The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 2
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PAG6 TWO Osceola Swiety — Personal' R H Cromcr, jntnager of the Etctrlo Radio Co, nho li«s been seriously 111 «(. the home of Russell -Cjockett Is much Improted and ~» in be oUt, soon ^ •Rif.hlgh scliool and grammar -*cj)09l faculty and Uwir families enjoyed a picnic supper at O rider ''Memorial Park Monday afternoon. -This Is an annual outlnff, always -held oil UK opening daj of school. " 'George Basil Segraves Jr., accom- p»nled Ills brother, Allen, and Miss Mary Stewart Butler to \llle Tuesda> wliere boUi will be enrolled a I Lhe University <K Arkansas. Allen is R freshman while Mary Sttwert Is a soplioinoce. Mrs a R Wilson of Jackson, Mlss Is the guest ol Mrs. C. M. •HBrwellancl Misspell Rhoacls lo- da) Mrs Wilson is remembered as Miss Mary Brown * Ashford, a frequent vlsltot here > Mr and Mrs J B Bunn have liad as their guests this week, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bunn and ' Jack, of Palestine, Texas, son, ~ Mrs. Aiinc I,. Thomason of Memphis arrived yesterday for several dass' \lslt with liV, E S. Shippen. Mr. and. Mrs.'- J. • W. McClendon nn tlie parents of a new <!aui t<r born Monday morning at the Methodist', hospital. In,Memphis. She welglKd^slx pounds and has been named Janice Marie. Mrs W P Sherrlll ol Lake Village, Ark., is here for n week's visit .with her -sister/. Mrs? }'. E. Tomp- klns Frank Tompklns who has visited relatives there for several weeks returned homo wUli licr. Marlon Tompklns ulll letUru \vith her aunt lo attend school in Lnkc Village where Mrs Shcrrill Ls member of th" 'ilgh ^cliool faculty. K S Shlpjien Is a business visl- tor in Memphis l«H) Mr and Mrs C W Watson are Ihc parents of nn cisht pound son, born Sundav at the Mcll«xllsl hospital hi Memp'ih Ho has be:n named PTank William. - :Mr. and Mrs. Robert La' Plnnl of Rlclimond, C»l, have been the guests of Mrs William St.ewnrl this week. They.will visit in. Hot Springs before returning west. BLYTHEVILLE (A&K.) COURIER NEWS" Green Pasture Open* For Two 'Army Animals MINNEAPOLIS. (UP)—A "pri- atc"- OIK! a -proud, .dashing oiflcer en me to the end of the'.trail lo- sether at Fort SndlUn;. Tlio ."private" was Siieltlng, » rawboncd mule with a 6-ycnr ser; record. Ho • snorted and pawed the ground impatiently when lie heard (lie bugle sound anil watclicd the columns swing . oul Mo tlie road. He followed thorn, (ceiling time 16 Ihe drum bcals, down lo Ihc end of ' the fence and then lie snorlcd some more. The "pKlccr" Is, Whisky, who lolncd ihe army RS n' wide-eyed :oll from Hie plains of Montana 22 years ago. AC first he had K mean disposition; none could mount him. finally, one day, Sapl. William Hazclrhjg vaulted; Into (ho saddle; From llml ' moment 'on Whisky changed. ' lie became known as the finest. Junior »nd polo ix>ny in Uio army. Bul'-lt's :all. overt for. SiiclllliB and Whisky now. A kuig and fnllhful life aYsm'es.a' reward and Ma J'. Gen,'Da'vid Stone, f Knelling' commandant, Issued 1111 order calling for the two faithfuls to be placed on the pension list. ' Their rewards-wltl'Dc'the grc?n- esl pasture at the Forl, regulai servings of the best oals ^and Ihc rest of their life lo IK spent In leisure. . occupied for several months, and ' In tests 'conducted by 'Soviet the Ihlev'e.s'appiucnlly demolished eclcnlkls,' InsccU' frozen in'Arctic and carted them away brick-by'ce for centuries »re Enid to luve brick. lilood (iocs not. now steadily Ihroiigh the small vessels of (he body, but moves in Jerks ns ; the hcnrt pumjis. , • PILES Now AvjIFiU* 19 AM SwHtrm. TttounnnriB are on the roail In rrrmitur* olil «Kt> liprauso of I'Jle |>,iln uml Inftnirt* inRllcm v-htcli £8i> Itir-lr vJlullty, Vlio 1'rJ- \ata Konnula rrc*crl[nlcii of iho Thornton i Atfnor Gil rile, ivoj I4'n nlOoxt a nil 1arK*»»l renal InMllullon.lBtrLfMiiCBt treatment we know of. HolJ tin a tiionly-ljack ei.bTftntM, Robinson Drug Co* ROXY Ailm.—jitiraVs 10 &-25c—lo i.Tax OPENS Saturday - Sunday l«cn made to live again. COOLEST SPOT 1 IN TOWN! Last Time Today .. .Frederic .March, Jn ••. Anthony Adverse' With OKva..:«i»M Ha Anita Louise, Donald . Kdmund (iwcnn, Luuis ' w;ird, Cliinde Ifciinp, Steffi Dunn and a ' Cast- of 5,<l()0. blesfst ' .dventure covers . becomes the aiiinifnl wllhin (brain 't Y, SRPTRJiREH Ifj, 193(5 LIBERTY CASH GROCERS I.OWBST PRICKS IN TOWN ,, t w . >lm , «;-,-._ , a .r mmlUiK ARK SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY l-iltlc (iencva I'lain or S. Kisinu Cuaraiilccd 2'4-lb sack . . . 75c 48-lb sack . . $1.45 Barrel. . .$5.70 Canada Guards Giant Arsenal From Hazards First Assembly The cits high school had; It first OKCmMj today following the opening of school ."Monday. 'Tlie R«\ Stuart H Salmon pastor of the Fir t Presbyterian church, conducted Ihe devotional period and: another'• visitor was C.' M: Buclc, president of the sclvool board , .M VALCAHTIER, Que. (UP)—T h c Canadian Government, is building a village of fireproof liouses here as Ihc preliminary step lowartl es- j tnbllsliniciil o[ a giant new arj>c- ual. . ' j Tlie new arsenal, expcelt'd to!be, the largest In Canada, will rcplicej Ihc building al present In use 'on j Palace Hill and the Plains (of A.brnhnm and will lw surrounded] by a. small town, where Ihe tin-1 ployes of Uic plant and tliclr families will be housed hi spcctnU ly-buill residences. Vnlcartlcr Camp, scciie of the mobilization''tor Canada's first, cx- jxxillioiiary .. force; In 1914, i|nd lalcr used as an unemployed relief camp, has long been regained as nn ideal site for an arsenal. Men arc already engaged in creeling bouses for Uie many munition makers to be employed at the plant, and once their lask Is co|n- pleled work on Die. arsenal itself will begin: , : ' ' Eight Brick Houses Stolen, Sayi Owner •Thrf- lioolc _ . . . — Admission— , v MalUlec— 10 & ,25c— With ic ;Tax Nljtht— 10 * :)!ic— WJlli Ic i'ax Oranges Juicy Calif. Not .Drier] fj|> ..' Dozen ; MONTREAL, ( u P ) — William wcallliy honscown- i -one slates reniilre' chll- ! cr.'l'cporlcd to iiollco dial -Ihtcvcs to attend school until' lhV'stol6 eight of his hoiiscs In Rpsc- age .of. 16, four states until 17, 1 mount, n suburb of Montrcnl. ' and fl\e states witll IB - ' IJulkle snitl the lluls were un- dren Bakery Specials ALL DAY • - FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY Ambrosia Layer Cake, each Ik Orange Bread lOc (Made of Fresh Oranges) Fruit Filled Stollen, each Ik (Coffee Cake) Chocolate Fudge Cookies, doz. 6c Cream Pies, each 18c Special for Butereg Hour, 5 to 6 p. in, only, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Hot Donuls, doz, 12c Coconut Wafers, doz. 3 C Individwd Pecan Pies, each 3c Ceconut Cinnamon Rolls, doz. 9c Buttered Biscuits, doz., ; 8c Pkin R«fls, doz. : 1- 5c SjKcialAtlcnllori.'Given All Special Ordcn ' BlytheviUe Baking Co. tllYfl W VIA' • . *^ PHONE 116 OWN A FARM Save jour money bv pulling it In a Farm. You can pay all cash or part cash and the balance yearly. Land values in tills valley gradually increasing We have a lew farms (a cell, if you liave any farm land to sell, or U jou wish to buy a farm, sec me. •-.... G.G. CAUDILL My1h " 1llc ' Carlocn—"Scrappj-'s Pony" Comedy—"Movie lUnnlurs" .Milli'lhc :i Slbbjesi ;•;,' FRIPAY PAL NIT E f. Adults Admiltea fur PrU«!of ' All CJ.ildren—Ilk; . ;?.! Curfnoii, — Adnilsslnn — Malincc— ID & 25c--Wlih lo 1«\ Ni B hl_lo-& asi;— With l Cj Ta\ ;t TllKSDAY, SEI'T. 15— S7S.OO RANK NIGHT! \ —COMING SOON'— ^ "l.OVK HKUINS A'l 20 — will Warren Hull and I'atrnH tills 'TICCADII.I.Y JJirt"—wllh Kol*rt Meiilgymtrry anil i\I ulgt I-^ans "SING BA1IV. SINfi —willi Faj-c and Adolphc Mcnjw •TKXAS KAN«KRS —with ircd M^cIVIurrMy and Jean rarker *• "SWING TIME"—"lib Jrefllis- i) lain; and Gi'ligpr" Rogers r % Ahc- ' Ark. Lumber Prices Reduced Lumber- must be moved before Oct. 1st Sorfie" kerns; as low . as 1$ 1.00 per hundred feel building or making repairs. Mil) and lumber Co. nlythcvil , C) RITE PRICEG80.&MKT. IDcommiical K. C. Meats and Fine Foods ; ,; | /111 E. Main Prompt Courteous Service Phone 23'f We Deliver Anytime, Anywhere !''' HEEF STKAKS, K. C Round or l.iiin. Lh. KOLOGNA SAUSAGE. IK; GROUND HEUF, Pure. LI). PORK ROAST, From K. C. Shoidders. LI). I). S. BOIl.ING MEAT. LI). IC Hulk Lard, Pure,- Lb. IGc Hulk Compound, Ll>. Me PORK SAUSAGE, O^C lircnkfast Links. Lh. ti3 ROILEIMIAM, Swift \ QC Fnncy. Sliced. Lb. 'tt/ Salt, Snd;i or Tomato *) Paste. . Each CRACKERS 1TC Delicious. 2-lb. Box U SPAGHETTI or Mac- | moni. g fur Sn; C»sc < COKKEK, Pure Hctl Roso. 2 Lbs. BRAN FLAKES LSC. 13-Oz. Box 1fl 11) OATS, Mother's Cni> & Saucer, China COFFEE, Canovii or Max. House. Lb. BUTI'EU, Cloverlcaf <)|rC ProoeFs. Lb. <>3 Ilominy, Spinach. To-OJTC niatocs. :! Cans for £3 Sandwich SPREAD 2G-Ox. Jar 23° PICKLES, Sonr or Dill. r or 1(:C Quart It) While Ribhon • Shortening 4 ll)s-S5c;-:,S Ibs, SL05; Can SG.25 FLOUR & fllEAL , Fresh Stocks Guaranteed Gold Medal, 20-lii sk iloc Omega, 20-lb. sk. . . Jl.fl'i Whitewater-Rose, PI or SK !2 11) Sue; 2-1 Ib Bar; •is ib si.erij nb].'^7.2.i Shibley's Best 12 Ih t5c; 2'l Ib 85c; -18 Ib S1.G5; % Hi §3.25; Bbl. ?6.25 t Shibley's Wonder, 12 Ib '13c; 'M Ib S5c; IS !b $'1.55. Ou' ib ?3.05; Bnl. S(i.OO Shibley's Geneva, 12 Ib lOc; 24 Ib 75c; -18 Ib St. 15 flli Ib S2.85; Hjil 55.65'' Meal, Fresh Cream 2-1-11). Sack fillc Gold Medal, Fancy 5 Ibs. 2lr; 10 Ibs. 45c Swift's Silver Leaf Pure Lard—I Ib 65c; 8 Ib §1.20 50 Ibs. Net §7.25 Cauliflower, Calif. ire SnoV White. Head 13 TOMATOES, Ripe ' >C Fey. Tcnn. Grown. Lb t) Select Red Pol aloes 01C Sk S3.15; Pk 50c; LbJ2 ONIONS, Red or low, home grown 3 Ib BANANAS, Yellow .<TrC Waxy Fruit. 2 Ooz. L3 GRAPES, Large •Tokays. -in lD nc Lb. O Sweet Lh. ;(c Oranges, juicy. Oil*. |5e Lemons, juicy. T) t y.. 1 2? Grain' Fruit, seedless fie Cooking Angles, Lb. -Ic Sugar, inirc cane, 1(1 Lettuce. Fancy Heads 3c Celery, Large Stalks lie Bananas Ciolden Ripe Dn/oii 12'c Lard Iliimlu) •l-l/h. 48c Potatoes Meal ' Fancy Hcd Triuni|ih I'omul 3c Host -'Cream 2.i:Lb.'Sadi 65c Coffee Chase .A; fjun l):ito!l I'r round 23c Vanilla Wafers : . 15c Fresh Eggs^ Doz. 24c 22c Gallon 1 .) Ug Each Tomatoes Standard Nu. -1 Can Process Pound 5c 33c ' I'miiul Beef Roast K. C. lirjiidril Keef Sbldr Clod, I h 2 Tlilck Hill, I.b in Chuck, I.)) i Beef Steaks ML 25 c Salt Meat Hesl Grade Strt«ak-O-Leaii I'otinri 16c Spare Ribs Fresh Mealy Pound 16c Bacon Fancy Sliced I'ound 25c Lamb Genuine Spring I-cjf, Lf> ;!()c Chops. l,h SOt Forc([iiarler, 1,1). 25c Fryers Fresh Full Dressed I'on ml Pig Ears, Snouts ib. lOc Bacon Swiff's Oriole Fancy Sliced Pound 32c Salcd Dressing » 22c Charcoal, Sack Crackers ICc Shibley's Best Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed 5 Lb. Sack I9<: 12 Lb. Sack 45c 24 Lb. Sack 82c 48 Lb. Sack $1.60 : Barrel $S.25 PEANUT " UTTEi Lrt 25 C CRACKERS .....^-15 (: SARDINES Amcric £; 4 C TOMATOES - Fr ? SQUASH W Wllite '"• Ycl ° l ir 5 CKRA EGGPLANT Frcs 'U.5 c APPLES Fresh I'OTATOKS ' Fresh. Lb. Fresh """CC — Flead'O CABBAGE ; '^"Lb- 5^ m ROAST Shltlcr or laiC- Thick Hih. l.b. It?.' DCC17' STI3W liriskct or lOlt) D-L-Rr Hion Lb. 142 BCiOfiNA TEA HOT ROLLS 'J' Cleaner 2-Gal. Can 9 AC f>t; Box wl> ff^ Crysfal Wedding fl.iC Lgc.Ii(>x LTL WK Quake " )tox f MUEEETS SPAGHETTI Qu TOMATO • IUK: ,^ 1 S BROOMS Sllcd 'Lhi8 c Pj^PLE "'S. 12 C Pkg. SlcamlKiat iat CO Gallon 30 DOC RMD .^° c . n 5 3 * n Crmvdor wder 1 1 C NCI. 2 Can 11 ?ArnFs u " scti:iic IP« -ifllJlIlyO iS'n. 2i/j {j ;m Jj In the Piocc UI71V1C Dressed OOC IlL'nij U). LG PIGTAILS ....m 0 SAUSAGE m *«^W SAUSAGE 1>l1 - "",'1 ITf GINGER ALE (Jiiarl 9 ( KRAUT JUICE HEIJSII Ubhy's Q c |il Hnltlc 0 MACARONI , M 9 C SPAGHETTI 3 ,»,.* SlokcJy's. Can SARDINES MLMCN : c Sc,,9 c Tall Can Anchor QC 3 Ha\c;- $ TJflDtf I UlllV & BEANS Libhy's S Libhy's ()C Lge. &in D MUSTARD Quart CATSUP C. liotfl Q C le 3 MOPS Special Kach Pure Cane Granulated 1 Lb. Box Brown Sugar .07c 1 Lb 1 Box Powdered Sugar ,07c 10 Lb. Paper Bag Sugar ,53c 25 Lb. Cioth Sack Sugar SI.39

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