The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1945
Page 3
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l'JS'D A Y, FEBHIJ A ft Y- -j i Liberated Men Reach Moscow Americans Hitch-Hike To Safety Following Escape From Germans MOSCOW, Fell. 21 (UP. The MB [rattle in Poland nnd eastern Gcrmnny still is Berlin-bound. But every now and Ihcn an empty H'uck or train heading the other way stops to pick up a group of ragged, hungry figures. American war prisoners on their way t o Moscow, and eventually home .More-than 125 GIs, freed by'the Russian offensive, have hitched their way lo the Soviet capital and other groups still arc roam- insr eastern Europe heading the long way home. Three of the men, Capt, Ernest Gruenberg; of New York city captured in Normandy, Heiit John -Demoting Jr. O f Winston Salem, N. G., taken at Anzfo an Lieut. Frank C'olley of Washlii" ton, Ga., who fell into Gcrma hands in Tunisia, havo told the! stones to American corrcsiiondpiit In Moscow. None of them tell of aclun German • brutality, but they tel of starvation ami ill-treatment One says that German Rod Cros girls once refused to serve soup t prisoners because there were Jew ish men In the group. Anotlic says that one camp was nick named "Starvation Manor" for otj vious reasons. But (he biggest story to their Is how they were rescued Captain Gruenbcrg tells- tin High School Students Of 1921 Had Decided On Their Careers . story. .. He, Demllng and Co n e , • ' "•••'& ttiiu WUllti' were in a German convoy heading west when the Russian offensive overran the Nazis. He says "We and the Poles vert ecstatic with joy." Tlie - j, •""*•£ and danccc all night." Bui he adds, "Tlie Russians didlit stop. They, kept rolliiiK westward on giant Stalin tanks and Sherman tanks, Studebakcrs and jeeps." Every now and then a Russian officer who spoke EIT>- h'sli would say, 'You stay put We ilo not have time lo .stop We're going to Berlin'." Gruenbcrg and other American doctors helped in Russian field hospitals until the battle passed beyond them. Then a Soviet officer ' ' . told them they could split up and start for Moscow-Moscow which meant safety and home. But some Yanks weren't ready to give up tile fight. A Captain Dunkleberg particularly, a glider field artillery officer of the 101st Airborne Divisions, which won its spurs at Bastognc, attached himself to a Russian unit and. headed back for the front. It took Gnienberg-, Demling and Colley H days to reach Moscow And they-say : they passed other groups of Yfinks. including a Lieutenant Wiildnian of Clcvclant! Heights, Ohio; a Colonel Cans of Hendersonville, N. c. r and War Correspondent Wright Bryan of tile Allanta Journal on their way Now, dressed in new uniforms and well-tfedj thc former u'nr prisoners are awaiting for a boat which will lake them back to the States. Klecl Woman Doorkeeper CONCORD, N. H. (UP) - Miss Annette Lcclerc, a 28-year-old insurance agent in Berlin, has become the first woman ever elected doorkeeper in the New Hampshire Legislature. "f want to bo a lieutenant In the United States Navy", wrote Mclvln Crowe 24 years ago, when, as n member nf the sophomore class In lllylheville High School, he was asked to fill In n questionnaire submitted by the Blythcvlllo Chamber of Commerce to all lileli school students. Well while he didn't quite fulfill that wish, the patriotic yonnir student came dose to It. for he now is serving his country as an ciwign In the Merchant Marine after having sailed the seven sens for many years prior to thc war Several of (he questionnaires selected, ns the best received from high school students still are In possession of the Chnmber of commerce, and make interesting read: ing to those who were then, anil •still are; acquainted with their signers. In answer to the question, "As a future citizen, what do you suggest that the Chamber of commerce undertake for the Improvement of Blythcvllle?", Ensign Crowe, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. w M Crowe of Huffman, wrote- "Oil (lie streets, improve the sewers, and fix a gymnasium for [he boys, and also provide a swimming poo!" Wanted to lie a Doctor Arden Crowder, now Captain Crowder of the United Slates Army and at the time a freshman m high school, expressed Ills desire to be a doctor, in answer to the question "Do you prefer to remain permanently, in. Blythcvillc, and if not. why not," Captain Crow- der.wrote, "I don't think I win remain in Blythevllle because it Is ™. n IM A ' B00<1 Bymnaslum and public library were- among l,j s - recommendations for> Improvements ! A boost in,lhc-price •• of cotton and. to encourage people-to eat more sweet potatoes were the-two filings Paul Byriim, well known implement' dealer-of Blvtheville expressed as his desire- 'for the Chamber or Commerce to undertake to as=lst. him in his chosen lire's work of plumbing or farming He ±* ^^'"h' U ' c .P"*"*' of agricultural course in the schools, "I'd urged that the Chamber ol Commerce lend money lo farmers for necessary improvements. Mrs, Hoy Calvin, who as Lorinc Hargett-, plnmiwl lo be n designer of hats, now is employed at the Ulythcvlllc Army Air Field. She, too, thought the town should have i> public park and a free library. To be n designer of clothes was ilie ambition of Mrs. lloyd Stlrk- moii. nee Mary Senior Hnicy, while her husband, a wll-known colton buyer of Ulyllicvlllc. planned to become an electrical engineer, liolh '"'Bed n public library, n park nnd more paved- streets for the town. I'l.imird Ait Career • Miss Tabllha Sudbmy. who now Is connected with Miss Whltsltl or ss s iop. planned to become n traohe art, painting and Illustrating while Mrs. Jo-se Taylor, the form er Gladys Hardln, w as to be music teacher. Both believed lh Chamber of Commerce should con- 1 ,1 n clcail -'i|> campaign, pav ' , osllU>llsh n Mrs. Roy Sknller, . Hosenthnl, Epeci As a member O f' the freshman class. Pcl -ey Wright, now city attorney wanted to be a wireless op <i ° llble ' i lie Would rnm e remain permanently in Blythevillc is there is no commercial wireless station here." Among fife supees- ions for the improvement of t h c °™ ' r - WfiBht urged ihe abol- - Contdml 14% alcohol^ PJeaJan! tficiry flavor, lotlitied lj>r jhol t u rnpy,r<") edge" leejing.- : t cutting of weeds on Main Street' Headed Westward. n , H "™ a " Taylor, now an employee or the Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, expected to become a w ^ {? rnier ' anri '"tended to go West. He urged that the Chamber of Commerce have a clean-up campaign and establish a first class swimming poo) for the school Harriett Brown, w l, 0 now is Mrs. Earl Sullivan of Blytheville, cx- 'ected to go as a missionary to ""lie foreign country. She exnrcss- her desire for public library 'a gjmnasium. home economics class- s in the schools, and a city rccrca- 'on pui'k 1 . life-long ambition to be a good icr has been realized bv B'Otis Koonce. who, as a member of the leiliniHn class, expressed a desire o pursue that vocation. He reco, - rcndcd thej>sUibllshment of nn Millions Switch To~~ Mutton Suet Idea For Chest Cold Aid Helps Break Up Colds' Local Conge j. Jion—Checks Coughing Many mothers all over America are switching to this idea o£ getting: fast reliof foi- these chest cold miseries. They are simply following Grandma. For years she counted on mutton suet to help carry her home medication to do its pain-eas- •:ing work on nerve ends in the skin, fsb many more now welcome^ Grandma's id.ea as improved by. science-f-Penetro, with its multi- medicated formula in a base containing mutton suet—that acts both as counter-irritant and pain-reliever when you spread it on, and as a soothing aromatic when breathed in. And so today Penetro hurries alonp newer help in the old reliable way—help that eases painful misery, lessens coifghing, loosens Phlegm, soothes chest ri™ e ss-so that you can rest more comfortably and give nature a chance to restore vitality. That's why millions are switching to Penetro today—why "raspsts are recommending it 25c, double supply 35c. For all y? ur f ara .' ilys chest cold miseries, be sure you K et white, easy-to-use Penetro then Prance a dB?lrc to nine in on e of lno fine arts recommended the ostnbllsh- of a [jood conservatory am visit the town frequently Music also was to be ihe ltf c work of Mi's Selma Salllm who likewise urged the establishment of n line school ,,f mns | c lu Blvtheville s n ±^ n NorrF^u IO '! 0lwl!iMl '' ; i. won is, city editor of the News, planned to become n I fiat interior Igning should Uv ,,,„ i school in addition lo domestic arts course.' . Ensinecrlng. For I!u c kley Dienms of heing „„ cl( 4. Jra| nnOni / "! C Earl B »*ley, local Tt ' P T? f01 ' " lc ' mst sc ™<-- nl years d cc ide tliat he would not r !„ Blytl.oville, as "11 ere is ° 1 ' lnc " Of t!lk '' r °- -, r ,, aL thc Universi- of Richmond, Richmond Va P aimed as a high school s'opho- ? ' ° ^ C f,°" le a stwl: f«""cr. ^"J urged Hint the Chamber of Commerce have „ Smilh-Hughes mar added lo the faculty of the local high school. Mrs. Smart, the former Eleanor Ferguson, wanted lo be a social service worker, and thought Bly- thnv i le would be improved by thc addition of a public library and recreation park. . Interior decorating and dress designing were to b e Hie life work of Ruth Mnhan, who now Is Mrs w. B. Tanner of Helena, she weed :hc establishment of these couigcs the high schoof. Mrs. Mary Brooks tee (.: Jui,^- toro planned to become a librarian, DON'T SUFFER with coittn* muscio aclica nnd eoro throat. Tnko Ki. Joscjih As]>ifLi, foj - quick relief. \VorM'sInrt!CS(.»c]!ornt 10,'. Lig UK) t:il>- Ictcizo only 35f. Out, St. Joscjih Asjmin. are "SPIRIT-LIFTING" Several Pair NON-RATIONED MEN'S WORK and DRESS SHOES at 25% Reductions (O.P.A. Release) * * Joe Isaacs, lnc, Fair Dealings Since 1902 Ik» jplrif of new lif,, y oui i, an j : 0 n«ls fairly bros'tai In th;, BEQU Brurnmell lolo.^'s S i" u ™ 9 - °' " 45 - - Tlicip 9lorIoU! ityling and conilruction irr'e 1 °il a bly''«n. "f{. «v»-oppeol into buy-appeof. A •hiking iclcclion of S prmg.f, es K , p l,;». lifli>.g 8cau B leloctiorr. $1 to 3,50 Joe Isaacs Incorporated Sergt. Armstrong Of Del! Awarded Fourth Cluster M KIa »'l'H Alii FOnCK 130M- litli bTATION, ENGLAND— TVcll. If'i? , CIl!il ' k> s S. AnnstrotiB of IXM1 luis been decorated with a fouilli Onk Lcnf cluster to his Air Mediil for "meritorious ncliicve- I'U'iit on more than a score of (•rantat missions over Europe with me JSlsl lionibaidnu'iit Group. A B-n Flying Fortress top tur- »l BUiiiH'r. li,, j ms lakl , rt , rt ,„ LouWng attacks on Sehweinfiirt, Munich. Mcrscbin-B. Kiel, Uulwlft- 't.v.y'i.'r' p"™ 01 "" 1 ' Socsl,' Knssci, r "''• CoI °B'»>. M'umlu'lm. Hinuovw, niflefleid, nfimstur,, sterkrade and other vt- •nl enemy Installations. •nil' dtnllon nrfompnnylns his •»"<! rcn d !„ part: 'The courage, co» nns „,,„ .,„,„ <„,,„ ( b t ,« |s ' eulMed man upon these occasions , n n t V' c ' U cml " "'»» '"""self " 1 Sam Snead Wins Despite Penally Shows Sportsmanship By Calling Penalty Stroke In Tourney ntuS'l"! , A :" 1S(rang ' 24 years old, I'M m " Sl1 schools M !>» nm Ark n ™ V," 1 ,' 1 WflS " sUu1 ™ 1 ' "<• S Slnlc coll< -'e p '» Janes- lhc '"'"'>• J"'«s 9. When night Iliott n. sartaln of Osccola want- it lo become a commercial busl- •ss man. and Dr. John r Alltson of Si"'? 0 hns rilllllk ' (1 " ls <lrc«. of becoming n dentist who'h.T °", rksllnl " of *V>H Smith, nil K lr'n°" S Of ^'"K "'» l''« I k u . ?"]' nlso lras rralbl!lt i* wish hnrtng for many years' tonii conneclcd with Port Smllh' iciuiing newspaper. And. although life i,as not " ° f yo ""'' s d nl, ,,, ust or lh concr ', • MK tons an d recommenSa lo,, "lade for ihe Improvement of their ° lCdn11 ^ WU " ha of llie Blythevlltc library, Wnlkcr park . paved street.,, „ , nn " r ,; imn. and „ ]areo rt . l IT, Mls.s,, Feb. 21 (UIM IHIl-Wlly niblick swliigw' West VlrRlnlu, sluiiimliiB •. imiiy Siii'nd, won n butch of new irli'Dds lust Mnnduy w hpn lie ,.i- "'I'ti'il Byron Nelson In an extru- jj«ind playoff [or top money In ,„"„, 1 ""' 1 0|n ' n Cl(llf 'I'ounw- ii. wasn't the t.umner in which i UcfTOU-d Lord nyron, iiUhn.ipli »<• MI-luilB playoff V ms "«iii;h. Iliither It wns nn liu-ldent »iiH win-,.,! | J( ,f U( .,, Sl1clui - s .,|n v . »'f aiinlnsi. Nelson. Swrni'! 1 " 1 , 1 ' 101 "' 1 bl ' 01IBl1 , 1 lo "Bl^ l>y I'vm,',","', , 1 . l "l > l > < in<> <l !» I no final loiHid uf u lt , rotj.iladcn 12-hole dls- H|>end, 1,1 iHl.lrcssln K a shot, nc- Hi'iilly move the little while pd- oit hi.i , |m " ll|)t , l)l ctlllc:tl " stfok« '•t'liml that penally stroke h" "oulj- '>«; won the tournw In Ihe rcg- —-!°"_J!. !i ''"' ce ""<' »'« Playoff would not have been necessary Snwui's net of calling (hat pen- ally shot shoived a jpjii nualltv of siiorlsiniinslilp. lint wind stunds out even more Is (lie fact that snimnv never grumbled when Hi,, shot emi him K chance lo win first-place lop money in tl 1( > Clulfport event amounted to over $iaoo In War PAGE THREK Jhmite, n pretty tidy sum in nny- onos book. Hyrd. who once roamed tho New \ork Yankeo•outfichl. waited until bni-ijil Hail won tin, playoff before «(.• WoiiBlil lo ll^lit (he ucnnlty The Ifllh green was Jammed with KiHicvy JTuns who ivcro slioweclng congratulations on the lanky West Virginia pro. MSny,'Of *tHS golf fans were servicemen from R .nearby camp,. /;.,. "*• J •They•:•!<•{ out a yell'that"nearly reachca Ihe;hills ot Snead's native -'late when Byrd revealed sports-llkc gesture of the \ you ..,, MODESS 'NOW coMfs ™ w- STANDARD ox < WITH A DEODORANT THAT'S MAW£LOl/S£.y FIGHT MISERY rticre you feel it-rub hroat, chest nnd lactwlthtlme-teslcd fo the Music of "THE JIVE BOMBERS" e nrrhi'strii BLUE ROOM of HOTEL NOBLE Friday Night 0:30 'Id I o'clock LADIES ADMITTED ONLY. WITH KSCOIIT Y£S,,.AW E/THER KINO COMES '« ™ 6/6 BARGA/N BOX, so you SAVE /3tf At£V£# WAS A B£TT£K TiM£ TO SWITCH TO 1 &T 7H£ 8t6 BARGAIN BOX ONLY VALUES THIS WEEK'S ' PLASTI-MATS Set of 5 mats. A pretty selliiij; . . , with rcproducliuns of lanioiis cn^rnvings on one side nm! clciir crc:iiii (one O n the other. Stain resistant. ''' CLOTHES BASKET SQ75 strong handles nnd woven bottom. Oval shape, 27 inch length. SALT & PfppfR SHAKERS . Only .'• 10c Very allrac- tivt, made ol with plaj.ic ««?»• 3'/J in. hijh. III EBS^-J=tPSS:g;~:gA^.-.-i^' CAN OPENERS PAD AND COVER JET Only .09 A real value in n cotton paJ and cover set, tailored (o fit oil standard Ironing Tables. Only $•£.98 SivinjJ.a-Wo Sun metal un metal: j (inisli, *J rates from ) open Iront or either siJt. DUST PANS Only All mclal, uiih new style liantllc and construction, nllroclively finished. PUSH BROOM TOILET BOWL BRUSH Only . 1.29 A very slid broom tliat can be used (or scrubbing as welt EI (. nvcepini, Only Good quality white tompico 'lead, s i,. c . . H inch wood /s Responsible For The Really Superior Dry Cleaning You Get At * * * *' When You're In A Rush Ask For Our PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. I2S W. Main Phone 515 24 OUR (This is a Cosh and Carry Special Service m which your garments w,H rcce,ve the same care and atrenHon they get on regular cleaning service.) Call 2612 For Pickup anil Delivery SON Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier

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