Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 31, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 8
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' IKI^^ Mw^wfi^ww.w"*^'*^*** '.*' w-.i-^ !'.'•' i .-•-.*<• • ' '' ,; ; V' ^•'•C.':—...:^ v.v 1 ,'.'.••••-.••., : !--••:• •••„•,'•• '-.v-.v, •• •-..!-...-..^- •.•*-,.,v..-. -v-,-. ..... j. -..-. ..... AIRRA1D8IREN WOU1J) BE COSTLY TO THE BOROUGH Leo Brophy, H, B, Perry and ; Seymour Squires Witness •' Demonstration '-.\Vnrdnn U-o ,1, Hropby iliiy that nr> Irnmr-eltalu aotlon can Uo'laknn'on tlio-puroliuw. of a Hlron j,y tho bfiroiwli "I 1 NuiiKuliick foi iliiK UH.< iwhlontM wh( ' n an ul1 l ofaMU'H, Hlmw n.anufaoUU'fd lo in, he wild, hnvo proven iiiiHiitlH- otorv In olhnr oommunlth-H wboro tiu-y havo hoi^n limtull«d, but onu \* In tho pror.uHM of rrmiuifaolniM: 10!!ay urnlm- Kovmirm-nl vl « lf) "- thai hnn provori fuaiHfaclory In New York oily, Stroll, W«H».IMK on. not WoronHlnr, whoro « H».M oft IK-CM (KmimiHlrnltMl. L - » Ht y,J|u-odumlHl,)H. t onat svnraiul n d |«'l«« "ow IH ai'pi' 000 U It prove* HU«««H»rul will u.uloubUidly • State. Highway Dept. Warned, Witness Says lirophy nucl Clnlur • Air mil 1 Wni'dim Harold »<* I"" 1 ''*' wllh "ivmou? Sciuli^, iillonrliMl-n den> offilon yU.nlay In WoromUur, , )Pi K|1(H , H i ,i. Abbott or mu o, u n. and fJ ViTfi»ii I'lntt, AftHl, ll«8l(»"«l ninM'lm' of Civilian n«fnnH« for Now KriKlniul K»vo lb« d«moiiHlrntlon which proved that Iho ulann from Lhi? nosv Mli'iw could bo heard ror-u <»r Un'wi milt* In all ell- in- alri'ii wftH (|nv«lopwl l>,v l DurwiHo Hcwmrol! 'fJounon m till) HtlpJOI'VbtlOIl Of !>!'. MUM- r'lotohur of Lho Doll Tolop Mono ' .. (CoiHIniiorl t\ urn' PnKO .One) ! Uorkny Did Um Amiy liavi! tuilliorll> slop ll.n work of tho. ; 8lul« i^iiS^P^! ; S2iS lo S W. Cioouo a nurlforrt oM. wnployw > U ; o ; f , <uul National M i l w m m w 1 V, THE CROWDS TO ^^ " ,.r t .Av< i,U»i..MIVf!U UNTIL 7 I»,M, — SATUMI) 'll Iik« th« name- Rogers • Feet.-S yPtini like the clothing-because good clothing and Rogers-Peet aresynonomotts, $ 50to '65 We take considerable pride in our display of fine clothing tailored in the New York mannerly by master.:crafts- in the art of hand c arid the niceties of finish and workmanship characteristic of good clothes. VACUUM CLEANERS OKNBHA^ K^CTUIC WKSTINGHOUSK UNIVEHBAL Newent Models > 1 uHy Guaranteed • EASY T1CUMS ELECt RICAL SUPPLIES "(S 1 */ AUTO POLISHES Complete stockw of — BookctH — BwitchoH — Outlets and all othor wiring HARDWARE Niy,-\v..x - "-HI HH, KIMM» >•»"«' l!l lll(J IH'W. 29Cto59c (3ARDEN TOOLS •PBM^H FLASHLIGHTS AND LANTERNS Garden Hose—Lawnmow- orH — Shears — Hoes — Hakes and all other equipment, solcatlcn in JVntcrbury. Also fresh stock' of Batteries. 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Oil RIDEA COLUMBIA BUILT BICYCLE r Largo variety, Fully equipped, Act now, Kasy terms, •JL lauiu, at that time, said ho ••skeptical"- tho dike would stand as being constructed, said Oooke Gorkcy: "Did. he consider it dangerous?" • Cooko: "Mo fell so, yes. He -wns alarmed a'boul the situation.- Lano was in the. courtroom, pro- pared lo lake the 'stand as the state .strove to'support Us allegations concerning Ihc use of the wet l HI. Pailo'tti alleged Lhal the A. • Savin flonslructlon Co., which built the dike, was told il could .use wot 1111 by tho highway department, al- Ihouglv lh»;cft other bidders wore nol so ndylsocl. M, D. Tyack, lilghway department engineer, teslincd that the army soil L'xpoiU, Kenneth <S. Lane, lokl him at n.Provlclcnon, ll.'^l.-, -thai there was "one chance oC of sornelhing happening to dike" wllli- the wcfin.1.from Connecilcut.river bolns used. Tyack said ho -was -"warned by mo' army..,onginoers porps ' oltlcc. to fllscontiiuu) lhc ; uHe,of wet fill on Iho dike project"in ,1'JU. : • yaclv : said under clirecl examination by Assistant-;Altorney. Genera F. Gorkoy that he; did not ubllfy h'li* • superiors at . Hartford of Ih'e warning concerning'Iho type of nil. : '-'••. : •"- -• : •• . n , n Palloltl alleged the use by. inc Savin company;of V^.^j. 1 "™'^. 0 .?; trnry • to •'.sliintlarrl -speBincatlons- P (he rslnta- highway Ulopartitrent, and hro'uKhl out. that three otlVcr bidders 'on- the dike job'based Inch csllinales 'on ^Ihe.use -of. dry nil .01 However, Mlohael- A"'' Ga'mrnlno,- Providence, --head, of -.-llic..-Gammmo Construction company, ( one of the bidders, testified lie,.considered put- n bid on Ihc basis of.wot. nil; but gave up Iho. idea when .he found ho 'was unable .to secure a c i ec go. ilcrry, chief counsel for Cox, sought lo bring -ouUlmt bidders could have asked .the highway department if they could' -use wet Oil on the dike project, and Gam- mlno said that was true »l-r I'm smart enough lo something tho other fellow cloosnt. know," lib said,. Vlliat's my good Wlicn Lario was .called to Lhc-wit- sUmd, he prel'ficcd his testimony with a slnlomcnl Mint "the opinionn 1 nxprcss arc my own and not necessarily those" oi the gov- Stale Korornc Ooorgc ,-K. Hinman oljservfjd that- "this sounds- like a radio broadcast," and ordered Iho lumrlng to proceed. . • . • Lane said ho Inspected tlio Uikc July 10 and' spent liuxl .weekend studying .and analyzing soil conditions because "I was alarmed pvoi Llio situation.- I wan led to reach a conclusion as rapidly as possible Ho said Ihc "major- rccomtnenda- libns" he. maclo-a.t tiro Providence cbnforence;July,J8 was to doiay. the addition .of. loads" on. the.dike Oorkcy liuiulretl Ihc cause ol the- dike failure. . : ... "Thr failure was because of me- •apld u'ddilion of tho added load be- hilul- -IH6 suUslan-lially completed (llkn. ..It" was loaded close, lo ca- paoil.y......thc hydraulic ;melhod used' slightly .aggravated the coiv Borry. nolnrl that conslruclidn was umiorlitoen -on .the dike and Douln- vard at -the same'-: lime and nskrd Nvhclhor the 'dike, would have ^ saro- under hormai' conditions. "The dlkn was reasonably , mill alone," Uino'/repHed. HELL TO SIGNAL RAIDS UNPATRIOTIC More Blades Will Be Manufactured In 1942 Than In Any Previous Year ihay erode the . metals. -. , If you have a good blade sUarp- cncr "at home,' use it.. ^ CHUROfESTO OBSERVE GHINA SUNDAY, API. 12 CANCER1S DISCUSSiBCT crat.ic leader;v\vas cominonting a-published report that a inovem was under way in Worcester couti-| ly 16 "have him seek the nomination. That odd piece of liirnldirc find a buyer if you llio fled BoHto.n, Marcli blades . will .be 1042.-:'-iinclpr tlio Boiir.d'-.ordor ncsay llinn 1040;' 'Consume! 31—More ra'/or manufactured In 1,1)0 War Production announced last Wedin any ..year before A. West, 'Director of -the DiN'ision, Office.-of Price Administration, •>. announced today through; the . Regional-.- Information i'CJfflcc, OEM,. 17 Court •slrncl,. boars, of a. shortage of- raaor. blades •• ai.o: therefore . ' completely unfounded,- Wealdeclared.'. . plo.who are rushing lo buy •blades-are-jusf plain--hoard-- e'rs" he said, ' "and they are pci»- ror'mlng a,distinctly -selfish un- palriol io"ad. Hoarding, of In war lime Is dangerous and dls- loya),-nud in. this cusc there isn t even a shortage." • ' ... ,,; Under liho W-I-B order; there win -." arifwsr^OO.OO.OOO rn/.or blades :nmnufacUired/ this year. "Compare I his 'wi I'll Uui 700,000,000 razor •blades in.ii I' were manu.faelured_ m J9l*' f tiie : I 000,000,000' in 1037 and '• Ihe"'2 1 b00,000 r 000 'in 1939, and it is ' apparent'. that there will be more than /enbiig-IVb'l.tuli-'s for every.sliav- er-in the country, 1 ' West said. Lon- .suincr Division experts point out that a llllle ; extra corn in shaving and''iir handling .will yield many more shaves pur-blade.. They make tlib Toil owing re-uommenclalions: Before ' .shaving prepare your beard carefully so thai hard whiskers, .gril and sldn oil won'.l. break down: the blade, Careful washing and lathering soften the board ( ana rnalvO shaving easier on the blade. Rinse' your blade in hot \VIU«.M' before using. Hinse tlio rnxor w.lh hot water • freciuenlly while shay- ing .'..-in order-'lo. dislodge cream, wliisl<ors ; and other accumulations that.-' prevent the blade from cutting through. AVmse razor and blade well. ... , ' , Sh'afco- tho .blade vigorously ano. ch-Y carefully, to avoid r.usl. " Wrap the blade in its -own paper covering, especially If. you live m a coastal climate where salt air New York City, MarcirSi—Special- (prayers and sermons oh. behalf of i China and her people'will be heard [in thousands of churches on Sun, mv April J2, which has been officially .designated China Relief Sunday by the Foreign Misssions Lon- ference of North -America ,and the Federal Council of. the;Churches of (jhrisf in America; .in connection wllli: tire drive; being launched on, this: day'by United China Relief for ;i.^7,000,000 'fund., • , • : •'•"_,. Ministers and representatives o . more .than 1,00,000 churches ol"oil dnnomi'nation^ • have ..been ..asked LO scl-asirto the ;Sunday. ai'ter haslet- as a •"clay-, or ^prayer and compassion for China's, .war-victims. The rc- mjcst \yas mado:in a joint letter of cndorsruncnl- ' from buihcr A. .Weigle president, of. Ihc eFderal Louncil, Miss Snllie f.ou- MacKinnon, .cliairman: of the of -Kcier- once, and Counsel. o.f tbo foreign -Missions- Conference, -and .H*n:>cr 'Si'biey, chairman of -.the-; .Church Cornmitlce for- China .Relief, member agency'of'.Unitcd/China Relict. ' "We .'believe that ministers -can make-an iuiporUuii conlribut-iQii on this -day by -giving -1/ people .a nioi-e intimate Knowledge of China s. si^iVilloanco in' llio' world oommun-. a .whole .and .in" tlie world Christian 'community !"' particular, the letter said in part.; China Sunday will launch the na- "li6n--wirte'. celebration of China -Wcfilt, April -J2-W,- proclaimed by mavors in more than .GO ciUes and towns. During this week United China Relief' committees in these communil-ies will begin an intensive drive for funds lo send increased aid to China. Boston, March a ,:_(OP-A oanm- prooiiolhe .agent may exist in ;lhc \\^se o sr';faf;;;pmttro:iay'at Lh^^utsel of the 3T>lh annual tAvo- day meeting of ^e American Association for Canocr Re-scaicl . Dr . Paul B. Sterner of- the. Um vcrsily of Chicago said -that lie a«ent wltlilh the Hver.nmy be -c- Kled to the action.of the endocrine i g a is. Extracts from the liver.; of i ftfritried persons, especially IhObC ! df Kriocr in the oridoonno sya- m will produce new • . canteia Cl T'sieiner said Ihc agenl appar- *- * • . .- fc .-^,. r\-*-\ t in 7.liP ently is. not always pi liver tissue of persons cor though rcnnement of . experimental methods may, provt..11. is present 'in .all cases.. He said the m-esence of the agent' seems es- ecia v noticeable when the cancer is related to the endocrine ;i gland system. __^- -- ^__— '-. S^KKS AUTHORITY :Provldcnee, R. I, March 31- To o Late to Classify WANTED — : Exncrlencctl Waid-osj over 21 years of ago. Full or | lime. Pleasant work. Address., ."piles lo Box C, Cure of ThcDail News. ' 3-3!dfii WE TAKE YOUR OUTBOARD TRADt| (UP) today , . ^- .1. Howard McGrath asked*, the legislature for a to lease the slato. airport at ; Hilb>- grovc- to the, . U.S; government, for $1 a year. GOV. ELY'S COMMENT Boston, GOV Joseph B. /Ely of Massachusetts . said today that H NVOU d o "a 1 verv pleasant experience to be clrafled for the Democratic nomination for U. S. senator." Ely. Boston lawyer and a Demo- EVIHRUDI on us—we'll make % gcnetout aUou'aocc on yow old motor as put pjtymeot fort quid- •tartiog, iweet ruaniogi xowfet "UUTIJOAKII" SIOTOHS' .ShhUi KKPA'IKEII AM) OVKHII.M-LKH •• ' ' "• WE IS S 'HEN' FRANKLIN- STOHK 152 CHUHCU .STREET Snow M«*<c «ol!s Ejff Rolls _ "'Apple, S c^ yoiit- 1'o ' j- now Kuhn's City Bakerj MAPLE ST. TEL, m . •Ml. AVaslilnacton, N. M.. Mirclr 3J (Ljp)_Thc- 301-11 anniversary of. me Urst ascrMil, or Ml- Wn.shin.qlon, .New Rngland's lii^ -pc-nk, will bo cc?.l- oDrhl.nd in Juno, Prnsidc-nJ, Uonr.v N. Toasiic oC the ML. Washington Cote Railway nmiginmorl Inday. I c.olcbraj.ion,' tonl.alively sot for .lu /, will mark tlift Icrcunlnnary- oi Darby Krchl's -lirsl on fnol. Beauty on the Junk Pile TIRE PUMPS 91.89 Emergency Gasoline Can With flexible : :, •;•; flpOUU 79c FLAG SETS finest iissortimnil of n»>nou s bhinds of HiiMil sliftlflocl ^\»IM. Also Haws ««nd »H»<'r fiolf needs. •- 11 ' .•* TUBE REPAIR KIT 3 flags itt suction cup holder. 24c Net Large stocks of all sizes, CompTeleJdis. Springfield,' CK, March 31-('UP)- Fanntjrs -In --Mad' River Township Have gone back -Iq- the old-fash oned nu.m'rlinncr;.:he!i; ; Trustees^ ol the i.ownship l.»avc: obtained 2o sucn hplls to'bo sourfded as air ram warnings.- Vy,- •'..•;• . /_, VIMS :ATi\S(tinnBL, Memph i-s ; -Tenn..-;M~arch 31— (UP)— An ll^ydar-bld '..Memphis , . irrn Inside. Ihci" •••(illy nmlls.'Thc lad was brb'uglil to juyonile court a£- •nr he |\red his,.22U'fri(i at; a Bnuirrol -and' killed n' mule. "• '' '' • -'• SET KKCORD Augusta, . M e.;;: March '' ai^fuP)— The 'bcsl- business in Maine sonms 'o bo llshiiig. •Sna;-niKr,:ShornvKish- EASTER JOY Should be expressed, not only in religious thought, but by a renewed effort to keep this good old U, S. A, the land of freedom, as we have always known it. Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time ''Mutual'' — FOR"SALE'- Brick Building and lot] on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency*] Inc. Room 9 Neary Phone 2080 tn-os nini'S.. leaf says -jhal Maine. ••'flsh'crmcn ftarn- ml a total or;:^..07i; sdl- ihc' ftll-ilmp •eun^ng I'c' / ', .•'•.•'.!... Take it easv boys' don't push. Nobody's thrown these lovely creatures aker and Mar Smith are volunteer ike it easv boys' don t pusn. iNouuuy a uiruwn. uucac twv^ijr-v.i.c**vM*cs». vthe scrap heap, Bernice Walker and Mary Smith are volunteer -workers inthe "Scrap for Victory Week".campaign in Pittsburg, Cal. >; '-%ha't discarded buzz saw makes a pretty nifty hat for Mary, while ; " ; BeVnice tova around with a couple of practice bombs^once,used by the air force. (Central Press). FERTILIZER TIME •— Fresh Stock Now On Hand — Ammonium Sulphate (21^ Nitrogen) Sheep Manure (T^eed Free) Bone Meal — Best Quality 5 m g. - 7 — -Best f or.Most Vegetables Liberty Lawn Special — (4-4) Vigbro — 20% Superphosphate Nitrate of Soda (16% Nitrogen) Driconure"— (Peat Moss and Cow Manure) 1 Peat Moss — Bales and Bags (Imported) Grass Seed •— 40c Ib. up Bordeaux Mixture — Black Leaf Forty Arsenate of Lead Hydrated Lime and Lime Stone , Fuel Co. ; 87:;€hurch'Ste -Tel 221' FORD — MERCURY A

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