The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1934 BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE €i4ssinED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per Jne tor COOSMU- <Jve Insertions: (Five average «orOs to i line) One lime per line >*> Two Umes per Hue per day .. 08c 71nee lime* per Hm per day .. die Eli time* per Una per day .. We '..'outti rate per lint We Minimum ciurge Wo Ads ordered 10' tnreo or si umes and slopped before explra t'on will be cliarsfO for the num ber of Uuies tl'.e id aiipcared w Kdjustment of bill made. 'urnlshed BEDROOMS. Mrs. Bd r- j Q ^ Found Hardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. v»ni VI»R ruuim JODERN 3 room furnished or uu-- furnished apartment over Klrtoy Drug Slore. F. Simon. Call 764, 30-ck-tf liubinlltccl by persons residing out- tide of tho city n net be accompanied by cash. n»tei uiay bi easily computed Irnni above table no ictponsiullltv will be tanen inr more Uiau one Incorrect In teitlon of any classified, ad. AUvcrlliUtB orasiiQ for inegu- *r hibtrllous takv the one Umt Ick-lf Noto0wn Itself URNIbHEU apartment, 305 Dou&an. Phone 870-J. 18c kit Nicely Furnished BK.D ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. Me kG-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS l.lnen suits, hand ironed and tailored shaped are nice and cool thesr hot days. 1'hoiic 171. Unique Cleaning Service vcrllsetl for on (UL')_-\ rl-iiit /V™ ton aU ! ttirrc-iimirlci'j of mori'ly n bi';iiui(ul liiuHHun llicjlivi! Mantis anil .niovcd<u\viiy Mom ol which is unknown, nml [Athens tolove ills v.111 was fM\>- i»»«l to hnve l>ceii nmclb. No will ol .Colonel Juckson is Dr. century 113 the only tree in world tlmt owns Hsi'K. cluc.s i\vn Ittclt. "The tree that owns ilsolf (i| the University ul hlslnry cloiwrlnR'Ul. salilJ ^nUl Ihiil Ule tree I iiTtirdrd In the' ClHiko county ijiiwyci!, decline Hint no Icijul U:ansucllon CHII lie nmdu with an Col. W. II. Jackson, who Ls suld jlr..iiitmnl« lliine. '1'lins the lieu docs iiol own Itsi'lf because: ito huv Is twill (lie willed Ihu IHT In ilsd!, Ihul own;, Itstlt could not. tw iivopi'ity cm which lliu '"parly of the second p.irl" In SCHOOIS MKS. I,. M. BUKNETTK announces , tlie opening of summer clashes tn typing, shorthand, bookkeeping. Call 824-W. 2e k7-Z PHILLIPS' USED CARS •29 1'LYJIOUTH SEDAN. A Ktal llu.v 59^ '29 FOHD T-UDOK ? lr '33 FOHD V-8 UKM1XE TU- UOK ? 3i "iZ CHEVROLET COACH . . S31 •S3 AUSTIN COV'fK . . A Barjail TRUCK Hl'ECIAl.S •29 CHEVROLET TRLiCK. Runs Ciood ^ •29 CHEVROLET TRUCK A' IKAlLtlt. A Heal Buy ... til FORD CLOSED CAU •30 518! •3Z FORD TRUCK. Closed C.lli, jiuai \>ttteib .......... . . • ^ PliiLUPS MOIOll Curutr 1st t Walnut Sis. riiotc 810 - »ii PUBLIC i am now Oiicratins the iily'in vine nirte anil J«n.{ LU., av re ol ooc iiMiacfi 1 stuvu. fonneny tmco otiilioi AUTOMOTIVE Save 1 inie and Money using our complete slock ol Auto Replacement farts Hubbjrd Hardware Co. uUiniulive Dcpt. - - I'honr 47G 6-ck-V-6 OURBOARiyNG HOUSli ........ ~IJ.AV& VSTOPPtD "VO PteGfc SNUFFY, -SlMCt VV& CM>A6 l- WEVE T>£tN t)0\N ALCm' HAND, EXCE.PT TO CUP A YAWN? HES DP INTOWN.NOW.GWttx lcS. MOSt 0\- H\S A OF LAGER B£ER,WH\L& /-, YOU ^N X ME ^.x_7SWEAT VAERt, ^5\ (i 1 :;;'•.» T>-\\S' CAVE TOR iiv AhcrL' UNLOAD llV P1CV<AXE5 j f SLEDGE H^^AVAt'RS J / Cf\"SJtL OF L\JfABA<=O_/ i THAT GUV \S SO ' ^ LATY.VA&D STAKT UP GfeT YOU SORE ENOUGH^ TO "POUND TH' TABLE AN 1 CRACK WALNUTS ROOM & BOAKD OOD Mrals and Rooms. Reasonable pricfs. >Irs. T. R. Watson* 2 East Cherry, 1'hone 602. 20c kl-20 FURNITURE I^wir Chairs Uiiintnled $1.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c kl-25 WARNING ORDER N THE CHANCERY COURT CII1CKASAWBA DISTRICT, M1BSIS31PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . D. Ferguson, el al. Plalnlifl. vs. No. 5139 D. Wllliford. f:t al. Defendants. The defenders. J. D. Wllllforrt, Mrs. J. D. Williford, are warned appcnr within thirty days In he court named In the caption icreof and answer the complaint if the plaintiffs, E. D. Ferguson, it al. Diited this 13 day of June. 1934. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartain, n. C. 20-27-3-11 gill I nckson. eorfUn Grows Peaches For Eurapeui Markets AUGUSTA, int hnvc biidi keeping qmilltlrs ml they cnn be shipped to Knr- ALLEY OOI> Colonel "I 10 without hclng tlaiuaiicct liavo ucoti tloveluiwcl by- Frank W. Mifr- liliy, u fanner who ucvtr has ggnc lo school to study horilculliire. Knch ycnr tic MlU Hie peuclK^ In Scolliinrt, England ami Spain. Lust ycur only two peaches, one In until o( two thljimcnbd, rochcU the Emoiwmi consignees in a (lam(UP)—Punches The "Qccrgla Murphy" has been'developed 1 by'Murphy in following R plan of tuiltllng a^d BrufthiR'"pursued 'by" his father, along with the adoption of ipqdeni methods.. The peach' Is 'large* • in elzc,' with Epkndld keeping' qua). Itles. Read Courier Ncwj Want A<U. MKKT THE I'RINCKSS! By VlDA..YiS GLt, QULl'.U, ' CW'IURED WNO1UNK.ME ' GOT MAO AN' HH GUZ'S , 'VOt: - 11C BEAT UP )R VOOZV y - GUHPlN AWFUL, ' TOO- &&. ^fae AV WORD, WOW *wrUL.foH Wf.UJ I 1 GRfVND WI7ER VJlUL BRING CM AROUND OKW.' NOv>,VOUj COME RIOMT OVER AN' SEE SHE'S JUST TO MEET HER HUOGftNO- TO-BE/ / KNEW IT WS COMING- <7W, W/V WD COI-K BACK "^ <• Uflf '<.uV taic "--4oaiB: s -c~K—.. V^i m* nf N[» [.LmfKlI.IKC T.^ fttG.IJ f.*^. BOOTS AND HKR RUDDIKS THEU1C, NOW! Ity Martin Flying Nurse Wins Women's Air Prize t'Oil WonJeriul bareains in good used elcciric n rrigerators and ice boxes. Used and new clcclrit fans CHEAP. Also Ian rcpairmc. Bargains in ur,cd Delco lighl plant and batteries. E. B. GKb SAljES CO. •IK'I .<Lnn SI. pFcKUNG PEACIltS & PLUMS. DF(. L. S. BR1SCOE. 23-Ck-tf Second Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oak, Gum. Pine Mooring; Imck; tin tooling. See J. Mcll brooks, C. M. Baxter, or City Engineer L. E. Tull. Second hand furniture bought'ani sold. Inquire Parkhurs>l Co., 10i t. Main, Ulylhcvillc, Ark. 4c-l" KEl'AIKING WttV Voo TO CA\X Oki VO!) ..... TO \\ VOL) WE^v; ov 1 . 1 . HOW DO VOO POSt 1 ?t£V -TO WAVK BOV — ^ ROSS ~ OClW\»i6 W\W A 6TO.Y. B0\, i. WAV5V VOO TO \<MOW "\rtKT \^K BCtM >FMW. TO VOO '. 1'Or. V\^n VOO \NjytW16WEO TrtOROOGWV.V '. Vt'x'.iOM.XVVS VOO •aESM TO Bt A titW.V «,Wt^T CW\.0 , ft^iO 1 0(OK}tRiTiP.NO T\kW Vovl i\fxV)£ ^ <3ROWTO. WAO H(\6 MADE f?0\-E A> ^jOCCt^S OUT OF VVf E — BOT, TH« t?j AW \'<JE VittW ABV-t TO TIMO OUT ABOUT W00«. VAM\VV""' AUO \T \<o MOT twooert "~ ' CAM H.^O OF ^R.c; ^ V.OT o <5AV TO VOO WONi'T '.'. KV{ TO MAV Bt MUCH , BOT 1 H ttT. UP TO St A •S, S* • WASH TUBBS KASY WANTS I'KOOK! Factory aulhorizcd KRIGIDAIUK SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day 61—Phone—Mght 382 E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. Edna M. Gardner, a Washington, D. C.. nurse, didn't get that trophy she's holding for winning tlio women's atr race at ROOBS- rclt Kielcl, New York, until a two hour argument was Eollled between Judges antl coutestantr You see, some ol tba glrla flew 10 miles instead of 30 by mistake. Anyway, Ditna got tho trophy and $500 rasli priio. VJtu, APt ~*XJ SwrsriE IT \VAS THE CASHIER WHO KU-LtO tAWE? : HUM! I. t>OKNa,C.RADV. WERE- HIS FINfiERPRII-fTS FOUUO OW -[ "THE PISTOL? , -^ Free Ifoni? Loan Intimates Roofing. IV.intlng. Repairs. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-7-10 Temiis Karkets Rcslrunf Overnight strvicc, 4 grades llubb.ird Hardware Co. KEEP VOUB HOME IN GOOD REPAIR When it needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, "The House Doctor." Phone 100. WELL,MO. THECf: WERtNvi ANV FIN6E'^PRINTS AT ALL. Ol^ I APtilT viJE UAVEH'T PROOT= THAT HE ACTUAULV FIRF-DTHC ' 4.1.U, MOU 1 . HE WAS l-ANU'S V M EK Uti ADMITS Tlir: CiUN'S HIS. IT WAS FDHNO IN 1 riUMCi CPSE, AMD HL-'b GOT A BOM ALIBI .WlV T MORE DO VOL) WANT ? A CONFESSION. > UNTIL HE CONFESSES, «ftW, I'M S1ILL. SUSPICIDUS OPA LCfT O' PEOPLE. o By Crjiy %ftH t kMOW. Bftfev D1A>K>NO. SOUTHII^ SHE'S IXJM8 ENOUGH TO BUMPOHF AflAfiCi WORTH A COOL MILLION ONTHEEVTOF HE SALESMAN SAM OUT—AND IN! «y Youthful Ward Willed $500,000 POU8LE _ __ "BE 1 . WILLIMC-. TPi PAY MP ^ BE.EM PAVIM 1 ME-ORTUJICE MUTHIN 1 -! FER CLERH1M' ItJ THIS DUMP' THftT'S THE GHD OF THE FIMlSWl SOLOMC5,MOU 816-HCARTED BOZOJ FOR RENT FOR RENT—HouiC nl 1131 Walnut St. Newly decorated inside nnd out. u. W. McDcnrtnan. 27]) k30 SUBURBAN Home on Rravel road, Vj mile city. Beautiful shade, fruits. Reasonable rent. Thomas Land Co. 20c 1:7-20 FURNISHED Apartment. IDS West Kentucky, Phone 683. 5-k-1-5 Room With Bath. i.JO, 5.75. II.M. Or 5250 up to $3.5« s wwk. Tn- bodv Hotel over Ben Franklin Slore, Main and Broadway. R-ck-1-8 APAR1TVIENTS: FURNISHED room upstairs; UNFURNISHED 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. W»l- nut. Phone 303. 5-ck-6-3 GEE.' I DOW'T UKE Tri'L OP THfVT FEULftf .<•, flBBBE THIS IS MV 816 CHANCE I 3UST, A MINUTE, MR. GIMLET! I'LL UWIT ON THAT , .A A 'youth rejiecl as a'ward in a home'uf »tallli In ulie the pl»ce of a son »'ho dltd mliurlls $500.000 by ih-! *lil ol Ihe late \VI1 liam A (,'liirk. Jr. nled In Los Angeles Thf htlr' Is Gturte John Palt IS. nbute. son of Mrs Murlb<< Ps!t 'vho «trkcd in tht Clir'n borne ui!» ye^rs. Pale ulll Unit t«|ln;erla| • FRECKLES ANF< HIS FRIENDS -V/E MAD'A' LOT OP • j VMS", BY THIS TIME, EXCfTEMEMT V^T FRECkLES THOUOn EM CRASK -- y lrwA5 ' I<!E DR6SSEP 7 ^ HAULS'OFP VflTH A HEALTHY kICK. 1 THE EYES HAVE IT! Rv _^ ^ HE CUDIJT kNOV/ > YOJE DAD V7AS DPESS ED'AE SATAN..TOO, AMD HE KICKED HIM RIGHT IM THE MIDDLE OF THE DIKIINC -—7 ROOM c?- ( I KMOV/ ALL, ^ ABOUT THAT... BUT,VAtERE IS FfJECKLES •2 \ VJBit, JERKY AN' ME FIGURED THAT yxiR DAD V.1DULDNT V/ANTT FRECKl-ES AROUNP, IP HE COULOWT ACT LIXE A GENTLEMAN, SO THE TWO OF us POLITELY ASKED HIM TO SCRAM ...HE DIDH'T WAWT Tt> LEWE 50 VJE CHASED H'M !! wsLL,.rr Looks .'-J VERY MOCH TO. Me IF VOO FINAtiV" CAUGHT HIM • tf

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