The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on June 2, 1887 · 2
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 2

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1887
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THE EROOKLYi; DAILY STA20)AET-TnnON, TIUJIl SDAY, JTTNI. 2, IBS' 1 SI Unionists in jeetod aa unwonted titter- mcntcf the Southern question la not ness into their nablie soeeehes. cassed ! the result of any nusrepreseatatioa of around a subscription paper AT tp, vrvj ALTAI CRUMBS SWEPT UP. . ,V.t.,..'L., s. PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. PRICE. TWO CENTS. Publication Office, 29 ano 31 Fultom St., 6, 8 and 1 0 Front St. NOTICE. ADVERTISEMENTS IwrtMogo eo tm Current I6SUE OF TUP STANDARD-UNION MOST REACH THE PUBLICA TION Orrics Ckront NOON. ALL COMMUNICATIONS Relatiso to the E3itosil o Nt Columns of thi) Paper M'JST, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ATTENTION. BE AoOBESiEO TO THE EDI TOR OF THE STANOARD-UNION. COMVUNICATtONS IB RefcrencE to the BUSINESS DEPARTMENT HOtA3 BE A2!Ee3Ei3 TO THE BUSINESS MANAGER. " .THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, 1SS7. THE FINDINGS OF THE GRAND JURY Signs were not wanting for eoma days hack tbat the Grand Jury now in session "was in high favor with the Democratic Ring. The organ of the little coterie which puts itself forward as the Democratic party has been lavish in its praise of the jurors, just as it was lavish in its censure of the jury which called public attention to the electric light schemes, and asked for a legislative investigation into the conduct of affairs in this city and county. Both Grand Jaries were drawn toy Juror Commissioner. William A. Furey, one of Boss McLaughlin's chief lieutenants; both were in charge o District Attorney Ridgway, and In tooth cases the organ was ready with its censure and praise before the results of the work, done in the Grand Jury room were made known through the regular channels. It is, perhaps, not the fault of the present Grand Jury that it has earned the praise of the Ring organ, but It is strong evidence that the work of the Grand Jurors will not meet with the approval of the people of Brooklyn. It must not be hastily concluded, however, that the rand Jury did not make an effort to indict the rascals proved guilty of corruption in office, extortion, bribery and various other crimes by the testimony taken before the Legislative Investigating Committee. The questions submitted toy the jurors to t Judge Moore show not only that they had in View the indictment of some at least ef the men accused in the majority re- , port of the Investigating Committee, but also that District Attorney Ridgway had either forfeited their confidence, or, by his defenso of the , accused, raised a doubt in the minds of the jury as to whether the things charged against the officials implicated warranted the finding of indictments. If the District Attorney had not antagonized the Grand Jury, why should the latter have appealed to the court, unless, indeed, the object of the inquiry on the part of the jury was to ascertain whether they would be justified in bringing in an indictment against Mr. Ridgway himself? Judge Moore conld let a good deal of light in on the subject by giving for publication the questions .addressed to him . by the Grand Jury, and Tub Stasdard-TJxios hopes he will Bee his way to do so without offending against gather the letter or the spirit of the, law. Unless Mr. Ridgway were possessed ot a Spartan virtue, which is not to "be , looked for or expected in these days of boodlers an"d Boss rule, he would nat- rnorinaiRiu' and ap points! new "electoral committees." Jiever again can they expect to hood- wick the electors as they did at the last election, when they obtained a majority, fon the false pretenses that tbey were as much opposed to coercion as Mr. Gladstone himself, that the Grand Old Man's declaration that the only alternative lay between home rule and coercion was false, and that they could govern Ireland without granting the one or resorting to- the other. Having obtained a- majority by these means, aide ! by the tin preparedness ef the popular mind to grasp the idea of home rule eo suddenly, they fondly hoped that they were out of all danger ; for was not Parliament certain to last for Feven years, and would not ; their dreaded antagonist by that time be removed from the political arena forever? So the mere mention of the word dissolution; throws them into a very palsy of terror. In all probability the Tories are as much averse to a dissolution as the Liberal dissidents; for they too see that the popular current has turned against them, and they also are anxious to maintain their Shylock-like rent-rolls mall their inhuman integrity. But the guilty consciences ot the assembled traitors to Liberalism made them tremble like the cowards that they are at a mere rumor. The people of England will laugh at the Unionists' fear of another electoral campaign much mora than they will be moved by Unionist invective or Chamberlain's rabid hatred of Gladstone and Parnell. the situation. He is exposed to dennn-ciation because be has called the attention of the people once more to the exact truth touching the condition of affairs in the Sout hem States. It is the truth that hurt3 the Southern Dem-ocratie politicians, who to-day hold the reins of power in the Fed eral Government. This is so not because they are "peculiarly sensitive, but tbat they apprehend, and with very good reason, that it will tend to arouse public sentiment In tha decisive commonwealths of the Union and lead to their expulsion from the offices they have usarped. Unable to successfully controvert the Senator's arguments, they are sure to heap on him more than the usual share oi vituneration. But this cannot hoodwink the people.who, in their own good time, will right the monstrous wrong pointed out by Mr. Sherman. prevent the indictment of the "cOrriap- tionists. The District Attorney made no secret of the fact that he did not believe the testimony given against his political friends before the Investigating Committee. lie even intimated, according to the Ring organ, that Pope would have been indicted for perjury if. he gave in Brooklyn the evidence which toe gave in New York against Kevins. Holding these views, Mr. Ridgway must necessarily have advised the Grand Jury according to his belief. lie certainly coulil not recommend the indictment of any man on testimony which he believed to be false. As Mr. Ridgway himself was censured by the Bacon Investigating Committee and his removal recommended, it could hardly require the influence of Boss xlctaughlin to Induce him to oppose the finding of indictments against the other Implicated .followers of the Wil-Joughby street dictator. But the Boss Consulted with the District Attorney because he had a shrewd idea that , Ihe vast majority of the jpeoplo of Brooklyn did not think as Ridgway thought, and that possibly tha members of the Grand Jury were among the number.1 The Boss counts in publio forgetfulness, but he knew Chat if indictments were found they Tpuld be the means of keeping before tjie mincfy of the people the misdoings of hjg miscreant followers. It is for thes'e. among other reasons, that it would be well if Judge LToore could see fus way to giving for publication the creations addressed to him by the Grand Jury, and which he deemed it proper to answer in public. While it will be quite clear to any person who has paid attention to the Evidence taken by the Bacon Committee why District Attorney Ridgway would much rather save McKane and Waring than Nevins from indictment, it will puzzle most people to reason out why a Grand Jury which exoner-' ated McKane should , have the slightest hesitation about clearing ?sevios of all suspicion of guilt. It is riie that the evidence against Nevins given in public, uncontradicted and unexplained, is almost conclusive of . guilt, but the evidence against McKane was a hundred times stronger. It was positively sworn and not contradicted that John Y. McKane refused to do an act as Supervisor which the law re quirea mm to uo, ana mat no reason ror tne refusal existed ex cept that a certain claim made by John Y. McKane as a contractor was not paid. And this was the least criminal of the things charged against McKane, and proof ol which was given before the Bacon Committee. McKane is already under indictment, but Mr. Ridgway has never brought him to trial. Perhaps McKane knows too much. "Whether hft does or not, he ap. pears to be perfectly safe so long as Boss McLaughlin holds the reins of power and District Attorney Ridgway holds his present office. The matters touched on by the Grand Jury, other than those referred to above, are no doubt of great importance, and Mr. Ridgway, it is certain, labored mightily to place them be- iore tne jurors m the very grave aspect which they took on in yesterday's presentments, but the gentlemen of the Grand Jury must not be surprised if they find that the people do not think as Mr. Ridgway thinks on many public matters. AFFRIGHTED UNIONISTS. The most significant feature of tha "Unionist" Conference at Birmingham yesterday was tha division of the delegates into sections tD devise a plan of electoral campaign by whi:-h they can frustrate the "immoral conspiracy" of tne wicKea ijiaastonians to obtain a majority at the next general elections. It was whispered around the hall and over the refreshment counters In the vicinity that the Tories intend to intro duce a "broad" Local Government bill after they have passed their Coercion act, and that the Government might quite possibly dissolve Parliament over this measure. No wonder the alarmed WOMEN IN THE SCHOOL BOARD. There was no opposition to the sentiments expressed at the meeting in Historical nail last night in favor of the appointment of women as members of the Board of Education. It was not expected that there would be. The enormous majority of people who believe that the grace of womanhood is lost in publio life were not there; and, knowing as they do how infinitesimal in quantity is the sympathy of any part of the community with the purposes of women who thirst for "the bubble reputation" that floats above those who mingle in polities', it was not to be expected that they would be there. The meeting was called to en dorse the demand for the appointment of women, not to ascertain what the' public sentiment is on the Eubject. -. Mayor Whitney said a year ago .that he would be willing to appoint women to the Board of Education provided he were convinced that there waa any sentiment on the part of the public at large in favor of it. Of -course, such meetings as were held last evening furnish no indication from which that sentiment can be learned. It merely shows that that meeting favors it; and in the absence of any great popular gathering called for the purpose of bringing out an expression of public opinion on the subject, the only way in which it can be ascertained is by observing the opinions expressed by persons of Doth Sexes in private conversation. v ... Judged of in that way, the Mayor may easily discover that public sentiment is against any public policy which tends to drag women from the domestic circle wuntiu tiiey smne iuw too arena of politics, where their light is in danger of being "hidden tinder a. bnshel." From all that can be learned In that way the publio sentiment appears to be most decidedly in favor of the abolition of the Board of Education and the transfer of its powers and duties to the charge of one man; for, as it is and always has been, the result of the present condition of things, both here and in New York, is to give the Board power to hamper the one man .who. as Superintendent of the Schools, is well able to decide as to their wants without consultation with any one except his assistants and the school principals. DECRY WAS PROBABLY MURDERED. The finding of the body of John Deery, the night watchman who was in charae of Palmer's cooperage at Jfoitb Fifth street and Kent avenue, which was fired by the Johnson brothers last Saturday night, seems to point to murder as a part of the incendiaries' crime. The various statements on the snbjeet do not conflict materially. They agree on the fact tbat the body lay face down under a platform from which freight was transferred to cars; that near the right hand was the remains of his lantern; that the left hand was raised and resting on the back of the head; and that there were two doors, one at each end of the platform, each fastened only with a latch from the inside, and by either of which Deery could have found prompt egress from the building to the street. If Deery had been seeking to avoid the heat and - smoke when near the platform, it was only natural that he would have rushed into the open street by the doorway nearest to him, instead of crawling under the platform; and the fact that his head was eo burned as to be scarcely recognizable as that of a human being indicates that It was laid across the fire fn some other spot; for the remains of the platform would show that it could . not have been so burned there. The raised hand indicates that he had been stunned by a blowon the back of his head, and that he instinctively raised it to protect himself from a repetition of the blow. Probably his skull w. fractured at that time, and to conceal the marks left by their bludgeon the miscreants named laid his head on the blazing heap they had already made, and when they thought the crime had been thus concealed dragged the body to the platform and pushed it under. This is a terrible tale to tell in these days of enlightened thought and feeling; but unfortunately it is about the only rational conclusion that can be reached from a review of the character of the Johnson brothers, and their per1 sistent determination to "get square" with the employer who discharged them. They tried to fire the place on April 2, and again on April 9, and their own confession fills np all the rett of the horrible story, while corroboration is furnished by the action of Deery's faithful Newfoundland dog, which did "its best to notify the neighbors of its master's danger. But no doubt the examination to be made by competent pnysiclans and Burgeons will show whether or not Deery's head was crushed by a blow before it was burned as described. At present there Is every reason to believe that willful murder is to be added to the crime of arson, while it is morally certain that Deery never got out ot the burning building after the fire was started and returned to it, as has been suggested by some. If he uiu nor, tne crime is murder in any event, the law being that the killing of any person by another who is in the act of committing a felony constitutes murder. Mai-rlacra of Hl IuImI Aaae Kiel t Frank Umrj BrIMav. Miss Isabel A are Pudiardjma u marrind last evening, in gt, John's P. E. Charch, on 8t John's place tt-er vrth areane, to Frank Hnry Brirtow. The bride is a dausrhter of Mr. A. B. Richardson, a member of the Produce Exchange, and the groom ia the wn of Henry Bristow, a member of the Board of Education. Tba wefkiins ceremony wa per formed by the Rev. Dr. Charles R. Treat, f the Church of the IVriiemer. The bert man was Mr. Thomas T. HavrWn. and the maid of honor Miss jsi B. fioesriand. The bride jLvore a drew of heavy t-ream-wtiito faille fran-caise and embowd plush en trains, fpu-nitnrea of dncbesB tare and oransre b tomtoms. Her ornaments were pearls and diamonds. Tha maid of honor was dressed irt pale ixlicCrope faille Craac&ise and watered silk; ernamena di memds. The Bfher wptw Mow. Edwr4 It. BrfHow, Harry A. HiJt. W illiam K. WeiH. Chart" A. Fofktt, Edwin M. le Or. lporp y, Slanstield, Stephen F. Poey and JUenry Q. Youjifr. Inuo-jiaie!y aftr the ceremony a reeeptloa was held at the reektanoeof tbe bride's parents, 3f0 Eighth street Borne of thaw present wt: Sir. Charles E. Teale, of the Board cf Education, wife and daughter; Surrmtendert cf Public Instruction Calvin Patterson and Mrs. Patterson, Dr. and Mrs. Fred. J. Moore, Miss W. F. Browiw. Mr. AVm. Halsev, Xiss Grace Miller, Ms Belie Hslsev, Mr. fl. O. Youajr, Miss Belle Valentine, Mr. Frmon Poey, Sir. and. Mrs. C. De Groove. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Mnrphv, Assistant Stmerratendent of PubUe Tn-strwrtioa W. H. Maxwell and wife, and Wil-bam Harknns, of the Board of EdwaGoH, and wife; Miss Ida Morrison. Mr. and Mrs, Knowi-ton, Mr. and Mrs. i. W. Blake aad Mr. Edward btevenson. Following- the reception the bride and groom took traua for Wa&ning&ax XCxJoseice William fTatsca. who retired fi'ti HUn poUucs two jrmn ajro, LJu-iT te come ta the front aaraia thts fail to direct Ihe movements ef the Ipubii-ans In ti e Twenty- sixth ward. He powerful speaker and caa win many votes. mtm laMMlai r -C ib.t I. BrVll Mr. Edward F. Lintoa has become a fsll-fledged yachtsman, lie is a member of the Canartie Yacht Club and dotirvs it to hare a natioBsJ reputation. He has a very swift boat M wouldn't mind takinr a turn with the Thistle when it comes over. Counselor Gedney, of MkLUetoa Fott, appeared on Decoration Day wilh aa elegant word and attachments which the post gav to him. He it the proodatmaa in town. ' Rock weU-t)art n. Miss Re Clartcra, daughter of TSr. M Mrs. Joseph Claxton. was married lset n!?ht to Dr. Georee V. Rockwell, at her father's reei-denee. No. 70 Downing street, by the rector of St. Luke's church, in the presence of neariv a hundred relative and intimate frfcnwis. The bride's dress was ot white faille francaise silk with Duchesse bice, the gift of the rroom's mother, with full bridal veil of tulle. The rooms were hung with smMax and oecoraSeH with palms. Kits Nellte Claxtoa and Miss Ilattie Tripp acted aa bridesmaids and Mr. Tames Davis and Mr. Edward H. Kockwell as (rrooms. t. C. Ormsby and William Hull acted a ushers. The bridal gift of Mr. George a. Rockwell, tne rroom's father, was a house and lot, furnished completely, at 226 McDonourh street, near Bumner avenae, the finishing touches to whic h will be made before the return of the bride and proma frotn a short wedding tour. The other prexeou were numerous and beautiful. During the evening supper was served by Koberteou. Martha! Stafford is the aandwaacst Democratic official tn ta city of Brooklyn. But aa yet b has disdained to soccumb to etiptd't wiles. Mr. Frank McGuire, who runs the Sheriff's office with tha aid of Hush McLautrhlia. is anxious so be SfcerUT. He is a rnod fellow, bat fortune in the shape of Boas McLauirhlin does not seem to smile on sua aiaarauuo as yet. Mr. Jacob "tV". Erregxer, who was one ot the moat prominent men in the CiUaens Aawxna-Uea of Kew Lota, proposes to re so Far Rock-away. The new ward has became toa,uiet for his nervous temperament. Bridge passwngers will bava notion! on the platform, oo the cars, oa the finea, or turning op everywhere st unexpected y laces and times, a sturdily built man of medium beicrht and resolute bearina;, with a lone reddish beard, a pair of deeply set eves, and a anwter-worknmn air. This is C C. Martin, tha hupertn tern lent of the BrWg. lYaatrver criticism may be passed on the brklre management few will deny that Mr. Martin invariably oops his work - conscientiously and thoroughly, lie may not tre his men. but be shows himself hide otmatderatiou. lie Is a teatous church member and hoUs office in the Church ot Christ an t&eruttat place. Mr. Martin s also a ttron advocate of temperance rrinciplea. Some few years back hie efforts in the cause rf morality resulted in ridding the town of Flstbu&h of a number of disreputable bouses. Frederick tclwee Is easong the Jurors accepted in the J. Bfcarp rase by both sidea. If this ie the Jolly Aanstant Inspector-Gtmeral oa the Governor's staff, tha Jury will not piae ia dullness in the probable long sMnioue to corn, for the Colonel has a rich and varied fund of humor that makes a fool of time. XILUOXS QT FLAXT3 Card well Bailey. The matrimonial ceremony of Addison A. Card welt to Miss Uda J. Bailey took place kutt evening, at 8 o'clock, in the Church of the Atonement, corner of Marcy avenue and Keep street. There was a larce attendance at the ceremony, and the bride, bearing a nuVKTii8cent bouquet, ana nnativ attired ia a oeauuiui erav traveling dress, waa the central fifrure of attraction. After receiving the congratula- tions of their friends, they Immediately started on a ten days' tour, during which they will visit r lagara t alls, and' many other placet o( interest. tvia-titmaa Riley. At St. John's Chapel, corner of Clermont and Greene avenues, kut night. Mi's Hester Cicelia, daughter of tne late blwritT Riley, waa wedded to Mr. William A. WiKhlman. The chaoel was filled with friends of the contract ing parties, and the succeeding reception at tha hou-e of tho bride's mother, Mra. J. A. Riley, was largely attended, and the couple afterward started on a brief tour to Niagara and points North. AMUSEMENTS. "Fascination" at the Fark Theatre. 'Fascination" is being applauded nightly t the Fark Theatre by crowded audiences: "ft is a most artistic dramatic venture, both in the extremely pleasing comedy merits of the Tilsy and In the matchlte charm of Mle Cora Tan- Cted to Decorate Graves la G Fasaloa for Folie? Half a mQlioa plaata, a larger number than Is previous years, were sold by the florists about Greenwood for the purpowa of Decora tion Day. This estimate H cooiedered low by the florists. The sales were not all made within a day or two, but extended aver the wr-k previous to tba oat, and orders oatne to the Durwta by mail and telegraph frora all over the country. This total dews not mctwie deliveries from florist elsewhere, so that the prows nnmber runs np into the Bullions without exajTseratioiL AaMro tne mafrntturie oi umiitkiluu oruers may be gained from theMatanwat that one thousand plants were ordered train Weir the fl wist for the dtwrstion of IVter Coojfr'i Int. That fashions chan re in flowers is seen frora tbe f set that this year the demand is for fuhare plaeta. In their arranrwnest in maw Uxt present an eifect which is equal to that of huge bouqiaeht, and are, of course, easW to care for. In the front of John Condon's Fifth avenue rreenrwHise are several unique arrangements of foliair. An elephant ot cactus wa a cortus tail and ivy ears, and a hKht green cactus trunk makes him look t-tirsi, as the coctua lion, whose teeth of white blossoms are warranted to scare email bora These novelties are a hint to the Ws:gns plots which be instituted. It seems oo4 to the uninterested, but he has sample graves in vari ous dadgns Of floral urnamentaooa so that, aa his forvman said, leaning hat spade: ''The Does tbe Ei-oilr, C.b tas-d winning the pennant f Tha ia a avestii w that is on tb Lr cf snaa v cf the thousand that xo t VsCarvia Tark to see taear town's repeseatau e ea IM die tntwul field C,-i.t it way toward Tktrry i- t gkiry. Of cxaura the Uam bat a '.u rhaixe of Winsir-Z tb cintcted jrue. ttt tst Broi.klTn will boro tbe chmt of Amrrkia Awrwr:n b krt:t prtrth'. Tbe wnntita riut Ule urVr tW lij.lTti.Tr ot havmic ia their raafcs a trans cf hnrtJ ptayert Uiat aav m tteir equal is t aitni htales end of cmrne, ureus Ue u nl as fsr as that pirtu-ular sjst m Cfsnvr&rJ. The present rhamfiios -f the Ao-fnci.i As-OciaUivi. the r4.axuts Hub. f 'tav Lw paiKU fame wita pheaxmenal an-uiwry aad vLr.t. Ivery ncrvs m r:ii ia-liTv!uml (. ca ue team Is seeasiacty strunw in c.a its fellows, and a .!; ceure lu r rceivatiie to the orrtirvar v wrrer (4l.T.'.jn kads to a d pkty of bawbaii field tartm that taJke the exponents of the dub coenpiet ly tv KirpnH aad eaiii-a conMernauoct la t ltr rati Irs. V ito.put a tioubt, as lHrercr f toyle of the Brooklyn club exprewa It, tine rt len team "are the kins puis ot the diamond 6c kl -1t, ami only mtrarle, sermins'T, wvl eeatleaaf ot the other cJuto ia the tauratMS to defeat them. It wnot kaoww bo the general pak-tie that the Brooklyn tram is bettw taken care ea than sny club ia the mostrr, tirpri4ti!y tei calaras for emiparat ivei r l.tUe wrk la twid tho pis rem, and "verTttiing tfetl w.ll tet d Ui tbnr comfort, either oa or off the Brkt. si eVn by toe best manarer of a hwetoOl srara tn Urf crwntrv, rres Wwt C. H. B Aa idaMrattoo of the ireaerou way a whk-m toe ciaO Uwass its piarars Is Jvmmj rve;te, tbe popular bark-su p ot the riub. i'eei tea while coming down too stone stop f the Nassau ctuo-housa eao aicbt !!( jd and sprained his ankle. Of course he cvul4 d4. plsv ball for a long time afterward. But fe salary raa aloor all the aim, aad even st ban th mastareent wore hard put to it U keen p-mjr along without srtiraijc another caU-iier ihrr than O'Brwn, Feej'l' waa ski akmi torxrrt msaaelf ta aav way u order to aara tne otm ho waa drawing ruht aluoa. Aad U aav ot lu Bnairrotts pitchers la the ami K.y of tt club management ril tt tho nmu.lriii and mi t'lat tltey feel tslivposrd and n Jwt Mgtt f. r baa playing, they are rxm"d frx dut r, erca at the rbk ofttartimes of losing a rssaia. But wit h all tha good trcalawut it rei ve the Brooctra team, eo far aa oasavie c4hrrvaino roes, docs sk t enter into a game with the same beorfv determine Uoo to grl there that charer tmnes the rham ptoa clubs plat ttig. Wita IM Kl. Loais team it wmikl ipraar to the apertaow that each maa wa ftaaar-tally tr.trrratmt ta ta game or that hi wry bowur dfmiaxi oa tae result. Tbe loral dob ran play real I all, of course, but Its plavwi aa a tram are siu;a and apparent I r aaali to create a skw unn ordinarv onick rlnwlatlon erf thMiMkmt hfe fluid. What the mo u tai . at an tnfuuon of the electriral aii:te of ttmr rrvalo eat rivals from tbe WeS and tbey wij sa l seen at the front. How do yxm knew f For many n as nos. Tbe llnklvn tearn has yt a exrtal ta tSe Country f havy team lttm.j iM.t waat mid does this aeittl baet hall entitf On tt.emT So grml. With nno-half Ute sale bm H Wwl-tnra wul make in a gatoe tae h4. Luuts -tub coakl get twire as Baaur ram, Tin eitraorrlmary vttaiitv ebewa hr the ehamptom cm the I tm In) aianf r r . rrr a r tn t A A r ' fc at i T V T T H H M H It ti I tTTT T ISC It A Klt r-t .-." s. r ti. i t - - Mld I .-.-- -V la v v. m r b -oti. a si rm "l.JW - e.a a., a,. 1 t M,L U a f t t N it rlH I A I i a. i. A ! sVistse-t C mmm, vsi 4VHaa tftei K. I fe w r "H i. - 1 : 'ia-A Ull TlU l f-rwvsse f mi n s, r ol r-x. Waat-flW 4 Jp t. Nam. .'t. t. '! '" A-Vw klUUC K.MAI. t hAt.t Of- y J' - ctiuriif. MI. U'S' f. rrr n a n r v 1 a w ft. v .rvrr. I ml M i M 1 i.S ... .iix 1 - LMTUCO Uirv.( r. el hr I . Ltnlrwa tLtrtT OF Ttla t-H-h.Kt itOtta ro IVMS. Ca mnilrt e tS m-r. fc km re!- .Oj 4 Mi t mmm 9 1 wwiwnS ai.u Ituiiih, ims a t ta jt J r. kt. " li s t rs, ox !-- ! t e. TsseMiiMt itiUTti tetints. U :'. A fn,. T l(i. t TKIi t a ut. tui t. h.l. at la tooa. C1-JTUS.1V, IUtiK itDcr.ttniti. at aa r. gtMtk, Tt k tu.-,. la ta rirt a l mmm-4r . -a rant tr Ui - AETBtR o Jt.vMI ft'S. t art n tji r rrrs. WAT'.'rts a iutui t iti utritt. JAST DAYS OK C'trtTfTHKl. mt a. tit. vil t . twVT a! t'. v., T . (,J IOIUI US WShiliT. nert rend ition of th chinf nnrt. The oritrinal I , j,3a-)i inur w.l n, I the malaria. and brilliant merriment, and tho nnobtruding utJL tr a rftscVtntion. cut see the artk-ie be- I bwith. Ao.1 wU captained, too 1 .41 hoa ksl nr l. press the cpinKia that they ww Mutulta of somekiivL 1 hut H harvl!y pn-l"lic, ki.a.iw Huoceai is at great a stimulant kt a'-vl.-l f. tho slinvbuiiL, wtry ataicUa uf taa tt- Lous crab. lt the Brooklm bamtatlnlr ir kaui aa foot and awarat!' aa dure tec i-mi:.i. It al.le .hortu$s and they will nt U tiu" ho-ha 1 at the end Ct the saaken. ia taera aav trv lO ui the ruiuor Cat the Iiaeue a4 AaajrtaXija will he rutik-4j4aml nest yox t Not e partU le. Are Juam v re-t.W f!a-rs hurt every time ke iuiupt afound and wrui.B his taa.l oo a foul til lkeckinfiy no. Jbnmy si a great fakir, ac4 a cand eland t lATer a wrlL Ed. Mwartw..! is Uld up In FilUburr The Uam is ra4amrd iif Oejrrt 1 RF WIT',C "tll.J 'rr KIT t IbIii mv4 U 11 v -l. t a-r t t,a..,"' I ... ca eefc fcat S- av,. . tuvu't u m' ifc i i. ... TIEH TURTLES PiUiwtMir. - Tarllaeo I fca Inr tko tJM4t t.wrw t-9 for tt t The wwwj f'l.i; wa ya"t,,: :i ia ti-M ttty aad New Ywk t IUaI A.a , a Oa siilwiitmwiUitU f tier ai"- r Ue year at VtaeC Fn c Ik rK-:f! rw -;T tno E.i.'Ui r t, in at i. It I'..- Ui takeai pmrt. there hv rr i .la 4 bunt cwwvw'i-fl mtui tktei-.l wul rat so wajyunt at me of . - -ane " r .- a.-.-! r u. . n . 4 hi, llx .r LLtt mn' t- f i- at.1 .Jj , of 4(isk.f T r-'t (4 l-w e. .t, . Ir a. Um 1A;1M Wu vw.l. taa leva to ..H-iii tu . i . i m&H. a . .o . fuw ia..),. ta ftiha tiuwi 4 I'et tJ-;': uiwhi.i . I ta few tii 'ts. Mr 2uuait, Dm ', l( ln t ..Uy ot lb- (aialm. kut m r .. .-.l I a I ,v f tb lll-'U-. nW. U I' l II lh lal M acO rataUee c4 Um. ii; teu. a Un im... ai T -mi t twitss l Was t.-K . k rr-esi tte! Atiaiitw ta L 4 Mwtim a nit taa I--Ul lt.-jl,tf Ur. l htpv.! a so jVTft.a ire fi ,1, 1- 1.' ii 1L j. af Aiwrim the w .' - : i "h t if to ltak cat M-"'. '. It. I.iif ol.i(eti a fear Yeuaos i ifci..Je '" im l u ar IVOL womanly pathos of Lady Mad ire Insure for the production a spontaneous and hearty welcome everywhere. Criterion Theatre. Ezra Kendall is moving bis audiences , to "weeping laughter at the. Criterion with his ludicrous farce, "A Pair of Kids." There Is a cure for the blues in five mipataoof U. i dlscrtpUon. ' fore her" As a rule, clanfaare this seoeoo cheaper than last, but fan'-? Sowars bnag (aary prtres all the year argosio.- TCE WOXAS S AIXIL1ART. THE TRUTH THAT HURTS. It is not unnatural that the organs opposed to Republicanism should grow restive under the speech of Senator Sherman, delivered yesterday before the Illinois Legislature at Springfield. The address was not made for their especial benefit, but it contained a great body of solid fact, comprehensively arranged and eloquently presented. That the Ohio Senator Is no carpet knight in the contentions of political warfare never received better exemplification than In tha forcible and convincing words put forth by him in the historic Capitol wherethe first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, so often discussed before his neighbors the issues of his times. Mr. Sherman waa at hia beet from the beginning 0 the conclusion of his remarks", and amply deserved the enthusiastic applause which greeted his stirring periods. Tha speech was worthy of its author and of the occa sion. Its delivery marks one of the most significant political events of the year. Touching the general questions of legislation and administration before the country, Mr. Sherman stood squarely by the declared principles of the Republican party as formulated in the national platform. Ee devoted the larger part of his speech, however, to a protest against the suppression of the suffrage m the South. Although his references to this subject appear to There is some reason to believe that tbe local statisticians who base estimates of the in crease of tha population of Brooklyn on the number of building permits issued, are more or less astray. There are hundreds of houses which have been waiting for inhabitants ever since they were built two or three years ago, and hundreds put up within a year are still unoccupied. Tha 'city is growing at the rate of over 20,000 a year, a Jie increase in the use of water shows, but tlieTj? is no reason to expect tbat tha rate of growth will increase materially until tha traveling facilities are what they should be. If the rapid transit roads now promised should be finished this year, and the horse-car routes become cable routes or electric motor routes, no doubt the Directory of 188S-9 will suow a iriitiiilwu$. addition to its present ljulk. Boslaa Vokea. Rosina Vokes and tier English company, ia a repertory of eeveral pieces, will be si tbe Fark Theatre next -woak. Itotes. Vanairer Edwin Knowlos, of the Grand Opera Eloifte, who is very prominent in Masonic cir es. has been tendered a testimonial by lew line members of the Mystic Hhrine and Scottish ilite, and Wednesday evening, June 15. has been mentioned as the date. Mr. Knowles well appear as Armund Duval In "Camilla. n Col. Morris will add to the interest of the occasion by conducting the orchestra. Tbe dedication of the Actors' Monument, erected by the Actors' Fund in Evergreens Cemetery, will take place next Monday, June 6, at 3 P. M. The programme will include a prayer by the Rev. I)r. Houghton, of the tattla Church Around the Comer; addresses by Kd-win Booth and A. M. Palmer, a poem delivered and written for the occasion by William Winter, and an ode by G. E. Montgomery, snng by the combined chorusn of tho Casino. trA MwiA I'vr. mid'' companies, under the direction of Williams, who participate by kind per-misFion of Managers Rudolph Aroason, John A. MeCaulLJ. C. DufT and Charlsi Puerner and Caryl Florio, The "Halleluiah Chorus"' will alriobe sung by the vocal force in oonju notion with Cappa's tki" nth Regiment Baad of sixty pieces. The r.mient, rising forty-five feet high from an ' . uentoi base bearing sp- propriata inscript: , , umls on Itospect Hill 13 tveigreens. To President Cleveland and his fair young bride on this, the first anniversary of their married life, the great and glorious Yankee nation extends its warmest congratulations. It rejoices that the head of the Government ia enjoying, as he should have done before, the possession of that rar est of human treasures, a beautiful and noble wife. His example is of suggestion for all bachelors who contem plate tarrying in the desert of single blessedness, and ought to woo legions of them from tho error of their ways. Mr. Cleveland is Vry properly a good deal prouder of being Mi's. Cleveland s husband than of being r -evi dent. And tbe country is proud of her. too. A DEFEVTiVS iS TICKET. Sow the Brooklyn City Mtaaioa Soelotr Is Ralped ky Led? Werners. ' The Woman's Auxiliary of the Brooklyn City Mission Bock? held its third quarterly harvest' meeting yesterday at 3 P. M., at Emtnml Baptist Church, Lafayette avenue tad St. Jamee place. Tbe object of tbe gato-ering was to report on the progress of the work and fmtm ia to the mission such funds aa had been oolktcted si mo the last meeting. Tbe proceedings wers opened by a prayer ly tha Rev. Ir. Van Dyke, followed bv a duet bv Mr. and Mrs. George SUSbbins. The Rev. Dr. Alimp, pastor of ht. Ana's Einscopal Church, then delivered an add rem, in whah ho spoke of the Increase of churches during the pant fi ve and twenty years and the necessity of such work athe society was engsged in. Mrs. Bainbridge, Pnwdrnt of the Auxiliary, also spoke. She said that In one year the society had organised eight societies and gathered around them S.0OO persona Afvr remarks by others and more singing, Mrs. Bain bridge read tho amount contributed by each church end collected by the members of the Auxiliary. The total was with a few churches to hear from. Beoides Mrs. Bainbridge, there were pre-ent Mrs. A. A. Beamans, Yica. President : Mrs. M. Wlkina, Treasurer ; Mrs. J. N. Wyckoff, Assistant Treasurer ; Mrs. M. M. Brewster, Corresponding Secretary, and Mrs. Sarah TruMow, Recording Hecretary. Near Maaic. Frora tft press of Wa A. Tond & Ca, Jw York. Is issued this week: "Dreaming of the Ioved Ones," a ballad, worda by George f .w ,lwl ,w 1 I Kb. . . ' If tho public wtkh to ita fsviirite team win. art it go In big force to taw rain at Wah ingum laxk on ralurJy C levelsivl vs. BruokiTn. Sew York eaiily dvfcatJ R.iVn Teater tav on the IVlo Groun.U. Ha Tlotime i iu 11 poor game and waa iHtUed all ever the fk-id. tsinee, to 3. About 2.UC twrauns t-arn'red fai Wa.l.-j-..1on Park yerterdav l am lut Brn4.Jyns play the tC lHtis, ana jiwrwyM aa.Iiy btaiio aaia waen they were tort wiLh e no caiae sitv Dirts tor Dt.rl''rir of J Lmj . Conakry, of the bL lxn.t i mo. ttu n no BukU tawiy a kmivs in ttw rixbt direi tton. But as ho can not eiat liiut eveu at tn,iftJ0 aby not take Wei u or sooie of Uai fUiar U ifchl b.Uts of the Chaiui'V n team. I ha Cbolva Ilawlo'.l flub d-ire cbalret t . all I'm i i t u I I i, i,.,A4 r- i . . I m a . m. 1 ... , . 'Ill m " . , ... . 1 ... . ...... WW , . - w 'iL AUcomuiUiiK-aUuiMthould te a ldiwet to C. L. huiiih, captain, at Wt Kullou ilrnt, lor meriy U the alotianlt I'.aeolait Cluli, U0PATO)a LAKE. It Eeano ta a Salt for 3.00 Aralnst the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company. William Coffee, aa guardian to John Coffee, has begun an action in the City Court to recover to.OOO from the Atlantic Avenne Rail-rood Com pan v for alleired asMault. The claim " I is made by the defenfUnt, who put in a gea-full I erai denial, that John presented a defective transter Uciet to a comluctor, anrx tua raa away upon being detected. The conductor cave chase, but before he caught up with tne boy, he fell down and iniurel himself. A mo tion was granted to-day bv J f tgalement that uie piainua me seeunty ror coew. Tba I,- ter That Caaie Too Lato,n a Song, tho words ajmt Z!wtv L' T . I . uwiij, Lroainiiig ot Liia Loved Ones T !a waiU tirnd yit refraia. "Tbe Ltter That Came Too Lair" in 6-8 time, with part chorus. Both are compositions Of more tea ordinary merit. mm fa V topt, 1 Kiiip Kj.aa, wIksi omV tai pf -usi sa f 1 ir .isir, U.'S-I i.t u ltik AtTw-ra wa 1 alidad ,n m.irf s t tu;l"!inr, Int be aaw r- rai why u,iul M evtniu Ui h t H lrl"evel tit esat If UM rvp fc.kt water m var, at WTJtild o aS'imvilaW twu..ns Hal Xhm f -..-a laig year w--H ee Ihe rne l""k are -a. r R T the C-tV waa ltn k in lal at t raUi-. fc:J-l".a. Isa lieijt l, ttw nrnt iff. bwt art.t a i-f dwa to a KtsnA tm rr? rt- r viao fJTert Utat, aatii fv Irvaw a aaala a) a ( w, but t, an aMi t4 Imn aaMtie ifM.w. Iirlt tne Thattkr wa t.i a lr- tuvialjo nraL Jar Mnweai was aq-jnv area ff mirtm t tho AnxTKlt lait .atlif rill 4v 4 d- -f I i t I 0 lht"li: shiir Uf. K lu il in, it tw Bl aU l!. & R. 1 ,l..l 1, Stllf pWT-TW.'i tl, l..l. UlUt; AT f. Ja:!LVM. I'lUlal Trfluc to TOPICS OF THE DAY. have thrown some of our contemporaries into .hysterics, there ean be no doubt that enlightened and patriotic men the country over will welcome its projection npon the considerate attention of the people. No excuse exists for undue excitement over the matter. It should be examined not in the heat of passion, but in the cold light of Indisputable fact. Senator Sherman frames a grave indictment against the Democratic party. He insists emphatically that there is not an intelligent man in this broad land of either party who does not know that Mr. Cleveland is now President of the United States by virtue oi enmes against the elective franchise, including murder, arson ballot-box stuffing, forgery and per- jury, but for which James G. Blaine would ' now be there." No more serious allegation than this could be brought into the domain of partisan controversy. What Mr. Sherman says is either true or false. If it is true an intolerable condition of affairs exists in the Southern States. If it is false the Ohio Senator has tittered a foul slander on thousands of his fellow citizens. To the shame of the Republio and tha disgrace of its": voters, every thing fcor- ro borates the testimony of outrstse and fraud borne . by Senator Sherman. Peace has come to the -SjBth, but it is the peace of death to tha political tights of the black, inaa a peace that means tho nullification of the constitutional amendments and the surrender of many of the fruits of the great civil conflict. Unfortunately for the defenders of the wrougs perpetrated In this direction, their otTenBes are not even denied. They concede that the arraignment is based on existing fact, and then, like the slave-driver of 'ante-bellum days or a Democratic leader of after years, they curl the lip of scorn and coarsely and defiantly inquire, "What are yott going to do about it? The unfavorable impression made on Senator Sherman's critics by his treat- Tire Thistle's performance in the fifty-mile race sailed yesterday over the Royal Thames course ought to convince even skeptical people ! on this siae that our yachts have yet to encounter their most dangerous competitor for ! tho America s Cup. In a spanking breete the Scotch cutter beat the Irex bv 23 minutes and the Genesta by 25 minutes. Despite, however, this excellent record, the London Timifs declares that "the I full abilities of the Thistle have not yet been displayed. If this is a correct estimate of her merits our boat builders and sailing masters will be put to their trumps to save the trophy. Cold Comfort. Kern Turk Trttmnt (Erv.t The Democrats and Mtifrwumpft will not be able to extract much comfort from Senator Sherman's Springfield speech. What he said some time atro In Nashville baa been vartouly twisted about In Democratic orinma to make it appear that he had revised his opinions concern-In Southern election met hod. He said y eater. uar: "There is not an IntcUirent man in this broad land of either party who dos not know that Mr. Cleveland is now Prextdent tf the United States by virtue of crimes avainst toe elective franchi.iu. including murder, arson. tie 1 lot-bat stuliinir. foraerv and perjury. OMt for lea t. tuaine wouia now tie in bmi Franklin Literary Society, The following offWrs bare ben elected by the Franklin Literary Society fur the running year: rrceident, John A. vuintara; rim Vice-President, Fredericks. Burnham: Second ice-President, Theodore U Cuvler, Jr.; Corresponding ti-cretary, Edgar J. Taylor and Recording Secretary, w alter A. Dixon. Off r'or Ku rope. Tbe steamer Germanic of the WLito Btar line sailed for Liverpool yesterday, having among tbe pojsseiijreri Mr. A. Bussing, lira. H usM tig. Miss liotng. f. o. r. tJsrtiett, Mr. liouis CVwiant, Mr. D. 8. Flack an I Mr. C. C. Bhsyne Jr., of this city. IN LIGHTER VEIN. which place. FROM the antecedents of U. S. Marshal Stafford, tha public has cause to feel that Major Tate conld hardly have made way for a better man. Mr. Stafford is a Democrat, but his partisanship is not of that nature that snouid lead him to tne disregard of law and of publio opinion which characterizes the men who have come to the front as Mclaughlin's choice which he 13 not and he may be - peeked to administer his office in the public interests. In private life he has'shown the qualities of an upright citizen, and that is a guarantee oi his course as a public man. The Bllssfal Anniversary. . A'tw Fn-1 Saa ( PnaJ May the sun shine its bright! tn the !f orthern woods to-day 1 Mav refreshing; breeseo blow tnrougn tne tnurmnt pine noeuiea, ana sweet peace and nerftx-t bar.moesei nt a thouwid blefniin make OeMrbtfLil the enUUftde wbere Fiwidnil Cleveland and his wife are aetetrrauog Uie Oral anniversary vf toeir weoawc Oaf I Tfii Sun, which is Gov. Hill's chief organ. says in a dispatch from Albany r " While Gov. tint i ; non-committal on the subject, it is un derstood that an extra session of the Senate will be called before the end of June to deal with affairs at Quarantine. " Whv should the Governor be non-committal about the matter f If facta have come into his possession which v rant an investigation be should summon the Senate and order it at once. If he has no such facts he ought to be above the style of political warfare by innuendo which the San dispatch indicates that he is engaged in. The experience of both city and county shows that it would be better to appeal to the law whenever property is to be acquired rather than to undertake to secure it by private pur chase. This experience is renewed in the at tempt to bay property adjoining the Thirty- second Regiment armory for, say, 121,000, which the Supervisor-at-Large vetoes, on tbe ground that tits real value is not more than f ll,ooo. - There ought to be plenty of money in Eng- land to send the Cambridge boat crew hither for a test of either sculls or stalls with Har vard. The Englishman says all that -ha wants ! is ' a fair field and no favor," and he. can find that want supplied here until the race is over. after which there will be all the fa Tor ai-own a.i a. a. Wi uiaii as win accept NEWS IN BRIEF. There ie a aisaareement over tae tarvMaclea el tbe Preeldent to visit SC. Ixmia. Perenrv bodfco have been found ia the ruins oi the fans tire and fifty kieaoneo. Little slaidalena Zorn. who has been missing ior nve uays. has been tracfa to aingaonage. The reported Jamestown earthquake provee to have been a urnamite explosion in a driven veu. The Chteaio clicine house now bold J lue tic 11 J- ad the wheat lathe city. They took la ousje!s yesterday. Theodore Stohler, mire aft, tn a fit of Jeakwvy snot ui wire and hliw.t at raseraoa reHeroajr. buo win recover, be will not. A clerk and a superintendent of mesaenirers In Ptrasburg have been arrested lor stilting uov em merit secrets to France. TVoriBre. Jndm t.vman T. Follett. of Orani RapirK Micb has defaulted, lie was ralaes bv uie taicwo wneat oeai. Moritx Frederick Wtrner. tbe distinrahhed German traveler and ethnolotrtst, eommiUed suicide yesterday at M unich, Bararia. Ifiul iKaniknlAF. nf tha tavtre. AtattA Af til Central Labor Union, hare decided to atx-ept id.OU) offered by ex-SherUt James O'Brien of New York. Tho nroiect of twifldin a srrent Protectant Episcopal Cathedral in New York, to ct 1iJ,ii,U0, Is revived. It is to be Called "Ihe Cathedral of St John tha Divine." After a heated debate tbe old board of mm-aeement of tha American Tract boeiety was ousted yeterday by tbe "radical" interest on a question of "retrenchment and reform." A conference of S.CO0 Radical Colon dclejrstcs was held at Birmmrham, Knr yum-r-tay. Soeeches wers its ad e biitcriy oondi-mnjns; Ula-V stone. Mr. Chamberlain declared that concilia tion would be mere deception. E. C. Ptffenbacher, who stated tbs he bad escaped from a lunatic a.-lum. foroe-i el way to (hit. Hiii'a office reatenjar and aemaoOed a Judicial invesutration. BecOBuna' vsatens. he want sua ouass lost. When she eoroes home assln 1 A thousand wsyt I fashion, to an vself, Ihe teoemeas Of my ried welcome: I shall tremble yea : Ann lours ner. as waeo arst la toe oil oat l I touched her riHi-b hand, aor dared utn-aiea aline evea, waa nr faiot harts sweet riiNtreea. Then silence; Aod the perfume ef her dress. The room will sway a littte. aol a base Cloy ey-aisht aimUnrht, evenfor a spaee : And tears yes ; ami me acne ner in tn tarosi. To know that I so 111 oeaerve toe puu-o Iter arms make for ae ; and the ar,ttrtns note 1 flaT w-tlli ll wfiL ere tla- tasrTuI race A .... kM klddM iiaa Old tnDnr. ainc n utiwaii nwy wvmm Lfnivra Jar Gould Is not much of a eoatismstist. but , lie ha. ths finen ctilicciloo cf cciui la lui ccuo- try.-U'f. Owier-ls It not T that rav-e roll irtmoll e- rad verv nuch upoo lb i1 Irbr and enctet upon toe bowl. aiuaUMS UlSMKRUl ttmttttm. The Fataro Great Naiuarr Ilraort of Nw Jersey Hotel llrvallo (Ipa-aa-d. Over 1-V) la.liw and gentlemen Irft Sew York and Brtiuklyn on the 0 A- M. train of too Morris and Eaarx Raalrrjad on Monday last to be prwnt at tho osning of tho Bow Ilotol Brealtn at Lake llopaUxing, tle most beautiful lake of Sew Jerwy. It 1W faet higher than Sew York, ami cmly one hour aol twanty five minutos distant bv rail. The visitors were in rant ure over the lake, the mouataiD arwwry the new hotel and surrounliB2 cottaaiesrf wi t ii on Is the summer brime of IKta, tha ai-srew, and cost t.ll.u0. 1 ho Ink Is fiftern irn'o l.o;. ia manv plaeva two miiea wule, al dut witii manv rOuraroo lalaoda. Asaaaa Lyoa, of omralia faino, owns a cottars a-ijorsan Lotta'a Mr. Puttier, of PutLVf rt Btinrj; 1 ('til- ver, Henry Al Umbrand, Mr. (llvoer, of Brooklyn, are auo osiwt of elearaot rottacea Asoonx tho gueata imwat at tua petiir. s were Robert lnirdat. tr. and Mrs. Jotitt L HuglKW. Ii B. Klrliaiel an I family, J p. Kinttford, E. F. Iian p, iir. and Mrs. U King, Jr.; Gardner R. Col! v, with a psrty of tweuty-otx from Orang; fl. E. Slct.Wy aid wife, i.t!-a; Fr.r.k Jenkins, the little Saras Iron of Bertraod Inland ("lob, Henry Aklen-brsil,Mr, lvnr, It L. FJosr ia. U fiabarry, Jamea H. Bnsl.D, N-iutU r CanfieH. ex Sitia-tor Wsrtx, Mr. Ilolwell, fjeneml Paaenr Agent vf the IVlswsre, k lui. ao.1 Viestera RaiiroaJ. sod A. J. SultlDg, B.-k-Ija. . Ilnmklf ti ."-ecorlliea. rorrerted by C F. Mot ea. d-ol-r 10 Brr-.kJya mtistinmt viitiii.'. So. ill iot4ru ttttct. Irtcpboiie. tJ BroxikJjn. I. 11 4 tlllMMlmO Ball-aal . eW O.wk .. .. tlllDIK w a - Ht.. ) I ! f "- ' l ! til ISaiirw.1 I 1 . , airs iniM uiinw. . r irwit KH"Mta m--rm tialail HI"H 1 , .. aaada NallraO t- 9- - . a Kan 1st trt . 7m a nm "i a aie a fnal ! .- a- r- inalaaa H.i i-4 la luil.alawi . . .... t ,aHi hall-rHN . 1 w Mil rreaaua..... -- " . . . . ituati. a a is aj M a aa" Ital'fwaS Vw k t.ra. 4 St.. a a..- - . w K".. a tM sv I M,i, aaf '"S ...... til 'teas' taw . a ...a a, aaiiw . . , Bu.Klt-J l.afte T t - .. v a kaall.tti- . .. , . (a. W f...' a t,aaca a wa .. "t w aaaei - . '-"'-'- -- Wit..0'm tNi.u ." iiniU'i'.,Js i...r.f.iw.. .Ifa iwi- htark .............m. lw llasa t alaa Ma Tlaer by la Caaaly. Five meinlwr t4 to t ip-rt i. r' loo f ei-tilttee at niM lioi-ia4 to artrnirtei.ta frsa tbe Ko.ili tf Ij1s" In Wt)v1 Cn,er itr Kt l t-nx luU-n tiJll Cibt, 11 I il.r-J out ctsitjails f.r w,tk al f t J . il tale to Ui fftra. ir lht llt . I Jul lio llla;h"-4 111' if Wa Jii.i. ft il 't-er Wtirda. IkVit tiny. etirit,..f t-w: f n.M mm Tie' i 'lii- tjvea of the IVotrai Il 1 mil ailH -fled at l-i. ' tl to al, .a- ti-! Uaf t-au . tMsa was (air and Jtvw aiol I l Ua r.uprt-1 1-4 tho r 141.1 10 p.'.s it, es ! tut -it 1 10 Wotit. ttfaeif tha U?V;;sta a a,l t-al if llat cti!;t f I rv 4 p'.t n-tt r. "t m i-a Uo ecisaratVjrt Ikrf i i l y a si.-'a they saw Ht. anl Ut w 1 le fii twt la t eol 1 lb crstbtT (se mjt e.,tra,-ta W U liwnt rj-miieT l.l arr atul tb.a a Irfi wtre yw,-4i nv-n. ti rtaei wt n..l"iel tM lra-t ta.., I.-1 ial.. AtalaY da-at aaatw4 tkiAt m ttH. I! All of ! ,Mwq a a, If taaiMl H-in m UM t t a nsa-n m tvma t.p too sitirk a qiai'-ky a jjail-Wanl a.4tiare bow It all $?! HuperTir Be!, tn.! tv. -n lit ilrlr' !. to fa-1 aial to T1 he luuwllt I !w -- arat, bat ifae iVIrv! awaaei aaw lass aititre MaiertMa-.t at-wit, air. SNaii IM . t. ' . I'll . IM as s es . i 1 hi . w. . .. .1" .. K.1 ... ...IS ... aa .... . a irt it it r. iU it sr. a.i V IJt- -Like jtr" -Weil, some, ye know. W on.t.-in wtaat makfw It Cholly Aw been ewayr CttwyTaaa, tie trip. AW, yaaa. 1 hoornt Bads t ereo vni mtely. you know, woesti bawve you becnr -Vion. ue .it r-But it is so beavtiy oi l. so beaMly eold ap I boa II "Cawn't aa y. unmi It's becauaa taeaa s so pnsr rvwtoo riam up tbeaa, ooa t yota know." iviwjwry Omaha Han Well, like til the text ef oa. tm named an ana-et. of course y reruns Hneband t-teo Ie trot an aaari-i In oae reaper, but atao is to anotiaer. " mnw mat out. nr "law: aoareia doot wear J booort. PSe dors." " . but she Is sn ana-el ia one respect, you think r To; anris can't cook. Setthcr can tie.' Omaha H or id. IHSTite4 Pettier I have farmed that Quarter aectMm for two wkole year and ktwot rmiw-d enouira to fatten a ermetaopiaer. It's notnma but real sand. If I n not muataaea you who bm 1 oouid n:ak! s rl'ins off that larm from tbe very start, ttcai irTate a rent mat swiial I told you. sir you could make a imn cd It. and so you eouia : tae inriner oa tae better. -lakoj-j irt- mtnc A hlrhtr colored maa stepped to the post of. flee winlnv one day aini ai.ed the clerk if bo wr-uia airviiT oirect a h-tter ror arm. l tie tiemaa freely consented, dipped a pea Into sioe rood id k ssune coier ss tnnn -and wrote as dic tated t .y Hell n astiinrUMt." It waa hsmlsomely written, and tne writer viewed it witn satist tttion as be waited fir rurtner inter. auawvu. . lu.ii, - t . . . . ii, hi j a, i i, i , w heTW (IVapa .M Ma Krwv It. r 1 Wuhinal,.! lirV"l Why. bfieaT' anewerfd trie i.rkr t rrmfifa-ntt. t!ly, dafi es' wit I tlou' trow. If I knowed I d a rry-k it nsraef and not bodder oc bos' cftce. iimsrtt boxrffa. rfia: n.t a aacti flrw aiWai taaaa. aaava. . faitaanaaari"-. ..... k lass awj f ..-.). lo-. la.tS aBS -'.- a.ranaT(ra j.w. . UeraaOKS al 1 1 aar' iwaa Stutt IfaHI't' autnort m tnaa avtaea Oaa Satt .... )i I mi aa .. )naw hliL w BUI. Lr ai iitilSLi- .-- Lnat lti4 Ua aa t raw to. eol arana.TaOif Kl twSOsH to Laa Itaft aal ina.t l .. Hralifl lainiKI ! saa .... Si ww la.aaw-f ta. aara Um aaaarl tawaraara ia. Vataata laaarafct CO Ja... OiMlun laaaraar to. k. ....... kaai lara la. fort rtrnil Itwrafrt J e . .. a iillaaaaaar lawman aa. atwa BrM,ia L.ttt 1 m. lr-,M taa..-, 1 ir, taw. Ira aaa.. UMiarat .- 1 af ra' Sau wwa iMM 1.1. . . . - .4 .JTM . , aar raw- i . -. .-- . t rrr e-rt- ls ie r.... -r. ee. vr5 I T crat. sil aail W S .B t t nantr V 1 S iaa I oaw I e vm k ua Luaal I f wav l.aimf i a a..t-. I a!. -a r-rry a 1 rfe terry. flruMir MaK,Sal ktae t-lyal t I Hum' k -rule Lit at t.a. " , tM,a..T wirr ft'1! a ury t-a. ww.. t JB UI rol 0 P tacS Ulfl aSa. L. I Walar si.t t lat aaarv ..-. i,n.a .lrl aar t' t-o law -. f, ,-. I a W w .?e.f U Irt kaaaa a lat-waaa w alar W t IW S , IlataaaS alcf mk to. t a CSOOS ....... I III SO n : -:- ls T 1 n to Mr. R. SI. Vr!tarS Tks a TrlVaia la Me. 4. ladalaae. The O'.ad.tavne Ti" ! went t r.i.aa4 tatrf UV OB the W !.' .Af JIB'. f -l 1.aul on-lr the rare i -f Mr lL M. W tl'rt Msrf (iir sroiii t.'d lint rnTi f trmi 1 ' n an J Sew Ytl it !" Iks lay i i X .r ".f- trr H.riii fc -o Mr. Waiter -?. a;..l J;-'-. I -n'aVy to aase a $j& U t!.esaw$aa, pr 'V; oa w, ,l rifwuir I j" Miv.'s Vtli'tiwy, I real 1, l.t ('asal, f t!. 1'- I f Ail'lnni.; iWi arvl los y, t ..:irri:uaa VI! F. I'aate. c- Tm HHliitl I si- t taritr C -r.if vjtt Hiks. Tlw t,. tvioly 11 fc w a t(t . tV !.;'..!.' .1 oeav. Tl.-va uiu--!.-, f,.-i and c ' ''-( . Mayor H'hMsiev, AUosui .'e-4t Mar Iir isn. (a-t i t 1. Tn. r. 1 lair-.; J.r. Miatf-t, tt'taariea T. I utmii a' ata aoi t frt-aamaa U!1irr tr.adr mfi .ea a;-;ir- "Tiato ui tba" emu, sl talt.rvi lin rvacfjr Irvtsn t lat""awre .1 1 arttaeaat a. Mr J .at H ftrt w,jl f.rm i. k e- Dual fMf...lart.,-r T laf a t-a I'ltlaS V ran ba ix-r aiv.1 Ku- New ai 1 . -.n:lT ! T"sa,l, J ana 9 lia rit.vl n!rlf 4.ial cf ti I 1s A kl laorlf f tl ttaaaa) A ' w M- L. Cfcurtk wul ta! .loo oowbirw. w" Cno tu"l and li.rrj -t oij be gltetv Lt a." 1 1 -l !tt!iir I rr mt th '.5.'W rif tba I k If I Bio w,J to L..L.,'-eJ tat anwra I va vaao( at tba taaSiaVe. la Ua liraia Anaw M K. Oi arr-, U.ta evesranc. tl ax.anml w.rwtaiiri"y frf..ri ai liTlliI,,!'t Will l- If"! Ia 4'.-.-i IU'1. '-i H tj tr ?. V ' Tnur,. the l5rr.V!B fi.i.-?y -i jl.f a inait eaan a, I. T arlaau hltwtrt anil Oaiearr VU kin, "Th"! h t Iak '.-.-e-? t?,, at tfca I fi' rt 5l.rH A. M.. 1- Own'' At !' lxw Aer,-a (af repitlsrtal (T.-;e-H a fru.t ami tVal featital will UUU il-t rvanirr. A rs-trrino an! I f-'Teti t IU Tjt T. A. Sa-Jarm ten rveeinr at Uaa kVcvirvd C l. it'.Av, He Jtwios ptoro atal rWventh nwmL d rw im la- vrsnitif ha-aOa la l -1 T t . It Ui ......... If) t't ....... I ....... i a i.j . i if aw fstlj?,''' It-if.f. ia Wa BlfWll"'lT 1 JX tj7'" O -' 1 T " Z C-ea Cwet-a 111 a. a. Ca,' icasaa arO - a -a... aa . . V ; a- f w mt , awwa t. ea ! II s kt n 1- J wo i.-," it Ha t ha I ha I ha I Too arm inw with He'ielst if y ow aoa bkia pacceas Soap. Sbc at Unritatk Calldroa Cry for Pitcher Castorta. ai perfect preparation for ctulilrcn . oompiaiaU Dr. . E. Woltman aars s rit4 Trt7"n' ! beor-K-inl tn severe coat- -t I'rn-'io-f , .J,2 ,w all llraiffaw Si IMJlaiO. ar n. a. uuwa w to., ti Jotm t-, N. T. , All Maa VjiA tM Tw&iX tut TSSaCOS, argfPa-fO tWi ----w T- r-S' tax - .-. mwmmm. ti mm-- m . x mrm i. rrw 1 1 r kotilo. was rwnovou by toe polloc J -

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