Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 7, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1942
Page 2
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'•••;•-. gSsMarjorie 'Guest''At : Jng and' fence .posts. Motors : .antJ. ; miotpi: ' : >' -if flirts: ^^laygpoiip'd^o.quilJK': nieni. Well handles; and ..-other; iDicc-.j 1 il 1 al]QUlTiS:;:Wli^ Is o , „,., Mr*, Clayton K. Hftvls 'of tN(|1 ' •,,,.[ worn hosts Saturday. .•'J 1 ' 1 s i >i pnpMonivl sliosvur Klv- '* f ? ln hminr or MlMH Murjorin Mm-' <« ln ! will no niMi'Hml In tho I>UU S, n' Ouesls worn neighbor* "^ vlHnlty of HlHli street, Stl SII-H Mariano r \ vl fV in.'tiuk'd: MM. John Cul; ih( 'L U."..|.l. CSt'Hnlo, Mi'H.JohM l , ,V MH.-» HHumor Hrotlortok, ' 1 ..H'U.- KoU«»lt. M««< I(olon t : N M. W. . Whlllook, ot' MrH '.n Mrs, lUohurd <> ' .ttntl. J(»<i f.r'i^'jii umdi svttH sorvod niul A £U parudw, In svhlqh Iho. w , ,, m [ M wore oofltumwi jLlwl- fiir ' Li forth much l.'Uighlor, twnfi MOtwhi u ,,,'.,„ /..niiiir "t U»u ( - V( SON -uuMM. Harold W. Mrown of - ur-li Hli-oi.l ui-o In Kxolur, M". Phil \V. lu-osvn, a rim 1 uciuluruy. , of tho •\ "<" Vj jj ^i|H ]n iixillui-y, A. i -. ." |ti |1 |j H)l ,, 1 | (l n IS CMMITO 1 Ki-mav, April 10, ul « -p. ni; " numb..-!- :). Tl.o Hewing. do.nunstra.lon I.UH Doon lu A|)NM7, w ho le.^ ni v UV ut hoc homo, Aftor tho , :ss« nt-tliiK r«frt'HMi»onl»%voi'o lithllU 1 . 1 *I ,,'v.Hl, TIUW PI'OW'H I W»W a PlfiiilnK, Mulh ,lunnlnK», I iniiiiii! iinfM<.-,'i • • i'«'«Co y llolK-rlH, Tlu« next meet- fix will im lurid al tl>" home of MUH I'hylllH •Hiililiniin on (;UI ' LI ^ on VVcdnosday »vonlnK, AP' 1 ' 1 T visrrons "\|p!"un(l Mi 1 -". Wllllmn \MMV ^ \m of WoofiMookut, H. I., ruoonlly IvUUod Mi-, ami Mrs. John Lauoi- lot Glicn-y slrt'cl. LUTHKH LRAGUR AIEISTlNf,; >' ! •Mojiiboi's or tho Luther league ofj the .Salom ,Ltithoi:an ,c|iuroh will 'at-? Imicl ii f nioDt,lng:df tho Lutlior l.oague.' of f WatqrlniPj oi) Friday pvinlng oi" 1 th'ls Week', 'Trnn.spoplatl^n Ay 1)1" Jw fui'iilshocl.. for tho locml '' moifl|)Qr^ who will loavo Naugatudk at' 7:301). , • (il)RST OF'AUNT ' "/ •;' " -. : \ IMS Patricia l!urllho/of Poukh-> koopMlo, N, Y,, !H visiting her aunt, MPH, Ann Hogao of Highland avonutv, ois i iu(IT .M^ic'riNfi TOMoiinow Tho sbuotui (li^ti'ioL meeting of the Amqi'loan ..Luglon a'uxllary will bo.- held WodtUKsclay ovcnlng, April 8,'. at 8:JJO In tho town hall In MorUlon.. Dlstrlot' olTloops will. i)« ontortalnod and Mrs. il'asiol Gimnoud, pru.sldont of Iho local auxiliary, hopes i'or a- largo atlonclanoo from Naugatuck, HETUIINS TO DA1V1 MOUTH John 10. O'Donnoll, • ,lr,, lias ro- lurnoil to ttupttniouth C30ljpgc, Han-,, over, N. II., a-1'.tor spending I.Jio past- wuolc-oml with h|9 pnroiits, Mr. und MPH. John 1.0. O'Donnol) of Highland, (1V01UIO, ' ? ,' , mm P $$& am •XvMv- SfeS? &2 >J Wl..' /U' " *S J > >i; • yA' 1 >&! ð4 S ST*H| ^^flli 5 5*K* ?'#•$ sis &•'.•!•>••'••• .nn. £;S#3fr v'.'£'"* : >$' -'- &&i*g m p-P ttf&tf: <V ""V/«s <& ^'t'W'Vt.K-VW-Hi.WX' m '•'•'.•.'. S^JS*?*^ ^;:$A¥:'?WS%-:"^'Vf^:^»!R*¥ftWiB *^M:SiS> 1 . : #»!!Kftfe:!,Sfty>»>ESy. mi iill •$$S:::S:&i *88; &*&? .••••••y.'ivj.S'. ;•,;,;.; C-.;.;>X'> t$mmmm$m m Boston, 'April-: 7—A nationwide spring-:;;h,pusccl-eaiiing for-materials 'iha^ cix'ri,-'b'p •salvaged for war prp- diioUon '.Aya's •chlled : for -'today, toy lhe^Waiv'''Rrodu^tion- 'Board's; 13li- I'Ciui \pl' 'I.ndjLi'sirial '.-Conservation, 5,n a^me's'sage-'.to. -the:/ Regional Information;' Office,' OWM, 17 Court strbct.; : ;v ,v •. ' ./.'••:' : •'•'.-' '•. • .-.';'• 'Vast'.quantities oj!' the filings .we . •. - • ''American liomo gcn- orally,; uncovers/ • Uiings which arc :-.worthless . or- ' : .too. old Hiei'' u'sc. : I'op p.lTtcn' in, the ?•pas '-: t;ii e'se : ' : 6p 11 ec I,j o'ris of was lo .n)atorinis-.::whlcili ;; liad."clut;tered up : ail/ics,..;ccllars ; :and backyards- .have 'li'een,. d'es troy eel-' o i; "l.'o;s t-.'- to V f u r tli or use' by ../'belrifi-/. carried "away by %&' m> . Mr* KMthni'lnc Uositullo of Bro'ok- llvn S V,, 11 ronniM 1 NuugnUick rosl- ' vlMlllJW fl'UMKlH llOl'O, IllKSKi.S'S POSITION Kills, u popular ornployo in oi' tin! U, S. Hub-foot 1 corn- Ifany, roslxniHl his position t'rltUiy land h-fl for hU homo In \oru .-iioh, wiii-ri 1 ho will remain, until [April 10, svlion ho will Hlurl Irftln- ln ; ,« In Ihn U. S. Nuvftl -POHOIWO. • CAKK S.VI.K , . iirmip ( i or Ihn F.vanHOllno Qli'om w|l| HpOfHor a cnko Halo at. CUil- |V?P'H Klnwup Shop, on f''i'|<!uy,, Ai'fll 17, .Htiii-UnH 1 i»t 11 a. .m.- , ON SClinOI, VACATION ^ IMP. ;»nd Mrs, Norrl.s M, KolUiU of 1, uml M-I8H O.Hvu .Song- •ki-ii, duuKhlrp of Mr. and.Mi'H, SrMKstuokon Of fni'lf ((- v- lU at Wollosloy oollcgu, y, Miijw., are hornu ,.Lhl« week (or the sprlnK v^cutlon,, |l',T, A..MKKTS TON'KJHT. , Tho I'ari'iit-Tiuiohors ftsfloolallon •fNauKulur-.K will moot thlH evening I x oVlm-.k In the, lilgli HCJhool us- |vimbly hall, Or, A, M, MoOuJlouHM, |\ iiu'inlii'i 1 of tin* uduoulloh war Illnw ;u'!H uonimllleo will bo 'alVs" 1 iohn"^!llnHky and Ril- N'lHkl, of Camp Kdwai'dH, .., MRHH., arc. HJ,iondlnK I'ur- wllh rulallvoH Nn tho l>or- Lr:(;iOi\ U/VKICHY SAKE A bakory .snlo, unclor Iho of tho Amprlqun Loglon auxiliary, will bo hold 'at Culver's Flower Hhon, Thursday/April i), starting' al II n, in. Mrs. igihol WeLvbor'is olnilr- nuiu or Ihn oommlttou In ohdrgo of tho fjtxlo and hop iiHslsluntH \ylll bo^ Mrs, Mamlo Lewis, Mrs. Ann' Nor- H», Mrs, Mary Lovoll, Mrs. Margnr&t PaHHOok aiul Mrs. Md'/ul Cumnoud. . Moinboi's who Inloiul to donate 'food i'or tho aalc and will not be afol.o .to clollvor -aamo to-.tho store, arn rqquoatorj Lo oonluot. Mrs. Gunnoud. . _ '. ANNK DK1.ANEY IIOSTKSS A mooting of tho ^Junior Miss Activity Club" wusjield; yesterday at tho homo of Mlsk'Annb Dolancy on Church .street, Al'lnr the business moollng, games; wpijo. played und L'ori'oAlnrionts 1 wore served, Thoao nltoncllng wcro Misses Anno Dolnnoy, Oroen, . p.oro- thy Xehndor, 'Melon JVIcCurLhy, Helen Donovan and Ellxuboth Klsannc, Tho noxl. mooting will bo, held on, Monday, April 13, at tho home of Miss Kllxafoclli Klssano, of Sweeney slroot. ('.nr/ICNSIIlP ('.LASSES MPH. Gorlrudo Mftdlgan, super-: vlftor of adult oducntlon 'In : UiG'looal Hcho.ols, has announced that two olU'/.pnshlp classes will open 'this \wck, Tonight at 7 o'clock, tlioro will lin •«•'-sdsalon at Iho Salem HChool, and u Glass will be hold tomorrow night at L'ho sumo hour In Hop Brook school. All Ihoso Interested. In getting (hole dIMiso'n.slili) papoi\s aro advised lo utlond tho olasspa, which- will bo hold two nights a weclc and be nroparocl for tho oduoatlonul .test Klvon at Iho time they t'llo tholi- ai/pllcullon i'or oltlxoxlshlp at the court In Watorbury. VISITING PAHKNTS IsltlwftPd Uaftcry, a member of tho faculty pf the Karmlngton High school', 1 Knrmlngton, Maine, Is vis- itliiff-.hlH pa runt H/ Mr. and Mrs. ,fnmo*» llaflury of Maple street., I5NTKHTAINS "CHAMPS" ' . Olayton Stewart Davis cclobratod hl.s lUtli birthday at his home a y 15'. High sl-poot In.sf nlgh.1. by on-, torlalnlng the membora of, tho high school baskot-ball team, who. re- jon'tly uttalivcd the 'title of New England oham^long, and their'i rlciulH. A HUppor was. sorvod, -games onloyoUr nnrl Hinging and ,clanolng voi'O part of the evonlrig's actl.vl- .los. "lUiok" Roilly Horved as mos- ur of copcinonles; . ; ' LAMBS'-AH) MBKTING : "'• Tho LftdloH 1 Aid 1 society -of IMo iTininnuol Lutheran' church will moot \VedneHclay evening, , April 8, at 7:30 o'clock at tho ohuroh, Ro- tposhmonts will bo served by Mrs. Alvl a Krarop&te, M™. A. Sohla^- bll Mrs. Paulino ittadcHk, -Mrs. Hiiiol -Sohlcalngpr and Mrs... Olive /^^f\^.» v ^ <. «'•'/:•;-.•.' >?*-^W»W iijSK^ &*R? iS^-Wi m® ,;,JMra. John BerniinghamAwife;^ Lieut.' Cpi^nian " skipper of the destPpycp'PdW'yiiis^howh/witfe'hw^qhJldKe^Su.B^ii;! (*!?$),• r ,.and £ally, at^their Ke-yy Gardenp, New York, home; 1 A.third childrSetoh, '''is avyay froip nopfie. Mrs. Berraingham still clin^B'e; hppe.,that,fcerv hualiand may be-alive. -He has'riot bee>) heard * ro,m, since, hte^hiji^ap. ' ' aunk off Darwin, Australia.. (C*ritralPr*§§) to plans I'.or a oa'fctoria luncheon be hold In -the parish h-puso on ; •Wednesday, April' 15, 'from U;30 a. m. to 1 :30 ' p, nr. Mrs. I^uis Zoun Is chairman of the Circle.; A 'spying, m.ouu Qf ..dolectablo homo-. cjooked .roods will, bo available Tor- public patronage.' ...... . ... KNTEHTA I NI2D CLASSMATE J M:lss Vk'glnla. .Simpson of Knn-; sas' City, Missouri,., returned tojiciv homo- .yesterday '•• al'ler spending a fow, days as the; guest ol' Miss Olive Songslaokon .at- her. liome'on Park; avenue. Miss Simpson and, . ' Ivfljis. Sorigstacken , are '..classmates at Wol-: 'lo.sley college. , : , ( . ' ' _••' |. BOOKLET FOR" DHAFTEES '- | Future resklciHs-'ot 1 Naiigatuolc| who answer the ;• call for selective; service will be'-prcs'cnlied --.a book-. lot- entitled -'"Pall' In" by Naugatuck- ,pOBt oL'.tho American Logion.ilt con- 'tnins a -great .many pointers Lo-. the. now- soldiers 'from men who have; 'soon actual sorvlco ;antl will prove, invaluable 1 to" t'li'o clrai'toes when, tiioy . i-eaclv camp. ' ' ' : ' '"' ' . •:...'.• .'.; . ' . : ftlS Greyhounds anid Goach ley Guests of StaUon WELI in New Haven. f! 1 P T S K IJ.M.'SUAl. IN AND \VKI>I)|JM(; UUKSSKS — SUITS COATS MS!.; YOIM C.HHOI DORIS i AIM while Ihnv SCHNEER ^^ CRIO.T JlWlLlfiS Ini, P -, Typ COIJ,IC<;K OK CKNTIU'I, AVKNIJfO , TO CANADA John Lynch of New York city and Montreal, Canada, a former resident; of; Naugat.ubk, spq.nt the Eastor holidays with :'Mi f , v ancl Mrs, Dennis M,' LInskoy of Gurtlss slrcot, ,, _ ItllUSII FIRK.TODAV The Naugatuck ' /Ire department rospondcd. Lo, an alarm -sounded-from box 42 this nftoi-noon ' to fight, a brush fire in the rear of the -residence of Daniel .J,.'L.usk on Galpin street. Tho Mr'f, i'pr a while, throat- on'od tho homes o'f nparby re.sldcnls. AT SIHKN DEMONSTHATION Fire Chici: John Jv.Shprklan/.Gapfc. Lyrnnn Lamp.hora, l^lro Marshal •Michael K. Shea, and Maurloo .Suunlon of t'ho Naugaluck -Plrc clopartnicnt, •Harold H. Porvy,-'chief war- don of tho borough and iPostrna'si-nr {Onhik T. Green, a m amber ^oi.',.tho Civil Dcl'ch^e Council, attended a. demonstration of a no\v warning siren-at the Logan-.sohool n Watorbury ybstorclay ai'tcrnoon. WANTS piCTUHK BANNED Maurice J..Tob,in will .dpolclo today • all moving pictures featuring Lew Ayros will 'ttb Mnned from Boston because • tho actor went to, a .oamp i'or oo.nsdlontlous objectors. An ordqr adopted by the City Council last night-lf approved by the- mayor—would -require tho city censor to revoke the license of nny theater which showed a picture In \vliiCli Ayres appeared. CONDITION 1MPHOVKD ^"iho-oonrtlUon of-Mrs, Harry An- fiorqon ol 1 ^alern ;street, who is u a irnt aMhe WaUH'bury hospital, v "e she has been. Tor; the nijst tiroo weeks, Is rnportod as greatly Improved. , and M'-9.;Walto strop t, .'. . RESTAURANT T ODCKtAIL BAE '' Coach Peter J. Folcy and Ins Waugntiiok high school basketball- team, State and New England champions for j941-42; will be the. guests this evening oi' Phil B.uxba,um,' Jr., sports 1 editor of radio; station ,W13LI. I nNc^Ilaven tills evening and. will b<3 .Heard- over thai station a-t .,0.4(5;. The station is at 960 on your dial. The. • champions and. '.their vvell known" ' .m.entor •• received ••-,' an ;. In-, vltatlon froiivthe NVISLI,sports editor on -Marclv. 2(3th following .their unprecedented victory, in two succeeding .tournaments at- the .New liaven Arena. • A dinner and cither a sports or UiOJilrloal show is scheduled for the entertainment of the Greyhounds by the executives of the radio station^ '''.',- ; ' ' ' GAVE WHONG AGE Fort De'vcns, Mass., April 7—(UP); —The army's youngest soldier \vill bo tho nation's' youngest veteran in a few days, it was revealed today. Pvt. Earl W. .Hennis, 10, of Revere Hod about Ills age to' enlist last year and authorlti'es knew nothing about It-until Ills fellow soldiers, nominated him "'baby of the army/Vile will- bo given an honorable discharge Joc- eause of '''niinority," . • 'v : + •» ,.ASKED TO CHANGE NAME Gardner, Mass., April- .;7—(UP)-^: City Solicitor William A. T.oughUn. wus asked today to change '.the. name of Pelley street to Mac Arthur • s-treet In honor of the American- genera). The street 'originally'•'\ya.s . named ror a 'relative of .William Dudley •Pelley, leader of, .tlio-.-SMyqi' Shirts, wlio.was arrested' on -ofi •sedition/ ' .' - . ' • ; . ' _ 1 ; •».*»•—:., .-•. •: • -.• . Cubs 'squad 'meets ifie Philadelphia 'Mhlctlcs today on . the ilrstv lap; oi tUeir homeward trip, The Cubs overcame their ...light 'touch -at; the plato j'n one lump yesterday,.- hammering the A's, -. ,15-4, in :thc!r- - last.. coast game. ' .' V ..-. -^- j-'Ri^lfn : : : tq •'.ft.l'i.voikus' 1 ,- 1 ' .pid/.-nictnl-' .ornn-' men ts^, ''P)3s'd 1 e to': p l;u hi'-b i ng : ai) (V h oa ting, (J4uipn\en,l/y• jjrpke'nv. tdols—tliese Qan'' ; ,bec;om^^j4rts x ,o.f.:guns, planes ,'a'nxlrtaivks^-old vlipcs 1 .-and; tuD'es, hot • %aterVJ)pi;i)leTs' - ; .;0nd'.-baiii -''-mats 1 -.can £0 Into, '.l.he L-oJlia'c-Uoh ' of reclaimed, needed to replace our 'Ibsl/ s'uppl.y ;bf 'crude rub- bar,from/ ilic East—old. rags .will bo; made 'into wiping' rags .for Use in ; war'plants, • and waste paper is in; dem'a-ijd for cpnversion into .cartons •for-the.shipment, of'munltlonsS and. canned foods lo 1 our men In the field."." . lS 7 ol,ing that many persons are 'uricertairi'.-, about- the : .variety of household'• articles 1 - that, m.ay be rcbuimed to production when they 'are obsolete or useless, Mr. Rosen- ;'\vald : madc public -the" following list '•o'f' suggested: i torn s I'or, tlic spring 'houscclcarier.: What to look for ; in- the attic: Brass.-or iron 'beds. Electric cords which 'contain,, copper wire,' Elec-. trie toafetcrs,- irons, heaters, fans, or, any electrical equipment..- Door knobs, hinges, keys, locks, trim, springs, old . knives, pans, pots,, scissors. Lamps and .lighting fix-;, lures of .brass; copper or iron... Metal ash 'trays/ .howls,, statues,; vases, metal porch, and garden furniture, metal'ro.Uio parts, brass\or ; copper screens, sleds,' ice' skates,, roller skates. -Mettil. vacuum clean- ; c'r parts;' Old rubber overshoes, '^raincoats, 'bathing 'caps. . • . -What.--to look for in. the cellar: : •f-Dlgoardod coal stove, andirons,; grates, poker's,., .fire extinguishers, 'furnace grates and docVs. Iron and; nickel' 'parts '.of 'old gas. stoves. Iron, -brass and copper piping, bath t-ubs, faucets, s'inksj radiators, lle- i'ngcrator linings;and ice ti'ays, All old tools;' \ . , •What to look for in'.:the garage: Automobile batteries, chains, license plates, motor parts, tires, tubes.. Bicycles, and tricycles. Lawn mcJvv'crs, ' ho'es, pick - axes, . rakes, shovels 1 . '...-'.-• : What to lopk fqr--..lh' the yard or on tlic farm: • Old tires and inner tubes. Farm tools, logging chains: Wire fenc- A-card • par.ty and social for the benent of St. Francis 1 school will be held in Knights of'Columbus hall, Tuesday evening, April i/i, at »,:3u o'clock. -An afghan, made by^ Mrs. John Moroney will be given away at that time, . •. . • At v a meeting of the Mothers' club of- St. Francis' parish,'.' held- last night the following committees were chosen: Prize committee, Mrs. Evelyn Howling, Mrs. Gunno udV Mrs. John' Moroney; purchasing commiUee: Mrs. Richard Schaffer, Mrs. Mortimer Quirk, Mrs. be- Ayard Byrn.e 'and Mrs. .lames Sullivan., ' , * .. • . '. • The refreshments 1 and ticket com- mtitee Js composed- of Mrs. .Charles Noble, Mrs. 13. M. Owens Mrs. .Iphn ilualey, Mrs. W.'J: Edmonson, Mrs. Charles Fink.e, Mrs. ..lohn Desmond, Mrs, ftaymond Ericso'n, Mrs. ; Carl Swanson, Mrs. .J. Kolowski, 'Mrs: Joseph Ueilly, Mrs. Miles Sweeney, Mrs. -lames 'Dunn- and Mrs.Tcresa Wilcox. . The final meeting of th,c general committee-\yill be held, next M.onday .Frances Shanahan, cliairnvan, charge. ' . BEApVAffi ORANGE WILL vof Miss I ' The funeral .pf- Miss Delia Brannigan, of 37ChOrry.street, who diecl- Sunday at; St.; Mary's . hospital in Waterbury; \vajs held this morning- at 8:30 o'clock \ from the McCarthy funeral' home, :2i Cedar. street, to. St. Francis church where a high Mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev, Albert Taylor, with Rev. John MclBrearty as ; deacon and Rev, George Dunn as sub-deacon. Rev, James Lambert' was sealed in. the sanctuary. Miss Frances HiggJns presided at the organ nnd played tho Funeral March as the foody was borne inlo Aft. the offertory Miss Higgjns played "0 Merilum Passi o n i s" and during the Mass, : "Priceless Love of Jesus." At, tho recessional, she .rendered "Mother of Sorrows." Interment was in St. James' cemetery. The pallbearers were Joseph P, Freeman, Matthew Maher, Wilfred Davis,- James Booth, Daniel, J. Fitzgerald and James Conn ell owe, ' Committal services were read by Fathers Taylor and Lambert. Mrs, Alice Messner will bo hostess at the-all-day meeting of'the Ooldcii Glennerst of the Beacon Valley grange tomorrow in the Grange ball. The first aid class will meet on Wednesday evening at 7-30 with-'Henry Eric in charg\, an-d'a^iMir will be held "iMiursday- evening by the second -degree woman's team. • , ^ , n On Friday evening,, the, grange will confer .the Hirst .and second degrees on candidates, with- William Popkc, master of the first degree Learn, and Mrs. Ruth ObsU nils tress of the- second degree outfit, concluding the ceremonies. There will be no meeting of Juvenile group this week. the this VERY TRUTHFUL 'Guilty -or .not guilty of theft?" queried his honor. "Not, guilty, sir,"' came -Lhp pica. "Have you ever been in Jail/ "No, indeed," indig- I ever swiped anything, nanl reply. -This i* Mie first time Wife Preservers With restrictions on sugar, use honey for part of your sweetening 1 in cake*, cookies, jjuddirurft <*'r SELF SIRVICE ice SALLY'S SALLIES U. S, P*t»nt Qfflc* •*> ;i J...J -'•' ./- •<• ••'•.•• '" ': ;•• ', :. '.-.' - J1 •'--'•• • ••. -V* • • ^e^test^ver^aHime saver is love at firstsighV , ;; surest savings for you... 1T5 CHURCH STt \ • IN NAUGATUCK FREE PARKING Lnroe, Roomy I>ot nl Roar of Huildino MORE FOR YOUR MONEY You Pay At Local A&P . . RIB ..25clb. Where] LOIN . .25clb. Sliced Jstnuiyfield Ib31c Portijrliousft, .Cube, Sirloin, Roltom Round Texas Vrcsh 3 IB Beets—T^xas 3 bch I5c Gabljage, Texas green 5 Ibs.l5c White House Milk;.. 3 for 25c lona Cocoaj •; ; . 2 Ib fan 14c •\ ' ~. rT . : ''j<li. Prices Arc Subject To Market Funcrnl of Mrs. Mcri'inn . The funeral of Mrs. Frances (Strusinski) 'N. Mercian, of Meriden and a former resident of A'augatuck, who. died in New Haven hospital Saturday, was held this morning al 8:J5 o'clock from the Fitzgerald funeral home, 320 North Main street, to St. lledwig's church where, a solemn high Mass of requiom was celebrated by Rev. John Wanat ab 'the main altar, Hey. Slaislaus Nalc- .wajk, pastor of $L 'iJechvlg's church* at the Sacred Heart altar and Rev. lohn Zyskowskl, assistant pastor of St. Stanislaus church in Watorbury officiated at the altar of. the messed Virgin. Interment was in St. James' cemetery where- committal Cervices were onducted by Fathers Nalowajk and Zyskowski. , 'Die pallbearers were Anthony, Frank, Thcophll, and Henry Pruch- Icki, Victor Suchenski, Victor Siwanowicsi. ' - Tlmt odd piece, of lorulturc find u buyer if you use tho Classified medium. Conquer feax/ delay gnorance.'. -y.'V. •V^^'Py? Question: Where -are,v the near-; esj. tumor clinics?, v "•••?•.•; •'•"-,• ^--' Answer: At Uic>V«\l,orbury Hospital, Chase, Dispensary every Moil-, day at It a; m.At Sb-Mary-S •!;%pi in 1 j' W:i 1 cr-bury, every - ; • Th'ursd )iy at Ji a. in. r ( . ' ^- ONI2 VISTKIUN LEFT New Haven, Conn.,: April 7—(UP) —Only one Civil ,\var : . veteran was alive in the New Haven area,today.. John-P, Fan-oil, 98, one, of the. two ivll war survivors here,, died late osici'ii.ay at'ler an illness,., leaving omma'ndr Charles Douglass as .Iho only veteran left. A* m u c h ma ft 0.00 for •'•Your Old Watt*. Vroo4. your first. lino, or i).t?r.«ns«.... ALTii; — wear a foundalion /SOUTH|MAIN IT PICTURES TO BE FRAMED? THAT'S RIGHT — WE FRAME THEM RIO;HT! Wood Frames — Any Size Made to. Order Dozens of New Style Moulding* WE SI>KCIALI5KI2 IN tfKA'MINfc' SAMPLERS VOUR LKT US 8MOXV YOU SWEENEY'S STORE The Card and Gift Shop of Nwgatuck. Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better S. Rubber Company Naugratuck Footwear Division; —0—0— Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes CANS. Inc. MAPLE STREET ti Thomas Bros. i> I 169 MAPLE ST, Phone 51W II Auto Body and Fender Work Auto Painting 24 Hour Wrecker Service II II II II II Great Oak Farm OXFORP ROAP MILK —CKEAM EGGS ~ CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery t.p AH Parts of Naugatuck' Telephone 5Q49

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