The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on July 5, 1939 · 3
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 3

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1939
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v i i i'k '!t J . ;i i J 5f UUSOATINB JOURNA33 AND NEWS-TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1939 ,'? 'H ill ;j Damage Caused to Letts Homes and Railroad Tracks During severe Electrical, Rain Storm Repaired II , Letts Railroad service on the Hocls' ''Island' fine'- in this area was restored shortly after 4 p. m. Tuesday after a crew of 80. wprkmen and officials had completed repairs on the several hundred, feet of track washed .but early Tuesday morning when Indian Creek ler a heavy cloudburst.: The vis yards, were rushed nere shortly alter, the storm abated. inini veiourea Trains, during! the interval. jwere detoured betweeriWashing-ton and Muscatine over tracks of the MilWaukee railroad. Several hundred ; feet of track east of here-was damaged, with much longer section a mile Und a half west of town suffering damage. ' Repairs to! homes, which were also damaged by the flood waters of Indian creek, had I practically . been completed today. Most! of the damage was from mud and water washed, into the erties. residence prop- - Himmm nknia wA 9f, At the Martin Conchola home J, furnishings Were damaged, ;when , water reached a depth of; sev-, era! feet. Three hundred chickens and several head of Uvestock were reported drowned. At the home of Miss Mae ToWnsley, fur-- inishings were moved to the sec-. end floor. . Water . reached; the baseboards at the B.l-C. Gage home. At the John Ritter home ' nearly a foot ofj water was re-sported. ;, . f J , ! I Shocks of wheat frtam fields , through whih the wafers rushed ' were carried downstream, as J were tree trunks and I other de-, bria. Even, railroad tie, scattered along the railroad line to be used . for replacement: purposes this summer gave evidence of having been carried along by the rush of ; water, i , ' . Other 'Losses Reported. Farmers reported damage to abbage growing in lo v fields. Several miles distant J the rains which sent Indian creek on its , rampage! sent a torrent of water raging down Whiskey Hollow, taking out fences and inundating - fields. At the foot of the bluffs a bridge which is ordinarily 12 or 15 feet above the surface of the tream was under water for a time and was left littered with debris when! the water subsided. Am missionary lea For Sweetland, Society Booked i Sweetland The quarterly missionary tea of th Sweetland w. f. m. s; wills be held in km section with the; regular meet- Big of the Ladies' Aid in I the home .of Thursday Mrs. Anna Kemper, afternoon. Others on the hostess committee are: Mrs C. H. Hiller Mrsl. Henry SyWas sink and Mjss Nettie SyWassink. Devotlonals will be in charge of Mrs. Charlei Drummj. The f program committee includes Mrs. Tallie Derb, Mrs. Ed. Reynolds and Mrs. Minnie ) Leonhard. Teachers Chosen. I Teachers land theijr assistants have been choseq to serve in the Sweetland Sunday school for the coming yeajr. They are: Class No. 1, Mrs. Pearl Pace; assistant, Mrs. Eva Shepard. Class No. 2, Helen Bill; assistant, Mrs. j Ruth Day. Class jNo. 3, Albert Hetzler; assistant, Gordon Day. Class No. 4, Beverly I Moorhead; assistant, Marian Hetzler. Class No. , 5, Chas. Shepard; assistant, Henry SyWassink. Class No. 6," j Mrs. rjeEtt Eis; assistant, Mrs. Hazel iJftrtin. Cjlass No.l 7, Vernon Shepard; assistant, Clarence' Eis. Class No.', p,! J.;j T.j Downer assistant, GeOrge L. Sauer. Class No. 10, Mrs Bessie Moorhead; assistant, Mrs. Tallie Derby. Class No. 11, Edgar Kemper assistant Ray Downer. I Other News. xi Mrs. Jennie iFrante, who has been living jin California the past two vears. (arrived Thursdav tar an extende4visit in the home of weV daughter, Mrs. A. C. Eck- hardt. ' I:' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Key and daughter, Mae, . of Lawrence, Kas., are visiting! in the home of Mrs. Key's father and brother, Isaac and Elra Longstreth. Mrs. Elizabeth iUbe of Winnet- FUNERAL HOME ' ' ','!.'.'.'' .it' :'", HOFFMAN reached "flood proportions af - crews, sent nere irom the toil AS Radlco " - ; ' TOHZOKT. I j ''. ''I t. S:00 On Man's Family, NB-WHO, WMAQ : - Dinner! Hour: I Pro- cram, WSUL j . ;. ir . 6:30 Paul Whiteipaa'a Orchestra. CBS WBBMi ; i lUona Ranger, MB3 WGN, , ') j, .-, 7:00 Whafs My JUaai, NBC WMAQ WHO; Horg and Buggy Iy. . NBC WMT. fTii . i 7:30 Georga Jessel'a iclebrity Pro- fram, NBC WMAQ. WHO: porta;.' WGN. ' si. i: , 1:00 Kay I KVaer, NBCi- WHO. WMAQ;i Roy Shield Orcheatraj ' NBC WMT. ij .- i -,. l 1:30 Music WMT) : Counter.!- MBS WGN, Iowa Sportsman. WSUI. Warln. i NBC WHO. :00 Fred- WMAQ; Amoa 'h Andy, CBS :30 Isham x Jonea, NBC WMAQ, WLW; Gri .Waiiama, MBS WGN. , k 1 --l , ?" . f : 10:00 Wavne Klng'a Orcheatra. MBS WGN Bunny Berlgan; WMAQ. " : :' 10:30 Orrin Tucker, "I MBS WMT; Lights . Out. NBC WMAQ, WHO. '-1 -.', TRimSSAT. i-!"."-8:00 a. m.-Mentral City,' NBC WHO.. WMAQ; ; Career or Alice Blair. wl& )" i : 4 ) ..j i 1:45 Houseboat Hannah. NBC WLS, WLW: Woman in White. NBC WMAQ. WHO. 9:30 Pppor Young'i Family, i NBC WLS; : Career ot . Alice Baiir. : WLW. . . , 10:00 Life Can Be ' Beautiful. WHO; Editor's - Daughter, WLW, . ; ,10:30 National Farnt and Hom Hour, NBC WMAQ; Myrt and Marges WMT"' ' ii1 ,L ''' - 1 ll:00-Happy -Ga&gi' MBS i-'i WGNl WMT ; Judy and Jane, WHO. i 11:80 Road of Life.; CBS WBBM; Melody Mart. :WSC1. . .(. ':-v i 13:00 Bettv and Bob, NBC WLW, , WH' y; Glnsbureh's Concert Or-chestra, MBS-rWGV, WHBF 13:30 Valiant Lady, NBC ; i WMAQ, , WLW ; Notea of Grace, MBS - WGN. ' i 1:00 Story of Mary Marlin, NBC WMAQ, j WHO ;i Favorite Tunea. t:30 Peppor YoTinsfa Family.. NBC-h WHO. 'WMAQ; Henry Cincone a Orcheatra, MBS WGN. i 3:00 Backstage Wf. NBQ WMAQ. WHO;! Organ-jMelodiep, WSUI. 3:30 Vic and Sad; NBC. WMAQ. WHO: Two Keyboards, MBS-; WHBF. ; tn i,y 8:00 Browns ; Va. S Tlgra.' KMOX; i Headlines of the Day. WHBF. 8:30i-Henry Weber's Concert. I MBS I WHBF; Dedication Timiei WMT. 4:00 Dance Orchestra." MBS WHBF; Swing It. WON. 4:30 Sweet -and Low, NBC WLW; Matlnea -Vartetiea, WMT. 5:00 Fultoh : lewia, , 3n, CBS WHBF; I Co a e ft Orchestra. : WGN,- j ; , : - i - 5:30 Joe sf.; Brown. CBS WBBM; Goldman Band CottccVt, NBC-r WLS. 5 . i.i h. : . 8:00 Buddy Cllark'i Musical Weekly; CBS WBBM : The Green Hornet. -MBS WMT.' WHBF. " 8:30Llghtninjf Jim.1 WGN; Modern Melodies. WHBF. ! i ' 7:00 Jack Toagarden, i IMBS i-WGN; America's Lort jPlaya, NBC WMAQ. WHO, I -.'. 7:30 Alfred WallenntelnV Sitifonietta, MBS WMT; . Evening! MusicaJe, i WSUI. .'.: i 8:00 Kraft ; Muslfl F Hall. NBC WMAQ. WHOi Jrte Relchman's Orchestra, MBC WMT, ,WON. 8:30 Add rewi by Herbert Hoover, 9:00 Fred Waring.' NBC WMAQ, WHO; Amoa-'n' Andy, CBS WBBM. ..'H f:l. i.. . ; :', 9:30 Man on the Stnpet. WBBM: Woody HcHnan1 Orchestra. WGN. l ' '; 'I ; ! 10:00 Harry Jwp' Orchestra. MBS-r ! JXi'; : r t e r G r a t. News, - wlw. . r r , i . T 10:30 Freddy Marti n Or0itril MBS 1WGN; NSnal fUdib Revival. ,WHQ.! J.g- ( P lliOOJark McLean, I Mfef WHB IT. :!Deke '- M(3Srt(. ' ' NBC - ka, .jll., is ! visiting in he P. W. il. t Martin . home. :v -n ;fi . .; .1 i Mr. and Mrs. George Baker and I daughter, ' Llia,,sbf Detroit, spent the week-end . with Mrs. Baker's parents, Mr. and Mrs.! J. C. Miller, and withj other, relatives in the community and in Muscatine.!, Monday, jthe: Baker family, accompanied by I Mr. and Mrs. Miller, visited Jri ! Washington, la. .Mrs. Tallie 'K Derby and her granddaughter, ' Marilyn Doerfer, are pending a month's vacation with relatives at Lone Rock, Ia., and i Pipestone,! Mlnn.1 - I Mr. and 'Mrs. '.Ray Miller and family of Detroit, spent several days with relatives1 in Muscatine, and also visited relatives! and old friends near! Sweetland. ! ) i i i 1 ''MM i "i ' i r i . i 1 E-hiiMJM'f. o; i.' areaim W: a' i Hundred , of :. ,t i f A our entire stock. ' 1 y Patterns for every room; Buyj ! Vour , Future Needs Now; jj , Axid Saver Money, ; i : : RaSiis Deluge jiyvskeyHbllow t, ..- rr i - 'Tuesday morning's heavy rainfall, which damaged railroad track and flooded Letts homes, sent torrents of water rushing down Whiskey j. Hollow carrying a mass of debris with it and taking not fences along the creek. The above picture shows a bridge on the Whiskey Hollow road, a dozen miles southwest of Muscatine, after the torrent had subsided, with debris still piled upon the floor of the bridge, which was submerged -when the water was at Its crest. fi j j '. li Graduates Of Letts Enjoy Reunion at Park Letts The members of the graduating class of 1935 of 1 the Letts high school held their la- mual reunion picnic on .Sunday at Wild Cat Den park. AH old oin-cers were ! re - elected. Melvin Coder;- was named I president, Thomas Eland, vice president, and Pauline McCleary secretary and treasurer. The class will hold its reunion next year at Crapo park iff Burlington. 1 h ' Members . of tht class present were Melvin Coder, of Muscatine; Mr.; i and Mrs. ' Arthur Lieber-knecht, f Jr., Paul 1 and, Raymond Bailey, Thomas Eland, Miss Pauline McCleary and Miss Hilda De Waele, Mr; and Mrs. H. Dayle Ftrame and sons, Billy, Harlan and Allan, i of ' Columbus Junction, were ' special guests. Mr. Frame was superintendent .of the Letts school when this class was graduated. Other guests were Mrs. Melvin Coder, of Muscatine, Miss Margaret Wykert and Miss Jean Woodruff, of Columbus Junction, Achiel De Waele, of East Moline, Elmer Ziskovsky, bf 1 Iowa City, and Philip Baird, of Wapello. j. 1 : Blakes Sntertain. I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blake ihad as guests for dinner on Sunday, Mr. -and Mrs. ' Willard danoei of Storm Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Tucker, of Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Arington and daughter,- Donna, Madison Arington and son, i Kenneth, and Mrs.. John Arington?-'of Columbus Junction; aind . Mrs. Joseph Schiffer and children, f Dolores and Leonard, and Miss Ruth ! Schnell, ! of ; La Crosse, Wis.; who have been visiting at Hhe Blake home, i Mrs. Schiffer and children and Miss Schnell left Tuesday; night for their homes in La Crosse. i Mr, and Mrs. Harold McCormac and i daughters, . Kathleen : ,and Diane,-Mrs. , Herbert McCormac and ,Mr.' and Mrs. Wayne McCormac., arfd son, Billy, of Chicago, spent, Sunday at the home of Supt. and Mrs. A. C. Baumgart-ner and family, at Wilton. ' r .:Mr r aHd Mrs. Ulfic Lintner, Miss Lelia i Lintner, Mrs., J. B Garrett, Mrs. Anna Griffih, Mrs'. J. O. Townsend and son, Billy1, of St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hildebrand spent Sunday at Iowa City :arid Lakef McBride. j Miss Sdna Long and Miss Martha Jenner, who ere attending summer school at the University of Iowa, Joined the group at Iowa City Miss Long returned over the Fourth. . : : , i . . . j j.r. and Mrs. F. W. Blaesing, df Muscatine, spent Sunday with their daughter,, Mrs. Thomas Mc-Elroy, and family. . , j Spends' Vacation Here. , i Miss Anne Smit,. who attends summer school at Iowa State Teachers college at Cedar FaUs, came home Saturday ; for a few days' vacation, with, her mother, 1935 Sale opaper patterns ; including M . - . - ..... ... - v -w ... ' ,Jj iring iti v Kepa 'IF fit .... ilWhen Indian creek of Letts, Tuesday lj washedrout portions track fill both east and west ; of wnicn-secuon worKers tnere mayj nave had for a noiiaay on July 4th.! Assisted by a special Icrew dispatched from the Silvis headquarters right of way workers spent the day replacing track ballast carried away by thie torrents of water. One of the groups is seen above, repairing track. Others were at work elsewhere along th! right of way. Numerous carloads of cinder ballast were employed to fill holes caused by jthe water., Trains over the Rok 1 Island! lines were detoured aroiind Letts over Milwaukee line tracks1 between Washington and! Muscatine while, repairs were in progress. ;, . -j. 'i Mrs. Agiies Smit, and brother, Folgert. . : j. : ! 1 Mr. arid Mrs. I Orville Gipple and son, Donald, and Pete ;Cook,i of Rock Island, spent the Week end with Mr. and Mrs. L. U. Gip- le. : ' . r- ' Mrs. Joe Garrett, of Muscatine, is visiting this week with her sister, Mrs. Pearle Ross.1 Mary Stump, of Muscatine, came Saturday 1 for a few days' visit at the Russell Wilson home. ! B OSS i COFFEE 1 lb. ! 19Vc IS lbs 58c KM .iHl - : Phone 840 420-Mulberry Ave. i ; Free Delivery CIIEKRIES 2 No. S Cans 25c No. 10 Can 52c SPECIAL FOB ' T1TOBS4 FRL and SAT. CATSUP S Bottles 15c CLINTON STARCH GLOSS or CORN UPTON BLACK TEA Boxes . -j. 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PEACHES i No. 2'j 25c Cans PEARS I 2 No. 21 Cans. 25c LADY BETTY SALAD DRESSING and SANDWICH SPREAD Small Large TOILET PAPER 3 Rolls lie Iodized SALT 2-10c Boxes 15c 4 " i i . ; :' . ; Club Picnic on i July 28 Planned By Nichols 0ES ! Nichols The O. ! E. S. Kensing ton , club met Frjday afternoon tn me ; Masonic rooms, i-ians were made for the annual club picnic supper to be hld July 28 In Kim-berly park ! at West Liberty. , At the close of an afternoon of sewing and quilting for the club, refreshments ; were served by Edna Hesser and' Daisy . MacDougal. Earl, Bettjr ' Fox, " Dora Nichols, Anna Rosenf leld. ( Dais t 1 ! Mac Dougal, Anna Klrkpatrick, Anna- belle Kirkpatrlck, Edna 1 Hesser and Helen Rice."- . ;j .. Mrs. Earl Allicks. Maxine and Millicent, of West Liberty,! visited at the Harold Windus home Friday. - ji ; 1 1 .. -j!;''xjv ' I :v Mr. and i Mrs. James Hadlev were dinner guests . at the I. D. Hadley home Sunday. .; n K r Jeano Elder, student St Luke's hospital; in Davenport. ... A. M ' '. li . A4 t. ' - ; . . A. . spent &unaay! wnn ner , parents, Mr. and Mri. Charles Elder4J A fire evidently caused bv light ning jpartiallyl! destroyed; an out building and a large tree in the St I Mary's church yard ; Tuesday morning about 5:30. It was ne-ceessary to use the booster line in extinguishing the blaze, , as it was well advanced in the hollow trunk' of the tree. I The building was iused to store equipment to care for the lawn which was removed safely, ' , 1' i Mr. and Mrs.; .Walter Cullins.of Cedar Rapids visited friends in Nichols Tuesday afternoon. ' Charles Elder, Jr., Al Hazen, Bob Borgstadt; and' Pershing ;Elder spent Tuesday in Des Moines. ,- Mr. and i Mrs. Floyd Larew re turned to their home in Oak. Park. 111.. Tuesday ! after : spending the week-end at the-'J. W. Borestadt home'. J. i Larew and daughter, Iva. f of Lone Tree returned to Oak Park for a short visit. Those attending; the Centennial at Iowa City Saturday were Mr and Mrs. William Poole. I p. 1 L. Metcalf, Alberta1 Kelly. Aenes Hankins. Bob Poole, ; Kathryn Elder, Mrs. Ora Nichols. Charlene and- Lorn a. y. ' 1 .. 1 Kenneth Fridley and; Charles CoDenhaven . of Caroll. la., spent the week-end at the L. B. triaiey home. i i: j :. i'lv: y , !. j ; i . ' ,' ! : i -x- 11 daughter, Lynn Susan, of Musca tine, and Miss Harriet tsaueroacn and friends, of , Mt. Ve?;hpn who are teaching 1 at cornea college, were visitors Sunday at the home of Mr; and Mrs. George Liebbe. Visited patient.; Mrs. Russell Wilson and ! children spent "the Fourth of Jiily in Muscatine ! and visited witjk Mr. Wilson, whel is a patient at Belle-vue hospital i . : i ; ; !s - t 1 Mrs. Jessie Letts, who has been visiting for, several weeks at the home of her daughter, - Mrs; Don Nickerson,, at Washta, Ia.i land Miss Irene Letts, who is attending business college at t Chillicothe, Mo., spent Tuesday-and ; Wednesday at their! home here, i Mrs. Letts went to , Muscatine to I the J. M. Brockway home where 'she will help care for Miss Alice Brockway, who is seriously 'ill. WASHING t ' 1 Corner Front and Cedar Streets Grahdview Qiurch 1 i Meetings Arranged j for; Current Week Grandview Several church meetings! are scheduled, for the current week. iJ .f ' I The regular l Bible; study will be j held Wednesday night; the church official , board will meet Thursday night ' and' prayer serv ice ; will be on Saturday night ; The Rev. C B. Larson, pastor, accompanied the 'senior, Chrl tian ( Endeavor society to Cones-villej Sunday evening,! where the group attended services in the Reformed Evangelical church. The Rev.i H.;C Druse, retired; Methodist .minister of Wapello, preached in the local church. ''!.; ::!f-' ;,;"!"-!-:. 1 Feted at PsJty. -! . 'bl : Miss 'Ruth Moelerman of De- corah, la., is a guest at the How-aid Snyder home. V On Friday afternoon Mrsv Snyder entertainj-ed ! in her honor , and also the birthday occasion of LaRue Buster. I Games .were played and re freshments , served J tcf Colleen Rexrothi Marceline Cocjklin, Bev-erlyi Gipple, Helen !YoUhg, Evelyn Gipple, i. Rachel Larson, Mary Derby. J 1,-1 -f . j' . j , Mrs. i Sieve! ; KisselL Mr.l and Mrs. Leland Larson and Mrs." Milo Weile and children, Sherrill and Barbara,1 were called to St Louis, Friday; by the illness of Sharon Lynn, little- daughter! of Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Knott, i i -. , Beiks j Entertained. t ' ' Mr. and Mrs.' J. J.i Beik entertained at Sunday dinner Mr: ; and Mrs. Donald Murray! of Oakvllle, Mr. and Mrs. Burl Reed, Harold Krahl: and sonl Billie. ' " ! j ' ! Miss r;Lea J; Galloway of Fort Dodge, came to spend the Fourth with Miss Mildred Thompson, i i Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Long entertained at Sunday 1 dinner their mother, ; Mrs. Georgia Long, of Burlington! -Mr. and Mrs. Lysle Ross of Winfield, and , Mary Margaret' Long. , . ' ' ''. Mrs. Harley '! McGill , and children, Janet and Dicky, are visiting Mrs. McGill's parents, Mr. anct Mrs. Earl Hopkins at Brighton. Verlum and Alma Odell of Fay ette, were - week-end gqests'l of their sister, Mrs. : Lloyd Werner and Mri Werher, i; : 'I Bohnsacks Hosts to Relatives, Friends at Social Gathering 1 Stockton Mr. and Mrs, Harry Bohnsack .: entertained a few rel? atives and friends at; a lawn par ty Suncjay aftemoonj Those pres ent were-, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fa brizuis and daughter, Patsy, : Mr. tnd Mrs. William Heidt, and Miss Arlene Bohnsack, all. of Davenport;! . Miss Pearl Christensen, of Durant and Geraldine Sambman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bprchers, Mar- jorie arid Gary Lee; of Muscatine Supper and refreshments were servea. .---j i' ! -.- j--,-. ) ... x v Guests of Cousin. : i. Rollin Paulsen is spending a few das with his cousin, Wyne Riesseni near Durant. !J Mr. land Mrs. Leonard Duge and Marketa, of Muscatine, were Visitorsj at the Louis .Duge home Sundayi ' . Xl. - . ; i Henry Paulsen, I Harry and Martha' of DavenpoH, were visitors atj the home of Mr. and Mrs. "Your Mileage Merchant I Mi' . -'i1 ' - . '' 24 Iloor Service ' '. "( ' '! ' 1 - ' ' I V ' ' I"'. ; - , , Harvey Paulsen and family Sun; dayj 1 l s l i .- i'- ; ' 1 - :V. i i Harriett and : Shirley Bohnsack;' LueUa ; and Lucille Broder and ' Dorthy Siebke i 'attended th birthday party In honor of Nelba Moeiler, near Plain Vlew,.Sunaay.i! 5 Mr. f and Mrs. Arthur Ormsby' and daughter,! Nancy, of Davenport "were ! visitors at , the p. B.! Ornisby home over the ; week! end.; Beverly Jensen is spending - a fewi days with Edith Dahl Bear Blue Grass' f-.j - ?. . 1 I j Barbara Lee Pieart has returned, to her home after a four; weeks visit with relatives in Des Moines. : ' ! i , ( I-.-1! . Mr. and! Mri Lester i Piarmana and children , niotored to Maquo-keta Sunday to visit Mrs. Paar-mafi's brotherj Clode Bowers who isi recovering I j from automobile accident Injuries. I ! Mr. and Mrs. Leroy" Broders, Virginia and Charles! were callers at the Harry Bohnsack hom; Sunday i evening. Shirley Bohnsack returned home hvith them. ' Mr. andl Mrs Melvin Rekemey-er and son, of Davenport ! wer visitors at the! home of Mr. and Mrs. George Riessed Sunday. 1 ; , M 1 , The total amount of fmotor vehicle taxes paid during 1938 to federal, .state and local governs ments amounted to I more , tha $1,525,D00,00. 1 vf i Vour new home can be made ft- mite-proof nd structurally modrn ! by building foundations, floors' and porches of concrete. . Ready-Mlxtd Concrete helps contraaor do! a top quality Job The "mix" isj accurately proportioned fqr the luse intended by expert concrete men : : i et try load uniform 'in strength, density and reliability ; : js delirered. exactly where aijd when you want iu Ut wa avut yau In touch with rN yew a f oo fiemo ana aov ymm anoneyrnene vt tor iiuorinuiin Northern Crayel Company PHONE 193 , t I i- I- i! GREASING -of.- 1 Phone 92S-TC in a,. 'i 'I! f I 1." ; f :AA'"; ' ''"V A A rifrlh:; ;: - 'u - . :-u AAA: i .-'h-. ri-:: inw v-H 1 IHh A A A A,i $ rA ... ' '.''. : . ! I ' - ' ; ; i, . : .- ; ' j - . . : ' - i ' " s ' I ;'-'?' . V

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