The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 9
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JULY 30, 1952 BLTTHKVTI/LE CASK.) ?AGB MINE OSCEOLA NEWS &y Bcltije W/e Starr If * ¥ * * ¥ * , * * Mrs. Doyle Recalls Traditions |O/ Early Life in Missouri Town Lcemon. Mo.. Is B small farmiiiB community not many miles from Cape Girardeavi and Jackson. Iyj:,k- inj; lor It on the map would he use. for the population i-s loo small oimt in the number of those who live Mlere but not loo small lo be noted (or it's fellowship, church suppers, and family reunions. ThcsR are the things lhal comit more in Lecmoii than who the next president Is goln? to be .and who in town drives the biBBest, blackest a'.ltomobile. This Is lhe iitile community in which Mrs. George Doyle | and the Inte Mr. Dnyle crew up. Thr-rc is sojiietliiiii! aViout a person having lived in s'.K h a i>i;tr:e | that radiates contentment ami hip- ie-s nnct they usually Ube liuin'a | ss they come, No celebrity would think It would be worth their 'A'liile to drive oft the main hlehway and follow the winding country lime I that would lead them up to one of I the small white frame churches 1 that stand as sentinels over the I honest - to - goodness Rood .people, I who make up a small community. Traditions that were traditions I when Mr. and Mrs. Doyle were -mall 1 children are still being carried on. I Every summer, members of the I Sunday School Class in this mile I PrwVjylerian Church. FO appropri- atWnamed "Pleasant Hill Church." I go back to Leemon. bringing tl'.eir I children and grandchildren lo their 1 annual reunion. The proup now ex- I ceeds 200 and Mrs. noyle is looking ] forward to being Ihere in Anpust End see who has had what sinco | the reunion Inst year. "THE OHIC.INAI, church sill) Islands on the same spot, but a tew I modern appliances have been adflfd I but those »'ho are still attending 1 haven't changed ft bit." added Mrs, loovle. STARR GAZING Although A lot of us never eot t within sight of the castles we built, hew do we know but what we Aren't better by not having gotten there? The money spent oir useless wars would build lhe finest churches on top of every hill in the world flr.rt a school in each of lhe valleys. And every man. woman and child in the world fed and ctolhed equal to icings and queens. People are funny, if you tell them there 270.018.543.201 stars In il.«s universe, ll's 10 to 1 they will believe you—but if s slRn says "Prfsh Paint." every Tom, Dick and Harry that, passes by, rubs hU finger over n On the Social Side... . and Mrs. Frank Sanders and i the week, children are visiting relatives In! The many friends of Ed We!us EDSON (Continued from Page 6) Remember when traveling salesmen were called drummers? | only children, whether you live city or a small communltv are [about the same. Everything possible | Is .-=howered upon them. One of the delights Mrs. Doyle I like* to recall was riding horse back 114 miles twice a week to take inu- IRIC lessons. Not, us she said, was she Interested in the music, but she I enjoyed the horseback ride through line country. I asked her if her par- lenis worried about something hap- Ipening; or someone stopping her. where our school In Osceola could continue. He reduced the amount of teachers (o almost half, having those who remained lo double their work and (hen cut their sajaries. He put the school on a tuition lia- sis, as. thai was the only way lo give the school board a chance lo work out a method lo continue the school the following year "No child, because I heir family couldn't pay the required foe. was i kept out* of school. There was a! fund set up for those children and' money wasn't mentioned to (he \ families that were unable 10 pay ', and Mr. Doyle saw to it lhat those i children were not embarrassed over i lhe situation. One of the greatest assets of Mr. Doyle was his por- ! sonal feeling toward Ihe unfovtun-i ale children who were enrolled in his school. j "Under Mr, Doyle, the O,,coola .school rating became a Grade A school and when children fc!t :his school lo attend schools in other places they advanced a prod-; but when children came hej<- him ci,h- er schools they were usually placed back- a grade. This rerord of s.'hnol came from one of the teachers who taught under Mr. Doyle. 'jflTlie Osceola High School WAS built through the untirine elf on s of Mr. Doy.e and In January 103'i. j Think of the fun millionaire's I children have mi.wd by not f'orit: Lng in an old inner tube. A lot more fun than riding on a yacht,, r'll belcha. | will be happy to learn hc la im- c and U-n Taliafcrro, who I proving after a heart attack he suf- will onlcr Columbia Military Acad- fered a month ago. He Js confined to his home. Mr. and Mrs. Koath Harwarg nre emy in Columbia, Tenn., in Sr» tember. were among the group ot boys in this section who were' iu- | home after a trip lo St. Louis. viteri lo a "gel-together" Friday ] S. I,. is Improving after morning at the Dixie Fig in Blythc- | a five weeks' illness, ville. , I Mr. and Mrs, Gene Butler, body suggested Senator Green, who Is a mere 84, and just as vigorous ps Harkley, or more 50. Being a bachelor, it was felt that Senator Green \voulri have a tremendous appeal for the bobby-sox vote. Senator Green took the RU^RPS- ticn in his stride. "Alter all," he Mr ! SIl ' d ' "I've been on every radio Mr, and Mrs, Bobble Burbiers mitt ] and Mrs. Bobby Dyess left Sunday' nncl television propam there is— children of Kalamftfcoo, Mich., are spending their vacation with A lot of folks expect (lie Lord to! give them every ihhip they ask for i and wheel it in lo them on a silver pi a Her, I had one of Ihe nicest letters l ever received; from Mrs. Joe Prldi-. Sr,, (Miss Plumlei. She reminded me of acting as my chaperon for a dance and of the pink satin baby- doll sli;ws T wore ft, that particular (tanciv The thing thut I \vill always remember about her was seeing her pntar^ up peach prc- siove. Sh^i was v caring pink crops* de chrne "irdd/ brar.s" ami was barefooted. Rom em IIP r? It 's a bad si gn if you '.vea r on t Ihe eraser on your pencil before the pent-it Gives out. Barbiers' mother, Mrs. Maggie Bav- blers, and his grandmother, Mrs P. J. SpmmPK. Mrs. J. W, Whltworth was a Memphis visitor Friday. ! only Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Weinbecg j A Este.s Park, Colo., where will be vacationing until August exc °P l Kids -" Mrs. Sparry Meats was hastes [it the Town and Country 1 ' Canasta Club, Mrs. Godfrey White was ihe Riiest. de.ssert preceded the returned home the latter of the week after a, 10-day p tea sum and business trip. After stopping in St. j werr placed around (he living room they drove lo Wisconsin! 13m ing the afternoon, Mrs. Meat's: games of cimasta. Summer flowers In vivid where their daughter Lyn Is'aUend- ! passed in? summer camp, 3 drinks. Mr. and Mrs. Vci'non Brown and family who have made Oseeola their home for the past two years, have moved to Chirksclale, Miss. Mrs. Rose Goldberg returned home Sunday night after a ivopk'.s- visit wiiti her (laughter, Mrs Julius ; Walrh fnr Ike's IMntforrn Speech ! Walch for Republican presiden- | tial candidate Dwipjlit n, Eisunhow- j or to make one speech or a scrips ; of speeches during his campaign * \vliich will Rive Im own ideas of I what the Republican Party plat- colors ! f° r "i should be. The more Republic-tin lenders iok ;\i the aduit] plattonn thHr passed a tray til canapes and iced ] <'ouvpjilion produced in Chicago i without debate, the more they rea- li/o it.s short co mi] IKS, It tlcularly • vulnerable o finiteness of Its farm Mrs. White, Mrs. Tal Tongnte and Mrs. David Laney were the winners. , is par- the inde- labor and civil rights planks—(he three main I domestic issues. Truck-Drivers Have \ More Mishaps on Record \ The slate of Mississippi uses the Mrs. John White, Sr., who has been quite ill, is greatly Improved. Mr. and Mrs. John Binford While ] announce lhe birth of a daughter Saturday at the Met I toil List Hospital in Memphis. The little girl has been named, Eleanor. Mr. nmt Mr.s, White have a -son, John Binford, Jr. Mr. anri Mrs. Jack Manire of Hot NEW YORK j were involved I.3N — Truck drivers In nearly twice as Out nf ,<.'onlrril Congre-ssmen who camp to Chi- <:ntio for ihe two big party, ron- vetition. c uot a quick do!non c .tra- lion of tlie ineffectiveness of the Confederate battle flag as its slate Springs have returned home after flag. By the time a man wins a political race, he's loo weak to serve. spending twn weeks with Mrs, Ernma Moore and Mrs. Pauline Haydpn Billie Beall and Dukie speck ]pft : Sunday nfieriioon for Little Hock where thcv will attend coaching Can't you remember If there j school during the week. John Bear.. ...... .was.» grandma in the family, one j den of Marked Tree will Join Mr. | eastern rate was 1.28 accidents per hi* dream., vere roAliztd. when ho • ° r the younj;uns had to sleep with : s^rck and Mr. Beall. Thpy export' ico nco vehicle miles while the w^st- ' '"'- i ^.'ll ±1. b f!f n !?..'.^ 1 .P." i'« «"•"' — "" "«>«'• i'«! or | ir rc a°t™« '" !e many accldeiits as pnasmgrr cars | so-called nnti-lnflntionnry controls in 1050, nccorditiK (o the latest sUt- ; fslics of the National Safety Conn- i dl. ! The council figures reveal that (rucks were involved in '2.11 accidents per lOO.nco vehicle mile* while the pa.sscngcr-car rate \V3$ 1.07. The figures also revealed lhaf rlriver. 1 ; west of the Mississippi Hiver were snter than drivers In the eastern part of the nation. The walked in'o that new Imildina lowing th» Christmas holidays of 1929. in ihe spring of 1930, Mr. j Doyle'. 1 ! idea of laying a 'graduate's, walk' was begun and every year from that year up to date, every : boy and cirl'5 name is written on j the walk by (he students. The first; nnme on the walk of 1930 graduating class in that of Spencer Buck, who Ls now Mr.s. W. V. Alexander and in 1951, her sop Billy's name was adrled to the walk/' oil! lamp all night in case there was j any getting up? She didn't like 'lie! idea of hitting her ankle on a reck- j ing chair. Them, they say, were the good old days. doubt, An old Nepro wenl Into a xproLd hand store and asked Lo see a i j blanket.. The clerk 'lulled nut nn ' At the price of CRRS now, what 0 |^ Army blanket and held It up ! will they limp? be when It's egg-no? . Mrs. George Doyle same, they weren't looked up to nsithe trip lo Are you having trouble finding \ -n ]0 garlic that doesn't have dark spots] that in it? AH stores havc garlic sail and _ " [ some stores have the pure ground MR. DOYIiE always relied on the • g ar ij c j n bottles. for the ciiMomer'.s inspection. Tbe old Negro said: 'That blanket ain't bis enough for two peoples ' WARNlNTi ORDER In the {'haiicfry C'nurl, ('liirkn- snuha District, Mississippi County. Arkansas, Shirley Snyder. Jr.. Ptf. vs. No. 12,12(1 Dollie Snyder, Dfl. The defendant.. Dnllir Snyiler, is Do.vle was an only child find] t ne y should have been. Tliey taught j Filling stations --'- - il •"•" •" " ' ' ' ' -,...... .... - foresight of iCtrs. Doyln In ranking j decision. He had explicit confidence store keeper convinced him j hereby warned lo appear within liat it was. it was printed [ Ih1rty days ln lbe COHrt llnm «l In u bold letters, "US," j lhe CR|)llon hcrco f and answer the because they loved working children and the salary was secondary. George not only built the Tires in the big pol-beUieri stove but cut the wood as well," smiled Mrs. Doyle, "HE TAUGHT there from 1906 to between but we didn't pass ! in "er predictions anrt wasn't too one of them When we would stop! P«"« art-inl it. When he A\*S to No wind Js service to who is bound nowhere. the Not meaning lo .start something ' but. rion't you think "Sweet Artlai' 1 manj would make a good title for the j Democratic campaign song? ) complaint of the plaintiff, Shirley Dated this 21st day ot July, 1952. they hart put In Die Defense Production Act passed just before adjournment. Chicago barbers announced th« price of haircuts would soon go tip to SI.50. And tens of thousands of Chicago tenants were advised that rents would be hiked in September. Neat Summary As the In si of the convention delegates began checking out of Chicago, hotels, after the hot, monih-lonK JR'n for Republican and Democratic quadrennial shows, a fJrcri hotel floor clerk summed It all up neatly. "H wasn't so bad," she sa'd. "They were really all pretty nlcfl people. There weren't many drunks or other hard cases to handle. They iveren" at all like th» furniture dealers and ihe jewelers' conventions we have every year. 1 * Harvey Morris, Clerk nv Anita Sykcs, D.C. and McAdncns, attys. for Fictz ntf, H. G. Partlow, atty. Rd lltcm. 7-2J--1I for one of the children lo go to the rest room, the other two would be asleep and we didn't want to awaken them, so I his 'processing' continued all the way to Osceola. When we finally arrived, which was '!90Q and managed to save enough I a. month before our last child was of his earnings out of the $35 to j born, we lacked like a page out of buy his father's farm and we were j 'Tobacco Road.' That was the hard- married. I est trip I ever marie. "The first automobile ever to j "This was the first time in tny \ interview .1 teacher for a j).), he: always managed to have Mr.s, Doyle \ meet them and before he hired | them he first asked Mrs. Doyle her j opinion of them. This is something; i else I lea/nod about Mr Doyle i from an ex Osceola fearlier. His loyaity to his family ami to his faculty wa"s in Inspiration to ail his pupils and teachers. In 1033, hu retired from the leach- There's one thiriR we'vj ?ol more , T ' ni s ttji trying to figure out what than any country In the \vho!e;ki]j B of Mongucl Mrs. Roosevelt's world, and that's future, Doing tilings by halves is. worthless, because it may be the other half that counts. The last, child in the family is :e the caboose, on a train—he's apt to have a little freer swing. hair-do looknd like on T. V. (luring her convention speech. Maybe she's trying to replace the pnnned-oiit poodle. Heaven lorbtit! Did you stay away from tbe polls I Tuesday depending on your man winning without- your vote and he didn't? Remember that, the next time. Some folks follow so close In the foot steps of someone else they almost get stepped on. Know any? STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY IKI IMItlCtN 01SIIUINO COMr»Mr. INC. • HKIM, III. lin Gem City. By this time George [reversed the career of his father's' •find made teaching lii.s profe.ssion | fund farming a side line. dining room suit, a mirror, a love seat, and two chairs and had money enough left over to spend a few extra days in St. Louis. For buy- big bill of good. 1 ;, the niK sucn a oig oin 01 goods, me "All the boys in the families that sa i c ,, man g ave us a rug and set ot lived in that community." contin- sih .fir," smiled Mrs. DoEle. lued Mrs. Doyle, "carried on farm- line as every one owned their own land and did the work themselves. as no money paid for these friend- i "Two years of teaching and farming* in Leemon led to the Job of principal and coach Rt Jackson L. GlariLsh. whom we liad known in Jackson, was among the first to come (o see him and In his ever jovial manner, slapped George on the back and said, 'See what I mean about Arkansas. George, if you-all that took hi* IHe. The Christianity, wisdom and good fellouship, he pra<:tu:ed in the school roo-n and with his business associates the name of' George Doyle win Pi-vays live !or those \vlio Having wisdom Is far better than nn inheritance. hadn't come here yon never would j "ere fortunrte In beini? ?u:r!ed by a have had a son,' j truly worthy man. "A little story Mr. Doyle used j The four children. Marjorie, Eliz- to love telling about one of his | abclh, E1U Margaret, and Oeoiee. pupils was the time he called Jack J Jr., can look in the eyes of any man, Turner in his office, which scared I woman, and child and brn? they Jack to death, Mr. Doyle asked j had the bftit daddy Sn the world Why is It couplcfi without children always feel sorry (or I hose who do have them and those that do have feel sorry for those who don't have them? Human nature, I reckon. ' * ' . . ' Osceola. George was snperuiten- [ dent here for 12 years where hc "T CAMR from a blue stocking jhBd hls good ami his bad oncs but and said he did[1 - want to go to of Presbyterians," continued i he love(cvery minute of it .Being ^trs. Doyle, "and was brought up tne wifc of B school teacher." con- khe straight and narrow/' Asking llnllpd Mrs , Doy ie ( » you naturally lhe meaning of blue stocking/ Mrs. are lnteresled in sports and . wnie boylc said she imagined that was of the happlesl n!e morie 5 I have are how he name'bue lau- onglnjtert o£ Ug lng Klong wlth Gcorge M hr ether we fi ot the name which ! QVcr lhp count in a] , kjmls of >ppHcd to a set of laws regard rig j wcatner golnK to football and has«- Jhe observance of Sunday from the |b7]1 gflm ,, R - Qne of [he tr , ps we .settlers. I both looked forward to rvery sum!was not allowpd to read a mor was gn i ng t o st Ix>uis to see piuiday paper. We knew when Sun- j t^ r Cardinals. morning came what it meant i -n lP trip we made moving to Os|for us and it didn't occur to any of ceoin wi n. a ] wnvs brine a smile to It's easy .for children to forpct lota of things you teach them but , - , they never forget the example von Jack what time he would like to be and as for you. Mrs. Djyle. keep up i se t before them, ^o be awful ca^v pickeo up to go to the school board •. the family of atteiuiiuf tho'ie • fni, it's been said we .sprang from meeting, and Jack wns surprised i church suppers and f?rn\Iv reun-1 monkeys and monkeys are the big- ions just like, you and George and I gest mimics among all animals. I the kids did for all those many I don't mean to Infer junior Is a happy years. ' monkey bvit .sometimes there Is a board meet ing, but Mr. Doyle Insisted, since nothing In the way of rules set up in school stilted him", he thought it would be a good Idea for him to go before the board and offer suggestions as how the school should be run. (o side trnck. We had fun., tno Ihough. v.hetlier we were expected !), a rt I n or nol. HUJ dinners \vrrn prepared \vicf pn Saturday for Sunday and every- j cot iii) brnht and early and •.vent to Suririay Schon! anri Church. §D'?irk was the only Huns that drove home. We had dinner on the Ifronrd and there IK where the people met and planned the Inllo'.vinv; week's activities, a.s there |ATre no telephones .nor automobile. 15 "My cm'ldrfin can't believe I di'" •i.l tho.^e things and really enjoyr It. b-it we had our fun in the v;r were hrmierht up. We dldn* |nave n. plp.ce in • Ihe world to g' .liere it coi=t anything, but, T'n |;ttil of the opinion-that the bc,=' hines are free." Mrs. Doyle mentioned the 1JU1 j-prl srh-.ol. that needed a coat r liaint so bndly. where Mr. Doyl' Inii^ht for the first time. "In Cot id Point, Mo., little school : is one uas," continued Mr£ "only had one teacher and Iii( ? salary was 5^5 a month. Hi« Tob was not only be.lne a tcsrhcr, |i\it coach and janitor as well. ; in those days were all the thinking: he really had lo go, promised Mr. Doyle if he wouldn't make him go he would never again gnpe about the school." mid Mrs Doyle added, "he never did. "During the depression when the continued Mrs. Doyle. "We! schools all over the state were af- three daughters, all small and fected and were closing down dim to shortage of school funds, even though he had a family to sup- 1o make port, Mr. Doyle worked out a plan 1T TOOK vs.two dnys FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inrh to 4* I Inch, plain or rprnfnrrrd. Also I Concrete RnlMlnR niocK* chcap- :r than titmtirr for barns, chtck- pn honsrs. pnmp house*. Irnanl houses, Inol sheds. We deliver I Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ml for the COURIER NEWS jn Osceola, call BILLY BEALE, 567-M AUTO LOANS Reduce Your Payments And Get Additional Cash EASY-TO-ARRANGE, LOW COST CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS Call or See t Delta Loan &FinanceCo. not for • water alone Look at your water hill; then look behind It. Consider some Items which might well appear, but don't. There's no reference In medical service, yet Ihe health of your com- niunily, of your family and of yourself is protectccl by the vigilance of the men who check and trait and recheck water lo make sure it's safe lor you. There's no fee for securing reduced fire insurance rales, yet the whole schedule of these rales is substantially reduced if an adequate public water supply — so necessary lo an cfeclive defense against fire — is available. 324 West Ash Phone 2091 Without a continuing flow of water, sewers could not be properly flushed or streets kept clean. You could conceivably obtain ennuj;b water Ihroufrh ynur own ef- forls lo satisfy your thirst, clean your body, and waler your garden. Ilul only through an organized system of collection, storage, distribution and treatment can water resources he mohili/.cd to produce the broader hcne- fils which you, as a citizen, enjoy. The price which you and all consumers pay for the water you use helps to meet the costs of making these benefits available In all. Without a water works system, lhe cost of urban living would lie prohibitive! Blytheville Water Co. "Water h Your Cheapest Commodity"

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