The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1941
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

-PAGE ETC ITT BLYTTTEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Break Bread in Peace • whole length. Then you get seated WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, IP-il the cockpit. Whitehcad engine;;. r r*i ----- ^**f j *i*v .>. I hen lie bcjjiiM hi-; check-up. You ask him a bout ' u lev: of the j instruments, do He •says most ol Memphis, secretary-treasurer. More than 1500 doctors from ail ( over tin's territory arc expected to i attend imd resjwn.w to invitation/: | already sent out indicate that, it i '•'/ill be the largest meeting in rc- Vmns. He j cent years. Unique in its method Professor Calls For Wide De-Centralization In Defense Program By.. ANTHONY G. I)E I.OREN20 United Press Staff CorresiKmdeni MADISON. \VLs.~Further de- centralixaiion ol inciustry mid careful, long-range planning of new industrial communities under the national defense program is advocated by Howard Becker, University of Wisconsin .sociologist. "National defense Is no fly -by- night enterprise," he warned. "It's a five to 'ten year progr.un which should be laid out carefully if we want to avoid a lot of damage to family life, children and morale." Becker, an engineer who turned • to .sociology lor his Ufe work, said ' the defense program gave America i a, chance to achieve two "highly j desirable" objectives. Sees Little Progress "First," he said, "we should spread out our new industries to avoid the evils of congestion, poor housing, and Inadequate education, So far we've had little deeentraH- zatien of industry under the national defense program. There's a conflict between efficiency and long-run advantage* and it seems , Showing no scars from the sharp words they cxcnangect during the the atter must yield to rapid ex-; national election, pro-WiJJkie playwright Cla?e lSo§?e Ieft g a5d pansion of defense facilities:' | pro-Roosevelt columnist Dorothy Thompson recently met amiabS Becker said naUonal defense; in a common cause-a New York dinner promoling"«Union Now" clueis should not concentrate any plan for federation of British Empire with the U S At left Mis3 additional industries in huge in- | Boothc addresses the diners as Miss Thompson, foreground listens dustrial areas like Chicago. Pitts- | attentively. At right is Dr. Frank Kingdon, former president ol burgh and the Atlantic seaboard I Newark University, generally. Ohio, he said, has done the best job so far in spreading its industries throughout the state. "Secondly," he said, "along with j industrial decentralization \ve need far-sighted planning of new manufacturing communities. We need careful planning of housing facilities and we're not getting it. There is too much 'boom camp' approach to community organization. The result is a general mess. TV A Organisation Praisert /'Moreover, we're lowering productive efficiency and moiale by ." ' oui win Urea For Posture" Says West Pointer and technical exhibits will be on display during the convention. that happem et out. It is only u maiti-r :ond.s until the bomber is enveloped in flames afier .striking liie ground. He say.s the best bet is to bid! ; out while tin- machine i.s still in the air. Then- are emer^cnc. hatches for lhat,. One U over ;hi- pij'oi/s head, but the pilot S,s likfr Die captain "of ;< ' .shi[). he cannot leave until llu crew—the navigator, second piloi ; ob.-jem.r and Tear gunner—have . ! cl ^r u ,r p £lrw I1MOT . Re ^. 1 Of Employment \w walk across the field wheir UniCC KeveaiS IncreaS: Whitehc-ad's crew unci men o! ! • D "M' A - • ! cthw Whitley,; are awaiting- their ! in g KlHldlng Activity l y.ero hour. Only they don't act it* ' if it was wo hour us Uiey stream The Arkansas State Employment j out from operational headquarters. Sei> viee here made 381 placements | Whitehead goes back to his ma- during December, making a grand j chine with hi.s crew. You say thai } lolai °- f more than 2,000 jobs filled lit is too bad the weather Isn't bev- frt " "'" "' i tor. Whitehead replies that weath- I or does not mean a thing to these flyers. He goes inside his machine. | Yank Hero Is Only American i J Flying Giant R. A. F. Bombers By PAUL M NEA Scrvlct; Staff LONDON (By Wireless)—The big 15-ton Whitley stands there in the rain, its propellers .slowly turning. In another 10 minutes It will be rolling across the airdrome OFF INTO THE MIST Now, as a mere observer, you move a good distance away from his ship because he is giving las engines their liberty. e year figures released by Herbert Whitehead, local manager. The job openings which were filled during the past year were in the domestic, clerical, industrial, and agricultural fields, the majority of placements being in the latter two. Members of the personnel of the local office made not-organizing communities prop- " " «nth« •. r- ° me PI-IV nnr ™mm,n,ii,.- r,,. f ,o,,v,J, ,L on another "lid over Gcrmnn-occij- Our community organizers did a splendid job with the Tennessee Valley project, but we're not calling on them now as much us we should. '•Setting up a decent kind 01 community isn't entirely an engineering problem." he emphasized. ! "We should call in the social econ- i omist, the sociologist, und thehous- i pied France. Standing alongside this giant Whitley you wonder how any pilot; can make the engines lift such a ponderous weight off this rain- swept flying field. Then Charlie Brooklyn, N. Y., out from the in Hying suit heavy lined boots, and all gram • threatens to be. n jrtlm is going to be a long pull —and I think it LS— weve got to have community building and morale maintenance. This goes for i Somehow. catchug hi. mined air ; u ' -,-,• ,u i ,, ° H lhc » round a11 s "During the last war the Y. W. a A the. Salvation Army and Weil- meaning .social matrons tried to j COJUracl wUh lhe Qn enteruiinment ° l of Mew York's Mott Stu unde uce v he lurncd - vo "»6 Chinese ™ ? u, , i in: ° k ' kil]5 ">-'l war birds The result, ot this lack of pro- Today charlie - s ft Wftr gram, BecKer said, usually is nil ; hlmself . He ls (he onlv Ameri , un S LnTh ^ sm °L auzaUon - ; m the Royal Air PoVee who is He said the _War Department's n y in ff the bi^ bombers V p,an of supplying army hostesses TAUGHT CH1XFSE was a step in the right direction. | FLYERS IN NF\Y YORK Vrtaln^uruM^'' > i' 0rl S»»ally employed bv Lord Certainly its better than the Beaverbrook to ferrv planes from ast war, mucn better." he said, j American factories to British a h- But t needs great extensions i fields. Whitehead transferred to l hat it also can reach communities j the R. A. P. he wanted surrounding winy camps." \ action. *»»i"i r -...-- , The firs[ d he * c ; trs - n- travelinK ibomber stntion ho wa " °™ .w- miles an hour, collide on a ) prised American highway, the impact is the same as though a car fell radiator- foremost; from the top of a three- story building. May Be Minister To Great Britain — .__„..._,. v ,^ 1,098 contacts The ground ropes are pulled ! u ' ith employers of Mississippi and. with a slow heave, the Whit- }p°'"iiiy for the purpose of bringing ley rolls forward. It gathers mo- i->° b openings and unemployed work- mentum as it reaches midfleld. lt.s' ers together. Out of the 2,000 peo- tail comes up aftd then the plane l}jle who -found employment through is up in the air. Other Whitleys j lhe local office. 133 were skilled follow and then you turn away. workl »e" and were referred to because there is nothing- more to' Cam P Robinson in North Little watch. They have all disappeared ; Ro , cl >' and to the DuPbnt Plant in hi the mist at the far end of the i Mil u'gan, Tenn. The majority of field. i these workers were carpenters." mill Next morning you learn While- j vvr '8hts, electricians and plumbers, head has returned from his mi.s- J Thei ' e & & steadily increasing de- sion. The ' official communique ' rnanci for both skilled and semisays: "All aircraft returned safely." iskilled workmen in all sections of _ , . " the country. The time is rapidly approaching, said Mr. Whitehead, when all who want work and are capable of performing it can be placed in remmierative employment. "Every unemployed individual should register for employment and make known his qualifications be; cause there is more activity in A 1 i i\/r )C i i m!lll - v lines of work than there has Address iYIldjOUtn jbeen for some time past," he pohit- ^i^rJi,*^ A^^^Ul , i ed OUL - " We W0uld like co impress oldUUdie ASbemDlV i this fact upon the skilled, crafts- . flccording yow lung capacity and your "wind, 1 ' go .out and run around the blocV each'day,' " " : Good • posture depends us much upon a proper mental attitude u desire to "stand up") as it do^ upon the- proper "balance" betweelS the various muscles of the body| which hold our otherwise limp skeleton erect. Neither one alone con do the job. Try this posture stunt: Stand! with your back against a wall and! try to flatten every part of the] back of your body against the wall.! Keep trying for a few seconds. re-| lay. and try again. Here'?, a breathing exercise you can do. From an erect position,! circle the arms inward and up-f ward to an overhead position. At the same time, inhale deeply and] rise up fully on the toes. Hold the position a few seconds, then ex-I 1ft and lower body by circling] the arms outward and downward! while .settling down along the out-f side edges of the feet. This latter! maneuver makes the exercise alsc a good one for the arches. Repeat) several times very .-slowly Wert Optometrist M HE MAKES >EM SEE' Over Jot Isaacs' Store- Phone 540 In Memchis Feb MEMPHIS. Tenn., Jan. 29-~One of the most interesting nnd lin- ponanr meetings in the 56-veai do tlung in their power to cooperate with the employment service. The importance of the State .Employment Service in the industrial and agricultural program of the- State "Breathing exercises arc really po-slim- exercises," says Capt. of West Point. Dotted lines on abcvc photo of him show how. in this exercise, you s»-in^- arms inward and upward, while inhaling deeply ami vising on your toes. * - . * Capt. Victor H. King, U. S. A., cises. and good posture is- of real is on duty at the U. S. Military Academy at West Point as As- value, for without it the internal organs cannot function efficiently. sistant Master of the Sword and Resultant poor health naturally Instructor in Military Gymnas- affects the general appearance tics and Physical Culture. From . Getting back to breathing' ex- his years of experience with West ' ercises being really for posture I Point cadets and others, includ- i might remind you that we breath mg gym classes for women at i about 20,000 times each day vith- West Point. Capt. King has writ- icut think about it. So it is folly to ten a series of 12 articles out- I expect a few conscious breaths lining _ his favorite calisthenics, I taken as an exercise, to greatly im- ol _ which the article below is the "prove our breathing habits. Nature _ thil ' d - Ky CAPT. VICTOR H. KING, Instructor in Physical Culture, West Point has so built us that we can't use any more oxygen than is actually "ceded anyhoiv. and she sees to i: that we will get as much as we do WEST POINT, N. Y.— Breathing ; need, willy-nilly. a: 'e really posture exer- : .If you 'really want to improve LOOK! ONLY FOR A AND YOUR OlDURE SIZE 6.00x16 " STANDARD TIRE; - W. ••''•9'* 4L>T/• 'Y BUY NOWI PAY LATEBI BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th &. Walnut Phone 81] nr Hotel Peabody Feb. 11-14. ac- 'crciiny to an announcement just are looking to the Employment Service as their source of supply ' ., 1 . T-, , •_ _- -^V,l » IV_V- tlO LJ1C11 OUU1 made by Dr. J. L. Dimavant. : ,of j for qualiled workers" RiDlev. Tenn, president of the As- | Mr. Whitehead commented "With i * ociacion - | the beginning of the new year, we , The extent to which physicians j shall renew our efforts to make our ' and surgeons of the Mid-South keep abreast of current events is expressed in the fact that one of the principal talks will be, by Maj. Gen. James C. Magee, Surtj-Gen. service worthy of the line spirit of cooperation shown by Mississippi County Employers and ' workers alike. Once again, may we extend our thinks to the employers of this When you've played hard...pause and U. S. Army. He will lecture on | county for their confidence and "Medical Preparation:? for the Present Emergency" at 8:00 P. M. j Tuesday. February II. The entire program which will -ocperation that have made this record possible." AUC ciJuir. iviusiaul U'JUfU Will «T-l, ^ . .„ - » i , ! bring X of the nation's o.U.stcmd- ! The awra « c American motorist |. ~* *. •»» T>fMr"ifr rt »•» •»!»/!•» *n --tr» .N »>•»,*-*•*•» ».j-<.v» ****** s** j my physicians and surgeons to the He had an idea that when he showed up the ndHuan woud lean back in hi, chair. pZt 1 through the window to a waiting ; Whitley and tersely say "Get 1 going." Bui it was months before he tluouS? tf l B ° lnJ !- HC , Wa " put ; tnroueh the complicated training : this day by which the R. A. F. inrns a good i 3IOST !\>:Tia'MFNTS Then Charlie Whitehead of Brooklyn comes waddling" out, encased hi flying: suit and heavy lined boots Post Graduate session to lecture on various medical subjects ranging from ''Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Sinus Infections" to "Surgery of the Heart and die Heart in Surgery." The officers of the Association are Dr. Dtumvant. president; Dr. C. W. Speck, New Albany. Miss.. Pireident-elect; Dr. J. c. Culley, Oxford. Miss.. Dr. T. P. Hudson. Luxora, Ark,, and Dr. Roy M. Lanier. Brownsville. Tenn., vice- presidents and Dr. A. P. Cooper. using an average American auto- racbile used 724 gallons of goso- last year. The cost, of the fuel was about- S96.3G, and the taxes (state and federal) amounted tc 539.39. SCRIPT! Freshest Slock Guaranteed Best S'rices lirliy Drug Stores * ^7 top-notch pilot, "DON'T MF-\X \HTNG" Movi »8 ™ !ho side of his bomber. mttkes one n would never et his parachuu-. Then Me tells i v the grade. Kow r rom the side , ou W. Averill Harriman, above, wealthy banker and railroad executive who has staunchly supported the New Deal, may be appointed U, S. Minister to England tc accompany John G Winant, it the latter becomes Ambassador to Great Britain, n would take active r-iaf U..S. »id .to Britain, Taxi~Tiucks~Drays and Private Cars DUE Steering is "as easy as in your car." The seats are as comfortable. CMC Engines out-pull all others, size for size. And all models are low-priced. Time payments through our own VMAC Plan at loves* ovodab/a rates LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Alain Phone 329 When you're tired and thirsty, there's nothing so refreshing as an tce-coid bottle of Coca-Cola. You can taste its quality and feel the happy after-sense of complete refreshment it always brings. So when you pause throughout the day, make it the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola. YOU TASTE ITS QUALITY , GASOLINE -DIESEL BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Blytheville, Atl

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