The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1934
Page 3
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l'S 36, 19?-i - PAGE Fans Are Demanding That Their Idols Keep Free From Scandal Their Private Lives Ate Public Property EV DAX THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June W.— A city so miiet and peaceful, so devoid of vice ami wlldness. and £o businesslike that It will make any midwestern village look like a den of Iniquity— Siieh will be the Hollywood ol tomorrow, Judging from the piesent trend of the motion picture censorship fight which, during the last few weeks, has become one of our leading national Issues. In addition to purifying pictures, Hollywood itself may have to be cleaned up. And there Is some justificatlsi for the demands of tlie various reform groups pertaining to the personal lives of the screen crowd Every star in motion pictures today Is a nfi.tional idol. The public wants to idolize its screen favorites. Hence it is up to the slur; to live lives which will stand Idolization. Players May Object Naturally, you're going to heai howls of protest from the film colony the minute any attempt Is made to regulaie the private lives of Its residents. Most of the persons here admit the necessity of cleaning up pictures. But they cling to the right to live their private lives in any manner they please, defending their acts by pointing out that there is even more immorality and vice in New York City than h. Hollywood. Is all probability that is true, and It is equally true that you hear few protests regarding the morals ot New York. That mav be attributed to t'ne fact that our screen stars belong to the public just as much as does the president of the United States. It is the public who raises them from inconsequential players to stars earning enormous salaries. The citizens of New York are simply private Individuals. It's Public Right Thus the public has a right to dictate the private fives of its movie favorites, whereas it has no such right as far as the average person is concerned. If it were not for the public adoration which has made it possible for them to earn huge salaries, .xnost of our famous film folk might be in the bread lines or, at the best, earning very Tb* £<&«'• Letter Box |iTo Jinfcii in in films is not enough, is the try of mi Killers; xtrern stars must fliiniimlo liny Kmirr.. of from their private lives. They point !o minors chut Gloria Sivnnson, upper Jefi, who nhi'iidy Inn divorced three Imsb.inds, will divorce her fourth and wwl Herbert Marshall, Kngllsh nctor, who's now wed. They mention Jean ILir- ,lo\v, upper right, who, at 23, has shelved her third mute; Constance Bennett, thorni above, holding hands with GObert Itotainl, who oflon appears with her in public places,' though .Connie still has a husband; anil Marleno Dietrich, lower right, because ulio uisists'oii wearJ;_ij:Hi«)cjgMU Pierce. Mrs. Bert have returned home after spend- and Mrs. Myrtle ] ing two months *'ilh relatives at! be surprised to find that they will lms llot ma<lc 0(ller arrangements •' Inot be excused for not seeing tlie ''- ls llot wl «l°m to allow thes MLS. A. T. Ashabranner Brown were hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jaggers of BJytheville visited Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Sr.ider Sunday. Master and Slave the editor:) In medieval limes the king ruled through feu- dr.l lords and their soldiers. The lord with the greatest number of soldiers stood the highest will king. Thus tilt 1 condition of muster and slave under the law WHS preserved. Under our first democracy men voted In proportion ^i Ihc amount ol property they owned. Some men voted a gieat many times, and thus the condition of master mid slave under the law was pie- MTVCd. Wi> look back ii|x>;< that ns being an obnoxious phase of our History. Hilt how Imve we Improved? Today men vote a yivut many limes by simply buying up poll lax receipts, and thu.s Hie condl- llon of muster and slave under Hip law Ls preserved. No use to lalk iibout rrpi>nllli[ Ihe poll lux law. It would be Just «s msy io give u man a dollar us :o buy his poll tux receipt. Yon haven't created any new Ideals or elevated UK- mind. A cork doesn't lose Us nature 1 to rise because you change Us ;ioslilon nn- dw the water. The evil is Inherent In the competitive system iuv.1 i-nn'l be eliminated as long us the sy.ncm exists. All altempls at reform will merely clmuge the gnth ol (he evil. As ionu as the system remains the Incentive will remain am! Hie evil also. The people must be given a new Ideal '.viih a new Incentive. The old will destroy civilization. W. M. Tucker. Blythevllle, Ark. Idle l.ujnl und Mir NVgrors ITo Ihe editor:! I am touring Ihe south In Interest of [he •illh minimi .session of the National ( Kurnl Industrial Association. Inc. j Conditions make this Ihe greatest ' .ind most Important session ever held since emancipation. and should have Ihe consideration of eiery litrson. i Every negro who wishes to Improve and butter his condition should intend this session. Sli-iw will he taken tn Imve these Idle, lands cut In small tracts and sold in these thrlllv ni'groe.s on long terms, aiding, lliem to ctuch a fool hold. The session will he held nl Hollundalei Miss., Aug list 15. 1934. ) The dole will some day come l< an end and Ihe negro who get Die dole will be In worse fix If hi o. r idle negroes lylnc idle, if . steps arc taken, liitfe Un& soon be in cultivation, Hip nttffeM ivlll be benefited and It will b« 311 asset to the entire country. This plan has the backitif of ihe leading white people, who Will :land by the negroes in this «rork. In a few years, these hmdi ivlll nil be taken up and thwe n . m towns will be lid of many loafing ,, ^ InfRrues who Imve decided to get nut and become useful. 1 will bo hi your dly and ran- munlly In a fnv duys. hope to neel the people of both races, fully explain the woik nnd plans of Ihls association. J. M. 001 Memphis, Wilkinson, nl Slroet, Teiin. Community Kitchen at Etowah Completed her florer jarden. On a stern t^.es the ordinary slie, 10 perfect blooms were In a row, each as large a? an ordlnoty sweet pja. piogram. Mrs. I.eonn Porre.stcv lias been selcctttl kitchen supervisor. A Home Demonstration club has 193:), Young g;i-.iflcs hear the color markings ol their parent's rrom n iiunie ueinonsinuion emu ins 1,1,11. n ,,,i ^,.,,..\,i, ,i. ,, ....... ""' "' 1 " e b<Xly ' Hall Killed l.ainbi MIDLAND, TI-X. (UPi—Several hundred owe.s and iambs v r{f driven to their denllis by drown- Ini; near liero \vlu-n hall the Mildred Fnulkner as secretary nnd reiwrter. Clialiinan of various de-| n , i , !tll P"' ll<;har ' iso »- flom liy; Mrs. I'lnk home; Mrs. Sara Lewes, garden; MIK. Marion Richardson, yards. There aie 21 members enrolled -, covered u distance of 10,000 miles. of apples ciuifed thfin lo run into! 1 "" 1 """ ly !i "" c nrc ' flooded ilMw. Ilninfall expected. . iwnylnn the hull wns uccoin- Ini'lies. licnd Krrak S»f*l 1'ra tironu ESfACADA, Ore, UIP)-nenilcfi j Want Aits, [Miller ercw a freak sweet pea In ! , EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. H> Mountain View, Ark. Garth Doss, son of the Rev. and I need. [fine lands lay idle with thousands Mrs. H. W. Doss, Mrs. Gaines Herron ill this we6k. Ln]te : Sli£ir; anjl .Gabrial Mike. Jr., we're' Memphis visitors Sunday. Steele,' has accepted a ,New York formerly of position in meager livings. Consequently, they owe some- _ p thing to the people who have given I and" Mrs. Bill Borowsky ond'srms, them every luxury money can buy. 'coleman and Benjamin, visited in is reported, Miss Marie Caslleman will be ' returned to her home here • this week from the Blythevllle hospital, where she underwent an appendix operation. Mr. and Mrs. Max Borowsky and j Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rhodes have daughters, Betty and Janie, And living according to accepted conventions certainly is D very chtap price to pay. In Ihe past the film folk have lived in Iheir own little world with their own conventions and moral code. Prom now on they will be asked lo conform to the more popular conventions. And unless they want to do that, they will have to turn to something besides Ihe screen for a profession. Actions Are Condemned Film fandom doesn't want one of its favorite actresses running around In public with one man while she is married to another, ns Constance Bennett has done with Gilbert Roland while married to de la Falalse. It doesn't approve of a girl who at 23 has divorced her first husband, whose second husband committed suicide, and who has separated from her third mate, as has been the case with Jean Harlow. It doesn't want a woman who has divorced three husbands, and Is reported ready to shelve her fourth, to become entangled with a married man. such as seems to be the case of Gloria Swanson and Herbert Marshall. It doesn't want n woman io parade around in masculine nt- tirc as Marlene Dietrich does. Those are things for which Ihe entire film colony Is condeintvc and rightly so. And it is such .•stars who In the future will find that there is no place for them on the screen. The great mass of our populace lives according to certain conventions. And these persons have a perfect right to demand that the screen stars, who. because of their positions, are examples for the younger generation, should conform lo these same Ideals. Manila Society — Personal f. Sikeston, Mo... Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall' Berry and son. Allen, visited relatives in PrentLss, Muss., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Burton and Miss Faye Blnckshare or Marked Tree visited Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Burton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Flagg of Hoi- comb, Miss., are visiting Mrs. Flagg and Mrs. A. P. Dale. Jack Lewis of Blytheville is visiting friends in Manila this week. Gainrs Herron, Paul ' Oration, Jack Cnmp and George Sanduski were in Hardy on bdsiness Monday. jurchased the former J. J. Long home property on Ferguson avenue, aruthersvtlle, and plan to move ihere in the early fall. Mr. Rhodes cashier of the First National hank of Caruthersville. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Emrnett Ayers of St. Louis are guests of Mrs. F,ucy Ayers. Audrey Nell Piummer is visiting ner brother, L. C. Piummer, and Mrs. Piummer, at O'Fallon. near St. Louis, until school starts. Mrs. J. H. Williams, of Hoi- comb, Mrs. R. L. Williams and children left Saturday night to spend several months with relatives in Flint, Mich. SteeJe-Cooter Society — Personal "The third group to be surprised will be the people who ore neither righteous nor outwardly evil. Luke warm people will not be tolerated." Tonight the sermon subject will be: "The Crucifixion of Christ In Our Day." Servictis begin at 8:00 o'clock, prayer service, 7:30. Craig Baby Dies Services 'for Billy Joe Craig, six months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craig. 603 North Railroad street, were held yesterday afternoon."The child died early Sunday. Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, conducted the funeral services and was made at Sawyer interment cemetery. Besides his parents the child Is survived by a brother and a sister. Miss Chloe Scott, who has teen visiting in Memphis, returned to Manila Friday. The Young People's choir of the Lrachvtlle Methodist church had a special practice at the home of Miss Martha Blythe Friday evening. Miss Georgia Lee Stuart attended the Postmaster's convention in Paragould Friday and Saturday. The Woman's Missionary society ol the Methodist church met Friday in tlie church. An Interesting program on "The Bible In Brazil" was led by (he president, More than 80 men, women and children attended the barbecue held by the Steele Ufters club at the V. L. Blackwell part at Gibson Bayou last week. 1 Mrs. Robert Holt of Cottonwood Point has accepted a position as assistant postmistress at Cooter taking tlie place of Miss Ovelia Young, who resigned. Mrs. Holt is rvinembered as Miss hula Stiles. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman and sons, James Henry and John Elmer, arc in Hot Springs for an tndefin' ( '.e stay in the interest of Mr. Workman's health. Miss Missouri Garner of Osceola is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Holmes of near Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Spencer and children, of Washington, D. C., spend the month of August here with relatives. They will also visit In Savannah, Tenn. Brofher Cecil Meadows preached at Tyler Sunday and was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie McAdains. Other dinner guests were their daughters, Miss Ha*el and Mrs. Lowel Kirksey, and Mr. and Mrs. Kirksey, of Micola, Mr. nnd Mrs. V. Workman and son are in Los Angeles, Cal., where they will attend the wedding of Miss Helen Scott, of Caruthersville, and Mr. Leo Kulman. on Juno 28. Mrs. A. B. Rhodes and sons, Winfrcd. Bobby and Billy, are guests of Mrs. R. J. Quthrle at Surprises Await Day of Judgment Says Evangelist The revival meeting which is being conducted by Rev. Hubert A. Allen, of Memphis, at the Lake Street Methodist church is growing with interest at each service. Ijfist night tliere was a large crowd who heard the evangelist preach on the subject of "Life's Three Greatest Surprises".' The preacher said in part: "Christ's teaching is plain concerning the Judgment. Most of our ideas about ii are speculatfve. But 1 believe thai we will be more interested in the progress we have made spiritually in that day than we will In whether we are as good as someone else. As it stands now most of us try 10 compare the strength of our own character by standards set by some other individual. Jesus is the standard for our character and in the judgment we are going to be more interested in the degree of righteousness which Is evidenced in our own lives. The first great surprise to come to anyone In the Judgment is going to be to the truly righteous. They do right because it is right to do It." "They do not serve with the hope of reward as the primary motive and they are going to be surprised wlien they arc told by Christ that they have earned rewards. Tlie second surprise is to be to the worldly people. They do not see the need of God's Kingdom. The pure in heart are There were 89,500 fatal accidents in the United States In 1D33; of this number 30,500 were motor ac- Weight Reduced FromM) to 137 "Wonderful," Sht Ssiys Here's today's story of a woman who knew she carried too much fat and decided the right way to tel rid of It— just a few words that wise fat folks should hrcd-- worth reading. "I'lise Kriischon Salts Io reduce. It's wonderful. Take It dnlly and eat what I waul and still lose. 1 did weigh 180, now 137. Want Io Mrs. Leonard Wis.. Feb. G, get down to 125." Bass, Ft. Atkinson, 1934. When you take one half spoonful of Kiuschen In tea- glass hot water—you not only lose weight but you pul healthy activity into your whole body—you feel younger and look It^get. It at any drug store in the world. —Adv. 3 . . Lawrenceburgh, Tenn. Miss Bessie Howies, of Memphis, is the guest of Miss Kathryn Jones. Freddie and Martha Le,; Simmons returned Sunday from a visit at Hcrrin, III, Mr. and Mrs. George Burnett have had as their guest J. T. Edwards. of Dexter. Mrs. R. i. Davis and children Don't Forget CaudJII's Agency General Insurance Can You Nominate This Boy? We want to locate the must energetic hoy in Blytheville. We do not expect this hoy to answer this advertisement himself. It may not even come to his attention. Besides, the boy we are looking for is attending school regularly and, most likely hasn't the least idea of taking up spare time work. The boy we want is from 13 to 18 years of age, clean-cut and aggressive. Of good, responsible parents who are interested in his future. The position we have for this hoy is taking charge of the well-estahlished sales distribution agency for THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL and THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN -in Blytheville which requires hut a few hours work each week after school. An invaluable practical business training, in addition to a permanent weekly income, will hi- his. --You, who are reading this advertisement, may know of such a boy. If so, you will do him a real scr vice by advising him of this opportunity so that he and his parents may secure an appointment with our representative, Mr. Thompson, who will give full details. Cal! Mr. Thompson at Hotel Noble from 4 P. M. to 10 P. M. this evening and til noon Wednesday. THE CURTIS PUBLISHING CO, JACK APPLE6AUM and the NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. Combine In a Closing-Out SALE of KAYNEE Wash CLOTHES for Small Boys $1.50 Suits $ 1 $1.95 Suits $1.35 1 $2.95 Suits $1.95 1 $1 Blouses and Shirts 65c $1.95 KNICKERS.. $1.35 $1.25 and $1.50 SHORTS-KNICKERS Choice $ Now a. ^LM'^LI 1 $1.50 PAJAMAS $1 At Either of These Stores NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. JACK APPLEBAUM

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