The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1931
Page 7
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;-<U;K KIGHT UHK.I COUHTKU NEWS Poi-rcpt City To Play Indians at Osceola Sunday • OSCEOLA, Art;. — The Forrest City rli:b rin furnish oprywi'.ton '.v. ''::-_• lr.rti:'i:< ;it O-iCvo!.' Sun| -lay. . Ft. !rrv-: Oily bw,-,'.s i.::c o! 7:-; 1 f-r Tn 11 '* Ordinals rraMirrt r. m'r if nines from the Pl-.iUlr-, tween themselves nml (he Gier.ts. | In second place in the National, leatrue clme. TK? Giants divided; n unir with the third ptace Bnilm. i In the American loop the Ath-' ktlns v:c-re let dnwn hv yonn^ i Wall)- Hebrrl of IV." St. 'lost!*. Browns but th? Senator? al-:o !cit. i The Cnrdinals Inr.k fiolli cnris n! .•>. douVe heMlrr from Phil.\ilc]])lin. ! The. score' wcr? -I to ?. snri -1 fo 2.1 Lindf.'.v, sho relievo:! Ilalhhnii. | wns Ihe winning pitcher or (he. first and Rhein or the second : game. Watltins, Card right fljleirr.' fj.-y 0 r ci°-ol->iKi Bc ,'.,,, .. ?!i--.v Ynrl; drove out thrc? home Vt ?n f>. K :iO 31 '.. .. n :|4 r-1 no :T! ?.s 'JO 37 National l.riij;iii> W. (,.. 3-1 :>5 31 an si ai ^ :>•! -a :\n .. :.. I!'.! 11 I are v". «".il In frn)i! o( t':•.*• vines I."/ NvUinliVf ; H»Ftv h<-!d (Vi> Inilrt Vh'.l" til' HiUQIlS . when h- (ln:h liiri^!' i-.i :•.>: •'•• D.v.' prciilesnienl. There nve tv.-o.m-'' •ve--> <:<ir. c: i|c;iiin ti:S. declares Toiim>" M !-. Annour, ne\v l^iu-ih Op?n' thr.rn- t 4. • t'icn. Otje is Ihi.' explosion shot. ,i| ]„ The other Is the cut shot. *i • l ^: Atinouv'.s cut hhol I-; a delic'it? them. V:v,ost. Pir- ln '"3 an:l :m!5t L ' e a«--"ral?ly plny- ! eel ^iJice -jny error is likely to re-] ! tnlt In lin [her trouble. Tcminv nils n:(!pr the ball, ;li;-- Itrj a thin rn«hir,n ol land hr?i\vc."'ii tt:r] au:l c!iiljl-.e:id. To ]>!-iy a shut in ihU manner inliulmn O",'.!! 1 ; WT: ll'e !o<n<r hnrlr-r. Tl:e Mf.unhl-i nillr-l-: ri:n|il;- '(.[.', | tlielr -.Kilt :-:r!)Mit vlctcrv iiv ii fH : x ionise .'ir-ries wHIi tlr 'i •!• -..:!i:.T I.. ,v- . ilrjf.'; l: ;i!.: stall with Slim Love, Jw Dr.idsliaw and Charlie Owens taking [uuih on Ihe mound- 7he Ii-.dlans have *x;cii going rtrcnjr an« nave chalked up twelve victories in thirteen starts. Kitty Cresun or Od(!;ll Seaton will hurl lor Ofceola. THURSDAY, JUNE_25,__1031 •;.. IM .'In-Ill" V,:!,. Tlie wriri- W-.-.E -1 !•> ? | ,,,„ j,,,;,.,,,..,,1 l ! : ,,,; ; ,|, 1 he Inld wHI ;^|; ilio Chicks -.-a their s ..yon nt onix-r- ; ^^.; ^ 'Aonih """slid'" thill' .•I'M GAMES TODAY Koulliprn fjague Chntuinoofta at Memphis. Nashville at Utlls Rock. Only yames scheduled. tlllll lilt I'oiiie iinis. P.uvld. v:n;; th; : ol sand. (\,-i* hid ,'ioad c,':>urlrr Now.", Ads. Thc'BrooSIvn Dodcors move;! up I. Into the first ilivh'o'i tn th» Na-1 (lonnl ehn<e with a clcuble victory over the PUlsburr:h Pilules. Score". C lo 1 nnd S lo 3. Joe Slmute, ih? veteran, v. 15 crriiltcrl with the finst win end He'mnnh with tlm second. Grantham. ipiil-r and O'Ooul hit homers. C'ul« anil Obnls Split Tho OlniUs nnd Cirti'i < two.!Tari>es nt Now Yor'-f. Bruins vnn tlm 5crnnr|, n cTu » lo )f). ^Iter Ihe Oln'.H copivi! (ho nnener JTI p. TjHrlihvr rliiel. f. in n. lInl-'H] ]el (lie Cijlis down with l-n h:ls in Mir- onenlnf; encounter. T^ie .se. rtf :iii| pnm'> \vns n free hlitlnc tati]p win. iii.-- Jlniin 1 : d'-i'iT mist ol (he hi'lliiT. Htirnsby. Oil and Vernez hit homers. Tlie Ilravcs <jf ChHrmntl ri'rls .solU two nRmeT M. ni^f'in. 'ch" Reds ro'iiy;! t*" 1 cr.fiier B to ^ t'vt the Braves u*nn [he seroiirl with o'rt Tom Znelwrv hurling.'it In o. Johnson n-ns tbe winnln? pitcher ol the first, pome. The riro'p'S' rnokic ronlhimw Wallv Hebcri. l-^il Ihe Jacks' ir. hits scattoiTcl nnd Die Prnwns v.on n close unm" f- to s \Vnlb»i-c von.s ' Ih'e kslnc; hiirl5r. Goose Closlin'r iwo homo nuts aMcd Ihe nvrrans. Krrss n"d Finns also hct homers. TJie Senotors wer^- subdued bv the Tiners. 7 to 5. Whifnlilll held thn Nuts lit hnrul.while (he Ben- pals stiecd cm iiiirlslnft In th.5, liS'^avccr^l^hH™^^ n ^ UHN ™ n .T^« «™,«, h « S run. Brown was le losing hiirkr. Tl>'.-> New York Ynnkees pminileil llio Cliieaco.liurlei3 for a 10 lo 2' -• victory. 'KnlYini held Ihe While' Box in hand while Ihe Yankees cot' 13 hits and used the. into advnn- - lasc. Babe Ihitb. hit his 15th home-run of tl» year. The Bcston Red Sox won from the Cleveland Inrtians. 7 to 3. Wiley Moore limited the Indians to '.sis hits. Harder was the losinsj hurler. Berry !od the' Doston (it- lack with three hits, Inchitling a , triple. The N"v Or'eair* I'plie'irv; <l-> KOnK HEATH, liiii;. I UP)—John ' fr.-.'til (In 1 Atl-inla C-'ratkerii at N«-v; Ih'nrd isnri Ocorne Stonlerf were I Orleans liv :i shnil.u- s n orc. •! ti. ;. : 5"i encli for tying a can to HIM.. N. (;.. (UP)— A The Pi-Is bmsn'.-i-l fmir lilts u:ii! u i the lull of a do? which refused to nine K.'.yiiliaii niul ?nU.iLrl/:rc Ir.r thivi- runs iii the chhth I 'e^'-vc their larin. ».yiHi;iii miijj'.T niiu'or hr.vo bern ] imi'ii" J-iinvvi \vis Ihe'\vinnin-• —\ — prrreiitiil Ii, (Ii,. Ui'iveisitv ofj. mt] M,r',., i'l.'. ] o ^,-,., l,iirl(- '• i t i,n n, . N..-tth C;a-,.'Hi:i by Mr.'l-v I'" 'Oil-' ... '' ' •' ," i« ama al '' UI!L ' "°" k ™ s lwst|XJiteil iiiutir, ,1 senjor slndfitl. Tlv- relics _ ", e ChnLariooaa-Uttle Rur< b;iaiii? oi wet grounds. ar.' on display in the university librarv. American Ix-ngue New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at- St. Louis. Washington al Detroit. Boston al Cleveland. National League Chicago at Boston. St. Louis al P.rool(lyn. Cincinnati at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. The ycim; Ih. :i • «:.;:•(" .'.r.r.:... nisV:o. His slory? Well, Johnny Risko is the m?.n who was "almost heavyweight champion of the world." Tunney didn't vnr.l him. TMnney pro- forpd Heenev. Well, why not? Wouldn't you? In tlie years n?o. Madison Square Oarden oflercd to "take held" of Risfeo and bnilil him Into a champion. That Is If he defeated Victoria Cauiiwloi He did beat Campolo, decisively, but Referee .Kid MuPaitlnnd called that bout — at Miami—a draw. For the return bon', Risko refused to train. "Aw, I can lick thai hi? (ramp," he told his manager, little Danny I Dunn. "Why should I train?" So he prepared for his second Campolo fight by a scries of workouts in the night, clubs of Cleveland and New York. Campolo •then beat him Oddly. Hisko won Ihe decision. Dill his show- i ing wus so sour that the Garden DO VOU KNOW TMAT- They're picking June 29 ns the date Jeem Londos will lose his heavyweight wrestling cKiin- plonshlp.. .That's the nijht he is matched with Ray Stccle, Cfihfoinhn collegian. In <jne or tho Nw York l>:,!l |:i f 'i« .Th- Mil;-. Tlll^ will :-.h;ir? !).,• ir- '-•I'iptS. . ft, hiss f;(^'n Cl:: : ;ii(.'- ihe ililf prm...Mic»:ej i'ri'..i..:i is the best catcher in basebul. ...yet he'll never be perfect as long sis he keeps thai, saxophone. "Thn hell you wiip Venn. )ou 11 un in me ir.-i MIUI lam. in a pig's eye! You gave that dumb Dutchman all he ever wants' lo see of you. He von't get In no j| riusr wit' you tijalri. You and him is all washed up. ! Try ntul fj'.a Him .\K;iits j "Vo-.i v.i-':! 11 . iv.irt '.h.ll ;ii':i,t. j .\' I':*.-- --oil !.::d:i't ad ir, promoters threw up their hands. DiEgusted. There' v;ent his chance. One, Two, Three on Chin There was another lime. For .seven rounds lie beat Schmeling. Foolishly then he disobeyed his instructions, got careless and took one on the chin. This led to several more. In a minute or so he was finished. Of course, he stayed "in there." Risko never knew how to quit, bill the referee stopped it. "I'll challenge 'im," said Risko the other clay in Cleveland. "I'll play wit' 'ini any day. Winner take all. Ten roun's. Tivenny roun's. Jus' give 'im to me!" To which little Danny Dunn re- late as 11:20 P. M., liOUND TRIP F/\RK From Blylho.ville. al - day. LIVERPOOL. (UP)—B.?cciise Ihe shoe fitted her, a woman accused ' of throwing II through a neigh- \ bor's window was fined 02 cents in ! court here. ' •/or Cool lijlil prims . . . prac- Ixal prints (or traveling ar.J general wwr . . . dark solid irxl lovel Oiw-pK« dresses, separate jitl:tts snd jacket efircti ... dresses !or sportswear, for the su«t. for ilternoon an evening. Flit crept, canton ere?;. isro:«eUe, clufloo and Natu e, not Makes CAMELS Mild H AKSH lohaccos require harsh measures, like piirching. to make them tolerable to the throat. But the choice Turkish and mellow Domes- tic'tobaccos of which Camels are blended are naturally mild and gentle. Parching would only ruin their exquisite flavor and aroma. No niattcr where you huy Camels you will find them always iu factory-fresh condition. Their rare flavor together with their natural moisture is air-sealed-in hy moisture-proof Cellopliimo. We call It the Humidor Pack. This protective wrapping is dust-proof, germ-proof and weather-proof. A great hoon to the smoker. No stinging particles of peppery dust to irritate the throat; no hraekish smoke from stale tobacco; no burnt tongue from the hot smoke of dried-out cigarettes. Just the cool, mild fragrance of choice lohaccos expertly blended aud properly conditioned. • If you are not a Camel smoker, switch over for just one day. Then leave them —if vou can. J. C. Pesiney _ 9* Inc. DEPARTMENTS STORE .220-222 W Alain St. lilyihcvitle, Ark. I^cnvliijf Iho ninlxuro-prool CcHo- |)lmii<> on my Cjnuol pnc-hago %vhcn I «iivn U iirolei'lH <luM-li;nr«Mlcs»galn!«t (lie nilur* of powilor ami p«rfumo AMELS X<> CIG.1 Time iiKI.UIKI. (.'I'v.iYMU 110UI frnEuring Mnrlim Downey t anil Tony XVons-CoIiimlviu Kriiiul- Syflnu -• .-voi-y ni^li! <'\cr;il Sunilay AFTER-TASTE U i* the mark of a roniidcrate haiteii, by meni of the Humittor I'ncfc, to "Sfrrc a frcih cig rcllf*" llity Cnnirl* by the carton — r/n« fin retla Kill remain frcih in your home and offi crises, always so!i:etniaG nicl:- ir.g! Always sonietlnng lacking? "cl heart! No, nol heart I HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Also Fables and News. Adm.—Matinee nnd Nightf-k 10 and 2uc. *•' R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today See unii-so BMI1TS PICTUP* Also Comedy and News. Adm. — Matinee — 10 and 30c. Night— 15 and '10c. Coming — "DADDY . LEGS" with Janet Gaynnr and Warner Baxter. ^Mi£&&iiV y . i^iA^ - -'

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