The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 29, 1913 · Page 10
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 10

Brooklyn, New York
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Monday, December 29, 1913
Page 10
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10 THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. MONDAY. DECEMBER 29. 191.?. BROOKLYN TROOPERS MAY HPT nm WAMRI mm uui juv imiuu; First Cavalry May Be Changed Back to the Second. FORMER NUMBER HISTORIC. Jlaiir Would Like to Ses Old Designation Restored to Long Island Mounted Soldiers. Tha- new year may bare a liap-jj e. r-jitse fur tiio new Fust Cavalry. Cue old Second Cavalry, by jiving back to the ! Brooklyn troopers their original rjg; - loontul dcidgnutiur. o Second, w-hich they iost In the recent reorganisation of ' the State cavalry. The change bask to I ,. , , , ... . Ue original numbering would be more; than agreeable also to officers of the old; First Cavaliy of Manhattan, for thus the ; histories and records of the old organza-j Lhiiis could be kept together bcttsr. j Tu conform the National Uuurd cavalry; id New V'o.k to too demands uf the War i.. pni UL'snl, li. was necessary to have.! by January J, Jim, at mtMl one full reii- i.-enl oi trtcio troups, 'ihe ouiy way to ; ktii this regiment was bv cnitsnltii-Hon I troups (run ono uf the two eav-auy regiments and adding them to Hie other. As tlm armory of the First Cavalry o' ..iaoiiatuu was too small for a fu.l .ciujeut, bviiiiS luo small, in fact, for i -vu a squadron, while the Brooklyn rescued has all armory of ample size, it vu nciuied best to raise tho Brooklyn com-mami to a lull regiment aud reduce tnu i iisi of Mnnnuttan tu a squadron. With i.i.'s chiun-u the dusiguatlou of lue. Brook-:u oig-ntiisatic'ii wa chaiwd to ilie ,Kt La While nffl.-eia of both the old cavalrv ! i.fc.iiienls he cneeifully obeyed all or-i era idnoo the change, still thorn ia no j galnuaylng the statement that they would i K.JOICU if ma aulllorlties should giva I tney give their eiforts each year. Vester-back the old numboie. permitting ih old j dHy's inertias at. tin- Albanv avuuue S' cond CaM-lry to lonllniic In ils new hnnte was a result or the suggestion, formation, while the remnant of tht old : A large number of men wire on hand, i'hiei Regiment, now living only as the j On in to the presence of some guests r'iist Squadron, could preserve tho rec-1 the.ivinlne business was diepensed w ith. ot the old ! n st Cavalry. ! The recent order Issued from Albany ; reorganizing ihe cavalry could have been fo worded that the Second Cavalry could j have retained it.s former numerical dee- i ignatioa. This retention wouiii have, been coiirely military, and In no way would ' ' nun me service. I nder the change.' H ihe property mut-l, be- iM-murked. unit! many other details altered. ! Both the First and the Second Cavalry i iisd much to be proud of in their records i he First grew out of Squadron A, widen : u memornnio duty In the Brooklyn iroi- icy strike or lfcio. wane the Secon.j rainei the chapel, which was btautifully decor-up from Troop C and Squadron C. Both ted with f.hri.-tmas time plants and urbanisations wen- dejervedly proud of floa era. their shooting records. The great record j Judge Staple! on spoke liiglilv of Mother of the Second In winning The Brooklyn I Dc I hnnlnl, the nun in charge of the Eagle rifle trophy three consecutive years, j home, in his talk. He said that In add!-i.wi-eiing ""' Infantry m most , i-n Hon in ,cr untiring etforia nt 8. John's laihion is enonc'' of itself almost to she had served the Fir.ou Aran- 'a Ihe make the Brooklyn cavalrymen desire m i Civil tVar a a nurse iin.i was' given a retain their old number, j medal of sol vit"'" bv Consress as an ap- Sume officers cannot understand why ' preclatlon of her noble work, ihe changing of some troops from the; "h is not the JS.ffio or $7,000 that is First to the Second necessitated giving i turned over to the orphan nsvlums vear-Ihe latter the name of Firs',, any more: iy. by I his societv. Hint niakei the Kiner-'hen the changing of a few compares of j nld rial I (he creat event dial It. Is. hut the ae rourtf-enlh Kciilment oi Inlrnlry to rhe Twenty-thir.i Regiment would wai-ram changing the latter's drslgnallon to coiirtctnlh. Captain Harry Mekea. eomnianding tlic- .siuth Company, ''nlch is known Thirteenth Regiment. stapleton Bald,' after all, waa the grea't-s Ihe Hoval Arcniinui I Pu, elmrltv company of that regiment, announced today that the Arcanum has undertaken a new meihod of bringing recruits into the company, a method entirely unique in Ihe ;':'tory of National Guard recruiting, at 1-iist so far as Captain Meekes cm remember, and lie ranks as n veteran In G'lHrd service. Th'i scheme of the Arcanum Is the rais-ng of a fund to pay Ihe dues of the first five to recruit for the full term of en-Fsiment, of the oecond five for two years and for twpnty-five recruits for one year. rerruils have al-eady been tnken In oa these condition. In the lnal few dnys nnd it. la exnerted ' it will not lie Innct till the coamanv has n waiting lis!. The examinations for econd-eless un- "ers 'n (he Const Artlllerv will start or. a? unary 1?. MI neiu'n-tienn must be a: t!ic Thlr'eenlh by January I. BROOKLYN SHIPPING. T'ie Afflf rimn-H.-iwuiian TIne'rt ptenm h!iIp ppnn?ylvn'ii arrived today nt Pier 7. Flush's Ston-p, from Puerto Mexico. ?iie brought a rariri of wine. Piinnp.l f.iil-mon. conned und dried fnills and ver-- L,u,r, waui. voiM-rr mnue. (,in.-KSij vrr. ; nil" fc..,iwii i,i,ui,. iai , produi Is. The Civile Line's steamship SeniP'ol lived yesterday afternoon at the New v..,.i, n,.,.i. .... i... .., ,.. li.-ick, from Azui, Santa Honilngo City, Marcnris, Ln Ftnmtinn, Sanchez. Saninna. I fibrin Plolu fl- rll -r..l... ! ..Y.. . ; ourv. """ V .i. . ' ..! , in ir.j. out: H"'IIRM1 MA m P 1 1 p V I H HMM j r.i, : "", ' , 1 l ironucts. The ship had n hnrd sirugirle ;n reach port and came In badly smashed I ' ip. She ran into a hurricane on Decern ,.. , I "..mi.c.t ".1,1, first fine In an F.p . ne w nd was cnnHnnaly shifting. A ,. ,.oulllry a "sacred icard and another one boarded her lust s Hiie was rigiitlng herself, it ripped away about fifty feet of Ho rail, smashed up all the woodwork in fifteen stnieronnis and did a lot of other dani-rc" about the decks, Charles W. Cut -iintr. the assistant purser, who was Ivine cown on a couch in his room was badly uf pbout the face and head by the f-pllntrrrd woodwork. She was hove to for seventeen hours. The Anchor liner Calabria, from Ihe McditerraiKMin ports, also encountered vry heavy northwest gales on December 25 and 2fi, accompanied by hi-h seas, and re there are nineteen KteRnuh'.j,; due to rrrive todav there Is little doubt that r.iany of them encountered the same s",fcre Christmas storm. The rxnort. of Kold from MeKo hat "tnpp'd. The Ward liner Murro (asile 'rought non from Vera Cruz, and neither did her predecessor. She brought 21! bars rf sliver, 80. of them for export, other-'v!a her geucral cargo was about as 'sucl. Tl.e Aiiehci- liner Cale.ioniu. wliich s:-r!-,.i vesterrinv from n"agoiv inifl Mo-""ilie. broTig'at p e-i iichiiCon to th- 'e-"'' cheer ll.d.j.i eases of t'colch vhls'iv and only 2 :T0 barrels of horrinr.s is thirst provocatives. The rHtll ?trnie.ih;i Elstrer Cril-iT- which left Buenos Avres on December 'hi' tecs ef ,1,11'i-d and fion mea r.n boi rd PmS no ye!, keen re:orteii. nr )i-ehly Is not equipped with v. lrelcr-scrvlcj. ITS 20TH ANNIVERSARY. ..irK'ii Vih tlir-lr fnrhf.'M" in th rj.iy Womca's Kodeiy of German Horpitl r"' !iu' V1), r,i; Kini-'lo.-. in these mil' 4n . m4, oOi'.-r mu Lf rials and a(ip-.ins I iiem ' TV'.-.ii a brilliant vocal enj i'is;ru:uen- ,vo!it:g so nieiedions ::nd pceth -tel nnecrt to "n- given ' the b-nefit ,!!""-'tf' """ '!' Vi'-"t majority (,r his :he G-rman Hospital, at the Imperial ! ' """tr" "' ,""""""' '"'f ho rural ' " , ""i""1 . unpiilatinn. nave i.eepied it for thir r .-.ton street and Red .iook lane. Hit ! ton for ,heir plays, for their sermons Woii-iiti's Hoclety of the German Hosplt il j and for their vernacular, w ilt celebrate Its twentieth anniversary j l.iindamncl is phonetic and Is not so tonight. iCInborato prestations have I radi. allv .l!n"ei" lit from tne printed Dan- Lern tnaile for tn'i ev 'i lie solo'p's v iil he Miss Chi or;,-;- la;ii. c oatral'o; Louis Piucr, !,,is Vi 'll ---. " isw; i. i p sii a -i t ;i i l lie ItClito . S jell u ; ! ONwmwsmM Red Cross Engine t0 : St. Paul's Youii? Feonle'a Association' He.r.3tr. S. Van R. Trowbridge, j The regular weekly meeting yesterday: of tile Young People's Asoeiation of St. , la:il3 Cur-.ercgaticiosI Church, Sterling! Place and New York .ivcii'te, was al- . dressed by Mrs. Stephen Van P.. Trow- I Lridge. Mrs. Trowbridge wns tor five years a missionary la Turkey arid nar- rated some of hfr experiences and those i of her co-workers while on the field. The manners and barbaric customs of the Turks; the means employed by the mis.- j slonaries in imparting the Gospel to the unlives a::d the ii.irdhips which the j sionaries must endure while on the fluid' were all set forth and explained tu til-- ! course of h -r uis-our-"0. The Young People's Association en- j doaroi'3 to create a social as weil as a j religious spirit anions the young people I of the church, and in edition to these I j wec,-!y meetings, which are addressed by men and women prominent in public life I the members p-nrh.-.r in the ehureii n.iri.nw tor social meeting one evening every "ther week. The members have ions M1-'0 considering missionary work and d,.1V"1l,-e e,ep will he taken, about the ' !i "Ma" - introduce missionary ""or'- in the oung people s Association. " EMERALD SOCIETY VISIT Members Gather at St. John's Home and Listen to Address. The members of the Emerald Socle visited SI. John's Home, Albany and : Mark's avenues. In a body yesterday ( lernaon, inspected Ihe premises, held st. ;suci ; meeting and listened to addresses j j by Supreme Court Ju.--.llee Luke D. Sta- I I plctou. Special Sessions Judge George J. I O'Keefo, president or the society, and I ! Joseph F. Kenny, first vies president I j of the Human Calliope Orphan Asylum, j I The suggestion wis s)u:e limp I 'SO that the me;i who coud-.iet the Emer- ! '" " Ui"' ""''"ally, and turu the proceeds i uv''' 10 ,,le orphan asylums of Ilrooklyu. I So to these Institutions and see for them- I selves the worthy purpose for which I .Nidge O Keofe nniiouneed tliat. the tickets for ihe ball, which is to be held on Fob-I V. luary n.'M, and at tho a idorf-ABlona Hotel, as in furuicr years, are rapidly belli! sold, lie said that arratlReiiienis are beli-.K mad,, for the largest crow,! in Ihe history of the society, which is seventy- t;l. years old Hefore the nien assembled they wore irented to n band concert bv (he home boys in SI. Charles Hall, after which they wore shown throucli Ihe bulldlnit by Sisicr.Tano Frances, wini called particular aiter.tinn t,i the c!asino:n exhibits and chaniahie sp:nt inal proinp;s ion men to arrange lor thio social funeiion and attracts such a vast number of. people to lh Waldorf, is what stands out 'Jf! nrouiinnnf lv." uel-vice .(iihcrf. Tho.-c who nitended inrhuled: William .1. Crlnden. T. J. Ryan. John J. Curtln. John F Casey. W. .1. FlUp.ltrirk, Ilan-lel Kelly, r. J. lilaglns. John N. Cos-grcve. (!. Hicpjns. Mlclnol A. Montague, frank J. Colhns. .lames J. rtynn. L. Harry Fislicr. Luke Dennln. Ft pnl: J. Qal-h'gher, .Supreme Court Justlen Luke I. Staplcton, Sjieeinl Sc?ioas Judge (leoi'gt1 J. ti'Koefe. Joscjih F. Keany. Ceorg" .1. S. Dowling. Frank J. Griinning. John T. Preen, Fdward J. Conneily. A. M Kinir. C. Stewart Cannagh, F. B. Goate. J. F. Nash. Philip II. Forrest, Thomas, F. Peterson, Laudniasler Thomas F. Shannon. Or. Cherles I. Ryan. John Costel-loe. C. Becker. Joseph i'nrly. XMAS FESTIVAL AT ST. PAULS. j Sunday School Children to Get Presents New Statue in Place. i Tiic miniuil 'hiishuns festival for thr j Suiulny Bchool rhlltlreii of St Print'-' i Churrh. f'jltttoii mul Out oil st,rv!s. will bo held t hip ovpiilng in the parts., hni: i It will t-onaiat tirnt of a prnccHSio'i ! through tha churfli end then ovcryonv wU Unoo, , f).nnt of th(, nKnf,,. whil,n ... been al'raiiaed on the l.n sl n w ile oi i Ihe church. Th" manger is. ns far as il is possible, made to represent tiv one In Ilethlohem. and the little figures ant aii.ciiif were brought from abroad by Father Wilson. Afti-r the children have all been to the manner, they will proceed to tho Guild Hall where tile tree will be lighted and the carola will be sung, aft'-r ivhich a iTes-m, win be given to each child and i meflala for jrood attendance will be pri nted. At midnight, on Christtnns Eve there wiiH an iiiiHiviiiiiiit at ine service ami air iin Episcopal Church In guard'" a. ieii a,, marsnai in ;ne procession, u. vt M,ain Wall aot.'d as guard, and wore a Swiss . costume of the sixteenth . cniury. .,...,.,,. ... Peter, wnich was given lo the church as a thank offering for Father Wilson's safe l eeovery from a serious illaess lust win-tor, was blessed. Father Wilson performed the errrmony and after he had Mease 1 Ihe statue he gave his blessing to Mr. and Mrs F. C. s-ii' lford. the donors of the statue, rather W lison wore au clabor ,te gold cone which has just arrived from an exhibition and which is au unusually I beautiful nlrce of work, for cverv saint i ln the calendar If represented woven In tlie material. Tho atatue is of Carrara rilnrhle oed i.John fitted In a niche on the Epistle ride of the cham el to bnlaiico a statue of St. Paul on tile gospel aide. NORWAY'S NEW TONGUE. I rrm.i I't.pnltir SleciimitcH. 1 Tu 1:'4 Norwuy will et'lrbmte ihe cpn- I a n ni versa ry nf 1it i in iin ii) -t inn from Dr'naiark and the recovery ol h.r Indeprinlfiicp ns a nj.rn m U iv d'tn: with a mnritltutlon of hpr own. 1 houg'i iiti-'i ip- d'''Vi.i'M wi'h Sw litMi tin til "MM?. If ie pi'opr.t'tl to 5if;tia!io th--ii n t i oi: it 1 ri'.1oic:iiE in hiinn;- nf f i-.p hkicii tiy iho iidnpiinn in dne nroeess of Imv;, of a new tongue a the ifli. ii.l -i J '); on;. I luit:'.:s;e rf Vfiv.jtv. Vh-n riy yrarn rpo. Tvar Aascn, ljhilnloRtft, p;i- r't: ui1 1 h li'i'mr. ot N'nnvay. ai-m riKo-l a l;'nKuIiri1 v.'liich he nanmd "Lamlr-ni'inl," :ut. i t'inh died In hi n-'v sn-Trh inui'h of ihr old N'otm' j:id tinrlint Kcgas. ah V"U rs tlir (diomt; rr.d dhileus or the rfmoter " i".,f wIk im Lhf p'M.--- ?nUy have i.-lung through fuur crr.i , . t-sii n.v. ' i'lu to thr to.prti.' sti language nitr un eiiuceted Dane ca i not inalte it out. Something of the nort i;i bee.i i:eeoni'illt.he-l in Finland, toive 'Ie! ;:ov.'" en cluciited Finlandei" must ' - I '"ce li.nsui.Ke.1, K;pulii.. SwcU'sli .lo! !:ii!.;y'Ci :n orilrr "o keen Hli'-ia.;! cd l Me tiHitu in his on land. I STATION 7 IkLWJ'a'iTiiW' " " ! record for iv) i z. tjSSI t&aiUUI The Fled Cross Christmas Seal etiftine 1ft putting on extra epeed In the last week of tile campaign to reach the U.UOOA'O mark In 1 ho sales of lha slumps. The Committee of Ten on Prevention of Tu FRATERNAL SOCIETIES. Orient Chanter Election. The rooms of Orient Chapter. It. A. M . in the Temple, were, crowded on Friday evening. December '-"'i. tne attraction beitis the annual luoettiii; at which the fllcnrs were u be elecied for tho ensuing )car. Fx. Lafayette Wingato presided tiairacted ;he bus;iiess of the evening V-, 11.1 1U ,l-,M-., 'M-.,jntlf...l Itl.t ual petitioner. -!ectoJ u" become iiiem-j oct-.s ol Dricul. Ilie r..porls ol l'ie tivac- urer. Becretury. trustees aud finance com- - mittce were read mid presented a very I Biitisiactoivv showing. Tla sei-Tftary i 'omp. Louis i;. LutMliniJ. wnrf highly t. onu'l-nieiitoHj fur I n t labor;! to i'pm t oi lh y.-at's worl; niiii 1 1:0 ii.'iiillrt of the iipn')'a prosii'"s. Tho r.iaj'ier in A vry IichHnv i-onjitioti wii'n a .vg.i aum hi tin ti'c.u-ury im.i a Uiomhriiip ri-so (o 1,0)0, Several chant: bio iluiiatiuiu niiule. Tho ecHcnt work of laa ; e l-r o t i r v npproolalPti mul tin crenred salaty was the reward. Fx. Comp iVingate stated that the tune had arrived for i:ic eleciion ot officers for the ensuing year, thanlted Ilie olllcers and iiiombera j lor Ilie honor conferred upon him a year, iijio iind for the support g'veu h'ni during tile past jear. He then iiuiled Ht. Ex. William Camber to preside over the elee-, tlon. tho rt suit oT which is as follows: : l,.mi us i:. --olt'in. Iiign priest; '.' illl,.u: ' it. Salter, scribe: II. P. Stevens, scribe; j 0. K llueklcy. treasurer: Lewis It. l.oeh-lirad. secril.:ry: William Baniber. trustee1 .or (bice y-ars; Joseph Tibbcil, captain Oi the- host: .Miles !l. Clark, principal sojourner: Ceorg,. F. Hasan, royal arch captain: Alex. W. Waters, master uf the third vail; H. W. Philips, master of the s.-i -mid vail: II. ila'lllll"!:. inast-r of Ilie first vail: S II. Ackermnn. organist: George II. Hasmar. lilcr. Most Fxcellent .1. Harris Balston installed the offl.'er.s elecied and appointed In a very pleasing manner. Ht. Fx. Charles Stewart noted as grand marshal and made the usual proclamation and Ihe grand honors were given. M. K. Comp. Balston In plncing ihe gavel In the hands ot the high priest i o nip lime tiled him on Ills election and predicted for him n most successful year, and also thanked the members for the honor ho felt In being called upon to Install the officers for ao many years. A vole of thanks was panned which Included M B. J. Harris Balaton, fit. Fx. William Panther and Charles Slowart for the ervlcos rendered the chapter. The excellent IiIkIi prbsl. Lain tin v.. ciiiliin made a brief address to the companions and said a' banquet awaited them in the hHii-ouet hall and closer! the chapter. Among Curs present were: HI. Kxs. William H Sutton. P. Wlseburn and F. n. CP,!P U. A. ii- Conrad ot I'.roplre. Fred Vemrl". k of Nns'i ii. J. Bertram of lieWitt Clin-on K. I- Davis of Evening Star. A i,.,'i.,e ii V. W Owens. Daniel King ',.i ,hiirl. K Prown. The e'cctlon wasl very harmonious ' nil 1 lie officers being elected unanimously. The Hcptasoplis Frnternal Association. Arrangements hove been completed for the onion meeting of ell the conclaves in the four districts embracing Brooklyn and I oat: Is and under tin: auspice;, m m, i - , .. , ., Tnllner association to im '"" r '"'" ,:""'.,, i.u.ldnig on i ""' . . " ,.f " -- i- in, the various 'enclaves so as f " jloae up th, year's business. D eW t ( in m i con e iive tamOUfi llC'Kiev . ,,. - ".w the in "Linton" worn and n ib-r" ooiiior. of e-inrili1aie3 are promised at this time the reci.rd for this December shows the '.argeM number of candidates for ony Do-ren'ibcr in the history of (he order. Brooklyn Lodge Election. n.n,,vivn Lodge. F. and A. M.. held its annual elect!" w :tn me Thompson master; William C. Moehlleh, sen'or warden; Chester Lv nates, juinoi warden: William F. Weniscli, treasurer: ,1. Cyphers, secretary; r.uwaiu trusiee for three years. The ap- i-rter ti-ns cp tor inree yrian polntmenls are as nuiovs. .iime i'"i nnlor deacon: Henry (litem junior den-con lviti W. Richards, senior master cf ceremonies: Percy Dittrich, junior master of ceremonies; Henry C. Nlerman, .senior steward: into Wiicst. junior stew- ar.!: Wor. George H. t nristoners. cnp- lain; rhurles l. Mortimer, ma la on i i . I , pnc Paine, tiler. Fvervibing wHr, harmoni ous and tne imigo in m i,iivie,i,i ,.,...,-lion. j Knights of tlm Knccnbees. Perfection Tent No. 111! has elected thej following officers: Albert K. Sehroeder, , commander; T. Behringer. lieutenant commander; A. C Macl'hersnn, record: k.-eper; f'twries Zlegler, finance keeper; I ' W. GelsBler, chaplain; A. Andere, ser-j gef.n!.; W. Albrecht, mnster-at -arms ; W. j Dnehl'er, first master of Ihe guards; .1. , McDowell, second master of the guards; H. DooK. sentinel; J. Skelly. p eke Pr.s.MHt Tent No. 20:1 held lis reviewi lleeeniber 22. at Acme rum, aiiiio atieoci and Sevcn'h ai'nue. The nomination and: eleciion of officers for !he coining year iook place, will) the following result: J. Cradv. i ii in m a no " r : il- Ban . .,-r'n- 'di -i - H. . Hall, serg lieutenant ni- W ' E F.. Grills, record keeper: Lewis I!. Bali, c.apiain; II. u I son, n;ae ti r-at-ainir : II. j Giertsen. aentinc-l: J. lv. Loyd, picket.; The officrra i l-cted will be installed on J the' n i nice ting in January by Com-! mandcr Albert II. Sehroeder of Perfcc- j tlon Tent. The htooklyn Mooivihe"n Coiiiicll. Ihri memhers of which represent the various tenis or tne oorocgn, neiu us regular moniliKv review on December 20, nl Shan-j nun's Hall. Courl slicet and Atlantic . avenue. Considerable .business, was I ti-r.r. cted on ii.-ciiint ol' it being the last review ui' ihe v.-ar, and the various com- Speed Along in Last Week) F, frViDH 1 v f .HiCA'jO 5 i berculosis urges eltlrens to make Immediate return of the stamps. It is well pleased with the result of the campaign and hones It will wind up with the accomplishment of the aim It has striven so hnrd for. mttlees In charge of the minstrel show and reception to bo held February 24, at Prospect Hall, reported. The nomination and election of officers for tho en suing year took place and resulted as ioiiows; Kir Knigni, Paul scnunz or Brooklyn Tent No. :!4. chairman; Sir Knight Harry J. McCarthy of Bay Itlrigo Ten! No. 70S. vice chairman: Sir Knight .1. I'anvln of Columbia Tent No. I Ol". nins-ter. hi. arms: Nathan Mananse ot Brooklyn Tent No. .11, treasurer; District Deputy L. K. Mansruni, secretary. Foresters of America. Court flidgewood No. el. Fol esters of America had a large attendance of its members and visiting Foresters at the ourt rooms. iiuwaiu avenue, ana .iiiiui- j son titroet tCo-operative Hall), on Kii-:t1nv evening, Oimlicr L'tl. The ohi.'f run-I 'Atv. t'hnrles If. Muiiuei'k. wn$ highly I S r;i t Wl ? (1 to see sufli n gathering of tii,s nifii of f.irest. fust Ohlef Haoger ( John II. KeMtM' rnlled on many present i ior remnrUs. i;i'i;u" L. Si'iiuM', v-ltn u' a tlelogfUe to the Forest ir HoRpttal Bon tu-iMinil Assounuioii, prt'st'ti t i?U to riUti't Ridgewood a handsome eet of E.IVIIIS that it won for having the largest court delegation urcsent at do llosnltnl Bed Fund Assoclaiion oa.i: i offer, d i as a prize to the court, making the best showing Hi the ball. Court Itidgewood's twenty-eighth anniversary vili be celebrated on Saturday evening, January when an entertainment, reception and cabaret show will be given. MEN m UPLIFT TALK The Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman Heard at Bedford Y. M. C. A. The Sunday Afternoon meeting for men only at the Bedford Branch of the Young Men's Christian Association, Monroe .-street and Bedford avenue, was addressed by the P.e'v. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman of the Central Congregational Church. Secretary Hammond presided. The Royal Male Quartet entertained with eeveral selections, two especially noteworthy, "One Sweetly Solemn Thought" and an arrangement to sacred words of tho famoti3 "Lucia" sextet. Dr. Cadmau in his address forcefully reminded his henrers that time and 1U markings were but human Inventions; i hat as a drop of water In the vast ocean, so time w-us but a drop in the ocean of (iod's eternity. The fear of death, which, after all, was but. an Incident In life, and but opened the door to another and net ter phase of lire, had liirov. n lis shadow over many men, but was rapidly passing ! away as science more clearly revealed Pal naiure. Time, he said, consisted not of years hut of service; some men were young at HO, 70 and SO. while others were old at 10. The "greatest decision" for men to make was how to understand and use time. The two fundamental doctrines were these: Time In an opportunity for love: time Is an opportunity for service, and tlKse two expressions Dr. Cadman had the audience repent. Willi him, and he elozed with an earnest appeal for more love and moro service in the hearts and lives of men. The usual miscellaneous questions, aptly and forcibly answered by Dr. Cadman. ended an afternoon meeting of more than ordinary interest. TO HOLD UP ROflO PAYMENT Taxpayers Injunction May Sought in Brookhavcn. be iSpcelal to The Eagle. 1 Pntchogue. L. I.. Dtcem'onr 2P- A taxpayer's Injunction may be the means whereby Ihe Town cf Brookhavcn will refuse In pay the $1 l.."iS0.1H. levied In the town's lax budget this year n3 Its share for the PntchoKue-Coram Slate road, declared to be a wortnless piece ol coll stiuction. hip people oi urooicuaven, ivn nv supervisor anllle v. rtoonou. uaiu the'r share of the cost if there is any means of avoiding pay ment. A taxpayer's in.iuiietion Is the step suggested by Judge L. II. Green, a member of tho Brookhnven town board, as the proper ono to be taken. lie says that such an action can be brought. He doubts toe nollliy of the r.upervitor to refuse to turn over the money to the Stale unions some sii. h legal nctlou Is taken. In his attitude toward the non-payment of this unjust debt, Supervisor Robinson has tho full support ot the town board, however, and of the taxpayers throughout the township as well. "The road ia in a worse condition than ii was before anything was done to it ai till by Ine State." said Judge L. B. Green. "1 don't approve of paying for It i "n"l "" got a prupen cuimtrucieii roau. jThc construction is not right and it never was. If niiS oeeu a u.sgrace ironi tne day It was built. "Tile life of a macailam road Is supposed Li be M.'lecn years. That one did not Lift three months. It. never had any vitality. The riirfaee incited like so much molasses before the sun. Tho town should not pay lor It until It, gets valuo for Its money. I think a taxpayers Injunction can nuim, n.-. u,,. ,. ,.-,, ..u,,, pnmg over Ihe amount would bo the proper action." This piece of mini, si retching from Paichogoe d, Coram, wa-i onistructcj at a cost uf about Jie.L-J i..f mile, GERMAN SOCIETIES GREET SANTA CLAUS i Christmas Celebrations Held by Prominent Brooklyn Organizations. (MANY CHILDREN MADE HAPPY. I Appropriate Programmes of Music and Tableau! Given in Big Halls. Santa Clans had a pretty strenuous day again yeBierday. Early last night be arrived at Saengerbund Ha!!, where he found the children of the Brooklyn Saen-gurbund members !n waiting for hiru. A brilliantly Illuminated Christinas tree was erected in the upper hall, and. under the leadcrshfp cf Fred Aibeke, the chorus rendered a number of Christmas aongs aui anthems. When Santa arrived a fine rept'on was tendered to him. by the Kaengerbuml children. A followed, and '.be SaetiBerbur.d members amused til' mseives until a lat i hour. In charge of the arrangements were Caspar Segel-k.n, Max Koeape, V. Marachhausen, A. SCapfe, Henry P. Ettllng aud Theodore Rohrbers. The Brooklyn K. D. Turnvereln received Santa Clam at its clubhouse, Bushwick and Gates avenues, yesterday afternoon. Colonel Louis FInke'.meler delivered the Christinas address, and a splendid programme was given to amuse the TurnviT'.M'.i children. An orchestra gave a number of selections, and while the children were singing "Stllle Nicht' the doors swung open and o!d St. Nick appeared with his reindeer. There were toys, sweets and playthings galore for the children, and no one went away empty bauded. A ball, the three first dances of which were reserved to the little ones, concluded the delightful affair. During the ititernilssiou, diplomas for efficiency were given to the following pupils of the Brooklyn F. IX Turavereiu School classes: William Luckenbach, Viola Bodenatadt. Dorothy Durr, Mildred j jvierscn Gertrude Schneider, Loretta Graf. Marlon Kraui, Edith Johnson, Marlon Cowan. Lillian Sehulze, .Alice SehuLe. Flizabeth Struhs, Marie Strutbs, Johanna Koeppe, Maud Palmer, Mildred Berg. Marlon Dapport. Henrietta Ward, Andrew Auerbach, i'aul Downing, Hermau Frame. Ferdinand Hochlng. Kugctie Beu-rei. Ileruian Wohrinan, Charles Christ-man. Theodore Hudel. Charles Jaeger. George Michel, Seauiau MeKenna and Henry Bittorf. In charge of the arrangements were the following members of the school board of the vereln: Emll Opitz, chairman: Dr. It. Llennu, vice chairman; Ueorge Collasch, secretary; Albert Klroh-boefer. treasurer: Louis C.Maurer, Colonel Louis Finkelmeier. Dr. Frederick Schneider. Theodore G. Fger and Alwin Sloss. Fred Mneutier, Miss Louise Sclireycr, William Hesse and Kudolph Schmidt, the teachers of the school classes, were the reelplenls of valuable presents. An equally enjoyable Christum entertainment was given by the Brooklyn Quartet Club, at Prospect Hall. 'i he pro ratunie comprised a fine vaudeville show distribution of presents and Christmas songs. A daneo followed. In charge ol tlm preparations for tho affair wero Herman Lunghorat. chairman; Max Koeppe, John C. Roth, William Borrmann, Jr., and H. Welgund. Richard M. Schmidt, the president of the club, surprised Herman Langhorst, whose 50th birthday was coincident with tho Christmas celebration, with a valuable present in the name of the society. An elaborate ChriBtmaa programme, comprising a vocal and Instrumental conceit, theatrical offerings, tableuus and distribution of Christmas presents, was carried out at Palm Garden, where the Williamsburg Saengerbund entertained President Gerhard Reiss opened the celebration, and a tableau showing the allegorical figures of "Poetry" ILIlllan Schll. ling), "Art'" (Paula Vogt.l, "Faith" (Christine Veitl. "Love" (Theresa Zim-merl and "Hope" (Anna Miller), followed. Xe:tt was a number of Christmas given by Magdnlena Beta, Ida Trentel, Thomas Martini, 0. Cronenberg, I. Trentel. Stella Storch. Paula Melsen-berg, Edna Meyer, Genevieve Welze-noeker, Helena Doersnpf and Edna Rheln- tahler. and a fairy talc play. In two parts. "Per Stein der Welsen." In which! the following Juvenile Thespians were seen: Annn Neureuthef. Otto Storch, Marv Sleek, J. Hernld. M. Bets, Mary Kiill, Hilda Schmidt, Irene Schmidt and Therese Imnier. Under the musical direction of Gustnve T. Hell, the children's chorus gave a fine Christmas anthem and the Saengerbund Chorus was heard under the leadership of nr. l etix Jfleger. i-resinent Keis pre- senled to Pius Mayer a diploma for twenty-five faithful years of membership. In charge of the arrangements for tho en-tertnlument wero Mr. and Mrs. A, Veil, while Turning Instructor Andrew Bischoff was In charge of the fancy dances given by tho children. The (lermnnle Maennerrhor celebrated at Ernst's Hall. DeKalb avenue, last night. Philip Detacher made a fine look nm Santn, and apparently tne chinirtrn were more than siitlsfied with him. Andrew Gernert, J. Lenhardt and h. Kober were In rharsre of the nrniiRements. At Kletirr's Hall. 1ffi Hambun nvpmte. ilirt nmMrn TJf drrhaln pntnrtaine1 vpn- terdav afternoon and evenine. A Chriat- maa tree waa erected for the children. ; and Sania Clans did not fail to appear j with a big load nf desirable things. Pres ident M. Schwab delivered a Christmas nddresB, the chorus gave a number of anthems. William delighted with tenor solos and the Phoenix Quartet en- I tertuincd. in charge of the arrangements werp Edward ralude. chairman; Henry Kloeke. secretary; A. Karl, treasurer: John Sohmltt. John Pleroth, C. Wagner, C. Hnfner and William Ioblenz. The 'amines and children of the Turn-veretti Vorv,aerts were assembled around r. Christmas tree at the Labor Lyceum. Wllloughby avenue, last night. Under the d'rcetlon of Turning Instructor Andrew Bischoff, the Utile children and the pupils of the turning classes entertained with a number of skillful drills and delightful dancing exhibitions. Naturally, Santa Claus made his appearance, and the children were the recipients of countless beautiful gifts. Moving pictures were given Inter, and a dance concluded the I celebration, arranged by A. Jumiel, J. Mangold and C. Fhrhnrdt. Other, Christmas entertainments and parties were given by tho following socle-ties nnd clubs: Fldelio Singing Society, at Hcimann's Greenpoint Avenue Hall, C. Luehrlg. John Sehoch nnd Otto Llehl, committee on arrangements; Schwae-biseher Dramatlscher Verein, at L. Gals-sert's Hall, Woodward avenue and Woodbine streetf, Julius Mullseh and Charles Galssert In charge of the arrangements; Foehrei- K. C. Verein. Fischer's H.-.rnmnla Hall. Hrmburg avenue, Vice President Jens Mortensen. presiding officer: Adler i Maennerehor, Buffalo Hall. Buffalo avenue and Fulton street. Carl Frey, Santa Clans; Alpenroescben 81nging Society, Bcuseh- old's Hall, Myrtle avenuo and McKinky street, tilendale. Peter FPner, Santa I Claus: Harmonle Quartet f dub, ' Mohr's ?iall. Central avenue and Wcl.'fiolu sircet: j Richmond Hill Quartet Club. Terrace Hall. Richmond Hill; Gern an Veicre.ia I Association, Saengerbund Hi ll. I HUDSON NAVIGATION CLOSED.; Albany, Deeemter 29 -Navigation oni the Hudz on River betv. ee n here and New York closed today. Eoals making the! final t.rip3 had much difficulty with1 broken ice. T.a st t-eason Ihu mer wasj open uutil Fehruui j" ?, MAKING ITALIAN CITIZENS. j Civic Union Has Established a School J for Instruction. The Italian-American Civic Vniou hclJ its annual election of officers at Its main headquarters, Ivnlshts of Columbus building. SI Hanson ylace, with the following result: E";-Judge John I'alaiieri, president; County Detective Joseph Uagnarello. first vice presidout; Donato Cuozr.o, seeoudj vice president; J. P. Total uy. treasurer;) 0. Coninrelila. English recording eecre- j tary; O. Pnrlsl. financial secretory; tru- toes. J. a. Glambalvo. Vincent D'Agrosa. A. Cassuuese; board of directors. Lieu tenant Anthony Vachris, Ur, il. 1'ei.relia. A. T, D'Andrea. G. Kasullo. George Car-i!3zo. Charles Masone. V. Manfredoble, P. Cannelia, Nino Cot tone; 'A. Cannella, Sn-vorlo Callo: naturalbatlou committee. .!. Cf. Glambalvo, V. D'Agroaa. A. T. D'An-drea, Nino Cottone, Charles Fasullo. 1'. Vitalo. The association has branches !n each district of Brooklyn, and the executive member of each branch took part In the general election of officers of the main body. Ex-Judge Palmier! spoke at length about tho restrictive immigration bill, which is proposed to ba passed in the next ees.slon of Congress, and appointed a committee to draft resolutions to bo sent to members uf Congress. The Civic Union Branch No. 2 has already established a free school of instruction at lis headquarters. Third avenue and Seventh el-eet. for t'mse who desire to be naturalized citizen of the United States, with competent instructors, ajid the main association will extend these schools in various districts. PREPARING FOR JUBILEE. Annunciation Parishioners Ready for Fiftieth Anniversary. Preparations for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Church of the Annunciation on Have-meyer aud Ncrtu Fifth streets, are well under way and indications point to a large attendance on the evening of Jan- usry when the golden jubilee will be observed. Meetings of the general committee are being held in the school hall every Sunday afternoon for the purpose of completing arrangements for the affair. At the meeting yesterday tho ticket committee reported that the demand for tickets was very large. It was announced that St. Martin of Tours Minstrels will reproduce their entertainment ou that evening. The Kev. Peter Heun has been rector ot the church for the last seventeen yen rs. The success of the jubilee is practically assured. The jubilee wilt be the biggest reunion of present r.od former parishioners ever held In the hall and will also be the means ot reducing debt on the church properly. The roiuaaittees in charge nreas follow: General Committee: F. H. Meyers, chairman; Anna Meyers, secretary; Hev. Peter Henn, treasurer. Printing Committee: L. Roth, Constance George. Rose Hunter, William Heimbuch, Frank George. Press: E. V. Fitzgerald, Sylvia Grone, Joseph Brentnno. Display .Mrs. A. Miller, Mrs. F. Grono, Mrs. (I Zicgler. Souvenir: Mrs. F. Grone, Mrs. A. Miller, Joseph Brentano Reception: Catherine Meyers, Margaret Stlllwagou, Margaret Miller. Catherine Hoehler, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Mary Hoehler, Minnie Miller, Jean Fotitona, Lawrence Roth. Peter Maier, Charles E. Meyers, Mrs. K. Itauert, Mrs. L. King, Mrs. F. Ledogar, Mrs. J. Dircks. Mrs. A. Sialters, Joseph Stephens. William Hein ricks, 0. Kunkel. F.Sehmitt, John Fischer, F. Lakln. '. finable, H. Knable. L, Bnurgignon, Thomas Smith. MrB. J. decry, Mrs. B. Whnlen. Mrs. S. Brlnsvk", Mrs. R. Munch, Miss L. Seholle. Miss IL Rell-mnn, Muy Meyers. Margaret Pohlcy, Mrs. S. Keldel, Charles IVmllng. Mrs. O. Malor. A. Fnrnaii; Adam Maler, Joseph Bckzer. Entertainment: B. F. Hagan, Joseph Hel-fensteln, James Hagan, Charles Rnferty. John Barton. Henry Frey, H. J. Gnrvey, Charles Trutken, Mnude Ft. 0. Hanan, Agnes Linos, Amy Palerson, A. 10. Ball-man. Charles A. Wade, Catherine Miller, John E. Muhler, FREEPORT NEWS. Freeport, L. I., December 20 The Free-port Club will hold a serlca of dances, beginning Friday evening. January P. The dances will be held every Friday eveuing during the season. Excellent music will be furnished. Tho committee ln charge Is Leonard S. Mabee, Thomas J. Spcnce and Theodore H. Vought. Sheriff-elect Stephen P. Petty was Ini- tinted Into membership In Fraternal council, k. n., at iuecnanies Hall, on Saturday night. Several other members were also admitted, making tho total during December 30. With the closing of the FTccport schools tor two weeks the following teachers have returned to their homes: llrevs Street School-Ward C. Monn. II 13. Arthur, Caroline O. Atkinson, A. M. Powell, Hizcl A. 'i'allcott, rheelK- Ii. .tespup, France;. lot'-thn. Alive B. Merivin. Lduta A. i;i,-iiiore. -MliHsa t cjufnlan. loretta 11. Knliclit. l loull, faith I'ltZBiral.l, Mar-rfwerisoll, Hlarlky T, tinker, Dyer T. Jones. Kth'I A. Mmiltori. Mary Kstes, M. F.thel KinuGy, II. Vloia clnivu, llsitha Hull, Marv I,. Davis. Pertha Trie!-, Marlon T,. Mull, Bertha M. Howe. Ktta M. .lolinnnn. Maude A. Crane, FUa lirlC'oll. Leslie Osuerhaudt, Etheiyn V,'. IT.IaonM and (trace c. Dally. Seainsn Avenue Hchoul Ruth Newell, I. Ma; il Smith. MlldrdJ M irw. i'n.aip i, (in. I traniler. i.:arotyn I'uKh, Jane Tucker, Helrn Mary wev h ihj Aimon o, Nye. Archer Strt ?'1hm)IJI. A ice Gibbons, KlorvMicp Mtict'Iivjfiir. Irene Cotter, Etl:"1 "nli-AnnUt K. Ketclum, MvrtlP l -e. Mnry H. Spcllioon. Klsio Uufiis. .Ten ti is v- Jon.i and Aurlda l Ciiter. Tne Freeport High School Alumni will ,e noitutiy concert in the Mhool auditorium thin evening. Thon fe.sor Corntllus Kohlcn, Mru. Geoie T. Vnn Riper. Miss Annie K.ldrldge. Mis Addie Tydemann, Miss Florence C. Stiles, A. II. Hammond. W. R. Humphrey, o. W, Humphrey, L. R. Cutler and Harold E. Brown. QUEENS MARRIAGE LICENSES. W?rn:t Ijy.H'.i, 1:8. of H South Klliolt plur. Hronklyn. Klosslo tartlpy. uf !;! Grasiil nv, .TunuUM. i'lurlrw Km run. of .VjjrunMne nv, Ja- maicii, "itrtrule M'msier, is, of IJ04 Nonnan uv, ttiilsiMMmd. John Hsxier, i7. of hi! ISi.U st, Ve-a Ynrk I'tty, Iyfiuis IcTiinni)tL( L'7. ot 4U tlm st. HkiinKJud Hill. John niiit. ,TJ. nf ir.13 Mtropoltliin nv, Mn- ppfli. Muigaret Heii.ergpr, o7, of U13 Meiro- pullton hv. Maspath. Cacper Ilarlmnnn. r!. cf 160 Flushing' sv, Mair(h. Viola Ii 111. "S, of It-.V riusliing ,iv. tlospoth. Frederick Louis. W, nf ,"i.l Evelyn nv. Middle! V lllage. Irene Floe!;. 21 of IS Murton st, Middle Villas. Nicholas Elders, -:t, cf ??' Colon llall !, Jamaica, li.nild-i i'o.-plshe, 18, uf Locust av. .Iniivjlcn H-.iu,h. Iiwrenee Mayie. :T. of Fort Tolten. Whlle-slnile. Viola Wmcou, 2. of 176 tub st, Whiteer.iue. Heffr .".InrRii, CI, of '.'413 Van Cortlerdt av. KcerBTieu. Helen Pnppa, 4, of .All Van forflaiidt iv. I'jverarefa. Allan Pok.iioff. 2S. of -Jo l.ritb st. Brooklyn, Hose! lviiplan, 12. nt 40 Corona av, l Tornna. ilogh Ward. SB, of ?A at an;! Van Buren at. Oswego, Mary Helen earner, 25, of lib" Voliiiun al. Kvergrron. Charles 'J:'. of !S1 WIMtam St. Tom- ivnmla. Fl-.ilii earner, IS. of ITS Norman al, t'j, eric: en. Anlnnin Mtil.iralo. ef :'.'.1 Flushing av, Iing Inland l.'!.y, H:-se Anser.iioe, so. of 7.1 Lav. - reruo si. j.oiit l..niul c i:y. .Mcellliin K'.'.ien. 1 yl. nf 147 M!ili!lrton: St. Hroekivn. 1'annie L'l-.gol, of 7J Gerry av. lO'nil-.urs,. Aili-.i SU.-h.i. :'!. cf u.l S.nllh t. Evergreen. Ue.uriej I'lo.-.-k. :'!, of lot ItadilifT a:. Co-r ,!-. . l"li. :-!-4 P,.ic-!;. o" '-'-'f Aciilen-.v Ft. !n(l t;n-nl fit;.. Mnry n:l7nhi-c;i Mahatcek. c, ,f isi lab av. Ixau: Island City. I"r, irrlck Michel. "M, of !7.".7 Gi tts a v. icls-i-o -d. FHi-.uie Itergctalil, 21, cif 4-14 Balph al. lildaewend. Flunk llroe.Ier, ?J. of 2:"t6 Putntini av, Pidge-'vnncl. Frmicea Zaller, 13, of -C48 Putnam av, P.idgf wci' ui. Ad.-Iiin iei vtny. 21. of 803 "lb av. f.-.r.ff Isliiud ciiv. Anna vcseiy. is. of IJ nv. ing twined .Jit:'. Uar'taont a-. Maapo.fc. ALBERT L. BURT, PUBLISHER, DEAD At 71 Years; He Had Been Active in Business Until Recently. BEGAN IN GROCERY STORt. Funeral to Be Held at Brooklyn Avenue Residence Tomorrow Afternoon. Albert L. butt. wejl-ktiown as a pub-'l.Z) o'clock yesterda" !saer, died at afternoon, in his home at ITS Brookly-i avenue. Though in his I:'d year, Mr. Burt uctively superintended the work at his publishing house at hi Duane street, Manhattan, tip until a few mouths ago. Through the publication of the classics at popular prices and various household books, his name appears on volumes la thousands of homes throughout tho United .States. Uis death waa not sudden, but rather was expected by his family. Fur many months he had been in feeble health, aud had been under the care of Dr. Thomas A. Buys, the family physician. Last May. .ALBERT L- BURT much against his will, ho was compelled to give up active work in the direction of his publishing house. Ho gradually became feebler, tiutll tho end cuuiu yesterday afternoon. lie was born in Belchcrtown, Mass., 71 years ago, and was educated in the public schools there. He began earning his living by working in a grocery store, later going on the road as a travePiK salesman. More than thirty years ago ho conceived the idea of becoming a publisher. He was traveling for a leather goods house in Hartford. Conn., at the time, and planned the publication of a, small dictionary inteoded lor use as a i premium by mall order houses "lhe dictionary was a success, and war- followed by tho publication uf other household works, such as "Law Without lawyers," "Household Recipes," "Cscful Knowledge" and "The Family Physician.'" The success of these earlier ventures was such that he took a bolder step, and. In IS'.iO, began the publication of standard works bound in cloth. In the field of printing the classics at popular prices he was a pioneer In this country. After founding the A. L. Hurt Company, now nt 52 Dunne street, he published books of all kinds, cloth-hound books are paper-back books, from the lightest juvenile fiction to encyclopedias. Mr. Burt was of a retiring disposition, and was a member of no clubs or fraternal societies. Aside from his work, the only organization with which he was connected was Plymouth Church, of which for nieny years he bad been a trustee. He Is survived by his wife. Sarah P. Burt: three sons, Harry P.. Frederick A. iind PJdward P. Burt; a brother, Charles V. Burt, and a sister, Mrs. Sarah Tltsworth. Funeral services will be held at his Into residence tomorrow afternoon at 4:110 o'clock. The Rev. Dr. Nevell Dwight HD-lis, pastor of Plymouth Church, will officiate. Interment will be private In Evergreens Cemetery. $3,772 FOR MRS. HARTWELL Brooklyn Woman Gets Additional Legacy From Uncle's Estate. (Special to The Eagle.) Worcester, Mass.. December 29 Carrie M. Hartweli of 2"! Wllloughby avenue, Brooklyn, who a year or so ago received $(i,000 In a partial distribution of the large estate of her uncle, Isaac S. Lee of Webster, Mass.. has received S3.772 additional, according to final papcrB filed In the Lee estate, in the Worcester Probate Court. This closes an estate, the settlement of which attracted much attention, as a search for Lee's will all over New England failed to disclose It. so the estate was settled by an administrator. His final account shows $57,156 came Into his hands, of which the Brooklju heir received about one-sixth. RED CHOSS XMAS SEALS. From Survey. 1 tip,! r.rnse seals to the number of 110.- I Oon.OOil are to be nrovide.l fur this year's campaign about 10.000.000 more than last year. Since 1908, when the sale of tiln seals began, 150.000.000 have been sold, bringing In $1,500,000. It Is estimated that 100,000 volunteers will help in the sale, counting tho men, women and children who give their services, store proprietors, public officials and others who give space for booths and all those who provide gratuitous agencies for distribution. The Ainerlran Red Cross and the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis provide the seals on consignment, with advertising and publicity matter Included. These two organizations receive 10 per cent, of the money derived from the sale to defray I the expense ot printing and cnsirioimn. Thus 90 ncr cent, of the money secured la devoted to tuberculosis worn in localities where the seals are sold. Last year the money secured in New York led and clothed ail tne children In the open air schools and fresh air classes and carried on the work of the Association of Tuberculosis Clinics. In Brooklyn If provided a children's sanatorium at Medford, L. I. In Chicago It carried on thi educational work of the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute. In St. Louis It, established an open air school aud a night and day camp. In Pittsburg the seal money start' an interesting experiment among bable. Proceeding on tho theory that most tuberculosis Infection is gained during the first ten years of life, those in chain-of the experiment have selected one Isolated district In South Pittsburg, whers an effort will be made to establish immunity through careful attention to thu housing, clothing and living condition!!. In Galveston it established tilt Walter Colquitt Memorial Hospital, a seasids sanatorium for children. BREAKS THIGH IN FALL. John Marscharl. 67 years old. frao-tured bis right thigh when he fell do i . fl ht of stelrs in nis nouic.- oi ixeaj : sireet todav. lie was treated hv Ara- U'tug Uosrual and leu at his hoiu.

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