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Potterton. charmed his youthful audience witn an illustrat lecture on the life of Christ. But tne ibest part of nil. at least thought ths children, was when the screen of paper on which the pictures had been thrown was torn nwny and a splendid 'tree appeared dazzling with its lights and leaded presents for a I. Nor did AM Children Greet Him in Many Places With Christmas Songs and Cantatas Joy at Methodist Episcopal Hospital.

Kuui tf truli Street Went of Kifih Anu. NVw York. jKnIiiIiMmIiciI lSiiT Ml Yeitra In Dry (iuuild Oar 1 4th January) Sale BEGINS MONDAY, DEC. 29lh nias anthem, "Stille Nicht." Fancy dances were givcu by Oltilie and Helen Goebel. The Christmas celebration of "The Dwarfs," a fairy tale play, written especially for the Arlon cnlldreu by I'etcr GREAT ECONOMIES IN: mm Muslins Linens Sheets White Goods Pillow Cases Towels Towellings Pillows Art Linens Quilts Curtains Blankets Curtaininss BUY FOR THE PRESENT BUY FOR THE FUTURE Whatever You Buy Will Prove a Profitable Investment SKH Sl l'AriMIS l-'Olt I'Alll'K TI.AItS.

The children of St. Bartholomew's Sunday school solved some of Santa's mysteries last night, when they prcs uted at their Christmas entertainment the playlet, "The Dutcn Toymakcr of Xurem- berg." The entertainment was presented In the parish hall on Pacific street, near Bediord avenue, before an admiring au- dleneo composed of the Sunday HCUUUl and the pareuts and friends of the children. The entertainment was given under the direction of Charles E. Harrison and was excellently Btagcd and costumed, the play Huticdge Young, as After' Santa Claus, distributed the gilts and prizes, and the pastor of the church, the Hev. F.

M. Townley, had a word of welcome and Christmas greeting for the children. The committee in charge of the entertainment was Mrs. F. E.

Everdell, Mrs. E. W. Baker aud Miss Margaret Williamson. Tue characters in the play were taken by: Kenneth Moscr, Ellzibeth Domlnlck.

Alice Aldeu, Khoda Homines, Marjorlc Swcm, Viola Schur, Herbert Williams, Wallace Benward, Dorothy Hlgslns, Mildred Pifller, Marlon 1'iffler, Maude Kindred, Lois Young. Florcnco Hoffman, Janet Ebbers, Mildred Hirt. Amy i'owell. Bessie Ward, Elizabeth McOonigal, Tallardy, Xorah Maguian, Lheuoro Cap-tanlo. Evelyn Harding, Oeorge Lane, Milton Tallardy, Oeorge Thompson.

Bur-banks Roberts, Vincent Lane, Bertram Hall. Albert Trov. Arthur Austin, Gladys Townley, Malvlna Glldersleeve. Jonnman Woolverton. Theoron Woolverton, Donain Brown, Hutledgc White, Adrian White, Herbert Williams.

Kenneth Moser. Tonight the Sunday school will give "Tiie Palace of the King." a spectacular lairy production, which includes a number of catchy songs and clever dancing, aud promises to be more successful last night's entertainment. Christmas Joys at Methodist Episcopal Hospital. One continual round of Christmas joys was the order of the day at the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Thursday. As Hv as a.m.

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superintendent. Mr Furl fare ill. He I presented with a beautiful p'ece of cut glass as a token of the love and respect In wnlch he is held by his little friends. Give Aid to Hospital. For its Christmas, a linen donation and boxes of good eattng were received by the Williamsburg Host-ilml lhfinlimw nmrn- lug, through the solicitation of W.

i R. Gardner of 4S7 Third street, among her many friends and acquaintances. Mrs. Gardner and the dor.ators believe i that the Williamsburg Hospital Is a wor-! thy institution. Inasmuch as Its work Is i among the very poor and Its doors are ever open to the sick and injured, th medical and surgical stmt that is deserving of more notice than it gets among charitably Incite, im.i.

The following Is a list of the givers. im ii is ineir wisn mat others will follow their example in giving a small mite to so commendable a work: Mr. Or-irue Warner. Mrs. llichnrd Krev.

i aili-niie Curler. Mrs. Ford. Mrs. rln-Mle.

Mrs J.ilm lianliKr. Mrs Jin. Otto Mm. lit.irgc K.l-Gi'irsc Muni rrkn. Mrs.

"les. Mr. A. J. llulinillilllld.

Mrs. A lr. tinned. Mrj. n.

Koblrr All.n. Mrs w. I'urvli. Mrs. Wnlii-r l.ivlnirstt.n.

M-s. "Illiam II. 'IsriliH-r. A. Mrs I.

Hanson, Mrs. Illivur.l Truiinr. Mrs. Vi'll-lam Mrs. J.

Il.nry l-'lle-r. Mrs Mlihael Miss K. liur.lni-r. all of llrnriklyn: Mrs. V.

II, stout. Miss A.lti -NiM Miss Nora ilaselri r. IrvlllKl-m V. Mrs. Ket.

Iniiii, Munliitt tun. un.l y'Y lllnlllc Mny Ganliu-r. of I'm L'licsu'r. Christmas Fete Enjoyed. The annual Christmas Festival of the South Bush wick Reformed Church.

Bush-wick avenue nnd Hlmro.1 street was held last night In the Sunday School assembly rooms. A very interesting programme consisting of Christmas Carols headed hy a one act sketch, "Santa's Wishing Box," was rendered by the children of the Sun-lay school and was a source of much enjoyment to the several hundred grown folks who attended. Tho entire programme was arranged tinder the direct on of Mla Anna Hcut-schel. nnd Mr. Fred A.

Meyer, Superintendent, presided. Among the guests of evening was F. Booth, who for yearn was the Superintendent if the Sunday School. These Tots Hailed Santa. The children of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Sunday School of Grace Church.

Seventh avenue and St. John's place, had i Christinas party Inst night. It was in charge of a committee of teachcrH. but It was the children's own party and hey were the ones who provided all the otitorlnlnmi nt. They sang and rccilcd.

iclid two little Christmas plays, had a II. ly Scout exhibition and finally, and Important of all. they alt received iiresenls from Santa Cinus. J. K.

Curtis us Santa Claus and ihe collection of presents that he gave to the children and the leathers from each other made them think that ihoro had been two Christmas Days year. The Kev. Charles W. McCormlik, 11. D.

he pastor, made a little address full of the spirit of the season. He nnd the. superintendent, William M. Patterson, md Mr. Morse, who snug, were the only grown-ups who had places on the programme.

Mr. Paterson presided. Tile committee In charge were: Mrs. A. F.

Reeve, chairman; Miss Florence New-burg, Miss M. Louise Welch. Miss Edna Thomas, Miss Gladys Smith, and Miss Ida Demurest. WINDS CAuSHWO ACCIDENTS Sweep Pedestrians in Path of Williamsburg Bridge Cars. The high winds Inst night swept two persons In front of enrs on the Wlllliiins-i.

ins Urldite l'liizn, nnd one of them wns so seriously Injured that he wns removed to the Williamsburg Hospital, George Guthrie, 37 years old, of 88 Elded street, was striving to make hoad-wny iigiiinst tho wind, when It shifted juddcnly and caught him unnwnres. Ho lost his balance and fell directly In the path of a Manhattan bound ear which wns turning from lliiveineyer street Into the South Fifth street tracks to tho Bridge. He suffered a laceration of the forehead, ind after being treated by nn ambulance aurgeon was able to go home. James Carroll, 38 years old, of 114 Driggs avenue, In a similar manner and within 8 few feet of the same apot, wan run down by a Held avenue car. Ambulance Surgeon Wang removed him to the WlUUinuburg Hospital miffc-rlng from a 3culp wound and concussion ot the brain.

beautiful chapel was crowded with nurses mas festival of the Flattiush Congrega-and members of the house staff, to par- tiouul Church at East Eighteen. street ticipate in the devotional service, whlchiand Dorchester road. The large auditor-has been for some years a distinctive I ium was crowded lo the doors and the feature of the Christmas celebration of'ciitcrtalntuent produced was of un e'ah- that institution. The Kev. nr.

a. a. Kavanagh. the superintendent, witn me Rev. Otto Brand, assistant chaplain.

conducted this service. Then, with the clergy, supervisors and head nurses leadlni, the entire audience marched In double." file, upstairs, downstairs, to the east and west wing, singing, as they went, time-honored Christmas carols. Ev.r wnrd was visited and in each a responsive service with prayer was read tho natlcnts having been provided with printed programme, so as 10 enauie them to join in It, which many of them did with a will. Hardlv was this service concluded when Frederick Ketclinm, rt nrescnilinr the First Reformed Church, arrived with City Register O'Loughlln, who was scheduled to play Santa to tho tots In the children's ward. Mr.

O'Loughlln was himself. a patient at the hospital for many weeks last summer, and his Interest In the institution has never iancn since Flora Brown, Virgin Mary: He'en Rob-that time. The little sufferers had all Dorothy Rowland and Ruth Itoherts. URGES AID FOROSPiTALS Saturday and Sunday Ass'n Asks for Widespread Help. The Hospital Saturday and Sunday As-sot iiulon i.s malting appeals for funds to the people of Hrooklyu.

113 Is the custom the Sunday In the year. The object of ihe association Is lo Interest the "iteral public In Ihe caude ot hn.tpl:al charity. There are several ways of giving lo thin association: 1 -Thioiigh ufl'erlngt) or collections In Ihe churches and synogiigucB on Hospital Saturday and Sunday, which aro today and tomorrow. 3 Through porfi.Jiial contributions sent, direct to Edward liair, treasurer, 101 State street. 3 Through auxiliaries lo the association.

4 Through the red boxes of tho association. 5 Secret and benefli. associations are nsked to Include this work of charity among the objet ts i their beneficence. The association's little red boxc3 are conspicuously displayed In many prominent places, Including The Kagle brain hi s. There ij thinkers Auxiliary, with Hati-Icl V.

11. Hcgciuiin as chairman: committee on exchanges and Heiail Stores Auxiliary of wiildi Sim in K. Uoilu liild is chairman. Frank Tuttle is chairman of tno Manufacturers and Mcrcliaiiis Auxiliary, and tho real esiate and Insurance Interests arc looked after by a committee under lie leadership of David l'orter anil lisnac H. Carv.

Tiie hospital'! appealed for arc: Brooklyn Hjapiial, Long Island C'ollrgc Hospital, liastcrn District. Hospital, Brooklyn St. John's Homo Direktor Christians Achieves Satisfying Performance of Great Classic. SOME EFFECTIVE SETTINGS. Annie Simson's Margarete the Eest Acting Achievement Well-Bounded Cast.

"FAl'ST." IJr Tragedie 1. 'JVil van Johfinn Wolfsung One the. Regie DircUior Kudotr Christians. Faust KrdKtist Warner I-'irst Htcond Hnnil Tlitrti Hanl -he Fourth HHinUverhfthuwhe Kirst rhuler Second Schiller Vlrst Dfcnmiimihhrn Sro.ind Third First Purgt'rniail'-hen r-fv'mi Kirn" llurytT conil lJurgef Hohjmipel Kni.t Kil'rt Munihev Hvinrlch laid -It Ait hiT lCirt Wt-lirle Wahl I'iiul Diet Annie nub KiternuT Illi Knpei t'enzf Go-vster Wi-'oer llannl lirocliitiann Him? Hansen Willy Fri'y 1-oulf. Homer Haucr Htlni-'h Meptrlato Dlivklor llii.Mf rhrlstlma Kchultr Hn.lolf Alohrr Slrbel' I rlnrlih Mammon tlronder Hclm-lch Marlrw Altmeycr Heinrlch Villi Vrojch Hnill Krihi' llexe Chtl.l!nn Itnli Margarete rnle Slni.

Martha fiehivertlein Aufiw. Jlnrni' ici-r Valentin Llepchcn Sid ma Weber noser Gelst Crete. Meyer There was a good deal of the holiday spirit and atmosphere In the Irving Place Theater last night; the management doing their part with an excellent production of Goethe's "Faust," and the (ludlcnce theirs with evident appreciation and frequent applause. The theater packed a pleasant sight In these day of jaded nppctitics and canned comedies. The play was given with new settings, and the pauses between the scenes were refreshingly short.

Everything contributed to an evening reminiscent of the classical tradition. A noteworthy feature of the evening was the new mlse en scone. To mention hut one the scene in Auerbach's roller in Leipzig was excellent. The colors of the costumes, the tone of the walls and celling, tile mellow dusk which seemed to cloud the fur corners of Ihe room, the arrangement of the group as the curtain i cse everything united to make a picture unique and satisfying. Similarly good effects were provided in the opening scene and in the final picture at the end.

Through the combination of several seeues the cathedral, Margaret's homo and Martha's garden, In one picture, a good deal of time was saved, and the I erformance came to and end before midnight despite the fact that very little of the text had been omitted. Perhaps the most completely satisfactory performance of the evening was Anne Simson's Margarcto. She was fresh and Ingenious in the early scenes and rose to real dramatic heights as the play progressed, carrying the action to an effective climax In the prison scene. OUo Stieckel departed from tradition in make up of his Faust and presented aif Interesting figure of a medieval scholar. He was suffering from a severe cold last night, and his voice consequently lacked range and flexibility.

The lull effect of his Interpretation cannot be judged by what ho did aud failed to do Direktor Christians was more successful as Mcphlsto than those familiar with his slyle' and manner would have supposed. was hard to suppress a feeling of disappointment that Heinrlch Marlow was not cast for the part, yet in such scenes of lighter mood as that with the student of the revel in Auerbach's cellar. Mr. Christians was excellent. He was altogether a jovial good fellow kind of devil: fond of cutting up.

and fell short chiefly In his failure to suggest the sinister pur-rose that lies back of all his fooling. The' supporting cast offered some excellent contributions. Greto Meyer as the evil spirit; Christian Rub as the witch. Helnrich Marlow's Brnndcl, Heinrlch Matthacs in the tavern scene and Ernst Ilolznagel's Valentin were all true to the spirit of the poem. That there were a few weak spots also goes without saying but the marvel of It Is that so much was excellently done.

Anyone who wishes to fee the greatest drama In the German language, and one of the great works of all time effectively visualized has a rare opportunity In the current "Faust" performances at the Irving Place. NOVEL STYLES IN LINEN. Chinaware and Awning Effects in New Dress Goods. Chlnawiiro and awnings have played their part in the new dress linens and cottons of the coming season. That this is true is evidenced by the display of now materials which opened yesterday morning on the first floor of Wnnamtiker's store.

There are wonderful awnins stripe cottons, in blacks, browns and bluos, rind there are rntlncs, crepes and voiles, nil with a charming design that might have been copied from some bits of rare old flowered chinaware. Both of these materials have hats and parasols to match, all having becu made in Paris for this showing. The awning stripes are very smart, and the chinawnre patterns rank with some of the best looking materials that have been shown for some seasons. 1'Mowered bordered cottons and linens are seen in the display, one very effective ptoce having a border embroidered with a sweet pea design. Other materials are corded velvet velour, chiffon velvet broche and pastel ratine in plaid effects to be used for sport eoata.

Some of the finer goods are embroidered ratines, French tulle, embroidered handkerchief linens, jaquard linens and the various styles of voils and crepes. AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN. "duffield street" Diitlirlal mill I'lilton M. iPECIAL PROGRAMMES SATURDAY SUNDAY DO NOT MISS THIS. PHOTO PLAYS with ORCHESTRA.


V. Cnwiiio OH. I SAY! Tlio Hio( nfMuMle it nil I.nnorhter BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC METROPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY TANNHAEUSEW Krrinstml, MM. Vrlus, f. I'ravn.

Amiujf, Uuya-daet. Mr. IiVn. H.1!)MA.N PIANO I'SEP, Dt KALR 1-Knlb Av. nnd Mrnurl i a T' lilinn HiWiu ic 11 I BarK-ln Mutiny, Wc-1.

i Co 50c. KvrriU I rin s. tr $1. Nxt. Uc 111 (n 'Hit IMvh Money' HKAt TIMS Sun tt ii? Cont'ortn Nxt Wee It- 'rit ii yVT hi JA'ny GOTHAM Knltcn St, nnd lipfntilwnjr i Mil Mm lr LIFE'S SHOP WIHDOVV Kul LllUc Girl til IJia Lit).

Babies' Dresses Infants' Woolens Women's Waists Negligees Corsets Men's Shirts Muslin Underwear Women's Cloaks Women's Suits Furs Fur Coata House Presses Misses' Wear CONCISE January 1, 1914 for Consumptives. Lutheran Ilispltal Association, Norwegian Lutheran I)ca-coiiiiesscs Home and Hospital, House of St. Giles the Cripple, liu'iials' lloapllal, SI. Clirlstophci 's Hospital for llabtos, Williamsburg Hospital, Methodist 1C i i -copal Hospital, German Hospital. Jewish Hospital, liut-lnvick Hospital, i'lye and Far Hospital, Samarium Hospital, Swod- tsh Hospital.

Tbii associtit Ion appeals this year to make I tic collection larger than that of last year. The oillci rs and members of the executive eoiuuiitteo arc: 1'reaideiHy William G. Low; vice president, Hev. Mason Clarke: secieiary, licrui Berger; irciiHiirer. Kdwtird Darr; executive com niltlce, William G.

Low, II. I). Atwntcl-. the Kev. I'iiul F.

Sv.cll, Hiriit Hergcf, Isaac H. Clary, Joseph 11. Lester, and lh Uev. U. F.

C. Wriglcy. VERDRINES FLIESOVER BEIRUT Blerut, Syria. 27 Ju'es Vcd-rlnes, tiie ircnch aviator, now on an air trip from 1'arls to Cairo, I it complete suspension ot litis ss here today when he made tho flrM acropluiio flight ever carried out oci iris itl. The patriarch presented lie aviator with a bouquet prior to his departure for Cairo, DENTISTRY.

DR. L. .1. IIOYT. Dentist irr mp, or Miilth Htm, MUtftKi llir iiitilr.

Monutirn! pun ana runl ln.ln.l-il. 1'nrllil wt II riptt Twtli r.ttii.-t-,1 la TiHli II in. lVIIIUv ilAII. A.vrrcrcn.

tki nuv. AUCTION SALES. ivit. Tin-: cN'iiiiiisKiM-i) sgTX leil'llc III. 11 nn IlKftlMllIIII MiUlls.ili mirk o.

XI. U't st Ht, Vny lJl'llil, nVlrn-k. lu sjitl.ty eir Hill JUT tor npilrs iui.I tr.r.i t'-l I1A.MMU.VII I I 1 1 A 1 1 .0. A. M.

to H) at midnight from West dining hours Dachenberg. the secretary of the society and vocal Instructor of the Juvenile sins "V'u" ''l" w.C of the entcrtainnicat. After the enter- talament the children had colt'oe and cake. Later lu the evening lie Ariou Ladles Society had Its Christmas party in the upper hall. Mrs.

Louise Btass, the president, greeted the members, gifts "''re exchanged, and (lie usual Christmas wae carried oui. luuigni ine Ariou i-ames Chorus will make merry under the Christmas tree. Christ Evangelical Sunday School Exercises. More than SCO persons attended the for-ty-iiiiuh annual Chnsttiw.s nsi.vnl of Christ Evangolkal lUd'ormed Church, which was held In the Sunday school rooms of the church, U'yona street. The festival was of two nights durntlon, la night being given over to the English-speaking chi.dren.

wh le Clirlstmaa night was devoted to the Oennan-speaK-lng children of the Sunday school. The Rev. Paul Wicnand. pastor of the church, opened the exercises hy an address of welcome, during which ho pointed what the Christmas spirit meant and thanked the many committees of the church for the hearty co-operation that they had given In the work of set line up lri0 festival. All the children received presents consisting of candy, ho dts.

dolls omi tys During the evening a chorus of twenty-five mixed I'olccs. under the direction of Miss C. Kratscnstcln. sang, snd the children rendi red a number of Christmas carols. Addresses were made hy C.

Kratsen-ste-in, superintendent of the German Sunday school department, and Charles Strang, of the English department. One of the features of the evening was a chorus of twenty little girls singing "Watching tor Santa Claus." Presented Christmas Tableaus. A record attendance marked the Chrlst- orate nature. The live tableaus produced were: "Old Testament Prophesies," "The Wise Men of the East." "The Wise Men nt Herod Court." "The Shepherds if and "The Manger at Bethlehem." Those who took part: William C. Mc-Kee, herald: Agnes Taylor.

Dorrls PC-gen, Ruth Haskhis. Katherine Reed, Ednn Walsh, Doris Caterer. Marlon Whipple, Marion Werle, Catherine Stlnson, Oladys Fisher, Edna Biirry. Frances Rnrnaby, unona sparrow anil uorotny i-orter, ines. 8enger8; s.

I utile, George ti. Brown, and Anlhony C. Benedict, Hie Three Wise Men: Alexander Caenimever, Herod; Alfred Power, Clarice Boddle, Milton Bell, Bernlce Barry, Frank Sold and Emma Barry, courtiers; Itussell Tuttle. Norman Adnmsm and Edward L'Espernnee. Scrlhc3; Frederick II.

Robb. Norman Adamson, Howard Bcrrenn Shepherds; Dorothy Peckham. Angd; the three Marys; William C. McKce, Jo- seph In the chorus were: I.isetto E. Kinkel Edna Quoren, Muriel Adamson.

Ada Hos-ford. D'irothy Dunphe, Bernlce Barry, Emma Barry, Florence Brody Clarice Bodle, Sarah Mathews, Beatrice Hefreman, Katherine Hegeman. .1. H. Weir wns chairman of the entertainment committee.

He was assisted In his work by Mrs. Williams. Mrs. M. H.

Rogers. Mr. "Farmer, Oeorge G. Brown, Miss Addle O. Benedict' Mi I.lsette E.

Klnltel. Miss Mabel Mi-Kay. M'ss rnr-othy Rolnnd and Mls Elizabeth Citterall. Distribution of candy to the members of the Sunday school followed the entertainment. Festival at Union M.

E. Church. A large number of persons attended the Christmas festival given hist night at tho Union M. E. Chur 'h, Conselyea and Leonard streets, by tne mcniberj of the Sunday school.

The entertainment con sisted of a comedy entitled "Santa's San- tagrams." The parts were well acted and the singing was exceptionally pralsewor-ty. At the conclusion of the programme the Rev. William Lawrence, the pastor, and T. R. Wall, superintendent, congratu lated those patlclpating In the comedy and extended the good wishes of the sen-son to all present.

Following the speaking, presents wero given to the members of the Sunday school, for punctual a' tend ance and efficiency. The rector or tne entertainment was Mrs. Fred A. Muller, who also acted as pianist. Those taking part were: Wi'liam Jnger, Edith Mc-Clearnen, Viol Jager, Tessle Gratz.

May Hill. Charles Wall. Malcolm Big cr. Roy Weeks, Maude Bordt, Mildred Hordt, Anna Horkel, Beiisle Williams, William Luppold and Fred A. Muller.

St. Peter's Sunday School Exercises. It was an evening of joy for tho little folks at I ho festival of the Sunday school of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran German Church, held last evening. Songs hy the Sunday school were Interspersed with recitations by the little ones, who, ns wll as their ciders, had the spirit of Christmas In their hearts.

In one corner of the church was a giant Chr'stmas tree. Those who took part In the enter'nlnn-ent were: Walter Lippert, Mary Von Der LcHh. Robert Anderson. Tlllle Rudn'ph, Ruth I) rk, Eveline Schroedcr. Ethel Pape.

Until Knoble. Edith Tansan, Helen Ranketi, Catherine Collins, Edna Hnrighorst, Harry Duhn, Elna Fnrrel. Stelln Anrt'T-son, Pauline Dicber, Beatrice Wash! kle, Anna Schroeder, Freda Beckman, Howard Schrane, Anna Duhn. Church of Our Father Festival. The Christmas festival nf the Sunday School of the Church of Our Falher was held in the Sunday pihoel rooms last evening, and was proclaimed a grat success by all the little ones who were there.

First there werp recitations hy the rh'ldren. felling nf Christmas In mnnv countries and showing how d'fer from our own. Then the pastor of the HOSPITAL SATURDAY SUOTMY ASSOCIATION OF BROOKLYN. ANMi.VI. CIIM.Ut Tln.V, 1IOMMTAI, SATl 11DA), IIKt.

aT. IIII.M'IIAI, M.MIAY, nice, -JS. Tlii'i; Is a iiiiijilur ot p.Kj.k. in ilrt. us lined by iho rep-.

its of our l-ltHla. wh.m; iln are nuch thut 111 i.ii:i nf uclil. p.iln or hyHtai tiny must louk to uur huapiiH.ti rtlli'i- esp-ciany ili. un.ii-r tlic S.1111C ciiinman.) iii, i vi" rmieui pnyxicn.ii nd truoi.ii laiwii.

in uic rurn.un.l- lUKS, Ihnilil iil'taoily n.l.iJIut lh oi.portulilty 1.1 ill-' IIOat'lTAL S.ULilljAi' st'N'I'AY M'N'II. 'I Ills lis unt: of tlic i.l.MKatlnnB which cm. urn nvvi-x 10 Hip ulu jj.k,. i fur ilJUtlnns, In or-iWv llmi. work of iie HoHpltala shull not curlalU or re ndu til it tknt' WAYS OP oivrxo.

til Throngli ofreHim or cullc'llons In thu clH -'i "ti'l on Iii.M,itnl -J iiii.1 SiiihU', or ft Mimo othir thne. i'ji Tlirout'ii i .111 rll.iniorii wcnt dj. rctt lo K'l'. drii ll.iri, '1 1 r. No, ov fatiia sr.r.f rifiding 1., 00k.

mi hm I to sii'o lo our illtnuK I.Y.V VTIllX f.n I'litpoM- fi.n.l.i tor 10 ,1,1. il s.inn.!iiy i-tol Ill TliroiiBli Ausill-oli to tlo: Throosli our re, I l.ox.-s. 0,1 Si r. i ana ont el. aio tr Ini-IU'le tills work of chiully iiinolij; tin.

ohl. cli. of bi-notli nc. 1V1 iino n's l- niiil Ufnuratf. Tr.

im-ari-r. Mlxs Alice lliiiiMiiade, iiiti Columlili IleiclltF. Il Ik! that nil gifts and cintrlbn- tlons should lie In 1 lie lunula of our itr.T liy tj. or an 80.11 .0 ri tin pOUKlbP. W'l.

O. I.1.1W. nl. Mu. VINCENZO PERUGIA IXCEXZO PERUGIA, the Louvre employee, who stole the famous painting, "Mona Lisa," from the walls of the great Paris gallery, now eon- icsses that lie tried to sell the masterpiece to a representative of the late J.

I'lerpont Morgan and to various dealers in London, Paris and Naples. -He was arrested In Florence recently and thu great art treasure was recovered. 'THE MESSIAH' GRANDLY SUNG In Carnegie Hall by Soloists and Chorus of Oratorio Society. The annual Cnristmustide performance of "The Messiah" was given yesterday in Carnegie Hall by the Oratorio Society of New York, in thu presence of a distinguished audience, which numbered Dr. Lyman Abbott and many other notables, besidts typical music lovers of several geiifrntiors, dating back to silver-haired octogeiiEtriaiis.

It was a most r.mllcixc, and tiVrc was that thrill of magnetism about it which made it a profound pleasure to be a part of it. The New Yrrk Symphony Orchestra was a decided feature of the performance, after the chorus and soloists, of course, giving, as it d'd. massive or eloquent support. The chorusoa, voicing diiferent meauiims, appeal, triumph-or lament, were specially well given. It might be said that of the greHt oratorios of the world, Handel's "Messiah" stands first and last, as the greatest and most inspiring of all.

"Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs" and "His Yoke Is Easy," "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" and "Since by Man Cami Death" were very effectively given, and the big dramatic effects, like the "Hallelujah Chorus" and the finale, "Blessing and Honor" were sung broad, rich of tone. As to the soloists, they were well matched. The strong yet sweet soprano of Corinne Hitler Kelsey, the expressive and rich alto of Christine Miller, thu clear, emotional tenor of Evan Williams, and the splendid basso of Frederick Martin "took oae (metaphorically) off one's feet" at certain moments, and the audience showed that it was much moved by the sweep of applause which it gave. Mine. Kelsey gave "Rejoice Greatly" with fine colorature effect, and "Come Unto Him" and "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" she gave with devout eloquence.

Miss Miller's "He Was Despised" was tender and expressive, also ''He Shall Feed His Flock." Evan Williams roused the audience greatly with "Thou Shalt Break Them" and in "Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart." He was strongly impressive, making the tenor part notable. Frederick Martin, from the time ho started with "Thus Suith the Lord" and "But Who May Abide the Day of His CominK?" set the pace for bassos to follow, by his flre aud dramatic fervor. Director Koemmenieh carried his forces through "The Messiah" finely. Frank L. Sesley was effective as organist.

I SUNDAY SCHOOL HAS SANTA. DeKalb Avenue M. E. Church Celebrated Christmas Last Night. The children of the Sunday school of the DeKalb Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church gave their Chrl3tmas entertainment last night at the church, DeKalb avenue near Franklin.

Every seat in the church was taken and the efforts of the performers were generously applauded by their parents and relatives The early part of the programme was given by the kindergarten class and censisted of recitations and soiiKa. Fred Anderson, Muriel Lewis, Helen Flint and Estelle Holder all delivered recitations about St.nta Chios and Christmas, and the entire class gave a number of carols in chorus. The principal number of the programme was a Christmas song-story, which was elven by the choir of the church, aug- Iniented by many of the older members of the Sunday school, the total number in the chorus being fifty. The song-story was entitTed, "A dream of the Christ." It was given under the direction of the organist and choir leader, Mrs, Edgar Boyd McConnell. The momentous event for the children was the appearance of Santa Clans to distribute the gifts that were mar-sod at the foot of the big Christmas Irie, at one side of the stage.

C. N. Eirsccker impersonated Santa and rewarded each child with a pros'iit. The as'or of the church, the Rev. W.

W. YV Wllsjn spoke briefly on Christmas and itr. significance. C0L03ED0RPHANS revel. Merry Chrislmns Day nt Kings Park Home.

Kings Park, h. December 27 The children of the Howard Orphanage and Industrial Schuol had a most enjoyable Christmas Day. Because two years ago they moved to Kings 1'irk. and since have been sirugling with a heavy debt, It was fenred that the Christmas dinner and gifts would be scarce, but friends provided a hearty dinner of turkey and "trimmings," with gifts, fruits and At 3 m.

devotional exercises were held for twenty minutes, followed by an elaborate Christmas entertainment. AMUSEMENT MANHATTAN. vow PnKv A.M. in 11 P.M. III Sli M(.

It ll KV ii.VI'll II, MIOW ay i.f oil i. fi.i"'. bn- in show Tm. nee. At'M.

nv. fiM A II A 1111., r'rm flS t.t m. o.i 1 SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE GAIETY Hi 4ii St. K. Xim.

Put. ELSIE FERGliSOM 'i lit Mrniice Woiiiii ii of R'vray. Kvet- at I l'fit i Heart 6 EL AS CO 41 M. or 1 Mi Tlmrs. 5:15 FRiGES STRRR 1 1 1 HUDSON 4tli si.

10. B'nny. Mvi'i. Frl GE5V. JOHW REGAN xburi Iri.

4. Sat. cf TCwav. F.v.. I Till! 'I'll IMI.

I 'I'll AT LOL.Vr 1 ITS SO HANDY Your watch is your been brought together Into tne main room and there, received the presents prepared by the young people of First Church, and listened to Santa O'Lough-lln's speech. The trees which fraced ull of the wards, were all furnished and decorated, as usual, by a committee from tho First Reformed unurcn, unucr of Miss Spence. While this was going on, the Rev. E. S.

Harper, rector of All Saints' Episcopal Church, came In, accompanied by thlrty-flve members of his male choir. Again the wards resounded with Christian song, this time the Hwcet treble voices of boys sustaining thei melody. On would not have supposed, from the vigor of the singing, that these, boys and young men had already sung for the sick at ten other places, after having treated their rector to a serenade at cju a.m. thnt morning. From far and near, by express and parcel post, packages arrived containing books, toys, fruit, delicacies, hand-made gifts for men and women, so that all, whether rich or poor, were supplied in abundance.

Even the children who are receiving treatment in the dispensary were not overlooked, several of the donations having been made, with them expressly in view. The unannounced arrival of another unexpected Santa, dressed in flaming red and riding In an auto, created as much excitement among the nurses, as among the children. He represented the Epworth Lenguo of the DeKalb Avenue M. E. Church, and dealt out another round of good things for the little ones.

The Christmas dinner was a mnster-plece. It was turkey, with all the conventional accompaniments, for everybody In the house, doctors, nurses, employers, ward as well as private patients. The preparation and service reflected credit upon the: hospital's commissary department, and evoked from all, expressions of delight and appreciation. Superintendent Kavanagh wns quite naturally elated over the way his plans for the comforting of the sick and the enjoyment of the hospital workers succeeded, as well as very grateful to the many friends, whose generosity made the. blsr celebration possible.

If someone had nsked him yesterday: "Doctor, Is there anything else you would like?" He would have replied. "Yes. Just one thing more. Get me J150.000 at oncei for that much-needed new Home for Nurses." WOBKINO HARD FOB. EUCHRE.

The Ladies Auxiliary, of the St. Vincent De Paul Conference, attached to the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Putnam avenue, Brooklyn, are working hard to make a buccfss of the euchre and reception, that Is to be held In the Parish Hall, on Tuesday evening, December SO. for tho benefit of the society. whose funds are sorely depleted by the numerous calls made upon It, by tue needy poor. Among those Interested are: Mesdames Patton.

Cantwell. Fluegel. McGlnity. Archer, Hylan, Phelan, Greehy, Delnney, Burke, Anderson, Donnelly, McGrane Hisi huff. M' Cre.

ry, Sullivan. Hunnon and Mahoney; also the Misses Cain. Martin. McGrane, Kenny, McOinlty, Kilcoyne, Mcflulre, Kevin. Mulvlhill, Williamson, lleinliort, Blankley.

Ennls, Murlcy, Strypc Fritz, Qulndless, Cooke, Patton, Mencn-han, Hughes, Wallace, Leahy, Ivory and McCullough. Cantata at Wells Memorial Church. A Christmas cantata, entitien I nner the Christmas Star, tne leniure 01 was the feature ot the Sunday school entertainment ot tif Wells Memorial unurcn, hi c.lenwood and Argylc roads. It. wns pro duccd under the direction of Juanita IJonl.

assisted by George superintendent of ihe Sunday school. There was also a short address by the Rev, William Bishop Gates, pastor of the chuich. A quartet consisting of Miss Merle Astcn, soprano: Miss Helen Polhemus, alto; W. Maynnrd, tenor, and p. C.

Taplcy. bass, rendered several The distribution of gifis to the children of tlic school followed. Arion Kiddies Make Merry. Santa Claus visited the Arlon children with a wagon load of toys and all sorts of desirable things at Arlon Hall yes- trrday afternoon. The little Arloniles' wcro assembled around a huge Christ-1 mass tree.

Illuminated by several hun- dreds of electric bulbs. Under the direction of Peter Barhenberg a line pro-1 gramme was carried out. Tho children's I slnglnri classes rendered three beautiful I lit'le Including the German Christ- i 1 I i Time Table on the PHILADELPHIA leave for Philadelphia from 7 hour from Liberty Street, also Ten minutes of the hour TO 2jrd Street. rm em-qui ugintnt ariini Fast trains P. M.

on the with sleepers. Superior service at ctumvsarBaMOMtin..

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