The Brooklyn Citizen from Brooklyn, New York on May 26, 1934 · 8
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The Brooklyn Citizen from Brooklyn, New York · 8

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1934
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THE BROOKLYN CITIZEN. SATUHDAY, MAY El&ht Only One Opening on Broadzvay Next Week "DRACULA" AND "FRANKENSTEIN" IN A FRIENDLY LITTLE GAME This Side of the Footlights If t WBWqr" - r f What I Hope for My Baby iGlZTLi:. SL" NT I. MENTAL little pl.iy of the o!J days and the old loyalties is "Come What -May, the chroniJe of an "average" American family i .!. ...i-, f mm' s td I He recent i neie i iiUIII (-'It- lH,,i'v-'' ----- . teafiand a sigh in it, and it i.s too bad there i not more Richard T. Houtw has written a drama that lias The hroner elements, but he has failed to instill the spark that thrills. Yuu can not help thinking as you see it that he could hae done better; injustice to the author and play has been done bv certain of 'the critical brethren, who, no doubt dulled bv the narcotic of Spring, have comparevl ' it unfavorably to -Noel Coward's equally sentimental "Cavalcade." About the onlv real similarity is that both plays cover the same period of ears. In actual viewpoint they are totally different. "Come What May" being the story of a family, and "Cavalcade," although using families as the means, being the biography of a nation. Hal Skelly, amiable clown who is sometimes a fine actor, turns producer to present this play with himself in the leading role, diet Harrison is a young typesetter getting a start in 1396. lie courts and marries the girl of his dreams, the change from bachelor to benedict cheating him of a couple of cherished ambitions and setting him 'definitely in the path of the "average" man who makes the best he can out of life. He., goes .to the Spanish-American War just before the birth of his son. Returned, he finds himself also responsible for the rearing of his wife's small brother, who grows to dissolute manhood and has a son who in turn has to be raised by Chet and his wife. Temporarily Chet is a victim of technological unemployment in 1907 when the linotype supplants the typesetter but he gets back on his feet. His son, grown to young manhood with a promising career as an artist, becomes, a soldier in the World War and dies in battle. The last scene, in 1928, depicts the middle aged couple contemplating a world which they believe has not been too unkind to them and whose future they view through rose-colored glasses. This last scene makes you wonder what was in the author's mind when he wrote it. For the entire play he has gone along writing of his characters with a loving regard and with never a word or line fashioned with tongue in cheek. Suddenly he has his aging couple talking about a future in which there will be no m6re war or economic troubles. I lad : it been w ritten in 92 the viewpoint would have been acceptable, but obviously it was written in more recent and turbulent times. Possibly he hoped the sarcastic touch would teach his audiences a lesson. Skdly does some fine work as Chet, especially as the character becomes older. 1 le has the good fortune to have Mary Philips playing opposite him. Granville Bates as the family doctor is quite in character and Robert Sloane gives a good performance as a wa"vvard brother. Juvenile characters are played well by Stanton Bier, Robert .Mayors .. and Harry Clancy. 1 lurry L. Cort and Charles 1 1. Ahcamfon. producers of "All the King's Horses," which recently terminated a run of 15 weeks at the Imperial Theatre and now in its second week at the Grand Ojjera I louse, Chicago, will place in re-hearsaT"on Monday, a new musical comedy revue entitled "Saluta." The plav is in two acts and fifteen scenes and r-was written by Will .Morrissey with music by Frank D'Armand. "Saluta" calls for a cast of 25 principals and a chorus of 36. The play will be ready for New York presentation during the week of June 25. The cast of principals will be announced shortly. Raymond .Moore announces that the "Pursuits of Happiness, the comedy which hail such a successful run in New York, will be the first of his summer season at the Cape Playhouse, Dennis, .Mass-., which opens July 2. Harry Lllerhc, Yiola l-'rayne and Percy Kilbride will have important roles in this play. "Follow ing "The Pursuit of Happiness," Mr. Moore will present a new play to be announced later. The third program will be "Double Door" for which Mary .Morris has returned from Hollywood to play the role she originated on Broadway. Anne Revere, also f the original cast, will act the part of the younger sister which she created in the New York production. The fourth play on Mr. Moor's schedule is "Her Master's Voice" with Florence Reed and Donald .MacDonald playing the leading roles.. Jerome Seplow, one nf the founders of the I.tnox Hill Players and associated with that organization for twelve years, will direct Beverly Nichols' drama, "-When the Crash Comes" for the I iwmble 'I heatrc. IRENE DUNNE si ; ;-; C ?0m x " - t Co-starred with Kirlinrd Dix In "Sting-aree,' current at the RKO AJbea Theatre, ' k If x vO. X ' : 0- ,tiA- ""---v i.V.-,-L-t : - By JOAN BLONDELL Co-8tr with Jmc Cairnfy in "He Wan Her Man." at ve.-. Brothers Brooklyn Strand Theatre. Mis Blondell in in the privata life, Mrs. George Barnes, and a blessed event in the Rnrn. ;. expected next autumn.) Next October I will retire, at least temporarily, from ! motion pictures to. enact the greatest role of my life and a part that I "devoutly Eopo'T wilf never Ive'ulj'aslohg as" I" am on earth. I will become a mother. Right now I am studying as hard as I can to make a success of that role. There is nothing startling in the fact that I am goimr to I have a baby. Women have been having babies for quite a few years. My own mother was a success in that Bart. ! Most mothers are. Nevertheless, motherhood is a& Beta Lufrosi, star of the staRe nrnl screen success, "Dracula," and Boris Karloff, featured in the movie, "Frankenstein," in "The Black Cat," now shovlihg at the Fox Brooklyn Theatre. scene from Around the Loew Circuit METROPOLITAN Ilomlin? the"Maie"; Tuesday to Tluiwljiy, "You're 1'IVIlinjr lie'' mid "A Mmleni Hero.' : 1!AY UllKiK Today ! M-mlny. " alliTine (tie (irent" mid t-'arlo S'iy!i!.s"; Tuesday h Programs at RKO Houses AI.ttKK On the screen: 'Stins;-:iree" with Hichiint l'ix and Jrene Hunne. On the j.ta?e: Vic Oliver. Monte. Harrison & Kisher. Pan I (lerrits and Ttiurs-1 the six W hirhviml. screen presentation is Metrt-t;old- wyn-Mayer'-s "ll.Kdy w,M.-d Party'' in which a host of celebrities- ! Counter bntanciii? tlie j.hntnplay is a sparkling stjitfe prorHin: Iicad.-d by the fier,? madcap of the srreen and stu?e, Lnne Velez, who is appearin? la person. :r,,w, -rihs Man Is Mine and "The, pool witu jacK noit aim jean Knacting the yarn of "Hollywood j I Patrol": Monday and TncMlay. Arthur. Wednesday to Friday, Party" are'su'-h screen personalities. Catherine the Crent" and "Mandn- "r "I'shing School with ! ranees Icc iilay, ".Melody in Sprins"' and Karth Turns." j P.OItfJ PAKK- To-day. and To-nior- "As the PUOSPKCT To-day to Tuesday, "L'Oth enttiry" with John J'arrymore and Ca.-ole I.imbard: also, "Whirl- MiLarnin Iaurel and Hardy. Jinitny l)u. rante, Lupe 'ek-x. Polly .Miran. Charles Butterworth. Fraio-es liams, Jack Pearl and numerous other stars, besides a chorus of beautiful sirls. lay" I.e It." Wedncfday and Thursday, and Ilrnee I .allot ; also. All .Men Are He Kiur" ami -Sins and I.ikc laiemies .witn ilekn lweivetrecs. KEXMOHK To-day 10 Tuesday, "20th Century" with John ISarryniore, Carole Lombard and Waiter Connolly. Wednesday to Friday, "Finishing P,Iti;V(Mii:T To-day and to-nmr-Vow, "TIii.s Man Is Mine" flint "The1 Trumpet Blows": .Monday and Tue The fsnna!:n; and a.lunns Lupe;,!.,,- --oiie Is (iuiltv" and "SI112 and , S.-lnwrt" with Frances lee and Bruce elex, in addition to her screen t-j l.jUo It": Wednesiiay and Thursday, ; Cabot ; also, "Whirlpool" with Jack pearance, is also appeari.ns in the; 1E j,,ir-, Hn 1 McI.hI.v in ' Holt and Jean Arthur. flesh" on the stajie. In her sketch,-;. , . I ,,.,.., , , . , , . 1'"'. 1 ..I I 'l n '-'il AM'Hil. iu -Lui-aua, Itli'iAliWAV To-day and t-nior- "Oftt h Century" with John Bnrryinow. row. 'Turzan and His Mate"; Mon- :c,lrie I,,m.bard and Walter Connolly, daj and Tui -day. "The Truniiet ;st,irday and Sunday, five Btlo acts. !' ami "City Limits"; Wednes-, Wednesd iy to Friday, "FinUliliiR day mid Thursday, "Y.-.u'rc Telling; School'' with Frances Dee and Bruce Me" and "A .Modern IIcm." :C.i!i,.t; also. "Badge of Honor" with CKVITUY To-day and to-nior- "Busier" Cratibe. r,,, "I'atherine the (inni" undi P.t'SIIWICK To-day to Tuesday, "Mandnlay"; Monday and 'i'uesdny,"2nth Century" with Jiihn Barrymore "The Tr pel i',!ows" and "Thejainl Carole Lombard; also, "Whirl-Line I'p"; Wediid::y and Tliurs-; P'sil" with Jack Holt and Jean day, "ISomluy Mail" and "One (..! Arthur. Wednesday to Friday. "Fin-Kv, ry Woman." 1 idling School" with Frances Dee and !IILI.SIlH:-'l'o day. "A Modern I'1 Cabot; ih, ") Men Are Hero"' and "I.o-.e Idrd-": Sunday ' l:""u,irs" ''"' Helen Twelvetrees. day to Friday, Boss vs tight pictures. OKPHLTM Today . to Tuesday. "211th Century" with John Barrymore and t'arole Lombard; also, "Whirl no1'' 1, itli l.ick I toll nml Jean Arthur. Wednesday to Friday, ''Finishing not " "'f Pb'ic Pt. School" with Frances Dee and Bruce t0 on h"nl ' ""uld role." The mother never slops act ing, for she i cast iu the most senti mentalised character (rightly senti mentauzeui civilization has ever known. No matter how afraid she may be, -she must always appear brave; no matter how much hor heart aches, the child must see a smiling face; her own problems must be set aside so 'that she may comfort and console, grieve with or rejoice with, plan for or care for, the little one who demands so much, and is far more critical than most of us can realise. . I have been told that I was en dangering wy career as an actress by becoming a mother; that maternity and the types I have been playing cannot bo reconciled; that the public will not find a street girl, or giddy divorcee or convention gold digger, convincing when played hy a mother who has no intention of subordinating her maternal Instincts. Po what? I am an actress, I portray each rile as it is written. If the script calls For a tough girl, that screen character is tough not the actress. better because my baby was bora." If, to that end, I mut forfeit mj own nmbitions, I shall be content. DYKLT! Today to Tuesday, "Itltb Century" nith John Barrymore, Carole Lombard and Walter Connollv. Wednesday to Friday, "Finbhing and ' "M!,,dy in Spring and'As the Karlh Turns": Tuesdn.i :o Timr-ila;, " and His M;ite" ird ' MoMc Carlo Night," KIN'iS PI TKIN -T.i clay to .M,.u In.i, "Munhnttan Melodrama"; Tues lav to Thursdav, '"l.ookin lay lo Tuesday. mid to-iuorrow.i'L'iiili Century" with John Barrymore and "Melody in and Carole Lombard; also, "Whirl- for ! I"" and "In With Life." 1 1 1 : F. KM "0 1 T T MKI.IIA-To day "(Fiiiiibbiij Lady" Spring"; Monday and Tuesday Like It That Way" and Thiimi'ct Blows"; Wednesday Tbursdaj, "A Modern Hero" This Man Is Mine." . "I poo!" with Jac k Holt and Jean Arthur. 'The! Wednesday 0 Friday, "Finishing and j School" with Frances Dee and Bruce 'Midi Cabot; also. "All .Men are Knemies" with Helen Twelvetrees. Kxtra, Tues- TOGETHER AGAIN Miss Velez render-! several sons hit, birs of comedy n 11 ti flnsliins danrinj. Koundinp out t ho rinniiKlT of the program ire Larry Itirh. h( feature Bitter Sweet" an-1 'My Mary land." who is ASsisfH in h's ofTrini by rbprn'p. Dub Tayl-r, T-m I'iu. k Waite and Sally fjold : Alex ander and Santos. d;in-:er: Tht'rri'n. pfipuliir Hinjfr: and IlcoS'-r and I'o-j repn in a trapeze ami balaneiii a't. j VALKN IA "Twenty Million- Svre:heart" is tho rtirrnt srn1!! : vehicle on xiew tins ww-k at thf j tjew's VaIeD-ia Thejitre in c-uHjunt-! with Waft riripy!i it"w Silly ! iinphxiiy cir;'.n ntitl'-J '(;ra-hnp-; Pr and th Anfs." The jift!ir in mdu (, a iww r- mant,'? team in iirk I iiul u.n- iins f-r tli inrd and ninlir pr udy. Th- Fmir .Mills Brother; vu:'is ar h:ird in I rcudi t n nf veral of tbf fat' hy lunp-, whiie lVd; Fio Riro and hi hani pi iy the a- -fomp'inimfnt to une of P-mr-I tuneful lays. fl widl a- in iividun! AUo in th r;it art l'at O'Brien, Allen Jenkins Jrani' Mifehelt and J an Wherbr. )n the fc'ase, Ix. w's "ob-nKa i featuring a diversified arotjp of euttT-taiiier. In the hadljiie fh-. inn I-Fhil Kpitalny and bin .'t nin in I IfldieM, inrludiiur a g!ee clnb, iihg-r. j dantwrs aii'l noloit. A 'vi on t he proKrurn U Bh Murphy wuli h, -ni and daughter nho iipply c-unedy l' the prepentatiun. (Mhers iorlude Jw and Pete Miehon, eim'dy aernbiitu, and Crawford and r'njI;pj( d.inei-r. GATKS "Tarzari and Hi M;ite j i t he up':, v u diplnr at ; Lonw'a (Jnte 'i' re, u here it n it: ret:nn until M '!i'hy. I ma new jnir'le ndventfirt- Idm n'.iin retinite Johnny WriiMnuller with rharmiiu Maureen o'SuIIujti, Ifefl.MinK - the fiifdevilb"1 pngrnti( "arl Mhiiu, tnnteal iotned JatT- tet hn, in hi fTentifc, i ft(-rii by !.ew Bnter and S Iiiia Mendeil Augmenting the bill are Lew nttfher nnl the I'nr'd Silern; Guieppe ami r.ubjtJ. Ifite fen I tires itf Jif Cm.k ll'dil Vmif l!res"; J'tftepli Iit- lone prcnt'ntf a niimlwr of nnrt itid J Be and Sitter in a ire Hinrtirj on Tuesday and mntinuin:: hroiiKb Tbnndar, Foen'a ('aten nil 'Teen MVti're TelMrn Me." titarrifn; W, t Kieidx and featurinu "Huater CraMw und Jnmi Hnmli. The tfitide rili bii) will eampriKftd of Kid I'nge and rtimpnti), Ibtinlty and Uanjt. WilbM-k and f'arwon, Jaefc Joyra and Company, rnd f,nirtIJand, ai.pim:, r.Kurouix vnky IHUANO. 4TTH KTBFKT, KAMKO, mi 1 f, a 1 . i,, n.KMlI.U. UJABI' r.n ftUndoll and Jamea C-rner in MH Wu H, r M.n. at th. Toajr Itf Mrada "Tarxaa and lIUlBrvukljSi SWund. not be art In "He Was Her Man" I portray a street wanderer who wants to reform; in "Dames" my next picture,' I am a dancing souhrette. Certainly I am neither of these in real life. I don' believe the public wants me lo be. But if it were true, then my career; a motion nicture actress miist be sacrificed. Motherhood comes firsts I would Infinitely rather create a tine, worthwhile man or woman, than be the freatest Camille street or snlon, that stage or screen has ever known. -i Of course I expect my baby to Title trouble has long been the be "unusual."- ItV father, 'Oorge bnc-ahoo i'f film producers. Now I&- Barnes, j an artist one of the groat vtd I-cwis, asaocinte producer for mflters of photography and BshU the KKO-Kiidio has received letters pro-hrorld has crer known. My baby wi t'nbot: No. "Honor of the Kange with Ken.Mnyuard. SHORE KHAO Today Monday. "Wonder Bar' with AI Jolson, Iticardo Cort cz and Kay Francis; also, "City Limits" with Sally Plane. Tuesday to Thursday. ' Lazy Kiver" with Jenn Parker and Robert Younft; also, "I Like It that Way" with Roger Tryor nnd Gloria Stuart. 'Stingaree" No Fish, But a Bold Bandit nritfM deprr-i'iitinff the raHting of such .froAt plnyrrs in a "fie h picture, f ull tliinc! Willi tn.rn in his rycx, lycwis plead." In infor.n 1 he world Hie "Stinxnrfe" is nut a liih at nil. but notorious nml liuii'l-'.nir- bandit who terrorixed An.slrulia in the lule tcvenlica. lie wiu nut on!.? a during roKtie, but an r,fhpfic one as well, unit highly educated. Iletween liis crimes he com- Vfli'Mil'' uifh Ciiiiree Hner,)- l-'riini-PK nosed tienllt ifllt nilisir. lii'e ami liruie; also. "Whirl- The neii.e "Siinsaree 1'' with Jark ittdt and Jean Arthur. testin the appearance of Irene Dunne nave a heritage of health and talent; nnd Hichnri! Dil in the current ro- ,;,( of it born ot pnrfnts nmntic niclodrnma, "Slingaree," the wh not oni. lov. ,. other. hut sSSI '..Jfj.-A 111 tLwYir 1 '7 if rs,i v I jOv y y rt.S.o o a o yj was coined by the crook hiui'If when, he said that "due to the exiKcneiea of his pro-fesgion he was a man without tore, a human fish a fish with a stinger, like the "Stinraree." The picture now at the RKO AJbee Theatre deals with how he quilS-ins a foh and won love by braienly kid unpins; a beautiful singer and forcibly wiioing her with the idea of helping her enreer. . TIL YOU Today to Tuesday, 'i.'Oth Century" with John Ilnrryniore, Carole Lombard and Walter Connolly, Halurdny and Sunday, five ItKO vaude rill, acts. For Kalich Benefit In addition to those already an nounced to appear at the benefit per formance for llertha Knlirh at the Forty-fourth Street Theatre on Bun day evening. June 10, are Jark Denny and hi, orchestra and Cherry and June Prelsser of I he "Ziegfeld Follies." Closing To-night Play, closing to-night In llroad- way Iheatrea are "The Shining Hour," after a run of fifteen weeks, at tb ll.mth ; "Moor Horn," after almost eight weeks, at the I'layhouse, and The Mikado." the fins! bill of the tiilbrt and Hullivan repertory com pany, at the Majestic, First Nighlers' Guide TUESDAY "Furnfshed Ronma." a play by Kagnhllil llnilsnd, will open at Ilia Hits Theatre. Vtchi Com. tooigs. John F. Morrissey, Violet lUmry and Frank Merman art leading players la I he offering, which has been scheduled for presentation several times In tha pat. It has beta Waged by Hus-ell Morrison. respect each other. This, to nic, is the greatest gift a child can hnve. I don't even rlrcnm about its sex. I love girl bahica and boy bahien. I should like to have twins, a I'")' and a girl, but twins are not one ot my family customs. I don't even day dream about what he or she will do in adult years; I haven't started pickin; schools or careers. I doubt if I ever will. We have started saving money for it -we want to asmsurr ilw start in life. Rut that's all. Making thing.- too eany is no favor to a young man or woman. I shall be satisfied if only one dream of mine conies true one hope one wish that is almost a conufnnt prnycr it Is not original, with me millions of mothers have had their hopes beautifully expressed in the. unspoken prayer; "That the world may be jinst a little Lugosi, of All Things' Once Played Romeo Hollywood Is the land of "types." A screen nrtor becomes identified with the characterization of a certain role nnd thereafter must abide by his type. l'crhaiis one of the greatest exam ples of this theory can be found in lteln Lusosi, who as Count Dracula Iu the uniorxettable stage and screen versions of "Dracula" definitely typed himself, as a weird, fantastic character. In the "filack Cat" he carries on the tradition. lint I.iii'osi was not always the dark nnd sinister "heavy." At the age of twenty he made bis stage debut as Itomeo m a llungnrian production of 'Itomeo and Juliet," and followed it with tluve years of Shukesperean rep. ertoire, Ibsen and other classics. When he came to America, his first KtiKlish-speriking role was in the "Red Poppy," where he played a Spanish Apnche. Alan Dale, the late dean of New Y'nrk critics', later said of him: "He's the greatest actor ever to come to America." After years ot-traight and roman tic roles, I.iicosi found himself playing the) unearthly character of the vam pire in "Dracula." His performance, over two years in New York and six months on the road, was so realistic, so forcef'il, he has remained "Dracula" to this (by. It was this charat-teriza-t ion that proved the sesame to bis screen career. T.iigosl Is at the Fog Brooklyn Theatre in Universal' "The Black Cnt." 1 Steeplechase Park Steeplechase Park. Coney I.-dand, will officially open fur fhe season to day. The opening will be featured by a parade of lii.OIK) (iirl Scouts ar-rn 11 getl by the GirV Scout executives of Xew York in honor of the official visit of Mrs. Frederick Kdey, Na tional Con'missioner of the Girl Scout Federation. The opening of Steeple. ohnsc will officially mark the opening of Coney Island for the season. . In adiiltion to the outdoor circus, dancing and other attractions, not furg-ctting (ho thirty-one rides and slides on the combination ticket at (Ueoiilcchhc, the park feature thii year "Hying Turns," thrill of the Century of Progress at Chicago, Tracks are not used in the construction of "Flying Turns," and the cars are not regulated by cables, but flash along at hair-raising speed through 1 . winding cylindrical alumina like trough. As the car makes audden turrus and twists it is continuously airplane banking from one side to thi other. 1 LUPE VELEZ sv " '? V At V 1 . ST . , .- j r..t v, , r 4 '!. . . , i :., ?! -7 kt - " i Appearing- In person and on the tureen in "Hollywood Party," al Low's Metropolitan. V.

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