The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SL" Primo Laughs at Baer Story Animals Prove Poor Players But Good Comedians In New Sport The Pastlmcrs omrode the Robinson Drug Store Cowboys In Die first of a series of ^'donkey ball" ganies at Haley Field last night to win by a 3 to 0 score. The game was n combination of Softball and donkey busting from which few of the players escaped j without lame Johns. "Charley horses" and bruUes. The burros were heralded us trained stars, but their training seemed lo consist of doing the wrong thing al the right time. More often than not a player would hit the ball, leap on his donkey's back and trot off to first base, only to find thai his mount would put his foot everywhere but on the base, with the result that the rider would be thrown out. An outfielder would have a ball land Irs his territory and when lie attempted lo boot his mount Into nction would find himself bwkcd to the ground. Ernest Barnes, Pastime left fielder, was struck In" the mouth with ft broom handle carried by an-1 other player, when the Iwo tried Camera down repeatedly In their By Harry Grayson Jes' Waitin 5 for the Huntin' Season NEW YORK.. June 26.—Dill Terry and Joe Crotiln, who will lead (he major league ulLstar teams ai the Polo Grounds on July 10, perhaps did jnorp than uny other pair to dispel ihe lost lingering doubt In regard to whether managing a [ball club affects ihe perfromanee lot a player. Personally, I believed the throry vnis derided years nnd years ago by such as Fielder Allison Jones. Frank LcRoy Chance, Fred Clarke, Napoleon Lajoic, and Bill Carrigan nnd later on by Tristram Speaker, Ty Cobb, OIK) others who did If Chief Arquette Takes Roy Allen In Other Mat Card Bout "Rough House" Sullivan, I terming hew tor the first fair to mlddlln' Job of smacking (he ball while running the works, : ™>y»"<V Yet I imdtrsland that as recent- ! Jy as three, winters ago such a.' • wise old baseball head as the lat life when hunting .season rolls Game birds around Daisy, Tenn.. will lead a Imardo bird dog owned by 1 Dr. N. 8. Richie, ol that Imvn. r.-crmly gave- birlli lo n liner 12 pup;, ami here nre the dozen, all doiiw nicely in the labl?, lhaiit: you. per- time since he was suspended several ] months ngo, defeated Roy Welch iu the feature match of the wrest, ling show at ihe armory last night. • The bout was full of the cus- i ternary rough'stuff, which Is the ! stock and trade of both Welch and burgh Pirates bin for the fear that llic task would hamper his work at third base. There are only u. half-dozen bench managers left In 'the big jshow, and indications are that their ranks gradually will diminish '«„,...,,., ,,„, until they arc as extinct as the Outwar(1 talm |riodo bird. I rather suspect that . the day shortly will come when 'the only dugout guides will be i those owning blocks of stock, such ;-os Connie' Mack and tlie late avoiinO. Sullivan. Welch, who usually man- ul , arcs to coine out on top in a mutch of this sort, won only the Ili-st fall, with Sullivan taking the other two. Chief Arquette, the Indian, prov- cd speedy and one ot the strongest men at his weight. 166 pounds, to the Yankee counselor have an , • BOSTON (UP)—Hollywood lured '"'or lo wrestle here. He took the idea he is "only kidding himself L PAS °. Tex. (UP)—A blue five more uf Boston Unlveisity'si m ' s ' and third falls to beat Roy when he .says, "I've broken that iat)ljl1 owned by L. If. Palmer, graduates, who wish to join their 1 Alle » in the preliminary bout, habit." -resident of the El Paso Valley, Iratmiily brolluT. Charles Farrell i The a CUdi* as to Color Six Boston U. Pal mer Ls con- Heavyweight. John McGraw. title tight. MIIX liaer, new champion, dropiwd tiruhml to ihu'.lios'pltal where the llallan is rccupernllni: from a fractured ankle and cheered Here tilt* leashing Lotluirio Ls provoking a Caini'j'ian wilh a few v/htspcreil w I. 1 *? c rue Its. • tn field n ball anil was knocked out for a moment, but returned to the fray. "Rock" Sallba. sponsor of the Pastime team, went lo bat as u'Wplldeii 67 pinch hlller and did a Prince of «""•««• Wales before he could gel his don- ' Too DUSV to Fljjht Tllu *'-Micrlinenl.i. which Imvi key under way. It wns rumored . lor more th:in a about that somrone on ihe oppos- CHICAGO IUH> - Mauled 07 ing team had greased ihe don- years and loo busy lo fight, what key's back. Anyway, -Rock" man- wm, raisins children and such. I... . . Thai was llu< record cslabllsh-1 Woman, Claiming to Be grin liolc holding the iiiuwnia of the slaliot] in the lower, been year, are expected to L-(r compleicd In Ihe next few months. aged to cling lo the animal's back unlll he reached the vicinity of first bate. Smolherman and Glover pitched for the Pasllmers and Potter and Blackard hurled for the druggists. Tonight's game will be played between teams representing R. D, Hughes and Co.. and ihe Ark-Mo Power Co. Regular Softball Games Put Off Until Friday Softball games on the regular Commercial I-eague schedule for tonight have been postponed until Friday night, according to J. P. Friend, league statistician. Postponement was made on account of three "donkey boll" games which have no effect on the regular league standings. The games Friday night will be between Haynes Men's Slx>p and Terry Service Station, and Robinson Drug story against Ihe Ark- Mo Power tie. cd by William It. Halkel and hLs, wile. Clmrluti;, of Chicago. Said Mrs. Hiilkel: •"We married young nnd were (no busy ruisliiK ten children lo fight. She Is 89 nnd still decs tin ccoklng for her 90-year-old husband. He still writes jraetry lo her. jusl ns he did back .In 18<>7. I The couple have 21 grandchildren and more than :!0 great grandchildren. • Bill Penn's Hat Part of Police Two-Way Radio PHILADELPHIA (UP)—William Penn's hat has become a i>eces- pan of Philadelphia's experiment. In IwoU'ny polio; radio corn- nil nlcation. Allaclied to ihe nal of the statue atop the ower- Ls a 10-foot SOUTHERN LEAGUK ' W. I. Tct. Nashville 44 21 .677 l^ew Orleans 37 28 .509 Atlanta. ,.-....- 34 -39 •: .531 Memjihls 33 32 .508 Knoxyllle ...'.'. •; 32 35 .-178 Chnttunoooa 31 37 .456 Birmingham 31 39 .443 Llttle{ Rock 25 45 .357 Yrstfrday's Results Little Rock 12, Atlanta 3. Chattanooga 3. New Orleans 0. Knoxvllle 5, Birmingham 1. Only games scheduled. " : Games Today Atlanta nt Little Rock (night). Chnttanooga nt New Orleans. Knoxvllle at Birmingham. Nashville at Memphis. City Hall duralunitmmi Tuesday -Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 7:15, l«-35c NATIONAL LEAGTJE W. I,. Now York 41 22 Chicago 38 26 St. Louis 36 25 Pitlsburgh 32 27 Boston ' 32 29 Brooklyn 26 37 Philadelphia 22 39 Cincinnati 19 41 l'«st«rday's Results New York 10, St. Louis 7. Pittsburgh 7. Philadelphia 1. Gwnes Today Boston at Cincinnati. Brooklyn al Chicago. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. 2. New York at St. Louis. AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L, Pet New York 37 24 .601 Detroit 38 25 .603 Boston 34 29 .510 Washington 35 31 .530 Cleveland 31 28 St. Louis ... .• 28 33 Philadelphia 25 37 Chicago 21 42 Res«Hs Washington 6, St. Louts 4. Philadelphia 13, Detroit 11. New York 13, Chicago 2. Boston 6, Cleveland 3. GUMS Ttdajr Cleveland at Boston. Detroit it Philadelphia. Chicago at New York. 8t. Louis at Washington. Acorns were long used in Eng J»nd u a valuable food for [at ten ing hofj, In fhit modtrn rush by women end men of all cla*Ms;from all placet! 109, Enjoys Her Cigarets BOSTON. (UP!— Dr. Marie DC loliere Davenport's eldest child Ls 1C years older Hum her husband. She Is now married lo husband N'o. li. who Is 63. The oldest of ICT 10 children by a previous mar- iagc Is 93. Dr. Davenport, who claims to be 103. attributes her longevity to ictivlty. She likes to travel, meet leople, lecture, and read and tudy philosophy. One of her favorlic diversions s smoking clgtireUi. Kasy -Mi fit Eight big league slrntcglsls ca- vorl dally, and certainly ihe bur-' den of supervising the business hasn't cramped the playing styles f Terry. Cronin. Frlsch, Cochrane, Dykes, Wilson, or OTUrrell. It, was lumbago lhat put. Charley Grimm on the sidelines, and Rogers Hornsby Is us comfortable as ever with a bludgeon In his hands. What effect his attempt to stiaigluen out the Plrntes will have on Traynor's play remains to be teen, but Judging by the records of oiliers and knowing the blue-eyed {New Englander'x temperament, offhand I would say that lie will find doubling in brass as easy as his nickname. "As a matter of fact," says Rogers Hornsby, "managing a club should Improve a player's play. He knows just what Ills own outfit is going to do—has the game in the palm of his hand." Hornsby has Connie Mack's philosophy, which is the ideal one. It is that the day's game ends .knows her colors, ! vinccd. The highly strung Cnscy Siengel SI'" became the mother of four appears to laugh off bad days,' bunnies, a few days ago. Two ol but there Is no question that th*y llle rabbits were blue ami two ti>ke n lot of the director of 'the TOre while. Dodgers. HLs predecessor, Mjjx The mother rabbit made a Carey, probably was thinking:;i6r double nest, nnd Is keeping the Animal and plant growtlis that Ived millions of years ngo lire Jflcn found well preserved In am- this when he remarked that Stengel's health might not be able':to sluml the strain. Walter Johnson always appears; as cool as an Eskimo, but walks '• ihe streets nights with his old bat- j tery mate. Eddie Gharrlty, when Bill McKechnie is^ the studious,! phlegmatic type, and Bucky Harris i lakes things as a matter or course, j Terry has an explanation lit I everything. To his way of thinking ' Ihe Giants never should lose. 11 i a cerlaln play had gone the other way. the New York club would have won. Mickey Cochrane got much from : Mack, including the Old Master's' outlook on life and on baseball In j particular, but Mickey still loves j to barber. 1 But Jimmy Dykes, educated in [ the same school, does not appear • to throw things off as readily. | Perhaps- the difference In the | standings of the Detroit and Chicago clubs .has something to do with the case, but the fact remains that managing a baseball! white rabbits in uni> rated from the blue rabbits --.- Chief will be featured a leading movie aclor. • against Pcdigo, Ihe Louisville, Ky., The five men'who left in a sec- blacksmith, next week, according cuid-lmm! automobile were: John'io Jeff Roland, and Sullivan will M. Anderson, Sun H. Held, Ri-w-! take on Purdln. who has perform- f.'.tr L. Newton, Willanl p. nixton ; ed here before nnd Ru.'sell K. Tutor, nil of Mas- ' _ I Su-eet Peas \\trf 9 Frcl Tall V ; GOLD HILL, Ore. (UP) —Mrs. _Quecn Victoria began the study, Moss Averill uses a stepladder to •u«, uom tne blue rabbits. of Hindustani, one of the most in-1 pick her sweetpeas. TheTopmost Road Curler News^ Want_Ads. ^^^^^^°^\ ^^^ ^ '"' '""" "" with the closing of thu clubhouse j leani has wiped the smile off the i door and that breaks even up In j face of Dykes. ' the long rim. '< Managers who take the game home with them sufjer most. • Bench pilots seem vo worn' more Of Great Britain's 56,000,000 acres of land, 30.COO.OOO arc under cultivation or used generally limn ihe playing kind, perhaps be-[for farming purposes. WII&GOID A rox riCTuit .in, JOHN BOLES CUIR! TREVOR HARRY GREEN r>WfK>Wt; SOL M. WURTZEL Dnortt, GEOtGB MARSHALL Paramount News Andy Clyde Comedy 50,000 votes which each paid adult ticket tonight and tomorrow night. TO BUY BUY TO SAVE READ this headline forwards or read it backwards— it gives you the same, sound advice. % . You have certain fixed living expenses—rent, food, clothing, light, and other necessities. You save money every,.week .so that these bills can be paid at the first of; every month. Whatever else you buy must come from surplus savings, over and .above those set apart to cover living costs. To make those savings buy the utmost value for the money is the essence of true economy. Save to buy—then buy to save. Know what you need to .buy before going to the store. Know what you can afford to pay before you start out to make a purchase. That is the one sure way to get the most for your money. Make it a habit to read the advertisements in your newspaper every day. By doing so you will .learn'-where tp'buy the things you need and where your dollar,:will buy the greatest value. The advertisements .will show you where to purchase better food, better clothes, and yet save you money. They \vill_ help you live better and enjoy the good things of life. They help you to buy in order to save. WORKED TO TEAR THESE TIRES TO PIECES NOT ONE CORD LOOSENED! NOT OHE TREAD SEPARATED! AS thirty-tliree speed demons rurrrnrd and sliil jruuiul the Bleep banked curves of the hot brick track, I ires shrieked 1)ni | smoked . . . break-neck speeds, 150 miles anil more down (lie slraigliinwuy — tremendous ccnlrifngnl force tugging to rip tin: tread from the liody of the tire. In fact, every conceivable force worked lo tear llie tire to piece?, but not one cord loosened —not one Iread separated —and not a single blowout. What amazing proof ojTirpt Strength — Safety — 'Quality and Dependultilityt Every one of trie thirty-three drivers nt tlio Indianapolis 500-miln sweepstakes i-lxise and Iiought Firestone High Speed Tires. Tlie fad dial not one of tlm 132 tires failed is your greatest guarantee of tlio Fxlrn Safety — Slrenplli — ;ind Dependability [milt into Firestone Tires. seme,*. The New Firestone High Speed Tire for 1934 is Safely-Protected on (lie «ufsii/«> by a wider tread of Batter contour, deeper non-skid, more anil luugher niMier, giving you more than 50% longer non-skid mileage — Safely-Protected on the inaiilc by eight additional poiimls of pure rublier nleorh'rd by every 100 pounds of cords. This additional rublfcr surrounds every colton fther inside every cord in nvry ply. This is accomplished by-the Firestone patented process of Gum -Dipping, £/»OU> A TRIPLE GUARANTEE —for Un equaled Performarxe Records -for life Against All Defects -for 12 Months Against All Rood Hazards* 'Cunrantrcil for six mnntht ti'/K'it «5Ci/ in commercial Get the proleclion of the Firestone Triple Guarantee — for iinc<|nnlcd performance records — for life against all defects — for twelve months against all road hazards, Call on the nearest Firestone Service Dealer or Service Sloro today and equip your car with Ihe new Firo»lonc High Speed Tires for 1934. EQIIP HOW FOR YOUR HOLIDAY TRIP! n tht Ford V-l Truck that mmtlt* rwv co*»t record of t7 hou MOST MILES PER DOLLAR 5*« Firet tone Air Balloon Tire$ made ai ih» Fireitone FfCtory and Kxhlb'llo* Building. Worlf, Frir, CWca«o. Ham 10 ike Voitr of Firtllont — Fnturing Cladr* Snrtkoxt — Erery Monimr Nifkt over IY.B.C. — WEA.F — PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ONE STOP SERVICE STATION Corner Walnut and Fifth Sts. i

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