The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE (AMI.) COtmi$S Prospective Challengers in No Hurry to Meet New Champion enrroii's XOTK: TOS is the final of thiT-o articles on (he Max Baer of yfsleriiav, today anil lo- morrow. BV HARRY GRAYSON- NEA Strvlro Spotts Eilllor HEW YORK, June 25.— Whnt- evcr became of old Chnrlej 1 Hnr- vey, tie ol the hEUiillefoar mns- tachlo, who leutrnttl Iron) Miami 111 early March frankly saying tlmt his Steie Hamns minted nn pare of Prlnio Cfirnmi. Inn u-oulil like nothing wuer than nn early appointment wiili Max Bnerv Old Charley was fresh from seeing Cnrnera camp on Thomas Loughrnn's corns while nusliini; Ihe professor around llie preiulws Whni kind o[ mnmgw Is Mnur- ir-e l.nsky, if lie really belleu'.s his younger ami bigger brollitr' Arl, Li the man killer he is painted 0111 there on the Golden Slope, where fiaer grew up uml broke in? Lhsky, a rangy dmp of Minneapolis, wlio dropped three toller;; of his real mime. I.akofsky, for pugilistic purposes, has been al II five years .which Ls the preuTlbeil period for (he development of n heavyweight. He knocked out Joe Sekyru In 1930, went 10 heals ivllli Car- nern In 1932, slopped Clitirley Ilel- zlnff and onlgnlloix'il Hans Ultkie lust. year, and liellcil King Levinsky around In his most lecenl Einrt. Certainly, -Liuky's retx>rd entitles him to recognition, and il just £o happens that he Is the boy Baer prefers to box. "Lasky In a puncher and n Jew. We'd gel the tnor.l money with him'," remarked Ancll Hoffman, handler ol Ihe new champion. Dill there hnsn'l oeen u peep lioni Brother Maurice. Old Line-of Champions Re-esiabiiBhed ~~ -MONDAY, )VN£ 25, 1994 To date, only two who might be considered as Ihe first clmllenger of Uaer luive been heard from. Naturally, one Is ~Crunern. After what happened in the Sunken Garden the olher night, one would suspect thai Ihey couldn't drag the Venetian Leviathan In there with Baer again with a tractor. But il seems to be . Ihe style tor n dethroned champion lo ask for more, no manor how badly In- Li beaten. ^' Jimmy Bronson spoke lor the remaining candidate, Herr Walter Neusel, the big and blond Wcst- chemist who knocked out Stanley Poreda anil got off tlw floor lo outnnlsh Levlnsky last winter," edged ou^- Loughrnn this spring, anil who' goes against Ills countryman,. Max Schmellns, In . Hamburg on Aug. 26. Bron.ioji, who helrn'4 One Tunney during the war days ami sec- onUetl the Manly Marine In his battles with Jack penvpsey tuul swan song with Tom Heeney, und who has guided scores of scrappers, has been the American representative of Neusel anil his native adviser. Paul Damskl, who was lorced to abdicate ns n Berlin promoter due to Nazi trouble. Perhaps old v-iiarley Harvey and Maurice Losky feel like BroiLson. who, standing In his olflce. sparse half block snvay, pointed to Madison Square Garden, mid snlil: "There Is ft piece of paper tu the safe right over there In that Garden which gives Neusel something of a claim to a match with Bner, but It never will be exercised If I have my way. "I have yet to send n flghlei of mine Into a match which I did not believe, he could win. As capable as Neusel Is, I am firmly convinced thnl he would not have a Chinaman's ensure against n hitter like Baer. "Baer is a killer, that's what he Is. II I acquiesced to Neusel meeting him. and Walter was hurt, It would be my fault. And I do not Intc-ud to run the risk of having the death of a fine toy on my hands." • • * • So you see thai the counselor of one prospective opponent is wary of Baer, a swatter like Jack Dempsey and the first genuine heavyweight titlehoMer since Timney called It a career six years ago. And the other eligible challengers are hesitant, to s-iy tlw least. A majority of competent critics declare that Baer and his punching power would have to be given favorable consideration In a battle with any of the great champions ol the past. . Camera Is one of. the mighty - ?ew vrho assert that Max Adelbert caijt smack 'em like a Kansas ey- Basil-ness fcniis Manila Joneshcrs Ball fiainf Local Team Scores Seventh Victory; Play a I Osceoln Next Sunday Tlie Blyihevills Tig,?rb clrall-r-d up iliMr seventh win of Hip .-:o:i- •:r,n whc-n they look ihp ni i-.ii!,r? i\ Hie Moneile riuiTuloss in llrils-v Field vesi«n><iv (iltc-rnoon. The score was 9 to r,, Hot!, teams hit the ball haul jllie Tigeis gnthsrin? 13 su'e >,]ofi land Mount? It). The Blythr-i-lll.. lilts Included Iwu triples and lour doubles and ilio visiting liiilc-rs slapiKd the toll out for tine," .riple.s, one (limble unil a licm-- run. Erv.'in, pitching Ills firu gnm? .or iht! Tlgerc, uas iclievei! byi'-' :i '' Wlsche in the levejuh, who si™-.: ' inninsr, in In Max Oner, cc-nler, u like ... , , ,, . . . jRL ' k ^'"Pwy. 'liiiil. lioxlms luis a genuine lieuvyweiglit cliainpini, for llie time since Onn • iinnr-y. l f -n. retired unbeaten .six years ngo. No. ordinary fighter c,,n b, s,,,l , lK OUT mul 1,1. ,„„„„. punch, and Z a( * IruZ lire pur/.li-il In regiird to the California!!'* first challengei 1 . Square Garden olflclal In This Corner BY , ART KRENZ Win by Witln Margin Over; Visitors From Southeast Missouri Dlyllicvllle golfers continued ilielr winning strenk by complele- y routing the visiting aggregation j lorn Cape Cilrftrdeau, Mo., yi-slw- t Jay, 55 to 9. Jlmmle Fossick, locnl pro. was .•Iglit on lop of his game and toured Ihe 18 holes In 74 strokes, even par, going the first round in 39, am burning up the course on the list nine,to card n 35, There ViiS plenty of hot golf Duong Hie amateurs, too, wltli local pluycrs. John Ciiudlll. B. A. Lynch. E. B. Cite, Bill I'oll- nril, John Lenll, Hurry Halites and [?. P. Kirshner with scores under 00. Bill Polltud and John Caudlll, with 77 each, finished In n three cornered tie with Caplnln Butler. Cape's ace, for low metlal score among tbe amateurs. Tlic results of Imlividual matches are as follows: B C 3 0 J. Fossick Capt. Butler John Caiultll E Stcuber R. A. Lynch Chas. Stiver E II. Cee T Mill key Bill Pollard 11. Cole John Lorn I D. Hawkins James Guard R. Cllbbs Harry Halnra C. Cooper C. L. Lentyenich Dr. Quccnen !•' Englaml P. Uodcy Tom _Florida 3 1 1 4G E .1. Mcciinslocfc 51 W. T. Burnett T. Ferguson Jeff Roland E. Gramltng Bill Atfllck P. Springer Bob Klrshner II. Newman Fiank Whltworth E. Strom Chas. Aftlick E. Graham J. A. Leech J. Dicbolt Byron Moise L. Simmons O. O. Caudlll R. Kerr Eddie B. David Howell iernard Goocli A. Sp.ildmg One Old G.A.R. Vet To clone. "He no hurl be." mumbled Primo, after being dropped 11 times and stopped. "The foot that's all lhat hurt, the foot. Camera is like the batler who returns to the bench shaking hi noggin after striking out, an Eneering, "He ain't got a thing." M as—n •ID :i7— 11 'V) 38—77 41 39-BO 43 3S--7B •13 37-80 38 40—78 :n 44—si as 39-17 40 42—82 40 :I8-18 •12 43—85 42 38-80 44 45—«9 41 38—79 40 4G-8t! 40 42-82 30 41—80 41 42-Uli 40 42—82 48—94 2 44—95 38 -8G 2 44-88 40-81 3 47—96 4(i— 90 it 47—96 39—79 3 51-95 45 41—86 3 49 45-94 44 45-39 a 47 43-90 40 43-89 3 50 56-106 42 44—86 3 50 46-96 42 40—82 3 59 58—117 48 44-92 48 49—97 41 42—83 44 43-S7 •TA"NDINGS SOUTHERN Nashville New Orleans : /Mhintii Memphis Knoxi-llle : nnmiimliiiiu CJhattimooga ! Little Rock W. - 44 37 34 33 31 30 24 I'd. .67? .578 .5-10 .508 .4111 .449 .448 .348 Vcster-day's Results l.ttile Rock 5-1. Nashville 3-3. Ailnnta 2-4. Memphis 5-3. IlirmtiiKhatn 4-4. .Chattanooga New Orleans 5-3, Knosville 4-2. (rallies Today Atlanta ;u Little Hock might). Clmtiinoara a( New Orleans. Knoxville at Birmingham. Only scheduled. New York I St. Louis . Chicago Pittsburgh Roston . .. Brooklyn .. Philadelphia Clncinnini NATIONAL LEAGUE W. I.. 1'ct. 40 22 .845 36 24 .600 38 26 :n 21 :i2 20 20 37 22 38 19 41 .594 .534 .413 .367 reiiecieci 6 nils. 5 runs and 2 er-/ rer-:. ' ' Tn? Shady Grcv:rj were niiii- ont the services of theii star pitcher, Shelton. Sandy Riage iviii take on the Deli team next Sunday at car,4/ m Workers' Children To Have School House ;ui five in the ihrre A-ns on ihe mound. The old rivalry between BKthe- viile and Oseeolri Ijall club-," will be renewwl at Oscecla next fimi- nay, ai'coullnn; 10 Mamiser John Sjnlih, v;ho lutnouniv-d Uie loj- hiip.iij, fin the Ti»<>r.s: MANILA —In tin- second Iry to ccmpiete a game this year htamli vt.: iin=.i!c;?f.ifiil r.gain. The first it:,;n? iva- c^in.-<i on nccciim of r.-nn. _wliil? yr-r.^.-cuy's game him inning with ihe -con- lieu, 4 10 i. i.n sc-coiini 01 Jjrkiir"-;. ' Tinnin '.larifii ilr- funit lor Mutiiia tilt iva-; u.u-sri! 10 o-rn • v.hen a hit OT.YMPIA, Wash HIP) — (Jhll- ],:.!! i-iiiijii him in Hi.- vye Hoacn fireii of government engineeis anil '.va-i the hc.-ivy hitler ot the E"in'.-, (lay laborers working on the {63- i-.,n,-riiiip ihrc,- nits out of five ixw.coo Grand Coulee Dam will retime-; :,i I,:M. 1,-. Moik-tt ni Man-ii-r-lve common school education il:i tut 11 irijd- lur il,e hartlpst j next tall, ji $40,000 Eehool will be l.u Kill in NIC cirnc. j c-rccieit near the'dam by the gov- i.:iti.--iii-.-r Mnni.,—Tinnin, i(o;i- j eminent k> eilueatc engineers' cliil- -niii,-!., :,ul Hovun. A clul|£e ,„ t|)c general dam loritiaet calls for the successful rominctor to provide schooling I lor his workers' youngsters. Chil- i''ien of settlers and semi-transient families in the area will have no schools unlers the - government, which owns the land around the ilain, provides money. Sandy Ritljfe j)efeais Shady (irove, 9 to ;; ; ,mi y nidgs r.efe.'itert f.vo, i) EO f,, .'Ziiiidriy jfiernoi/i Suiuly I:1ilr;-. Biedsue. inonnil! man for £amly /iklgc. 'jllrnvHi tin- vi'Jitor; r,ve iiit: and r^rucl: oiit U>. niil.'.i' WPII ihi> iieuvy nilieri ol j tin iluy, Ix.iii cunneclini; thivtj i.ui 01 live ihe pluit.i s'ianily Hidfi- iiinili' M hits, D ruiisi Ilnwls, cf; C'.ivf-Uf, 2lr T \Hr-j :ll-J •' errois, v.'lillp Slincly Glove' shall, ib; Rlelianlion. .vj; ].\ M",,.. | slmll, lib: Gie. Il; Wilkerson. i-l- McCnbe. c; Wisclie or Gibson p This Is Hit;' !..iiiie line-up that htinded O.iccnla i\ro deienf. tin-, sr-n:on, Smith :,ald. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. By Horace Wakefleld Bees Swarmed on Main Slreel PAINESvn.liK. O. tup,._A sky-' darkening; swarjn of homeless b«-a I Utizjwl into busy shopping crowd-:! on a main downtown corner here, but hiii-iiicc! no one they tightened. HULLI Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, Nile 7:15, Jvttvtvtfm 'TftaottoCiaJ/uut VKATIONLAND Yesterday's Krsulls Boston -2-7. Cincinnati 0-10. Chicago 5-3. Brooklyn 1-0. Piusbm-gli n. riilladelphia a. New York 9, St. Louis 7. -18 •14 41 49 44 49 40 44 TFNNI5 \5 Ey.PF.cTnD IN tVWl-i CUP FX^y AT WI/.\ar-Do/v).... TrlE WlrtEP STAtC'} ARRA-/ WKi/jGE-J IF SUCCG^fUL^TilE tMCiU-^l iWLOEf*, Of 'tit (James Today Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. New York ill St. Ix>uls. Only games scheduled. AMKRICMN I.KAG11R \\: i.. Puraninnnl NCWK- Mnsical Comedy— "Let's Play Postoffifc" With ,lc;m Saigenl 20,000 voles-with each )i;iitl aitnll ticket tonight,. • Tuesday - Weds, AMD 2^ Rlythevlllc and the other from the government flrel at Osceoa. (Inlfrr Ool Rpal Blrillc netrott New Yoik . Clevi'lanil . IJOSlDIl Wa.':hingli>n St. I.nills .. Philadelphia Chii-apo ... TiS 3C 31 33 31 rot. .en .600 .S3 4 .M2 .42.1 .-167 .393 -U30 Yesterday's Krsulls Cleveland 6. Boston 2. Detroit 8. Philadelphia 4. New York 5, Chicago 0. Washington 7, St. Louts f). 'Rprl MTU Fi-nm nca man fiom i Ion Scheduled to Tangle i"i!" op ,, co " rsc - Tlli: . blni ™ 1 i»i- i r, .« lc " Uon ''nnii arrived. 1 With Roy Allen ] ] B1I.UNCS. Mont. (UP) — Cliff | liownmn has the rarest of all uolf shots to his cii'dll — :i uue •birdie." .Bowman's drive struck a mcudowfnrk in inld-niglu on llie ilead (iamrs Tndny Cleveland at Boston. Detroit at Philadelphia. Chicago at New York. St. lx>uis at Washington. In this modarri rush by woman cnJ men of ali clajses.fforn a!l places! Read Courier NCT..S Want Ads 2 I Roy Alien, Howling Green, Ky., i igiappler. will meet Chief Arcinetle ' ' 'of Tacoma. Wn.«h., in Ihe feature ' , match of the weekly wrestling' I show at the armory here tonight. ! i Allen has perfromed here before , Tna«l i ' ts k " ow » ns n capable tnai- loast lliail L ls nctluin y kllown W«Hh $1,115 GRANTS PASS. Ore. (UP) — Robert Bums, Oklahoma oil driller who turned Oregon miner, found In his sluice box what was s»W to be the largest gold migget ever found In this state. It weighed 34 ounces and was worth • 11,015. NOFJWALK. Conn--There w no roll call of Ihe famous 17lh Connecticut Regiment nt its 72nd reunion at Roton Point, August 28. Since lhat sllrrins day when 1100 high-spirited eager young men marched off lo a war. time has thinned the ranks until there remains but one lo perpcluale ihe memory of the "Pighllng Seventeenth." Edward A. Plnkney, 87. Li ihe only survivor. He will drink a silent toast' to his comrades when Little nlxiul (he Indian, but he Is said to:, will I have established n reputation as 11 fast worker- In other sections ; their sons and daughters and where he has perfromed. Jeff Roland, wrestling and box- ;l lug commissioner, said that thei| winner of llie Allen-Chief Arquellc I grandchildren gather to observe ment's 72nd anniversary of the reel- locsl (ans ' *'"' :'s departure for the front. a " d tumW e 86^ The ostrich can cover 25 feet or more at one stride and nm as fast as £0 miles an hour. l»iit would be pitted next week .igainst Pedigo, the Louisville, Ky.,j blackfmilh, whom he said hol^s | some kind of a championship li'le'l In the Junior light heavyweight: I division. ! Rough House Sullivan and Roy' Welch, both of whom have per- i formed a number ol limes before: Ir rough' gestures In B 80 mln-' I nte preliminary. ] | As n siKdal added attraction a . preliminary bout will be staged I negro heavyweight i I between two Don'f Forget to See the 'DONKEY BALL GAME' at Haley Field Tonight The first game ever played on donkeys in Rlythcvillo Admission 15'ami ,7,'ic Sponsored by Business and Professional Women's Club R-rejtlers, one of whom hills from! A fOX MC1USE »l| h JOHN BOLES CUIRE TREVOR HARRY GREEN SOL M. WURT7EL GEOSGCMARSHAL1. Paiamnuiii Andy 'Clvtl \p\vs Cnmcilv Enjoy the super-performance and economy* of... W HAT is llie MaghoUia imoothly with Mobilgas and Trail? Why, the Magiialia Mnbiloil. • • . Trail is any where'ivon^h. $ |._lj $to\i\)fis will give you go in ttie SoiithweMi'Vmlf wfll f'iAboty iti^knock. perform, 'fiinl Mugnnlia Stations aSid auce and all the speed and' LVatera in small towns as wiell .power you want. For : cross;is in tlie^ liirgoij ciii«^!^ll : iVoiirilr)i dtjiuig joii!%i|l ne«d along major und secondary the tta'ihinsi arid'heat-resisling highways. qualities of Mohiloil, the Tlionsaiuli of Magnolia Sra- -World's Largest Selling Motor lions ami Dealers are eager to Oil. From coast to coast, ask help you ,. , to supply you with mini in.nps anil ri'- linlib information .,, keep your nmlor purring for Moliilgas and Mobitoil at -— r the sigu of the "Flying »t Red Horse". .. emblem »> I -of Socony-Vacuum. Ask for these famous products at MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS if:,-..

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