Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 31, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1896
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i, I THE LOGMSPORT JOUKNAL YOL. XXI. LOGANSPOR^ INDIANA, FRIDAY -MORNIXG, JULY 31 1896. NO. 183 Dispensing Bargains! These days is our business. We must close out all Summer Goods, and our wonderful prices are doing It. Shirt Waists for Nothing, In Comparison to former prices. Lot i. All our 650, 750, and 8sc Waists for 3pc Lot 2. All our 980 and $1.25 Waists for - .'•- - - 6pc Lo 4 3. All our $1.50, $i 74, and $2.00 , Waists for - - - Upbuilding Benefit Sale continues this week. Guess on the Wheel, a guess with e EXCESSIVE HEAT. Prostrations Report'edVat Many '>/',Cities of the 'Country, Four,;Dead at St. Louis—Sixteen Oth. • er,s,m a Serious Condition—Fatal •'•'•''•'.•. Storm in Ohio..';:- Si',' Louis, July 30.— Tlici-e were cases of .sunstroke in St, Louis Wednesday. -Rbur of the vietims nru ('lend and 10 are in', n 'serious condition, -Tliedead arc: '• .-•••>' ••••• Jolm -Byrnes, uKOfl -13, '-of-'-Sll Clinton trout. - - .<: ' ;; ' ' ' • OeorBC H. Thlemoyer, nsi-tl.2-i,-o£ 2-100, Elliott 'avenue. . ', ... . : 409-411 BROADWAY. FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than ours. Important Features ... in the make-up otjout clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but olaitu to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. ., 311 Market Street. F oIF By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $83 and $65, Wo have an assortment of SECOND HAND MA. CHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer.. CYCLOMETERS LAMPS OILS. GRAPHITE CEMENT REPAIR KITS ENAMEL' . SADDLES TIRES TOE CLIPS ENAMELING BRAZING BELLS . LOCKS VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good as New Fl'. .ToiUsaalnt, aged (12 years. The': hitter for the jja.st two years conducted .11 tailor shop in/the '$ouMi<M;n , . 'yorly-fqur horses were-.killed n"')-hi.- (>a^t~-'S4 hours. .JUie niereui-y \Vedm\silny"vreached lift desrc'cs'. anr, at en' ti'clocU-'f.rhiirsday it •\wis.'.i0.degrQes, ii; .Ac shnde u-itli indications that fhe ^einLirv inui-k would be reached, bufore light.. ••%.: ' •-: .. ;••->•:..' ;'' -• • One Die* ut Cfiirtrtimt!.. ;.- ' .. '.Cincinnp'fi, July 30.— T,wo .mciiiwcre 'Verconurby the heat Wediiesda'y- The rst, Mai-tiu TayJor, a st.r-eet.-cleaner, died in 'a short time. The other., -tt. Knbald, a baker, is in a .ci,'it:iral condi- H '° ' I0j 'ses drawing.n' heavy load the landing fell from. excessive heat. .. 7 '..... (fottoflt IJay In Cf>lrii£< covered with ui-oken.iimoersannaeuns of all kinds. To add to the horror Sim- day Creek is sweeping everything be 'foreit. Several houses have been washed away, and two people are -reported drowned. .,..:. v . . - -Lntcr word has reached here that, tht •list of dead will reach 15. Iu thii VMnltjr of Springfield. '•'•• Dayton, 0,, July HO.—A special to the Herald from Springfield, O.,.says: TJie worst'storm that has .visited this vicinity in years occurred about six o'cioi-.k \Yednesday evening and the financial loss caused by wind arid-..'TO in will amount to about $50,000. :' • For three hours all the electric lights were out, street ear traffic was stopped und telegraphic communication was suspended. The bakery of Charles Suhaffcr, on' 'Vest Main street, wns unroofed. . l-'ifteer, other houses in the track M the storm nnd within the corporation i imits .were unroofed, and., othenvi.se lamnged. Henry Dipple, a night w.-itclim.lii, threw some water on 1 n fir-c he discovered in a frame -house and electricity from a crossed wire..passitfJ through tliu vater And killed 'him. • JTe was electrocuted through the stream of water. At Lnwreiicebiirg, Tremout.-St. Paris nd cither small places .northwest 01' lure fearf.ul damage was done to builds of all kinds. .Furuiftrs report jreat damage to fruit and.yraii! crops. ARE LOCATED. Populists Select; Washington as Their Headquarters. Probable That the Democratic and National Silver Parties Will Do -Likewise. Chicago, July 30.—The summer's'red-_ ord fnr heat wns broken Wednesday, the mercury reaching !)C degrees. A large number of persons were prostrated and taken to the hospitals, ..One dentil resulted. • .,. . ,. , . Knnsaft Crops Wltlibr., -,.•,: . Topeka, 'Kan., July 30.—The.';hot winds, which caused everything to wither in their path Tuesday in Oklahoma, swept over Kansas Wednesday. Thermometers reg-istercd ; 100 degrees' in the shade and farmers i\vere compelled to leave their llc,lds s an(3 seek the 1 shade. The blades of corn rolled up in. iimny fields, but the crop is made and no damage rcay result. • ••'*•'• •'"""" Death from I lout In Vanhlnifton. Wo-shington, July 30,—Col, \V, E. -\Ic- Arthur,. nlerk to lieprescutntive .Hermann, of Oregon, -n-aa found lying unconscious on the street Wednesday evening and died shortly afterwards at the hospital. The physicians dlagnbsed the case as one of. heat stroke. McAr- thtir came from The Dalles, Ore.,whcie ha [formerly published u paper, The re- inWns await directions of his friends in ttfdmvest. •,-, -..- 'iol In'Rvlditnco nt I.ODlnvlll«, Ky. Louisville, - ,Ky., July 30.—Fifteen caseJs.'bf heat prostration were reported .'to •{IteA.police Thursday morning, Thc.',tijmp?ratui-e stood at SO degrees at 11 o'qlpckii-,' • -.•••• '"'• . IlAODiB TOBK1WTS. SKVKRK STOR.U. ZINN & COMPANY. Straws That Show Which Wa> the Wind Blows Show that It must have blown a tre- .mendous gale towards Fisher's,. tor they hare straws ot all'the new shapes and sizes, straws In straw color and •any other coJor you wfeb plied on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last ftraw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logaasport Light Derby 1 !, light nobby straw bate and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we have a big run on DOW.' HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations- •• I. Are aiwaya appreciated and especially so when they aro taste fully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printlne Department' Is making a : INVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS, BILL HEADS,' STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC., ETC. ,test Styles in Fancy Type and Material. 4^^^^?7SOf*"^R^^^^T^ii PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists of New York have appointed D. A, HACK us agent tor their celebrated Spectacles and 17 Glasses, every pair ni«i«nt«ed, D. A. HAUK lias complete assortment and invites all to tMslj themselves ot tbe great mperlorttrnt there goodi over nay minnfactured, at the store ot TO, A, HAUK, sole went tor lognnsportInd. , _ ' Ko PeddlenSuppllwL \ -. Coiulderable Jlaumge Uone Iu 'Central . V.il. Ohlu—Jinny .Futalltlcii. .; ' Coliiinbus, 0., July . 3U.—Tlie- storm 'which-, swept over centra) Ohio Wednesday eyfinhig t**ems to Jiavc .boen ceu^ tercel ,over the southern port of .this counij:,,-' At Grove City, "bine""miles south djt this city, 39 small sfnbk-s.near- ly iil|/bf which contained--valuable-- horHcs.pn training for races soon•,to be held at'the fair grounds there,-were' ovei-tui'ncd. Noue ot the horses were- injured; ;nijd their keepers esc-aped by lieliig nt. snpper nt the time. ...->;., There,-is a lars>e canning- industry there,'which had just opened.lor: the eca-son, but the large crop .of. potatoes nnd snveet corn which WHS being-.canned is eut'irefy' destroyed. The tomato fields.were under three feet of.water Thursday, morning'. • .-•;•'. The vjralls of a large brick building nt Wall/.and Capital streets, this city, occupied by A. L. Pearson as a livery Rtable,, collapsed Thursday morning,The. fall was caused by softening of the ground by continuous rains. .Thebuild- Ing- w;iis^Tuined, but no one was hurt.-. '..:'T«n Killed »nd In Jo rod, . Steubcnvillc, 0., July 30.—T,en people wore killed and injured in a flood here Thursday afternoon. . No particulars as yet are obtainable. •-. Fifteen Reported Killed,' , Cleveland, 0., July'30.—A. special .10. the press from Athens says: The'tiiost destructive storm m the history of the Sunday Creek Valley occurred at Clous- ter, a mining town, 12 miles'-north of here, Wednesday night, which resulted in the almost total destruction of- one of the principal streets of the to-vyn and doing- damage in other places' ; tb tbe amount of thousands of dolldrsl' The storm, which came from the northwest, struck the town, .without warning. The fury of the'.,wi;id, is indescribable. Buildings were 1 toppled over, trees torn from their roots, and the town Thursday morning— wns a scene of desolation, J,-L. Daughcrtj', who waiat'thcfront of his grocery when the stoj-^u wi>» at its height, was struck by a'sectiori of u Snmll Creeks SM-.-l]l.-cl by Hcuvy Killlls Do Imniontic Uanini;*) In YVest Vir^lnlit. . \Vheuling, W. V.i., ,7nly 30. — 'J'lie heavy r'hin of Thursdaymorn'ingcaused inniiensc damag-e to property in this vicinity. Small creeks Ix-camo rag-teg: torrents nntl bridges were swepl"a\y«y.' f 'The rain bvgan nt two o'clock, a " """ tinned until sis in the morning', houses were flooded nnd crops nrnbly daniajT"). . •• On the Ohio side tlie-^'liceli Erie, 'the Cincinnati & Pittsburgh and tho C. TJ, & \V. roads were blocl;e.d by -washouts nenr Mai'tin-'s Ferry, and It .will"be several clays before they can run trains. Tlie lurge barn of 'William Sharon, near Martin's Kerry," 0., was strut-It'by lijfhtninp and- destroyed by fire tojfethc'r with a large quantity ot j-rnin stored in it. The- 31. &, 0. suffered- considerably. The worst trouble was on the Parlicrs- burg branch, ajid, as n result all passenger trains are obliged to'use the fourth division in order-to"gct around to Cincinnati and St. Louis. 'Eaton's tunnel : caved in .at both ends while a passenger train was ff'Oinp through, hut forturintely the inishapjlid not cost any. lives. A. cumber of trestles were washed out also on 'this branch, and it will be several days before any trains can be run 'through.. On the fourth division the rain 1 .was; unusually heavy in the vicinity of Belton nn<3 Glover's Gap. The trucks were floodtiT'Offfl'^ll vrair^ were (Delayed. Telegraph communication Mist; of Belton is: cut;off land ut noon the wires liad nbt^eeh;repaired. Washington, July 30.—Tbe national connniUcc of the people's parly, otherwise the populists, have decided to make \Vn.shinfrton the headquarters of theor- anixaiion. The viinipuigii liu-ruture stored at various places has been shipped lo this city. James A. Kdgar- ton, of Nebraska, secretary of the cora- Ttoe, is e.xpefcted here, and Senator Marion lltitlor, of North Carolinn, cliair- j-r.:in of the coiuyiiitteo, will also be here TiS much ns jiossi)>!(». 1'he indii^Mtinns at pivsi'nl are th.it the di'moL'i'iil it- o ntl r.nl inunl silver pn'rty coruniilU'i's "'iil :ilsi! i:::iki: Lhi'ir hoad- qnai-t'.-rs ill the same cily .'15 the 11:1- tioifti! (leiiincrijlic committee, "»<1 in '(•;iso the (U'innera)s decide upon-' sonic oilier place, 'bey will nlier their plans. SonntT-r .Tonos, chairman oC 1hi* dc-nio- f-r:ilic (.'ounnivtco, is at present at his home in Arkansas, rnul until ho is heard from nr. ihe snibji-'cl. nothing dc1!"ihe viil b,- 1 done ns vo domocralie pines. POWDER MAGAZINE EXPLODES. WITHDf OUR BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Varlooa Towns in Indiana, H&* Solved Aerial Locomotion. Portland, Ind., July 30.—In the opinion of experts, Kov, ,T. S. A.xtell, pastDT cf the Presbyterian church, of this city, has ma-steml the intriciicy of ncrial locomotion and the drawings of his invention, the aeriodome. meet with ttie approval of all to whom they have been submitted "S involving- original anrt plausible ideas. A company will likeiy be nrgnnixi'd (o five the aeriodome a practical tost. Kev. Axtcll lias worked at leisiive moments for rears on it. Hlopcn mill Thcn-SlHiotK n Mali. Vineoiines. Ind.. -Inly so.—Thomas E. PrntOier and Miss Maud Delay -eloped from Snnborn and drove to ibis, city .and ,vi>ro married by Squire Fowce. They lien drove b:ic"v To S:n:horn \\herc an. nitercntion took place huiween IVaiher mid Clyde Uelay. a bnr.-lu'r of the bvkle. ilhcr drew a revolver and :=hot his lew brother-in-law in rlit stomach. The wound is very serionK and may irovc fatal. Ovt-i- Our lltinilred i'crHon* .Stirlouwly un<l Kurally Hurt :ll Uudn-rcntll. l.'.iida IV.sUi. .Inly 30.—A powdormac- :I;-.:IH- at i-'iyifkii-chcn, capital of the cYi'iin;,',' of IJaninya I'xpjndfd Tliursdny :i:oriii)i^: with fatal results. The shock i-1 he i-xpiosion was lerrilie. The town v.-as aln'iust- tionipleU'ly wrecked, and-oilier.buildinjfs in the vicinity were l>:nlly damaged. So far us known five ]*.-rso;*s vt'erc instantly killed and frO si-rioiisly, spiiit of them fatally, wounded. • l.riii-r iiM'estijfntioii shows that the explosion wius more disastrous than was at lirst reported. It is now known that njore tJinn .100 persons were r,i- jurcd, and it is thought that n h.rg-e proportion of them will die. Some o' thi: building* in the'vicinity of ihe may. axine eollapse,d',under the effects of the shook, and thVre is reason to believe thai many of/, their • inmates ivere burned in th'ii ruins. The municipal authorities, iiided by the military, arc 'm:ikin<r every.effort to ciear away the •ruins and ri-s'CJue.a.ny-who may be imprisoned beneath them. The magazine was locatetljb'iit n short distance ircm the square iii, which the market.is held. Thursday waV&mriiCt day and the square was crowded.with rustics when the explosion occurred. Among the injured lire many of these country pec- pie. •/ '. <;uvi- Mix Sons IS 1.001) Kuril. Shelbyville, Ind.. .Inly :'.0.—IMwnrd PinalJ. propj-ielor of the news depot in this city, {javt- a dinner to his four married sons, Wilbur, Charles. Frank and Cieor^e. and turning over their plates onch son found a $1.000 eheck 03 a present from their parent. Mr. Small lias handled tlie niotTO|iolitn;i papers here the past. 30 yt'ars and has iiecuir.u- latetl a fortune. Mori" ut Crnwrord>Tll!e. Crawfordsville, Ind., July 30. — The ;nost terrific rainstorm in Ihe history of central Indiana passed over this city Tuesday ni£-ht about midnight and rafri'd for three hours. Thousands of dollars' worth of damage was done in this oily alone, besides the. inony farmhouses and barns that were destroyed by fire caused by lightning. Scvcro Hailstorm. Wabash. Ind., July 30.—A scwre hailstorm did jrreat damage to tlie crops north of Jio.-inn, this county. T-arg-e hailstones fell for half an hour, cuUrajf the corn. There was also a tremendous rainstorm; which soaked nil the wheat and oat* standing in the fields, and little of either will be saved. SHOCKED TO DEATH. York 'SETTLERS FAVORED. plunk'wiillf, which ivns lifted up by the wind, and instantly killed. Four.otjiers are reported dead, nnd several'otj'era seriously injured, but the details are meager, ar.d it is impossible.lo learn names. ' .*' '."'^_ •' -A livery stable with six horsesTanrl. a; number of .vehicles was blown into.t.he creek and swe.pt -away. .Nearly 'every building in. tic -town is damaged, nnd many .are,completely demolished." vThc business fronts, of Garrett's • restjiu- ront. Antic's 1 -grocery a)id. ; -Jfe'.ss' ^hoe •tore were, completely.-wrecked. .'The irt,reeta are beyond descrJii,tioii,.beini;. Important Action In Kbfcrencd to Cnion - 'Tnclflc Railroad Land*, Washington, July 30. —The United States'-officials have taken important action in regard to -the '.Union Paciilc railroad lauds. The ; .secrettiry of the interior -'recommended : to • Attorney- General Harmon the'dismissu'i of a uumber .of suits now. .pending in tne United States' courts of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Utuli against the Union l'aclfic'an<J nbbut10,000 settlers along the line of the road to recover title to lands said to-liave been erroneously patented to the company. General-Solicitor Kelley,, of the Union Pacific company, has beeii in'Washing-- ton for sWerul diiys and has agreed, on behalf of. the company, to pay the eost ,of the present siiit and thus relieve the settlers of-all expense: •';• ••-'•.•;•; . If the attorney-general approves the recommendation o/ the iiiterior tlepnrt- meut (as it is believed he-Hvlll) the present suits will be dismissed and new suits will be brought against thw company alone to recover the '.value of the land. Meantime paints"will, be issued to the settlers-upon-their filing- the proof required by'the act of March 3, 1SQC, and they will, thus fee quieted in their title's. . .. . ;. REMARKABLE HEROISM. One-LegBT»it Workman Rekcuci Twp Men : from A Acd Hot. BelK Pittsburg-h, 1'n., July SO.—'VVeduesday evening. Peter Wnrbanic 'arid .. Samnsl Moody, top fillers at Lucy furnaces, Fifty-first street,. were overcome by a rush of pa« from under.tiie.b.ell. War- .banic fell hend first.down the mouth of the' furnuce, ailgnting.oii'top of the bell, which was almostintoi'whftc heat. Moody., called for help,, and himself attempted to rescue .Wnrl^aiuc, - He also inhaled' the deadly gaVond feU.intp the bell., Other workmen eume to tiie top of'the fornace and were -discussing plans of reacue, when Jdh'a'Eeyholds, a orfe-le^ffed man, jumped down on to tho top cif thfe'bell arid passed,the men up to those above him. Beyiiolda "was then assisted but, and, although almost over- icinan r.o*oii HU Life In : city. New York',,,'.July 30.—Charles A. Greene, 41 years of age, o lineman in the .-employ of the Brush "Electric Light companj 1 , was at work at 3:10 o'clock Thursday morning:' fixing- a lamp at the corner of fourteenth street and Union square when lie was seen to lose his hold. 011 the .pole'and foil to the ground. Ue fell » distance of 20 feet, and when a policeman, who ran to the spot, -reached his side, it WHS found that he was dead. It is believed that he was killed by an electric shock, as no bones were fractured. The coroner's office .was notified. Greene wns married and lived ntXo. 11 State street, Gold Democrat* Appoint Llolcgatei. Wheeling, \V. Va., July 30.—A meeting 1 of gold democrats wns held hrrc 'Wednesday and Henry C. Siiuins, a prominent Huntingdon lawyer, nnd Col. Itandolpli StJilnaker, of this city, wore appointed delegates to the soncd money conference ut Indianapolis <>n August ". A conference of a)' s.'ie gold democrat* in the state wns "ailed for August 12 in this city during tlie state convention. . About 'JO prominent democratic business men, lawyers and politicians atcndcd the meeting which was harmonious and enthusiastic. Seek Mil. Bclenne. Pittsburgh, Pa., July 30.—A telegram received Thursday-morning announces that Judge Orlndy, of the state superior court, has grunted an allocatur iu the appeal of attorneys representing ex- Assistant City Attorney William H. House, who Wednesday \vas sentenced two years and three months (o the penitentiary, having- been convicted of aiding and abetting the embezzlement of city money. Mr, House will be admitted to bail, pending a hearing: before the superior- court. come a'rid;bodly burned, q-uletly hobbled away. Warbanic died; within u. few minutes of HJs rescue, ahd'Siopdy-'cannot recover, Ecynolds' heroic : actio'n-is the talk of Lawrenceville. : '-' il " v "''"'•'''• St. Louis, July 30,-r-By the.pollapseot limbers :Eiippbrting. 10,000ibyihcls of . wheat on' the -tliird.Jdoor.iot the.Keg-ina pleviitor ..at Main and' Plum streets Thtiwday.-- afternoon- 'Henry Schur macbor,-..aged .27,VM.'instantly, killed. Ten other employes;-were, buried be : neath tho, mass of grain-;antl' were »e- liouslr Injured 1 Faffe-Lower* Arlon'H ICecol-d. Portland, M<:,, July 30.—The fastest four-heat trotting' race of the season in the United States was made by Page over the liigby park track. Page also took from Arion the tivo-yt-ar-old iccord of 2:10% by making 2:09:};, clip- jMng his own mark from 2:11% The race was in the 2:14 class for a purse of S500. Page won the second, third ynd fourth heats in 2:09%, 2:31 and S-.11V... '' '• Marslialltown, la., 'juiy sv,~&. xv. Cliapin, one of the pioneer editors of Towa, : having estiiblished a paper at .tlbion in 18il, died from the effects of a brutal .asault by George Henshaw, ,1 tenant oil his farm, about, three weeks ugo. Diet of UMof, Eockville, llli, July" 30.- : -Mrs. John Jloore, whose''.husband dropped dead f.unduy. died of grief. She wus well In the morning', but said she was reeWy »nd wanted to die. Vounc I-nwycn GnkUuate. Danville, Ind., July SO.—The law d^ partiuent of the Central Normal college of this city held its commencement nnd 37 young men received their diplomas. Ctiarles \V. Smith, of Indianapolis, delivered the address. His" Bub* ject was "The Function and Duty ot the American Lawyer." For Coast*"Brazil, Ind., July 30.—The congressional committcemen of the Fifth di»- trict met at the courthouse Wednesday afternoon to nominate a candidate for congress. John Clark Uidpnth, of Putnam county, was the only candidate placed in nomination and he was chosen by acclamation, Wiped Oat by Fir*. • , Hillsboro, Ind., July 30.—Lightning struck the Odd Fellows' block here and before the flames could be extinguished the entire town was almost completely wiped out. Nothing- remains but tho depot and several small buildings. The loss will reach over S25.000. VTnndered Away from Home. Shelbyville, Ind., July 30.—yVbraham Cortelyow, T2 years of age, who has V.een erratic since the death of his wife, wandered awuy from his home here Monday and relatives fenr he has died from exposure, as he wan very feeble. Hot Weather Cao«c« a Suicide. Kvansvillc, Ind., July 30.—Charles Rudolph committed suicide by taking a dose of rat poison. He was a stove mounter, aged 23 years, and no reason Is knovrn for the deed except for hJ« complaint of the hot weather. Tornado at tluntlnetoii. Huntiugton. Ind., July 30.—A tornado damaged many buildinps here, twisted off trees, and rendered worthless many fields of corn and oate. It was accompanied by a deluging rain, Badly Injured. Muncie, Ind., July 30.—Fred Sehvert, Willium Howe, Charles Stewart and an unknown man were dangerously in- jurc-d by the collapsing of West Cha.pcl church, where they were working. A Fatal Shock. Terre Haute, Ind., July 30.—Jaraea Leal:, an employe of the Citizens' Electric Light company, was instantly killed by an electric shock while trimming* Mrcet lamp. He was a married man. • . • Want* Damage". Anderson, Jnd., July 20.—Harrison Simpson, candidate for sheriff fccre, filed suit against Ernest 0. Flanders, a wealthy bachelor, for $10,000 for alien- Ming his -wife's affections. * A Fatal MIMalte. Yeedersburg, Ind., July 30.—Bryant Darker, a wealthy farmer, took a dose of arsenic by mistake, thinking it quinine, and died in a few moments. Committed Snlcldr. ., . 'New Albany, led.. July .M.—.Mrs. Adi 1 ic L. 13ncon, 2S ye.-irs of ape and reccn't- !y married, committed suicide here by MvalJovfjng morphine. • • '-'j> Roll nnd Itnrn a I'oft Ofllcc. Louisville, Ivj'., July 3u. — Thieves, robbed and burned the post ortice atl. Ulysses, Lawrence, county, Wednesday! . oight. They got away with $2,50i> Jm money and stamps. • •'

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