Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 31, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 4
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DAII^^WSJ TinSSPAY. MARCH 81, 1942 - 1 •f, / -f, 1 I! 1 1! tip ii l&ailp Wvwy Evening (Kxcept Sunday) by TUB XAUOATUCK NKWS OOM'OMATIO.N ' •'. >at li North Main Spied, NAUCK-vTUCK, (UXNNKCJTIflUT II'M, HKNNIGK, T'roMldent and T RALPH H. PASIIO, Vlco-ProHl{lr»nl FJAVAUO C. LINOKNHKM), AsMintimt Tn-nsurcr MILDHKD HOLLAND, Secretary, , mill 2220-AII i HATES Payable In Advance /month * -™ « rnonlhM B'inonllii «»•» j weok-l«o ny Carrier . ~ Tho'unltod Prosn has Iho oxoliwlvo right to uso for ^publication In any form, all RCWH cllwpftloheH cmlltod to thl» Pftpor. H l« «»»o oxcluNlvoiy on- Wlecl to imo tor ropuhHonllon nil tho local or undated new* publlHhod heroin, TUKHOAY, t Good Afternoon, LET'S SHOW OUR APVHKCiATION \ Whfjn llio NaiiKfttuck High school lin»koihnl| tcmni won tho Ht«l« ohamplonHhlp In.^.lho tournnmnni <>l Now lluvun niri'nlly, the pcoplo of thin borough wore both IhrlllHl a/id itwiliy plnawd. They knew Hint boforo Ihn tourney Klfu-U-d Home of Ihrt fto-ofilUul "cxperlM" full tbat Ntttigatuck didn't ft ftlianoo lo tvtu-ry off any honor*.. Hut luu loynl rn of U»« local cjulnloL were not dlnoouragod. Tlmy know that Niiufciituok twuim bml linnn undor- ralod liefoTft and had HOMO innin ri'lurn liomfl vlclo- rloiw. Thny ffll ttiulr Hph-lls* I-IHO rt» our boyn (Hwitod ono oppOHlnK tonrn after anolhor. \Vhon Naugatuok won thu uharnplonHhip In a halr- ralHlng Onprl«ori Mnl»h In HB battle with llm Crosby High HCbool ftvn of NVrttrM-bury, tholr mipporlorH 1 d«- JlKbt knoW --no IjoiihdK, • Th>; mon| I'oolcr.H found H hnr'(| U> ortritPOj thu rapid bfrnllng of IhHr hfnrlH, Then c.nrnu cmothor tournamiMit, Ihlrt time for Ihf ohamplonHhlp of Now Kngland, and again NmiKft- luoU'H learn onlorf;d thn fray, Tho'y foii'Knt t)H»lr svay Into Iho iVnalH* ami In ordor to got thorp (boy had to defeat Crosby hlg.b « HOOOIIC! .,tlmo, .ft fri«|. wblfh they aooompllHliod In Irutt Nauga- tuok Hiyl/t, , .^ .-,. ! •. • c: \'- . ." : Thon, th'od inn" dolnrmlnod, they taoklod n-hfgu Hohool tfam from WorooHtor, MftH« M In thn Hnal gaino, and Iholp opponfi'nU went down to dufcat, Dunn rnopo thr-lr HupportnrH wore wotl nlghl dollrloiifl with Joy, • . To win iwo oharnplonHlUpH wllhl-n mich a Hhorl Hpncci of tlmo.wnH not-rtnly a romnrkablo font, but thn victory brought additional honor to NatiKatuok and HH high HChool, .Now It. IH ptannml to glvo tho local toarn a fitting (OHtfmonlal of Naugatuck'n approclatlon of Iho twloo- orownod ohninplonH and. to Hhow that npppoolnllon In a HtibHtantlal way, A fund IH being ralftwl for that purpono by Thn Dally NOWH and the public IH Invllod lo oonlrlbulo to It, AH NnuKuluok novor clocm' anything by halvo», wo fnol Hftfo In prmUclIng Umt tho corning affair IH going to bo tho bfggonl kf/ul of ft HIICCOBH, Thftt IH what our boyn dcnorvo and that'H tho kind of toHtlmonlal thoy am going lo got. JUST WATOIf THf't KHNf) OHOWI TAX BURDKN OF POOKBR Thoro IH oonHUIopiiblu Hlgnllloanco In tho warning of Hoor'fJtary,of tho TroaViiry llonry Mni'gonlhau that "HolllHh |ntoroMtH M( 'aro Hooking 16 Hl'ilfl part of tlioli 1 tax r(JHp6n8lblllty lo "poorer porHonB," who aro al- roudymaking n "fair oontrlhullon" to laxo«, Tho Bnorotary of Uuj Troa^yt'-y Htiyn that no further taxoa Hhduht b'o'lovlM oh "t1>6 lo\vo»t Income group until ovopy other avonuo of rovonuo hn« boon ox- hatiHtcd and ovVry ,loophole ban boon cloHod. Mr, Morgonlluiu glVem tho tumult of a Htudy,.made by blH pimojipoh Htaff, whloh Hhows that Iho nvorago »ln«lo porHon, earning $750 a year, IH paying -$11)0, or 1M pop oonli of blH Incomo In both direct umf, ln- dlroct Pfldiirfti, Stale and local tnxo«, A murrlod popHon, earning i|l,r>00 a yoar, IH paying about *!i50 of bin Inoorno In Huoh taxoM, ^. v ;7 Thin InfoprnftUon, which oonm from tlio Socrotary of the TrouHury, should carry conHldurublo wotgtU svUfi Amorf(iftfw who «ro nnxloiw lo dlHlrUnilo tlu» llnHnclnl -bupdon.of \vnp n'long Ju«t economic ppln- olplw, tt svlll not carry any svotght with «omo poo- pin who rtro trying 'b'liHo Iholr Inlluonoo to "take a HU.UJ lond off of ,thom«civoH nnd put It on undordog,". MINDS U wouldn't luirt IMo avorugo poi'won In Naugutuok to road ono^of tho. rnollooH In tho OlUoo.of tho War Production Hoard: "(iroAt mimlH talk nbbut l(loa«; avopflfifo mlmto talk ubout ovoutH! and small minds l.alk : about .pooplo," Jifcl -think..about Itib talking that you hnvo boon doing for tho partt two or thvoo cluyn n«cl-«cio-.whnt klhii or n -rnirul you DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News 20 Years Ago Naugnluck'8 lax rate may bo 31 mills thls^year, so I'fjporlH NS'nrden Walter B. Hrown nnd members of the board,. o—O—o The many friends'of Lawrence Rumney, son of Mr. «mr,Mr». C)eortfe*M, ruirnnc-y of. Hillside avenue, who (A n member of the class of *923,. in Iho Shef- llnld Scientific class of Yule University, will be pleased lo learn that ho has been awnr/led hl.s "nYf" for the .niMison or I Oil. ilo has also.boon .appointed a member of tho Vale Soccer loam. o—O—o William ,1. Nonry; ft student at Catholic University, In Washington, !>• Ci., IB visiting his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. William J. Ncary of Kalrvlew avenue. o—O—o '...-.-•' "Green SlooklngH" has been selected for the Senior High Hohool play, Cast Is as follows: 'Natall'e Gray, KrunolH O'Connor, Mildred Jone^ Clayton Parks, Lore-tin Morlarly, Viola Miller, Alpln Cailanach, Louis rJIrniry, Huth Hlggln, John Long,'Seymour Squires, An [Hit I Kreeman. / o—O—o 30 YEARS AGO Tim nmallpox Hlturitlon' Is .so grave ihnt- Dr. S. Dana llubbard of Nosv York was called in to try .and linln solve IhlK c»pl(l«mlo. Many of tho' people object to vaoolnallhn, but It most likely will be compulsory.- o—O—o Patrolman Martin 11. Hodge has given up his .work and m HiimMjPflod by Policeman Wlesnoakl of Union City. NOTES AND COMMENTS MoHl of Iho oMllolHinH dirnctccl against .tho ohurohos of Ihu hind come from Individuals who know vnry' 11 tlli? aboiil Iho churches, TJu> ru'opln of Iho United Slates are learning .much rilHUi'l KOOKi'aphy n'o.w thafllic nation la.ongn^od in it war which stretches around the • world,' '_,••-. In vk'sv of tho ,Japami8o AdrnlrnrH'.'prqdlolIon thnt tho. trnaly of pf«c« will bo dlolalcd -by. Japan, at tho Whl'lo iloiiHO, what do-our pauitlclstH I'hijik now? lOY.wy cltlwu should contrlbuto aomo pfhls tlirin l,o Hom'n phHflo- of'national (infnnso svork, .Bach nmn or woman In IhlH country' iia» a vltar Intorest Iti .the buloomw of this oonllluL. Did yoil 'hoar "nny HOWH thlh wook . thnfyou did not mio In thin paper? If you did, why not ho a I'uporW and-aond In any Interostlng Item : that you think olhors would onjoy ro nt'n bo honest, MlstukOB havo boon rnndo by labor, JiHi-loulUH'O, 1 manufactupof«, bankers, newspaper men uiul'BO on, until you llnl them. all. Why try to blamo a tm'U'on'H Hlomaoh' aoho on any solcotod fow? Tho Idoa thai itd'vortlHlng will w.ork^ on a national , for an advorLlteei' wlio Hpciulw millions, but that |i IH foollHh on ; a local scale, for an advertiser, who HpomlH .huncli'ftds of dollars, Is what ono might Itinn a looallsih. Tho man who yelj's about slow buslnons Is probably not moving fast' enough himself. Two o.HHontlulH to national prosperity: well-paid lahor and profitable agriculture. f - No ono .person, or any flmglo group, Is -rosponBlblc fov our wur-tfmo Hhorl-oornlngs. , " Olvo help to -an unfortunato citizen for a few weeks and ho will put himself on your payroll. i • Thoro arc any .number of oxocutlvos who have to got their feet on 1 a before they can think. You 'oanH'k'now every thing but you can-depend upon Inlclllgoiit and honest exports for Information. • /' Sugar hoarders, whother-ln Nougatuok or elsewhere, aro going lo look mighty foollflh'th'o- last part or April, • '"'• •'•'••'-' . : -. CiOIvDICN CiLEAMS That ftll mon would be cowards, if they dare, • Sonui men have had tho courage,to,.declare, ' ' '* r»r>nhhn —Grabho, H ooHts nothing, and gains 1 everything:— -Lady M, Worthy, ' ._•:'• j. '.. What IH n ^omrnun.fst? ' Ono who: has,.yearnings Kor onimi division of uiuuiual earnings; .:— Kbeno'/or Elliott. ' •\Vho dooa tho; boil his olroumslanoc allows, , Does well', acts nobiy,' angola;,oouUl not 1 'do;-'.rn)t)re; •'' . • " : .' V ' ''• <• '.';fe ! ' : '- •— Yoiing; * m Around The Clock * ' OPE Its TRUE ^^^ H ^ M ^g^^^g^HHBBHI^^ l ^^^ Hll ^^ v ^^^^^^^^ M Local florists are, wondering ^how much effect 'the war will have oh their business,^ concerns /weddings. ^So['eel there 'i&V&tiS&mti*^ -hey will be as sumptuous as some' 'of; those in the p , . Reports have it a ybuhjg»ter^iria| he /the hit of; that musical revue to be presented ^e^nidn^h by St:^M^ s parish, . ',- ; The NaiigfitWck^risfe and ;Oame Association planinng! considerable Sgtivity; 'for f this; spnng* and : sum mer, its president, Fred Bafeer ^reports: ; • • ' . . '•,"•/•''" '' f; -' 1 '"''•'• ~ •'•:•' '•-•••'• ' •'- .•'•.'.' >\ •'••;• •• • • • ' ' • is Goldfish belon°irigvto I>. N. Tdmliiison : bf Walnut street know tlie ^dffie^'ric^ winter. In the summer; they spoi-t^aroimd at the;Outdoor pool at itir. Tomlinson^ home;-'Jn-^fijf wi]iter,:-}iow^er, they are placed in 'an indoor ;pooK ;at^MeIbpunle,'s-greell^llou{5e, where they are safp from-the^harslmess;^ wmter.^eports have it that' wheir tliey ; retm-rfto, tlie outdoor :popl- Jhey ;I.ip,their. tailsdri/gl^^^' Wettkke.onr^Mt off to those men on the'ir : p.•nv.vtb; 1 a/ifi: telepliohe; duty at the defense council office.•;';.'.'.. . "' ' : -^ Two incident*'ocram$US^ 23 which demonstrate the vagaries of human nature. ^A local baker was driving /down a principal street at tne time the whistles sounded, and he didn't hear them. Two air raid wardens came out in the road; and signalled him to stop, When one pulled open the door to notify him a blackout was in progress-, the^ baker 'said; V Okay, teliows, .All I've got is twelve bucks,; but you can have that. ne thought it was a-hold-up! - " ' ;; : A warden .noticed a lighten aJ'second floor room el one house and going to the doorrMtmed the occupant, an elderly lady, that'lights should be, out during a c biacK- out She turned out the light- and, coming to the- Iront door thanked the warden, who was on the veranda, AS he descended from the veranda,^ he was amazed to see that the -courteous lady had turned on the porch light so that he wouldn't stumble over.; any thing! ,.,;.-.-. Helen Ann Crane of Trbwbridge place .wu& feted by friends recently at a^shower rat -the -home of -.Mrs. Ernest ©wen's;:'. , / Street;-scene: ;-->V v tofen^ was recentJv .showing lusiAvii'e the ^photograph' he .had taken in .connection^ 'with: clefenso^prk. : Tl^wrfe; to< one good look W the' snapshot and .remarked: r< A_ucl. tc .think that I married thai .guy.'-? ^-^ Sorry- folks; that * •the American Brass that Kay J?" now employed at, •not Scoviir^s; ;'. •••: Mr./aiid-'Mrs; Joe Pereu> of -Lewis street will soon',move to :^0onsocket, ; R,'I.. , • ; : . ; The bujjy season for local firemen is starting ;nbw, Carelessness or wahtonhessj ;iead to brush ; nres which often threaten homes and the-Pre, truck or six times a day as a result; , , i-Thfese are astounding .-daysy One resident reports rats have taken to. stealing .tobacco from his store of supplies. •'Wext thing wiU be Mickey Mouse smoking a j)ipe, we suppose. , . , Congratulations* to Joan Green aiid others fleeted olttcers of the Junior Miss Activity Club recently, . , . We hear reports that Sergt Francis O'Connor, fornier VValley Players director and actor, Is now one of MacArthurJa boys m Australia, Francis was! adept at the FolisK/lipp;: maybe he'll now acquire details of.the kangaroo;hbp. : : : " " ". The son of Mr ancles.: Lester/.Brodeur^of.Wmslow v . a.uo puji, \-M.. j-i .- , „„;-, 'v ••' 1.1 r T-Trk^lrl rn-nvn' court recently markedhis fiith^i/rtJiday.-• .,. Ilaiold 1 uiii- blom aifd iris 1 assistant.are, conducting.'the regular audit of the borough's'accpunts these clays. . ., Walter., Norton s -•'levotioii to-Bartmouth College is well known here, but did you know his .dog'si name was .^Dartmouth'-'.! That s the height of loyalty, for isn't a 'dog man's best, pal? ; . . Milton Forde; has> given his; fricnclly, dog a novel name, •'Dunkirk. "• We wonder if. that means he.'s. good at electing a retreat when, faced with: 'over whelm ing opposition. In case his tires give out and he has to revert to the horse-method of travel, Supt, of Schools Harold K. Chittenden. won't have to worry about hitching posts. His is the only house onyFaimewraveniie whiichna s two such r>osts in front of it, ... Did you know .that the U. S. KuD- Her has a real, hohest-tb-gx>odnes> poet? ; lep, it's Mary [annone of the stichihg'department/' two of whose poems were good enough to rate' publication in a book "Poets Of America 11942. V , . .Ed Iff cGarthy',; 7 local post oltice 1 pfftcial, is already busy prepari^" h^ Victory-'Gaixlen The bombs may: fall;before the red warning comes, Col J. R, .Thpiftpsbt^ m explaining there is alw^' ^ possibility of a sudden '^^^V^./^rl'-i--^,',:.'/: ; ' : .-;.' ••.'- • ; : .' •'' ))ef\lh In Itself Is nothing,,buf.we fear ' •:;;"/ To bo wo know not what, wq kiipw not-\vhoro. ''' ' . '. ,• 'Ed: the U softbail .team, Ed^Dinneny and;.Lar^:Sigett;r(arem6w r , ''.',- y-Nj'-'* - '* ""• /''"' t^Tm^ • 1 T • "T" ' • i '•' ' : • " : ml*' 1 ~' "1" T "Cj |^ -*-, I"k l-\ v-v T* I, S. Army at^Gain^Pol.k, L^v-v^^he;.Uy/b.: ; Ivubbei-. ^jui u/all. team, Jiiriustri^V^^S'^/'^^'^ps- Jast'^ea'T,;.-is: wait : mo- ea^Giiv ; f or AiniLil^rWlieiilt^wUlv-itipliv^^^ I ll>4i v Cl Q O J- X y 4. V-* 1- AA^^Jf*- *.*. .-*• -**^ f • • . ^ n . •• . r -,,!'' •' , "* . --,, ' . "iut, , . /Those--^u'^ pany plant aren M; just 'ttere j 'for &£ £ nn;i>£ dj;.: ';Tli^y; inean business, as Anybody wli6 : : : ^i/ray&jin'; tiiei./'rterritypy.. will f (incV out. /• •;-' : : ^"'./r^'.'': : '£•$$•>• : !fc:'v.^:^:;' i; .'; : ^:v«": : v.'••••/-•• .;••' • "' •••' ; /••' • - - ; -.•;.-.,-,.•.•: ',., • .•.••••••.';••• •'.•• '":,.^ ••••••(: .-•..:••.-;• '/.••';••••••;..•. •..•.-." -; . /. : - '...- •.'!...:•••. ''•,'-.,..' , ' *••:... t .—r 1 .'..'. ''•* '. •-._!., ., ;•• ••.!.' • •>•.. .; ,;.,.,:.-• ; .-' .' . nr'r» .it. •- -rl ^i ''-ji'•..'•'.',( Jl-.-x^^X;., •!'«•;'•»-\yl'!(t-»'r» Y»ci'/il-»-iii- ri *'4-. v'rf mii o -ir iia^ous;es low Eaglos vare : w^lmig ;;likrd- ^ ln&s-•'.'-•: . BeiidmgIs .tii^ho.btey^p|^ • ^^ ' ] ^ Efforts To Merge Agencies Hit Snags IJy CHARLES -P. STEWART . Central Press Columnist a'ting such work ation. Senator, ilarry; R Byrd, ; cbairman : -bf congress 1 >JE-C t .\ believes Uncle: Sani lias a; superfluity of alphabet!- : .cal "agqnQlcsV-:.For .exampie,. he's in favor -of '.mpi^lhg- llie- 0GB, OCC and- tlie' OFF into one .single OGRCIPF,"- !an economy, of two' O's and a couple ' of si/.ablc. .staJTs ' of -workers' on tbe ( , federal '.payroll. -. . - ( • , ; It'll be '.a saving, .however, from .wh'ich. a new staff for a DA AC will have to. be subtra'clerl - if congress creates . • the •' WAAC, as is bcl hg urged 1 . To make .a gibberish. .. • " Senator: Byrd's-'JEC. is a congressional ' '.-Joint ' Kconbmy. committee. The OOR is the Office 'of Govern- :mcnt Reports, run by Lowell' Mei- lett, n r os\v under fire, not only on the ground thai -his outfit's- superfluous, but' on the' further ground that he's putting up; a 'Half million dollar •building "m Washington 'in. xv^iich- to house, its 'superfluity. 1 The OCI is 4hc Office of . Co-ordlnator of -Information, headed by Colonel ''Wild major, -in men. • the class!flcation of mere ..Maybe. , The gals, thus, far beard from, don'L-stfe -why they shouldn't .'J)'c generals if tlioy get thai- high 1 In the scale. ; ...... ' The War . do'parlment seems not disinclined to agree with them. from consider- , . . . 13511" Donovan, hero of World War i.-bo all right as nurses, but H doesn t No-, i. The OFF: is Archibald Mac- Lcish's Office of Facts and Figures, --^wartime facts ..and figures, of course. ..-',•''Now, these re- offices' -various . _ , . spective names do indeed, suggest • s J°"? I ; Itt - I ' c/1 , uie a certain overlapping of their func- * should, get. tio.ns, and maybe Senator Byrd will succeed in his^. plan ^ to '.corn-bine them under .a single Heading/ But on the other hand, NYC must gel on with the armament program at the greatest speed possible,,and this will be accomplished, only when executives appreclalcx the* .seriousness yof,. Uie. emergency, nnd.-proceed,, to^ erillsl. th'e. soryices- of womenV Avitliout prejiidicb. ;'. y Give- th;erg}rlH.-a chajioc—nlncly-- -nIn^/Umes',;put;p:f'a hundred .llicy'll: do .a-hweli "jo))". : . ,' .''•;.' -;;''-. Wli'V NOT PETAIN •;. _-,. .-\'.. : ;v /Boston,Post) ' ; : .' The rnore- one reads .''of thd..-"\\ar .gu'iJ.lV tria] ^at-, Hloni, Prance, Uic "nToVe-.'one'SvbmJers. why Mnrshal Petain: -hiifisolf is,not ..on. trial.';will) ,Die' others. The prewlpv \va"s'. commander -ur chief of Ihe army "from 1923 -to 103i;'' inspector of defense 'up to 1934, minister, of war atlcr thai,./"arid 'then, president, of Iho commission of national defense, a ....„ _..„._ ...... . very, significant, title, up lo FeDru- • rhc'oilier day it made a colonbl ) ary/--1939, just seven monlns J)C- for.e the war started. " . If. Daladier .'and' Blum, during their .brief, intermittent reigns, are partly" responsible for lack of -adequate : military . • preparations -, and l)io ultimate collapse of the -country,:Avh'y was not the present. chief, ; - who . held' various key posi-., .U'ons;-dlrQoily affecUnK the defense, of Prance continuously almost up , to 'the .outbreak of Avar, even more guilty? .Certainly he was working righUxit the side of'tlie others/If ? he had seen anything wrong, lie .surely could have done something, . ; . • ' •_•» • ;H ;: ''i8 travesty; on. .justice to see this man now pointing an accusing finger at hia /former oo-pai'Uicrs using their very negligence, wlilcn he shared, as a means to justify the totalitarian regime he himself . has built up.- of Julia FlikktJ, head of the Army Nurse. Corps, and a colonel is a Ijttlc sense out of this notch, ahead of a major, .with a sli-. • .. ; '• j ncnd'Of. $3,000 annually, and maintenance, whiciris fairly liberally ai- lowed for. Representative .Joseph C.. Baldwin's congressional bill for women's- army, registration . has • Ijeen more widely advertised than- Rep- resentative_-MolvUi .): Maas'- bill 'for registering them on the navy list, •but' Maas' proposal also' 1 is. pending on Capito! Hill. Exactly how Maas would employ the^ sea isn't clearly explained. Naturally they'd seem as if they would quite do in gun turrets or heaving torpedoes. Maas should score better with them, than Baldwin, .though. . Baldwin thinks, majors' commis- mosl exalted they Women ..Another/Problem He probably won't, nnd the proposed WAAG's backers so easy to deal with, -though. . ,. • :> WAAG : '\vill 'stand, provided the institution's ' establishccl, for • the .Women's.. Army -'Auxiliary Corps. The women-manifestly want. It, ".and it's no .joke to 4ell that sex that what 1 it-wants-ih something it can't have. •, .'...• ;."" v ;;V ' • • • • ' The; scheme's to enroll all women,, from JS'lo 65, with a view to their possibilities as- .wartime workers, mostly civilian, but perhaps occasionally semi-military. You might not'suppose .they .would fancy the -.notion of being compulsory registered; giving-ages'and all such details,- and-: maybe -.. some of ;'•"-;thcm • don't, but :a formidable ^element of ;.tlic'm do: ' ,'•'_ :•" '•.-;"'• .. ..'-. ••-. • . ; .No doubt-it is largely pure patri- 'otism, but-I ..promise thai they arc .ambitious,, too, 'to .acquire a.resig- nation ending.. In.... tl ee. n A boy, se. lee Led. for '-.a.rmy service,; becomes \a "seleoloe."' Aolualiy inducted : .into 'it, .-lie becomes ;: an "inductee.".. But, •a;-gal"'cah't'' refor; ,to herself as a "h qusewif ee,"..> or even; i f she's -pret- 'ty ;wel'r ;up .t'oward the , tlghting : ; frorit, as,, say; a ^niirsc'c." I'm,; con- '-.vlriceci .that she considers 'it an unjust • discriminationj:.against her. .. ;.. Well,. 'jsupposo .= .'•; she^s- '.enrolled. '.Th'Jere; upon- she's .an "crirollee."' Just ;tbe ;: tliing.; • ' - " V • . A 'women's' uniform, is tp ! . be pro- tvided^-likewise;.;H-'s":' to he' highly •bdcoming. aiid: it won't cost (^ cent. i;ThJiJ.7 is.,. jtMlr^cost the .taxpayer a -gboci • b i t,"ID u t•"• 'i ts ,wear er 1 ' 1 • • ge t i t Maas would put no. limit on them; They could be admirals, so far* as his', bill is concerned. • . . .,' Congressional army an! committees; are "rassling" with both propositions; The best guess is that they will be materially, influenced . by advice from their respective members' women folk. .• I'd bet on Congressman.Maas. o- From Other Newspapers -GIVE GIRLS- A CHANCE DivWilJiSm^ ^Ipasaii ^cliitiai^gyjj^ ^^^ffi^~^' T:f£v x • .. :. FinaJIy-- an. enrollee,"once JnduetV )ed; entitied to• tlie; same ;pay as a boyihcluctee. Unfortunately, there's one s kink in the program. The, congressional notion has been to give WAAC ( officers (lanes, ol course) ratings and salaries (Bridgeport, Telegram) .w '•<':-. Someone is"circulating the --idea' that ,a .great,., many factory exccu-, :tiyos are still hesitant-about, cni-' ploying women, in war jobs.which they know have/always been -held by men. ; The country,.is faced with; a demand for the greatest expan-. sion program in. its history. There will be employment for many, ninny- thousands .of persons who have never done factory work before, and eyeiv when all sources of 'labor have % been probed with/ a. nrie-looth cpnvb, it is almost, certain that the supply will be less than the -dcmamL , . ' r Nevertheless, some not yet seem able"' the. necessities -of the situation, or else are, still fostering some, old- time prejudices which will certainly- have to 1 be.abandoned. AVhetlier ornot'som'e women have had the experience or .the training for cer- '.lain'-, jobs, -,\ye. know-.thai eventually they \vill' havi? to be given both- the training : and.: 1 the experience; • if our war. program is to beacon-' summated. ' Th'ere just : do ; not exist enough . avalla-ble- men^ stb' carry; on t th c taslts ahead. • ' ', -Naturally, it is true that there is work of various kinds which women can not do satisfactoWl^. • There will be no dispute about' that Experience has shown what can bo expected in much labor of employes do to appreciate ; Brief Briefs •-Nicaragua's .imports last yoar SS per ;cent from United States. - ; Brazil bares, an alleged Japanese plot''tq seize country. '! U. ,S. plans war rosier of physicians, dentists and veterinarians. \VJInput's '1,600 idle machines on jobs; in Michigan. speed plans for drives in Russia and the'Middle East, -Sugar"'sales' halt for week April ;27; rationing will start May 6. ; -Tightening- of priorities will "liaK all non-deferise'construction. 'Gallup poll''shows 70 percent (a- .vor draft 'of men, with dependent. U. S. and' China sign accord giving effect -to $500,000,000 loan. General -"'Hc'rshjby ; says basis draff deferment is tightened. for this type, and : Thurman Arnold .accuses unions of abusing'their powers. '••'Roosevelt:deeds, his Georgia farm to Paralysis .Foundation. Class'!'railroads set freight movement record .last year.. " • '—'''>*'• '' ' - : ' > • • t ' , i M "^1 ; >VAR;IN EUROPE I A YEAR AGO. i MARCH 31, 1941 :!;° • ;.. •:' By, Un I ted Tress : Italy admits^loss..of throe cruisers and two destroyers , Germany and Italy protest up. to and including "the rank. of expense vvlll be a lot of time and i that Japan saved by elimin- peace. ''British "occupy Diredpwa m v opiat > Matsuoka telU Rom^ stands for intcrna

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