The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1934
Page 3
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25, 19B4- (AWt) 1 (JOtJftffcft fcfcfrS It's How They Act, Not What They Wear Smug Executives Awaken and Hasten Cleanup of Screen Productions BY DAN THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. June 25. — "We are making the kind of pictures the public wants." As far back as i can remember, such statements have been coming from motion picture executives But tiie rising tide of criticism against (he type of pictures we have today seems lo prove thai these executives either have misinterpreted the actual desires of the movie-going public or have Ignored (he feelings of an increasing army of sane-thinking customers. Their eyes glued on box. office receipts, Die executives fell thai the movie theater patrons approved Ihe polyglot pictures tht> producers chose to give the world But now those same tox office receipts, dwindling "fast despite sucl "popular 1 pictures, are enough 10 prove to the executives that they were wrong. In "Splendid Isolation" Up to ihe presenl time, the attempt to satisfy public desires ha gone no further than meaningless I statements. To pta it very bluntly, the film Industry's product has consisted of pictures which a flock of self-fnlisfied executives have warned lo give the public. Except in rare instances they haven't even attempted to find out a'hat the public wanted. Firmly entrenched behind carved mahogany desks, they have l>een the know-it-alls to whom the United Slates was just so much waste territory- Only the fact that it took loin- days to reach New York hy train made them aware of the 3000 miles between the two cities. Not once have they considered the HO.tKiO,- 000 persons in the vast area outside of New York and Los Angeles who for years have been paying their tremendous so|aj:ies. Now, after making empty statements for years, the film producers are about to act upon them They're going to make ihe kind of plciutes the public wants. Pubilr Is Victorious For several yeais a quiet battle j has teen raging between the pub- 1 lie and the Aim moguls. During ' the last few months this fight has collie out iniu the open and has grown Considerably in size. As a result, the movie heads have admitted defeat. In the future the public can dictate what kind of pictures It wants and get iliem. Studio ex ecutives are ready to promire lo throw every bit of fskh ofl the semen. In fact. th^L're ready lo promise almost anything lo gel people back into their theaters. Tne industry's oxvn censor coard. comprised of Joseph T. Breen, Dr. James Wingate and Geoffrey Shin-lock, has become tremendously active during recent months. Although some objection-1 able films still reach the theaters, they aren't one-half as bad as they were before being vlewc-d by hit censor board. barges ol indecency leveled Hollywood an 1 due not so n n the- .-.caniy iiliire oi rliorm rjiitie:; as lu ilii> Insinuation of noir.l. Uonclic-5 ngder the gulso >r "sophisticated entertainment." Mow: A bevy of chorines strike ii ictching jjo^o in a recent tuue- ~ilm. Right: Carole Lombard and landoiph Si'oil in a <;i77]ir.g love ,«-n? cln-zciip. Osceola Society — Personal 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD B C!r .•-: : ,.". • ...I ; Where Rain of Fire Killed Six, Stuck Finger in Rattler's PECOS. Tex. (UP) — Gilbert Whtleflelcl, fonr-ycars-olrt, of Py- otc, Tex., stuck Ills finger- Into a hole in the ground. The Progressive Club room in Ihe iiiillimise hen' 1 wns the scene uf in delightful midsummer party l-'ri- day iiliernoon when Mrs. J. H. l.ovfwell, Mrs. W. K. Hunt nnd Mrs. W. W. I'icwiU enleriium-d in IjiUijje complimenting Mrs. Hnghcy, ol AllanlUj Mis. 1-Ylum of llonslon, Ti'.xas, Mis. Km nk Crlltendcn. of i: ion. Tenn, houff^iicsts ol The looms WLMO drrorulctl in n prolusion uf downs lor the H-ccp- llon of ihc .'X-vt'iily-lwu tui'his.. which Included MIT;. J. P. Pride, I ul' lllyllH'vlllr, Mi.-, .limn Mcrrm, | ol Wilson, and Mrs. c. K. Hldi- auis, ul .St. l.ouls, Itn- latter in-ie for a visit wilh lu-r tiislfr. Mrs. C. H. Driver. MIT.. F. A. While was winner ol high score priH 1 , Mrs. Cii-o. coiii 1 uun second nnd Mrs. J. U. Driver third honois, Miss Maxine Urown >-ul consolation iavor and Mis. Tom Pate won low score pri/.e. Km-li of the honotres was piv- :i-med a gift. I " ' • I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hlr.mrm I cue parents ol a son born here j Sunday, June 17. al the home ol . Mis. Hluntuir.s griiiulninlher, Mrs. Hobert Ci<«<lK. Mrs. nianlon win In-fore her marriage, Ml l .s lU'rltm I Mr. and Mrs. Walker Hyde me parents of an IniaiU son, born j ul Ihe Meiluxlki hospital, Mem- ' phis, Wedni'sday, June '.'.O. Mr. and Mrs. Car] Frnnk oi Grliler had as thoir guests over Ihe week-end Mrs. Prank's mother, Mrs. K. 11. Uley ol Dmaiil, Miss., and her aunt, Mrs. Pogue, Mr. and Mrs. I. D. James inv j away on a vacation trip to l,ouls- [ihiia, Texas, Mississippi and olher 'routhern stntes. They will visit Mr. James' mother and brother In liLiton Rouge. Ui., and Mrs. James' brother In neaumonl, Texas. | Mrs. H. K. Hunt of Stanlon. :Temi., spent Wednesday here wltli her son. W. 1-:. liunl and Mrs. Hunt. She was iiccompank-d hy Mrs. Noble Hunt of Mixorii. Martha Ann liiu'cli. ynung Home ''aiighter of Mr. aiul Mis. H. A. i Hiircji, Is visiting iclalives 111 . Y. P. U. at Shady Bend Piani Picnic and Program MANILA. Aik.—The B. V. P. U. ol Shady Rend has planned a pic- ilc and program for Friday night, June 29, at the school house. Everyone Is Invited. There will be plenty to eat and drink, A fishing x>nd will help provide entermin- nent. The proceeds will go 10 the Sunday school and B, V. P. U. XX FIRE IN WINCHESTER., NEW HAMPSHIRE, WAS DISCOVERED FIRST BX A MAN ON AVT. GRACE, IN Mama Coyote Knew How to Handle Youag STEVENSV1LLB, Mont. (UP)- Anxlous mothers can learn how to make Iclds behave by watching a coyole on Carney Hlislps' rundi. I'holps said a mother coynte had five pups of belligerent nature. In order lo keep iliem from fighting, she moved inlo an old badger hole with five tunnels leading from the main shaft. By keeping one pup in each tunnel, "Ma" Coyole kept ihem apart, excepi al meal limes, when •he and "Pa" saw lo It that peaco ivas preserved. NlGHTHAWkS, BIROS THAT FUV MOSTLY AT NIGHT, MAKE THEIR, MIGRATION FLK3HTS 6V DAYi/Gf/r/ Mlaiatlnn fl'lglils ol birds vary with the species. Some travel al ulit, while others prefer to Imvel In daylight. The greater number prefer the former, howpwr, and un% the daylight hours for feeding. Sheriff Ended Stone Fence Building Contest BEND, Ore. IUPJ—Freil Ott. hitch-hiker who showed remark-, ble patience In atleinptlng to get ride, got 30 days In Jail Instead. Angered because motorists passel him by, Olt carrleti rocks and. mill a barricade across The/ Dalli'S-Callfornla highway 'near' iere. Highway Engineer George "-Jothman arrived ami • began lo clear the road. . Ott piled locks back nn'us fast- is Solhmaii removed them, until': ho sheriff stopped the contest. NEXT: inn Ihe IInw inwli r* every yr eirlh d» rlvtre al tlir llnltrd SUtrs uny ol St. Loiils aild Mrs. Bernle Booker of Milwaukee, Wls. noted Qerman expert on earthquakes, lo apply his knowledge Mrs. D. L. Conway led'Tuesday toward means of prevenllne dls- for Epps. Miss., where shf will »sters in Pennsylvania coal mines £|>cnd the sumtner months relatives. Will' Blackwood Jr., P«nl with He will apply geophysical prln- I clples to ground movement am •nd roof support In the mining fields lu Carutliersville, Mo., this week. Miss Edllh Sullivan, who lias bc-en -seriously 111 liospital, has retu here antl is improving slowly. Wrs. L. Honion has gone In McLeansboio, 111., lor a visll with her mother antl other relatives. Visiting Mrs. J. Charles Blackwood of UUle hock In his study. He also will develop arc here for a visit wltli theit Instruments for measuring uccu •nulls, Mrs. W. L. Moore and M*. j mulated streisses which cause slrali J. 1,. Williams. and ruptures In rocks during inln . ing 'opreations. 11 at a Memphis \ f , ' n . „ irned 10 tier HOUR' German ljuake txpert Engaged by Penn Collet* 1 A shurp pain caused him quickly witndraw hi 1 ; finger. A foui-fool rattlesnake had nipped his finger tip. Gilbert, was taken" to a Pecos hospitnl and given treatment. Phy-jday last week were slclans said lie would recover. 'Nonhelm and Mre. A. W. Roberts ''engaged. "Dr. Helmut Lanrtsberg, to c-ome, "she said STATE COLLEGE. Pa. lt)P>— Brid<(TMm Too But; ALBANY, Ore. lUPI — County i Clerk R. M. Russell was surprised I when Wanda Goodwin, IB. uppvur- at hls 0 [ tlce all(1 applied ( nr a Read Onurler News Want AOa. . D. Borutn one The School of Mineral Industries llcease to marry George Warren vevc Mrs. K. D.;at Pennsylvania State CoHege h«a'Hnwe. logger. Howe was ton busy Chilled By Frieldairu Sale - Sanitary CRAIGS DAIRY rhone 74 Theory Now Practice EVer since the formation ol the Will Hays organization, producers theoretically have had to abide by its decisions. However, this plan worked in theory only. Hays made suggestions and the producers followed them or not, as they pleased. Now Ihe Hays organization, of which Breen. Wingatf and Shurlock are a part, gives orders and they are obeyed. If the censor board pays a certain seene must come out of a picture, it comes out. ] Needless to say, even more drastic censorship must be imposed upon the movie makers. If they don't do ii themselves, it will b? done by outsiders. This has become apparent during Ihe last few- weeks. And the film industry, in order to avoid federal and stale censorship, if that can be done at this late date, is prepared to accept the strictest kind of censorship from its own members. • • * Tin- Church Sn*aJis One might wonder why, after doing things in tiieir own way for so many yeais, studio executives filially are ready lo do whatever the public desires. The answer Is the untried movement of rfligious organizations to clean up the movies. Such a combination Is one the movie Industry can't buck, and the heads of the buti- ntfs admit 11. There Isn't the slightest doubt today but that we are due for an era ol clean, wholesome pictures. The only question Is by whom Ihese films will be made. If our current executives don't fall In line very rapidly, they will be replaced with other executives who will make pictures the public wants. The film moguls have had their inning—now it's the public's mm zing gasoline showered firemen and spectators when two 20.000- gallon tanks exploded with terrific force as fire raged on (he Rirh- fleld oil lank farm on the outskirts of Jamestown, N. V. This photo shows the blaze al its height, with firemen withdrawn lo a safe dis- nnce after the blasts killed six persons, three of ihem firemen, and injured more than a score of spectators. Bride Nfissing In Poderjay Mystery CCC Workers Enjoyed Rattlesteak Course STEPIfENVlLLE. Tex. (UP) — 1 Rattlesnake meal is a tasty dish, j even if its name Is not so appe- I ti/ing, boys at the CCC camp here ' will testify. The husky crew, hungry as usual after spending all day .swing- Ing u-pound sledge hammers In a rock quarry, ale a recent dinner with obvious relish. The meal was all over before one of the cooks told them the meat course* was rattlesnake sleak. NEXT: Thomas stti cru- •ailt for a screen cleanup exleml- Ing to the private lives of famous blJIS. Healing rosts may be leduced as much as 15 per cent by planting trees around ihe house a r ; irindshisldz. Central figure in a piuillng later- national mystery Is Agnes Tufver- Eon. shown above In a hitherto un- publisbed photo. Miss Tiifver- SOD vanished shortly after Der marriage In New York lo CB|it. Ivan Poderjay, y>lio was being Held by Viennese police. Awoke In Ambulance NEW ORLEANS (UP)—When! William A .Kilpatrlck fell asleep while driving his automobile h» did nol awaken until he was en route to a hospital In an ambulance. His car hit a tree. How Cardui Benefits Middle Life Troubles; Strengthens Women "1 was in a weak.and run-down condition, passing through ihe change of life," writes Mrs. Nannie Bunnell. of Waco. Texas. "My appetite was poor and I was restless at night. One day, T decided lo try Cnrdul. After my fust bottle. 1 felt, tetter and stronger. I continued taking II until I had laken sis bottles, after which I felt well on Ihe road to recovery." During ihe change of life, a woman should be strengthened against the major changes that are taking place. Take Canhil. Thousands ol women testify Cardui benefited Ihem. If it does nol benefit YOU. consult a physician. —Adv.3CPl) Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance PIMM 197 makes everyone feel better makes everything taste better — does something good for tobaccos too , . . There is Sunshine in your Chesterfield—plenty of it —the Sunshine Chesterfield tobaccos get from our own Southland, the best tobacco country in the world. Even the bright golden color of these tobaccos tells you they're milder and taste better —they're full of the pure natural goodness the sun puts into them. Blend them with the right kinds of Turkish and you have Chesterfield. They Satisfy.

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