later In the day hoped to put the finishing touches to his nation wide address that he will make tonight at 8:30 p. m. central standard time. hrec Municipal Stations Are Reported Brisk Business Doi ing Mother Quail Reared Babes in Hothouse 1 '- 5 '.'' A mob stormed" the Oakland ;o dr-troy evidence of ihdrj Avenue car barn ti'lay, dragging ii-.linns wlr.n official:- wore close | a motorman and a conductor from i:iuir trail Tlie boiiv u'. ;i Mai- j tnelr P°sls nnd leaving them bad- rff nj i <!/• .- , o.n taxi driver, dfs'.roy.l in the '>' beaten. Only one car out of a.'"'•''•• "OrKer Victim 01 normal 100 left the barn. I--. 1 panics Fir e, believed to be incendiary, .'.U.u h"d Llficiah lie m'.irr.?re'J lirrd Ihr- .-'d-uo'-'T OECEOLA, Ark.—The city coun- 1 yesterday made good Its threat operate municipal gasoline fill- ig stations in competition with injor oil companies and opened :rce retail stations where a brisk usir.ess was done with the gaso- ne ssiling al 10 cents. The price t the regular stations remained at 1 cents. Tlie stations were located on East Hale Ave.. at the old Gardnersiand n Highway 01 at the south end of own and at the Osceola Cotton Oil lill. Mayor A. a. Rogers said the sta- ions would continue until the low- "r price was met by the regular tations. signs over'the new sta- ions read. "This is high test antiknock gasoline furnished by tne city council of Osceola." SANTA CRUZ. Cal. <UP)—Flmer Carr. Pine Hurst gardens operator,has sixteen "hot house" quail. j They were hatched In Carr's hot 1 Sinl; Slorcil Electricity Dynamite Explosion HINSDALB. Mass. house, where a mother quail built days after lightning • v. Rter-pipi* into the , brcke out in a car on the south ' side and 40 passengers fled to the I HOT SPRINGS, June 2B. (UPl street. —William Bran'ram. Kansas city Intervention of the national la-'>' 0;lth ' was almost Instantly killed, bor board was demanded after and " co-worker, Tony Moreno, was 1 1 in i T^,-, • >-«j.'n,* mi j in-jj i-ii mvu Ui LUi ' --—' • J ,, . , ° I mobs had battled police on three w rlo »sly injuricd while Wasting her nest. Carr opened followed a home ofi frcnts las a window so thc' Ryan, hi, kitchen sink , t night. Major John D stumps at a CCC camp near Jes- ;dcral mediator, announ- sievlllc, 15 milfa northeast of here bird could pmer and leave at will.: ™ilcl loos? a slasserins shock lo' He «ld he would release the baby fnyone who touched it. The .l»lc biros as soon as they are old nad bci-n ciisi B izeci by the boll, enough to fare for themaelves. : which caused no damage. Moore, federal ccd that he had asked the board type of collective bar The dynamite was accidentally Branch Named Chairman of Farm Debt Committee Elarry Bailey Is Coming Home from Uncle Sam's "Big- House" Tne gates of the United States | business men who found in him a penitentiary at Fort, Le.ivenworth.! good customer nnd a bank roll tha'. Kansas, were to swing open today j cnuld meet any need. vote demanded by the discharged, according to camp au- strlklng employes of the Mlhvau- tnorill <!s. kee Electric Railway and Light ccmuany. > , _.... _ . Fifty-nine badly buttered men 1 Apartment Will 1 akft and women spent the night In Jail nnd 20 were taken to hospitals at- i tcr three cursing, fighting mobs had smashed through police lines CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —One to attnck care; wreck trolley poles, of the oldest residences in this and rout motormen and conductors!city, the old Carleton home at In a liail of brickbats. Chief of Police Laubenheimer I'dng razed by N. W. Helm, owner, himself took command of several to make room for a modern apart- Place of Old Residence Vacations Suspended for Robbery Inquiry Tlie mysterious postoffice - rob-: bery, unsolved since $392.42 'was removed from two stamp cabinets on the night of June 20, ihreaf- er.s to upset anticipated vacation plans of postofilce employes." Vacation periods for all em- ployes have been summarily suspended, timporarily at least, and ipparcntly v.ill be delayed for some hue or until find out more about the money. Incidentally the 'c-,~ 'v: :o be fac?d by Potf "2112 Elkhis, whose pi- ; •_ -.master is already c -.""'': lie is a, :*. are "In", and he is . only holdin- ov;r p ruiin; p ment of his succ^sor. Mr. El;..n; will not havi to face the because he is a Keptttlican, IKW- cver, bat because under postal regulations failure to keep • the money in the postoflice vault' is such negligence as to hold him accountable. W Harry CSley, one time al!-pow- | Bjilr-y "went up" along with Pete 1 hundred nollccmcn at two of theiwnt building. OSCEOLA, Ark—R. C. Branch of Pecan Point was named chairman of the South Mississippi County Farm Debt Adjustment committee at an organization meeting here Wednesday, j. p. Tompklns of Burdette Is vice chairman and R. H. Robinson of Keiser, secretary. The function of Ihe committee, which Is organized under the farm credit administration, is to sit a» a board of arbitration on questions arising between debtors and creditors, in an effort to forestall foreclosure proceedings. While 2,10» counties in the United Slates have already organized debt adjustment committees, only few are functlsnliig m Arkansas. erful "king'' of the Arkansas-Mis- EO'.iri border, north ol here. ft was rumored cere toniy that the "line" !5 planning a quiet celebration for Bailey, who stood In federal court at Cape Girardeau. Mo., two years and lour months ago today to hear judgment of a. four year sentence and a' S5.000 fine passed upon for conspiracy to violate the federal prohibition laws. K^bortson. former i'cmiscot county city barns. When the crowd op-! The Carleton home was one of sheriff, nnd 10 others wha were fin- 1 Beared to be getting out of hand landmarks of Caruthersville , a!lv c.i'ii T l!i in a trap laid by fed- [he called for six squads of deputy having been built in 1837 by Mrs ••?ral prohibition agents after yeara sheriffs. of op?n. defnnt activities on the "border." j Bailey's tefiltimate business inter- esLs at ths state line have been in capable hands during his absence. The differential tat'.vecn tlie M!;- ro'jri and Arkansas gas tax furii- Bailey is still something of an j lshe:l the basis for a brisk business Idol where he was undisputed rul- for Bailey's service station on the er during the last years of pro'iibi- Missouri side, and It, lias been a tlon. Bailey himself was a lib?ral popular one over a period of years, leader in those dtys. It -,vns Bii-' Whether Ba'.ley will rcp.ssumc a:ley who alw'ays gave the "boys" n i tive management "I his state line good b'.irlal when they were "bump- interests on hV; return is not known. ?d off," w;:o always cared for ho5- But ho is to return here soon, pos- pital expenses, drove bis cars, and j flb'.y by tomorrow, as soon as r.eccs- spent money as freely as he made it.. sary papers arc prepared at St. A big bulk of a man, reri-!i:ed, j I/outs on hi-s way here from Lcav- apparently hale, hearty and well--.enworth, his home for over !*vo met, Bailey numbered ninny friends | years. A croup of friends motored among those who occasionally vis- i up for Hiirry today, it, was report- lied the "line" as well as nmons i cd here. WalKing down the center of the street Inside the battle lines, Laub- (iihcimcr was sighted by sympathizers on a nearby roof. "There goes the hero, let him have It," someone shouted. Tr/;y let Laubenheimcr have a volley of bricks and stones. Georgia Carleton, widow of the late MaJ. George W. Carleton, who was one of the pioneer citizens of Caruthersvllle. CaruthersviHe Retailers Plan to Form Association CARUTHERSVfl.LE. .Mo.—Local iciaDeis will meet at the court' J. H. , •:-(.• Open Road from Lepanto Into Dyess Settlement LEPANTO. Ark.—The citizens of Lepanto contributed to a fund here Tuesday (or the cutting of a rlg^.t- of-way due east of Lcpan'o to Join the Mississippi county road that will lead to Dycss. Work began Wednesday on the '. S, Baker Injured In Highway Collision J. S. Baker, representative of.the John Deere Implement company, was Injured in an automob'Je 'accident yesterday near Bolivar, Tenn!, when his car collided with a CCC truck. His knee and face were severely cut and tSe car badly dom- le was removed to the Memphis Methodist hospital where he. will remain until he is able to be moved to this city, where te makes his headquarters. He formerly resided at New Cambria, Mo. house at 7:30 tonight to organize mile and ttvree-fourths of right-of- an association of merchants and way, which Is 50 feet wide. It goes business men. Officers will be so-1 due east from Highway 40 In Le- Iccteci, a name chosen for the panto, intcrsectitig with the Mts- orgnnlzallon, and a general policy.stssippl county road that originates will be mapped out, at Marie. WEATHER Arkansas — Generally . fair tonight. Friday partly cloudy! Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair and continued warm tonight and tomorrow.

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