The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1934
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;. •- .-.f.v^j.. , Served by United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBl DOitWAMT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKABT ARKANSAS AND BODTHKAWV MIBSODKI HOME EDITION VOL.' XXXI—NO. 86 Blytherille Dally Newt BlytheTille Ccurler Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 193-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS "CURB ROOSEVELT" CAMPAIGN THREATENED Helmsman of Ship of St;»tc Goes to Sea Hopes Roosevelt Will Veto Frazier-Lemke B a n k- ruptcy Measure WASHINGTON, June 26 (UP) — President Roosevelt would be dor- Ing the farmers of the country a real service by vetoing the Srailer-Lemke farm bankruptcy bill, Senator William E. Borah (Rep., Icfaho) said today. "I am opposed to the bill because t am for the farmer," Borah said. "1 do not think a single farmer in my state would take advantage of the bill if it became law. It clashes with the fundamental makeup of the farmer himself." A presidential veto of the bill was predicted while the measure was being enacted during the confusion..and rush of the last hours of' the 73rd 'congress. Unofficial word to the same effect cameo also while the president WES out of the city on the trip from which he returned today. The Frazier-Lemke bill, regarded as the first in a series of farm relief measures by Senator Lynn J. Frazier (Rep., N. D.I and Representative William Lemke, also of North Dakota, would provide a method by which insolvent farmers could readjust their debts. "If the bill provided a real moratorium it would have merit,' said Borah, "but it means that a farmer would have to turn over all of his property and assets for an appraisal and that then if his creditors permitted, he would retain his land and pay only a stated part of his mortgage." IMSJlCfJ Robbers Leave No Evidence ofi Forcible Kntry of Store Undi't circumstances snim' rlinllnr to thos? siirrutimllng (he ' .Heat -«*ekie4 • StreHs SANDURS&Y, " Onto '(tipV — June's pre-summer heat buckled several streets here to such extem ta«y required extensive repairs. last chcxks. Eleventh Child Born lo Slayer Of Her liiisbaiul A Little Gift From Dillinger When tlie U. S. S. Houston, above, heads out from Annapolis President Roosevelt will enilinrk on a cruise tliat will carry liim more than 7009 miles heiore lie. readies Ins destination, 'the Hawaiian Islands. Tlie map shows .where slops will lie made, Puerto flico being [lie lirsi tlien Hie Virgin islands. A later addition to the president's schedule is Cartagena, Colombia, where he will greet tlie president ot Co- Lunibin unJ si)<mu several hours astiore. uibb?ry hu"1 weof:. liilcvrs (lit umk iibnul $70 In money nidi-is anil cosh from Lute Grocery nl 122 West street. Police Chief Ed nice said this mauling tlmi there was nothing to Indicate th:tl the s(orj had been forcibly entered but that the robbers, after inking the money, had unlocked two smith padlocks on the inside of a rear door anil It't themselves out nf (he bui!rhii(». II Is understood Hint no effort vns made lo enter Ills stole :ifo. which li K d remained .ccked all dny yeslenliiy In (he absence of Mr. Hues. The .lay's by n doctor at tin 1 time ul child's urrival. However, receipts were p!uu?tl In a tmek .".nd hidden inside thr large re- 'rlBcrulor last night by employes who closed the stove. The Ililcves evidently lud In- fcrmatlDii that the money wns In the refrigerator, but were forced to move ninny of the articles stored in the box before I lies- found the sack containing the money. N1ARKE13 TREE. Ark.. June 20 (OP) —Mrs. Hll/startli Green, who was arrested Saturday for the killing of> her husband, $uwc birth lust night In a baby daughter ut her ftinn home, eight miles southeast of this clly. Mrs. Oreen, already the mother of ten children, wns tmt attended the 1 this morning mother iintl il:ui|jlucr were reported doing nicely. I Mrs. Green was released on $1.- I 001) bond afler appearing before I Judge C. u. Mitchell nt n consent i mucus corpus hearing arranged by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Fred II. Stafford. The mother of the new baby is charged with slaying her husband Friday night alter lie hud chased her from her home Into Hit; wcods. Luther Orcen. the slain man. was the father ot 13 children— three of them by a prn 1 - icus marriage. I Mill Must Meet NRA I 'P[)| IT' Rf II Q L i Demands to Get Eagle, Jllll Ui U, D, pi] F lans WASHINGTON. June 2G (UP)— The national recovery administration refused to' yisld in its controversy with the Harriman Hosiery mill. Harriman, Tenn.. and made EXPECTED Kin-l llniii-cH-k. :(. vvmiiil like lo sen liin I'lu-lt Jiiliu niul llinnU liim Tin lliL- rid lusl sinliiR of Iliil tninccl only $IG in cash, Ingethpr with a number of cliccks and money orders. U R i . A U "mi, nurmjittii, i eim.. HIIU muue 3 d 1 O Address j clear that despite shutdown of ptarting for Hawaii TL 1 M' 1:* D f . ~''he plant it did not Intend to re- i'hursday Night Betote s i ore " the b)ue €aglc to the „„„ until NRA_ requirements, are', met. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jdne 26 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open ' high low close July Oct Dec Jan . • Marrh May 1203 1238 1248 • 1254 12S3 1225 1252 1265 1269 1279 1203 1221 1237 1244 1248 12M 1254 1262 1262 1213 1273 1283 1273: 1285 Spots slosed qutet\ at 1245, up ' ' 10. . WASHINGTON, June. 26 (UP)— President Roosevelt will make a 20-minute radio talk Thursday evening in which he will give a general review of his^lev.'anishijjp of the government, "it^was 'learned at the White House' today.' His speech, which will be broadcast over both major radio networks, will be a general and final review of events in the government' prior to his departure for Hawaii. He Is scheduled to begin speaking at 8:30 r. M.. cen- .ral standard ^time. Thursday's speech is expected :o be' the last major address by the president, before his trip. On New Qrlearii -Cotton NEW. ORLEANS, June 26 (UP)Cotton traders gambled on Texas weather today and prices lorgcd ahead eight to nine points in fairly active trading. If the drouth Is prolonged in Texas much long er traders felt certain that the growing crop would suffer heavy damage. July Ort Ded Jan__ March May. open high low 1212 1222 1208 1236 1248 1254 1265 1282 1250 1261 12CO 1276 1285 close 1217 1235 1243 1248 12-54 1265 1282 1256 1260 1270 1284 Of BDEUf Ford Dealer Tells of ; gestion by General Mo' tors'Representative WASHINGTON, June 26 (UP)The house "military nflalrs investigating committee was Infonn- Lasley to Ask Reheating oi Utilities Tax Case LITTLE ROCK, June 26 (UP) - Tlle rilcL n " rtl " s """innrs "8» to r( , coup lost revcnue was ,,,. ed pany at Camp Holabird, Md., had Asks Roosevelt's Intervention in'Behalf oi Luckless Farmers LITTLE ROCK, June 26 Governor Fulrell today asked the intercession of President. Roosevelt In. the dispute of farmers in the ^everal speeches arc scheduled but j ^ ** et , b f"\ *>to Ihe St. none of These will have any pollt- S.JL*^ 'f^.""* OWr "" *; broached to them a proposal for a split in government business. I R.. B. Sabine^ president, of the Northwest Motors Company of Washington, a Ford : dealer, said that the proposal was made by Norman Haig, managing director of Ihe General Motors Fleet Sales (UP)— corporation. "1 wouldn't even listen to ical significance. The president let it be known that he intOnds to take no part in the election campaign which will be gathering momentum about the time he returns to Ihc United States. , Ptions for loans. the idea and nothing ever came of it," said Sablne. Ill asserted the third Chief Hice said (he suck con-1 RoOSCVelt MllSt Act He Leaves Washington on Vacation Trip WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP) — President Roosevelt's return to the capital today was expected to. be followed iiuickly with appointment of thc men who will administer Ihe latest new deal legislation us passed by the 13rd congress. These appointments must bo made by Ihc president - before ha can depart for HnwaU: » "* Five man securities 'comniualon. Five man communications commission. Housing administrator. Departmental foreign trade committees. , .„, ,,,,, „. „ i Possible arbitration'boards i for loot. Fling with the supreme stccl nmi . Pncillc coast-longshore S.vT-h i™ s «1>«*«1. at«r to- mcn . s lnL . or dishes. ™ f % *" U a , re C ". ed ," 1 nsk - ' M<»t speculation centered on the ng for the reopening of the case. SM urlticJ!'commission, with James L'andls and George C. Mat thews, of tile federal trade commission, and Ferdinand Pccora, special counsel in the senate bank- Investlsation. believed assured 'of places. nli-e IrkyHf, i WOK nl wlildi Earl Mnywuml lo start this afternoon with the ming of n motion with -the supreme -court. to.rehear tho Tori Smith gas company oa5e on which n decision was haiioed down last Chairman P. A. Lasley of the (cjday that ,^ord .Motor, com-, ,rlbunal had the motion and 'copy-officials.'-at • a conferens. les of u le brief on''his"desk 'at Tllc ttlon B- '"• alld man at the conference was E. C. Simons, rales representative :of the Ford Motor company. i Sabine testified afler J. B. Wood- around the Bouef river basin in -side. Washington manner of Ocn- southeastern Arkansas are being eral Molors - liad , dellle(1 , ta a )«outraged," the governor said in a cr to t!lc committee that, prices telegram to the president. "There t llacl bce " ral!;ctl °" bl<lt; for 1 The pre identurnedo'Wash- * ™ ?**** about It. I hope' ™«J"^ »«^»» - ington today to find his desk piled » ^?"«S" * bin too 1 ^ contracts high with approximately 200 KUs f llem ' Tllls J" 5 ' 1 " " as ' xen to ° passed by congress just before ad- ]m j delayed. Motor com - hi . passed by congress just before adjournment on which he must, act before leaving the United States. A photograph taken from an airplane in South America covered a distance of S20 miles and clearly Y) ft 11 CflltP J^rau.giil.V' Has Met Death Spots closed steady at 1232, up 8. showed the curvature of the earth. ! Chicago Wheat open high low clos? July 90 SI 5-8 89 3-4 90 Sept 90 3-4 92 3-8 90 1-2 90 5-3 Chicago Corn open high low close July 56 3-8 57 3-4 55 7-8 56 1-8 Sept 58 1-8 59 3-4 57 7-8 58 3-4 i b°e- i Railroads Deadlocked on Farmers In the basin claim loans have not been, granted cause the government has not! finished Its spillway and levee pro- j jecls in Ihe basin. Besides not: granted loans, the farmers] MEMPHIS. June 20 (UP)—Ap- Cotton Rate Increase Tie-up of Trolley and Electric Service Is Threatened at Milwaukee bimiu. lint n liil ur utlit-r i:i-u[ili!, lw>. would like to BCD lliiflo John, mid U.iclu Join hiiuws It, so lio rtucun't show up He'H Jolin DlH^fer. Hid' (les luM-inlii, brullwr ol Mrs. Auilrey- lluncutli, uiolher, lEjLfll -onservative Senators Resent Endorsement of Progressive Republicans WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP) — Inns (or a "Curb Roosevelt" ampalijii were discussed loday many conservallve Democratic on»(ors to whom the suggestion ml the president and admlhls- rallon leaders support all new ealcrs rather than Just Demo-' rals Is highly repugnant. ••The president's • purported pro?.'' 1 ram of supporting G. O. P. pro'-' rcsslvcS who have aided .the new =al met with violent reaction • mcng those Democrats who. have been new dealers more by com- lulslon than, choice in their votes during tlie congress Just closed. . Britain Will Answer Debt Note This Week LONDON, June 26 (UP)—B'lt- ain's reply to the United Staira war debt note in which payment in kind wns suggested will be »,,,,,,..„„„ I sent to Washington tomorrow, MILWAUKEE June 2G (UP»-| WBS understood Pliably today. It n, . , " \Ml^ lllllll I3LUUU ItmlU.J LUUI1J. Street car and bus operators and I slr Rolm1d Unisny _ British an- electriclans of (lie Milwaukee Elec- bassador to Washington, was ex- trlc company struck al 4:30 A. peclecl to hand thc not c to Sac.?- M t/V)Ol' Ilimitn.* nn »!*- I...— - It------ »" being also arc in danger of being flooded," land owners snld. pnrently shaken by the determined stand taken by cotton shippers at Appeal for presidential interven- yesterday's rale hearing, railroad " ' ' ' ' I tion was made in a letter yestcr- j leaders today were deadlocked on flay by T. R. Jacobs, McGehec nl-1 Ihc proposal of hiking (lie tc-rney. representing the Boucf rates 15 p;r cent on cotton, farmers. He aucc of imsy rail _;>UlKLILg Vllt; DUUtl >«»»"J •— !*»• »....•* UI, t,uk*v». charged predomin- ; Shippers have promLscd that a isympathetic employes! raiSe ill rales at this time will Closing Stock Prices'- NEW YORK. June 26 (UP) — j Prices firmed in all divisions on: the stock exchange today but there I was no pickup from the recent! dullness. Sales approximated 620,- [ 000 shares. A. T. and T 114 Anaconda Copper 15 Bethlehem Stsel 34 1-2 Chrysler 40 3-8 Cities Sen-ice 21-4 Coca Cola 125 1-2 General American Tank 37 1-2 General Electric 20 1-4 General Motors 313-8 International Harvester 33 Middlewest Ulllities 3-16 Monlgomery Ward 28 1-4 New York Central ..'... Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp 71-4 Simmons Beds 18 1-41 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 3-4 Standard of N. J 44 Texas Co \ 23 7-8 U. S. Sleel 40 U. S. Smelting 129 30 3 3-4 17 1-4 from Illinois and Missouri in the : force them land bank office at St. Louis pre- ] business. into the trucking going through forj "We've got to tread slowly." one river basin-landowners. jvented loans wondcr- her sisters." Olat Tutvcr- Ron, 70. above, mourns for Agnea Tufverson, who vanished after her New York marriage last winter and now Is tho object of a world liunt. Tho father Is near collapse from fear for »cr tat«, at lit walla In hfc Grand Rapidi, Mich., home. Memphis Masons Coming to Osceola Thursday OSCEOLA, Ark. — Members of the Park Avenue Masonic I-odge ! of Memphis will be guests of Os- I ccola Masons here Thursday evening, June 28, when the Osceola ] degree team, headed by J. B. Dunn, deputy grand master, and I E. R. Bogan, district deputy, will confer the third degree on a can- Ididnte for the Memphis lodge. Representatives from other lodges in Mississippi county have been invited to attend the meeting. Professor Made Hole-ln-One DELAWARE, O. (UP)—Dr. John T. Marshman, head of'Ohio Wesleyan University speech department, had an ambition for years to make a hole-tn-onc. He did recently, on thc 148-yard No. 4 hole of the Obevenc Country club, using a mashie. rail executive told the Unit;cl Press. "We've lost too much tonnage to trucks already." Cotton shippers from Interior points and southern ports banded together in opposilion to lh.3 proposed hike. They will 'lot stand for a rail raise at this time, leaders have decided. M.. today, [hreatenlng the transportation and ehetrlc service of Wisconsin's largest city. All of Ihe utilities maintained ipcration temporarily while union c-fiders organized picket lines outside fortified car bams and (he :ity's central power plant. The walk-out was called In the :acc of night long efforts of the regional labor board and a committee of industrial leaders to effect a truce. City and county authorities Immediately threw all their forces into an clforl (o prevent O|>enly threatened violence. Police were massed at avcry point where union pickets congregated, while squad cars patrolled outlying car lines. • Officials of the electric company. 1 which also operates the car and bus lines, declared that service would be maintained "rcgardleis of opposition." ary of Slate Hull. The note, while couched in the most friendly terms, does not support the suggestion ol (he United States that payment In kind Is pracllcablc. The note will be mn is public throughout the world Thursday morning. Forgotten Man Remembered, Human Rights Rec- Say Leaders WASHINGTON, June 26 (UP)— Democratic congressional leaders (oday look the flcld against Republican critics with a defense of the achievements of thc 13rd congress. Senate Leader Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas and House Leader Joseph W. Byrns of Tennessee praised the record of congress and the ryDgram of President Roosevelt. Snld Robinson: "Congress performed a service to the people of this country unmatched in our history. Every measure we enacted was debated at, length. What, was done by the 73rd congress was thc matured Judgment of a majority of lhat body. The forgotten man was remembered hi our .legislation." Said Byrns: "It was a congress worthy to rank with those outstanding legislative bodies which marked the creation of new eras in the struggle for human progress, There has been a rebirth in this nation of lhat Jeffersonlan principle -ditch places human rights above property rights." WASHINGTON, June 26 (UP)— New deal campaign strn(cgy this . year points to the 1938 necessity of maintaining tlie political, union ot the south and ,wcst. Political observers are speculat- ' it)8 on the methods by which Pres^ dent Roosevelt and his uldes will achieve that objective without alienating the east or further In- " flaming a critical group of southern Democrats. Straw votes indicate the president still holds a majority . of eastern voters. Tliere Is, however, nucleus of eastern discontent appearing more clearly In congressional voles during the past session than In straw polls. Cm half a dozen vital admin- . tetratlon Issues in the session Just • closed the east consistently cast a bloc of votes against the new deal. Other opposition was Inter- mlttcnl. On: the.i-£ul'UT-fjpappmid gcV J ~ ri and authorize Mr. Roosevelt to".' reduce /the gold content of the dollar, house and- senate, together cast 83 negative votes, of .which 41 were from eastern.constituencies,. Approximately one-third of the senate vote and half of the house vote against the almlnlstratlori's reciprocal tariff plan were eastern. Tho Tugwell brain trust Issue came ' to a vote on the professor's nomination as undersecretary of agriculture. Jt did not prove much of anything except that support and opposition to the brain trust concept of government was scattered among both parties. The • midwest, southwest and northwest' contributed nine Republican votes for Tugivell's conflrniatlon. A small southern Democratic' group In the senate has been- often adversely critical of new deal policies. The progressive He--' iiibllcans have generally followed White House leadership. They are disturbed now by the possibility that administration campaign sup-, sort will be given a Wisconsin • Democrat, against Senator Robert M. Ln Follctte, who was one of. the Republican bolters to Mr'. Roosevelt In 1932. 'Sphinx'Doomed I To Noose Death Parrot Never Swore nURLINGTON, N. J. (UP) — A pnrrot that never swore died here recently at 33. John Allen, the owner, said the bird never lised profane language, but It did know the verses and chorus of (he song Down Went McGInly to Ihe Bottom of the Sea." The sky has a dark violet-gray appearance at a height of 13 miles and turns black-gray at higher altitudes, according to recent tests, Plenty of Attorneys OLYMPIA (UP) — Washington has 2.350 lawyers. 1,164 of them In King county alone. Four counties—Ban Juan, Asotln, Garlield and Perry—have but three lawyers each. Washington's Valley | Forge Kitchen Restored VALLEY FORGE. Pa. (UP)— The kitchen of the old stone house which was George Washington's headquarters from before chrlst- mjs in 17177 to June, 1778, lias been restored to its original form by the Valley Forge Park Commission. Restoration of the land mark resulted from a b;licf by various members of the com- Divorce Decree Upheld by Chancellor Gautney Rattler Trio Picked Wrong Wash Tub : mission that there was no open' Mrs. Nellie May Madison, above California's "Splita* Woman " Displayed at a recent London medical exhibition, a "short anesthetic" Is considered useful in brief surgical operations. II lakos full effect within 30 seconds afler administration and ceases working in 15 or 20 minutes. archway between thc kitchen w and Ihc dining room of Ihe house. Examination of pictures of the house as It was In 1840 proved the views of the commission correct, but while the archway has been eliminated an dthc kllchcn itself resorted It has not yet been furnished. All of the" original furnishings have been lost. ill he tho firs! of her sex to die on the gallows in that slate, unless given clemency Kite was convicted o( the murder of her fourth husband. E. B . Madison, film studio employe, by a Los Angeles Jury, desclte her strange plea that h«r mate still lives and that tlie victim waa UBkuoxq to her. Chancellor J. F. Oautncy at a session of chancery court here Saturday ruled that a divorce decree given Mrs. Bertha Gean against Leamon Gean was in good order and was not obtained under fraud as charged In an action filed by Gean after his wife hac been granlcd thc divorce, according to Claude F. Ct^per, attorney for Mrs. Gean. The divorce was granted In February on grounds of general ndignltles and was followed by a suit of garnishment against Gean some time later when ho allegedly failed to pay $35 a month alimony an dcosts allowed Mrs. Oean by the court. Through his attorneys, Nelll Reed and Sam Manatt, Gean charged that the divorce was obtained by fraud without his knowledge and asked lhat the original decree be set aside pending a new hearing. Chancellor Gautney, In vacation, granted Gean a temporary restraining order to prevent Mrs< Gean from collecting the alimony, but at Saturday's session the restraining order was dissolved and Gean ordered to pay the amount set In the original decree, Mr. Cooper said. DILLON, Mont. (!•-?;—"It's all in the day's work for a country housewife." : That's what Mrs. Joe Nolan salB' when she hung up her washing to dry here. •••When Mrs. Nolan went to her v.ashtub fhc found three rattlesnakes curled up In It. She methodically dumped the tub, killed each rattler and went on wlth-her- laundry. " - . Build New School OSCEOLA. Ark.—School directors of District No. 36, west of Osceola ore erecting a new frame school building on a gravel road two and a half miles south of Laney's gin. ' Homer Phillips, Osceola contrao ;or, is ill charge of construction. Materials are being furnished, by :he Osceola- Lumber Co. The building will bs 30 x 48 feet In size. Dr. Lunsford Is chairman ot the school board with M. ; R. Sisco, secretary. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally f&Ir to-i night and Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and. continued warm tonight and Wednesday. • • The maximum temperature here yesterday was 97, minimum TO, Mrs. Gean was granted custody j partly cloudy with .04 of an Inch of Iheir six-year-old child In the rainfall, according to Samuel F. original decree, which was upheld, N orris, official weather obserrw.

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