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The Brooklyn Citizen from Brooklyn, New York • Page 3

The Brooklyn Citizen from Brooklyn, New York • Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
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I 1TIE BROOKLYN CITIZEN, 1 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER '4, 1937. Page. Three OFFERS WEEK END OPERA QO CIETY admission by the time registration Is closed. The new lay faculty members I I This Week at School By JIAROLD WAGNER To Make Extensive Tout, Owing to their deslrs to appear in as many American, cities aa possible, the Abbey Theatra Players, who will open their repertoire at the Ambassador Theatre on Thursday evening, Sept, 30, are limiting1 their New York engagement to four weeks. They are alreadyi'soheduled to appear in Chicago, paltlraore, Philadelphia, Bostont Washington, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Detroit; Crn cinnatl, Toronto and Montreal. Extensive improvements are being made for the 75th annual opening of Adelphi Academy. Some of these are in preparation for the celebration ofth75th anniversary of Adelphi's founding, others dtie tothe need for greater facilities due to the absorption of the Marquand School and the Flatbush School during the past summer. The suite of graduate rooms, comprising three large rooms oh the first floor of the high school building, is being completed in new furnishings and artistic decorations. Especially interesting ishfi.90 foot mural painted for the main graduate room by the well-known artist, Captain Edmund B. Cairns. This mural 'depicts scenes in the early life of Brooklyn, with a view of the masted trading schooners in the harbor, the early scenes of Fort Greene Park, and a representation of Adelphi's building erected in 1867. signer of iruitallationsa at the Brooklyn Museum, the fashion display course will be conducted in a special studio at tliesolwei which hasj)een equipped with an actual full-size show window, cases for Interior display, and the necessary llgHtlng. Distinguished professions from the trade will meet with students in lectures and discussions on the various styles of modern display. AftajaJ laboratory experiments undertaken by each student, stressing originality in the designing and making of display fixtures. The addition of fashion display to the curriculum of the Traphagen School roundB out the far-reaching scope of study offered here. The success of Traphagen students in leading contests for the past decade, the most recent of which was a national contest held by a leading fashion magazine wherein all of' the prizes but the third, were won by the Traphagen students, points to their versatility and originality in the field of fashion. Many of these students have earned money from the sale of their designs which paid their tuition in part or in fuU. Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for original ideas, and the close co-operation between this school and manufacturers, affords many opportunities for their students, as shown in the case of the textile department, which placed half of its student in positions, before they had completed the course. BA.VKRl'PTCV NOTICES IN BANKRUPTCY IN THE DISTRICT; Court of the United States for tha Eastern Diatrict of New ToTfc. In thai matter of LEW GABER. Notice la hereby given that a petition haa been Sled in said Court by Lew Gaber, In aald diatrict, duly declared bankrupt, under the, Act of Congress relating to bankruptcy, approved Jul, 1898, for a full dtacharp and certificate thereof from all his debts and other elalma provable agatnat hla estate, under said art, and that tha Hth, day of October, 1837. at 10:30 A. at 'he S. Court House, Boroufh of Brooklyn, in said district, la aaalgned for ihe hearing of the same, when' And all creditors of the said bankrupt and other persons in Interest may attend and show cause, if any they have, why 'he prayer of said petition ahould -not be granted Dsted, the Borough of Brooklyn, on the 1st. dv of September! 1517 PERCY G. GILKES. Clerk. IN BANKRUPTCY IN THE DISTRICT Court of the United Statea for the Easltrn District of New York. In th manr of HTM AN FREEDMAN. Notre is hereby given that a petition haa been filed In said Court by Hyman rreedman, said dis'rirt. duly declared bankrupt under the Art of Congreas relating to bankruptcy, approved July 1. lgag, of a full discharge and certificate thereof frnm sll hi debts and other elalma prov able against his estate, under aald ne-t, and that the 15th day of October. lgJT, a- nn a. at the u. S. Court House, Borouth of Brooklyn, in said district, is assigned for the hearing of tbs asms. whn and where all credltora of tha aald bankrupt and other persons In Internet may attend and show causa. If any the have, why the prayer of aald petition should not be granted Dated, tha Bor-oujh on the Jrd day of September. 193 T. PERCT B. GILKES, Clark. (greetings, only institution of its kind in Brooklyn or Long Uland." Miss Paula M. Kunkel, principal, announced that typewriting, stenography, bookkeeping and office machine will be emphasized. In conjunction with the secretarial courses instruction wil be given in business pnsycoiogy, pn-sonality and business conduct. In addition to its Jamaica center, the Heffley school system conducts educational centers at Brooklyn, New York and Green-point. Combined resources of the employment bureaus of all units of the system are available to the Jamaica students, said White. In this connection he pointed out, as a sure sign of upslacking business improvement, that the demand for services of Heffley graduates is now greater than ever. EXTEND PROGRAM Additions to the faculty and to the curriculum at St John's Uni $oltbaj UNEWS' Miss Marie B. Murray Malfet Southampton Debut nVmld Many Week-End Parties The debut of Miss-Marie Bra Murray took place last night at a large dinner party given by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Murray, Wickapogue, their home on the ocean at Southampton, L. I. The occasion brought many weekend gueeta to the summer colony there with debutantes at this and recent seasons at Southampton entertaining house parties. Miss Murray's house guests include the Misses Jane Dean of St. Louis, Mary DuBuque and Eileen Hynes of Boston, Betty Watson, Anne Miller, Agnes Dana and Elizabeth McDonnell; Charles A. Dana, Boiling W. Haxall, Russell Good, Walter iRdder, Bernard Fen-wick, J. Norris Miller, Douglas Hall and Edward M. Miller. The Mises Therese and Rosamond Murray, debutante daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bradley Murray, have as their guests at Hex House the Misses Hope Baldwin, Jessie Ewing and Dorothy Butler of Katonah, N. Y. and Patricia Fhelan of Boston; James Butler, Donald Bruce and Peter Ogdes, In the house party of the Misses Jeanne and Patricia Murray are the Misses Anne Jane Paterson and Mary Louise Cava-nagh; Frederick F. Alexander. Emmet Whitlock, Howard Role and Thomas Topkins. The house guests of Miss Nancy Van Vleckdebutante daughter of Mrs. William de Wilder Atkinson, at Ballyshear are Miss Nancy Marshall, Miss Phyllis Richard, E. Tun-nlcliff Fox, Clifton Hemphill, Victor Francis, John Graham, Roger Schaffer, Cedric Francis and Lawrence Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Funk entertain at Cobblecourt the Misses Nancy Noyes, Dorothy Aylesworth and Frances Kellogg; George Frost, Francis Hlckey and Stewart Kellogg. Miss Jane Bowers, a debutante of last season, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wesley C. Bowers, has as her guests Miss Dorothy Heide Douglas MeDonnald and Carl Watson. Miss K. J. Weinman Becomes the Bride of Dr. F. Brooks In Forest Hills Miss Katherine Jane Weinman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph A. Weinman of Forest Hills, Queens," was wed to Dr. Freeman Brooks, of New York, son of Mrs. 'Walter F. Brooks- of Chicago and the lata Mr. Brooks, in her father's studio in Forest Hills last night The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Frederick W. Cooper of the Church of the Ascension, Fifth avenue and Tenth street, Manhattan. Carrying a bouquet of gardenias and lilies-of-the-valley. the bride wore a gown of old ivory satin and a redingote of chantllly lace, with standing collar and long sleeves. A wreath of orange blossoms was draped over her tulle veil. Maid of honor was Miss Chariot Brooks, sister of the bridegroom. Best man was Robert A. Weinman, brother of the bride. Mrs. Brooks, who attended the Grand Central School of Art, was graduated from the Kew-Forest School and the New York School of Applied Design for Women. Her father, a well-known sculptor, Is a former president of the National Sculpture Society. Dr. Brooks and his bride will make their home in New York after a wedding trip. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Blum-berg; of No. 550 Ocean avenue and their daughters, June and Suzanne, left Brooklyn yesterday fo visit Mrs. Samuel Roberts of Erie, Mr. Blumberg's They will be gone about two weeks. Miss Bernice Sasso of No. 2808 Quentin road was given a miscellaneous shower and dinner party at the Club Cavalier, Manhattan, this week. Among those present were the Misses Constance Buell, Marion Byrne, Marguerite Brady, Dorothy Godfrey, Hllma Perry, Marco. Sahlbreck and Leonore Amadeo and Mrs. Charles Suling. Miss Sasso will be married to John Eabel this month. Miss M. E. Franchols Married to J. T. O'Connor Miss Mary Eileen Franchols, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand H. Franchols, of No. 855 Eighty- versity in addition to the opening of the new library, chemistry and biology laboratories at 75 Lewis avenue, will mark the opening of the scholastic year on Friday, Sept. ft, "with solemn mass at the Church of St. John the Baptist. Enrollment figures on the entering class for college are not definite as yet, but officials think that the freshmen class will total at least 150. An equal number will probably have been denied LS AND COLLEGES Ikrr Collegiate Institute Kindergarten Throogb Junior College 170 Joralemon Street TRiangle 5-6643 Secretarial, Journaliem, Drafting-DRAKES 1M Naeaan Y. C. BE 3-4 MO Academy for Bovs BOARDING DAY SCHOOL GRAMMAR and HIGH St. Ann's Academy FOR BOYS 1S3 E. 7th N.Y.C. Bltterfield 1-1947 PACE INSTITUTE Cultural-Occupational Courses Accountancy for C. P. A. (accredited Accountancy for Business, C. P. A. Summary Course, Advertising, Selling, Credits. Secretarial Practice, Advanced Short hand. Shorthand Reporting, English for Business. Bulletin. Tel. BA 7-8JOO. PACI INSTITUTI, 22S Inedmy, H. Y. A4 SCHOI) for the graduate school are Dry Paul Ketrlck, to the graduate department of English; Murer. to the graduate social science department A. F. Kovacs, to the European history division of the gradugte department of history; Professor Joseph A James, to the. modern foreign languages department; Dr. Felix M. Gatz will give courses in aesthetics and music appreciation; Dr. Hubert Langan, to the graduate department of education. The subjects to be taught by the newly appointed priests to St. John's have not been made yet. The new library for graduate purpriroa contains spacious seminar rooms and graduate s'udy rooms, and has also been named as a designated depository for the T'. S. Government publications for the Tenthongresslonal District of New York, The graduate school now boasts of the finest laboratories in the city. The biology department has small research laboratories equipped for the exclusfive use vof graduate students. The chemistry laboratories are equipped for the following classes; General inorganic, qualitative, quan-titive, organic and physical. FASHION DISPLAY Fashion display will be added to the curriculum at the Trapha-gen School of Fashion, No. 1680 Broadway, with theopening of the fall session on Always ahead of the rapid strides made in the fashion field, students may now become acquainted with the theory and practice of one of its new and popular phases the art of window and fashion display. Under the direction of Miss Christine Krehbiel, formerly de- SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES SECRETARIAL JOVRNAUSM DRAFTING SEND rOH CATMCXS Day; Night; After Business Enroll Now DRAKES NEW YORK. 1S4 NASSAU ST. Opp. CUT Mall Jeimon 3-480 HfONI Ferdkoes M. WASH. NCTl W. Ulet St WAe) l-20 RROOKtnt rattostSt. Me 1-4342 BROOKLYN trwdway FO t-1147 lASUKA latpkea SM. Men (-)SIS FLUSHING Mae. St Mel 1-SS WOOOrlaWN laaaasu Set. Mc 2-47 J2 RHODES Ptfjyptory School esmiii ir Ma tron Thorough, time conserving preparation for all professional schools, business Diy see CveetM Sroiees (Ce-U) NEW TESM BEGINS SEPT. IITH 1071 SIXTH a VI at tlnelra'aI Sektton Easily iskesaa tfcaaxIBH Acctisiklr jrtm mil Btrimtii A Co-Educational Hiah School FnSy Accredited by N. T. Stat Bengals Corner Montague and Henry Sts. Bmaae BsU Sutiefe MAia -9S? PUSIISMIO IVISV SATURDAY taArrhtvtl setav.WIe, MtlM A new room will be added this fall to the academy's quarters. It Is to be known as the Charles M. Pratt Room In honor of a former chairman of the board of trustees of Adelphi Academy. This room is being established in the modern style of Interior decoration and will serve as a reception room for parents. Dedication of this room will be one of the festivities of the seventy-fifth anniversary jubilee. The boys' physics education department, consisting of -two gymnasiums and extensive locker rooms, have been remodeled. New lighting equipment and several pieces of new athletic apparatus, Including an arena for boxing, have been added. The dining rooms have been redecorated and equipped with a complete new set of china given to this department by the parent-teachers association. The printing room of the elementary school has been enlarged to accommodate another printing press that has been added to this depart ment Typewriters have been in stalled in the fourth, fifth, sixth seventh grade classrooms. Students-will tfSr'them in construct ing books of original poems and writings, also jn setting up their classroom newspapers. A new room In the high school has been opened to serve as working quarters for the staff of "The Adelphic," the academy year book. This room completes a set of three offices and studios now devoted to the activities of student publications in the high school under the direction of Miss Marjorie Hendren. A9htr history classroom has been equipped in the high school department to care for the en-largeTneht of the teaching staff in in the'history 'department These enlargements of the academy's working 'facilities expand to. the fullestjxient possible the facilities comprising the elementary Instruction building on Lafayette avenue, the college preparatory building on Clifton and St. James place and the athletic fields and field house situated on Springfield boulevard. On the Adelphi athletic campms of 23 acres a new area for girls' field hockey has been established, adding another to the two field hockey areas now in use. PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE Beginning with the fall term, Pace Institute will offer an evening course in the principles and practical aspects of operating the camera and- of developing and printing pictures. Studio and dark room facilities have been provided. The course includes lecture work, demonstrations, and assigned projects, the latter being criticized and reviewed tndi-divldually and in class. HEAVY ENROLLMENT Preparing for an exceptionally heavy enrollment for its first fall semester, opening Sept 13, the new Jamaica unit of the Heffly Queensboro Schools, which for more than half a century have high school graduates and college students, has expanded Its facilities to take In the entire tenth floor of the National Title Building, No. 160-16 Jamaica avenue, Jamaica, Long Island. The latest Heffly center of construction, which was opened last February after requests from hundreds of residents of Jamaica and jits vicinity, reporta that preliminary, figures indicate a record-breaking demand for commercial training on the part of young men and women In the Jamaica area. "By taking an entirt floor of the National Title National Build, lng, which Is Itself one of the largest and best known office buildings' In the area, we have notably increased our classroom facilities. We have furnished every clasroom soihat each In layout and equipment resembles a business office. Tet In the midst of this atmosphere of business efficiency, we preserve touches of homelike comfort which, together with the most modern system of lighting and ventilation, help establish Idea surroundings for our students. This unique combination of bus-l-ii school end home atmosphere makes our sew unit the ALFREDO ENGAGED TO WED Wide World Photo. Miss Arline Vendeverg Garretson, whose engagement to George Harold Hayward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hayward, of Bayside, L. and St. Petersburg, has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel V. Garret-son, of Little Neck, L. I. Miss Garretson is an alumna of Syracuse University. Mr. Hayward attended Harvard University. white satin with veil of tulle draped from wreath of orange blossoms. She carried bridal roses and lilies of the valley. Her attendants wore Princess gowns of panne velvet, Miss Skelly's in burnt orange and Miss Mahoney's in pale green, both carrying sheaf bouquets of outumn flowers. Mr. O'Connor and his bride will visit a Berkshire resort and wiil return to No. 415 Ovlngton avenue, this borough, to live. Wanzer McKay Announcement of Miss Dorothy Ellis Wanzer's engagement to Russel McKay, son of Dr. and Mfs. George B. McKay of has been made by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunter of Garden City and formerly of Brooklyn. Miss Wanzer attended Packer Collegiate Institute. Mr. McKay, who attended Colgate University, la in business In Charlotte, N. C. Miss Elizabeth Creamer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Creamer of No. 162' Argyle road, arrives to-day on the S.S. Deutsch-land after spending the summer abroad. Among the guests at an aperttf party given yesterday by Mra Charles J. Farrell at the Maple-wood Club, Sugar Hill, N. were Miss Margaret McCooey and Mrs. John H. McCooey, LEGAL NOTICES aetenaanis. J. August Oerber. plaintiff's Attorney, It Liberty 8treet. New York City. Pursuant to judgment of foreelosura and sale dated August 10. 137. and duly entered herein. I will aelt at pirblle auction to the highest bidder in the Rotunda of th Court Houeu of thle Court, Fulton and Joralemon Brooklyn, on the 18th day of September, 1937, at 12 o'rlorlt noon, the premises with the Improvement thereon erected directed by aatd Judgment to be aold and situate In Kinge County, State of New York, on the corner formed by the intersection of the northeaeterly tide of Harway Ave. and the northwetterly aide of 17th 100 feel front on 7th and le 11 feet rear, and 4 7 feet front on Harway Ave. and 44.12 feet In the rear. The premlaaa being known fte SftTl Harway Ave and more particularly ecrtbed In eaid judgment. Subject te any atata of fecta an accurate eurvey of the premtaee might hww. Dated September 3T. CHARLES WILSON, Referee wi losaw 1 jT ACADEMY OPENS OPERA SEASON HERE SUNDAY Salmaggi Troupe Offeri "All Verdi" Week-end with "Aida" and "Rigoletto" on Monday The Hippodrome Opera Company will inaugurate its' Brooklyn season tonight with the performance of "La Traviata," at the Brooklyn Academy of Music at 8:15 o'clock. Norina Greco, young Brooklyn girl, makes her Brooklyn debut in the role of Violetta. Eugene Plotnikoff will conduct. Verdi's "Aida" will be the season's presentation by Alfredo Salmaggi's Hippodrome Opera Company at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to-morrow evening at 8:15 o'clock. Anna Leskaya will make her Intial Brooklyn appearance in the title roles of "Aida," while Lillian Marchetto makes her local'debut at Amrieris. Pasquale is to sing the part of Rha-dames; Mario Cozzi, Amonasio, and Enzo Molle, the King. Gabriele Slmeoni is to conduct. The performance of "Rigoletto" on Labor Day evening concludes the "All-Verdi Festival" of the opening weekend in Brooklyn. Lucrezia Sarria will make her Brooklyn debut as Gilda; Lillian Marchetto is to be Maddalena; Lawrence Power, the Duke; Claudio Frigerio, Rigoletto, and Norman Roland, Monte-rone. Fritz Mahler will conduct Three Next Weekend The second week and series of the season in Brooklyn will be inaugurated with "Faust" next Friday evening, Sept. 10. Joseph Geraldi sings the title role, Dea Lovati is cast as Margurite, Ivy Dale as Seibel and Nino Carbonl as Mephistopho-les. Fritz Mahler is to conduct Ethel Dashew, 17-year-old Brooklyn girl, will make her debut on the operatic stage as Micaela in next Saturday evening, Sept 11. Maru Castagna will appear as Carmen, Arnold Lindl as Don Jose, Claudio Frigerio as Escamillo and Foster Miller as Zungia. Gabriele Simeonl is to conduct. "Cavallerla Rusticana" and "Pag-liaccl" will be offered Sunday evening, Sept. 12. In Manhattan Opera at the Hippodrome enters its second week-end series tonight with Gounod's "Faust," featuring the debut, In the title role, of Joseph Geraldi, "French tenor. The oast Includes Santa Biorido, Ivy Dale, Nino Carbeno as Mephis-topheles (first time at the Hippodrome In this role); Norman Roland, Mildred Ippollto, Enzo Molle, Frits Mahler conducts. i Aroldo Lindl, popular Hippodrome tenor, returns tomorrow night as Dob Jose In "Carmen," Maru Castagna appears in the title role. "Aida" will be the Labor Day matinee offering and the Labor Day evening performance will present the double bill of "Cavallerla Rusticana" and "Pagliaccl." BANKrU'PTCY NOTICES IN BANKRUPTCY IN THIJ DISTRICT Court of the United Sta tea for the Eaatern Dletrkt of New York. In the matter of ISIDORE POBF.R. Notice le hereby given that a petition hae been Bled In Mid Court by Iildore Pober, In aald dletrlct. duty declared bankrupt, under thgAcr of Congreae retlatlnf to banKtuptry. approved July 1. ll. for a full dterhanre and certificate thereof from all hta debts and other elalma provable attarnet hie aetata, under aald art. and that 'he lS'h day of October. 137, A. at the U. S. Court Borough of Brooklyn, in aatd diatrict. la aeairned for tha hearing ofHhe aante. n-hen and where all creditor of the aatd bankrupt and other pereona In elntereat may attend and ahow If any they have, why tha prayer of aatd petition should not be granted Dated, the Ror-ourh of Brooklyn, on the 3rd day of September 1M7, PIRCI a. oaxss. Clerk. Adelpho Academy 282 LAFAYETTE AVE. Founded in 1S63 One of Brooklyn's established schools thorough college preparationliberal arts program nursery school and kindergarten modern elementary school athletic program for all students high academic standards small classes with intelligent individual attention. Co-educational. Bus Service. Telephone PRospect 9-3725 WILLIAM SLATER JAMES H. POST Htadmoster President, Board of Tnufees 75th Annual Session Begins Sept. 14 BANKS OFTOXZTXIST SEASON'S GREETINGS fceaeon'e Greeting frag, to or J.J. WAGNER JEWISH PATRONS AND FRIENDS OPTOMETRIST 4 FROM THE 5811 Caoreh Art. 'seffoll t-Mf Dime Savings Bank paper boxes of Brooklvn Herman and Nathan Brerd BASEBAI.LC1.CB "reTU TPn Bo be BUSHWICK BASEBALL CLUB nou. and fROFsioyau. MAX ROSNER Extends Sesson GretirtrS to MUKKJS REICH. Their Msny Friends snd Baseball Adrhur Fsns nw-neat wiaoea to Friends and Patrosia feat A Happy ew Teaur Sherwood Oval home of MOSES LAKIN SPRINGFIELD GREYS 191 Street Cumberland -288l MGHT BASEBALL EVERT SINCERE WISHPR MONDAY. WEDNESDAY. FRIDAY MR A HAPPY AT P. M. NEW TEAR bowling billiards Peter J. Mdiuiiiness STATE RECREATION SHERIFF 98 FLATBUSH AVE. Leader e-f 15th; IV EXTENDS GREETINGS Crmberland S-MJO Bowling and Billiards rBixxDs We Wish te Eipre Oar Appreciation FOR A HAPPY NEW TUX Tor Yonr Patronage Poring the Past Year Auen M. Teplitz Pnt, Auctioneer and Legal AdeartUar rovL 10 Court TRlaagla a-llttl SINCERE HOLIDAY GREETINGS CENTRAL COAL CO. JULIUS MUSKHDJ, Mgr. real EJTATB WISHES TO EXTEND SEASON'S GREETINGS TO ALL 1301 GzoMrn Crews Shapiro Prompt Dellrerlee te All Borongha INC DETECTITE BTREAC 32 COURT STREET Cumberland 6-3434 Kings Detective Bureau REAL ESTATE Formerly Kings County Detrrtlra Burma TTPTTilV TJC High Class Detec tire Service AUVjI IV A plttiiTt Work cVktrrttM EXTEND SEASON'S Labor Trouble. Adjusted GREETINGS TO THEIR strictly confidential MANY PATRONS and FRIENDS Court, at Boru Hall TRiangle SEASON'S GREETINGS INSCRANCE BROKERS RATNERS ANDREWS EVANS Da ALL KINDS OF INSCRANCE SECOMD ATK. Extend Sense' Greetings Is AO US SECOND ATE. 149 Pierrepont St MAin 4-3150 TILEPHOne orchard -sm we wish to extent season's greetings MATTRESSES Tu rh tlMwiuinda ar nntraein and trtanHI we haru arrreel throagnou tha yunnt Rogers Mattress Inc. PAmplQ- Wl ROGERS ATE. AV A Lit Bakery Dairy RtaarMf New leev to AH Pelsusery St, Mow Turk CMS 1 i WE WISH TO EXTEND MEN'S APPAREL SEASON'S 6REETLN0S To the UwanasMls uf Datruss and MaaM sr karu ameej throughout tha yuaui A. EDELMAN FOaUiERXT OF MYRTLE A Tat SWIMMING POOL I SOW At SIT MYRTLE ATE. Maail Clothing the Beat, lmmt frtm I made to order Cypress Hills SwimmiBr Paa! Creoceot M. A Jamasrai At. Eireads iesMs'1 greetings nil Cyurew HlUe Take B. M. T. to rrpme HIDa Starlus APp4tt xa-ura rnwPANT Ssnsrai Lorheru. Freah Wnter Sslnl King. Hand BnU Court. Ptn rusug. Outdoor Roller Skating Nose, IndoUt Roller Skatliur All Winter. Frank Feldman Lim-sT Woodhaven News Co. rPHOLSTERivs tkii Atu-ti. a. EUte Art Upholstering Ci MICBIGAS IM. whluh Ar. ETta. asr BEST WISHES FOR A EXTENDS SINCERE OREETlfUg 1 BAPPT BOUDAX TO JU TO TaUENDft A CtSTOnOUs Brooklyn Academy PREPARES FOR ALL COLLEGES, TECHNICAL SCHOOLS, REGENTS Special Dept. prepares for West Point, Annapolis, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and EVENING DIVBIONS JirCseeliys. rm mUUmum mnmiuamtMmk afc REGISTRATION NOW-fAU TEEM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 1 fourth street became the bride 0fl supreme court, kings- county TJ 1 i Hom 0llWl' Loan Corporation. Joseph Patrick OConnor, son offpiamtifj againet Antonina Caroiio, EDUCATIONAL DIRECTORY A LIST OF HASINA SCHOOLS 0 ACCOUNTANCY Bi Sreagn. M. Cltj ACt CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS Mrs. Joseph Edward O'Connor, of No. 5623 Fourth avenue, and the Mr. O'Connor, at 10 a. m. this morning at St Anaelm's R. C. Church. The Rev. James Smyths officiated at the ceremony, and a wedding- breakfast and reception followed In the Mirror Room of the Hotel St George In Brooklyn. Miss Anne Skelly, of Poughkeep- sie, was maw or honor and Miss Ann Mahoney, also of Pougfrkeep-sle, was bridesmaid. Edward O'Connor, brother of the bridegroom was best man, and John O'Connor another brother, and Louis Greco, of Brooklyn, wsre ushers. Miss-Fran chols wort a gown oi INT! SNATI0NAI CORSCSPONDENCI SCHOeiSKM W. 4tM St. a Kaflsr. MMKl BUSINESS AXD SECRETARIAL SCHOOLS MIRCNANTS A AtlKtftt SUA. a StC SCHOOL. US t. St. Y. C. 0. titan. MU t-Stll CO-EDIXAT10N AL PREPARATORY SSOSKtYN A Near, SH. W. SUM) DIESEL ENGINEERING meteHIU-OIISll. Aawtral Oldest. Csehre 11 -1 Queeas CttJ Booklet, STENOGRAPHY IN ALL LANGUAGES iSTKSOU IKSTlTUTt.tU W. 4MuretaxM

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