The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SKPTKMBER 9, 193G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NE\VS d 5, TIKI TO Unc!e Sam Fails lo Renew Coutracl for Jail Cave Heflc Federal prisoners, nwnllln? ti'lnl in the Joncsljoru division of Hie eastern district fcdcrnl court, IIIKO been removed Hie county Hero of jack London Story Pays Visit to Blythevillc Jack Lloyd, 08-yenr-old .soldier | n "hitch" In Hie French Foreign cf fortune, adventurer mill vet- \ Legion, was will) (lie White Legion cinn of many wins and icvolu- i in tile Ethiopian war bartc in '90, lions, was a visitor in Illylhevillc | In ihe Kough Riders In llio Spcm- PAGE THREE i.«h American, in the Doer war he Canada Will Control Cosl of Music Soon OTTAWA. Out. (UP)—The price of music In Canada will be controlled by Rovcrnincnt decree shortly. Under the new system, n scale of prices \vhlcli orchestras, choral bodies, dramntlc clubs or Indlvld- '"""••• . INI American, in the noer war lie „.,. ... ,.,.,, V. , ,,'"""'" He Is Ijound for the Cleveland joined Kllehener's outnt, In the „ .?„ ' ',' s "» l"e right to pcr- Exnosltion avier vlsllhiK tlic Tesns ! Htisslan and Jiii>nnreo nffnlr lie! i>°l fon ,,.°'',., ™» lrollc <l ^ the Centennial as the of Dallas was willi a Cossnek outfit, and! '.['"''" 8 . m jj llts , ° r ^< M « r E «> iiewspapeim™. hi [it,, world war was with the „ „„,.'.' ,' b) ' llll? Doinl '>A ne\»ai]er nmn nil nf hie lito i j .»iikh «prr^i cjm-vi™ bouinineiil. the A ncn-.s]Ki|ier man nil of his life, British Secret Service. jail here lo Helena with tile expiration of the contract of Slierilf Clarence II. Wilson to lodge the prisoners here and inability of tlu- county official and government agents to reach agreement c:i a new contract. Seven federal prisoner;; were transferred from the jail here to the Phillips county Jail at Helena Sunday. All federal prisoners in the Jfjuesburo division will be kept veteran has traveled In 51 Having traveled in 37 states in countries of the world and has [the past 11 months, Lloyd says written copy for more tlmn CUOO there Is no (xxsslule cliance for NOTICI- OP SAI.I; IN THE DISTRICT COURT OV 'I'M 13 U.MTKD STATES TOR THE JONKHHORO DIVISION ' newspapers. He has owned and Kcosevelt to loose, for everywhere ....... , ONr ., l . 1 , n ., r . ,,„„„,,,., n,Wished a do,cn papers. j the -little man," ihe man on Die w^rm ^AS'nHN n^mr?? He was the original "Uin-iilng! streets. Is for the re-election of; Q P ^K^^ DISi « Icl naylijjlit" of Jack London's lam-1 the president. As Jack puts it, tlie rll( ,,.„.. «.„?,, ?,' , , , ,. o«i story of llie Ala.skan country, j South. Hie West and the East! ^^K vv ,< !"' ' J"!",. r" All of tne minliiB Dooms of the | will I.e for KoosevcH, with -thej • )ulki " t " n " STO ' PLilnlllfs. wrsl in the eiiihlies and nineties i rioiilitlnl states being In tlie mid- cotton Fxclmiu.r." iinni- r !•„., kl '"'W ilim. i •.Miilnmil si-i'tlnn. ..„,, ., ' .." . ". '" . K< 1''" .VIIIIJIUII ftfUllUU. wars and revolutions have also Crop conditions .ye in taken up a bit of the adventurers belter from Memphis to Ulythc- ................. •—-••— "•"•"• •J'" lu » t> - '"«l like all good-soldiers of ville than ill nny other tection 'ciJZ'd «° feTT^ ^L'» ^j^i^iL^^ boro was condemned hv fWipmi J\U-\Vu Clijimei-s !Montreal Jobs Gain, And Lnmulrv Tn \ But Not for Girls boro was condemned by federal nnlhorlties aliout a year and tx lialf afjo and - the prisoners had been lodged here since that lime. Questioned regarding llie removal of the prisoners, Eddie B. .Uavid, deputy .sheriff and jailer, said that the government only wanted lo pay 55 cents n day for beard and loduin}; of the federal prisoners and wanted certain 1m- ..provenicnL'i on the jail and more detailed care. Tlie government under its old contract paid 75 cents a day for each prisoner, 25 ccnls less than Ihe dollar :x day allowed by (he county. Hayti Will CcFebT^e Paving of City Square HAYTf. Mo.—The linyli Lions club, eo-cpeialiiif: with business men mid other eilii'.ens of Havli, is planning a bis picnic on ThuiMlay eveninj. Sept,. 10. to celebrate UK- complcliun of tlu.- paviiu; of the city square. A Imbecile at North Side park at 5 o'clock will lie followed' by addresses en the square and a dance later at the Armory. (lie special guests who MONTREAL (Ul>)— The return of "betli-r times" is mincing, ln- .[•!.„ «,,,,,, ,,, 'stead of increasing, employment B^-^r^r ^ =^^ thc !iig Sislci ' will ,W y | nlB 'n inl> Knme(imt ! Semi-anmml staiistles of the Mil ileteimine the cliainploiislilp 1 association show thai in the first is m,™', i S ° ( , 'I' ICilgUC ' il six »">»»'••' ur I93(i lllc nssocl"""" icbair 1 S, ° f^.r.lL*?; '«''«' J*«.'«.'« «'*• »'"":"-! aundry To Meel On Friday Stale of Arkansas, lo-wlli The Southwest Quarter and nil that part of the Southeast Quarter lyhi't West of tin- Frisco liailroad nml Hard Surfaced lioad. All in Section l-'ive ' (51. 'l'o.vviislil|) Fifteen 05) north, Hange night (8) East. rcKUlav season In a (ieidkiek- f'nr '"'.',?,' • .. Enili sal ° wl " bp on n cl ' ecl1 first place with the exception of J? n5soc ,\ nUm } R( """^ lll °, ^ "»<* »">nths. and the pnr the game to be plaved Prldnv " OCll " C - l ° thc - f . Ml " lnt hollM r i rllnscr «'"' '"' ^uired to glv< i.iBhl The "ame rei"]v -imoi ,K i *"''*' W ' L " thC ' r '" COI " C " lerrascd ; bomi «'»], «l'l'™ved security nm to the iilavlne »or nr n IZ""' i nre - nWc . l °, employ experienced a lie,, will he retained upon th, plebaum. president of "the "league ,..,,,, Tlie two teams finished the m;^ , 15IJ in the .same period of nelt, Mo.. II. hi ,j,,,, n . s , j. w. McCain. Minni,. McCain. M S. Gibson and T. H. Moore, Defendants. Notice Is lu'ieliy (jlven (hat llie iindersiiiiif-d Special Master, in the above court, will, on Tuesday, October C. iiwii. at the hour of twelve o'clock noon sell ui. nubile vcndnc to the highest bidder, the I'tiltowitio dc.senbcd located . in Mlssis;;l|ipl County ,_ tl . n „. . -----., .> t iii-e noe 10 e np oy expe icnceo iv°h^ sz o z ( ^ed r;r r^ at thc ^ ™«* <ic - pire's decision mid (he protest was' upheld. Nn-Wa had won llie same from Laundry, subject to the OTTAWA, Out. CUP) —Amerl- land to up secure Ihe payment o the purchase price. Said sale will he held at the lro "' (1 ° 01 ' ot lllc County Court- hm , S( , ,„ • . — m iiiyiiiev cai« have coasumed more than, county, Arkansas. Jn^ a preliminary yanie the Jack' 7.SOO.OOO gallons of Canadian c lnt | of thc girls whisky during thc lust V<- years,; "" -" -'- rt figures Issued here reveal. I league will meet an nil-star girls team from Sleele. expor i,| yUlC ville, Mlsslsslpui "«»^'l>!« . c MUI UNIX ' S| ,eclai ' Master. 2-a-10-2'l In Yellowstone National Park. In j 1935, 11 Jackrabbit mother attacked i have l:een invited are Matthew! in S. Murray, ftate director of WPA.j JelTerson City; Congressman Orville /jinnueiman. Kennclt; Carl \V. Brown, chief engineer of {lie state highway deiJarlment. .lef- feison City: John A. Fortjiison, - puljlic service commissioner. Jef- fei-son Cih': Frank J. Neonan, chief engineer of tlie southeastern division, state highway dciiart- meni. Sikcston; Charles R. Blanton jr., WPA division administrator. Sikeston; A. C. Liu^ley and •Harrv Easlcy. WPA directors. Jefferson City; .Judge James Reeves. .CarnthersviUe;' 1 ''ilon .inn.":. -Iceniiett; Pennscbt County "Court Judges J. H.- Mi-«iii"'f. > and S. L. Robinson; S. V. M'Hllil). Cill'lll lltTM, !!.•; n. U. Fimpsi.n. s(?lc highway commis- | ;ioner. Cliarlestcn; \v. V. Connui and Clay Hunter. New Madrid; Ally. Hoy Harper. Carullicisville, and Al Biinkmau. of Wardell. Ti'o local committee includes H. B. Maslerson, chairman; T. II Jennings. I,, c. A'verill, John T. Buckley. Wllliarcl Ray and Lamm Thompson. six men. one of whom was i-.old- her yountr, Ciiiiiileil Clown Carries On ALAMEDA. Cal. (UP)—Despite the amputalion of hLs leg here, "Cho-Cho." the nationally known clown, has announced his intcn- lio of continuing his career. Under his real name of William Lea he has returned to his home at El Cerrilo to perfect new acts thai will only require one leg. yout .. _ . A/eW C/t/^rtJ koine tastefully furnished rooms Beautyrest mnttresses Simmons beds Comfortoblc chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms Those comforts are yours M"helher you occupy an DX- j pensive stiilQ or ,1 minimum priced room. And Ihe saint friendly an-J efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO. IUCOR?CKATED CARLIMG DINKIER PRESIOEIIT *I(0 CtMSAL KAKUCR The flnsley ATLANTA The St. Charles NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH The Tutwiler BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY Andrew Jackson NASHVILLE , y (*THtST.CHflRLES. i; WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhoul CaloQel—An j You'll Jcoi; Oul cf Btd in ihe Morning Raiin' lo Go The liver should r»ur out two pounds of tiriuEcl bile into your Iwwcla daily. If ll.isbllo is not fiowiiik- freely, vourfcxxiriocsn'tdlxcdl. ]l juat«!eeiiya [n the bowela. Caa blouLi up your Ktornneti. You i*et con9li[>ated. Your whnlcsystem is iw.isonwl fin<] you feaJ iour, sunk an.i the n-orl.l look A punk. I^xal.ived tire only nuk«aiiifl3, A mcro fcmvel rnovL'jiietLtdwsn'L «ul av Ihti cause It takes th<ni»KVoil. uM Carter's.I.iUle Liver PtlHto'c^tthMc two [wutnlaof bile flowing frtcly and intikeyun rei-l"uimai! up". Harm- loss, nitlllc. yulnmtuinclit mokiiiir liih»lloiv frwly. Ask fwrCnrtcr'n UUlu Liver I'iLta liy name. Stublwrnly rofuse a.jylhinK el^it. 25c. f I 0 II N D E E R E FARM WAGONS AND TRAILERS .1 I''AU,S 'I'O PAY 1i).'!li - I!):i7 - lil.'IS NO FINANCE CHAKC.'KS IIVII»LKMI<N r co. "The John Deere Knfl I,inc" lilyllievillo. Ark. ]>| U)nc ,;. 1( ) if or over a month now, we've Leen sliipjiing ouj the best whiskey lliat ever wore the Cra!> Orchard Inhcl. Riper, smoother, older Crab Orchard-and we didn't dare say a word. You sec, Crab Orchard is so popular that every dealer needs l>> lie supplied —mid it tnkes time to cover them all. But now u>c con tell you: THE GOOD NEWS !S RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE / J-'rcry drop in Jft_monthn fi>-f ?:'rprv drop h Top-Rim ir/mAcy /i'rrrvrfrop i.' 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