The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 27, 1934
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Served by United Pres» BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THI DOMINANT NEWBPAPEK OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOCTHBABT MIB8ODKI VOL. XXXI—NO. 87 BlytheviUe Dally Newf BlythevllJe Courier MJiEifoippi Valley Leader Blytheyille Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JUNK 27, 193'1 SINGLE COPffi3 PiVE : DEMAND A. A. A. CODE FIX MICE PUNIER HELU FOR BID mm H. H. Bowden o[ Joiner Bound Over ,to Grand Jury at Osceola Today. OSCEOLA, Ark., June 27.—R. H Bowden, prominent plainer of Joiner, was held to the grand jury under 1500 bond on a charge of destroying graves following a hearing before Justice of the Peace O. L. Waddell this morning. Similar charges against R. N. Brown, employe of Bowden, were dismissed after Brown had testified he thought skeletons uncovered in road building operations conducted at Bowden's direction were those of Indians. Following the hearing officers took a 45 calibre' revolver from Leslie Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, chief witness against Bowden. Speck was immediately arraigned on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and was fined $50 and costs. Assault Charge Pending Charges of assault and batters' against Bowden, growing out of a fight that is said to have followed remonstrance by Speck i against removal of dirt by Bowden | from an old cemetery southeast of' Joiner, are scheduled for hearing next Tuesday. | Warrant for Bowden's arrest was| issued following complaints to the prosecuting attorney's office and to County Judge Zal B. Harrison by residents of Joiner and vicinity, where the case has aroused much Interest. A large crowd was on hand for the hearing this morning. The offense charged against Bowden is a felony, punishable by penitentiary sentence. Bowden is alleged to have un.. del-taken? the construction of r a •- toad through ''the ol.Tp^-'ceriiefcy, which is part ot a farm known as the Little Warner place, which he rents and operates. The plot filled with graves, has not been used for a number of years, but is the resting place of many of the first settlers of the Joiner neighborhood. If. is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county. Says He Followed Survey Bowden testified in his own defense that the road he was build- county highway engineer In 1930 Duce's Daughter Seeing London Initiated Act Will Be Dicussed Friday Tlie special committee of ihcj Mississippi Coiuily Taxpayers As- icctallun recommended (o the 115- •cclntlon and C. O. Smith, ch-.iir- ninn, at i\ meeting here this afternoon thai u proposed initiated county salary act bv submitted (o tl»> association as u committee ol Hie whole ami interested I'ili- zens of the county next Friday. The meeting will be held nl !> o'clock :u [he Osccola courthouse. June 'Si. Discussion as to Salaries that may ! be Incorporated in the act )iro- ' pojal und a uencrul re-workini; Pirate Cttpiives H -.mted in China 1 iti Johnson Refuses ,to Modify Terms in Blue Eagh: Conlroversy. paled. WASHINGTON, June 27 tUPI — to nt Mississippi county Is antici- |" the Harrlnmn. Torn, hosiery KH ' i mill will agree to two points tie"-] era! Hugh S. Johnson was ready ! today to give it back the blue ' eagle. • j Withdrawal of the blue L'acle, the concern claimed, so crippled Its business ihal it was forced to shut down yesterday, throwing 053 j persons out of work. • Johnson said a U-nolnt settlement plan had been outline^ in| the dispute and the company l'ia;l j agreed to all but two clauses. These provide for replacement vjl'.h Harriman reslilrnls of otitju.e IN STRIKE Ten Arrested, Nine,in Hospitals Following Milwaukee Disturbance. MILWAUKEE, June 21 (UP) — Ten men were arrested and nine reatcd In hospitals today after olice of a Socialist city govern- lent had battled for two hours o rout a rioting mob of utility trike sympathizers. London is enieriainlng a dls- rfnciiisheil gnost —the daughter nf Beniln Mussolini, diclator nt Itnly. Slie is [lie Countess Ciano anil Is shown here as she starts from ilie. Italian embassy for a promj*a4e in the British . E. Hagan Fractures Vertebra When Limb Breaks Beneath Him. W. E. Hagan. 48-year-old 'Huff iinan farmer, was in a serious con and that an order for its con- • jdition al the BlytheviUe liospita ! after falling from a plum tree a _i ,. uii - , , liner iiiiitii^ ILUEU !l struction had been issued by the hi , hnmp , 4 _.=,,. nnnnf-u n/i,,v» rrh ~ . — ^ ----- n..~ ___ nls nome, i^ nines Biytheville, about 10 o'clock thi morning. Hagan sustained » fractured ver tcbra near the base of the skxi when he fell head first from til tree. The farmer fell from a heigh county court. The prosecution contended that, regardless of this, it was Bowden's duty to see to the proper reinterment pf any bodies that might be disturbed. Skulls and other remains uncovered by the road building op- fn't'hTcasT enteted '" eVk '' ?nCe of abollt le lc <*- He was P"*" 1 D.....J ' . ' i [plums while standing on a boar Webb Q '^ T wn r P 01 "" 5 '' reaching from a ladder leaning hi= oiftr Vi Wilson, following og^st, the tree to a limb on the whin), n \» T"* -, SP f Ck ', '".opposite side. The limb broke and ^ h .. t !?5_.!. (itt . cr . U sal £ V^'S IHagan's feet tripped against the Speck hadl p]ank caus i nE | lim to fall hjsd disturbing ofj first Tne t n j ur y rendered Hagan charge of Harriman whose hiring • put more residents than one Byrd and Gihbins Stores \Vi|K-cl Out; Local Fire Truck Disabled linRoule A the InUji' brick bulldlUK hoiking Byrd Druv; coinp.niy iin<l J. member of a family on the pry- roll, i Johnson's refusal to restore 'the blue eagle unless these points were agreed to was backed up! by President William Green of the American Federation of Labor, v:h Police estimated that 10,000 men sal[J that 1( "'* government yitld- "» ook part in forcibly halting al- nest 100 street cars at a south ide intersection where five routes onverge. while another 0,000 or ',000 persons cheered them on. Trolleys were pulled from over- lead wires and motormen who at- empted to replace them were beaten. Two car operators were among hose taken to hospitals. -Passengers in crowded cars dropped to aisle floors and rushed n panic to the streets as a barrage of stones and bricks slammed through the "armored" windows- covered with heavy wire netting before i|te strike ucijau. •- — • ' Appro'xlinate'ly a score were struck by the missiles or bits, of flying glass. None, were hurt seriously. Authorities said that. -the -.riot apparently was planned in advance. since almost 2,000 were on hand when the first street. car was halted by ! youths who yanked from the wire. sd " would "™nstitu;» an ab- Jec .' surraider to In in opinion Is a lawless corporation." Johnson emphasized he wo'ild 3t yield in the controversy. "Without some amelioration-' of the present situation the blue eagle will not be restored," r.c said, pointing out that five MRA representatives at various trres In the last few months had to end the dispute. A. R. Clancy, NRA field compliance director, who has Just i-e- turned from Harriman, said ^the company was refusing to. comply with two - points of his'-'twins': namely,~re-employment of strlkii:;; workers to replace others brought In from out ot town, nnd fo:- adjustments where more than me member.of a family is-on the nay- roll. . • Missing in L'liinri ami Xareil prisoners of biindils yrlio nt- Inckoil a Uritijli stcr.iripMp, Mrs. Myrtle I.. Winren eiul son, Howard, above, are being sought by rescue uroups. Mis. Warrc-i is Ihe wife OL Dr. Leon 11. AVarron, of Philadelphia, siii-fccon an tho U. S. gunboat Tulsu, now in -Chinese waters. C. Cilublns slore, two of Lcnch- villc's' leading bnslncM lirms, was leslroyed early this morning by fire of unknown orlnln, which for time threatened to gel out of control mid sweep lhc business section of the west Mississippi county town, 28 miles from Bly- Ihcvlllc. The loss was unofficially esll- mated nt $18,000, pavllally covered by Insurance. The entire stock of tho two business firms was destroyed mid Ihe building by R. A. Nelson but owned by a Jonesboro Methodist minister, was var.ed. Only the efficient tind untiring activity of Leachvllle's volunteer bucket brigade prevented the spread of the flames and kept the blaze from getting beyond control, B. L. Ebten, the town's mayor, told the Courier News. The bucket brigade found Itself fnclng the task of holding the fire Company Takes Over Wilson Branch P.ailroad fiOCK. June 27 (UP)— 'nvornornllon papers of the Delta Valley and Southern Railroad company weie filed today with Ihe iCcretniy of slate, Inking over the old branch line of Ihe St. Louls- Saii Francisco rnlhoad from .Dcck- TVlllr to Kvatlale Junction, Ark. The 18:inlle road was Incorporated under n new management at SM1.000. S|H>cii1ca!ly the incorporation pajwr stated the road'ri u)ieintlon wnulil be between Drck- ervlllo nnd Kvudale Junction, nn the outskirts of Wilson, ArX. C. U Uenlon was named president. C. W. Ferguson, first vlce- piesldenl, and L. I 1 . Nicholson, second vice-president, A. J. Lan- ilruin, llilvil vice-president and J. D. Newell, secretary-treasurer. -awyers Give Him Unanimous Support for Re-election to Circuit Bench City Dads Intervene its trolley hh 1H in the old cemetery. nconscious but he was in a semi- sm- L; f y 1 n0t . been in conscious condition at the hospital V general use for a long time. The ] £creral houis ltttcr . PI , v . siC i ans • Zf ,^" « S there ' '!• * 'icve he will recover, understood, were five or six yea?» ago, and were of relatives of persons buried there long before. Sets Type in 3 Languages AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)— R. G. Haass, local printer, sets type in three languages. '-Born of German parents, he learned Spanish from Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jilne 27 (UP) -j his Bs-'oclarton with Mexicans, and The 5 tock market lost its enaj, in ™ educated n, Enghsh school, b and Injured When Brothers Open Fire on Truck at Farm Near Helena. MEMPHIS, June 27 (UP)—Mrs. W. M. Lundi. of 1121 Kansas street, is in Baptist hospital today with a wound in the hip. following a shooting on the highway near Phillips Bayou, about 10 miles north of Helenn, Ark. Mrs. Lundi was brought (o Baptist hospital at 4 A. M. today ana the bullet was removed. Her condition is fair. Th2 shooting occurred when Ray and Tim Hannan. brothers, opened group of HARRIMAN', Tenn., .June 27 (U s trollev p >—Harrlman city officials today acted to end the blue eagle war here which Monday closed the Harriman Hosiery mill, tmiiin; men loose on the streets without Jobs. Meeting with Mayor D'Armand, the council voted to send Gen. Hugh Johnson a telegram requesting the power to appoint a com- ]mittec of five, whose decision would I be final. This committee would be composed of two men representing labor, two representing the mil'l and one representing the "city. Mayor D'Armand said he was n: favor of settlement on the basis of the two iwints which Genera Johnson said must be agreed to ay the mill before the blue eagle is returned. Original figure of 653 workers given by mill officials as having been let out when the mill closed w-ns disputed today by strikers and some of the workers. They late trading today. Prices turned " c s ' artc<i "> lnc Printing trade volume shrinking, n ,' '«, and learned to set type in irregular with to 1924 levels after early strength the three languages. and slightly more active turnover. Sales approximated 630.000 shares. A. T. and T 115 Anaconda Copper 15 Bethlehem Steel 34 Chrysler 393-4; Cotton Cities Service 2 1-41 General American Tank 37 1-2 General Electric 197-8 General Motors 31 International Harvester 33 1-8 Middlewest Utilities .... 3-16 Montgomery Ward 27 3-4 New York Central 29 3-4 Packard 33-4 Phillips Petroleum 17 3-4 Radio Corp 7 Simmons Beds 15 5-8 St. Louls-3an Francisco 2 3-4 Standard of N. J 44 Texas Co 24 U. S. Steel 39 1-2 U. S. Smelting 129 1-2 New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 21 (UP) — July Oct Dec Jan March May- closed steady. open high low 1218 1221 J212 1240 1248 1233 1254 1260 1247 1262 1264 1252 1213 1275 12C3 1282 1285 1272 close 1212 1235 1248 1233 1264 1272 said work when Ihe down. only 150 men were Will Open Tomorrow in Remodeled and Modernized Building. Qrnber's will open for business In their new location across from Liberty Cash Grocery on West Main street tomorrow morning. The building, formerly occupies in check nione when (Ire trucks 'by the Dixie Bargain and Na- amnnoncd from Biytheville and' lloni11 Brokerage stores, has been Cardweli, Mo., tailed to arrive. A Completely remodeled and Is now Biytheville fire department tnick|°"e of the most modern store was forced out of commission busings in this section, Displaj when a connecting rod of the windows htive been modernized nnd truck engine burned out cnroutc. tne entire front of the store re The trouble occurred near Dell, modeled, but the greatest 1m- Thc Cardwcll truck developed en- provcments are In the Interlo: glue trouble, at Boynton and likewise failed to arrive at Leachville. While the blaze was under fun of the store where all fixture: have been made to harmonize. The walls have been tinted a soft tan and have been attractively paneled headway an adjacent building was Although all electrical fixtures fired .but the bucket carriers sue- ' arQ new . thc s ' 0 lc *»' i»l ' mm MEETS Object Also to Acting as Collectors Under Bankhead Law. UTTI.K ROCK, June 27 (UP) — The new policy of the A. A.. A. n recommending vales for cotton, ilimliiB. instead of following ' the • irlginnl plan of fixing charges.«is assailed at n hcarlns here";/, cday before ylnnera of Arkansas;^! Missouri »ml Illinois. The glnncrs nlso protested ng "irmdo collecting \ agents" he government tn enforcing the'v j Bnnkhcad cotton control Bill.-•'.'••• Under the proposed neiv agree- nent for the Indiistrj' the glii- lers would have to pay growers 00 per cent of the markol price "or cottonseed and make a profi» •• of only 25 cents on bagging and "les used in a bale of cotton." The A. A. A. would then tocotn- mend a charge of 35 cents per hundred pounds for ginning delta cotton, with lower prices In the hill country. W. O. Briidsher, Para?ojld, Ark.i had n popular following nm'ohj dinner representatives today when he argued that If the A. A. . ded In extinguishing the stray- ' artificial lighting 'except at night ng names 'before'" mnterlnl "dam- l as vtO-ynount.. o? ••»i!tz!*i -.»»**] Candlclacy of G. E. Keck for •e-elecdon as circuit judge har •ccclveri the unanimous endorsement of -the Mississippi -county ir. • " Judge Keck, Judge Neil Klllougl-, of Wynne, and Jeff Bratirm, Pi:-j- toultl lawyer, are candidates In the Democratic primary. The two "lighcst will be nominated. Statements expressing the bar's recognition of Judge Keek's Integrity and ability and recommending his re-election were circulated among lawyers here and at Osceola and received the signatures of all members of the bar. Ttic Chlckafawba district dorsement follows: "We. Ihe underslRtieil, members o( the Blythevllle. Mississippi county, bar, recognizing the vnl- uaWc services rendered to the people cf the Second Judicial District by tho Hon. G. E. !Ceck, ns circuit jiirtge. and knowing him to IK a man of integrity, ability, learning and experience, and possessed o! a natural sense of jusllce and fairness In the administration ol (he duties of his olllce, hcrcbi ing age resulted The ruins of" trie ln ' ' ho 5torc has been increased, building ' were still smoking at This feature is of particular value noon today but the most serious ^° shoppers, facilitating the cxatn- langer had passed by 3:30 o'clock, "ration of merchandise In any two and n half hours after the V alt °' lhc 8tore fire was discovered. The* town, TllD arrangement of counters is- light watchman noticed the names • Sllcn tlmt Plenty of aisle space nnd sounded an alarm 'but not ls available and shoppers will not xrfore the fire was" raging over __f, r °_. ed lmtlcr orilmar y clr - thc entire building. The blaze apparently originated In 11 rear room of the drug store but no probable cause could be advanced. Asks $50,000, Charging Banker With Stabbing JONESHORO, June 27 (UP)—Attorney Honney McCourtncy of Jonesboro announced today that he had filed a damage suit of $50,000 In behalf of W. E. Dcsmang e.gainst Dr. J. R. Loftns in Randolph county chancery court.' Dotn parties arc residents of Poca- hontiis. Half o[ the amount is being asked for punitive damages and the other $25,000 for actual damages. The suit alleges that Dr. Loftus cumstanccs. One particularly Inviting feature of the new store Is its coolness. The ceilings arc high, allowing the circulation of a greater quantity of fresh air, and the building is cooled by a number of high speed electric fans. According to Mr. Grnbcr, everything possible has been done for the convenience and comfort of the shopper and an Inspection of the store bears (his out. He said a staff of competent sales people will be maintained sufficiently large to Insure good service. Mr. Graber extended an Invila lion to all persons In this sec lion to visit the new store and said he Mould welcome helpfu criticism mid suggestions. Is merely going to recommend ' rates lor ginning they shoud also only recommend prices on ties :ind bagging. Bradsher nlso argued ' appropriations had been made for the A. A. A. to enforce the Bankhead control <bUl, nnd that the regulatory body now sought to . make glnners furnish bond and act as collecting agents without" remuneration, ' Representatives of the ginners code committee said they will not approve any marketing ajracm^nt that docs not carry . fixed rates for gln^inj.. ... - ,, : ' . "flcnrJr.-M. MoqFe,.Jr., of Texar--'* kana, 'member of,_ nnd attorney • for the .cede committee; O. D. {all of Cardwell, jMo., and Joseph R. Bertig of Paragould, criticized he changes.made In the proposed greement, Be.rtig saying -the :hanges "look dishonest" and pre- licting that the efforts to reach. ' in agreement would fail. • - •-The meeting today closes a : wo day session at which Jarats A, Kennedy, ot the A. A. A. 'egal department, rend the proposed .grjcmcnt for the industry and heartily endorse his candidacy for i disabled Desmang for the rrst of circuit judge and recommend him to the vwprs of ttie di.-.trict as an able, honest and conscientious Spots closed quiet at 1235, off 10. fire on a truck in which Mrs Lundi wa 1 : riding with her hus- nother man. who were unloading mules on the Hannan lot. 'Hie Hannan; surrendered to officers at Helena following the shooting and claimed they thought Lundi and his companion. W. P. Wallls. Jr.. also of Memphis, were attempting to steal stock from their lot. Lundi and Wallis had a truck load of mules from Memphis, consigned to a levee contractor on th= other side of the St. Francis river, and had been made arrangements, they said, to le.".ve the mules the Hannan lot until the contractor could ferry them across the river. Consider Procedure for Loans to Industry <],,', official, worthy of their support." Th: endorsement was signed by Z. B. Harrison, George W. Barham. W. Leon Smith. Ivy W. Crawford. Je-^e Taylor, Siim Manatt. C. A. Cunningham, Max B. Reid, Stanton A. Pepper. Virgil Greene, Roy E. Nelcon. Thomas Lafayette McHaney. C. M. Buck, E. E. Alex- Neiv Orleans Cotton Chicago Wheat NEW ORLEANS, June 27 (UP)— Weather continued to be the main feature in the cotton market today and traders liquidated on reports the exas crop was stand- Ing up well under a prolonged period of drouth. Prices dropped 50 cents a bale under last night's open July 90 1-4 Sept 91 high 91 91 3-4 low 89 5-8 89 3-4 close 90 90 5-8 Chicago Corn open July 57 5-8 Sept 59 high low close 57 1-8 57 1-2 ilose. July Oct Dec Jan March May open high low close 1212 1240 1251 12S2 1267 1277 1217 1245 1257 1252 1260 1206 1232 1244 1252 1262 1207 1232 1245 1249b 1262 1272 63 3-4 59 3-8 10. Spots closed steady at 1222, off Denies Re-instatement To Former Polke Chief PINE IJLUFF, Ark., June 27— Former Police Chief Walter D. Fiveash's petition for re-instatement as a member of the Pine Blurt iwlice force nnd his claim for back-pay from April 10. 1933 have been denied by Circuit Judge T. O. Parham. In his ruling Judge Parham held that neither of the suits Involved the validity of the civil service act except as to section 18 which pertains to referendum on the act. It hinges around the question as to whether all applications for loans must go first through federal rerervc banks or whether applications may be made direct to tlis Reconstruction Finance Corporation without this intermediate step. President Roosevelt lias been called upon to interpret the recent act of congress and define the policy. The question Is of considerable mportance in the eyes of many ,vho regard the federal reserve sanks as naturally conservative In :he matter of Industrial loans and fear that delay In (urnUhlntt of credit would result If all applications first must go to them. his life. It is alleged that Dr. Loftus. prominent physician and president of the Maynard, Ark., b?nk, stabbed nesmang. farmer and In- Mirance man, In the tack last August when the two had a fight following an argument over a nctc which Desmang had signed and the Mnynard bank was holding. The case is expected to come, up al the July term of chancery court nt Pocahontns. Clarence Meadows and R. s. Hud- virtually identical slntemen' signed by all members of th-,: bar In the Osceola district of the county, according to infoimation received here. Pecora Wants to Head Securities Commission The store feature ready- to-wear clothing departments for men, women and t^ildren in addition to a complete line of general piece goods and other merchandise. WASHINGTON, June 27. (UP) ac -Ferdinand Pccora, senate slock New Osceola Postoffice Expected Within Year OSCEOLA, Ark., June 27—Os ceola's new postoflice building, an noiincement of which came as a surprise to Osceolnns. will be con structcd, probably inside the ncx calendar year, Congressman W. J Driver said here yesterday. Mr. Driver would not conimen on details of the proposed nc 1 structure, but It Ls generally un the building will cos icard discussions, u is one>oi evcral hearings being -held hrough-oiit the southern cotton belt. market inquisitor, has balked at In announcing the new build- Children Get $45,000 Accepting mere membership on tlwl,,,^ w^ h Is on» of 626 nubile I r J !• ^..jthorllntivcly Informed today. Ot tot! Liver Ulli Appointment of the five man AUSTIN, Tex. i UP)—The Texas Relief Administration hci purchased $45,000 worth of cod liver oil for ill and undernourished children of indigent parents. "Increase of rlckels has reached Yet Opens Pool With Dive CLAY CF.MTER, Kan. (OP) — Charles Wingrove, Civi! War veteran and aid to the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, inaugurated the new swimming pool here with ft well executed dive. Wingrovc .Is a Republican candidate for noiii- quarters explained. Members of tiie relief conimls- ion pro|X)ss to investigate the largo purchase, which involves more than 20.000 gallons of cod liver oil. commission Is to be made this '.vcek. President Roosevelt has been expected to name as chairman Jas. M. Landls, brain truster number two. and now a member of the federal trade commission. Landls alarming proportions," relief head- ] R ' ro ' c '-he truth-in-securllles act, By a new chemical process, aluminum can be dyed and hard- cncd. The n:w process makes tin color fadeless, scratch-proof, and almost everlasting, as it becomes A giraffe has horns at birth, illation for Kansas representative, a part of the metal regulating the sale of securities, and the act regulating the stock market. Administration of both no estimate was made of the cost of the Osceola structure and It Is understood that approval of the project did not confine the cost within given limits, but left the matter to the discretion of the building commission. Confederate's Descendant Follows in His Footsteps HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (UP)—Ra- acts hos been consolidated In the|Phael Senimes, Jr., great-grandson securities commission, effective Ju-1 of tho famous commander of the '•• ' '.battle craft, Alabama, In the war between the states. Is following in the footsteps of his illustrious au- Jillinger Gangster ;.Nabbed in Minneapolis ST. PAUL, Minn., June 27. (UP) / -Swooping down on a Minneapo- fc apartment, a squad of heavily armed department of justice agents today captured Albert Retl- ly, a John Dllllngcr gangster. ' Rellly, who allegedly took pil'-". llnyeT to a Si. Paul doctor- for- treatment of wounds, surrendered without a struggle. "He was'.in bed when federal agents rapped" on the door. Reilly is 2G years old. He has been sought specifically by federal men since the St. Paul episode In March. He is the second /of the Dllllnger band to be shot"'or- captured in recent weeks. Tommy Carroll was killed • by police in Waterloo. Iowa, two weeks ago. Child in Hospital With Possible Skull Fracture Finis Clilsm, four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Chism, Is in the BlytheviUe hospital with a' possible skull fracture after being struck by a delivery truck on West Ash street yesterday afternoon. His condition today was reported good and it is beu'eved the child will recover. According to reports, the child ran into the street in front of the' Hubbard Furniture Co., truck driven by Norrls Modh, who was unable to avoid the accident. Physicians were to make an x-ray examination .today in an eflort to determine the extent of the Injuries. There Is not a single state In the Union where temperatures of 103 degrees have not been re- cestor. Young Semmcs has passed men- corded. Freezing temperatures, tal and physical applications in also, have been recorded In every)his appointment to the Naval Academy at Annapolis. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Generally fair to- nljht. Thursday partly : cloudy. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and continued farm tonight and Thursday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 99, minimum 73, clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather

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