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Muscatine News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa • 3

Muscatine, Iowa
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II HAS TYPHOID. LONE FIGHT BLANK BOOKS DIARIES FOR 1904 STOPPED 'Physicians Announce That tho Senator from Ohio Is Suf md feringvvith Fever. Litigation in Which Charles M. Schwab Was Central Figure Has Been Closed. OFFICE SUPPLIES at IIDIG'S Book Store JAMES SMITHSON AND THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION.

James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, whose body, recently brought from Genoa, Italy, is now resting in Washington, was the natural son of the first Duke of Northumberland. In 1835 the United received about $500,000 from Smithson's estate to establish an institution for the diffusion of knowledge. HAVE YOU AN EASY CHAIR? FATAL HIE You know how convenient they are these cold winter nights when you want to spend the evening at home reading. Do not forget this comfort when we have them of all kinds. Any grade or price of goods you want.

Stop and see them. WITTICH BROS. Undertakers CHO-fOiO-fO tOOtO fOO-vO OO OO0tXXX)OOOCXXXX)OOOOOOO0OOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OXXOO-KO0KHO0 TTTTTTTttTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT DOOCXXXXXXXL Two good work horses, very cheap, and Two second hand buggies at a bargain. FRANK BOWMAN THE POPULAR- LIVERYMAN. X)OOOQOOQOOOO0OOOOOC rfTtTf 1 100 LIKE ODR FDRNITD8E! EVERYONE DOES-- i CHANCES FOR RECOVEBY GOOD -Case Is What Known ae Irregular Typhoid President Calls Per-t sontlly at Hotel.

JFcb. 5. Senator Hoiv na Is officially pronounced to nave typhoid fever. The following bulletin "was Issued by his physicians itnmedi-; ately after the consultation at 9 o'clock 1. m.

"Senator Hanna has typhoid fever. The diagnosis Is confirmed by the complete blood examination reported this morning by Dr. Edward Behrond. The senator rested fairly well last night and this morning his temperature is 100; pulse, 82." President Roosevelt walked over from the White during the morning personally to inquire after the senator's condition. He spent ten minutes at the hotel.

Closely Guarded from Visitojrs. The senator Is being closely guarded from visitors, and no one except his Tegular household Is permitted to see him. Hla sole diet is milk and no stimulants are being used at present. i He rested fairly during the Hanna insists on personally attending the patient much of the time, but another trained nurse has begun duty.) The physicians say that the outlook 4s hopeful for recovery, and that the crucial point in the. Illness should be passed in.

about a week. They say that the case is what is known as irregular-typhoid and is less serious than most cases of that illness. It is some--what like walking typhoid, which accounts for the recent fluctuations in the fever and general conditions of the Faintly Is Not Alarmed. The family, it is said, instead of being alarmed at the diagnosis ty? phold, were relieved' at the announcement, being fearful of the uncertainty. They realize the seriousness of the situation, but feel that there might have been other developments that would have proven of much more grnv-ity.

The physicians are now making a test of the condition of the kidneys. It is realized that the senator's advanced age and his rheumatic conditions make the case a more serious one than in a younger man, but the belief is expressed by his family that he recover, though" he will be confined to hie bed for a considerable period. The present plan is to take him -to Thomasville. as soon as he is able to be moved. Will Not Send for Relatives.

The question of sending for the members. of Senator Hanna's family was discussed with the physicians, and it was decided that It was not necessary at present to send them. Mrs. rHanna. Mrs.

Modill McCormack. daughter, and Miss Phelps, a niece, are already here. The members of the family not here are Tarsons of Cleveland, a Daniel Hanna of Cleveland son: L. C. and H.

M. Hanna. both of Cleveland. 1 "brothers of the senator. 'Mrs.

Prentiss Baldwin of Cleveland, a sister, was here recently, but has gone to Thomasville. Mrs. J. Wy man Jones and Mrs. J.

Morse, sisters, also are in Thomasville. Kaiser Going on a Cmlge. Berlin, Feb. 5. Emperor William's "Mediterranean cruise, which has now "been announced to begin March 4.

will continue for four or five weeks. The emperor, with a numerous suite, will embark at Genoa on board the Ha m- "biirg-Americau steamer Auguste Victoria, (which sailed from New York Feb. 2 for a cruise to rtaly and the Orient) and thence, board the Imperial yacht Hohenzollern at the Island of The empress will probably ac company him on his visits to various islands. Hlu Elizabeth JPanderbllt Dead. New York, Feb.

5. Miss Elizabeth Yanderbllt, 87 years old, of Oliver Vanderbilt, who 'founded the first ferry between Staten island and New York, and a relative of Commo dore Vanderbllt, is dead at the home of her nieqe in a small apartment on MP "I find Cascareti so good that I ould not be without them. I wat troubled a greul deal with torpid liver and headache. -Now mce taking CascaretsCandy Cathartics I feel very much better I shall certainly recommend them to my friend as the best medicine I have ever seen." Anna Baztnet, Osborn MllLNo. fall River, Mast.

i BesT For The Dowels ANOV CATHARTIC Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good, Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe, 10a, 26c, Mo. Never sold In bulk. The genuine tablet stamped 000 Guaranteed to cur or your money back. Sterling Remedy Chicago or N.Y.

001 AKXUHSE. J9 MILLION J30XE That's because we boy the best there is for the money and give onr customers the advantage of our buying. You can always rely on the OLD RELIABLE FURNITURE HOUSE For the best, most stylish and up-to-date furniture for the lowest prices. NEW COMPANY WILL BE FORMED Capital To Be Fixed at $30,000,000 and the Steel Magnate Will Hold New York, Feb.

5. After frequent conferences the long fight between the Sheldon reorganization committee- In the United States Shipbuilding affairs and the bondholders protective com-- mittee. represented by Samuel Unter-meyer has been settled by the formulation of a new plan which has been agree(l to by both sides and the litigation in which Charles M. Schwab has been the central figure will end. Max Pani has been removed from the reorganization committee and Pliny Fisk.

the banker, whose house will take part of the work of financing the new company, takes his place, while Max Nathan of the International Pump company has been agreed on as an additional member of the committee to represent the protective committee. i Provides for a New Company. The new plan made public by Will- lam INelson Cromwell is put out as coming from Receiver Smith and. pro vides for a new a capitalization of $30,000,000, half preferred and half common. Mr.

Schwab, as the owner oTthe Bethlehem bonds, to get of preferred and $0,000,000 of common stock, and the first mortgage bondholders to get the reoiaining pro rata. Mr. Schwab gives up his prior Hen on Bethlehem and all the present stock is wiped The preferred stock is to be 7 per cent, non-accumulative. There are to be issued $3,000,00 of col lateral trust sinking fund 6 per cent. ten-year gold bonds, which are to be taken up by a syndicate of which the Morton Trust company and Thomas F.

Ryan are to be managers and IJarvey Fisk Sons participants, the latter to market the bonds. These bonds are to be sold to the syndicate at 875 per 1.000. Root Counsel for Managers. Former Secretary of War Eiihu Root Is counsel for the syndicate managers. The new reorganization committee will consist of George R.

Sheldon, chairman; Charles S. Fairehikl. John E. Borne. Pliny Fisk, Charles W.

Wet- more and Max isatunn. utner terms of the compromise, to which both sides gave up many things which they have fought for to the last moment, include a provision that the expenses of t)ie fight of the bondholders' protective committee shall be paid as a part of the expenses of reorganization. With the reorganization plan there was made public a circular from Harvey Fisk Sons, offering the new issue of bonds. Mr. Cromwell announced the retirement of Max Pam.

Murdered by Uereros. Berlin, Feb. 5. Telegraphic communication with Wiudhoek. German Southwest Africa, is restored.

The authorities cable that the Uereros murdered Assistant Director Hoepner, -of the and Herr Watermeyer. an agricultural expert. No Information regarding the fate of Heir Mueliendorff, the Cologne Gazette correspondent, and Dr. Ger-ber, the forestry expert has been obtained by the authorities. Both of these men are reported to have been murdered.

Mrs. Maybrick in Secluded Home. London, Feb. 5. Mrs.

Maybrick, It Is declared on authority, to be In a secluded home under the care of a religious sisterhood, where she will remain until July, when she will be released under ticket cf leave conditions. 1 Committee Adopt Dewey's Plans. Washington. Feb. Admiral Dewey's plan for heavy fighting ships has been adopted by.

the house committee on naval affairs. The naval appropriation 1)111 has been completed and carries $05,000,000. DeWitt Is tba nsma to look for when you to buy Witch Htzel Salve. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve Is the original and only genuine. In fact DeWltt'sli the only Witch Hazel Salve that is roads from the unadulterated Vitch-Hazel All others are counterfeits base imitations, cheap and worthless even dangerous.

DeWitt's Witch Harel Salve Is a specific (or Piles: Blind, Bleeding, Itching and Protruding Piles, Also Cuts, Burns, Bruises. Sprains, Lacerations, Contusions, Bolls, Carbuncles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, and all other Skin Diseases. FBKPXBIS BT E.C. DeWitt 4 Chicago DclVltrs KSflf Salvo For Piles, Durns, Sores DeWitt SALVE I S. d.

P. STEIN Furniture Co i the upper, west- side. She owifed considerable property. It is said she had not spoken to any. other relatives in many years because of extensive litigation over her father's property.

Get After the Beef Trust. Washington, Feb. Martin of South Dakota, has introduced a resolution requesting the secretary of commerce and labor to Investigate the causes of the low prices of beef cattle since July 1,. 1003. and the unusually large margins between the prices of beef cattle.

and the selling price of fresh beef and ascertain whether these conditions have resulted rom a trust or combination. Money for St. Louis Fair. Feb. 5.

The point of order made by Bailey in the senate against St, ''Louis fair appropriation was lost by vote of thesenate and the amendment was agreed to. The urgent deficiency bill was then passed. Mrs. LnFolletle's Mother Dead. Baraboo, Feb.

5. Mrs. Anson Case, mother of Mrs. R. M.

Follette, is di'ail here. Besides the governor's wife sue is survived by her husband and one sou. FOR TRIAL Samuel 0. Haixard, a Former Army Officer, Charged with Having Plurality of Wives. Minneapolis, Feb.

5. -Accompanied by the, devoted woman said to be, his third wife, watched angrily by hds alleged second wife, and gazed at curiously by a crowd of men and women which Ailed the room to Its utmost capacity, Samuel C. Hazzard, a former officer of the army and the alleged bigamist of Pottsville, walked Into the district court room when his case was called. He was very nervous as he made his way through the crowd to a seat beside the trial table. Only four jurors were empaneled, but It Is expected that the entire twelve will be secured.

In a very short time. Ten Cows Frozen Fast in Ice. Lawrenceburg, 5. Ten cows belonging to Isaac Hays, a wealthy farmer residing near Homestead, this ounty, broke through the ice on a small pond on the Hays farm and were frozen fast. The suffering creatures were discovered next morning and extricated with much difficulty.

They were held fast by a fourteen thicknessj of ice which had formed during the night Jury Finds Blydenbnrgh Guilty. Eldora, Feb. 5. The Jury in the Blydenburgh murder case' came in at 1 o'clock In the morning with a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree and recommending life imprisonment. The defendant appeared stolid when the verdict was announced and sat nonchalantly in his chair.

Entire Town Swallowed Dp. Feb. 5 5. Advices re ceived here say that an entire town in the island of Java, D. E.

is reported to have been swallowed up by a volcanic eruption, and that hundreds of persons were killed. EXPEDIENCE. so bothered about that dinner of mine to-morrow There are going to be thirteen there." "What "Oh, no! But there are only twelve silver soup spoons in my set." Brownings. SAME THING. Mrs.

Gayboy Mrs. Rounder says I'm a fool.1 Gay Boy Oh, you must be mistaken. I'm sure she wouldn't say such a thing as that. Mrs. Gayboy Well, she didn't Just say it in bo many words, but that's what she meant.

She said I wouldn't believe everything you tell me after I had acquired the, wisdom that comes with age, ways'; fc.t:. the Foil JJme Cures a jo in 2 Davs BIGAMIST IT Three Persons Burned to Death and Four Others Receive Injuries Which May Prove Fatah Montreal, Feb. 5. Three persons were burned to death dn a fire In a sniail dwelling house in Cadieux street, and four others probably fatally injured. 'The dead are Mrs.

Ed ward Crawford, 40 years of age; Willie Crawford, her son; James Hogan, a son-in-law. V' The injured are Mrs. Ethel Hogan, burned on hands, face and arms cut, may die; James Hogan, infant son of Mrs. Hogan, badly may die; Edward Crawford, burned all over body, may die. Thomas Hare, face and hands burned, may die- Three of the inmates Mrs.

Hogan with her infant, and Thomas Hare-jumped from the second story of the burning house. The other occupant-Edward Crawford was carried out after he was badly burned. The fire evidently started from an overheated kitchen stove on i the lower floor and sprond to the' sleeping apartments. Mahanoy City, Feb. 5.

Six per sons, all foreigners, were burned to death at Trenton, near here. The fire destroyed six double John Cheeonski and his 7-year-old son were among the victims. The names of the others are not known. The fire start- 9d from an overheated The loss on the houses is small. PRONOUNCED A GREAT REMEDY.

Dr. Warner: Dear Sir--In behalf of the White Wine of Tar Syrup I can say It Is a great remedy for weak: lungs. I had pneumonia eight years ago, which left my lungs In bad condition. I used the White Wine of Tar Syrup you sent me, and am greatly benefited. I can recommend it as a good medicine.

I hope you will supply our druggist at CaboolrMov, Mr. Gorman, as I would like more of If. 'Tours' truly, Rev. John Brown. For sale by F.

Nesper Co. 1 Nearly $5,000 Taken from the Express Car of a Burlington Train at 111. Chicago, Feb. 5. A bag of gold, said to contain between $4,000 and $5,000, was stolen' from anv Adams express car on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad at Sterling, 111.

The express messenger, Fred Harmon, had taken the money from the safe with other packages which were delivered to the Sterling agent of the Adams company. In his hurry Jie forgot to put the bag of gold back In the strong box, and a minute later when he looked for it it had vanished. He heard a voice in the rear of the car, but saw no one. How the thief entered the car or escaped is a mystery that Is baffling the Sterling police, the express com-jpany's officials and detectives of the Pinkerton agency, who went from Chicago as soon as the robbery was reported here. Ladies have an opportunity of securing an excellent system of tailoring free.

A system that will not cost you one penny. Do not delay, but read our ad. on page 7 and act quickly, as the supply of these excellent charts is diminishing rapidly. JUST HIS LINE. "Suppose I should get out of a Job," said the walking delegate.

"Then you could -be a professional howler," assured the friend. V-x "You could make so many strikes. On every MONTREAL BAG OF GOLD WAS STOLEN I i MAJSlBt- "Silver Plate Knives, Forks and Spoons we all use them. Besides a very full line of Sterling silver, we carry a very complete stock of silver-plated ware, which for heauty of design, wear and price will satisfy the most exacting. Call and see them.

P. BARNARD Jewelers Watch Inspector for R. I. A P. Ry.

That Wears" BOARD WANTED? Or lath, or shingles, or lumber of any kind? If so, we can quickly accommodate you; Just telephone us as to your needs and they will be met forthwith. Of course on large orders we prefei: no doubt you prefer, too the estimate. In any case 'twill do no harm to Inquire here as to any sort or quantity of lumber. City Lumber Yard Bell 'Phone, 17 Miss. 69.

Stylisli Skirt Free loe handsome walking akirt shown here is mafle in the lutest mode. The material is melton cloth 'and the color Oxford grey. It hug five gores and is well finished. It la a Terr serviceable garment. We will giTeon this skirt absolutely free or a choice of other skirts, waista, hatn.suits, jackets, if you) will help us introduce onr Talcum Fow der and Tooth Towder in your rioinlty.

qalrerf-Wa trust ye Lay 1 a paper dewL and write new. We will mtimA vew at oaee one doaen boxes ofipowder tocommenoe with, all charges naid. also out Catalogue showing many artiole you oan era by wiling one dozen or mere. We guarantee pur row dam to giT satisfaction. If you oan't sell them WW will take them back, but there's DO can't about it.

ynoaa, Address GOE 4. 148 WASHIHOTOH CHICAGO mvtl FMmwW mm i E. BATTEY GRADUATE OPTICIAN. CyM Cxamlnstl Fro. Ivory IVoinan is uneresteu ana snoma know -j.

ooa.t the wonderful MARVtL Whlrlina Sorav ITbe 1MIW TlnI hjrbn. JnjK- iionona auction, itvesc ttar- -wur-moK uonvenlent. W9 UCUlUMlnilaattr. ll jonrdrwnlitforlt. 1 1 he cannot Ilipply the Rvnei( no uUiit, hut send staino for tllastmteiUiook mM.

Itsires full unrtlculnrmimlillreRtions Iih TnluHhlp to Indies. 41 1'nrk llow, York..

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