The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE.Sfe Dizzy's Brother Scores His Third Triumph Ovei Champs; Yanks Win, Paul Dean, who with his brothc Dizzy is carrying ihe Cardinal along, best ihe New York Giant yesterday but thj Gltints held the! NntUmal leosir- lend. The Van kces of the American l«id bca the Chicago While Sox and led a. usual of late. Dto.y's lirollicr was on the win ning end us his males hit hart to n 13 to 1 iiiumpl: Dean gave up 15 hits liicludln homers by oit and Jackson, bu the Cards 13 hits count fo more runs. The Rues and Phils broke evei at. Pittsburgh, Die Phils winnln the first. & lo t, nnd Ihe fines tl second. 4 to i. The Chicago Cubs scored thcl sixth straight victory willi Ih Brooklyn ledgers on Hie losin end. Wimii-kp, .he Arlcnnsns hi! boy. was the winning pltclv;r Benge was !he loser. The scor v,-as 5 lo 2. .The Boston Braves defeated tli (Jincinnnti Reds, 5 lo 1. ai Cln cinnnli. Lee's singles proved (It deciding Wows. The Yanks took the Chlcng 1 While Sox lino camp, U to 2. n New Yort:. Gehrig hit his 20tl homer of thc st-nson. McFuydci was the winning pitcher. Tlie Dciroil Tigers defeated Ih Philadelphia Athletics. 4 lo 1, Philadelphia. Trip risers won will Auker hurling cAieliil ball. Tlie Cleveland Indians swamp ed the lioston Red Sox. Tin icon was 10 lo 2. Hmllin wn the winning pitcher. Oslcnmicl ler. was- the loser. The Washington Scimtovs defeated the St. Louis Browns, 1! to 9, at Washington. Kline wa: thc winning pitcher nnd NHWSDII the loser. Ktihel nnd Sewcll of the Senators are DM of the game with Injuricf. Jeemy and Jim in Jams Crackers..Get Gift of Came; . Chicks Drub Leading Volunteers. ^-j... Tlie Little Rock Travelers haled the-.'.second gome of to do- header 7;ltb the knoxvlitc .SrscAles at Birmingham. -The scores Were 10 to 4 and 2 t« ). The Memphis Chicks gave the league-leading Volunteers a drnb- bln$ »t Memphis. The score waf JC to 7. The Cfclcts jcot2d U runs In a • second - inning merry£0-round. Cwutherivife'-Will See "Donkeyi&alT Friday CARUTHERSVIULE, Mo.— Ca- imhcrsvllle will get Its first look "donkey baseball" Friday night Tigers Disband; Liberty Grocers Team I Sunday ! double jjuly 4th. nixi v;l!i | also plr.y header st fcc-:oia on | its the la't -Ice Age was at heiglit, approximately a-rlcs with the Crackeis to thoi of lhls week wh « n an all-star boys from •'Atlanta last night at! teilm lrom thc ! ° tir Steel? solt- Uttle Rock.- The score was 6 to 2.! baU teams wm «W: here, inecl- The Travelers committed seven er-\ '"8 an all-star picked team from 12 Caruthersvllle Softball Johh Smith's Elythcvilte Timers are no morel instead Ihe Liberty Cash Grocers will represent Biytheville in Independent baseball elides, Smith, who has managed lo:al independent teams for u numcer of years announced today that the Tigers had been disbanded ajid that practically, the samo team would play m thc future; under the banner ol Liccrty Cash Grocers of BlythcvIUc. , Smith said that, he had con- Read Courier Kev.s Want AOS. ",VW,- . * 000 square miles of the earth'!/i-| .surface was covered with ice, or * I atout twice ihe area so covered l now. 10 i summated a deal with PredMentcs! be ! of'Memphis, operator of the chain rors to help the Crackers. Schues- tjle sler, rookie- southpaw, pitched ex- t " ra ' i - Tllc B»mc Is scheduled rtll?nt - ball /or Die Travelers Ije 8 in <" "8'H o'clock, and will be . until the eevelith [played on the electrically lighted ; t'onry siore system, whereby the fo(tba11 leagu<! dlamond h «e at ohange .was effected. Thc Iccal "'e' new American Uglon Park. ™» *«> continue as business ~ I manager of the club while Er- Pr<?5ldem Wilson vetoed the Vol-Ulelh. "Red" Cavette will to man- stca j Ac t on the ground that war-User of the club and Willis Me- Thc New : Orleans Pelicans feated the" Chatta 10 to 6, 'ut- New was thc winning hit for the . circuit. The By [Harry Grayson Tlie nun glory Hint oner- wns Greece returned lo tliul country when Jimmy rondos, former hravywelghi mat king, rcgnlned his crown by jjinninu Jim Uiownlng, of Missouri, recugnlml by ihe New York commission as clmmplon. In Uic nbovc photo the boys are playing with each other's toes. Below, Lomios Is tanking Brown- Ing 10 MIC floor after a crotch hold. Several headings to the hickory cuiued Browning to give up. time prohibition was no longer de- Cnt» will be field captain. were I slrable and lhat .he proper legal The Liberty team as such will' double -procedure had not been followed. GRAND FINALE Business and Biytheville Professional VS, Rotary Women's Club Club DONKEY BASE BALL Haley Field, Tonight 8 P. M. Don't mi.;s this . . . it's a scream ... . Ride 'cm Gii'ls! Ride 'em Rotarians! ADMISSION lac & R5c NEW YORK, June 27.—As Charley Ruffing goes so Joe McCarthy sleeps. The New .Vrk manager puts few dents In the pillow when his club Is going badly, nnd the red-liend gave him several restless nights, .not to say afternoons, on the first western trip. But the former coal miner is pumping thc toll through there again, and once more the Yankees feel positive thnt tht: prodigious German and Lefty Gome;? will pitch them to the pennant! They- are particularly optimistic right now, with the collegians, Johnny Murphy and Johnny Broaca,' helping them to fatten up at home, and Johnny Allen reporting that tl\e soreness practically has left his arm. Rufling ; ls. onp of the most interesting and important personages with the • Yankees. Thc large boy from NolcomLs figures ( a big ball of fire In the gallop down the stretch, and with the original Murderers' 'Rqw ; not -what it > used to be, either'at bat or In thc Held, It is essential that he stand up. Ruffing recently turned in u one-hit performance against Cleveland nnd came back with a live- hitter against the White Sox. Ruffing Emulates Frank Meniwell The red-head's feat against Use Indians was one of the finest on record. He really was entitled to a no-hit, no-run game, for the one blow charged against him came oil thc handle of Hal Tros- fcy's shillalnh, and was a fly Mint would have been snagged by most any outfielder but the Babe Ruth of 1934. Ruffing is something of a Frank Merriwcll. He hit a home- run In the tenth Inning after striking out 10 lo beat Al Thomas nnd Washington, 1 to 0. in 1932, which he considers his finest baseball feat He always has been exceptionally formidable against the Senators. While Washington unquestionably will feel the loss of Joe Ku- hcl, whose broken ankle will keep him out for six weeks or more Rufling and the Yanks still be lieve the Senators are one of th two clubs they have to beat. Nat urally, the other Is Detroit. Connie Mack says),that a clu that fails to repeat a flag-winnin performance is not a great clul and the Washington array is mat. tng a brave, effort to do this un der almost unsurmountable obsta cles. From the outset, Joe Cronln men have been hampered by : epidemic of injuries and illness their catching department. Thi only now have Luke Eewell In IY game with any degree of rcgu Jarity. The veteran Eddie Phillips had to be brought up from Chattanooga to fill hi. * • • Sen&tor sin R*c* hnvo remained In the race despite the spoltlcst kiird of hurling, what witli Alvln Crowdcr far below his 20-gamc form, and other former staggering about. Then, Just when a better than .700 clip had them overhauling thc leaders, out went Kuhel, one of [he main cogs in Hie most highly geared defensive Infield machine n the American 'League. The consensus Is thnt it has been just as well for the Yankees nnd Tigers and I he remainder of the league lhat ttie Washington club has been handicapped. As llilnss ore, five clubs remain In (lie scramble, with two ambitious aggregations standing a chance of bringing the junior loop bunting west for the first time in 14 years. Detroit has given unmistakable evkencc that it is go- 1111(1 ing lo be lough to shake off Cleveland has ihe pitching strength lo stage a sustained drive al any time. ' Business Women And Rotes Kide Donkeys Tonight __ The Business and Professional omen's club will match baseball M/ last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-2Se Nite 7:15. 10-35c WIIDGOLD . A »OX FICTUM will. JOHN BOLES CLAIRE TKVOR HARRY GREEN SOL M. WURTZBL GEOKGB MARSHALL Paramount News Andy Clyde Comedy 50,000 votes which each paid adult ticket; tonight. d ability to iwrsuade thc don- ys to go the right way with thc olarmns al Haicy Field tonight : The business women believe they m have bettor luck runiuigm K ic sliilborn beasts than the otcs. The game will siart nt 8 o'clock! kunks Wage War on Japanese Beetle WRIGHTSTOWN, N. J (UP)— kunks may be known to sclent- six as mephiils mcpliitls, but to lerman Croshnw of this farming cmmunUy the odoriferous mam- wls arc an excellent weapon in lie war againsl ihe Japanese bce- Croshaw. who has a special aa- ustablc noscgunrd for such occasions, reported recently that anther skunk and her litter of iltlc ones have been callng the Japanese beetles on lib farm searching [hem out so thoroughly that thc pest has almost been el- minated. < He said he Intended to obtain rMie skunks. If possible, to clean he beetles off his farm as he considered thc animals more effective than any beetle trap he has seen Thursday & Friday The most daring—courageous—forthright role Kay Francis has ever played! Even more sensational than 'The House on 56th Street" EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. By Horace Wakefteld •: Rogers Hornsby jftmarked the i other d*y that the rallying of the Washington club behind poor : ' pitching was admirable. ! The /imeric»n League champions Don't Forget Cautill's Agency General Insurance 7*7 Cartoon—"Beauty and the Beast" Novell}-—"Across Ihe Sea" Travel Talk-^'Egypt" 100,000 votes with each adult ticket Thursday. VT, UY A VROL FOR NEW REDUCED PRICES STANDARD MODELS „ Sport Roadster ,.»«.,. $465 Coach. .... .„ 495 Coupe 485 MASTER MODELS Sport Roadster 540 Coach .580 Town Sedan » „. _"' 615 Sedan '.„..„ 640 Coupe .„ „.... .„' 560 Sport Coupe ........... ^. ...* 600 Sedan Delivery ....600 COMMERCIAL CARS Commercial Chassis 355 Utility Long Chassis.. „... ,v515 Dual Long Chassis.'. . ^ 535 Utility Chassis and Cab;.... 575 Dual Chassis and Cab 595 Utility Long Chassis and Cab.... 605 Dual Long Chassis and Cab." 625 Commercial Panel .' 575 Special Commercial Panel.. 595 Utility Panel 750 Dual Cab and Stake Body.. 680 Dual Long Cab and Stake Body 740 $25 25 25 35 35 30 35 35 35 45 30 50 50 50 5« 51 50 35 35 50 5« Xfcore an Hit prkti of ptiHnftr ca» at Flint, Midi. With bumpers, iptrei tir» »nd tirt leek, (h» lilt prto of Standard Models it $lt tddition*!; ttttttt JVodMt 170 tddftfonal. List prrcfti of comn^rcimt can qnofad «r« /. o. 6. Flint, MK!>. Specia/eguijpnwnf tttrt. Pticft lubjcct to chantt without notice. Compare Chtrnltt't low dtlirtred prices *nd t**r O. M. A. C. turn*. A G*n»r*l Motor* Vtlut. mi tip,/, o. 6. Flint, MicMtm Startling price reductions, just announced, place Chevrolet further ahead of its field than ever - in price, quality and value In" the face^of the'biggest demand in years, right when the trend toward ^Chevrolet is at its peak, Chevrolet reduces prices! No wonder America was startled when this news flashed across the country just a few days ago?'And now that the public has had a chance to figure out what this price reduction means in terms of greater value, the news becomes even more important than before. Because it means that Chevrolet now offers you a big, substantial, quality car with the famous valve-in-head engine for as little as $465, f. o. b. Flint, Mich.—making it by far thc lowest-priced Six in the world. It means that you can get enclosed Knee-Action, Blue-Flame performance, cable-controlled brakes, and all the other big advancements of the day, for as much as $35.00 less than before— and Chevrolet's former prices were already among the lowest of the low. It means, in short, that Chevrolet now presents America with the finest buy the low-price field has ever seen. CHEVB.OLST^MOTOR-.COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. Biytheville, Ark.

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