The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1931
Page 6
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•IIJJKSDAY, JUNK 25, 18S1 CLASSIFIED ADS Two ceuti » wurd lor first insertion and oaa ccat » vord 'or e*ch lubsejuent Insertion. No advertisement tuken (or less than Me. Count the word! and tend th« cwh, i'hone 306 FUiC UENT l-OU KENT—I'urnlshcd 3 room llat, 7UU West Walnut. flc-U rURNISHED Apartment for Kent 305 Douyan. 18P-KS FOK KENT — 4 room furnished apartment, 209 W. Kentucky Call niter ti o'clock. Mrs. Sisk. 22C-K-2 1 FOR RENT—7 rooms, 1133 Wcs Ash. 1 room!?. 1^18 Holly. Botl incdcrn and In good condition I'hone 103. E. D. Ferguson. 23C-K.2 WANTED •$u .£- '•*m' (AUK.) COUKHOK NKWS /©195I /./ NRA ' SERVICE m* PACK 8EVE1* iu-:ci.v 111:111: TODAV I.lA.VI-l ll\Klli:-| r, is mill I,rnu- liClll. It JIIM mil .it tin. i-oniri.l. IK-r morkri. CA.SS IIAUllV'.TI , n v;ttlipr f.irli-.J :iriri"fc«, iiHiiinis lit-i- Innlillilj i,, |;li,. t | :v K ;,.| |,, x1lr | r ,. i.i:u:r lniu 11 |i:il-l-llii]t* J-tli In IL >.'.-\v Vorl: it.-iiLirliiirlit slurv, (In .111.- r.t tlu- iliij'.s (if c:iriv i.iitnlili-r i\l.m ir>e llirrurr til iiliirl. l'a»» I- |i1:i>tHK J' Bl'iiul lu .•!.i*i- ^hr Jrri'Ur\ 1,11 .nr.-r ID Jntn .t»uti:iniT si.n-u .•ininmiiy ul \\'il• . .'ill 1 ;, i: 1. 1: i: li..lrnn ol tUc POULTRY WANTED—Market prl. cos. nny niiuullw. Marilyn Haty. 210 S. Fourth St. 6C-TP '.'.NTED — Fomlly waslxlngs or general housework. Mrs. Dora ti'izell, 2207 ISth St. TF WANTED — Hay 10 bale. C. G. Smith, Phone 821 or 1502-F2. 0-eC-TF WAN1 ED—Plain and fancy sew- 1115. Mrs. Ira Crawford, 1236 Holly. 22C-K29 -J1V WM. E. McKKNNEY £;< (Ury American Bridjc;u'- ] i not necessary always to bic rti i kc game or a slam in order li_" t( thrill out of contract, bridge Jf '"•iloung hand came up be \* ,,, riexelaml and Chicago In : 'I n<-^ championship challenge «V/^t. "ind is one of the greates ' ijaiYlcs ol wits seen in a brills- hand. -AK-4-3-2 I ¥9-7-2 A It A AQ-6 VA-J-63 • K-Q-J ?iK-Q- 10-7 NORTH llcalrr SOUTH AA-9-7 VQ-3-4 • 8-7-54 • A6-4-3 . .liter 1 1 Ulnilc* 1.' 1- ,\ u <; n, M.^IUI,) Wlllun Slrrnui l!u (nvv Tiulirv li.nni- i.i fell I.l.-nii- tin- n.-n». stir |i,,i] K lUe ulrl hn» i <nr.- in .i.hiiu-r t^lil] >1 o J, i, v VlljIMX. n m-lj:l,l,:,r, n,,J t,v,, or Jli»!l>\ tufii rri.-iicii. Cuss .ll.jju- liv.iv,.,. , : ( livi, c,,,!,!,,. s., ...... nt " ( ..... IITS fr .....!-«- ^hli'h l-i-iil-s. " , ..... ,,. „, „„,.,. ,„_ --:ili Mri.i-(. I iu.i.,1 v,,,,..- (.•;,„, Irrrlll..,!. ,i,.tio« ll:rr,. „,: I IrnrjM SIHM: .H:-;)!;H.I:H>. j, ims riiiaii In rliiir^-,-. l!,:n I.I :U , P "! i- us I,: In |> r, ,-urr,'il. I M=v.- <;u n.v WITH -HIK vniuv 'JHAl'TER n V1YILLOW STREAM was a sleepy " tca^i.lo villase of narrow, elm r'ui-.c!?!! stream slipping of; Into a r.iii",lry<iido c[ surprising loveliness 7J:a taxi which carried Cass and L-..T.P. up Tror.i the station on tliat ml J-.ine day v.iabd tliroufh lau.c-3 rrr.olli:^ of Siouny-ucklc. Peonies biriwol in tin d iii-yards and Micro ii!.-.- 1 Rri.i-. cluiii;-,^ ui iHiivIe iris Tli3 e.-.ij i!iov ii]i at 20 _..„.. I.ano. MJIV was a low, 'v,-liitc kui;s= bai:i:cd iu barberry ar-d cvi>r- BIVCII. The Knocker was heavy, old aud rusted. lOvcrytlnns about IV rdarnjoohcd slightly run-down. '; K 1 poivli E.-.^-geti and the shinylcd r-aiut. But to (,'afs aiyi Liano with eyes accustomed lo tlie brick ami mortar ot (lie smoldering I'ily tlit place had nu air ct :n:>! ovc-n IjEauty. tho fill-Ill ami (kiiivcs llUSt Vi'i k. "ll>ll-.-.M-::il ill [nil]-, 1 ' nun \\V1N s'.ul-.leiily in oE li' r r.?viTii', "V/. 'II n« I.V...I: In K ui llm i-alli-ll \\-l-tin OtJK HOARDING HOIJSK By Ahrau r.i'ir-. KRiilliers answorcd (lit pink sports dri^s and ^ii,4:min^ -e i a lean yo; 1 ;!^ man in co:iv. :-.-:•.'.in:i. Version Wolis v:as. nipe; hi'ieii-Un-;; "7 Ac /[noc/^cr TV<IS /icnvl 1 , old rcirj ricu'dV' :;nq i the yoiilli Iir fore. "Cli\ Idl" h<r. U:MI,> Cvll rial- ::! \vimil-. l\d if . lu» slnilll:! .1 1'lslo ill..- i-U-.i-y ,if !u.:- ad- the w.-i-l; hi-fo.v. Kl.u dc- laius'. II. 111-.; i-.i Mfirtly. When tlu-v i-raKi-d U;.. main r,>::d (lu'.v v.-.-vii far :'!i.-.til of lln- filhi-l.i. l.l.nii> iv i a illU:.! r.n i-.iiuc (-.niliilci, l i"jk-'.; and .':il iii.i fvo tlu- rial-let Hid l.'i- iinr l-.,-ar iu hl:iM);i | lulll . -fiio oilier iiii-l ciitiKiil her nriu, ilratalsis llCr b,li-!;. "Thc=o speeders!" Elalo H.-mcd, seeing l.laue so v.-hito nml shaken. I.lano liad blanched, Hot bi'C.ime ot danger but bccauso E!IO bad seen tlio f?.« of tbe limn vvblzilns VMt In liic- red car. It uas Shane. MoDormld, In imifii! Fl'-ine MrlM-miil—Hie la- lici.i:..'.u w-:n had alhn-.Td her to or:ivi.-.- tn.iii that lion-lUlu tiv-no Iho ivtil; irtoie. A, I.lano. IIIM] cn:-.;.: U l. Ihe iril car lay svaUin;: In ilu, Iliiiltlu-r.i' wrcd-iii-nwii drive. Tlie Kirl mil for ,v "Wii.ll Is it?" rjlii! calli-d ll'.il. Aio yon bo!;- AJ-10-8-5 VK-10-5 «A-10-6 *A-5-2 - : The Bidding Soiuh, liic dealer, oponea v,itii one no triimp, Wcsl doubled, North passed. East must bid something as his partner has doubled, therefore, he bids two diamonds. South passed and west went, to ihrce diamonds. This was the final contract. The l'l»>- South liad the opening lead ana did not care to open clubs as, although headed by an ace,. it was only a' three-card suit. The hearl suit, was out of the question as \ was headed by a king, tliercfon the spade suit was chosen. While some players might prefer ID op' fourth best, most players holclm- jack, ten, eight will !*ad the jack The jack \vas lead, dummy playea the queen, North covered with th king, and East, the declarer, \voi th£ trick with the ace. Tho thre ol cHibs was led by declarer ani wen in the dummy with the iiuc-eti Tho n2xt p!ay from dummy wa the king ot diamonds and. when South played small, the queen o ciamonds \vas continued. ooul /i\c.n with Ihe ace aud threw th -•nummy back in by trading the 1 of diamonds. As 1'r.c declarer held Ihe nine o tpades, he had South marked wil the 10 and eight of spades. Us als had South marked with the ace o clubs. His play was to try throw South into the lead, fore the small heart was led froi dummy. East, tliu declarer, playin the queen, South winning with th king, and even though South kno« l:c may set. up a long heart for ti: declarer to take a discard on. I returns the. 10 oi hearts, again put ting West, the dummy, in the Icai lather than lead his spades < clubs. 'Hie ace of hearts Is th: icturncd from (i'.innny. The declarer cannct- load spa:l- or clubs, or he will cnly make 01 more trick, so he IcRis th; gncd s ol hearts from dummy, North di cards the deuce of clubs. It migl look natural for Kast to t.ikc a di carfl en this gocd heart, but I manes a very brilliant 1 play inimps with the eight of dianiDud Would you discard t!;c five spades from the South band? so. th: declarer wilt make his coi tract because he will immediate rclmn a club which South will ha to win with the aca, aud all he ca osli then is his 10 cl spades. Bi as explained before, this hand w a tattb of wits bjlKcen the d clarcr nr.d the South pbyer, m when East trumped with the cig of diamonds, putting hlinscll In position lo make his contract, t: South player made the brillia I 1 r:ay o! disranilnj his ace 3f clubs. I'^.ill th; licciarsr do was .to had a ir.-.all club and win in the dummy with llif kinj. It he returned the £-padi, the last thisc ttlcks wcjM te won by South. If ho returnjd R club, North would r of tlipir knock ami showed them ;o Iliciv rooms. Cass faid, looking tile low-caved Ihiril ,stovy-l jrUpic i.)-.ii-tiij(.nt. "I \vonrtcr if this lYoa't ihe unloading of a van. terribly ho!." . Srnithers as- sii:vi! tbom it vas ar.:a:ii-.gly iinilsr tho rcof. The two lir.d to take her \vord fc? it. . Tlioy left tlieir brji and started io walk lo the theater. The pl.iy- iionso was located a conic; 1 of tliy CIci-ai.-augh cclatt ca the sV.o Tlier? would be uo trouble, said Mrs. Kniiihen, in fnulius II as or- aii['e-nainte:l arrows mai-licd Hie way all nloi;s the read. "Tha'V/i!- low Stream Playhouse, one ir.iie." "Hello, kid, how'ro thins,?' nic:; and £i-i> tt'\vjii:\!T(l to he/. K fin- me 1 ;" lai 1 . slip noticed, suijco and brown lui. lio\v she 'Y.-.IS rather s:'.'c cd to ank uri-E'i: CMVhiilloil In l.iaiu 1 , "and hiivll!^ ja u-.oil !:oi'rib!e iiine ot it." :-in:r. I Just llicn OIID of tin clcrlriciar.s Yi'3,'. Inwltd. "Mr. Ciccipai^'i!" loinlly i-:ll>. ami raucuouHly, and the f-.iir youus" rri:c. inj-.ii r-:au~,-:] liirii'-i-lf. Ijiaru 1 v;j- r.'. 1 :?,\ ".'irfled hi.-; rcvciliu™ l;a"k i.ith c.ii-stior.?. j sosiclMnK like av,-o. "la tliai \Ytiu! and liked lo pry. IJut L:;' that her simrle "iviL;ndliuc=5 n u,) for all that. "We doa't beL'iu nutil TiuiV' ni^ht," Elsiu vohir.t'.ori'd. "Thoi Papa's iitlr. Didn't take vid man" Is];" raaiio a i 'oltlhc is?" she mnr:niii-cd. Elpic- laugh:!. showiu; her lovely | while tcoili. "Tlio ono and ouly,"j •'~'j j Klie trilled. '"iMaiha 1 -; hay :;iid !ll l!;0 Ii-:!.-t ll!;i! a ilocil hr: l.i.ihr:,! lilco t-,,ino invial yoiu.; l::ukei- on a Kc'..ii b'.ilri cyc:l unik'T rr.r:~y hro\vi :.n;vcycd IIL-I-. 'I'iK-.i ,V,:ili".'. mlil ;-.-.i.i av.-l-.xi-avdly. "Just liii'i::.:hl you'd i;i;j 10 liinr.Y t!i;:t :;ny'.rj:-.-:- tin;; ali,::s O. K. II: in a w,-.-';. the D.ii 1 :-jj.j. Von ::OIH:.I cti uv-jc-t He U.inmlri-cih "It's ijiy day nil," ii'.t-Pi: L:iid \.-f:u on. "1 WL;J ridin' 1 7 W£ WILES Oh? MOKE V'j M»S. lloOPLE 'If y.( HEARD HBK? CAI.UIMCJ 1.1 UP AM VoR AM £S'OMA"ff3 ;) WJ WALLS O.F A :R-frt(.vi Roo^i' A BALLQQki, AUD 'ftKE A PrlOTbQRAPtl oF -lite WORLD A 'DlMlfilSlllMC i .^- "FAMCV -fiiArr— MftR'fAL 1-iiVS EUGR A pHCTTQ GLOBE I/A t MILLIONS ^. v^-f CARPS ,_y ffr-Hx ov " rr< / e#m&3?'$ W^f^pSzJ . i/^'i'Ri.'.BS^aKk BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •-•.. THAT'S 'IIIAT! By Martin face at decorator.: hr.vo lu i]:i?il out ;ow anil lake a .tuck in tin 1 ::: llsi' ii.i.iilJii:; fcj.-,li.i!i has ; bcautifiii in a ]n;li anil liovlae v.ay. She wns fauitbb-Iy ' Ul -| i:ail aatuvally blo:!d. She "n:;d a UK- And t |, 0 v:nr( ] . ir , ; ] F i.,, mfivc ,i a , jf r | :c ..:onseiou.s Hut sUc prc- T . V-, .. IANL-. rts'.!ic!l "i can i;.-:vir tliank yon." Her ;.--.-ail- mraiit v:',i:'i :-br :-.'.if! I'!:: !:in! lain n:cric:;. A tall, fLiii 1 , yonsi:; man in i l!ai;i!c:s vias £iipcrvi:-!i]g work on j i she Insiste I. - , The r.iau stf'ii.-.-d inlo r...-.'I- cuno'!3 rlancc. isn't it?" lllsit iiuiiiiivd is tuij-i.jcd Tl-.c:i tint "There's a place," sighed J.!;:a "you wouldn't be ashamed lo take the boy friend!' 1 Cat-s lancUed, (hen Io.->!;ed, shocked. "\Viicro do you u[i such dreadful talks" she- wanted tu "Old Lady know. Liane said, "Kl?i-j r.l*.v::ys to be our aiiL;el hut T jokes about boy friemi?. It iF'i't not payl;i^ for the whole tit:.iii:e^ j considered vulgar any more. M.-,lh-l or Vc;::o;i wculaii't bs s:i iipta. i! cr. it's whir.isical. Eiaia says all think he lir.s n slake :n it liliiisoifj our liest prople use the phrase." C'lecn^i.iK-'i ;u^l ^uii]ilii-'; the lnj:-.rc- Cnsii sniffed. ObvioUbly slie h&d and lot, not rnelriiiiiningy. I think." j,. .j,, rcin-p^.i^^ijjy "ri-j=;'tiiin--! •• \ her own orinioiu about "our best; • • • U.-.y | llv .,' 'J:t io in vcaliy 'fuiv laid L.iic. "(.',oo:t news fui me ;a:d 1:colllc -" !A S tho lVl '° IS'- 1 ''* watched Ihc'd'yon hnnvr it?" Klsie sa-d. 'i Jlolbcr." Sho sallied, slrotdili:s! 1 ''" >,-,.,-i i-., - - ; -' sinly liiai she hfiiieilioul her anr.s lo Ihe wide world. Soft . MOW -CkK.^ Wt^t \XI%VLV - 60 &A aniuitd at Liai ! tae otlu-r v.oiiKa Ur.iiiiu: u|i (!x- nit .ill, "Ynu're ntM'u.-.d. "Hec yijn in chnrrh," iiu S:i:[:aL'r:-i'. ai-i.'a't yon 1 .' So am J. The SLiLMlod ;:y lh-: eae luriY.Hi av.-;:y. 01:1 Man i; i;p at the- Inn and iiuiot. l-",]-:le <'a:::e riiuuiu^. "\\'h«j'.i r.f tho ntlii'TT are pr-aitered ainun'.li thai 1 :" ^hu v.-anltd lo k>i.jw. L.c.uliy. old S'railhi'iH s.-rvcs 11)1! L:a:ic ¥ h.-ni lici:-jir.e v,i<;jr. S!.i f:.ii-ly la.=1y meals. It'i: not a b.ul didn't lira'.;!;', littlt-- Hirl f:shiim. ;.:; id. with a,o." KliR Tlio road leu away now frnm t!te | house ami in a little ylad-i beyoml hiy lab ir~ Ibey could son tlie red tiled roof kno-r.- Mi^j rjf tl-.c playhouse. A lidlc sro-jii Clive?" hr.<i alroaiiy '^s^ctnblk^. C.iss could to;u.;iy jco liSsi: '«ry as>Ju»M('.. wearing win the club trick anil l':.?n rct'.i'.!'. i-'it.iid'.i a spade and North and Sontii v,-;!! . ,— •gel the last liirco trieks, in li- : -' /crr: ~ way defeating th: declarers co tract one trick. r.('. r.iipror.fnr:]. "You U.irrctt, don't you. sa'/i. :; --.u l--.:r nr;- c£ introduction. sl:",- ^?. .. ho (cl! elate-:. Th?: El.-li; .'mwoyt'l bright day. (ho v.ninca r,b:.ul in] linnsr; 1 , 1 'c-V: said dryly. ti:oir s:iy saii'!-ii;i- dr...-:.;•.'?, tin! yjuir I-.;;LCC. '..i-J, ,vj >.i,:-o.-.-.l .if v.-ijnd:; v.aiir i:!l in-- lunch." / ••And I'm "Hnap cut 1 cjaic to ^uccd a holiday foreoll "•^M^ ,,i|^f||i \ CP.Vn; T\\\W,i O'r ^ "oUM'fi. •\Vv\W & VOF\Y <&m$ •'& ,*?':?* . (jl-JI 3V KZA irn'flCT-l<;:c New ¥())•'. \Joiion NEW YORK. June Gotten u!o?ed steady, •jn Hi?h Jill Jet Dec Jan Mai- May 070 1113 10W 1050 ICC'O U'SO Low Close K9 SITU UC7 ION Spots steady. 10 up. c-.t 030. i Yew; Orleans Cotton NEV/ ORLKANS. .llil': -5 (UP1 -Cotton clt.secl s!'ja<iy. Open Hi^h L-KV C\c^ lul TC5 63" SISJ O 71 Oct lr.38 1032 iCv'-S 1UH Dec 1(131 IC-ai 'iC3l Jan 1041 IOCS 1C« Mar ICGfi 1085 K.C2 May 1037 UC-! 1031 104G'o 1070 !COO Sjiots :,tcady, up 6. at 074. Closing Stock Prices A. T. ,V T Anaconda Copper ... Auburn Caltrpillcr Tractor .. Chrysler Cities Service Coca Coin Continental Baking General Klcciric General Motors Mr.nlnompry Wa»! .. Ntw Y(,rk CciUrc; .. Packard Radii Ccrp Simmoiir- Standard ot N. J. .. Texus Coip U. S. Steel 30 1-2 IcS 1-2 Ars ~^ E-o \-.a -.! vs^',1.. /-.>:• EV::^ OC-.--.3 -> \:rrx v_-o, F=SCALES, V 55 G^U A-.-JAV-. SAO ' !tJ' \i? :o VI3:T Uii T.... AH-'Tcvi,\ - -_ • tkl J- r-.—^ ,S-( st\ - -••f \';,: ^ 1 ^- a I - r-' ',{ '^. ' •', (^iVi^ \^U {}- n AT LOOK OUT, OSCAR! f'crrAHT^'Y:o~T^ ; ;r?'"~j o.-ri-/; a-'-v, I-;; /-!;: r GOUM "i X.W-V AT A'-'_.... 1-:= J JUDT MASJ^AcTL'.7ED / , THAT.'.' . ^ ^ ^_' jS- • Wi' 7 ;X / VSAK.-V;£:5 / / JUST JE>LC-_ 5 ' ( EcCAUiG U3 li.PS ^S)Vv vv. e.,J '" T *^" v - /y. *!>/ vx^.-'->'j >.-\ ""Y'^r^ ^^,-rK\> ^R6 Gi=E .' ,. THAT'S GREAT C-—' ™"~"Y 1 1 vr\A J4OT A-'X InltA A£A FOR TSL'-IM' 1.-.Z 7 THAT LIT7LS V_, ViHiTE L!i / UIO IU 1DMIM THAT \J)ASHT emXG FC« A \JACATIOjJ. I CWU) I "j 3p L5> • _^—--r<^ WASH TI:HHS AiiiU iU'I.L'S KKSfl **wti;m ..x.w^it ••^^ \:^~^~ . . . (JM Cf\R to.vj " Tf^^i'.:'-P0 .-^i'x"-^ U •^;-C\ W<'$ /^¥7 :C^l,, '^& ton (\\5 W>.M\ TO 5.<\ ' L3GOES POHE'S <>tTTi?; .. .-J- :>.?i\) f\uft',N SE'S SOWN'. WHMKO, BlMCi - Tilt f.'-.OST Uls!(.'.ilRCIrUL oTOMPlWu OF H'.S ft% o SlifflS*

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