Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 31, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- which vanish before roer el-- y directed. There is comfort m nowledge, that so many forms, of re not due to uny actual dis- lae ffood health. are Sno to Uio fact. Oml.ili* the which promotes internal iness without dcbilitat-ns the ns on which it acts. It is therefore fhnpbrtant. in order to get its bcne- effects, to note when you pure, that yon have the Kcmnnc nrti- whieh is manufactured by the Ciih- Snte FiCT Syrup Co. only and sold by •U reputable druggists. Ml & the enjoyment of good health the system is regular laxative!, or medies are then not needed. If with any actual disease, one to the most ski Iful Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose |3 Fxpriss id, 25c. • Prevents Wetting Bead Floor or Walla. i Water Closet*. .__,- Ser.d tor Catnlopie •nwt Proot -Wnter CKsfls. F»lf-A«tln« Water Cloiets, Kelli Slop «r,d Waste CocK, THOS. KELLY & BROS., 301 Madison Street, Chicago. SIERY AND YVUiH l» U»l"S P." 1 '"" "•"•" l "° 8nmmcr CorttUIMCM. IJliiuU uosc aud tics having: iv modei- ,.toly pointed toe mid medium-heel are correct with nuy summer costume, l!iou"h tan tits, and hose are cooler looUin^nnd-vcry stylish wit.U thin street or -house fowns. A colomi shoo nmhcs the foot, appear two simw larger—o. fact- that makes niuaiy liesitiiti* in buying cither tan or whit*.- Ues. The laWur m oanvius are vorn with white hose at summer resorts aud chiefly with white suits. They are certainly entirely outol plac... on the streets of a Urge city. Parent leather tics axe raid to draw tic feet, and also to easily stretch out of shape, but they are, nevcrtlhc-less, much worn for dressy street, wear. White -lace kid slippers keep their shape bet. t*r than those of suede kid. White (dippers and hose should be worn, with a white evening; costume, but black ties nnd hose aro worn with a white day toilette unless white canvas ties are preferred. High buttoned shoes have kid or cloth tops and patent leather tips, with the razor-pointed, moderate or square toe and a flat, moderate or high heel. Wipe shoes when taking them oft; air nud stuff them with soft paper when not in use. Wearing aliocs on alternate days keeps them hi better trim besides resting the feet. Russet tics may be cleaned with paste that is sold for that purpose, und white cauvas ties with French cJialk or napbtha; the latter is very explosive, when exposed to either light or fire, consequently great cnre muat be exercised while using it. Black shoes nnd liose (ire, worn with any costume; tan hose'nnd shoes with brown dresses. Dressy black kid slippers for the house have bead-embroidered toes in open or closo work.—• Ladies' Home Journal. The Xruo of KnowledffO. A trial was recently made in Austria to decide in how short a- space of time living trees could be converted into newspapers. At Elsenthal, on April 17, at 7-35 in the morning, three trees were sawn down at 0:34 the wood,.having- been stripped of bark, cut up and converted into pulp, became paper, and passed from the factory to the press, from whence the first printed and folded copy was issued at ten o'clock. So. that in 145 minutes the tree had become- newspapers. The age of miracles is not pnst.—Westminster Gazette. THE IDEAlTrANACEA. James L. Francis, .Alderman,;-Chicago gays: "I resnrd Dr. King's Now Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for coughs, colds and lung complaints, having used It in my family for the Inst five years, to the exclusion of physician's proscriptions or other preparations. Rev. John Bm-gus, Keokut, Iowa. .*SOO IN GOLD DOWNS A MAN, At the burning of a steamboat on the Hudson river many years ago, many ot the p.issengui 1 * were drowned. Among the bodld? brought up -from the bottom of the river by P'nppUng was that of a man known to have been an excellent swimmer. Around his waist was a belt containing nearly $800 In gold. That toltl the sory. "In old and chronic case* ol'Indiges- tion, (dyspepsia or gastritis-it is all tin; same) tlie siitterer develops a groat variety of symptoms anil ontm dies— poisoned -by the products of his own torpid and Inflamed stomach. His food, Instead of Del UK digested, and so rur- nisOiius swpnptli and physical substance, ferments and putrefies within Him. The chief process of life Is nr- resied at a vital point. The more he pats the worse off lie Is. And yet unless he can be fed lie must also perish. People do so die, daily, by Thousands, but we doctors seldom have the moral cournge to clve the cnuse J'.s true name lest we should be la.uglied at for our inability to cure so.'slniple''a thlna w» indigestion. Simple? Why, U the capstone of nil complal-nts-and the mother of most of thcm."-So writes a famous English physician. Some of the symptoms alluded io arc these: Lost of. appcti'.e; distress nftei eating food: heartburn aud palpitation gkldliicss: foul taste In the mouth; the rising of unuscoi'.s acids and gases Into the throat; fnn-ed tongue; spots Defori the eyes; unaccountable weariness ami fntlgiie; sl-uggisli circulation; weakness nud nervous prostration; constipation or diarrhoea; discolored skin, etc. The sufferer's friends often advise him to cheer up; to throw off his leth- nr-y and cat freely. Bad advice. He kn*o'ws better. "No," he answers, "I cannot; my food docs me no good." He is right. Food now is gold In the spent swimmer's belt. Take light nourishment, followed Immediately by a dose of the Shaker Di- •restlve Cordial-a new and radical remedy discovered and prepared by the Shakers of Mt. Lebanon, N. Y,.-the essence.'of raedic.il herbs and plants cultivated by them alone. -Then continue with it."Believes at once and soon cnrw Pleasant to the palate nnd adapted to all constitutions. Trial bottles—which prove Is merits. se:i MOHM Blanc Munffu. In reply- to a "Subscriber" we give the rule for sea moss blnuc manffc. ?m-chiisc half a pound of Irish or Icc- und moss or u pucliiigre of sea rooss iarinc. The hitter is n convenient form of the article sold by grocers wbo seldom denl in 1lie ordinary lichen Islandi- ciis of Icelnnd and the Irish coasts. Some persons prefer the Aniline nca. moss, :;nd this must then be purchased at a dn:eg-i.st's. Wush a h.-indfu! and rinse it iu n number of waters to remove nil the fi-ri'i. Throw it in a quart of mill; -thnt hns been brought to the boiling- point. Put the whole in n double boiler and stir it- until onouffb of the sea moss has been absorbed by the ittilk to ma!« a blanc nmnjre. Add half n teaspoonful of salt, a ti-uspoonful of any simple flavor nnd sugar to the taste. Xo exact time can bo given for the time of cooking: the moss in the milk, as some moss scorns to contain more of the pelatinnus substance of the lichen than others. This matter probnbly varies with the age o( the moss. Cool n little of the mixture after cooking- it and notice whether it forms or rot.—N. Y. Tribune. Typhotil Oermi In Oy»tcr«. The oft-debated question of the_production ot typhoid fever by oyster eating has been bvoiijrlvt up u.t the French ncadoiniu dc medicine. Thirty-five million oysters a yrar is the nvui-ifre eon- sumption in Paris, and 11 professor proposes that rhcy .should be sent, to the uninhabited coasts of Uritt.-iiiy nnd Halle Isle nnfl left in the sea to petcienn before b«:n;reaten.—ChicnfroC*ironio.lt. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, scalds, burns, ore quickly cured by Dc- Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile re.—Jno. M. Johnston. —at ten. cente, druggists. For sale t)y nearly nil Two Utile daughters of George Williams aud n young daughter of David .Tones of CongerviUe were poisoned SuiHlay by c-ntin-g toad stools, mistaking them for mushrooms, and were witli dl'lliculry saved. "Boys will bo boys," but you can't afford to lose any of them., Be roady for the green apple season by having DcWI'tt's Colic & Cholera C'uvp in tlio house.-Jno. M. Jolinston. Thirty wagon loads of .com in pro- cession'were driven Into Tcrre Haul if. Yesterday, each wagon beorlng a ban- ucv inscrabed. "Give us free stiver and we \\1I1 got titty cents for corn and one dollar for AN AWKWARD SITUATION. The Trying KxpcHfJUuG of un Unfortunate "*" Swimmer. Youn;r Plunk Sluddock, a prominent. souiuty'swull of ll.iwville. 0. T., had just I'iuished whispering into the rosy ear of Miss (JIadys .Murk, the vlil.ige belle, tiie ;;wcet story, old, but forever IIHW. a-.ul the maiden's soft uhcek was reposing irustfully <iu his manly, bosom, the while he, 'was Ulled with emotion> to joyous and tender that he sea reel j knew whether his hend was ou .straight or not, when svidilenl.y il .lecp, solemn groan of misery guslied 'u at the open wimlo'.v of the din-ily-lijrbted sitting- room ot the Morlt villa wherein t.he young couple sat. "Oh, mercy," fluttered ihc maiden, in sudden fright. "Somebody has been listening." "\Val, I'll soon see fibout thnt! ejaculated the swain, grimly, jerking out bis ready revolver with t-lie dolt uirss born of long" priclice. . "Who the (lev— that in. who are you, out thar?" "All that in left of Henry J. Tiddi- eiira." replied a careworn voice, as a bead and neck, the latter, unadorned bv u collar, were dimly Keen rising outside of the window. "Don't mind me. I have no objections to offer." "Wha* are you doin' out tliar, an' what in -thu-idcr do you v.-.-iDt?" ••[ jest want to ni-'k a favor of you, on' t,hc.;i I'll «link nway. I hope yo'u will excuse me for mcntionm' it in liie presence of a lady, but 1 went, in swini- min' down r.r. the cieek late this afternoon— it seems almost a year ago to me now— an' some d-aboHi-::! boys .-uole my clothes or the cows i-.te 'em up, or r,om.-tlrng. Anyliov.-. t!:ey disappeared, an' while I was in-yin' ni-ound huntin' for 'cm a pir.nic party of yuiing ladies nnd gentlemo:! an' :i prciiohur or two got betwixt me an' the creek before 1 noticed 'em. I have been prog- ndsticaiin' around, so to spcal:, from cue El'aht hidin' plscc to another ever TfieyAII "There arc fads in medicine as well as in other things," said a busy drugpiBt, "but tbo most remarkable thins about Hood's Sam- parilla is that customers who try other remedies all come back to Hood's, and this is why the enorrnoiu sales of thi» peat medicine •••*<*? U P «<» continue theT|%whole ye.r round, steady • Vas * clock. "Why is Itl" "O, simply becauso Hood's Sarsaparllla has more real curative merit than any medicine I ever sold." Thin Is of daily occurrence In almost every drag Btore. Hood's flansparilta h»s cured more sickness, and made mor« happiness through restoration to health than any other medicine. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the standard — the One True Blood Purlttr. BBV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR 0. CHURCH, writes "I have been a Minister ot the Methodist Episcopal church for 50 ycavs or more, aud have never found anything so beneficial or tlmt gave me such speedy relief as Dr. King's New Discovery." Try this Weal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bottles Free at B. F. Keosling's drug store. - A. M, Hall, pastor ot the Christian •church lit Worihtngton, has preached •his farewell sermon. • He will- soon Iea.ve for Ynle University, to continue his studies two years longer. naterioo, ind., Sept, 8,1808. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Slr:-I hare been afflicted over twenty yearn with dyspepsia or Boor •tomach. I have tried different reme- dle* without much baneflt. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrnp Pep- tin and found that It bent-fitted me. 1 •ot convinced that It will do what II Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have token nearly one bottle and feel Hie a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Ke«sllng. | "*li«r*Thirty foars Experience S * . I have tin: best « Brain and Nerve Tonic •*•«•••• ^^,iitt/m«r(>L';iru- « It Is -said that the Ainorlosn tlu-plate works at Elwood has enough manufactured product on Hand to fill all orders, present and prospective, until October 1. hence the failure to reach an agreement on the wage^scnle docs not particularly affect .the management. A VALUABLE PRESCRIPTION*. Editor Morrison of Worthlugton, Ind. "Sun" writes "You have a valuable proscription In Electric Bittern, nnd I can cbccrfuilly recommend It for Constipation and Sick Headache, and as a general system tonic It has no equal." Mrs. Annie Stehle 2025 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, was M run down, could not eat nor digest food, had a backache, which never lett her and felt tired atsd weary, tat sis bottles of Electric Bitters restored her health and renewed her strength". Prices DO cents and ?1.00. Get a bottle at B. F. Kees- llng's drug store. - , : The TliuL's-Xews of Conncrsvllle has issued n souvenir, edition, giving a resume of the resources of Conncrsvllle nod Its possibilities for the future. The edition I» handsome hi typographical appearance, and Its columns show much earnest work. • The wliole system Is drained and undermined by Indolent ulcsrs and opeu sores. DoWltfs Witch HnzM. Salve speedily heals them. It is the best pile cure known.-Jno, M. Johnston. The-Problem, owned by Dr. Wright, carried off the prize in the fourth race it Wawasee this season, .making the second time she lias crossed the line a winner. It doesn't matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and constipation a,re caused by neglect or by ' unavoidable, circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure them all.-Jno. M. Johnston. •Vkxander Bell, n waiting trial In jail at Cfllumtous, escaped by .knocking down a deputy sheriff, xvfoo was liutbc net of- passtap his dinner to-Win, and -ruumlng Into the street. Manr a day's work is lost by sick headache caused by indigestion nnd stomach troubles. DeWitt's Little. E-ii-ly IVlscrs .ire the most effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflcultles.-Jno. M. .To-liMton. PLAN YOUR SUJIlilER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA TH3 COAST LINE. It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, »1B 50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel iteamers for the above rates. Se»d 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. . Detroit, Mich. ,. "I have been blistered by the tun. torn bv brambles, chased by (logs, fi<ung bv hornets. lacera.led by red ants, shot at one.- or twice by near-sighted gents, an' burned to a rosin' fevor with shame. I lost ciy bcurin's aft.-i- Curk, an' flaaliy slipued up to this window in t^me to hear 5-0.1 propose to the girl I've teen engaged to for the las* fix months, an' whom I loved .quite a good deal. -\n' now all I ask is tbot. in the name of pity, you'll wake Miss Gladys- brother, Hank, an' borrow enough clothes from him to cover me sorter half way decently while 1 sneak home through town, or :? he hain't here, please fling me out n blanket or a barrel, an 1 let me go. I hove iintbir.' to live for now but I don't want to be found dead in the awful an' unsightly condition I'm now in."— K. Y. World. CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Vffisri»i5r. J «7 Bffl&WB»9ffl»««f* If you have ever seen a- little child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of tlie trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltfs Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to .-recommend this ns a cure unless it wore a cure.-Jno. M. Johnston, Mix David Wiseman, uwir Moutpc- lio'r/sta'rtwloaa visit to TO™ In Ohio, accampnnlcd by. three cblidteu, md near- Portland she suddenly fel over the dnshDonrd ol.licr carriage and died of heart disease. ' . ' MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. ?* T.T.!.... --- .1.1.. lnl Tm.i» P«rw"-» "^T" 1 •" fneumonlt. •• Mr* A. J. Lawrence, of Be«ver, I*, MT-: »Br»«iH»n Bilra brought we ont •r.m-wrert- attack of pneumonia in tplwidid phapc. It i» » wonderful r«n- «Sy lor cougim and long trouble*. Alw for oiitwerd die, for ; burn«,' cold-' MM* and chapped htndi »nd face, it core* like magis. It i» invalnablc in the lam'' ' '' ' ' The best salve In- the world loi .outs, bruises, ^oresi-ulcerB, Bait rteum, fever IOM, tettei., chapped hands, ctiMaln. boms ond all skin eruptions and posl- •uVd7 «» P"« or no pay reqmred. It to guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per . boi. For sale by B. F. :JC«MUng. ;- • ^J • '. '.'•'' KIBMVOUS TronbJes are due to N TmpoT°rished blood. Hood'. Sar- WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAMILT MEDICINE? A preparation which Is adapted to the relief and cure of ailments to which members of a household 'to most subject: and which Is not only alleged to do this, but has long and unfallBngly proved its ability to do it,.assuredly deserves the title of a reliable FanJIy Medicine, Among time-honored preparations, which experience and the sanction of the medlcnl profession In.Hcate as deserving ot popular regard and confidence, Is Hosteller's Stomach Bitters a medicine adapted to the eradication of dyspepsia, constipation and blllou?ncss, the-three' most frequently occurred ailments thnt vex mankind. Derived from a botanic parentage, It Is efficient as well.as pure and -wholesome. It relieves-nervous disquietude and Inactivity of the kludncys, and counteracts a tendency to rheumatism. For, renew-, log flagging strength and Imparting ap- petite'it can he Implicitly relied upon, fever and ague rheumatism and dcbil-. Ity arc remedied by It. . * . • 'SPECIAL EXCURSION TO FORT - . . -WAYNE/ --• ' -."'.• • On SundtijY August 0, -1890, the :Wa- basl) .Railroad company -lylll'Ttin a : cpc-. cial -train'to Fort' Wayne,' Icartng To-1 gansp>rt at T o'clock a, m.; rcttirnlus leave Fort.Wayne at 8:30 p. m.. Tickets '. good for spectal traiiu only will be sold at rate of $1.00 for the round trip. - C.G. ; NEWELL, Agent. ; ; Theories ~of cure may: be d'lscussed at Icng'lh' h'y pliyslclahs, brjt' th'e.im«erers want '-quick relief;.' and One Minute Cough Cure will gl.ve.lt to them. .-.A safe cure .for children. It to .-"tie. only harmless remedy that produces immediate rwulte"—Jno M Johnston ^ The Ohio Oil Company made a successful hit on -the Terlmne farm, !n Chester townsW-p, Wells county, striking a 100-barrel well. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CUBED by local applications, as they can- reach the diseased portion of the • There Is only one way to cnre deafn^s and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed conditioner the mucous, llnlnjg of the Eu- stachlan Tube. When this tuhe gets Inflamed you have n tumbling »oun<1 or Imperfect Kearing; and when It Is cu- : tlrely closed 1 deafness Is the r6»ult,. and; unless the Inflammation can be taken: out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will- be <i-*- troyed by cata/rb, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the raucous surfaces. . We will give Due Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness .(caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for-circulars, free. F. .7. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O, Sold hy Druggists, 75o- EXCURSION TO NIAGARA FALLS. On August IS the Wabash Rnllruad company wffl run a cheap excursion Io Niagara Falls by special train. It-ite from Losaiispbrr'ten (.$10) dollars- for the round trip, Return limit thW days •from date of siilc. C. G. NEWELL. Agont. FIP6 IJn1"ttB *»*•» »j ' »•!»•" — There is a burning- coa l mine at Sum mit Hill, near the town of Mauch Chunk, Ta. The fire, which was started by a tiny accident, lias raged in this mine since 1853, ajioLali. the.trials at cxtm-. g-nishing- it have'fnilcd. Don't trine away timc'when you have cholera nwrbus or diarrhoea. Fight tliem in tlie beprlnniiis with DeWitt's Colic <&, Cholera Cure. You don't have to wait for results. TDey are Instantaneous nud it loaves the bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. HOME-SEEKERS' EXCURSION. The Wabash Railroad company will sell excursion- tickets to points iu the West. Southwesf and South nt very lew rates ou August 4 and 18, Sept. 1, 13 and 29, Oct « nnd 20,1890. For particulars as to limits, time of trains and other details, en" on or address .-,. , C. G. NEWELL, ARtnt. FOB OVER FIFTY TEARS. Un. Wlnsiow'i Soothing Syrup DM **ea wed for over flfty year* by roll-* HoaM of mptherm for thfclr children while teething, with perfect incceu§. tt ioothes the child, soften* the gnroi, illayi all' pain, curei wild colic, »nd U the best remedy for diarrhoea. It •Hll relleYe -tb'e poor little unfferer Immediately. Bold by draggUtt In every part of the-wbrld. Tweaty-ftre wnt» t bottle: Be »ute and art for "Mr*. Soothing Syrup." and take jo other kind. '.Early l» May, .while Luin Isaacs, of Seymour,-was at Columbus, he was robbed of a ix>cketbook containing $100 la cash aud *C,000 in notes. Monday the pocketlwok was found by two boys, minus the money, but witli the notes unharmed. DISEASES of the Liver, Kidneys; and Bladder are quickly relieved, and permanently, cured by using Dr, J, H, McLEIH'S LIVER IND KIDNEY BILII Far Mletl Pniggltli. : Pflee, $l.00p«f bottli- POPULIST CONGRESSIONAL ' MASS- SIEETIXG. For n-bove mcciing the Wabasli Kail- road company will sell .tkKet, to re.-u and retuni, RO<K! only on August Oth, at rate of sixty-live (05) ccntt. per round „ „ "are the only pills to tal» PlllS withUood's&u-saparlllB. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SONSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Iverthe Sunset Route-New Orlean* | to Lo» Angeles and San Francisco. WM discontinued April ICtb. The! .nperior accommodations given tt*| f net number of pttrons of the above I ;r»!n during the past tourist season,! *trranta the announcement of plant I ••r next season of flner service with! ..qolpment superior to anything yell cnown In transcontinental traffic. I Look for early re-Inauguration ofl -SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sun» ftoute" In connection with the "Quee tod Crescent Hotite" are running th mly line of through tourist Pullman Weepers leaving Cincinnati ever, Thursday evening for Los Angeles an Un Francisco. These excursions are socially con looted, and the object Is V. enable tho»J wbo do not care to buy the flrst-clasd •oond trip or one way tickets, to enjoj i comfortable ride with sleeping <privileges and no change of cars at i •«ry low second-class rate. Kor further Information, addrew a. CONNOR, Commercial Atf. ° »o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMi'ER. G: W. Agt. 8. *>., Chicago. 111. B. F. MOHSE, O. P. A T. Aft. 8. «o.. New Orlean*. La. Graham &Mortoi TRANSPORTATION CO. tWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHJ CAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and contlnult •n'tll about Sept SOth the steameri j this line will make two trips eachitl tolly between St Joaeph and Chlcar 1 to the following gchedule: Leave St Joseph at 450 p. m. 10:80 p. m., dally.- Including Send Leave Chicago at 9^0 a. m. andjl p. m., dally, Including Sunday. on Saturday leave St Jo§epn I a.m., tod leave Chicago at 2 p. Banning time across lake 4 hour*. TrI-weekly Bteamere to Mllwank leaving St Josep?i Monday, Wedne«d and Friday evenltgs. The equipment of this line the Bide wheel steamers City of CL. tnd City of Milwaukee (the largest tnest west of Detroit), and the n ( riftollt propeller City of Loulsvl g«,rvlce flrst-claas. Connections with fandalla trains. Tickets on sale at fandalia Line stations. Chicago d< feot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Benton Harbor, M C . Agent. TO 0 & C. SUMMER SERVICE MACKIXAC. Their new-.stecl paasencer steamers tre in commission, making four trips per week between Tole-Jo. Detroit Macklnac, soo, fetoskey, Duluth. it rou are contemplating a.summer outing »end 2c : stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mlcb. LOW RATES TO SALT LAKE Via the North-western .Line (Chicago & North-western R'y) August C and 7, 1896 For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T- •*•Chicago, 111: Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy a" of Its dell I r y ou take one o: me i^KE MICHIGAN AW> UKE SUPH TRARSPORTATIOK CD'S -. ELEGANT STIAMSHI - - - - 1«Mi4 *^(. ' ' -. • Write tor -our .A&iUng- matter. - aslc -Tout nearest .. Addrew J» Bcroltl 0 P A • ' LAKB MICB. AND . • !•••»<••<>•> TIP

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