The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1945
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT ' Post Athletic Officer Moved Lieut. Bill Adams Is Transferred To Maxwell Field, Ala. BLYTHBVILLB COUKIBIt NEWS DOPE BUCKET •i i. r. The man who made BAAF "The Camp of Champions" )>as been SUSTAINS BIG LOSS transferred.' ' r <"» this station to During the last few days Hie Maxwell Field, Ala, Blylhevillc Army Air Field has lost He Is First Lieut. Bill Adams, several of Its "name" athletes former athletic coach at Arkansas which gives rise to the belief thai State College ft Joncsboro, physical tlie coming baseball season is due training director here since Octo- for a terrific slump . . . included ber 1942. • in those departed at Lieut. Hill This station' had not been long Adams, athletic officer; SI .iff Scrgl. activated!when the lieutenant re- Robert Tubbs. baseball coach ami jvorted for duly and athletic equip- assistant, basketball mentor; Staff mqnt and facilities were so limited Sergt. Mack McWhoiier, brilliant as to be practically non-existent, first baseman; anj Stall Scrgt. However, within the space of n few Walt Blalck, smnrt, hard workUm weeks' time he had organized an catcher. . . . Previously, Mel Par, athletic department and was giving nell, ace southpaw had been sent physical training to every officer to gunnery at Keesler Field . . . and enlisted man on the post. Aided Now he has been reassigned to Mux- by a highly trained and competent well FiM, Ala., where (lie others staff, he then proceeded to de-! mentioned above are stationed. vclop his program to the point Elythcvillc's loss is Maxwcil Field's where official recognition was re- gain ... As head of the P. T. ceived from Major General Thomas department and among Ihc first J. Hanlcy Jr., erstwhile command-1 officers assigned here after the Ing general of the Eastern Flying I opening of the local field. Lieut. Training Command, who termed j Bill Adams has turned in a mag- BAAF's physical training system iilflccnt piece of work ... A "the finest program observed In the command." It. was 'also during Lieutenant Adams' tour of duty here that BAAF became known throughout the South as "The Camp of Cham- pious," because of the number of fine athletes aiy athletic teams trained here. Under this supervision, capable boxing teams were formed; a baseball team which won he 11944 EFTC championship was organized; a local flying officer. Lieutenant John Ken 1 , was entered in Die command's tennis tournament and brought .back the title; and a basketball'squad capable of winning second place in EFTC's 1945 cage tournament was developed. Lieutenant Adams, who coached the high school teams at Walnut Ridge before going to Jonesboro.,ls a graduate of Arkansas State College, where he starred In footbnii, basketball and track. perpetual buzz saw and a glutton for work, Bill has built ii]i an athletic department second to in this command He has striven for pciTccllon and come pretty close Many ol the boys say "amen" to that—pretty close to killing 'em . . . But not a casualty has been reported, to date, though H Is said that some thought they were going to die and afraid they weren't as they went through the rigid training paces . . . Bill contributed much to local and nearby schools as official for athletic events He is rated one of the finest athletes ever developed at Arkansas State College, Joncsboro. PLAYS TUB A.VEKAGKS Sergt. Tubbs served us conch of the crack post team for the last two years and compiled nn enviable record of this They were the toast territory both seasons, Cage Players On The Level, Probe Shows NEW YORK, Feb. 22. (U.P.)— City-owned colleges in New York emerged today from an o]ien Investigation of alleged "fixed" bas- „„„,„,,. „ „„ uu lnaxllmlm kelfcall games with a snow-white: results as he skilfully maneuvered '?• ... [his charges . . .On the Held he The decision was handed down — . . reaching their peak In 1D14 when they won the service tournament held at Maxwell Field . . . Included in tlie long list- of victims were the Memphis Chicks, first- half winners in Hie Southern Association last year; Lockbourne Army Air Field, Columbus, Ohio: the Fourth Ferny Command and Second Army of Memphis, not to mention n wliolc flack of lesser lights. . . . Not especially blessed with outstanding experienced talent. Played the averages right to (lie decimal and usually either won or went down swinging with the odds against him ... He didn't lose many close ones when strategy played n leading role. Parnell, McWhoiier anil Bialek were three of his outstanding stars who should move up die baseball ladder after the war Ls over . . . Especially l s that true of Parnell mid McWhorler . . , They arc young, talented and In love with I he game, Ihrcc prime prequlsitos for success in the diamond sport. . . . Undoubtedly Parnell was In n class nil by hinixclf In I his command and rated raiqite favorably With the best (n the nation . . . For a youngster with limited experience the New Orleans left liamlcr showed remarkable poise, boundless courage, a dazzling fast ball and bewildering curve made even more effective by uncanny control quite unusual lor a southpaw ... lie belongs to the -Coston Red Sox and will be heard from after the war. ANOTHER IIAJi CHASK 1 never saw the Immortal Hal Chase, considered the finest fielding first sackcr in baseball history, do his stuff around the Initial bag, but this kid AJcWhorter can. go for my money ... He is a fancy man as a fielder, far superior to many alleged first basemen In Ihc majors right now . . .' As a hitter he improved remarkably and should' get even belter ... He has ft good eye and lakes a fine cut ... has the approval of baseball-wise critics who have seen him n action, notably James Thompson Doc) Prothro, current manager of the Memphis Chicks nnd former jor league player and skipper; Jimmy Brown, staff sergeant, with he Fourth Ferry Command wtio captained the St. Louis Cardinals 1942, his last active season bc- Coach Tubbs a swell handling what he had job of In my humble opinion he got maximum yesterday .by the district attorney's office which has conducted an intensive investigation since the admitted bribe o! five Brooklyn College players to throw a game against Akron University. The commissioner of investigation, Edgar Bromberger, submitted a 40-page report yesterday which completely cleared all New York college players and coaches of any alleged "shady" deals. Tlie investigation revolved primarily around the two city-owned institutions, Brooklyn College and .City College. Bromberger : also brought ovil in his report that all games in whicl: either Brooklyn College or City College participated in at Madison Square Garden have been audited and found financially correct. Legionnaires Meet Routine business was transacted at the regular weekly meeting o: Dud Cason Post of "the American Legion held Tuesday at the Hut Chris Tompkins. first vice commander, presided over the sessloi In the absence of J. L. Terrell, commander. Expert Auto Body Repair Henry Rhodes, whom we consider one of the best workmen in tbis area, is now in charge of our Paint & Body repair shop . . . CALL US FOU ESTIMATES. *' * Lee Motor Sales 305 E. Main Ph. 519 TANK Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants -lubricants that will fight heat- keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. SAVE WEAR WITH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. 'I his famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-\vaxud and de-jellied. UseSincIair Opaline Co keep your car rolling. ore solus into the service; Johnny icaslcy, hero of (hat 1042 world erics when (lie Red 13lrds broke Wrestling Team Will Represent BAAF At Meet A loam of four Blythcvlllc Army Mr Plold men is being trained for irltcipntlon In the 1945 Arkan- 6 AAU Wrestling- Tournament, ialcd for Little nock this spring Staff Scrgt. Chris Belkas, post wrcs- ling instructor, has announced. Members of the team Include ,ieut. Andrew Maluke, 115 pounds: tCT Fred Schut/man, 1C5 pounds; iCT C. Douglas Smith, 155 pounds; nd ACT Joe McGulgan, 145 pounds. "All four of these men have re- clvctl a lot of training and are good shape, and I believe -e'ach 1 them'Il come back with a title" he instructor said. B. J. ALLEN FhmZHS ~, illt, Art e Now York Yiwkee super loritv tut others . . . 'Ilicy also rnie Pnrnel) ns n cinch for tlie Wg show Btalek'.} chances for reaching ihn njors are overshadowed by his ... At. 20 Walt Ls a veteran considered too old as a iiotcn- UK ml Inl prospect notigh engiies cr n f hi lo But lie - — -.,. „, good ploy In Inal minor ...... lie wants to continue •laying nfler the war h over and opes to lnn ( i as n piayer-mana- . . He has lots of baseball 'vy slashed nway in tliat noggin - Jils, handles pitches well, has a airly strong tlirowlnj; arm arul a rclty lair hitter ... He hits a jng ball, is especially effective r lth ducks on the pond . . H,. . well grounded in baseball fuhda- icntnls. Local Inns Join me In wisrmlK licse fine Americans goo<l luc); nd good hunting, rcmliullnf? thnt, heir progress will be watched with great deal of Interest ... it will ot be .surprising at nil to see Ibi: hainplon'hip for 1945 fly from the last nl, Mnxwcl! Field. THURSDAY, KKHKUAKV 22, 19,15, Jimmie Terrell Wins Exciting Struggle With 200-Pound Fish STUAJIT, Pin,, Fob, 22.—"Florida fish are tough," admilled J. L. Terrell of BlyUicvfllc, Ark., bruised and shaken—but Ihc victor—after a liand-to-hand battle with a 200- Show Going On, Ringling States Big Circus Will Tour Despite Sentencing Of Six Officials SAUASOTA, Fin., Feb. 22. (UP) — The world's biggest circus will definitely put the show on the road this season, and the declaration comes from an executive of the Rlngllng Brothers, Bnrziuiu .and Hallcy circus, its president, Robert liftiglln?. Ringling ?ays operations will continue In' spite of the fact that six of the circus officials have received prison sentences for their responsibility In the great tent fire at Hartford, Conn,, last year. Mingling says all but one ol the men have been granted sentence stays until April c. The officials who received sentences are James A. Haley, vice president and director; George Smith, genera) manager; Leonard S. Aylesworth, chief canvaaman; Edward E. Vcersteg, chief electrician, and William Caley, chief sealnian. Ringling says the circus will open, as planned, in New York's Madison Square Garden. pound fish which jumped uninvited into the 10-foot bout In which he and his wife were fishing at St. Lu- clc inlet Friday afternoon. The Arkansas couple, guests at the home of Paul D. Combs, Port Scwall, were anchored in their small power Iwat when they observed a big leopard ray leaping in air and hilling the water with resounding cracks of its wings about 160 fed away. The second leap was closer to the boat, and on It-s third (he big spotted ray sailed over Terrell's head, hit the engine a glancing blow, .smashing the gas tank—and landed on top of Mrs. Terrell who was in the stern. Terrell went to the rescue of his wife, pinned down by the body and wings of the ray, and clubbed the creature to death with an oar, receiving a bruised ankle from its I lashing, whipllkc tail—and in the pandemonium n S15 rod and reel, borrowed from Combs, was lout overboard. After the melee subsided, the Tcr- If placed largc-ciid-tip in the case, eggs will maintain their quality better. MONDAY MORNING RHAPSODY You whistle a tune of satisfaction as you wind one of our gum twill foulards into a smooth knot. Its gentlemanly pattern salutes you from your mirror, and you reflect that Monday morning could be a lot worse . . . See our Tie collection of fine fabrics, full linings, artistic designs. $1 to 3.50 New Shipments of SPRING ROBES Have just arrived. Colorful Cottons and Rayons in Bright Patterns and Solids ... Prices Range 12.50 to 19.95 R. D. Hughes & (o. AT FIRST 3IGHOFA &JJ PifDarationi at diiecled rells enlisted the aid ot nearby flsli- eniK'ii, recovered the lost tackle with a snug-line, and returned to port with the vanquished leopard ray, both bruised and shaken but neither suffering serious injury from their personal encounter with .1 fish bigger than either of them. "You might say," said' Terrell, "that Arkansas produces some tough fishermen." Lift that Mortgage! $10 a month Invested In a policy now may on« day hold your family ]o- flether—in their ov/n home. R. L. SHERH1CK Kox 985, Blylhevillc \-pnuatmg THE MUTUAt IIFB INSURANCE COMPANY of NEW YORK 34 NtutJ Sll*«l, Nlw YorkClly Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wabble when yon talk, eat, laugh or sneeze, Uon't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. 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Last Time Today "IN THE MEANTIME, DARLING" ivllli Jeanne Crain & Frank l.athnorc Fox Neu'b & Short Friday "SAN DIEGO, 1 LOVE YOU" willi Jon Hall A Louise AlliriUan Serial A .Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts LAS Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:15 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "MEN OF TEXAS" with . . ' ' '. Robert Stack & Jackie Cooper and "JAILHOUSE BLUES" with Robert Paige * Anus Gwynne Friday and Saturday Double Feature THE LONE STAR TRAIL with Johnny Math Brown & Tex Hitter and "GANGWAY FOR TOMORROW" with ISolierl U.VIHI ,t Murgo Serial: "Tile Batman" 1'opeyc Comedy BUY INTERNATIONAL BROILER MASH At Your Dealer's OVER 100 MILLION BAGS ALREADY SOLD . . THEY MUST BE GOOD URGENTLY NEEDED AT ONCE! Free Transportation To Job' GOOD FOOD AND LODGING ONLY $1.00 PER DAY U. S. Navy ROCKET PLANT AT Camdert, Ark. 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