The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 2
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SLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURlfcfc NEWS Wunen'i Circle His Mrtllh;. The Business Women's circle of the First Baptist church had 12 members aiiH one ' giicU, Miss lAnnlb 3 Morris of CJiarloUcville, W. Va, nl Its inbetliiB Insl nlglit at the home of Mrs. J. <3. Barnes. Miss Morris Is the': guest of. her brother, 1 Harvey Morris, and fam- [lecldctl that the pro- woiikl bo to and to send It ; \\as jeei; this month visit" the hospital flowers lo ihnse vjlio nre ill II was anno'imced lhal meet-:, trigs will' hi' held each 'second Thursday night of the month. Coca Colnb were served. * ' * Nirarehf Mttslcmiry ; Society Meets. "* * '"' • rriie Nawirene. Woinah's Missionary society met Thursday/afternoon at llic liome of Mvs. J. It. Tyrone for a social with ic'n nicriibers present. . After u song, Mrs. George Cunningham offered prayer. Mildred May 6<ne a Bible stncly> on j'aithtul- ness nnd Stewardship, rending' the" 4l)i elm pier, of 1st Corinthians. For refreshments'lced" \vnlcriucloii •was served. i dinner jiarty on Ilii night )>c- 'orc. i After Ihe wedding, mi • Informal reception was held al llife apnrt- neht of'the .bride's lihclc. Mr. niid ;lvtfs. Plilllfps vvlil be Rt llic Slitilef hotel for a few days before going to Sliau'ncclown where Mr. Phillips Is In business. The bride, who formerly lived icrc, was n graduate of the.'city ligli school this year. She rccciv- c'ri several scholnstie honors, ainonjj which was licr selection as the typical' elrl by llic faculty; for. the Dadelilcrs of tlic American nevolullon co'iitcst. Has Dinner ' Parly. Miss Martha Anu- Lynch, wlio tend Gulf Park dinner parts lenvcs September 21 for Gulf- porl, Miss, where she is to nl- cpllegc, had. n night, the las!, of.' a - series of allnfrs Riven by the younger set before, tlicy lenvc for college The nine girls were seated nt the dining, Uble 'which was decorated with a centerpiece of autumn flowers. Son Bnrn. /A" son'.was born Wc'dnesdny Mr/and Mrs. W. A. Dowell at Ihe SI.';; Benard hospital, Joiiesboro. The " ' a lid baby, who weighed seven a Imlf pounds;' lias been named Walter Anthony Tin Mr. and Mrs Dou'ell formerly Hycd In';-this city lifts Birthday ParlT ' Martha lAim „ Webb. had elglil '.Bits of News Mostly Personal When there's, Gravy, Rice Is Galled 'Foi bojs and girls as -her- terday afternoon nl lier home, 126 East Davis Ave., In celebration of Her fourlli birthday The girls received balloons and crajcns for their favors and tlic boys got balloons and guns. 'Ice-cream and n birthday-cake, decorated willi candles, wure scr\'- efl Daughter 'Born A daughter wns born Monday to Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Buckner at their : home on- : the Number Hint road Tlie baby, who weighs eight pounds, has- been : named Shirley Joan Bflbbye Jeanne Weds Rudolph ,H. Phillips Mi- and Mrs A O Blaylock ha\e announced the marriage of their daitglitei, Bobbje Jeanne, to Rudolph w. F'lilllps, of Shaw- neelown, 111, which took place Tuesday night at llic Third Baptist church of St Louis Relathes and a few friend's heard the exchanging of the marriage vow-s asked by' the • Rev. C. O. Johnson. The bride wore: ii' formal frock of wlnle moussellne dc sole, with wlnle accessories, and a corsage of roses and bnby breath Her only ornaments were a matching brooch and bracelet which have been worn b> brides of three ge erallons 1:1 her mother's family. Her only attendant Was her cousin, Miss Mary Petti, ot SI. Louis, who wore a Jong, bouffant frock of white organdie ahd rosebud print Mr Phillips had, for his bcsl man, his brother, -^iiidson Phillips, of .East St. LoiiTs. On the eienlng ot Ihe wedding, Mrs Paul Bradford of East St Louis, a sister of flic bridegroom entertained with a dlnrier party and a cousin of .the bricte, Mrs Clifford Wildelscn.jwas hostess to Mrs. J. O. Marlcy, of Canilhers- vllle, wns admitted 16 tiic 81 Joseph's hospital, Memphis, ycs- .crday. Cecil' Wrbtc'it; of" Cleveland, O., will arrive today to visit Mr. and Mrs. C, b. Lahgstoii and fnni- ily. Mrs. Wrolen, wio crime several weeks ngo. will accompiiiij 111m hbih'c on tlic 20tli. B. A. Lynch, O. W. McCuichch J. A. Letch and J. Mcll Brooks are nUciidlng , lo bilsiness in St Ldiils • today. ' ' '.-Mr. aiid Mrs.:ilcrnian Peck and son left totlny noon for Evnris- vllie, Iiui., where Mr, Peck lias accepted a position with llic Ser- vcl coinpaiiy. ,Mrs. Peck nnd son who have been visiting rclnlivcs lit Sparks Hill, ill.,_ arrived" lioiiie yesterday noon. Miss Vern Sallbii left loilny for Baton Rongc, La., wlicre she will ntlcnil Loiilslrinh Slalo University Mte nii'lii Butt, who lias been 111 ten days, Is now iinicli Improved. : . Mrs. W. .T. Darnell, who hii* been 111, hns recovered. " '< Mrs. B. H..Sirijtli, of Joiiesboro, have arrived here lo mnkc their home, Joining M( Silili.ii. who jms been here for two months us -bookkeeper -Jar. the.. W T. Bnniettc Aiilo -8'iile.sV- Tlicy- are jiving lit 1030 W. Wnlriul. ~ Mr Smith is a brother of Mrs. Burnett. Dick Wilson, soil of Mr.' iintt Mrs. B. B. Wilson, lias returned from a six 'weeks visit wllli Mil's grandmother, Mrs.;, j. T. 'yinniit, nnd uncle. Toiii Tlnlii, ofLindciiJ Tcnn. ;tc also^ylslleii.uniie, Staii- ley Tinln, of LnVr'eH&bilfg,: Ttiin.' Bclicii ilee with frlMMced thlektn broiled mushrooms and slrih hcuns makes an rxcellciit dinner tobrsc Strtfd with chltktH, ulhi 6t vfal, rice oRcK 4 welcome ihaiij-e ftofrt jm-Uthw 6r ethtl- ilirtli vt ([Habits , By NKA !5crvlce Lnmli rngout In h rice bdrcloV mnXes a ^lellclous ScpteKitier dln- her. It is Ihcxpcnske too. AJ- tlic price of meat fluctii- ntcs nluiost dally the rcclp? sen- Ing sis wan niiulc rccciilly uslnL' ,1 1-4 pounds oi shoulder Innib (IntludltiE tones nnd nil) whicii mride 1 1-2 poilnds of clcnr mciil The Inml) cdsl 1)2 cents. ( (rnli l!ifi<iul for 0 One and cnc-linlf pounds Iciili shonlilcr Innib. 2 chjw canned Id- •nintccs. 1 small onion. 3 labld- spooiiS Iloiir, 2 teaspoons srill. 1-3 lensiWrin pepper 1 1-1! cups colil \tilcr Hie ncnlly meat rhould be trhnmell and; wlicn cut Into smnli ciibes about onfc inch smiait there should be 1 1-2 pounds. Put the bones find Irlmmhigs into n huge saucepan, add cold water to covcr and lei stand for minutes Then bring It slo\vly id Miss Betty Lee McCiitchcn. ... ill from a liironl ailment. Mrs. Evcrelt B. Gee Is at Ihe Memphis Baptist hospital, having gone down yesterday for an cx- amlhallbn. Mr. Oeejs with her. Mrs. C. C. SlevenS, Mrs. Aniie Stevens'Potter hiid Soil, BUI, rc- .Uirned last night, from Oklr^ hoirin ''City, bkla., where Ihcy visited friend's for scverril day's..' Morelnntl Hollcmaii has fc- tlirncd 'tro'ni Long iicaclii Ciillf., wlitt-c he spent .six weeks. . Mrs. Charles Pciili riiul Rddiiey L. Baiilsier splint iiolliiig ixjliit aiid slmiuer for 30 ihlnules. Strhiii. Bfo'wii the inchl clibts lii n hoi, well 'gr'bnscil fryltiij pali nhdthcn place Ihe meat'In 'n laigc hiiking dish;;;:' '• '•'' ' ' -' ' ',..'"'- r - : Add .tlic tomatljts, 6nl6n, miiic- C<1, snlt, pepper ami (he br<it|, In W'iilch the bbiics were cooked, to the liital. .Cover tlic dish niid cook for rilxiiil i i-2 Hours irt a irio<icriitb <3feO) ovcii, Willie tile meat Is biiklng, prepare (he. rice tor tlic ring. Rlcb Rliif for 6 Olid clip raw rice, 1 tc'rispobn fthlt, 1 .egg yolk, 3 Inblcspdoiis it boll nnd Iheh pour It bve (lie r igoilt If jou like 2 cUps of diced r(t. nirrots or 2 cups of green pe« niay be aildcd lo the medt <(lirlri Irtsl litlf hour of ihi bakln An average sired inold sen Id •six \ou will ilnd, wont hitve Brec enough hole hi tfie ccnte to hold the meat In that cas (III It oiicc tnd (hen renil it wll llic meat agnlh itept very hiit SEPtfeMBMi 11, Osccdla Society — Personal Osceola Chapter No. 405, O. . S., was hostess to the annual school of fn'striic'tldii for Dlstrlc'l sio. IS 'yesterday with an aUcntl rtncc of about 30. Due to the [act tlis't ttic Masonic bulldlii; Is being ra/cd llic meetlrig wa lield lii Ihe • ProgrcMslvc ' Club room. The school was called lo older by Mrs. George Rallies, worthy matron of the local chapter. Mis. Flossie Barnes of Lepanto, deputy grantl lecturer, presided during the opening. Work was under the direction, of , Mrs. Vli glni i Lee Wilkins ot Hazen past cnian Stevens 61 Blylhevlllc, at llic Baptist hospital. Joe . Clay Youiig of lake cltj visited lils parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe .Young', Wednesday. Bo.b ,Cox of the il. B. coverh- Jijciit fleet who lifts been a patient at. Ihe Marine hospllnl in Memphis lor several days, has returned i)bihc much Improved. Home Concern Builds Planet for Australia fraines, follo*lng wllli ;iic engines or, enclosing the ticket, and re- »t. the ea.rllest possible moment, quested a refund. He added "1 in addition lo manufacture for should have some Interest, don't Air Force equipments, it is proposed to b'ii.lld for the local com- inerctnl Held as well and also for export. Will Preach Tonight at Full Gospel Church you think, after the use of h'ioiiey nil these years?" my Bakers Favor Rig I/oaf PASADENA, Cal. (UP)' — Tlie' Bilkers' Marketing Assoclallon of Southern California predicts Hint (he 5-cchf loiif of bread sdoii.wlU'. disappear from the mnrket. Bakers, they assert, wild concentrate ortlij grand matron Grand officers ^cre at iilnchcon tendered by the locll clnplcr nt (lie Court House cafe Covers were iald for twelve at o dinner Elien last night by Mrs FrnHcis R Bogan at (he Court Iipilse cafe, honoring llic grand officers. Sixty five gilcsis wcrii present nt (he addenda held lafer in the in Ihe Progresshe Olilb rcoui In honor of Dr Ira Eili 1 ) of Moireile worlhy grand palrbli Imoeallijh \(-(ls glich b) Mrs Cora Mie Haililltbn of Jpnesboro jiast Brand chiplaln of Arkansus llonot- gtlcsls were br and Nfrs Ira Ellis ahd til and Mrs D E luckcr of Modetit, Mrs Virgin In Ire Wllklns of Hazeii; Walter itlll and Mrs Flowlc Barnes of Dr sfntl Mrs E R. p faYDNEY (UP)-Purely In the ntcresf's of national defense, and v-llh no expcclnllon of making! noncy for years lo come, a $5,-| . OOO.GOO syndicnte 1ms under!: the ,'n*. w!' O. de- Services Ttihight at Chdrch of Nararerte l1it Rf\ James Hnmiltori of Trcietrt tpliegc, l^aslivlllc TerlH will preach al (life tlrst fchtirch I'i he »*B7«iXiil. «r,l»T,V a Icr Mar Jone and Mrs C 11 Thf^Mt Jnr g 'L «f weathetsby were ih Memphis yes- bf o'clock. Tlic mecllng will lilso be featured with music bl the sing ers of the Rev. Mr. Hamilton's evangelistic parly who arc accompanying him. E Bogan of Luxora. Afrs ij Qlilml of llornefsvilife Mo anc Mrs Cora Mae Hamilton ol Joneslxiro J B Bunn addicted the lifgh sclioot of Marlon at opening erases In the Ciilpepper atidlfot- lum liiescliy morning on the sub- Jetl V/ln Go To School? Mi and Mis M L Glnglll of Phlhcleiphh Pa will arrl>e lo liiphl for a short visit with tiic Inttei s islcr ( Mr? A W Young, and finnllj Mr and Mrs Oinglll Imie \lsltcd other iclallvcs In Pliie Bluff aiul Joiiesboro and will lea\e here Monday for their home in Philadelphia rile R<". and Mrs B. L Cole were Memphis \tsitors jcsluiiaj Mrs George Doyle ind drtiigh tcr ^Iarjorie and Mrs c H o equip Australia with ci ihcrafl to insure. national fCllfjC. While the syndicate was formed it the request bf Hie government, 10 subsidy will be (.ranted but the !(lttcr will plate ordci-s as fa?t as ils nuances permit for machines of the nilfish Service type to Insure (heir Intcrchahgeabllity between llic British Air Force machines and those used In Australia Ac ^indicate Is- composed of Ihe Broken Hill Proprietary Com- pinj Lid (lie Broken Hill A.ss6- (.latpcl Smellers Ltd and Oenenl Molois lloldens Ltd A /acton oj the most modern Mie Is to be installed The British government will awLst in finnlsH- Ing thchnlcal information but the uiriios-t lisc of Australian mater- Ills' and labor will be made Progres-shc dnelopmcnt Is cn- Usaged commencing with the air- '»^» I Oregonian Asks Refund '° uf! ' On Unused 1881 Ticket (lie ALBANY, Ore. (UP)—Fitly-flve yeai's ago Frank B. Tichenor, now justjcc, of the peal: at Port Orford, Ore., bought n ticket to life Llnii County fair. But thai Sat- iirday, Oct. 1, 1881, was rainy anil Tlciienor iicver used tlic ticket. Recently lie wrote Albany's may- FARTS & SERVICE DEPT. NOW OI'KN UNTH, 0 1>. M. Repairs for all Cars arid Trucks Washing - (ircasin; Wrcckcr Service Phone 033 < TOM LITTLE ^CHEVROLET CO ABSTRACT & RBALTV COL Absiracis, Land? ft Toins F M Terry, Prc*. and Mjr. Phone 617 Bljthevllle, Ark. lerdny hi' Johcsbnro .as of'Cniit. lihd. Mrs. J. L. ycs- s'uesls Lewis. While there they attended n bridge luiic'heon liiid tasiilon siiow at the Hotel koble. Mrs. Lowis Is a Bister of . Mrs. Pcnn. Mr. liiid^frs. P. it, fenglcr hnvC rit Iliclr gtlfats, Mr. aiid Mrs. Louis Ely . nnd daiighler, Belly, of Wlc'hllrt, Kan, who arrived lust night. Mrs. Ely. Is a sister Of Mrs. Englcr. Mr. and Mrs. jRussell Phillips and Mrs. Walker II. Baker are in Memphis today. Wfmle sharks lirtvc smdli let!Hi and'fce'd upon small inariiic crea- liire'E, which' tiiey strain from the whlef with their gill rnkers. melted butler, pepper. Inr'ge keltic, anil Take pour into' It about 2 qunrls |8 cups) of wnlcr, let It conic tp r n b'bll, ndd (lie sail nnd jinur In {lie rice. Boll cNnctlyr ao minutes, pniiii bit the water. Now pour cold water through Hie rice In n sieve. Tliis is done io remove the excess s(nrcli. Grease ri rllig-hiiild thoroughly. MIS llic licaten egg yolk, melted butter nnd h little pepper with the rice niul prbss all very firmly into tlic ring mold. !?el Ihe mold in a pan of hot miter arid" bake hi (he oven 25 to 30 minutes. Uiimold and put the infcal In llic cbhttr of the ring. To the - gravy In the- baking dish add the flour.which has been mixed to ii smooth paste with a little cold water. Let it come to TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY- WANTEO Five boys over 12 years old Id serve as caddies at Blythevlllc Cdimtrj" Club. lip k!5 CARD OF THANKS' We wisli to express our thanks lo everyone for their kindness, thoiighiriilhc'ss niid -prayers duf- lilg the illness of iny wife; Mrs. R. E. L. Sriiltli; while; In our holnc aiid the L Bixtheviilc . IICK- pltnl. also for Ihe''idvfely flbwcij which made the': rbpm so beauti;:- fu'l. She e'lijoyed th'eiii sb uiuchr . We also thnijfc the Blythevi'jfe lifts|)tlal staff hiid nufscs for the|r kind nnd faithful service. Especially do we llirink Mrs. Hale, pur niirsc, nnd Dr. McLean who were so faithful. • • Blythcvtlle slibnld be proud of Iheir liosplliil. We stife nre. wii don't lliink we;, could have received any better], sind kinder service any\ylicrc than we received there on such, n serious : case.; May God bless cnch of yoli Is .our prayer. ' Mr, and Mrs. R. E. L. Smith, i Stcclc, Mo.,- Route I. terday where Mrs. Weathersby consulted an dye specialist. Mrs. Ben Graber ami son. Ted, of New York, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sllvcrfleid. Mrs. Graber was formerly Miss Oolrtle Silvcrflcld of Osceola. C. B. Young visited his wire- is at Mrs. in ; Meiiiphls yesterday. She the -bedside* of licr molhc: che'cks MALARIA in 3 days Ljqiild, Tabiets first. dit tieaaachc, 30 , , salve, NoseDtoHs miHiitcs Try "Rub-My-Tism"— World's best Liniment NtJTICK Due to (he recent Tire in my office I will be temporarily lo- calcd directly across the hall from hiy former office hi liie I-'iirmers Bank Building. Dr. Hunter C; Siiiis OWN A FARM Save your money by putting -it in a Farm. You can pay nil cash or part crtsh and the .balance yearly. Land values in this valley are .gradually ^Ihcfcasing. We have A few farms lo sell, if you have ' hny farni laiid lo sell, of If yoli wish lo buy a farni, see rile. ,D7 p !: o nr, 8 6 G.G. CAUDILL FRI. SEPT. SACRED HEART YOUNG-^MEN'S CtUt . ; F. E. 0. SISTERHOOD i,. AMEIIICAN LEGION fOST.No'M MOONLIGHT EXCURSION CHAS. CBEATH FATE their f L "COTTON rjCKERS" BAND * * * ~i,t. ,• r r w ' '*'•' "f"^*' O"""* " tn : ~~ NIWIST, URGEST, flNESt, AND ONLY XtWTEEL- ' v tiissisuerti fAisfNoiR ' h>LY."PJtESlDENT;'.EXCl)JtSIQN TIJIS "Nof f H or me, deone ^-«8yi Mr*. Goodcoofc. "I'd raftiar havi ilisti hlig ibout.r-.y IMn fdfca chance) wiiKcfieopi This Pure Vanilla is Richer in Flavor • ,-..•' ... ------ - :V, KtcCoTthick's "Btt Brand Vanilla is at least 20% stronger and milch ricfie'r in fine, aromatic vanilla flavor than u •«, necessary to comply with pure food I»#s. That's why lictormick's Vanilla gives nhtrj rlclicf fiavolr to all youf- '"'-. cokes, candies and dcsscrls. Use McCormick's Pure Flavoring Extracts. Yolir money back if you don't agret they're the best yoU'Ve ever used. McCORMICK'S gi, 6Mf Hi PANTttt ^HEiVtS We Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture Phonb 1051 Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Near Goff Hotel 400DMES5! THIS IS , WHAT WE CEt FOR. « TRYING TO LIFT EACH OTHER TO ) SEE WHO'S STRQNCiER AFTER VVE'VE BOTH TRACED OM ' "1MILK FROM >. CRAIG'S bAlRY fj THi- s(rcn(;lh-jiviiigr eiemehts of ryitii;, WHOLESOME, I-RESH bRAIG'S hiilk Kelp Biiiirt strong h:u.sclcs arid snlihd bddies. GRADE A RAW MILK Qilarl . .- ; .• lOc Pint .:, : (!c RUftccmiik, Qf; 6c Specials ALL HAY - - FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY Layer Cake, each 19c Orange Bread lOc ' ,. (Maclc .of Fresh. Oranges) ollen, each ..(Coffee, Cake) lie Chocolate Fudge Cookies, doz. 6c Cream Pies^ each 18c for Biitereg Hour, 5 to (i win. ^ only, Friday* Saturday and Sunday : Hot Doijtrts, doz. .\2t • Coconut Wafers, doz ; : 3c ; Individual Pecan Pies, each 3c Coconut Cinnamon Rolls, doz. 9c Buttered Biscuits, doi. 8c Plain ftolis; doz. 5c Special Altenlinn Given All Special Orders : eville Baking Co. HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You niay install city water in your home with the aid of an F. H. A. Loan...consult your plumber for fiill details. THE CAVEMAN Long before trie dawn of history, when life was a never eliding battle against the forces of nature and only llic fittest survived, the. caveman had lo live near stream; lake or spring, and protect his right lo drink there against the wild beasts of the forest. This primitive human kiiew he could not live without water so he made his crude home where water Was available, and in so doing established the first known public water supply. Nowadays people in this city don't have to make'their homes beside the water. Our modern service; brings the water lo you — abundant, pure and wholesome water, throughout the many miles of city streets. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Cdm'leotis, Pcrso?utl Attention to Every Ciistonter 80 U3 S. Broadway

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