Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on June 6, 1945 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 6, 1945
Page 6
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v. June 5, in eenker Quits; Menze ISC Sport Head AMES DAILY TRIBUNE President Charles Friley Announces (Change; Resignation Effective July 1 1 Menze Steps I George P. Veenker, director tyi ti)leticB and head of the depart - ment ol physical education (or men j at Iowa State College since 1933 ( has resigned effective July 1. He ! will be succeeded by Louis Monzc, head basketball coach at the col - ! lege for the pas! 17 years. i The simultaneous announcement j of Veenker's resignation and the appointment of Menze to the post ! was made this morning by Dr j Charles E. Friley, president of the 1 college, following approval by the I Stale Board of Education, 1 Veenker disclosed no plans for I the futuro except thnt he whs i j ing to "take a rest for awhile." Coming to Iowa State Col lege In 1931, enker i as head footba years. He was named to position of professor of P eal Education and directc athletics In 1933, under guidance, the college re from 23 . the present 460 Fin clal condition within the department Improved and the calibre of athletic teams has developed to the point that championships have been coming regularly. Veenker haa also built up a fine athletic staff during his tenure as athletic director. Prior to coming to Iowa State College, Veenker received his football coaching experience at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He Is a member o( the National Football Rules Committee and the National Advisory Board for Six Man Football. Louise Menze, came to Iowa State in the fall of 1928 as head basketball coach. He has produced Big Six basketball champions the last two sessions. In alt, he has coached four Big Six basketball championship terns ' while at the Cyclone school. A graduate of Central Missouri State Teachers College In 1923, Menze moved on to Central high school, Kansas City, Missouri where he coached tor 9 years. Dur Ing World War I, he was a captain In the Infantry GRAYSON'S pELEBRATING his 30th birthday, the distinguished Exterminator Vji still appears hale and hearty. He seemed to enjoy the birthday cake provided for him by his owner, Mrs. Willis Sharpe Kilmer, at Briar Court, Binghamton. He also appeared to i tvel in the presence oi nunareas oi cmiaren of the neighborhood who came to pay him court. The actual foaling date of a thoroughbred is seldom noted except in his registration papers, all race horses becoming a year older on January 1, but Old Bones is an exception. He always was an exceptional horse. The popular old gelded son of McGee - Fair Express, according to general estimate among horsemen, approximates the age of a 90 to 100 - year - old human, but. Exter - rrdnator holds his age well. He's not as trim and rounded as he vas in his heyday, but Peter H. iCurran, farm manager at Sun 'Briar, says they now chop his hay for him because his teeth are Iworn pretty smooth, but his an - 'petite is good and he still romps in the paddock with his pony companion, Peanuts III. He has outlived) three stable companions EXTERMINATOR raced 100 , times, in eight years, won 50, 'including 29 stakes, and piled up 'a winning total of $252,996 big money in his day. When Uncle Henry McDaniel U. S. Senator HORIZONTAL 0 Unusual 1 Pictured U. 1 Likeness Sr. senator VERTICAL from Maryland, 1 Injure 13 Soft drinks 2 14 Great Lake 3 Loan IS Escort 4 Left side (ab.) 18 John (Gaelic) 5 Soak if Begins 6 Depict " Vr ' weary 20 He holds the 8 Still tnsunguisnca a Ibidem (ab.) Servio TO Roman us emperor 23 He also holds n Swiss town the Distin - 12 sips guished Ser - "n Spill vice 1 8 Mark 25Type of moth 21 Point a 26 One (Scot.) 27 Impress .30 Wash lightly 34 Office of War Information fab.) 35 Tree 36 He fought In V. - the first '; wr '9$ Impure metal H&?. Either Up Alter 17 Years Here In addition to being head ketball coach, Menze has sc Iowa State College as freshman football coach, varsity baseball coach for 5 years and varsity foot ball end coach for 6 years. Menze also had the distinction al coaching the 1927 and 192S Kan sas City Athletic Club basketball teams. They were finalists In the 1928 National A. A. U. basketbaV tournament. Cyclone Tennis Match Cancelled Inclement weather last week end caused the cancellation of a scheduled tennis match between Iowa State College and Gustavus - Adol - phua at St. Peter, Minn. No future date has been set as yet. The Cyclones have wins over Gustnvus and the University o( Mlnnes:a and have one loss at the hands oC the University of Chicago. SCOREBOARD took Sun Briar to Churchill Dovvns in the spring of 1918, the winter book favorite would not extend himself in early workouts. McDoniel reported to Willis Sharpe Kilmer that Sun Briar might perk up If he had a horse to run with him. So Kilmer bought Exterminator for S 12,000 from J. Cal Milam. Kilmer almost threw a tit when he saw the scrawny iiaa. About a week later Sun Briar's legs went amiss, and against his better judgment Kilmer sent Old Bones to the post instead of to a livery stable. Exterminator electrified the turf world and astounded the experts by winning nt 30 to 1 in a phenomenal stretch drive. third 17 times each, was unplaced only 16 times. He was retired in 1924, to spend the twilight of his life in case and luxury. It's been a long twilight. Over the years turf fans have sung the praises of many horses, greats of today and of the past. But they worshipped Old Bones. weapon 44 Press 24 Brazilian coin 45 Harvest 27 Plant 46 Companic 28 Double 47 Atop 29 Ventilate 49 Turkestan 31 Negative word mountain a rteposed range 33 Piece out 50 Cipher 37 Ship's record 51 Level 38 Pulled 54 Essence (ab.) 39 Average 55 Choose 40 Limb 58 Doctor (ab.) 43 Fortune teller 60 Right (ab.) IJSJlulclpl lRlIAI.lprlol yarns are true, also, because Fifth division, and the "Courage pTgrrf Irt?Bl Dempsey has been friendly with and Fidelity March" tor the 10th 9mVW. - A ''lis INlorf r ft 1 - t'tsjy hundreds ot persons of Importance infantry. After the Normandy in - V'f 9 ISTvaTTBW. ' ' 1 at least In their own communl - vaslon of the current war. he was I. 4:.'S1 .jBjg FRA5ER. I er. It often is hard to distinguish nearly a year In hospitals. - 6 PhIT - ,1, l iT1''" Kj the genuine from the false. As a professional boxer In his IJe Iggfjjc 1 a ajgjl Fr P'6' we mct a Demp - younger days he fought in the 1 t 5t 5 It n 18 I H (io h It - ! 6 ir a BJ55 T7n p?pp:E mTTTTTTTTXrni Announces Ames A - L Jr's Ball Schedule for '45 The 1945 playing schedule for the Ames American Legion Junior baseball team was announced today by Coach Ralph Hutchison. The schedule: June 10 Jefferson here June 17 Huxley there June 2 - Mason City here (doubleheader) July 1 Huxley here July 4 either the Fort Dodge the Tama Indians here July S Collins here (double - header) July 15 Mason City there (doubleheader) July 22 Collins there (double - header) July 29 Fort Dodge there August 5 and 12 both open with angemenls being made to se - e Jewell and Radcliffe to filll those dates. who claimed to be Warrant cor Band Leader Harry Brni known to his friends as "I "I rs, Including the Purple He said ho was 55 years old, he would be retired on Ho was a fat fellow, packing about 210 pounds on a flve foot sevci frame. He had reddish - brown hair In addition to being a clos friend of Dempsoy, our acquaint plain of th football team at Fast High in Cloveland i:i 1905 nnd 1905; left end at Stanford university 1910 and 1911; featherweight and lightweight Inlorcolleglnto boxing champion ot the l'Biific coast; (4) a prominent western light weight who had fought 'ich note - worthies as Aurcllo Herrern, Joo Rivers, Johnny Soulli, and tho Immature Harry Oroh; (fi) a K0K wrltor who had compospd snch plect - s (is "Love Is a Song," "Ynu Aro the Oue," ".YYotidsrlul Julv 22 Collins there (double - 'he nintn to Hand the White box ' . I header) a i! to 1 defeat at Chicago. Al clauses, the blacklist will read I Julv 29 - Fort Dodge there Wools) Hollingswo, th, Brownie "e a who's who of movieland Li cure Jewell and Radcliffe to filll ihu"' , And a word about George Veen - those dates. I The studios claim production haB m"", aT'lUm Softball Drills h - ZT? ZTlZ TLuZTLV rwup u c,Ears m hec - . , r - p after the YauLees took the opener '."He over jurisdiction of studio set s vinnhit'in The gainnlorM ir - c cimh - Put rnnn; safest In Oneil 1 OmOlTOW v m 1 .. ,.11,. Vnn - eii out nn lecovatorn. However, the striking bt!llB Manhat:an. J ho gainol POLICE FIND THE GOODS r'd 'rT , 1 , UUW , L by .he rour. contends that many a luovi - Hc1 13 10 13' Lewl.ton. Me. - (ttn. - Atter nn - Members ot teams already on - ' bj the White box. (.mined ' ' .,, ,, Never a very flashy type, In successfully searching three sus - tered and any one else interested " rC8t ,0 P,U'Tatlsc of a lac'k of skilled help. s"ite of his long association with pects for $132 in stolen money. In playing soft ball In a league ' " ' nlne - nmei . Michigan's "Hurry - Up" Yost, who police found the cash wedged be - open in Ames this year will work ' - e second time In a week mnrrlofl to Adams N'ov. 2r, 1043. knew bow to produce champion - hind the seat cushions of the out tomorrow night at the dia - Goodwin Rosens extra buse hit - H(1 js slatione,i at Terminal ship teams and headlines, Veenker cruiser In which the men were niond just south of the Fall Oil '" 'M" the Dodgers to a ,RlaBn. Calif. v. as the type or director wkh whom 1 brought to headquarters. He told an Interesting story. We'll the ring after two technical let the reader he his own lnvestl - knockouts because he cut too cas gator to determine If the yarn ily about the eyes, were true. He had natural rhythm In the It happened like this: ring and as a musician. He learned Wo mct a man In army uniform to toot a trumpet, because it was Major LeagueCollegetown Roundup Golfers Drop W. L. York 25 16 Detroit . 20 16 Louis 19 17 Chicago 19 19 Boston 1 19 20 Cleveland 17 19 Washington IS 22 Philadelphia 15 23 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. New York 27 15 PlUsbuigs 23 17 .575 St. Louis 23 IS .561 Brooklyn 22 19 .537 Chicago 19 IS .514 Cincinnati 19 19 .500 Boston 15 21 .417 Philadelphia 10 31 .244 BY CARL LUNDQUIST United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK KM!) Just how well the up - and - coming Cleveland Indians fare in a game of "give and tako," with the war effort rested 1 iday upon the shoulders of 35 - year old Melvin Leroy Haider, a winning pitcher in all but Tour of his 17 seasons with the Ohioans. Harder, who left a war plant ith draft board blessing under re laxed selective service regulations, steps Into the spot vacated ) - rookie Charloy (Red) Embree, ho made his valedictory appear ance one to De remembered last night by shutting out the Detroit Tigers on six hits, 9 to 0. Alter the game Embrcc left for Califor nia to be inducted into the armed forces. It Harder, who Is noted for his ability to get into condition quick ly, is as good as ho has been ir the past, the Indians should havi no worries. Last year, despite th mediocrity of the Indians, he wor 12 and lost 10 io bring his life time major league mark to 20! s - ictorics against 171 defeats. Pinch hitter Joe Schultz, third string Brownlo catcher, singled h the ninth to hand the White Soj a 2 to 1 defeat at Chicago. A (Boots) Holllngswoith, Erownh veteran, pitched a three hitter lot hsi best performance of the sea cheaper to buy a truni piano, although he 1 yearned to be a piano player. i friendship w Dempsey In IMS, during a Shrln convention in Los Angeles, he provided Jack with hard - i tickets for the Shrine pagcan said ! nut In STARLET PLANS DIVORCE Hollywood (HI!) Latin Starlet Llna Vtomay reveals that sho plans lo divorce Seaman First Class Jack Adams, ,1 former I,os Angeles investment banker. The songntress, oneo a vocalist for chcslia Leader Xavler ducal, the daughter of the Mexican siilate - griipral nt I lnlt"'. nnil. Mitis Homny, who 'Is 23, Downtown Team In the first of a series of Intra club golf marches at the Ames Golf Country Club, the "College - town members defeated the downstown" eolfors hv the close core of 19 to 16. Twe ight golfers braved the cold Sunday morning at 9 a. m., to hold the honor of their respective n of Ames. its" Flanker - posted the low 1 score for the day. The col legetown golfers under the direc - or Cy Taift were represented Harry lloegh, Ed Earger, Bud , Francis Huntley, Bob Pen - quite, "Andy" Anderson, Er,nio Hober. "Pete" Peterson, Bob Phillips, Ivor Johnson, Dave Lantz, larvey Lantz Sr., Bill Faust and Cy Tatt. e downtown group ge of Rozy Rozeboom includ ed Ben Sevey, Roily Brooks. "Fat" Flauker, "Champ Champlin, Dr Gulden, Max Shipley, Cam Sloss. se Carter, Clark Tilden, Bur Cottingham, Andy Roger Alley, A. V. Swanson, anc . Sucher. return match will be played tii,' , luh ill be . ranged with near - by clubs Union Threatens to Blacklist Stars Who Cross Picket Line HOLLYWOOD U.i;i Movie stars Hollywood's 12 - we( tudit triko are threatened with a na - ionwide union blacklist. Herbert ioi - eII, leader of the striking AF if L Conference of Studio Unions, Many a worker, who once stepped on his own starter, today counts himself lucky when nohody steps on his toes in a jam - packed 'bus or trolley. Accustomed to shorter hours, he is surprised at his strength and skill to perform the more difficult tasks of a wartime day. It is his ambition to produce and produce and produce and thus hasten the day when our valiant youth will work by his side again. Yes, everybody has been more weary in wartime than ever before, Or li ron was ANHEUSER - BUSCH SPORTS L Hang! Bang! That': Vcenker Resigns. Menzo Appointed, the way the athletic at iairs a Iowa State college are handled. None of the months of specula tlon, promoting and bickering that precedes such a move at other Institutions just a simple b ness - like action that makes change with as little publicity possible. We klnda Uko that method of doing it. There was a tlui we used to like the oth' There was a time wh there still are places win appointment of an athletic direc tor assumed the aspects, almost oi an election of a god. or somo thing. Happily, Iowa State college au orlties don't give the motto ich more publicity than would b ven the appointment of the new ad of the department ot history and government or mathematics. irally, In such resignation ppolutnicnl. there is bound to he a disappointment for some - . Assuming that there never any thought of bringing in au slder for Veenker's post, there e two strong choices for the Job. One was Louis Menzo who got the Job. Another was Harry Schmidt, who didn't get it. Both are good men. We'd feel equally happy if Harry Schmidt had been chosen. Both Louie and Harry are the type of persons to whom the term "swell guy" applies equally well. By Bernie Kooser Wearily we roll along . , But we'll keep on rolling the fans couia sit back and rela that could be done. 3's built up the physical part e athletic plant tremendous ly and also the Intercollegiate program. I've enjoyed working with him and have a vast amount of respect for him and I'm going to call on him for help as long as he's around." Menze, Incidentally, will con tinue to coach basketball in addition to his new duties for the pres - Story City Jiy unve tioim Mr. and .Mrs. L. B. Laiyrence and little son, Leslie Don of Chicago, 111., and Herbert Dcwall PM1C and wife of Staten Inland, N visited relatives here and near Stratford on Tuesday last week. MrH. Lawrence (nee Mario Sevei - son) and Mrs. Dewall (nee Alvlna Severson) are daughters of S. K. Severson. Bom to Ensign and Mrs. Herbert Donhowe. a son, Paul Kor - mit on May 31, at Mary Greeley hospital In Ames. Ensign Donhowe is on duty In the South Pacific. Mrs. L. C. Habrs spent Memorial Day in Roland. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johnson enjoyed a visit from their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth llackfovd and children ot Down on Sunday, last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jensen of Des Moines were Memorial Day visitors here. Ruth Larson of Des Moines spent the weekend here. The J. A. Bissell family moved Friday to Des Moines where Mr. Bissell has accepted a position with the A and P Bakeries. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Thors - bakken and family of Alden were Memorial Day visitors here. Mrs. S .J. Ncssa enjoyed a visit last week from her niece, Mrs. Alden Holland and husband of WhlUier, Calif. Other visitors in the Nessa home were Mrs. A. H. Rogness and sous Bob and Merle of HuUiven. E. H. Mathison, father of Mrs. Rogness. who has been visiting at the home of his sister, Mrs. Nessn, returned to Ruthven with them. t not forgetting that patient Mother who is first on the job before breakfast. And, who of us isn't determined to carry on to total victory? If America hadn't had the spirit to pull together, if we hadn't sharpened our wits, if we hadn't surprised ourselves with our own sinew and self - reliance, we might feel uneasy over whatever trials may lie ahead. As it is, we can be grateful for our war - found capacities which will help the young folks get started in the sort of a world they want. jLili Damita Begins N6rses' Aide Work Hollywood Tempcstu - LIU Damita, the French born ex - wife of Actor Errol Flynn, begins nurses' aide work today in Hollywood's Sawteelo veterans hospital. Miss Damita arrived In the film capital yesterday with her four - r - old son, Sean Flynn. Howev - the former screen actress says she does not plan to appear in court on Flynn's suit for declaratory relief from a tax - on - tax for r $1,500 a month alimony. As she puts it: "Errol has pri ority in court over me. The only information I have that he is suing me 1b from news stories." Kelley Continued from Page Five) gift from the church In appreciation for his faithful ser - ce in the church and Christian league. Billy was president of the league since It was first organized. Wolf oi Ames has opened the Kelley D. X. station again and is ready to servo the public. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lowell Accola and Glen Accola were Friday evening dinner guests at the Norman Gtel - ler homo In Alleman. Mary Osterhaut and Helen Carroll were guests at the 4 - H club meeting which was held at the Carl Hanson home Friday. The Happy Hearts 4 - H club plans on attending the 4 - H club rally at Nevada Friday. Mrs. Merlo Ruby and daughter of Ames spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swanson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finch, Al vin and Joan were Sunday dinner guests at the Fred Finch home. and Mrs. Earl Johnson and family of Creston visited Monday and Tuesday at Oie Ed Johnson nd Tom Holland homes. Mrs. Charley Finch and daughter spent Tuesday night and Wednes - Des Moines as guests of Mrs. Carolyn Spooner and daugh - and Mrs. Roger Crabtree and children oi Wilton Junction, Mrs. Rodney Sage of Washington, and Merritt Bailey and daughter are visiting this week at S. Crabtree home, and Mrs. Howard Jones call ed on Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Finch Sunday afternoon. 50 - YEAR - OLD EGGS FOUND London IU.E) In the center ot a tree being sawed up at Klngs - Innd, Herefordshire. workmen found a nest of five eggs, perfectly preserved, and said to be 50 yeaTs old. Si.i most ot o" tired than iiwaf iWicri they finiih tach vaitlmc day, a told of golden, foaming BuduelKT U wtUomt torn - pardon in n moment of relaxation and it make! simple, u - artim meah Uutt better. SAINT LOUIS

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