Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida on October 7, 1976 · Page 36
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Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida · Page 36

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1976
Page 36
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t'amK - l'I.AY(ilU)UNl)AII.Y li wMlW 1 t - H aM iM 1 K9 Tom Chirchill, a 15 - year - old high school student, has a belter forecasting average than (heNatlonalweathernureau, al least In Ihe Dubuque, Iowa area. He wants to be a TV weatherman (he is currently being con Present Election Issue Worries Bandaranaike's Goverment COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (Ul'li I - 1'rimc Minister Sirlmavo Bandaranaike's government ; earned a great deal of publicity both at home and abroad for ! staging las: mo.itn's glittering - summit conference of l - nunnligned nations. ; The plaudits helped con - Isidcrably improve Ihe sagging ; image of Mrs. Bandaranaike's ! government at home. ; The conference and the .months of preparations that wenl before it also diverted the . people's attention from several ; pressing national problems. No. 1 if and when Ihe ; gnvcrnimient will hold the general election - due since ; 1975. As of now there is no clear . indication Ihe - government will. ; Unlike neighboring India. ! where Prime Minister Indira C - undhi has temporarily solved Ihe election issue by imposing a nationwide state ol emergency, Mrs. Bandaranaike's government cannot slay in power alter May 1977 under the constitution. Mrs. Bandaranaike's ruling Sri Lanka Freedom parly docs not have Ihe majority strength in parliament to push through a constitutional amendment lo - further postpone'the elections. If the elections are held, Ihere is noguarantee hor parlywould he returned lo power. The Freedom party has been ruling the country since winning the last election in Slav 1970. However, that victory was achieved through an arrangement with the powerful Muscovite Communis! party and another equally radical Republicans Accused Democratic Of Covering Up Tracks of Scandal WASHINGTON IUFI1 - Republicans Thursday accused House Democratic leaders of "covering up the tracks of scandal" growing oul of the Wayne Hays ease bv rejecting GOP efforts jo investigate the activities of all members. "The American people have no way of knowing how many members, if any, are guilty of abuses of power and privilege similar to those committed by former Congressman Wayne Hays, " House GOP leader John Ittiodos told a news conference. Hays resigned from Congress Sept. 1 and the House Ethics Committee dropped ils investigation of charges by Elizabeth Ray that Hays hired her lo work only as his mistress. The panel said it had no jurisdiction over former members. NEW EAGLKS - The rank of awarded to Ihrce boy Scouts of Troop 543 at a Court of Honor recently at Kenwood School NKWS. Thursday Morning. Ocloher7. 1U7H yOUNG WEATHERMAN aounics as his group known as Ihe Trolskviste Lanka Samaj party. The Trolskyiles were expelled from Ihe coalition Iwo years ago by the prime minister following policv differences. However, that expulsion cost Mrs. liandaranaike her majority strength in parliament anil in turn put Ihe Trotskvlles strongly in the opposition. Since then. Mrs. Bandaranaike's credibility has dropped. A steady worsening of the economic situation, severe food shortages bringing in their wake long bread lines throughout he nation and growing unemployment has drastically altered the political picture. The ruling parly's mandate expired in 1975 but elections were postponed hv Mrs. Ban - darauaike through the proclamation of a republican constitution under which her government's term was extended by another two years. There can he no more extensions and elections must be held before May 1977. One way to avoid an election is by amending Ihe constitution but (or that a two - third majority would be needed in parliament. The government party controls only 101 seals in Ihe 157 member parliumenl. An amendment would need 107 votes to pass. It is not just the additional six voles that Sirs. Bandaranaike would need to muster. The Communist party may not vole with (he government. Sirs. Bandaranaike's government has been charged The Democratic leadership pushed through a set of reforms of Ihe House Administration Committee, which Hays headed and where Miss Hay was employed, and set up a bipartisan Administrative Review Commission to look into all committee funding operations and report back to Congress by December, 1977. "The commission is a boondoggle, "said Rep. Robert Bauman. It - Sld., a member ol the panel. "It has $150, rxio for only live employes. 1 recommended a task force be set up to look into the Wayne Hays matter, into all committee and members accounts and into matters such as junkcling.but it wasbeal on a party line vote." "The Democralic leadership is not interested in any urgent reaction lo Ihe Hays problem. EsgJe was Auditorium, The John Fortenberry, Neil Ferguson and Robert Bassham. sidered by ABC officials for a weekly slot) and parlayed his knowledge Into H6.000 on a television game show aired last week. Uc is shown above In his forecasting slalionwlch bedroom at home. (UJ'I Photo) Willi corruption, nepotism and repression. The separatist movement by the Tamil - speaking people of north Sri Lanka is another of her headaches. Sirs. Uaudaranaike has been charged with indulging in shady real estate deals lo benefit her relatives. Her nephew, FcJi.v Bandaranaike. known to be Ihe influential mini in iiv. nas ocen m final stci lie was recently quoted as saying. "The decision whether elections should be held next year is as much a mailer for the opposition as it is (or the government, though il is mv belief that in the nation's present mood, inpatient at the rate of progress we are making, d is likely when the question is raised in parliament, (he decision could well he against an election in 1877." Some oilier powerful figures in the government also have been thinking nloud about cx - lendiiig Die government's term to "continue the government's progressive policies." Three Area Scouts Attain Eagle Rank The rank Bailie was awarded lo three Hoy Scouts ol iroop 5. j - oil Walton Beach, at an Eagle Court ol Honor held at the Kenwood School auditorium on Oct. I, The recipients were Robert Bassham. son of Capl. and Mrs. C.N. Bassham,' Neil Ferguson, son of Major and Mrs. .I.ST. Ferguson Jr; and John Kor - lenbcrry, son of Col. and Mrs. L.J. Forlenbcrry. The awards were presented by Claude L. Ron - man Jr. of Ihe Choctawbatehce District Council, Fort Walton Bench, Florida. The advancement award of Scout, Tenderfoot and Star Scout went la John 'Polar Richard Hawkins. Tom Hawkins, and Alike While, respectively. Other Scouts receiving awards were Sammy Anderson. Pat Brannon, Dallas Cof field, Don Collins, Mike Collins, Don Evans. Mike Fernandez. David Gray, Mark Gray, Sieve Jansa Robert Slanu, Andrew Oliver, David Oliver, Kevin Ruth. Steve Ruth, Tom Shacklefoid. Alan Stabler, Mike Tintle, and Chuck Welsh. The troop is sponsored hv Ihe Home Builders Association of Fort Walton Beach. bovs are from left fn rtohf. Youth DUUUQUK, lovvn (UI'll - II started as a hobby foul now Tom Churchill, IS, has parlayed his weather forecasting skills and a spreading rcpulalion into $10,000 in winnings on a television game show. "The money is all his - not ours." says Tom's mother. Mrs. John Churchill. "01 course, see don't want him to blow it and will give him advice. Dm he has a good head on his shoulders CIA Ordered Hoffa Killed MIAMI I DIM I - A new book by a reputed former Chicago underworld assassain will assert (hat ex - Teamster President Jimmy Holla was slain on orders from the Central inlelligence Agency by the same person' who killed underworld overlord Sam "iMooney" Gi.meana at his Oak Park, 111., home in 1075. the .Miami Herald reported Sunday. In a dispatch from lis Washington bureau, the Herald said in the forthcoming book Charles "Chuckle" Crininldi will claim lhal Hoffa's body was placed in a car al an aulo junkyard. The scrapped car was then compressed inlo a block ol metal and dumped Into a steel smelter. The book claims Hoffa and Cilancann both were slain on orders from the CIA. It contends Holla was Ihe liaison between the CIA and Ihe Mafia in unsuccessful plots to assassinate Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. Herald writer Vera Closer noted that Crimaldi offers no proof that the CIA arranged Holla's disappearance and Giaucana's death and his account of lloffa involvement in the anti - Castro plots fails to concur with official accounts of theeplsodc. The Herald said Crimaldi will El SAVE25.11! 20 - in. DECORATOR VANITY Regular $74.99 Decorator vanity has a tough, moisture - resistant finish, gives concealed storage space. Lavoralory tops of while vitreous china arc included. Faucet extra. Craftsman 3.7 - cu. in. Gas Chain Saw Senrs Host 17 - in. lightweight gas saw h I'nwrr - Shnrp built - in chain sharpen! llnrrnciiiln chain is our fastesl - cuuing. Other gns chain saws as low as 1109.9.1 Sears Satisfaction Cashes and I'm sure he'll use it wisely." Tom lias been sharpening his forecasting for eight years, lo where his accuracy now tops 110 percent, a figure verified by the National Weather Service, whose own performance falls below lhal of Ihe high school junior. Tom credits his "analog" method of forecasting - keeping detailed records of New Book Claims sav in the book. "Tim nnie r lhal killed Momo iGiancanai took care n Holla (or the same reason: He knew about Ihe Castro plots." Crimaldi will claim in Ihe bonk lhal he was present at a meeting between his former boss, loan shark Sam DeStetano another mystery slaying victim and Giancana' al which DeStcfanu and Crimaldi were asked lo lake on Hie Castro assassination assignment. Crimaldi quotes Giancana as saying, "I was lapped by some guys from the CIA. 'l was promised special government consideration for a lot of aggravation that was coming my way." Crimaldi quotes Giancana as saying. "What von guvs will do is jump bail. It'll be in all the papers how lwo gangsters skipped Ihe country, so there won't be anything phony about your leaving. After vnu're situated in South America, you'll be contacted. "You'll be picked up there and eventually you'll be dropped off on the Cuban const. They'll sel everything up. They'll pick the time and the place lo do the hit. Alter you wtiack him, you can come on back home and everything will lie taken care ol. Okay?." 112274754 49 SAVE 70.00! Regular 22995 Where America shops ZTfflS Guaranteed or Your Money In on weather patterns in the Dubuque area, then mulching .upcoming conditions with similar past occurrences. Mrs. Churchill said lhal in the third grade Tom ' started a little school newspaper called 'Classroom Chatter' and he would have Jitlle weather reports taken from the weather service report in Ihe newspaper. Hut he found out that wasn't wry accurate, so he Crimaldi quotes Giancana as saying. The hook said DeSlefano asked for time lo consider and eventually rejected the assignment on the advice ol underworld elder statesman Paul "Ihe Waiter" Riccn. 'Die Crimaldi book is ghosl written by retired U.S. Air Force Col, John Kidncr, who told (he Herald he doesn't know where Crimaldi lives and lias no direct means of communicating with him. Crimaldi has been given a new secret identity by the Drug Enforcement ' Administration, with which he has been cooperating. The Herald said the underworld allegedly has a $50,000 price oil Crimaldi'shead. Kidner lold Ihe Herald when he wants to talk to Crimaldi he puis an ad in a Chicago newspaper and then wails days or weeks lor Crimaldi lo a'p pear. Kidncr lold the Herald lhal aflcr Giancana was killed, he placed an ad and about three weeks laler Crimaldi appeared as Kidner was having lunch al a Washington restaurant. "He came straight lo the point: 'Momo was tiil bv Ihe CIA, '"Kidner said. "I told him thai would lake some proving. He replied, '1 don't need prool." 88 Kcgnlar $299.95 Mi inc Sn It M II IWiM - 'HII Sin.,. Ill AM - ill cj pv: Back AT.I.S, VHUKI. I I Forecast Skills started reading up and doing il himself." As he got belter he earned a reputation and did spols wilh local radio stations and is now a meleorologist for Dubuque's cable television outfit. Tom litis also done some network talk shows and is being considered as a once - a - wcek forecaster for ABC - TV's AM America. Last week Tom lost on the $32,000 question on television's "$128,000 Quest" giving him winnings oisis.000. "The quiz program was exciting and fun." he said ot his success. "... Ihe money' - well, lhal much money is hard lo V - III IMH H1 O A Class Rings at New Low Prices Announcing new low prices for 10 karat gold. Ladies' as low as $59.95 Men 5 as low as $79.95 Bring this ad. Save $5. $5 Off any class ring. Offer expires October 30, 1976. STUDENT ACCOUNTS INVITED PHONE 244 - 1197 Use Senrs Convenient SAVE 2.ll! WHITE CROSSBUCK DOOR $69.99 Insulating storm - screen door has rugged IVi - in thick aluminum frame. Convenient self - storing inserts. Painted limsti. Helps insulate home. SAVE 60.07! 10x20 - ft. Aluminum Patio Cover hlnnp Inic . nngle gutters. 20 ll.s. per fl. oai) rnnnril;.. While finish. Scar.sfsst l.nw - Cost IlKlllllnlinn Available al M;lima rosl S;,V.:!l:.oi: IViii I'l., (.7t..1 Mmp 'j in KMS UIK M.SI, V.II.VHI.K Tilllll comprehend." She said she exported Tom to wip Ihe $1211,000, "but I think tht by (lie time he got to $16000, he had everything he wanted (o he just loosened up. " Tom said the money would nol change his lifestyle, since much of it would be for his education. "I want lo study science and math In preparation for a career in meteorology. 1 think I'd like lo be a TV meteorologist someday," hesaid. Walter M. Schirra Jr., was the only astronaut to fly In Ihe Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs. 9 Convenient Ways To Buy ZALES EVERY NIGHT The Diamond Store TILL 9 PM Credit Plnn! 49 88 ...!L....:eM Wns $219.95 August '76 18988 ffi , j).;' - j nrdi Diiu, u,. :i. . in KlLi I'lu.n, i7H - :mi) - in (, hi; I .SK UlS M.IKVII.I.K. H tlKIIU mm

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