Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 1, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1942
Page 4
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HIGH SCHOOL SOLO CONTEST WILL BE HELD THURSDAY Thirty Contestants To Take Part In Historic Event At Auditorium IM! Armiml lllKfi Hnhnol In- nwi Vooftl f'oto (lonUmt Will bo hnlil In .lhn NlKh School ThurMtlay evening. AfM'll V!, u ' • Thin <wont hnn booomo un iriMuiu- In Uio HohonlM of NauKiiUwk, on UitH ytmr'M proiwiiii w II »o Im «ul nourly »»H'iy ooiiloHiunlH, niany 1 morn will not-opp»ar due o »,Tho JtulK" for H»» ovont wll^ l,o |,Moyd a'KvaiiH, '"''^"Vv^ah- 1 sic in tho NVulei'hury nchoolH, Kuch onnUiiiit will »'<^' fl * l Vr'!ono ' oi- her musical nhHUy as lo tone, •tcohnhino niul liitorpiTtfitlnn. oi|« lUiHl.'* iH-ntily, Control, Inlonii cn mnoolhiU'HH; tonhnUliio .immune KCI'poHiuo.^ ^j^; lrtii ^^;;i: "inn, phi'iiHliiK, Hlatfo prcHonco ami tnmiu), Tho llnu ' ^^^HO,'with (* 11 IIH itM!*.***** 1 < L* • *, 111 § r lliiK of I; M-lh-KxiH'lloul will , K of ni MK nf n; K «n.l wUt-Avui'iiKtt with ralliw °VfioH«' wlio muuiro a rating of t will ho uiirioiiMowl at tho OWHC. o U," nonli'Hl, nil ollim- rating will \\c. wls'uh lit a lati'i 1 Llnu'< •. ' All immibiM-H of Iho orohofllra or i lA ,,d who do not play ni ll }!' ( |?"" tent nuiMt play liMfnru -Mi, ; (1lllH(H -', fflrooloi', MHirtlo ol' hl« solution in. , { MUiirn ft HiUlHraclory MHIH c In high Hohool. The oontu.Hl- ftn, not playing or H n« |JK i,K,i,,,Hl emoh other hut urn Win* to jiHliihllHh IhniiiHOlvcw as or thtMlnU'VatiiiK, ami more, than., secure th.lB- rating HMi'm''!* will 1 1)C HO. tinn«••••••-••- T Sro will -Do,' -no ..admission -,IIM-* l>I ' . :f HI i n ll*<\MPt*nl' e, sniUs are. IrmO.' « feOiic ai „., imrcMils and friends arc: in-• Afl aro wo'leooi.u. - y-. i«'«»A ll i" • ' • • Japanese Stopped In Attack On Bataan ._ - . 4, (Continued from Pago •One). rorlresjTiiml the , defondcrs' rear m Tn'<3 ralils carrier! out for the moat nn-rl i),v rilghtH of Lwo P lfl ' ncs - NVOl>0 rinqcrllHHl as "minor" and were "brought to an abrupt -ami when •1,. wo n^vy 1 Japanese bombers iini 11'v ii i/i \trimfi «hol down (<lln*ln*. *•' '" „, liiinuM " 'PHlc hv our antl-ali'di'dll fiPiMiorji. am^ made a-total of 28 planes shot down liy Ciori'OHidor guna. 'The Infantry attack was the second In rooiml days on Vv'ainwrlghts • v which tho Japanese ROSE SHOP to look ill . . .' •wy to we*r , , . ««« ftro tho kind of thai drftw »n "rxir» Hdmlrlnf «lmtoo" in i'»« Kwslcr f,Mhlon parjuU, And mont ImporliuU you'll And the ntylo yo l? k price wilhln your budget hera »i the Ko«« Shop, HERE IS ... YOUR ALL ROSE SHOP SUCCESSES Smart now plaids nnd tweeds chock full of Easter elegance ftnd charm. Suits with smooth-lying lapels . .. Huita to wear with frilly blouses this Easter and nil Spring, Suave tfolld shades Impeccably tailored. • SOLIDS • PASTELS . PLAIDS /S \ ^ FITTED AND BOXY MODELS Kxptrlly Ulloretl lw.e«lJi,. »U wooU. and dressy fabric*, "9ort" oo»ts that «rp RS timely .as to- dny'H newspaper, Co»U with fine trimming.«c- tutlH and tlvoro'fi n »!»« for. everyon«;- : . Hew Better Dresses That Flatter Your Figure ^Vor thai Kiml« "drww up" occasion or for business we hiive hunrtrcdn of imvlc«, pimtete, pluWii »«a prlnls In our nU new oolloollon, All thriftily priced at JJONDS AND STAMPS $295 $3 95 95 v \ v GIRLS' EASTER COATS Shetlnml*, twced.s »nd woolens, Kverythlnif from pretty dressmaker «tyl«.i io t»IIore( ad reilme)i»t»l models, A line-up to charm every yqun* K 11 " 1 .. 111 "] tho- tailoring win make mothers marvel, NEW EASTER' For .women and; children. Every size! Every color! All (Htcdby an expert. $2 98 $ 3 98 0 Fluids • Our Slxe 1 \o 4 f 2.98 Solids Our SIM 3 to Ox K»n«e •4.98 - Owr 8l*e '1 to 18 '6-98 ^'10-98 ' NEW SPRING. SUITS + SUITS with knickers ivnd Hhorls to match— — »i«« t; to SQ QC 10 , O.ZF^ • SUITS with two pair ol Knickers to match — »!*«» 7 to J-l f| OC • 14 ,,..',,;-.V » W«5J^' .« SUITS with knickers, J^nfl lonjflcs to niatoh -^ sites 8 to - — 15' ./. ROSE SH tlie week-end 'but- : was ^driven: qfl' ^.. ." * ._••!_.^__— ^. 4 n . li-»*ALl«\Xtrii'lnT''i* l 4 ay: four/other ; ob\vn':'.aij -a »'1111IIS :y-Jii'"" i *J •"-.— '• .'»'''• • r ,t- •'total-' of ' : 3COO Tleft their /tasks -in ,-.a ^sympathy; .movement./ Actual .strik- U1U >V ViUJ\~ wit" «j^»» ••'.<•/ . - . . v> . • with heavy:;-losses 40.. tbo^nVaclers; -• Last night's .-attack"- ;: :tvp'parently .,-.-----T.^.,-^ ••r,i n Ka.^tlS^lS|^^ sti-ctohing In' an «H. from-^an . y^l^ufal union .was viito,- liny across tlic •-I*pnli)Sul^^tQ; / :4.\ie,.,(Oiab>w^wi^ o .. ^ Jgalnst r'htnn sp.» • • . .' ; .'. . : •'•.'.•'.: '• : u - u •--. . .•: '* „ . i^..i.:«., I-.«.IH '. Piv Ihls lONVB - -, - . "Japanese infantry..opon.ed; » ,,,, attach on the right cehter-;bf -our., line-at about'8, p. m.,.March, 31. ..Seyr,; oral wavqs or assault ;• troops, sup- : ported by heavy mortar •lire,;-made- repeuTccl attacks".'up'oti.; ou^ /put-, posts. Some of our'aclvaiioed posi- Lions were Inkon-. after;, ncrc.e 1 bay-;; onot lighting, Our troops;-\vererAte forced and after several..;liours.i:pir savage hand-to-hand . comba,t ; ; i-ha- 1 1 .... I. . .,r> ,v I-..</-. I I li-tl I- f f\ II ' ll 11 1 I. Inspector Is a s .replied • Pallotti, ' . -. strayed from Trial Iroin. Page One) savage lmnd-to-nana . COHUKII,;,';j|: , i-iuioui.i .;««ive^ *..- .-» cnomy attack was broAighJ "to a1ittlfc.|;:^vti^t; ; kVpt no; recpr before It 'rua'oho>l.;ouy;:nVa^ Gamn Yesterday's• air;••ValcliUltB: 1 >>y.a^ •&& ,T ; ^., ^ .^ ur ^.;cohstructio partmcnl said, was ^hc>l.lbtl^ nuni ,... . e, . . . . Corregldor . since I)oo,-,7:; :Ia. alii ! ;<a.: Japanese pianos have' been .destroy---; cd over Corregldor aincc- the \var started. , The War 2 g I'd OP jnu ^^ dbpartmoiifti ^uMsclosed 1 that the Japanese ImperialV/high 1 ; command ' in : thq 'Ph'illn'pines had;. made ll a formal apologyV.'l'pr. b.qmb r : • ing a plainly marl\ed : ^;.Amcrioa^i base hospltar'ln .Bajaanifon •Monday;', in a radio broadest, n-TvWHinflr .to; the (\ 1 Ill^T *^ \ J v ' ** V* f »••»-••• •-; .was "unintentional. Textile Strike'! Contiii^tes Today (Continued froni; Page - One) '•.;'-- j I ^^ I {HI I l^j i,j t vyvvv»w«-»v| »^-*»*,— . - i_^.. ^ -. i • i .he War department,: '•.&; Japanese^ imfy spokesman : 'saitt -tlio • bombing .vns* "unintentional."'.'.'.•'•'frx-'-. •: I - 1L .:;:V SO. MAIN ST. ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ i > < ^ i .'•',,•, . - — OPEN SATURDAY EVENING UNTIL »;• O'CLOCK . 'clslon craft/; union, elcc- . : week-rong; the highway de- record of -idje. Gammino com: 1 ' construction of '.two : Ledyard, and that, •whfciv a?'tjiaim'.'for damages of $7i- l/i5: was'made by the contractor to the 1939 legislature, :.Gox, allegedly •without Investigating, asked the. .assembly claims committee to ap- ; rH paUbtti went on t;lie stand him-, ^elf. to '/describe what happened in •1939, shortly after he was elected, 'a'ttprhey .general. ' . ' •-', ' v The: Attorney general ^ said ..he- had ''Eoh.: 'vvfth'Vtiie damage claim : and 'ad'yise'd'Cox: "I would, look into it if'I we're you." r •'•'.•"i - ; lTave:.'looked into ,it," Cox-,re- p'liedr-accordihg, to Pallolti. _ '•-. . puirottl .'••' testified he told .. Go?: nhere^waa ! --a--.;l6foi talk and I wouldnVt place:.myself on the encl 'o'f-'it-limb. Where there is smoke .both ,b;y, hla assis by Berry, to . ^ within the- requested. am^ House and Senate In. 19« « ul bn" was recalled, and -Ui. meas- ni-p died in committee. UI TeSo t !y on the fo charge, followed: conclusion d ike- collapse - case' at H ^ 'Some., estimates -now; weiM that the trial' may.../conUnue , for. sex e a J months .as the .defense, •still has -S put dri-'-its witnesses, following conclusibn-orPallotti's caae. , '• -- < : — ''' •"~~~~ ' ISTA5L1SHED 1885 tlons at the 1 mills..strike that pa pa j ended Monday when vChe,' NLRB agreed to review the '/decision .at; Washington' April 7. ! ...-.- .: But the XLl\B cancelled the : rc- v i e w, charging tha^ -the, AFTO failed V° live'up to ah agreement to work 'in all 18 mills. . At conclusion of,the 'strike Mon-; day -'AFTQ membersi •failed- to rc- : 'turn to a-mill' of :,the .Berkshire -Fine Spinning Associates, Inc., where Rudolph' Slmonin, a former AFTO member who joined theTex- Workers Union of America ere- . ; • - •; ..- The- next thing he Knew, Pai- : lotti' suldv Oox : had asked the. claims, comrn.ittee .to approve -the damage claim. -."Mucb to my surprise, he " receivedl a copy of^ a te to : the committee. e Defense Counsel Joseph,*/ Berry : '.cii6ss-examining the attor- ' asked who started the the Gammino rumors- -trugiti «.*i'«ei v " ,: ,. j claim, :$$ can't tell you/' replied •:- ;A BeVvV' ! ''^lfed- whether Pallotti: in-: y cstigated' the. rumors, and the at• ; --general replied he dldn t, "it- was up to the legisla- /that : (CIO), was employed. I>Q •',-.>'-' i- • • . • \ ! ^Did /ill e ; r u m o r c o m e f r o m o JIVJ/, >YH.T v.ill|*tv.o —.—• i ,-. ' Their action kept 800;,icllc ; in. this •6W«^W:il^|6y.*^.Move You!; Id Have' you ever owned a coat that is knitted? You can't see it's knitted, it looks n'ke a fine importation. But, Oh/what comfort you get ou* of it It gives with everyi move of your body yet falls back yiristantiy into ''•.shape'.-.;' "• ..." .'. •' /:V ".••.'"'.','.'..'. •'•:-. ; When you walk or sit or drive, a car, you just revel irv corrtplete rplaxa- ; tiori. t^o pullingil nb^biniiing-^iusf marv*)ious restful -comfort. ,' •' •, Neary Building, Naugatuek, Conn. . To A along greatest di'menslbn 1 . . ', Stepiicns'-said.'^iTiall:- from homo Is- now being.^distributed to. men throughout Australia and tho southwest ; Pacific. \ynr. zones, ana the'. soldiers 1 mair is- flowing home-. Wai nVaipnfoth'U-P'O -'('army post office) ' organisation ...Is, being.- formort ipidly --Lb^maintain mail;, co.nncc- tknis- for^the;;;-m(mV thousands of United Stktes-troop.s . .scattered throughout a- continent comparable in-' sue to the,-.United States, lie id!', •'•"' y .--'-- - : :-V : ' •'"-.... -.' . nf -St^'pnens'is organizing means 01 finding every ,,soldier in .Australia.. 'Untied'' States;' trq'ops, arc now uh- IK '- Anierlean starnps, but. lice frari^ing,. as,'au^orixcd. by-congress,-is being-arranged. MosVrnaM' is'handlpd through the San Francisco postmaster, who forwards: it'.W the San-Francisco regulating station for 'dispatch to Australia. • . .. , " .-•' . • . ,. :.The Australian regulating station distributes mail from 'home to. the garrison X-through the regi- mental'' mall orderly and the company orderlies! Dtist oiff any cobwebby coiiViitions yau rttay hav« thai quality clothing isn 1 cheaper for ttie long pull We Kave plenty of examples to prove it^the man who buys a $30 suit every season pays ifrbO for his clothing every two years _he isn't thrifty. The man who buys a "Hardiweave" suit at $45 can give it grueling service tor two years and still have a good looking hand-tailoredjuitat the end of- two years and his^lothmg only cost $45-he's $15 to the areas. President RAPSOM)EROF (Contjnuetl from -Page One) the class of 1942 liad made' an en- vlable record, and,.was; a credit 10 •the school" and . to - the ..instructors who- haye:-vdeyoted•• four:..years. -.01 oon'siant v: effort, to-, give;,the' .young- ; steps : -anVeducatioiv" that, will prepare them fdr v ;a successful career in the years .to "cpnic,. r . ;vV • , " 'Members/'b'f the class' of •'42,who., •havc ; atained an average;of ,85 v per cent : or, over-.for the'four years,are :.- Tlip"mas;-.'Re'illyj'- valedictorian, 92.72; "r\aymorid .r.Lutze, 'salutato'rian, 92.3; Jane 'Baldwin essayist; 91.74;- Blch-. arrl'•••Sch4efor,.,.90,88; Betty '-Ryan, 9070'' Angellhc' Robbiati, 90.•'•; Jo- sep'lv'-Presto, .90.11 ;•' /Ellen Candee, "8U88';:^lorpricV Yenclies, ,89.1; John •Ferguson;^ "88 : .38;." ; Priscilla Geldard, '87 08• Jane Mocckel, 87,63; Dorothy .Anderson, 87.6; PhyHis'Morris 87:13;. J6hn:MaliK,:' 87108; ; .Joyce Oerry, 1 87 05 ;•: Helen Zdon i clx, . 87.; .. Bdwi n Te'rrill,.. 8G-65; Corrinne Parker, .8G-.42-;- :Nancy: MexxiOi-.80.37; Phyllis -Johnson, 80; 'John .Kozon, '85.67; Helen,-Zwoliin'sky,'-85.11; Ether Phillips,',85:1; Fannie .Oabriclc, 85.09; Jane.Qarrick.'SS; Albert Durettc, 85; Richard' Swan,- 95;-Elinor Churchill, 85..; • . • •- ; ' / Glastohbury; Conn.,. April 1—(UP) ."•The most .footless thing 1 ever of President ••/•Everett B. 1 -^ n • -\XM 1 I ?<»1tlC t- 'f\f flip 'T 13.' VV111 Irtl ll" comimny said today in, comment- oil the war- production -board's ' concerning purchases of tube Washington /order, promulgated - lust-' night, provided that anyone purchasing- shaving- creanv, 'tooth paste, or... other materials n 4 tube must-submit a used tube before a new" one can be acquired; •' Hurlburt said' the. tubes vverc .made of various metal .products. : "What a fine'mix-up Wiis-is going to- make, 1 . 1 be-: said. "They! pro'ba.bly-be thrown'.all inlp Iho same pile, and what a job of sorting that will make!" "]f' there is : "a dangerous condition : involving the metals used In tubes," be 'said, "a very, simple solution'"to issue.a-clean order for these products to ,be. put- in glass containers .and oompames would know where they stood." KEDUC/nON; FOR New. Haven,-Conn., April!—(UP)— Effective today/three Ne.w Lngland railroads announced a 10 per cent reduction in -the-price of meals served to' American, ..Canadian and British military men. in un form. The railroacls-Avcre the New Haven system, Boston and Albany andfi] \iainc Central. PHYSICIAN DIKS New Haven, Conn., April i~(i;|) -Dr. Francis H. Reilly, fi5, a ber of the 'staff of Si. Haj hospital, slneo the -inslltniion d founded, died, late yeslepday at |jl hospital. He collapsed at the ii stituiion Friday and was opcrali on. He leaves no imnicdtole row tivcs. — 4 • »• APPOINTMENT MADE Hartford, Conn., April i-(UP)J Go'v. Hurley today appointed jJ soph W. Boffdanski as associhf judge of-the Mcrldcn cily com] succeeding Rep. William M. SlreiJ lau, who has been summoned w active duty with the army. .Bo danski, a lawyer, has been praclifj ing at New'Hr'itain and Mcridcn,' WAKE UP YOUW LIVER BILE- Without C*Um*l—And You'll Jump Bed in th« Morning Rtrin* to Go The liver should pour 2 pint* of bile jul« Into your bowels every day. If Uiia bile 111 not flowing freely, your food may not < Keat. It may just decay in the bowclfl. TJml -bloat* \ip your.• atomnch. You set con-l You feel BOUV, eunk and the A v L« n «. : "tho»e cood, old Cnrtcr'B Lliikl Liver Pills to get these 2 pints of bile flow-l ing freely to make you foci "up and up," Got a puckHRO today. T tike ns d rccl*i Effective In maVing bilo flow fwcty .Art for Carter'. LitU. Liver Pilln. JOrf And tU.| Don't Fonjf.t ^"i ¥ Delicious Hot, Cross Ihins ..For Good Friday. Hot,-rijjht out of. the ovens, chock full.of fruit,-, with pU'iityoIj suoar frostiiHi. Order Yonr.Easier Cukes and Cookies Totiuy. Kuhn's Oty Bakery] MAPLE ST. TEL, -Fait River,. 'Mass., 'April i—(UP)— Richard'P. Le r Roy,-2-'i, former U. S. ml'lor who : allegedly •-.- confessed to strangling a woman at Key West, Fia',- pleaded innocent to a fugitive iliurge'in district/court today and .was.opd.ered' held in.$25,000 bail for i hearing oh April 10. . ... . Le Boy, who previously said ho would' waive extradition, was rep- "•csented by. Miss Anna B. Plyrin; ono of ,'s ' youngest lawyers Florida authorities were expected here later today but officials said •they would be forced-to, .wait until .'.he April 10 hearing. . : KILLED HIMSELF Springfield, Mass., April 1—(UP) —Twice re-loading a shotgun while wounded,. Ralph..De Gelles, 45, -a World War 1 veteran, killed himself >' today in , Forest Park. A medical-examiner, who returned a finding of. suicide, 9»iclDe Colics firod three blasts into his body — into /'his chest . and two Into his abdomen. , . THYING NEW PLAN .Washington, April 1 —(UP)—A four-part plani designed to make available to. tire. Atlantic seaboard area oil transportation facilities of, the.-. Middle West, .goes into .• effect today: with , the-.approval' of "Deputy Petroleum - Coordinator • Ralph K.. Davies. Primary object ; of- the plan; "developed" by 'the Industry Supply ° FIGHT CANCER ° •• :t Gohqiier fear, delay and ignorance; : ..,-:."•'•; ' : ^ •:-••.•: ' ; ; ....'. -:o-'"' : - y .':' : '";"••':.' :.';'.',''." '.' '-— -—ro * ,'!-.Question-: Ho,w'many-,cancer clinics are .there in the/United;; States?.. .Answer: There, are,about 350 and the/,'American' College^ of Surgeons inspects them at.: i'ntervols. and places its. seal of approval only on those avhich maintain t standards which -ft has established. . EASTER JOY Should be expressed, not only in religious thought, but by a renewed effort to keep this good old U. S. A. the land of freedom, as we have always known it. Naugatuek Savings Bank The Old-Time ^Mutual 1 ' _FOR SALE- Brick B.uilding and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuek Insurance Agency, Inc. Boom 9 ' Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 '.' Question: What .is the Women's Ficid'" Army., of the American Sb- olcty'' for "t'hc>,,Control: of-> Cancer? ; •Ahsw6r:. The Women's Field Army •which'' was founded. \in 1036, is a volunteer . educational organization organised in every state in the 'union'and'has about 200,000 members. + •+. — FERTILIZER —- Fresh Stock Now On HancJ. — Ammonium Sulphate (21% Nitrogen) Sheep Manure (Weed Free) • Bone Meal —.. Best Quality 5-8:- 7 — Best for Most Vegetables Liberty Lawn Special— (4 - 4) , x Vigoro— ' 20 %• Superphosphate , Nitrate of'Soda; (16?^ Nitrogen) Diicohure — (Peat Moss and Cow Manure) Peat Moss — Bales and Ba^s (Imported) Grass Seed — 40c lb; up Bordeaux Mixture —Black Leaf Forty — ; Arsenate of Lead ;Hydrated Lime; and Lime Stone The Naugatuek Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 FORD — MERCURY — LINCOLN • i ^ V.Y^ ,» r i \ ,»HAKi M '' V . ^«,^i,.t», x

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