Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 1, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1942
Page 3
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jfri V V 'f £/• '^' • < • '•"••••"• : "^ ' '''• ' ^ T-l^ -^^- : -^ ; '-' : K'S'^t-^f i^SV W-^:l$^ " ' "' ' ' " ' •^^W*.^u:K::Ja^^ S ;; ' ; W'' :V '-:1^1lwE ^"^ •' ;• - • •' •'.„• ••'•,•' ••'. .• <•." .';•.-• ' : ' ! - •?":'•'•.."''.'•'..'.•' Vy 1 "- 1 •• ••.','•'•••"'..'•'• •:'.' ,:•''..o^T/'r.S'v 1 '.:--.'';^.''.'.'''^-'.'''-•',:'• .'•••'';. v'"'V';'' 1; .'••'.; '••' •• ; -. :> .';'"' " ^., i '' , •• • , ; i parent-Teacher Meeting uesday At High School .T 'Mlay ovunlnsvAprlM, 1 ' ' Tli" ;ltl Siioi-k In tl.v .-.,..- ----- , ,, 1 M i^iiiiKH or thn association, ^'IlitJI'aro lu'UI ou Monday, Hut I lo I <M'» brt th» "»J Iho couvonlouoo ol' lt »,n, oouunlaslonor ol 1 (.loummlknit. who. will 1,1- Ill*i toplo will bo (iml Win'. 11 have boon ^I'T'hi alUMHl tuul -tho lurgost ' ll .. of lhi ( yi'ar IH oxptiotoU to, Hi'l 11 ' 111 ' 11 !..i.i,,,,uu hv Dr. Hrnco, It l awillvl Jtu. »il«lri>HM by Hr, Ornco, It lhMl> tlu -, muotlMK uml fill uro Invllod to bu A lwat'' ^ Hc)imu-rt,.Hon of Ml', M TIHHIIMH SoimirH ol' Mnplo Hlallonucl at Uump L VIM| VISIT KATIIKW ol C t) Pa, FLOIUDA 'uV'milM^- Wlllain U, Holoa .of ' uidl- avenue iivonuo, havo ,ro- Ll'froni a vacation spout -In Saturday, Tho. moot will start.-at' Vi p,m, und nuiny local ssvlm i'ahn will attend, - ' . graphs In -.the' court room; qrrFrlday evening -finel;' 1 " Saturday afternoon, April 10 ", respectively.!- I , HO^IIC li'HOAI.WOllCI&STGIt-'TKCIl l lOclwIn BnlflsVIn, son of Mr. and Mra, llurold 1>; Baklwl'n .of Hoaclloy Hlroot, William Hormonal, son -.of Mr, niirl Mi'H. \Vllliam Homional of HQinoHload a'vomin, nncl.,Hobort' Grant,, won-of Mr, and Mrs. Oecfl Grant 'Of Mlllylllo avon.uo, -studohU ixt - >Yor-- ociHtor InHtltut'o of' Technology,, arc Mpoiirlltig several days wltll thoh" purontfi; VISITING I»A'IUSN1\S Krocl Korrln, who la cmpibyccl'. «i-. iVeUiluhbm Stnol . •Gompan-y,' Pittsburgh, Pun-n., 1« visiting his puronUs, Mr, and Mrs, John Ferris of Park' iwmuo, • - - ' '•••'. '••''" ".• , CLASS OHiNltAlUttS CIlbSRN 'Plio .senior class ,. of Naugatuolt ijlgh Holiool hold a .mpeting Tubs- .day and glootoci-KranU: F.iirfl, a mem- Ijor, of the championship basketball tonm, as tho most, popular bo.y. Miss Jano Baldwin, soorotary and treasurer, was ohoKon tho most popular Klrl, George Ba'ynsH,t..tho dross- ofl boy and Miss Marlon Strom, the. host-clroasotl girl; in Llie class. LODCiK MKET1NG , ,;rh'c regular meeting of 'Oblumblan .'nobckah lodge, 1,;''-0. o; P.;,.will be jio.Jd this ove'nlng at .•& o'clock,;. In Odd Fellows/, hall. Mrs...Tbnla Anderson, 'president,, will -'preside,,;. A flower demonstration will;;bo gW- en; aftoi; ,tho moo.tlnfiranti a 'lunch will bo served.' "."'•',••'.•' , , ' ., .,••:•/' ; <i' ; : -'^''il^.;/^'-^'^^..-'^^'!^:.'$>-.•.: ri : 'faV:iiis :: present : l;iiost:^ ' " '••"e'tesum'onial . WJ» k-f !! Jfc. J»» •*-,->- Ff * •?"•. "VT. i .^-^^^viy^'^'^v ^^^¥^S^S^?^1'^ •'"'' fcl^eiOT*!^ ; i:.; : '^'^fe^^ •V-i'v^^v-'^t^iiJ'^';';:^^-!';'''- i.' rTFV^: : '-'' ^"li")-' : - v ' *** fe^^t¥^ - l i> -ci i t^r\7- • I can-Am(?; ; l:lcnr.y, J,, fowling,- mdvenislnfcCmanageiv'of the 1 Water•bury. .Democralv FMre<0hief<,Thomas '•'F,-- Cavanaugh, Pfre;-' .-Marshal-., Den- -ni.s J. Lahcy and ; Jolih .FiUnia'urice, "executive secretary to Mayor Scul- 'i': Miss- Garol'-Kl6noskl j; pf< ; 19.'vPorn street entertained recently..- alv• her •home 1 :':.,iri 1 » I '.'b 1 6lbtfr'allolii'- ? 6i-.' ;: h % er.f ; v'J3 l th: birthday, Sho>received: many; lovely Sifts. Li HI VIM,- ijuun ,J.'-i. vi J"» • .- *,»^ »>»-••-•• . .— y - • Prances :Ba'jJow^AiHlrcw ; Mcpermpti-, SVl'lliiim. Walker, 'V^obort ;,Wiipox, James .Nolan, •-Oebr'ip/-K'el.ty,; " Irt '"' lc .Kissano and Jack;,.Lynch'; of •bury. - -..-"• '-•••'•".'• •'.''-.••• -. V ':V S'l'l'DIKS IUH(lll ,,l K-Mlonbuch rnl.uiMUK.1 lo, IY io MidovH', MHHH,, whm-o lio will lil) i" ' ... i iti. I I I I n.,1 Aiiiirl ro- -Mr, and Mr*. «,iy, aiit-r wp 1 i'iM4 svllli hH r>" --•—• 'Jflos I 1 , lloclunbaoli of Torraco avu- I HH'>. . i^HSTMATIONS THUHSnAY Mrs fJllfforcl A, Tooplo.wlli bo ;a| hi fu-foHsi' ( hi)iul(|u.ttrt.orH ;n,«,r*l«y. frnin -'^ io 0 P, m. '« hk" iWlfilrations, as lhht w ^ lc ^.l H ^Nrulion wi«ok. (I, I*' also an-. houiuuul from MH» oftiinoll- hoaflciuur- , nflults may roRlHtpr any ,l.,y bnlwciin thn hours of 10, Lid 3 ' • . OM INTKNT10NS liirry K. Johnson of land JMi'phmi' Kohiko.wsUI. of \V'a- |,-rl>iii-y hnvn lll(>d mnrrlnpn Inlon- .\\m fit Uio oftU'i' 0 or tho oily olorlc in Watcrhury; nlso Albnrl I?. Man- Izo, nf fioorgu »Uwl, and .losoplilno |M, Onlubi'OMn of NVa l\lr* |,\ NATIONS!, AAU MIWT "Hill" HodtMilmcli, son of Mr. and <;linrlcM l». Hod.'jihMch .of Tor- avffUl'', wflf nonipnUi "In yard /mck^lroko rvnnt l-Ulonnl Amateur Athlr.tlo In l,ho Union I-JC010N AUXIIJAUV M."s, Hats'ol Ounnlufl, pr.oslclcnt ol' thn American Legion auxiliary, will prqaiclo at th'o- mooting to be hold •thlH 'evening at 8:30 In Pythian hall, 1 Plans for tho annual banquet for tho Gold Star Mothers will bo made and preparations for attendance-at Iho national defense banquet to be hold In the Hotel Bond, Hartford, on April 11, will be discussed. ' Tho' marriage of Miss Marjorlp Mariano, daughtor qf Mr..-aiUl:...Mrs; Rooco, Mflrlhlid of l-i?,Higti Street and \VUllam Grortdo, son of Mrs. Gnrmolla Clrcddp .of. ,11. Maple terrace, will tfike place at St.; Francis', bhut'clron Saturday, April 11, at 10 'MI«S Mariano* Is a/ graduate ,of Naugatuok high school and Syracuse university. Slip Is at present omployod as a chemist at tao ^Nau- •Katuok Ohemical company. .. Mr. Groddo, who Is employed at the Rlsdon Manufacturing uompany., Is ulso a srndudto of ^augatucK school, : •" : NO PlIOTOCHAIMIH-TiiifS' \VI3E'K •OobrKo Gi-lmni, official -photogra- phro for thn Naugaluck Dolense council, has announced that he..will- not bo In his office In the borough' court room-this week, but wlll-ro- sumo his .duties of tnklng photo- HAM'PSON-MINTIE-ABBCyrT • Tri Now -Bnglaiicl alone, tho.mdn: hlng;. of; tlio .obsor.yation posts. \ of the. ,; Warn 1 'rig, 1 ; -Service . -by ^civilian obsqrVc'rsV -Jius released an 'eiitlrc^,;(li.vlHibiV of enlisted \rnon for •.aotlye . c'pmb'aV duty," asserted.. Lt.-: 'Wi'liiam -L, Ghlprnah, -Regional. Com-, : hy,ft n tl-e i- of Ground Observation, 'First ihtcrcopter Gon\mahd, at;; ; a; liieeilng of Ghiof. Gbsorvbrs of Mitt-' dlo'sbx .County licld''viri.;Deep>River, Conn.,, last .we.qk. The; lieutenant wont on. to .explain,;'this...extraordinary statonibnt by.'.sayingv.l'hat -ii 1 the now - almost .perfect,••.•functioning observation-system'.dldn't exist, it -wbujd? IJo necessary- to Imye fit 1 ,,loch times as many reconnaissance planes consUintly f lying.*, .about New England in order-., to ^.provide the equivalent . information' .regarding 'possible .•n-itackihg:- -aircraft, t » • "And' even more Important, 11 the lieutenant continued, "the efficient functioning..Aircraft Warning Service makes It. possible for our-interceptor planes to remain on the ground, -until.'they're, really needed in the air, thus saving incalculable wear., and tear . oh ...-pilots.- and -planes. 1 ' Lieutenant-, Ghipman-, was emphatic • -in =hisv insistence -service In. tlTo 1 Aircraft., ; Warning Corps was front-line'rduty,-. mbro .Important to the,'.inadequate de- •'forisb 1 ' -of- the land', than -any other which is open to .the civilian. "The Aircraft Warning. Service comes first It la the foundation upon 'which proper air-raid precautions nrc built," 'continued- th^lleuten- i ' .'-,../' n n I - ~ - • ! * ' ' . • • i '• There are 161 observation --posts. In-Connecticut which are now, efficiently functioning,; on a ^-hour, se'voh 'day a week, basis..,prlglnftlly Rnonaorba'-hy ^ 1C ' Amorlpair L'egion, most of the supervisory direction In Connecticut' is- of. li'eglpn- Thore still romfiins, an bpportun- My/. to voluhtoor: at^somo:' ;of-the, f/tnlos observation' posts for either 'men or women who may, care to stand 'a watclv.;. ; Those ; who would. welcome this-"admirable wa-y of- sowing : their cpuntry. by^utyv-donc in 'their : 'dwh , lipfiiq ;: town; .may ^ol-, for-' tholr services/.•to'^bb:e,.cpmman-\ fier of ; the'local Amcr-ican, Legion . petty officer" ratings in-the Navy's new "Seabces". will, he, assigned, on Monday,' Api'll G,,r'l<>"' skilled \york- ers from Gorin.ccticut . yyli.en : -.L 011- .fconant- Francis,i..V Biggs of; the. Givil 'Engineer Corps spends ; a. day .at ,tiie .Bl'rflo"-' .'reoimltlhg': ••headquarters in 'IM, :/Vi* : *'.*^*'*'v •••'•'* *? • *-r i" ^ • ^^ i>/' '&'•*•"'>:•'<••"•.''''.' '•'.''.•'''.'• "•';•'''.-'''"'• ''-'-il ' '•/'• • ''••' ; 'h$iis sfsoph ie'-Sy i tek v and; -Miss) Al ici ,, Ja.tUCk^{Glicrnjcal': ;• company;; ^verc " ^Ve'sse s":,-^ . a \i\ ' a : .:' s u r p r 1 se.- -. •'-,•- p crs o ml ''''' ..' Misses, AUenc^/Ai len , Adc) 6 Sch Wenk', B er.n i ce ei'riaokivV. •..Gcrmaine v.' .FltKniaiirice, Ffeet ' •pwcns, . -.Cathorliie 0,'Sul; y. - '.'Garry V • Qooper, new manr ag'er oT tlie fetraiVd:{ tlieateV; in SVa- terbury-, :\ '.'introduced' t-o 'the •group - by,; Mr. Shaw-,Mr.'.iCJoppcpi,as-. sumed'' his-'-now" p'dsitl.on -yesterdaV, 1T6- started' hi s-: theatrical:, career< as a doorman,: Mr. ,Shayv -said,, and rapidly. arosp from 'that po'sition to 'aV'stu'deht" -assistant; to*, assistant manager, apd^pw-to., have, the .fu.ll responsi'bil) ties : 9t 'a- manager. He \vas ; formerly -connected •' -with- -the Loew-^oli; theater; In. Hartford. Sduthwest Pacific Warfare Increased (Continued from Page One) Ollie: -.;-AjUaft'os, /Ruth r.-Wplo.sliinsky, T-Trilhri• ; Vnsn. :MlIfh'fifl N'autfeS. 'G'OC . . .. bse^; ^ixriorie! MoriEuMty, Margaret-li iirs; .Rbcc^, Mariano.' 1 .'V . . The "Scabees V arc.; iihc 'hew. construction regiments of ibc, Nav> •iwhoso duty will: 1 bo. t,o. tight foi iand build' outlying, baps, .for the : Some' .150. : Gonnbctlout. .--men>-.'l>ayc.- 'already'signed; lip; in th?;. ; YSenkeos,- •a n a-, the-• ; ba:tallions- 1 ,. capacity, ,1s ' al Trades needpd.. by.;.'ttfe'. construe- Von units ihoiudi: firemen,,.cl.ectri- blans, draftsmen,, drillers^ -auto-mo- live, repairmen, ' blacksmiths,-car- divers, ruggers,, welders, but' pijarge f ;-.lp exchange' such, pieces o'r c'ciLiipmenfc not how' being used :for ; oi.her, items for which they have a particular need. "I -shall watch, with' interest., the 'rbsui : l;s',-.v-:ot'.-t'hc ; - 'Swap Tor'.Defense' program?'. ';-'• .'. '. .-• / -.-. ;.-.''Davis, said., that. Connecticut's qlghi^ county fa'rm bureaus wore pollal)or.ating.wlth-Statloff;WNBC-lo put tli'c program..across. ., y r te epnum;: mui.'i.. '".M"'" ~- ••• .'•.•• ."•• fitters; painters,. r.otid- machine.,op-. eratbrs, steel workers, -laborers and, porters;,of'•tlvo.; other building trades • ; - • - •• • ' ~<' - - -' - - > ••' Lieutbnaiit P. Hincklcy, 6fflccr. in.,-ohwgo, ie- brulting in the.- siate v -advised,,caa- diflates for these ratings , to report, ? Now: Haven or Har^ord DC ore Monday :for a,physical..,exam nation fn ordW ••.av'(J)d--4ons--;.waiifl- on the' day. .of:- the interview.,,, ,,: ; .... If You're Gdiiig To Need A RaAge This Year Our Advice Is, OT And here are five good reasons why you should buy a a- meiai ouurKnujj. • . • • To,-i-emqve this ."danger,; the ne< ^r'ubbeiv'.li-nbvvA .^.cbndu'c.UvQ". \yt v de-yei dried; v to 1 -" cari'y- . a .charge ( •Hartford, April 1-Gov. Robert A. I : Iurlry- has given -..his >. endorsement ' radio program. • the- 1. 12 Months to pay'— no intferest •. ch&r'g*. . •• : , ;•/../;.' ' ';•••/ 2 Oil ranges installed witft: : 'thfe. : chrome pipe at no eitra Charge, 3 Trade4n allowances of $25.00 ,onaU combination ranges,-\ v ,.,, , 4. Extra discounts .'foE- cash with .'" order. ., - ' ' '•'•'-;'.•'•./• ''.:'• ••''•• 5 Y^u have only until April" 14th: •••'•' to make your selection before the new governmeni regulations. ' This program • is broadcast: -every m'6 mgaW^'d'clocktKWTyqver 'st&ion WNBG-, and Js presented as,a. "nart of Its roundup-;of. national and- •sll te' farm' ; nbws; Entitled "Swapjor nrfense" 1 it cncoui v ages:'-fariTicrs to ••iwap "materials for which thoy ha*e rib-need, for;.something for which Ihev have a. spccrno use. No change .S^ mad, for!" broadcasting 1,^ •Items'.'.farmers are'invited to hcnd lh?. their' .'>wftp- or oxohange = llsjls, and 'to ..write clearly .their itp.ns, naines, Addresses and tolcph^e to. -station, manager Munition plaijl, safety equipment designed, to help ellminalc : explosions •'•through- .tnc-lise'.pf.'a- unique type of' electrici.l,y-can.'ying rub' was announced, today by United States- Rubber, company.. • In the-last war, workers, in powder- and'-shell', factories- often went barbfobliA-VliQ- ,prevent-., blasts ,-from body.sparks'. This .is l,he same type of-electricity .-which is' discharged fr.onv' .-:you'r when you ibrosy' "a ^hickrPU'c ..-tug and • touch 'o!'^ m e tal d boirk nob •• the new, was of \^\^ v \*t i yj |^ «-j v^. «•** ,- •' - - , ele'ctricity; af the same, time-,, keep ing •'other '• rubber ph'nrapteristics; -When ; p'^ydei 1 plan i, workers 1 sh ocs -have soies and: or.the new "substance, the-.body electricity is Dispersed through the feel- into the 'flooring which . may be made ol the;, same material to : carry .off the charge. ,. . -. , ' . .' ,'. -Containers, for the powder, table lops 'and any 'other spot . where eJeolrJoity. .might, collect, likewise -make use of the material. Belting 'made 'of •••conductive. rubber parries off the static electricity which col- -j'oc'ts- from ; iis" motibir. The .materr ml is particularly valuable: for use iirhose -\vhiCh may 'be charged with- electricity, generated-by the- fric- .11 oil. of. particles passing, through -'conductive rubber-' is made by ; tiie addition of special compounds. Since these •cohsUtulc good reinforcing agents, the quality, of the .rubber.• is, 'tliprctoy -Jncceascp:; n quantity production, -cost, of the new ru'bher. will /vary .according to -use. In.'general,: It. now runs 'about -10. per coiH above ordinary rubber. . . : ; with the British and Chinese reorganising: stronger defense positions, in 1 .preparation • for what dispatches described as the climactic battle for central Burma's oil field and-communication lines. .••'_. : In the western sector, BritisV forces trapped by ft Japanese: thrus 'across •tlie-.road' at.Sphwedaung, 10- miles south' of Prpmc,. brftke out' in heavy; fighting'and': rc-jbine'd' the main force.s .under l-A, .Gen. Harold Alexander. The .lapanes.6, however, now dominate the 1 approaches to Promo and It, .was. beiieycd that the British would plan fight the main b'attic-in- defense of the 'oil fields—• 100 miles-, north—at a point nbi'tii of Prome. . . On the eastern'Burma sectbr, the Chinese also.'had broken up a Japanese encirclement in the Toungop :area and \yere; massing, their'.main, forces north pt that town, where •some 5,000.!;oriemy- dead'^ had been •counte.d on the-, battlefields. The. :new allied defense positions ..uri'dcr- 1 American Lieut. Gen. Joseph-W.- iStihvell were described as strong- er/and'in more 1 ' rugged cpuntry, protecting the railroad Jfne.. i to\yard Mandalay almost 200 miles north. On tho othqr fighting-fronts: Australia—American,and . Australian bombeps 'renewed-: offensive thrusts north of .Australia; heavily ority .All-India- Congress . party,, urianjhiously opposed to ..'British hi- lepenclence plan.idelay.fqrnial reply pciidiiVg furtheV discussion and study of possible, unfavorable, re-- Acti'oii- in; Unitedi States, .China; and Russia'. "'.- •/••''I ;;•.'-""'" t , : • '• -Russia—Red army reports drive close to Vitebsk,. near old Polish border; increases..pressure on front; South 'Of fceniiigVfld;; repulses increasingly German, counterattacks on Stariiya Rusaa- sector. Lohdbn— British .naval sources foresee big naval struggle in arctic, waters to thwart expected Gorman attempt' to cut American and British .war, supply line to Russia, with Nazi battleships likely to join'in attack. : ; -'•' Analysis of developments oa these scattered fighting fronts and military reports In London indicated 'that the axis was about.ready for a big-time -gamble'in .which 'Mi tier, would attempt to crash through to' the Caucasus and? the East in an effort to-join hands witli. the Japanese. Such a pincers attempt against the:- united Nations supply lines in the Middle East may bo tho pattern. v of conflict which the enemy is now .attempting to prepare on a-world- .wide scale. -. ' The' pattern extends from the ••arcUc waters. to Europe, where a '•gr'ea't British-German naval sfrug- ••gle is expected to-.'develop along the •allied 3up.ply-ilno to Russia, to the tlkraine; .where Germany is reported ..massing.' 1,?50,OPO men for an offensive into the Caucasus 1 oil fields. And it stretches on to .India and Burma,' where-thft-Japanese nppar- iUly; are :- conccntraMng-,tholr;;mairt ; Strength/In' ihe' > hppe.'prsucccss:bc^: fore aiv. allied cpun>er^blbw :can .1)0; launched from Australia. >-• v l ';;;A:h O-' i'-v^x. 1 ^ • By. United Press> % - •:•;.Mexico takes J 4 2. Germnn ami, an ships into custody. . .Axis crows begin scutlling Gcr- nairtnid Jlalian ships piV Latin Am- ^n'caiv 'porlsi • ' > ; -BritiKn .announce'cap lure of Brll- 'ean caprlal, Asniar/i. .- : MalsuoJta confers, \yjj-h;.MussoliW. i'hftt o<id plfecc of rurnHurc niioli* (ledi'iuedium. Nelson sets procedure lo slash "rod tape 1 ,' in war production. CORSET' SHOP^ MAIN ST. EASTER attacking the Japanese., base of Salamaua on New Guinea island. A total of 18 enemy, planes were reported destroyed on Monday and Tuesday. Philippines — American and Filipino, troops halt-strong. Japanese attack on Battaan peninsula lines after .bitter hand-to-hand fighting and pushed into advance defense lines. Japanese apologize, for bombing American base hospital. India—Working; committee of ma- "•'— Easter is Sunday, April 5th ^ V."- , Special Cards for Relatives, Sweethearts and Children EASTER TOYS "Bunnies" That Are Washable ! / RELIGIOUS PICTURES iT CANDLES — Regular Style ' , Also Candles iii Different Form* * '" , BUNNIES — EO^S — DUCKS — CHILDREN o iAi cr IT ivi r V ? Q A!O ANI \, STO R E • ^^ VV • r ' IV C- • ^^ STATIONICKV ^* • ^^ • • •* ^The Card and Gift Sho^ of Naugatucfc LEGAL NOTICE District of Naugatuok,. ss. Probate Court, March.31, 1942,- ' KSTATIS OF Milfoil .J; Galvjn; late of Naugatuck.Jn said District, deceased. The Administratrix having exhibited her administration account with said estate to this Court for allowance, it. is ORDER ED—That th-e 4th day of April A.-D; 1942, at 1.0:00 p;c)ock, in the forenoon al/ the Probate .offoce in .Nniigatuok, be and the same is assigned for a hearing on tlic allow- : ance of said Administration Account with sai'd< Estate, and this Court; directs the. Administratrix . : to cite al persons interested therein to appear at said time and place by publishing this order . in some ncvys- paper published in-.New Haven County and having a circulation, m said District, and posting a copy on the public sign post hi the town of Naugatubk, where the 'deceased last dwelt at least two days before said day assigned. ;' D. EMMET SHEA, •. . . Judge. Diirinfj Illlll ^fers^i^^^-sr-sf- £ JIM'm»»T , , . _• ,._ ,. • , ....tuiwn, fiin. Saiu. of YOURS NOW '^I^m e nappy..indeed; to,cndoi;|Q the "Swan- For .Defense". prqgra|p. :wiiich is 'lieing^arrieo.over Itm a- .•cilitios of' Station .-.WNB.G- at 7,40 o'clock each morning- i% , ,•"..-: -This 'will give/to itlie.-^ft'rmQi's-jiOC-- Gbnnecticut an oppoi-tunit^y. .-wi.^-. Now Clou rscs . April :NK\V .'ENGLIJ : HY -.'.lOllNSON Itt - - •• m** JJL j^vfcAJtjw^j-^—— .^,5^- • r l : r ' ; • CBNTER'^ST/,--",-pIAK-::.3-27W.:- .,I : u '••••' •' •' -,^±;-,.hf\ASfiWA-RE-;' ~~ .. •?" -"• s WARNING l-Ranges defense reciulrements for year's proauction will be OLENWOOJD Ranges : Have immediate delivery, be i» If • 91-99 WEST MAJJ* i^^^l ' • ' '.' L , CONN. /:•'';' V.^' ; -^F01(V: ; KASTK«''V-:; ". ' --'TC^-.-'CjliQSSE^i-'ANpy.:-;..-/:• :i;.i ' L '?-PLAQUES/ :\v---fi ; --i/ r: r 1 •'" l''i ' " ' f m^^Mtr^W^' CCHNEER 4aP CPfO.^ JEWELER^ . •• •;/ 1 sjui|i? ! ^n?.?^ .:,:::. ' ^ '' 1 - • RESTAURANT 18>Ah)K PLACft STEAKS — SEAFOdb COCKTAIL BAR Ed; Pitzpatriek Awarded Plaque o sh.ow. Ed- tholr,. appreciation by a merited prbmotioh but decided; hat the Ibl)' lie, was/doing. in.-Wnj tLM-bury 'ciould not he improved upon ancr--.thOt;';it: i wns i for .the iiL-crcsts of-- the oi'gnnljsatlon-- that LEGAL NOTICE Pro- Rim Find Okayed •District of • Naugatuck,.-. ss. -bafcGourf, March 3'0i 1942: ESTATE OF Ellen Burke, late oi NaugatucU'in said District, deceased. The Executor having exhibited his •Administration' account with said estate to Lhls Court for allowance, ORDERED—That. Uie -/itn-, day of -\prli A. 1 IX-19-12, at 10:30 o'clock in 'the forenoon at. the Probate office in Naugatuck, Tj.e and the same is •dsslgned for a hearing oivlhe allowance of sal(i Administration Account- With said E.stafci.and; this Court di; roots the Executor Mo : cite, all. per- rfons interested ' therein ' to appear "at said'time ant] place-by publishing- This order in some newspaper published In- -New. .Havn County, /and llavinga circulation -in- said District;and posting a copy on Mi .pubic signvpost in- the town'.of Naugatuck, 'wh'cre'-'.tlie 'deceased, last dwelt, at- least' three-days-before said day assigned, - SHEA, -Judge. • • ;' :_ OMB«u; . * a|»«•«••»/-•-"• •,-—"•;.-. •'; ; • - V '"'.'•'• ~t '."V'-..'^:"", /' '.'!-;-V}.' ,v'' '•"'-->''•'.•'-,•;;.'.;.•' ' v' w-Jn ^-vojpjj?^''rybUnareMt 'ciirhediehiie Ji ' -i'- _" *'i_tj :i_;^l-i.'^-. J.^J«-.«S«.M4>*%<M''j«4*'<k'r4 1 AVii . District' pfc.-.Naugatuck;,-'-ss:. Pro- liate. Court, jviarch. 3J*. l?/i2,.. , Estate b'r.Hil'msv-'C.,-Peterson, aka rielnia, Pelerson; late of vNaugatuck, in- said .;District, dec'eased. ,. . i The Court of Probate for the District: of; - iNaUgatuck hath limited' ami nllowed six\months from date, hereof for ,lhe" creditors of said cstatfe"'''td exliibil ': their 1 claims for .sctUement. 1 ^ rrhose who;.neglect/ tb pr'escnt their accounts, . <iil,ested','AVJthin-'sold: time; will -be debarred- a ' rc'ooyefryv ;AH. ;porsops. Indebted to .said, Estate are -requested to make Immediate payment lo HAROLD 'A. PETERSON, CARL J \V PETERSON, 1% itJgh Slrefl, Naugaluck, Conn Executors. WITH THAT NEW COAT; OR SUIT!! IT Season!! CHIFFON x JABOTS' CREPES WITH JABOTS COLLARLEStS TVJP TAILORED SHIRTS $£25 . M $300 $750 $$95 tj=~ •*, kj= Bright EASTER BAGS — All Models I, The (On the Bridge) ^ t ^r^^V.W.H' '• NAUaATUCK, CONH

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