The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on June 6, 1923 · 10
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 10

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1923
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) f t 10 ' THE BROOKLYN STANDARD UNION: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1923. Idlers Building "Strewn With Newspapers .7 and Rubbish. " Noon-hour lounrs and ths Idlsrs ho frsqusnt Borough Hall each day, to brows upon tha atop ot tha bor-ough'a admlnlitratlva building during tha tlm of tha dar whan tha odiflea cut. a cooling shadow over Ita steps, have left tha building In a Milorabla condition tha laat few tKemoona At 4 P. M Borough Hall looka aa If a cyclone had gone through ona of thp nearby nowapaper offlcaa and deposited Hi dally output of papara all over the front atepa. Tha loungera Bring with than all aorta of papara, gathered from rub-blah cana and aubway car aeata Tlalng ona paper to alt upon, they generally apread out another to per-uae the dally new and when they have road all that lntareata them, enst them to tha wind. When the aun boglna to atrlka tha Borough Hall atepa the loungera aeek ahadier apota and leave tha earlier rdltlnni of tha papara to gather newer one Tha reault la that hun-dreda of torn and dirty aheeta-of paper are left etrewn all about the front of tha building. For aeveral houra yeaterday, paining citizens commented upon tha he-plnrablb condition of tha Borough Hall and Ita atepa. At a late hour tha papera still float from ona atep to tha other In tha light braeaa. DETECTIVE DU FLON ENTERS LAW FIRM Walter B. Du Flon, who haa been a detective attached to tha Attoreey-Gcnentl'a office tinea 190!. reatgned yesterday from the employ of tha Btate to enter a law firm In Brooklyn. While a State detective, Du Finn worked on the Thaw cate and also aided In running down tha wiretapping gang at Philadelphia. Sixteen Brooklyn and Long Island Students at New Tork University were among the guests at a dinner given last night at the Faculty Club of the university by the Phi Beta Kappa chapter. The guests were students from ths Junior, sophomore and freshman classes who had the highest scholastlo standing In the Fear. Dean Marshall S. Brown was toastmaster and addresses were made by Chancellor Elmer Ellsworth Brown, Dr. Oscar M. Voor-hees, of Rutgers College, secretary ot the United Chapters ot Phi. Beta Xappa, and A, 8. Lyman, counsel of the New York Central Railroad, a member of the Council ot New York University. None of the sixty student guests ASPIRIN Say Bayer and Insist! Unless you ses ths nsms flayer" os package or on tablets you are hot getting the genuine Bayer product prescribed by physicians over twenty-two years and proved aafs by millions for Headscha Lumbago Rheumatism Pain, Pain 'Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin only. Each unbroken pseksgs contains proper direct Iona Handy boxes of twelva tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell bottles of !4 and 100. Aspirin Is ths trade mark of Bayer 1 Manufacture of Monoacetio-addester of Sallcyllcacld. Colds I Tosthachs ! . Earache Neuralgia Use after ! , sickness or operation to restore the life , t force had mada a grade ot laat than til par oant. for tha year's work. Those I who attended from Brooklyn and Long Island are Robert Wilier, Charles Wood, Albert Clements, Theodors Pearls, Paul J. Btvona, John Tata, Anthony Mlcholakl, Vincent Magglo, Frederick Fairs, Samuel Weiner, Henry Borman,, Lawrence Gooditeln, Meyer Berger Clifford Rowe, Max Batten, ot Oreen-point, and Morris Chailniky, of Long Island City. . , Savarese Announces Their Sup port of Governor for the Presidency. Aides of Assistant Commissioner of Public Works Joaeph Fennelly art at tha head of tha procession in Brooklyn on launching n Presidential boom for Gov. Alfred E. Bmlth. Formal announcement of tha boom by the regular Democratic forces ot tha Second Assembly District was mads to-day by John Savarese. Mr. Savatete was the recording of. flcial at a recent session of tha County Committee, male and Venule members. Leader Fennelly presided. The meeting waibeld aLheadquar- r 1634 East Fifteenth street. The following resolution wps unanimously adopted, having been Introduced by Thomas M. Burks and seconded by John J. Dorman, ona of the 107 candidates for the Democratic nomination for sheriff, Whereas, The Democratic County Committee of the flecond Assembly District In regular meeting anepiblel, having given a full consideration as to tha action of Hon. Alfred E. Bmlth, Governor of New York, In his signing of the act repeating the Mullan-Gaga Law, be It by this Committee unanimously Resolved, That we extend to the Honorable Governor of this State our heartfelt thanks for his display of courage against a fanaticism tbat Is trying to deny us the benefits ot ths liberty granted to us under the Constitution of ths United 8tatea, and be It further "Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to the Governor and also to the press," SUSPECTS SHOES LEAD TO ARREST Woman Says Mechanic Took Jewels from Her Apartment James Gross) a mechanic, of 11 Floyd street, wta arrested by Detective Charles Bever, of ths Gates avenue station, lest night charged with forcing an entrance to the apartment of Mrs. Bernice Bott at III Lexington avenue, and stealing Jewelry valued at (176. The prisoner used a skeleton key, according to the police, and, tn addition to the Jewelry, tsok a pair of shoot belonging to Mrs. Bott's husband. Wben Detective Beyer went to the house he was given a good description of a man seen leaving the building. Detective Beyer placed Grassla under arrest In Myrtle avenue. At the Gateg avenue station Mrs. Bott Identified the shoes ths prisoner was wearing as those taken from her bom. Omari denies ths yeft Recital In Flushing MIm Vera Thamm, soprano, and William Rockel, baritone, with Miss Louisa B. Heblich os accompanist, gave a recital last night la League Hall, Flushing, Queens. Mias Thamm sang throe groups of song selected to display her versatility, and Mr. Rocket, mors experienced, was delightful in half a doien selections, being at hla beat In a couple of Squires dittle A friendly audience was liberal with applause. BURY JOCKEY FRANK HAYES IN HOLY CROSS CEMETERY Requiem mass will be celebrated at 1:39 A. M. to-morrow at tha R. C. Church of 8L Paul for Frank Hayes, Jockey, ot 161 Smith street, who dropped dead Monday In his saddle, at ths finish Une at Belmont track where he had crossed as a winner. Hs was horn ht Ireland twenty-two years ago and earn to Brooklyn seven years ago, ,Hs hod been on tha track tor five years under M. L, Frayllng. Hs ts survived . by his parent Margaret and John; twd sister May and Margaret, and throe brother Patrick, John and Danlol-Interment will bo at Holy Cross Cemetery under direction of Thomas E. Crow lil Smith street mm t CfUmm the io called ' r tonic only whips up the already fatigued nerves, Bovinine contributes actual blood building force and nourishment Two generations of ' scientific progress have been unable to improve upon the method used In making Bovinine- Because Bovinine Is pro duced from the vital elements contained in healthy steer's blood natures own source of health and strength. Of All Druggists .THE BOVININE COMPANY. 75 Wert Houston Stnet New Tork who have earned their stanaing m me i v, profession by giving competent sirvice tvW' Directory printed Wednesdays and tuadeya , BHAH3, D. ft, li . UNDBRTXKBlt AND MMBALMBn II Atlastle Ave, Phene tilt Meta BROPHY it CO, 4TU NW UTRECHT AVXNUX. El.f.mly equipped Funeral Parloie Tel Berkshire 4494-4443. Auto Equipment CLEARY, JOHN J . FUNCHAL IlIREPTOn, IIS COURT STREBT. Telepheae Ueur SU Ja Cenle Net IM M J. CONI.KY GALL1GAN, ohdxrTakrrs and bmnalmbrs ire-rat myrti.b avm, Tel 1471 Praepee Daiuiaugh, john j, Telepheke 1469 Shore ketl PUNNRAb DIRBCTOR an gilts Ave Rreeklra. N. T. Donnelly, jielen j LICENSED UNDERTAXES. 144 New Lets Are, Bronklr Telepbeae Skid me re 4444. IkUpiGAN, WILLIAM SON, V UNDERTAKERS ' Ml PARK AVE, BROOKLYN N. Y Phone Proepect 44ft Bstabllehed Hie Ehlenberger, mart r. FUNERAL DrRECTOVW 144 Petnam Are. near Irvin A Phene Erersreee 4344-llrt GUNKENS SONS, JOHN, UNPERTAKERa 4T, 4 and 4 Herbert St. BITra N T. Telerhene lit OreeapolM. T. J. CREAMER Mr baser HALLE1T. FREDERICK T. INC. Funeral Direct ore to the People of Quoeao Ceuety Bine 1114 lit Fulton Ata AMoHa. Long Mold City. , To) Aiterta HU. HERDST, GEORGE O (Fwiwriy of Frod Hsrtwf Bone) 4741 FIFTH AVR.. BROOKLYN. fttMnl Director. TL Shore Im4 1W, K EJTNEDT, EDWARD T, SEXTON AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR Church Aran Cer. Horan At Telephone Flathuab ISS M AWN, The Estate of Peter L Funeral Director 441 T A 18th Avo cor. Qrgvsnend. Formerly IM Qravsosnd A Tot Utl Windsor. MCHUGH, GEO. Ts MOVED TO 783 MYRTLE AYE. TolophoB Wllltsmatrarg 1131. cGCTCF, JAMES Llecnood vUndectnkor and Embalm VI WYTHE AYE. Aotomohfleo mad Carriage lorries fai All Call Phono 1S7S Green point. Mc OBITlJARIES. EDWARD O. STOKES. The funeral of Edward O. Stoke who died Sunday, at Lancaster, Pa., will be held at t P. M., to-day, from the establishment of Fred Stein-mann, !4 Irving avenue, with Interment at Mt Olivet Cemetery. lie Is survived by a widow and two daughter B. FRANK TERWILLIGAR. Funeral service will be held at t P. M., to-day. In St Bartholomew's P. E. Church, Pacific street, near Bedford avenut, for B. Frank Ter-wllltgar, who died Sunday. He was the husband ot Alice Hornldge Ter-' wllllgar. TELEMBA CARBONE. Telemba Carbono died yesterday In her sixty-sixth year at her home, SI Backett street. The funeral will M held at 10 A. M. to-morrow, with a requiem mass at the R. C. Church of ths Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mery, Hicks and Degraw street Interment will be at Holy Cross Cemetery. ' , JOHN KELLY. John Kfclly died Monday at hla home, 14 Sklllman street He was a ion of Mary and the late Martin Kelly. He was born In Brooklyn. Tha funeral will be held at P. M., Friday, He la survived, tn addition to his mother, by three brothers, Martin, Thomas and Michael Kelly; and two sister Mr George 01111-gan and Mr J, Malloy. Interment will be at Holy Cross Cemetery under direction of George T. McHugh, 713 Myrtle avenu HARRY GRIFFIN. Harry Griffin died Monday at hl home, 14 Greene avenue. He was employed as a shipbuilder at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for twenty year He 'Is survived by a widow. J&k. A pleasant, harmless" Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared for1 Infants from one month old to Children of all ages. i MOTHER 1 Fletcher's Castoria contains no narcotics. It has been in use for more than 30 years to safely relieve ' ' ' ! Constipation ' 'Wind Colic ' ' , r ' Flatulency ' .To Sweeten Stomach , - - Diarrhoea - - Regulate Bowels i t Aids in the assimilation of Food, promoting Cheerfulness, Rest, and Natural Sleep without Opiates To avoid Imltatlom, alway look for IW-n dir-rtinni on ct'-h racW- IuKEON, JOSEPH BL ISoa et the lets Mrlee NoEeee) 4TT-4T tjd St. seer Ith Are, . Pheae Shore Roe lit. Madden, jasces a, PUNERAL DIRBCTOR Telephone Pro freer ill ill MYRTLE AVE BROOKLYN, N. 1, PETH, GEO, ESTATE OF, FREE UBH OP FUNERAL CHAPBL II PALMETTO ST. Neer BreeSwep. CHARLES P. PETH. Men Phone Btithwlck Hit EMatilohed 1114 JEILLY, ', BERNARD W VNDERTAKRR, I HENRT ST. NEAR PULTON PL (Telephone Mela. RENOtJARD, EDWARD J Telephone Booth dttl UNDERTAKER BMBALMKR Chapel Ill Bth Ayn MMd St. DEETE8, JAMES M, 1 11 141 Waohtnrtoa Avi, hot worm A(lantlo and Fulton, Handsome .Funeral Parlor. Eeteb! lotted Ills Proepect 444. SAND STROM, CHARLES A. PUNBRAL DIRBCTOR BMBALMBB Offloeet 4491 Fourth Avene. Telephone Breeklya Olncel III Suaat SEITY, JOHN A SON Funeral Director and Bmbelnwr. lit CENTRAL AVB. BROOKLYN. N. T. New ChepeL Auto Sorrlce Phooo Everiroen 11. Ladr Amlftent TIIORGESEN. LOUIS W. , UNDERTAKER KMBALMSR. Let re Chapel for Service Free. II COURT ST. NEAR DKORAW FT, Tola Main IIL Mels J1IC-W. u SITED BURIAL CO. TNO. Ifll BROADWAY. BKLTN USE OF MORTUARY CHAPELS FREE Telephone 4111 Bnahwtck. WEIGAfTD. JOHN K. FUNERAL CHAPELS: Office: Telephone tA7 Neman Ave. Green point IM 1H Haloey St, Buehwlcfc 81 748 frssh Pond Road Evergreen fl OODS. JOHN H. UNDERTAKER, 354 WYTHE AVE Teliphone Green point III Bra non Of (In. 1141 nth it., neer Itnd ev. auk. et Tel Beneonhuret 111 Party J w ZIRREL, ANDREW W. FUNERAL DIRECTOR III Rldsewood Ave. cor. Norwood Are. Formerly 14 Thraop Ave. Brookly Yet Applesete 144. Kate McDonough Griffin; one son and three daughter The funeral will be held at :30 A. M., Thursday, with a requiem mass at the R. C. Church of fit John the Baptist, Interment will be at 8L John's Cemetery under direction of A. Cunningham, 168 Duffleld street. ' He was a member of the Columbus Council, 136, -K. of C. ( - CATHERINE LYNCH Catherine Lynch, who died Monday at her hom 377 Baltic street, was born in County Ctvan, Ireland, In 1863, and was formerly a member of St Agnes R. C. Church, Hoyt and Backett etreet She Is survived by three nephews and three niece The funeral will be held from Dally Bro Chapel, 6 DeKalb avenue, Friday at A. M.; thence to the R. C. Church ot St. Boniface, Duffleld street near Willoughby, where a solemn requiem man will be celebrated at t:60 A. M.' Interment at Calvary Cemetery. BARBARA HUVER. Barbara Huver, born In Germany and for forty yean a resident of Brooklyn, died Tuesday at her home, 247 Devos street in her sixty-second year. She Is survived by two daughter Mr Catherine Miller and Mrs. Tillie Wheeler, and three grand- Safe Milk ssJMall Grata Ext. Ptw&r.iube .fteFetlDriak s -r All Ages I Avoid Imitation Substitute the signature of Physician everywhere recommend it. children. Requiem mess at 8L Nicholas Church, Devos and Oliva street Friday, at 10 A. M. Interment at St John's Cemetery, JOSEPH L. FIGUERIA. 1 Joseph L. Flguerin died Monday at his hom 1046 Fortieth street He was Ills resident of Brooklyn and Is survived by widow, two sona, on daughter and two sister He was a member of Court Montroa F. of A. ' Ths funeral will be held ht t:30 A. M. to-morrow, with requiem mass at ths R. C. Church of St Catherine of Alexandria. . 4 ANTONIA BENDERT. f Antoni Bandert died Monday la her alghty-aeventh year In Bt Catharine's Hospital. Bh warn born In Oermany and lived In Brooklyn for sixty-four year Funeral from her late hom 106 Bleecker street Thun-day, at t;30 A. M., thenca to Bt Barbara It C. Church, where solemn requiem mass will . be. celebrated. Interment t Calvary Cemetery, She Is survived by daughter, Anna Adrian; three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. John Sehy 4k Bon, 313 .Central avenu have charge ot ths arrangement ,, , ; CARLOS GARCIA. Funeral service will ha held at 3 O'clock to-night for Carlos Garcia, member of Delta Lodg 461, F, A A. M., who died Monday at hla hom 178 Eaat Second street Ha was tha husband of Anna M. Gird , MARGARET D. CALDWELL, Funeral service will b held nt 8:30 Oclock to-night for Margaret Duff Caldwell, wUow of Samuel Caldwell, who died Monday at her hom 487 Tenth street Bhe was 73 years old an''. Is survived by one son and four daughter J08EPH DONOHUE. ' Requiem masa will be celebrated at A. M. to-morrow at the R. C. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Fifth avenue and Fifty-ninth street for Joaeph Donohu son of Daniel and Mary Donohu of 371 Flfty-elghth street who was drowned off the foot of Beventy-thlrd v street and Shore road on May 30. Ho was a Ufa resident of Bay Ridge and was a member of the Arch-Confraternity of the Juvenile Holy Frinlly. Hs la sur-vlved, In addition to his parent by s sister. Marl and two brother John and Gerard. Interment wilt be at Calvary Cemetery under direction of Herbert Fitzpatrick, 1401 Fifth avenu ; JAMES RYAN. James Ryan, n horseshoe died Monday In Kings County Hospital. H was born In Ireland forty-five years ago and had lived tn Brooklyn tweirty-two year He Is survived by a broths Patrick Rye Funeral to-morrow nt 1 P. M. from bt Into home, S3 Ten Dyck street. Burial In Bt Johns Cemetery trader direction of John Ge Luts A Sons, 307 Falrvtew avenue, Ridgewood. SOPHIE N. MANNING. Bophls Nsckey Manning, born in ths Seventh Ward, New York City, forty-eight years ago and for twelve It 8 - V" , years a resident of Brooklyn, died yeaterday at her home, 180 Rutledge etreet Bhe was the widow of James Manning and it survived by a so Thoma and a daughter, Mr Harry Kavanagh. Tha funeral will be held at 3:80 A. M. Friday, with a requiem mass at tha R. C, Church of the Transtlguratlo Interment will be at Calvary Cemetery under dlreo-tloa of Tbomaa F, Lund, 378 Maroy avenu MARGARET ANN BOND. ' . ; 1 Margaret Ann Bond died Monday at her hom 089 Decatu.r street Bhe was 31 years old and la survived by a daughter, Florence Bond. The funeral service will be held at 8 o'clock to-night and wlU be conduct, ed by the Rev. W. Adam Interment it 10:30 A. M. to-morrow will be at Cypress Hill Cemetery under direction of William Eckart, 163 Buahwlok avenu. . t PROVIDENZA CENTO, - Provldenia Cent born In Brook, lyn two yearn ago, a aon of Anthony and Mary Flgnorelll provldena died '.Monday at the home of hie P,rnt' 304 Fifth avenu. The funeral will ba held at A. M. to-morrow-and Interment will b at 8t John's Cemetery under direction of Andrew W, Zlrkel, 114 Ridgewood avenu , , CHARLES 8TROHM. Charles Btrohm, born In Germany 74 years ago and for 60 years a J-dent of Brookly died Tueeday at Ills hom 696 Grand street. He Is ' vlved by a widow, Barbara; daughter, Mr B. White, and three non Fred, Charles and Joseph Btrohm. The funeral will be held at 3 P. M. to-morrow and Interment will 94 at Holy Trinity Cmtry. - - - JOHN J. CLAMPET. John James Clam pet, for twenty years connected with the PlMMbtag department of the New York Fire Department, died Tueeday at ht home, 3 Cumberland street. He waa born In Brooklyn, a son of the late Nicholas and Catherina Tralnor Clampet; waa educated at Sacred Heart Institute and was a resident et the old Twentieth Ward. He was a member of Bacred Heart R. C Church, where a solemn mass of requiem wilt be celebrated Thursday at 1 A. M. He was a member of Columbus Council, K. of C.; Per Diem Mens Association of New York City, Seneca Democratic Club and Kings County and New York Democrats committee Ha Is survived by widow, Julia France OBrlon 4ampet! a brother, William Clampet, an elevator lnipector attached to the Building Department, and a sitter, Anna Clampet - interment will be nt St Johns Cemetery under direction ot William Dunlgan A So 301 Park avenu MART OIBBONB. ; Mary McDermott Gibbon widow of James Gibbon died Monday at her hom 371 Sklllman street. She was born tn Ireland, daughter of Ann Kerrijan and the late Michael McDermott, and came with hor parents to title country when an infant, reeldlng ths greater part of her Reprinted Front An Editorial in-Yesterday's New York Evening Journal . t k , -4 Trying to Steal Munseys Property Amusing Competition Among Evening Newspaper . ' Failures. - v - , Copyright, 1033, by Star Company. - 1 , Frank Unnsey bought the Hew Tork Globe, knocked it on the head and combined it with tbe Evening Son. In doing this he rendered a ervice to all other newipaper owners in Hew Tork City. m Hew Tork hat too many newspaper! aecond, fourth and fifth class. They art hielesi to the population, a nnisanoa to adversers. Knniey bought the Globe, and paid TWO KULIOH dollars in cash for it Aa a level-beaded bnaineat man be knew the wiae thing waa to combint that paper with his HeW Tork Evening Sun, and he made the combination accordingly. j - Then earns tha itrnggle of tbe little evening newspaper failures, eaoh vying with the othen in the effort to steal from Xonsey the Globei circulation that ha had honestly bought and paid for. It wu a pitiful, not at all edifying, ipeotaole. One newspaper that . never wet AHTTHIHG announces that it ia now greater than ever before and would like the readers of thrilead Globe to patronize it. Another, that doemt know what else to call a failure, and so ealla itself liberal, imitates oonipieuoui features that the Globa had published, and does its beat to steal wbat it can from Xunieya honestly-made purchase. 1 HkrtBMM 4 Those pilfering 'newspaper failures remind you ofunpleasant crow that gather aronnd a dead hone, Iritead of trying to iteal circulation that Hr. Xuniey bought, instead of bidding feebly and ineffectively for Globe reader who net-' nrally ahonld have gone to lit. Uunaeyi reading family, thoie editors should hare called upon Ur. Muniey to thank him for helping to olear ' up tha Hew Tork newspaper situation, wishing him all poisible success in the combination of his two properties. This is a suitable oooasion for paying a tribute to Frank Ifunsey and hia busineia career. '.The other day, a riling young newspaper writer praiiedMumey ' as a man whoie career could be told in these six words: Forty years, ' forty failures, forty million. ' 1 The forty failurei, needlen to lay, never included any BUST-1 HESS failure, for from flnt to last Uuntey has never had a failure or a protested note in hia whole career. Be hae had hia many failures, , like every ambitioua man tiring the impossible. And he has known fjfough to drop them when he had them. 1 . To the forty years, forty failures, forty millions, two more words might he added, making Muniey biography eight word long. The other two wordi should be forty dollars. When Muniey came to Hew Tork aa a hoy, to aeek his fortune, forty years ago, he had exactly F0BTT DOLLARS in hia possession. With the forty dollars he has mada enough to publish weeklies, hooks and buy heaven knows how many newspapers, in Hew Tork, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, including tha Hew Tork Herald, BunPreii and Evening Hews. I - - And out oLthe same original forty dollars cam the two million in oath that he handed over the other day when he purchased the Globe. ' Frank Muniey is an energetio person he knows when to bund up and when to tear down. life In the Bedford section. She wan a member ot Bt Patrick's R. C. Church, where a solemn mass of requiem will bi celebrated Thursday at 10:16 A. M. In addition to hoc mother, gha Is survived by two daughter Mr D. F. Herbert and Mr A. Horn; two brother Joaeph and John McDermott!; two (latere, Mrs. A. Connor and Mr H. Kemp, ton, and three grandchildren. Inter, ment will be at St John'a Cemetery under direction of William Dunlgan A Bo 301 Park avenu ELLEN C. McLEER. Ellen C. MoLeer died yesterday at her home, 189 Hamilton avenu She waa born In Brooklyn, and ! survived by daughter, Madeline MoLeer, and two son Howard and Qerard MoLeer. The funeral will be held at 3 P. M. Friday, and Interment will be at Holy Cross Cemetery, , - . 1 PATRICK SHEA. Patrick Shea died yesterday at hie home, 134 Luquer etreet He was born In Brookly and I survived by a slater, Mr Annla Kelly, and two brother Richard and Michael She The funeral will be held at 3:30 A. M. Saturday, with a requjom mass .at tha R. C. Church ot St Stephen. Interment will be at Holy Cross Cemetery. , , , , CLAUS A. BUNDSTROM, - Claus A. Bundstrom, born' tn Sweden seventy years ago and ,for tlfty-flve year resident ot Brooklyn, died Tuesday at hla hom 434 Tompkins avenu Hs waa engaged In the tailoring buslneaa for fifty years and was for thirty years located at the Tompkins avenue addros Hs Is survived by a widow, Chris-tlnei two daughter Mr -Henry Jung and Florenos Bundstrom, and three son Walter, Albert and Harold. Tb Rev. O. .Westerdahl will conduct funeral services at 3 P. M. to-morrow. Interment will be at Evergreen Cemetery. LOUISA HAIGHTS. Louisa Haights died Monday tn her daughter, Mr LUU Albert 490 Grand street She s survived by two daughter Mr Lillie Alberts and her daughter, Mr Ltllla Alberta and Mrs. Amelia Hull and three son William and Andrew Haight and Charles Jeppel. She was born tn Germany and had been a resident of Brooklyn since early childhood, Ths funeral services will bs held at 4 o'clock to-night and Interment at 3 P. M. to-morrow will b at Linden Hill Cemetery under direction of James E. Hult 768 Grand street : THOMAS BARING, BANKER, . DIES AT NEWMARKET LONDON, June I, Thomas Bai; until recent! head ot the Lobdon banking houee ot Baring Brothers and Co., died Monday at Newmarket. He waa the grandaon ot the founder of Baring Brother and a brother ot the first Earl ot Cromer. He repre-(anted the lrra in Now York In the elKhtle . v CORPORATION NOTICES. 1 l . r NJ'V YemK aUPHKKB COURT, T.l siuoNu juuiciai, inaifticr. YHS MATTKR or AOQOIRINO , 5 br V1 cur ot how York to oortaio lond. ond pramlMo opuoto on tbo oooth-rly- oldo ot Rlvorduto Avonuo b.twuen Uoufloo ond Hort atroota in tho Bor-0U4h ot Brooklyn. In tho City ot Ko-York. duly Minded m a tlto tor adkool PurpoM apeordlna U Un. NOTIca ia HEREBY GIVEN TO THE owntr or owners rorpoqtlvoly entitled i er Intereeted in the real property title to wniei, lo Muiht to bo erqulred In the ibove entitled proceed inf end to oil othera wnom It mey concern, to wltt that tho supreme Court ot tho Plate of New Tork ot a Uperlnl Torn for Trtola hold la ood for the County ot Klnn boa alter een-tdertne tho testimony ond nroorn er-I.V.'S 'i C,,V hev York. and the P Ptrioni who hiv appeared hJvo ootitlod proooodliiff com-the oompfnMLtinri V.1 bt made by the City pf New York to tho roopoctlvo ownen of tho rnl proporty oo acquired In thio ro- P"Prod o Ironocrlpt of Its ootimoto of tho dnmageo oo ocr-Ulncd ood ootlmotod. Said tnuiorrlpt of ottmoto lo oceompoolod by tho damagt Mid Court po tho trial of Mid proeowliny ond ototoo tho ocvoral umo roopoetWdy oottmattd for oftch por-ool ohoww oo ootd domoyo with tho umoo of oock ownor w far u uwr-Uinod. Sold tronocrlpi of ootimoto, dotwd tho 4th day of Juno, JtJI, olyncd bv Hon. Ituoooll Bon od let, tho Juotlco of the Oupromo Court prooldlny ot tho trial of tho obovo ontitlod proooodlny, ond mitt tronocrlpt occomponicd by ootd damage mop, together with tho proofo upon whlh tho oomo lo bo ood, woo filed In tho of-floo of tho Clerk of tho County of Kings tho 4th day of Juno, 118, for tho In-portion of whemooevor It may oonetm Nolle to further ylvon that tho city of 5 Torh or any perooa or peroono wnoaa righto moy bo offeeted by paid tronocrlpt of oetlmoto ond who moy object to the mmo or any port thetoof, moy within fifteen tfoyo after tho first publication of thlo notice on tho 4th doy of Juno, 3t3-i Mt forth their objection to tho oomo tn writing, duly yortflod In tho manner required by low for fbo verification of pleadings In on action, oattlng forth the real property oined by tho objector, and off,e nddrooo, and file tho oome with tho Clerk of tho County of King, ond within tho oomo time serve upon thn Corporation Counsel of tho City of New York, ot hlo office, IPS Pierre pont Street, Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, a copy of ouch verified objections. Notice lo further given that on tho Itth day of June, 1021, ot 18 o'clock In (he forenoon of that day, or no von thereafter oo counsel moy bn hoard thereon tho Corporation Counsel of the City of York will apply to Hon. Burnell Benedict, tho Justice -of tho Supremo Court lining sold transcript of estimate or tentative decree, ot hto chambers In the Queens County Court Houee In tho Bor. eugh of Queeno, Cltrf Now York, to fix o time when oofd Juotloo will hear the parties oo objecting. Doted, tho 4th dor of Juno, 1N, Borough of Brooklyn, rtty of New Tori G BOUGH P. NICHOLSON. Corporation Counsel, 188 Flerrepont Btroofc m Borough of Brooklyn. 1. City f New York. --l-MoIJi SEALED BIDS WILL BE REOErVBD by tho Police Commiesloner at tho Beok-kacpMS Office. Headquarters of tho po- cn,r et Moabot-ton, until it noon, on MONDAY, JlNH 11, lMi. J .jrP,5.fUKNISH,N' aL the wa- TERIAI-f AND LABOR (EXCEPT A8 Tn OF PLUMBING WORK AND STEAM HEATING WORK I J ths erkction AND COMPLE-Tick OP THE NEW 10BTH PRECINCT STATION HOUKH AND oZ 8,9" VO BH located on the KB r"VE OP MEREROI.ll AVB. AND LORIMICR ST.. BROOKLYN. The time ollowrd for tho performance of contract lo two hundred and fifty (Sio consecutive calendar day. ' lho amount of security for tho perform -once of tho contract will bo fifty thourand dollars (880, 806). - ' Tho bidder will ttoto tho pries for urhfrh no will do oil tho work ond provide, furnish and deliver all tbo labor "ond materials mentioned ond deoorlbod ia said contract and opacifications, Tho bide will bo compared and oword piade to tho fewest bidder. No bid will bo oongldorod unless ft te accompanied by a deposit of two thousand five hundred dollars (11,800), For particulars no to tho nature und itent of tho work required or of tbs ma- , tcrlftlo to bo furnished, bidders ore referred to tho specification and to the , pinna on fit In tho office of tho Quarter- master's Department, Headquarters of the Police Department, 848 Centro ot Manhattan. A deposit of ten dollars (810) It required for tho piano and epeciricotfena, which. will bo returned to depositor upon hlo return of such piano ond opoclflcotlens tn tho Chief Clerk .of tho Police Department, together with tho receipt given for such deposit, within 88 days after award of contract Bidders are requested to task their hide upon tho blank form prepared by the Commissioner, a copy of which, with proper envelope (a which to Inclose the lid. together with a oopy of tho contract, Including tho specifications, can bo obtained ot tho office of tho Chief Clerk, Headquarters of tho Polios Department, 8(8 Centra et' Manhattan. Richard b. bnrioht. Poifeo com-; mMonor. 8-8-18-18(o4T7) Bos General Instructions to Bidden on I 17th page. I SEALED BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED i by tho Board of Purchase of The City of New York ot Its office, Room 881, Municipal Building, Manhattan, from 8 A. M. to 18:88 A. M.. on i MONDAY, JTTNN 18, 1888, Borough of Brooklyn. FOR FURNISHING AND DELIVERING nitron AND CHEMICALS TO THE DEPARTMENT OP PUBLIC WELFARE. Tho tlmo for the performance of son- , tract la for tho period ending iept 18, ! 19tS. i The amount of Security required Is tfclr-ty per sent, of ths contract amount warded. Xo bid shall bo considered unless It lo accompanied by a tfepoeft. Buck deposit shall bo In on amount not lees than on ond one-half per cent, of the total amount of tho bid. The bidder will state tho price par vnlt, to called for In tho schedules of quantities ond prices, by which tho bids will be tested. Ths ogtenslons mutt bo mads and footed up, as tho bids will bo road from tho total, and awards, If mads, roads to ths lowest bidder on each Item or class, as stated In ths schedules. , Bids roust bo submitted 'In duplicate, each copy In n separate envelope. No bid will be accented unless thlo provision lo compiled with, ' Specifications referred to In tho schedules may be had upon application at Room 18M, Municipal Building, Manhattan. Blank forma ond further Information may bo obtained at ths office of the hoard of Purchase, 18th floor. Municipal Building, Manhattan. BOARD OF PUROHAB GROVER A. WHALKN, rofpmlssloner of Plant end Structures, ChAlrmani FRANK MANN, Tenement Houee Oommlselenerj ALFRED TAYLOtt, Commissioner of Rtrert Cleaning. - 88-18-t(c474) 8 so General Instruction to Bidders on 17th page. PEALED BIDB WILL BE RECEIVES hv the Architect, Board of Education of the Behoof Dletrlct of N"W York, N. Y., at his office, southeast corner of Platbush Avenue Extension and Concord Street, Brooklyn, until 18 noon, o MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1888, Borough of Brooklyn. FOR ALTERATION. REPAIRS, FTC, FOR BROOKLYN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, CONCORD AND BUFFIFLD STREETS AND PlaATIlKsif AVENUE, imitOlTJH OF BROOKLYN. The time allowed to oompteto the work will be forty (40) oonseeuDvo woefctng date, as provided In ths contract. Ths amount of security required Is 1806, lhs depoelt accompanying bid shall bo five per centum of tho amount of S4cur1ty. Blank forma Llaus ond spoolfirations mfcy bo obtained or seen Ot tho temporary eetimatlng room. 6th floor, Brooklyn Branch of tho Board of Education, 141 Livingston 8 1 rest. Brooklyn. WM. H. OOMPBRY, Architect, Board of Education. Dated, Juno S, 1818. - -l-ie-ll(4T See General Instruction to Bidders ed 17th psga

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