Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1895
Page 5
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$f|W^|P^:^ ^$^vS'™:V.; !%*_ Special Easter Offerings. Beautiful and Stylish Neckwear. The Latest Styles in Hats DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum o£ money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned;your body. TUCKER & YOUNG, TME, PEflRL STRBET TfllLORS. HEAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. ijOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. \V. RODEFER,. 110 Broartwiiy. Over Ilaufc's Jewelry Store. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL IS Ribbons, ribbons, today at tho Trade PaUco. Now peas, string beans and pareoly. at Rothormcl'e. To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Probst of Bhultztown, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed, north Of the city a daughter. Wm. Hllea la said to be very sick at his homo on the North Side. Don't close your ico contracts-\snti! you see John Baker's oanvaasora. Causing much comment, our 15 cen baby shoes—Stevenson & Kllnalck. Havo you eeen thoao men's paten tip shoes at Murdock'a shoe store a $1.45 only. Mra, Jano Adams of Washlngto itroet la In a sorloua condition from i cancerous growth on the arm. Mrs. ' Chriatina Homburg of th South Side, on whom an operattoi 'was recently performed, la said to b greatly Improved. « ~~|ut prices commonclnp April 8th ite shirta, starched boaoma, 8 cents ''Cuffs per pair. 4 cents. Collars, 2 cents—Leo Wah Slog, 3d street. Have you ever noticed how youi system seems to oravo special assist aice in tho spring? Just tho help required Is given by Hood's Sarsapa rllla. The death of Richard F. Donaldson, the grain merchant, occurred yeater* day morning at Peru, his home. Tho deceased was well known here, anc was a member of. St. John commac dery, Knight* Templar of this olty The funeral will be held Sunday. John Sylos, formerly of Wllmer, Minn., is here arranging for the open-> ing soon of a retail dry goods and notion store in tho business room in the Vaughn blook on Fourth street. The firm will be known as Rloe, Sylcs & Co. C. P- Rloe, the other member of the firm is from Frankfort., Ind.,., i. Awarded flijhest Honors-World'* Fair. •DHL- BAKING POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. IpunGnp* Cream L'Tartar Powder. Fret Mm Ammonia. Alum <x viy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Typosruphlcal K'ulon Itooolullonw. Typographical Union No. I of Indianapolis this week adopted resolutions thanking tho Stato Printing Board composed of Secretary of State Owen and Auditor of State Daly for selecting Thomas J. Carter as clerk. The resolutions which were sent to the State Printing Board were as follows: Whereas, Tne several subordinate typographical unions throughout the Slate have always urged that in the selection of the clerk of tbe State Board of Printing and Binding the person selected should not only be an "expert in the business of printing and binding" as required by the statutes of Indiana, but that he also be a member of Typographical Union; and Whereas, The law has not only been violated In many instances, but tho interests of organlzsd labor Ignored in tbo selection of the clerk of the Bureau of Printing and Binding, therefore be U Resolved, That the recording secre. tary of Typographical Union No. 1 be, and IB hpreby, instructed to communicate with said board, thanking them for their recognition of the juat claims of organized labor. About (*arbnge. EDITOR JOURNAL: A few days ago there appeared an article in youv paper in whloU the board of health gave notice, that the ordinance required tho citizens to put only, dry garbage in barrels. 57ow. bow does the board of health expect such a thing; what ehall be done with dish water and such alop aa accumulates? Shall It be thrown in the alleys, or do they expect it to be thrown in the yard causing a foul stenoh and breeding disease? Isn't the garbage man paid to take all garbage and see to the welfare of the people, or are the people obliged to axsort the slop so- cumulated Jin a household, so that the garbage man will not get anything that ho may not be able to feed to his livestock? I, for one, think he is paid to serve the people and that he and tbe board of health shouldn't be so "ohoicey." A TAX PAVER. Tho Isolation Of medicinal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get tbe true remedy see that Is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For isle by all leading druggists. UeTeivTullor* HufTered. The man who sold imitation meer- ichaum pipes to the employes of the *an Handle shops, also victimized even tillers employed at Tucker's hop In the same way. Hatbudi of Sicklj WIr««: )on't be discouraged. There is es> ape from doctors' bills. Zoa.Phora, Voman's Friend, has brought healIh to many -women, and prosperity to many amllies, when other remedies and killful physicians have failed. Sold y B. F. Keealing and Coulsun & Co. Hare you an eye for the beautiful? 'ou furnish the eye and we will fur- 1th the beautiful neckwear—Dewenter. the Hatter and Furnisher. Per«ou«l Character Con- osantiportcrfl and Their In the city yesterday: D. L, Ross of Lafayette W. H. Watts of Pulaski. t C. G- Eskin of Crawfordsville. J. Don Gorrall of the North Judsoc News. S. M. Grimes late of the Royal Centar Record. Sol D. Brandt was at Peru yeater day. George Conn will go. to Chicago to day_on business. Carl Keller waa at Peru on businesi yesterday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. EmmeU Mulholland are visiting in Chicago. Judge D. B. MoConnell was at War saw yesterday on business Mrs. Geo. B, Forgy wa3 at Peru visiting relatives Thursday. Frank Miller Is here from Anderson visiting his aunt. Mary H. Rsa. Samuel Wedbourn of Maxlnkuckee was here yesterday on business, Joeeph Atkinson will start one day next week ior Idaho on a business trip. James Cotner Is here from the law school at Ann Arbor, for a short vacation. The Rsv. D. K. Lucae of Indianapolis is a guest of tbe Rev. T. S. Freeman. Lewis Hyman of Cincinnati is at pressnt calling on business friends in tbe city. George Marvin a Montinello attorney, was in the city yesterday on business. H. C. Spitlerof Plymouth, Ind., is visiting bis brother, Rev. C. A. Spltler of tho city. Chas. Grant is here from Columbia City, to take a place with Stevens Bros, as bookkeeper. Herman Schmidt, who has been vis. iting here, returned yesterday to his home at Danville, 111, Prof Matthews of Louisville, Ky., passed through here Thursday on his way home from Peru. D. C. Kltchell and wife of Deer Creek township, are In Ohio visiting relatives ind friends. The Rev. Father Hartman is at Plymouth, Ind., for a few days'visit with the Rev. L. A. Mocnch. 'Mrs. H. R. Jaokson of Henry county, Ohio, la the guest of her sister Miss Ella Webster at Lake Cicott. Mrs. Ed Cojner has returned to her home at Ft. Wayne after a three weeks' visit with Logansport relatives. Col. Jae. H. Wise and Col. Miller Uhl were at Peru last night attending aK.ofP. Inspection and entertainment, Wm Hawley Smith, the author and lecturer came in yesterday, from Peorla, 111., to keep his engagement in tho city. Mies Lula Roach Is back from Flori- ida and will spend the warm months with her sister, Mrs. Jos Cahlll of tho West Side Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Coffin of Ef- finghim, 111., will be bore to speed Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Fur, bee of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davie of Minneapolis,.Minn., will spend a few days next week visiting Mr. and Mrs Frank Justice of this county. Richard McKeen who has bean here from Terre Haute for a visit with hia cousin, Chas. E. McKeen. left yester. dav afternoon for home. YOUR NAME IS PRINT Boys sweaters l?c Mens " the $1 kind colors cardinal, blue, ecru 4Sc Mens outing- shirts, cut large 22c Mens and Boys percale shirts, lauDdried, with collar attached,'3Sc Boys shirt waists, finest French percale, launch ied, newest designs 75c Mothers Friend, unlaundried, all strictly new patterns 3Sc Calico waists at half price 15o Childs tan and black Oxford ties...50c Old ladies serge congress gaiters...50e Mens Ealbriggan underwear sold last summer at 59c 19c Mens 40c suspenders 13o- Mens 503 " RoW trim- uled 35 <? Best blue overalls and waist 75o the suit for 75c- Misses kid button shoes §1 kind...50s Ladies Oxford ties, patent tip 50e Tan shoes, Prince Alberts, all solid $1.00- Mens base ball shoes 50c- L. A. "W. bicycle shoes, mens boys and youchs $1.25- Uulaundried shirts, long: and short bosom, pure linen bosom and- linen lined, all lengths of sleeves worth $1 for '. 50c? The above prices are to change dull times into brisk. Dull times are not a necessity and they should not exist. It costs us no more to sell $25,000 per month than $5.000 per month. But the more we sell the cheaper we can sell; the less we have to figure on the>^ dollar for cost. That's the secret of success of large Deparment Stores in the cities and that's why we can afford to sell so cheap* "Of Course" OTTO KRAUS does not enumerate one thousandth part of his bargains--you may judge all bv the above. See the Show? Window tor novelties in Ladies' and Men's Fine Shoes. OTTO KRAUS. ,Vni>ITIO.\ T .\L ITEMS. WM. HAWLEVT SMITH'S RECITAL. Wm. Kruger, jr., is horns (com Concordia college, Fort Wajne, for n short vacation, which he will spend with his parents on the West Side. Frank Lytle, who is in the city for a short stay, expects soon to go into training 1 at Louisville for the big bicycle racing events of the coming' season. W. A. Newman was in the city yesterday on his way from Chicago to h'.a home at Wab&sh. Mr. Newman is the proprietor of the New Tremont hotel at Wabash. Governor Chapman of the Marion braach, national horns for D. V. S.. was in the city yesterday for a few Lours on his way home from a hunting trip to Morocco, Ind. Pearl Bogue, of the firm of Bogue j & Thorn of Marion, was in the city last night shaking hands with friend* Mr. Bogue was on his way home from a hunting trip to English Lake. Judge M. Wlnfleld came up from Indianapolis last night where he was in attendance at the mrpreme court In a ca»e againat the Monon railroad company, in which a decree of 9390, 000 was entered against the corporation. A baseball outfit to every boy bujs shoes at Ellas Winter's. who Plenty fresh eggs at Rothermel's. Spring lamb for Easter, at Ray's meat market. Strawberries and tomatoes at Tram's for Saturday trade, To Mr. and Mrs. Wra. Fiddler of Toledo street, a, daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. John Wilds of Clay township, a daughter. Everything new in spring Oxford tle§—Steve neon & liUneick. Henry A, Eskew and Matilda Birnell have been licenced to wed. •Gallon Mias Jessie Cummings for Easter millinery, at very low prices. William Williams and mother of Rock Creek, were injured in a runaway recently. Celery, spinach, pie plant an<l nice dressed chicken dressed with parsley, at Traut'e today, Everybody should not forget that the advance sale for Rhea opens this mornlog. Be there early. A small fire at Frank Hall's restaurant on Third street was put out aefore any material damage was done. The advance sale for Rhea, the great-French actress opens this morning at Johnston's drug store. Don't fail to secure your seats. The funeral of Mrs. George Brown who died suddenly Thursday, will be held tostey at 10 a. m., from the U B. church oa Deer Creek. The Chri6tian Endeavor Society of ;he First Presbyterian church, will lold a sunrise prayer meeting Easter morning at G:30 o'clock, All are in- •ited. A horse took fright at a street car n Market and Third streets yesterday venlng. and plvnged in on the sidewalk at Kreuzberger's corner. So amage resulted. An elabarate Easter program has been arranged for the services Sunday at St. Vincent de Paul's Catholic church. Steinhart's full orchestra will furnish the music. —" The Rev. D. P. Putnam, who hag confined to his home for several days on account of sickness, has about recovered and expects to be able to conduct Easter services tomorrow. A rumor that a deal was on with eastern capitalists for the purchase of the Logansport natural gas company's plant here, has been denied by the representatives of the corporation. The family c/ Michael Bell residing near Walton, waa startled one night recently by the firing of •- gun by some unknown person, through a wiud&w of the residence. So motive can be assigned for the act. Wbsn last heard from the jury had in hand the matter of the suit for J500 damages of Mary Hamilton Williama vs. John Blasslnghsm and W. S Fernald, for the alleged cutllnp and moving of timber from the plaintifl's land, j The following officers were chosen by the Sabbath school recently organized at the North Side U. B. church: Supt., Mrs. Charles Lewis; AiBt. Supt., Joan A. Powell; Treas., Geo. W. Smith; Ssc. and .. Organisi, Reno Beck. Rhea, the greatest of French actresses at tbe opera house next Tuesday evening should have a packed house. The advance sale begins this morning and Indications point to a big j o ' c ] oc t. advance-sale, being tbe first show BD( j two after Lent. A runaway occurred at Twelve Mile Thursday night which resulted in considerable damage to a buggy driven by James Croyka and H- Wheatley. The accident was tbe result, it is said, of an attempt on the "part of a young man named Stewart, to drive around the other rig. . x ",'.... . Anilience til K. Cliureli — *• lite anert u Lsti» liroudway HI, The Epworth League of ihs way M. E. church Just evening furnished ihe people •with an excellent literary and musical entertainment. Wm. Hawtoy ScnUb, auinor of "The Evolution of Dodd" gu.ve some very pleasing dialect recitations and the Elite Mandolin club furnished excellent music It was not Mr. Smith's first appearance in Loganeport and his popularity was shown by the large crowd ttmt greeted his reappearacce, the church being filled with an appreciative audience. The recitations given last night displayed fully the wonderful mastery that Mr. Smith possesses of various dialects. His introductory remarks to the recitations were full of humor and wisdom, By request he read selections from his well krown work, "The Evolution of Dodd" The Epworth League netted a large sum and it is to be hoped that the success of this entertainment will encour&ge the league to give others of like merit. Fouryoung ladles, members of the league, acted as usbers. Should l>e all Xorlh nf lixlliinapotlK. Dslphi Times: Tne editors of Lo- g-acspori. who arc BO jolly >i crowd of newspaper boys" ss OU6 will run across in a month'.-- t,'.\vol, lire already pro paring for iho entertainment of the Northern Indiiui* Editorial Associa» tion in June. The memoera of this association include all the editors la Indiana north of ttio Wabash liver re^w-rdlfcS* of politic?, a.cd owing to- the central ioc.iiion of Loganeport, its easy accoss by rail, tbe meeting will bo moro largely intended thU year, than ever before. Surrslous ItfcsullK. From a letter written by RBV. J. Gunderman of Dlmondale, Mich., wo are permitted to make this extract: ••! have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kind's Naw Discovery, as the results Bore almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of tbe Baptist church at Rives Janction she was brought down with pneumo nla succeeding la grippe. Terrible paroxyema of coughing would l hours with litlle interruption and H seemed as if she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in Its results." Trial bottles frae at B. F. Kossling's drug store. Regular size 50c aed $1. of EuNier Ilnftic. Tbs following arranged musical programs have been announced for Easier Sunday at the Episcopal church: Morning Service II a. m. Processional Hyinn 100 Easter chant Kregonan tone Te ueum Hopkins Jubelate Df o Gre. orlan ion« Hymn __ Ill KyrteEIelsOD Tours Gloria TIM (,'ounod Introlt Dymn 2« Gloria from Mozart's I2tb .M:i>H Anthem—"Now is Clirlsi Rlr<?n" AH<-n Recessional Uj-mn 113 Evenlnc services 7 p. m. Processional Hjinn 5H BonumEst -..Gregorian tone Beoe<llc ABmia llea Gregorian ttfnn Hymn 112 ^m hero—The Badlant Koon Woodward Keces.Monal Hymn 3 Hi Bilious Colic. Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic will be pleased to ] know that prompt relief may be bad by taking ChamberlainV Colic.Cbolera and Dlarrbcei Remedy. Ic act? quickly and can always be depended upon In many cases the attack may be> pre- vfinted by taking this remedy ad soon as the first indication of tbe disease appears. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by B. P. Keesllng, Druggist, A Itarn Uurncd, A barn on the firm of Bcnry Shafer located in Jicksoo township, was burced Wednesday morning. The horses and harness were saved but the remainder of the contents was burned. Clara Stolz, ten-months-old daughter of Barney Sloii: watchman for the'Pan Handle, dl«d last night at 10 o'clock, at the residence 2021 Twenty first street from lung fever, after an illnesa of four weeks. NEWS JN BBTEF. Snow to the depth of 0 inches lell Iir portions of Wisconsin. T\vo villages were destroyed by floods in llunga^ and many lives wero lost. Miss Mary E. Crouglian died at Lynn, M:iss., after suffering from hiccoughs for five months. Probate Judge Randolph, of Montgomery, Ala., was sa.id lo bo $50,000 short in his accounts. William Jackson was sentenced at Greenvip, Ky., to-ninety-nine years' imprisonment for poisoning bis wife. The Atlantic mills at Providence, E. J., shut down to prevent a strike,, throwicg 2,r,00 persons out of work. Two maiden sisters, jMiss Mary J., and Elizabeth A. Bryant, rc.sidingr alone, were burned to dea'^h at Haverhill, Mass. The funeral of Gov. Joshua Jl. Marvil took place at Laurel and it was the largest, and most impressive ever held in Delaware. Postmaster General Wilson thinks that the increased business of the post office department is a barometer of better times throughout the country. l-eM»n In Tinmen. HOWATCD CITY, Mich.. April 12.--The farmhouse of J. Gillmore, 2 miles north, of here, has been destroyed by flre. A 14-year-old son was burned to death.; another aged 12 will probably die sud, Mrs. Gillmore was badly burned. Left Four Widow*. VKHS/UI.I.ES, Ky., April 32.—Frederick Welroer. a well-to-do farmer, affed 45, blew his bruins out near here. I3e left four widows, and fear o£ prosecution for bitfaroy caused tlie deed. Trlnlij There will be «| in Trinity churchjithU afternoon - at 3 Quite apumber of children dulis will receive the sacrament of baptUm, Rev. Douglas I. Hobbs, officiating. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Teller, Salt- Eheum, Scald Head, Sore Xipples, Chappeo'- Hands, Itching Piles, Bnms, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. Tor sale by druggists at 25 cents per box. TO HOB3E"oWKrEB3. For putting a horse in a -Sues healthy condition trv l)r. Cadv's Condition Powdea kidney disorders and destroy worms, givin dew life to an old or over-worked horse. snts per package. For sale by druggists. Bifely I,*a4rC Sheriff Charles Hombarg made a trip to Michigan City yesterday, ha,vint"In charge Josepn Stnabaagb, under sentenca of one year for alleged laroeny. For C»io«oinpr,iVK. 4LTOON1. Pa.. MHVS, 1JOJ. The. B?yer Medicine Co.. Toledo, O-hio: Gt:nile<ces—P;ca?e send ma two dcz- Chnrch. ea °* y° ur ^ f - B-iyerV German Cough interesting eervicS^iSyrup. I have a lady customer who *hae been sick with a severe cough for 15 yeare. Sae has i-ried everyinlng nnd received no relief. I t'13 her a bottle of ?our fyrup, and H helped, her at once. 1 cm build up a large trade in your article tbl* coming win*ter, and will buy U in gross lot*. R-eBpecifully your«. V GtO SCHIJnCIXGEB For «al« at John M. Johnniou'* drugstore. •-,..•'

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