The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1934
Page 2
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TWO BLVTHBVILLE, COURIER NEWS Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Bible «ludy of Church ot Christ m««tlng with Mrs. Buford Martin. Flail Affair Given F«r Miry Ellen Stevens The last ol a series ol affairs given for Miss Mary Ellen Stevens before her marriage lo Mr. L. C. B. Young, of Osccolo, Is solemnized this afternoon, five o'clock, al Bits oj /Veu;s Mostly Personal Ark., Is tht gueU ol her sUler, Mrs. Joel Chandler, anrt family." Mrs. W. Leon Smith and son »nd daughter, Mlrljm and Jack, have returned from Pine Bluff where Ihcy vhlled relatives for two weeks. Mr, Smith motored over for then. W .l/K)n Smith jr.. and Mai Mc- Ihvaln will leave Thuialay for Camp Dixie, Wllr-y. Ciii.. where they will spend t'.vo months. ,« — . Mrs ' J fllll ^ s B. Clink »i>ciil yes- the First Methodist church, was n with Tier fl7lVi'''Mr:>' E. M" "lliiff-' lcnln i' ln Memphis in the Interest .... ,.,. «„.. mid'family. She'is cnroutc | °,' "»™ crippled cliilclien of Mh- frora llic Chicago fulr. | si "l" co»n(y. The condition pi Mrs. •]'. .1. . lnc Kcv - _Marth M. Cnllawny C. li. Roberts und Ii. F. Small-1 wood, of Oxford. Miss., spent Sun- i day with Kara Nnnn. Mrs. N. O. l.ycll. of BoHgec, Alii..' ariivcd yesterday for u short visit. mpper parly last evening. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Colcmrtn S.I Stevens, entertained the bridal parly and members of the Immediate families nt their home on West Ash si reel. The 30 guests were ecrved a two course cold menu al small tables arranged In the living rooms, which had been decorated wllh daisies and other garden flowers. Alter supper there was a rehearsal. • • • County Council Has Meeting Here. The Mississippi County council of Home Demonstration clubs met uilh an all day session nt the Blytheville Woman's club house. The 151 women present lepic- tented 43 litflerent communities ol the county. Mrs. Walter Wood, of Luxora, presided Ourlnc the business meeting. Each of the county clialimcn read brief discussions of their lliies of work. Mi's. J. 1). Ilarkr.- dalc giving a discussion on canning, Mrs. J. W. Field reading the discussion on clothing. Mis. Jerry White asking each club to respond on Ihe things that the Home Man- agemenl department ol the club hnd done this ycnr. Mrs. C. E Lynch, thc county foods clraltmcn outlined the foods work. Mrs. J S. Godwin outlined the things that Ihe flub should tic doing In Ui3ir poullry work, stressing Uic July culling campaign. Mrs. U Ciarrelt, gardening chairman, discussed Ihc, Importance of continued cultivation nnd urged oacr club member lo continue plnnl- Ing Ire garden between showeis Mrs. Charles WoodruH gave discussion on laklng care of flower bulbs. Al (he loll call each community leader reported Ihe niimbc of cans which had been filled ii their community kitchen up U date. There were 16,677 cans n ported by the 43 communities. Each club (his monh has bread contest and also a was\ dress contest. The local club winner was asked to bring Th entry to thc comity meeting. results of .the muffin bread demon stralion was: (1) Mrs. C. E. Lynch. Noclcna (2) Mrs. Mike Exensier. Tomato 13) Mrs. G. H. Caldwell, fleece In the cake exhibit Mrs. C. Lynch, first; 12) Mrs. George Stag Tomato; , <3) Mrs. D. E Oreei Round Lake. In the yeast ro exhibit: (1) Mrs. C. E. Lyncl 12) Ida Noble. Sllllman; 13) Mr Ed Suttoti. In the church drcsa contest: (1) Mrs. Lucy Barksdal Blytheville; (2) Mrs. W. w. cox 13) Juanlta Gainss. i n ih» hoiis dress contest: <n Mrs. Claienc Davis, Lonoke; 12) Mrs ,J V Fields; (3) Mrs. R. L. Hawkln Half Moon. During the business session Mr Howard Bos-en, Round Lake, we appointed secretary in absence c Mrs R; B. Garrett. The" counc decided that they wo-.ild not ho their July meeting since the com cil was Invited to bring a bask lunch to the Farm Home Foiu meeting al the county Farm July isth. At this linu MIS Bonnie Bonslagle. slate Home Don onstration sgenl. and Dr c Brown, of the University kansas will be present. " * • • Class Meets The Berean Sunday tcliool cla« of the First Presbyterian cliurcli entertained by Kirs, j' D McDowell last evening. The 11 'prc«- cnt included Ihree guests. Mr Va rowder. who has been critically from pneumonia, is belter toy. has returned from ' where lie attended Ullle Hock meeting ot I'resbyterial at which he was ac- Mrs. Bill Bweal nnd Mrs, A. J. |«1>I«' is pastor of Ihc First Pics- ' iker si)cnl Gundny In Memphis Hi Mis. Sidney Clreegs. formerly here and now ol Memphis, who crillrally Hi al Ihe 81. Joseph capital. Miss Mnvls Bellon. of New Madd. Mo., Is (lie homx-gucM. ol Mr. id Mrs. II. G. Wlckhnin ami Miss ess lint!. Dr. V. L. Husband nnd Dr. Joe caslcy s|)enl yesterday afternoon Memphis. • I Miss Jennie Marie Crowdcr, of I emphis. spent the weekend wllh cr mollicr, Mrs. T. J. (Jrowdcr. ho Is very ill nt Itic niylhevllle capital. —-v Misse.s Doris and Chitiulla DougX is and Winifred Ooodrlch and- nrold Womfick went to Conwa ">' ttrlnn "March of Osccoln. " r - aml M "' *>• "fRcr had as '" clr fi llcsts Sunday Abe Zellner Morris Seinal, of Memphis. and Miss Salllc fhe Proper Thing" a Wilson Society — Persona] TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1934 It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FRANKLIN D. KOOSEVEI/l' Don't Try To Bo President, Unless— U Is very valuable for Ihe young. ty committee or state committee, man or thc young womiiii lo know- The basis of all useful from Ihc bottom up hmv ti political.activity U an Interest, In h lave relumed from -i in rliv vKlt ""K"" 1 '-", 1 ' 0 ".. fl "«- >llot » «'«l I I™'- Mugs and social comllllous, and ia\c iciurncci irom a lu-day \lslt >on i,]iy iieiieve that it is well for n ' ' ' Mr. rttirl Mrs. 11. U. Lee Wilson ! come woman worthy of being President tppeirs on the horizon. In the meantime, men both worthy and unworthy will prob»bly fill that office. fn the course of human events it may come to pats that we shall Anly consider an Individual's qualifications and the sex will pass unnoticed, but that Is some years away and In the Interim, I do not kitchen was pronounced a co plctc success by the Urge crowd which attended. The program, directed by Mrs Elizabeth WalXer, Included: music, by Joe Portlock. piano, Jaclt Buct, violin, .Bill Buck, (ullar, and Coy Tweedle, mandoiin; four act play. Orble Nichols, Helen Shaneyfelt. Thelma Redburn, Trudy Howard. Hugh Williams, Joe Portlock, Jack £?«*.,,( n , ? f , . "?,*** bc alUl Bobby Joh'iswn. Panels Buck, President or n f»ct o hold any and Earl Walker jr.; humorous important o flee until she has play. Sam Buck, Mrs. Bill B ak»r gained experience in minor offices pra Lee Hawkins, and T. C. Hai- Olrt . seven small girls accompanied on the piano by Mrs, B. F. Gay. Mrs. Joe Dillalmnty of lilylne- - j * i , ----- ->...»» -\..kii ULI, ijrvnjuiia, tutu flm and feels herself capable of [kins; special number, 'The filling cauly whatever office she!Spinning Wheel" ' Is striving for. I ' During the ncxl few years, at Joe Wilson Nelson arrived Salnr-i filing ay from Dateon Institute. Bab- any or day Mass., to spend the summer his grandmother, Mrs. R. E. Lee Wilson. Mrs. Eva Kerlin, Ms. Irene Hood, and Mrs. Eurl Cross spent, Sunday panics siaim rwiore ainn- , D ](! themselves definitely with any one ol them. The old Idea of ;\ son foltowini In his father's footsteps in rtecid- .Ing on his iwlillcal affiliations,!',,.„ t ii s ., l>lm i n not work w well as It used to' '"j, .,£",„ d d and daughters, apparently, are ly rn(nc " r ) ow ., bottom rnlhcr tTTan from the in her footsteps top. If tlH'y come from the bottom, ! there will undoubtedly, be. (hues O n Tm»r when (hey will feel that ]io!lllci>l| ' Tcm »° raI T- •|llfc Is .sordid, tluit human beings ICo l'ynglit, 1033. by Anna Eleanor c Abroad ville won a beautiful by (he club. quill, given Sideburns were named alter Gen. Ambrose Btirnslde. thai their as- 'es are frequent-' il is just as well —;, for no useful more. lvoi . k ls accoinpanlfd tiiuil facts it seems,- arc j a ,. e( i alul accC | )tc( ). with Kfrs. Ifoort's parents, Mr. and cvc " 1(!ss inclined lo follow in llic | 0 Mrs. H. r. Foster, at Moneltc family footsteps. Youth is Rev. H. M. Lewis sent to Lltlle' ln<tj™'«al'slic Umn over, yesterday. He will spend the , llcslrrs '" nlllk ? " p week tliere. '"" " n; j lo wllru l»»«cal v»^j imaged by rinding that people do not Mr. and Mrs. T. D. King and nl - ncs lo ]oln - )always mrasure up to what you children, of Harllnylon, Tex., arc j tl)lnk B' l ' ls nic cvcl1 more. lnclii-;;cs|x?cl of Ihcm and by finding out Roosevelt; distributed by United Feature Syndicale, Inc.) Demonstration Club News Notes visiting Mrs. King's parents, Mr i I'endenl Ihnn Iwys in Ihis matter !;lhnl everybody docs ml Mrs. F. M. Le Vere. \te """" ' ' " '" " Mr. and Mrs. W. F. l)c Vcrc nnd| for discussion at home or abroad son. Billy, of Cneycnne, Wyo., arc! nnd thcl '' l wl iticftl interests cojlie not always "I hear so much of people .'being rude In a bridge game. Is th» correct In good society?" Certainly not! lint iimny people .seem to Ihlnk so. There arc fun- Jonway ••"•' i-stertiay where Ihcy are nUcnd-jj tlll " lrt 't»l rules concerning a bridge ig the young peopl'c's conlerrac^ Come Just as tlieie Is etlnwllc Methodist churches, elurn Saturday. Mr. and Mis. ?,al li. They wililniiylhliiR. Milay with , , ., the guests of Mr. De Vere's par- " s en(lr ely new fields to them. Tlint no one likes to Saturday cuts, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. DC Vere, Mr. DC Vere attended the national retail credit convention at Memphis last week as a delegate from Cheyenne. Mr. nml Mrs. Herbert Pipkin are (lie parents of ;i son, bom I>coj)]e uho are rnrlc or Harrison' l' oor plnyers is a known fact. The . .aware of your mistakes, unless lo crlllclrc. ilnd Is one who recognizes a good maneuver on ad as their guests Sunday Mr. | ldc!l1 partner Is one who never nd Mrs John Ciisllebcrry, of . criticizes or even seems to be oneslioro. Tom Elumnn, of St. Louis, Is ic guial of his cousin, George 'lllnliuhty, for n week. They also J'o'ir part and gives you credit for ntertalncd John While and Llnd-| l; whether you win the hand or ay Driver, of Osceolii, over thc. losc - 'eekend. | A Irlck that Is annoying Is to Tlie Rpv. \V. V. Wbmack, pastor lmvc iin over-confident opponciu I the Flist Metl'.ixllsl cliurcli, is-' throw clown his hand. saying: "The oilier six 'IHcks nlrlglil to show nre mine." It is the hand, umong Intimate friends, when there are i nil trumps or other curds equally I high but it Is very bad taste lo 1 from nrthrltls in n tlngci-. Lcliman Qllicsplc Is in Dyers- urg. Tenn., for a week's staywilli lis sister. Mrs. Cecil Lee, anil Mr. .ee. B. J. Allen, who has been ill j.v lllr o w down a hand lull of 'Clter today. ' 1 nnd declare yourself winner. This Miss Fredcllne Langwell is vls-| is especially bad when some of ling in Hot Springs nnd Ullle" 16 P' a Vers are nol so skilled. !ock. I Don't hold "posl-mortcms" on Miss Jean Dlllalmnly has as'""^body's delinriuencies unless you ier puesl her eousiii, Miss Anna .largarel Wood, o( Caruthersvlllc," Mr. anil Mrs. Gordon Lawh because they have less opportunity 'jwlicve in the old adage that hoii- psty | s |], c | )CS | poli^" IJjj, soon. er yon get over that, discouragc- riicnt the better. If Ihcy are going to Ix- really: active in i»litics, it Ls jusl as well .'.When - woman lias mastered - the details of party organization for girls und women to slnrt do- and luis gained a certain amount ing things, in their own conimmii- ol knowledge of her fellow himmii ties, such as hclpine the associate I beings, then Mie may be ready lo county chan \ramui bring pi'oplfc in i accept cilli'er an unpoiulivc or on ciccliun day to thc polls; acl- ' ing a.s tellcis or watcliers Ihcy finally can lake some Half Moon Club I'rtwnls play Thc program given at thc Halt Moon school House Saturday night for the benefit of Ihe canning an elective office. She will be far more until effective because of this service posl-jlicr party organizations. -• •« *•*»«• vjui uvii j-iari iiijii . • " —•••- *""- . ..v. jiiu L,I u. ^iim^dLiutjb. had Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wallace of |' !on - sllcl1 as '»«nber of the conn- Every few days somebody writes Mcnclte as Mr. and (heir Mrs. guests Carl Pcndcr and daugliler, Miss Jane Evelyn, who have been visiting Mrs. render's aunt, Mrs. Walter Card, have returned lo their home at Sioux Cily, Iowa. Ray Mann, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mann, underwent nn operation for Sunday. Thomas' Davis, arc visiting Mr. -|.ind asks me whether Fruzier'u' lvl " s °me day have Ibink we woman slsler. Mrs. J. n. Slionsc, at Cen-l fresidcnl of thc Uniled Slates anjl tervllle. Tenn., this ;vcek. ! J Bln afraid lhat 1 look mwn this Miss Huby Grain went lo Monte) nnestion with a certain amount of Ne, Ark., Friday lo spend five I niml!:e ment, lor il is rraily unlm- wceks at Camp Joyzelle. i Porlanl of wlwt si's a President iippcdlcitls at the Bap-1 alter a two weeks visit, list hospital. Memphis, Friday. jand Mrs. W. T Miss Mildred Frazier was thc! Mrs. Hobert Miss Eleanov Hale of Fnycttc-, \vlll iclurn home Wednesday I Mr.! may have be. We certainly will not n woman President until neall and familv. Wright, of gtirst for Iho week end of Miss liluff, who bus been visiting 'licr Jeanette Phillips, of Conway. jdaushtcr. Mrs. W. F. Wilson is in Dr. James Pull spent Saturday; the Bajilist, hospital at Memphis nnd Sunday al San Augustine., v;hcrc she underwent a major op' X:IS - I ('ration Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Frazler and I J. H, Grain is in St. Louis to- on, Billy, nnd daughlcr, Jean clay on business. who fonncrly lived here. Mrs. Boycn Ehrman und *alph_-Toniisend. of St. Louis, will are studying the game as you go i which is often done now wllh contract bridge.) In this case, be rwllle and unless you have a. rule book at-hand, don't be too (sure spend Thursday wlllf Mrs. o. W. I """°'" 1 lnose rules— llmt makes j»o- Jillahunly enroute home from Ullle Rock where they have been sillne relatives. They will also lop in Caruthcr.sville to sec Mr and Mrs. R. c. Dent Jr., and will be accinoapnicd home by Tom Ehrman who Is here now. Mrs. F. L. Husband and son. .! 13.. Mrs. Charles Swain and daughter, and suss Lorenc Austin, of Manila, and Hcmba Voung. of Hatliesbiug. Miss, spent Sunday at Tupelo. Aik.. as guests of I, V Voung. brother of Mrs. Husband and Mrs. Swain. Miss Jennie Wren Dillahunly Is viilting Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lcc in Diersburg. Tenn. Mrs. J. A. Colbert Is in Helena lor a visit. Mr. mid Mrs. W., E. Glllespi'e pie nngry and many times you are wrong. Look It up then remember It for the next occasion If you are having unusually bad cards don't sulk ntxmt It too much, Whi-n dummy, don't wander ovei Hie room until the game Is over If you must leave Hie table do so at this time but don't have the habit of distracting the attention ol the other players. Mannerisms must be avoided finch jarring habits us bending a "Irick" one has taken, counting them over and over, drumming on Ihc table with your fingers, making various clicking, whistling or humming sounds, massaging one's ffice and other such things annoj other players. Many people whose tame is otherwise admirable have and annoyihj allowed some silly -v. ...... Mruttl 5, f»tf,., IU I I., . , ,, ...... ... ( summer with relailves ' l to Lnkc " 5 holt1 u !>°n t!l ™Al 'd one last hint from Emil; Posi. Don't be a bad loser, i you can't afford to piny for stakes of hov« gone to HarrWjurg, Ark., "to tpend the Their daughter, liebccca. Is with hci aunl. Mrs. O. w. Dillahunty. Mrs. Ted Madetls has gone to - Memphis' after visiting Mrs Elvai dont play w '" h tl!e cfow <» but Poe. |J'°" lose, lost graciously. And W. 11. Eiislcv. who is atlendin" ! >0 " los= !hi! prlzc b - v one ^ad '! forget H Binning, Gnawing Pains In Stomach Relieved Neutralize irritating acids with Dr. Emil's Adla Tablets. Prevent ."crious stomach I rouble, yet eat what you want. Adla gives relief or your monry back. Kirby Bros. Diug Co. —Adv.M4 New "year->head STUDEBAKERS NEW SKYWAY STYLE • NEW BENDIX POWER BRAKES NEW COMFORT AND LUXURY • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE In were the social activities during th- two mcmhs which will i, Cici'5n slmY-o,- business session plans , n ade fo:' several informnl coming nclude supper. There was a Bible «clal hour before Ule ed refreshments. Eojal Neighbors Meet This Evening 1 "-'* Koyal ave a socinl to business in Rector^ Ark., for' " > ' frL ll immediately — even If l«-o weeks, was liome for Suiidav i'"" r 1)Jrlner was al - fault. Then The Rev. and Mrs. Grovcr Sulli- yml >vl " 1)c "o'Pp!". EI land and family returned lasl I nijht fioui a three weeks vaca- i lien rprnt in >T«lern rtik.insas | .ind ear-lern Oklahoma. '- | Mu-. Aich Oray. ol Prorla. Ill. '. and her brotli«r. E. B. Outlaw of Rector, Ark., v.-err In the city ye.-,- : tt rday. Mir;, Wanda DELICIOUS Hot Weather Suuciiils Served Daily UI,ACK CAT CO'FFEK SHOl'PK Prices Keuonalilc Miss Ruby Grain Wins Camp TripVith Essay ... Ark.-Mia Rubv Cralr «ught« of Mr. and Mrs. J Crain. has btcn award-d s?%js- r jsrsRss? won a fcholarshlp (or 'h«r srade work and lor 6he tenth ibsenl *** Thenve o, where the soil Is verv r^ .cogently . are 5nlai Spend Your MI ton Camp Rio Vista Located in the Ozarks "The Land of a Million Sroifo" Rio Vista U Imllt in a natural | 0 r?.u on th« of Spring liivcr. consisting ol W, acres with itiirty turnishcd collates. Running water, dpclrlc llRlils. rud Rt)(l u ncll (umlslied each cotlatje. Two ba thing beaches, molar boats, canoes, large Jouulc Ictmls co'.ut tpacioiis dancing pavilion", excellent calc. coo! nights, no mosqi'itocs. Camp Rio Vista Hew "rear-abtiid" I-ami Crxher — ,t tufcr s/y>rt model aiuiljklt an President, Corniunjcr ami Dictator cjjauis CTUDEBAKtR, sponsor of speedway stamina and skyway style, v announces new cars that are easily o year ahead in style, performance ond advancements. In these brilliant nsw cars, Studeboker safeguards your ride with the super-safety ond instant toe-tip action of Bendix Vacuum Controlled Power Brakes in oil models —even in the new Dictator listing as low as $6951 n These big^ luxurious new Studeboliers bring you dramatic new yearohead" skyway style. Thoir bodies of steel reinforced by steel ore gorgeously filled, finished and upholstered. And Sludebaker's famed Quadripoise Suspension scientifically cradles Ihe action of nil four wheels. Drive one ond see how its sparkling pick up, power and smoo'hness show up every car you've known. Price* ore $H5 lo J620 l^wer than a year ogo. DICTATOR . COMMANDER PRESIDENT . $695 890 1170 t at tbtfjcttn iitei*itiite»l extra USItN TO SICHARD HIM«HC$ S1UDEBAKER CHAMPIONS WHY MONDAY NBC RED CHWH iVERY TUESDAY COUJMBJA CHAM Main Kiflh and Sts. J. C. APPLEBY Hlythcville, Ark. THE ONLY CAR-JJNDEfc $1,OOO WITH- POW.ER BRAKES 1HOHE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. ' COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Wednesday - Thursday LARD Compound Pound Tie f.'anova or Sunny Brook Pound 29c JELLO VEALCHOPS All Flavors Package 6c Or Roast Poiihd 12ic GRAPE FRUIT 61 Size Each BELL PEPPERS Green Potmd - 6c lOc PORK STEAKS Lean Pound 15c SALAD DRESSING Table Garden Pint - - - - 13c Quart - - - 23c FRESH CORN Ear BACON Swift Oriole. Sliced Pound 17ic PClEjIANS_ SQUASH Kentucky Wonder Pound 4c While or Yellow Pound STEAK LEMONS l.oin Pound 1 J_ n ^^_ isc Nice Size Dozen 19t BEETS OR CARROTS^ PORK CHOPS Bunch End Cuts Pound 3c 15c CoJtagu or Van Camp M Larjje or (> Small Cans JULK FRESH TOMATOES WUNDlBEEf CORNFLAKES 17c Pound Or Hamburger Pnunil Posi or Kellogg Package TOMATOES No. 2 Can No. 2 >/, Can COLE SLAW FLOUR Pinl - Sc 12i/ 2 c 15t Ohlisk. Always Reliable. !0 - - - ;>2c 20 Llis. - - - 07c PLUMS California Pound OLEO SALT MEAT WESSON OIL Pound lOc F'or Roiling Pound Free Mayonnaise I)is!i All Kor 41 c CORN FIELD PEAS Fresh Pound PORK SAUSAGE CERTC I'urc Pork Pound 7 1 ^ 2 ^^ Tc For Making Jams. Jellies, Ktc. Hot lie 27 c JAR CAPS, Dozen R>NGS. 23c | c

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