Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 31, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1942
Page 2
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I ' l : i^ * R: py I ! - i a • ry I • • Page Two BEACON FALLS STOKYOFRUTH WAS PRESENTED IN BEACON FALLS Unvoted By Members Of Tho Obtriatlan Bndo^vor Society; Other Items Hcmoon FallH, Muroli HI- of Uu» ChrlnMan Kmltsavor uoololy of tfio Unltod oliurch prorfoi'iloil a (If «rn« llxod Htory nf- lUith and on- no.Wd.' It Ylui'liw tho final Icnlon on Sunday ovonlng. Hnv. Htc-vftriH, Dm pastor, 1ml a iH'lof worship Mcrvlro prior to llm jinwniilNll«;i l/i \vhl(!h Iho follfiv, 1 Ing look purl: Juno SVIh-ox, Hlrh- ard DMlffi'Jioundt, Uarbaru McUou- vi-r, Miirllm JlJimphcll, U^tly ,lau» Hill, l/oonard Mltcholl- Donald fill- lotto, Karl Moran, Auntln Ford and liuvorly Wlluox. IHm, lodny nnd tonliilil. n.s follows nt lliu follow- t<i (Initxl lull llllMlt Ale.i/tir, •«:J{0—S;!JO ^.i a*mmm+ iVntif/nluck IM»y A larK« rrtproHonlftllon of ptirlsh- JOIHJPH f.i 1 Ht, Ml'ohuoI'M ohuroh and fr'londH wltnoMHOd Iho I'asnlon I'lay pi'«M(inta(.lou lawt cvonlng at fiiiHli- jjoll Momorlul Hall In Hartford, Tho play wan thoroughly onjoyr.-d. Tim trip wan miidu In « prtvalo chartered will moot on Thurnday evening at l(io nH«onil»ly room at Gohlor school at 8 o'olook, Thn Ladlt'H' Aid Hooioly of the Unllud r.huroli will hold Its regular monlhly business mooting -on ThurHclny nvonlng In tho church parlors at H o'clock. fn ofoHwancu oP- Holy Wnok, tho followl/iK dovolloiiH will luj hold 'tor parl.MhfonM'rf of $t, MmhaolV dhiiroh, 1 Tho MH.HM on Holy Thursday will bo Hald at 7:UO o'olock, with tho I»nHH|on bolng rrad dur- liiK Iho Horvlci'. on Friday morn- Ing, tho MUM of tho pi'o-Manotlfiod will ho ut J> o'olook, and on Saturday morning, MUMS will bo co.lchrut- cd at; t> o'olook, ClonfoHMloiiM will bo hoard on Wrdnnsday aftornoon at '\ o'olook and In tho ovonlnic ut 7;.'K) wllh fi visiting prlost boiriK In utlondunoo, •\yornon of the par.'sh will bo In ultoriflanoo nil day Thursday at Urn adoration of Iho Nlossud Saora- rnont. Itov, Jcmm" Mook, thr. p»s- tor, has asked all those who pon- Hllily OiUi do so, to visit Dmi'huroh HOirmthnf) durhiK tho day, and pray for poaoo. Tho women who will bo In ftllowlanoiJ from P o'olook In tho morning aro; Mrs. (Jhostor (Jarvln, from P"to 10 o'olook; in lo 11, Mrs. \VIUlnrn Hoiily; II to \'t, .NJiss Not- Do Ahorn, Thnso who will allund In tbo /iftrniodn and ovcnlnKi 1'i In ,1 o'olook, Mrs. Frank holron; I to 2, Mis, Murfwrot Kodlan; 2 to «J, Mrs. Frank Courtney; (1 to 4, >li'H ( Mwy SuruHln; •'» lo fi, Mrs. LOuln Mfithor; r> to C. o'olook, Wanda DubnlH; fi to 7 o'oloc-k, Mrs. \V. Hronnan; 7 to H o'olouk, Mrs, Haymond holron; 8 to U o'olook, Mrs. Kdwtu'd Hung, ' Or, f/uthot' Tnrboll, ulmlrinan of tli'o nmcllonl corpH of tho looal olv- Illan dofonsc, has oallod a mootlnK of tho unit for (his evening at fieri- lor Hiihool at H o'elook. All m<ijn- boi-H Hi'o urged to attend, DEFENSE JOBS Hartford, firmn,, March ,11—(UP)— Tho Ilivil MtMte-wlde voluntary regls- trallon for wonien for Jobs in war liultiHtloH will bo held In (.lonnectl- cut tho wi'ok e Mny ^, It was an- nounued today by U, S. Employment •Survleo Hlroator MnJ. Leonard J,_ Maloney. The'women's employment mobilization oomndttce—a mill of the S(«ln /)efonHO ootinell—will cooper- nto In the Inventory, .said Mnlonoy. Mc'glHtraUon carrls will bo 'furnished woiuon' of all agon and baclc- Itvnund, TlKiao who roglHlo'r will In- dlenlo wJiolhnr they uro willing to aiuwpt paid JobH In dofuuno Indus- trios or agricultural pursuits, AH manpower l« drained from war liulustrlcH theHo wornon will bo oall- od In a« rnplacomenlH, Malonoy said. Some may bo referred to special training UOUTHOH In preparation for lec.linloal JobH. Tho I'fglHlration plan was l)olnf»' tried out thin wcnk at nrislol, and resnllH therti will be used an a guide for tho Hlale-wldo reglHtratlon. Mrs. Halph f.l. I^asbury, Jr., head of UK; women'H employment inobll- Ixatlon commltteo, Hald "Coruiocll- oiit must have thousands of now workern to keep up war production, to help farinoi'H produce food for tho United Nations' and lo assure that OHMonllal civilian services arc maintained. .Many of these now workers arn going to bo women," MANUFACTURERS ;Milipi?ai;^i£i2 v war against J u'p' 1 ai'^\> r as:;.th'rea Y- Tii^-'mosl^^Q^uf^sin^ in ;lndia ;: S"tli6- all-India 'Congress of VwliicjvVMtiujlana,, A^ ; H,-; ;>VKacl>; is . IJic-spiritual leader. A thi'rd power- fuT'lcadcr. iiu;the .party, which ; in- olud^allifa(itiohsVbut Js ; ciomiua.(-0( by. HTnduSj is.-.Ja\yaUar,l»l : -lSchru,.for- " 'working or •chief. 1 executive body -of •non-violence - the Wr that .it.possible for the .m ; :minp.rily to. ,r new' dominion or ^..dominion. . . position, was. not lj; cb.unliei^proii.psals^ ;f • v.;A'i*tf.>Y orki hg j ekmi (nit [cc: as., a^ whole .\yas v ;Vr op or te d' i rv••' fa v or o"f v .'r.e j cc ti'on "of - : :Uib ;. plan,': whjch' Britain's Sir -Stafrord;. Gripns said was , a'. .final bu v ,tit.;\yas, indicated pVpppSiiJs were llk'e- a comprp- . Jy : : :an1;ciTort-,to '' Instead of using observers perched:in tree,tops. : fmd: other elev^tjpns?: to "spot" artillery fire for U. S, gunners, the army is' nq>v^ using;tiny. planes, popularly .known ' as''"grasshoppers,". Top; a "g^asshqpper^; at Fort Bragg, N. C,, Inmls ori a road near an, artmerypositipn to; report. Below, R ground crew gnsses up one of the ;cub planes between 1 observation hops to check gunfire. (Central Press) " T(u'ro will Ihrt 'auxiliary bo a and Joint mooting of the I H No, V5, nn at 8 o*clfifik nl Mm town It IM Important that all mom- of both groups bo pro.Hunt. A tlmo will rollosv Llin biiHl- roiitlno and rcfreHhmonls will bo Horvod, All unltH of the olvlllan •)ml), born ITS CHAIRMAN Ifarlford, Conn., Afnreh HI—(UP) —• Hornavd .!. ^en, vleo-presldent of Iho JfJiikliiH Viilvo Co., Drlclgcporl, tndny hiMJamn chnlrmnn of Con-' npollcul'H Produellon for Vlclory ronnoll, which Is aiding rnanufac- lurni'H In eonvorllng their planls lo war production, l.oo WUH nloutod at nn organl/.a- llon intMitlnK of the six-man board of manufacturers In Oov. office" late yesterday. Harvey I,, .looke, West Hartford, heads the three - man board of engineers which Is working wilh the manufacturers' board. In a preliminary, report to the governor, Hooko said the conversion program already was under way, A survey 1 : of Connecticut industrial plants has heen' made, especially as regards their equipment and facilities, he .said, and conversion probably will be speeded up from now on.. Henry W. Jones, 47, president of. Iho American Tube Bending Co., New Haven, a member of tho Manufacturers' board, was injured In an automobile accident at Welh-[ crsfleld while o'n his way. to at- f lend the meeting. He .suffered-an Injury lo his left leg, but,11 was not considered serious. He was unable/to attend the "m6oling, how- over' 'also gran;tc'd;Va; jiilfot-,; Is T e\v Hart^-l • • \ V . » :',' "''»*>','* A ELIMINATION OF Hartford, Conn., March 3.1—(TJP)— TluJ" State Public Utilities commission iorlay- directed the elimination of a dangerous, grade-crossing over Iho trucks of the New Haven rall- ronrl system'.on highway Ts'o. G at Clark's Corner, •Hampton, at-'a cost of '$i)0,000, ''"'•''.. Tho highway will be relocated to pass over a'bridge which, the com- 'acpom6d"ate 'pTe change. . f . ^ •:.' in other vdcqlsionsVthe opmirils-. slon allowed the .Connecticut c : om-; pany ,lo operate inptor-bLises, r in'';ihe. village of Baltic..." to'; workers a't;' the' B-aUlc;;Mills...cp.m-' 1 ' pany,. 1 and in 'Glust'onbury.- to• Irans- : pprt'workers at 'the Matson The commission .permit'to Oincr PouUpt ford, 'to operate a bus :linc .'from' Ncsv Hartford to the; COH's ''Pa[pn',t' : . Fi re Amis Maniif ac'lurj ri's"' Co., 'Hart-/ ford, for the, sole beneilt of''Colt's, employes. '•'"•'. " '" '••... , •, • • •• ' •'-. .. .•-• * *.-^ • ••• ••• '•• •••-• '?' : ' • Allied Flanes Hit^: a;vy Japanese Erases . . '(Continued from Page ' Au5tra- ^b(t?es .i'at Xepftiig on '-cl.Cistroy-. ""bnv.ll 1 la ; v° r , n ' z ' l ^' ^ s^of-^k 1 fol'war ' '• ' ; .:« .. .. . bom ( b marked, ' AmeVicaiubase hos- piJal^iV^GpntinXii»g>aids.. dii' Ba'.laah ''' and.i Maqila.. bay forts " dies :i ..dp f wiy ,cx- ' '' '' ' ^RTjissVa;^-^ .., >t l \InipQriant;''].centeV y.-. smashes .'.5"to , ^qtO-'eiiemy., re* Moscow,' ;wiping Germb-n' tropps?: ou.t:;'.v"ai •3,500 _,-...,..„-. ... G ciVjiian'.'•: pu Bh cd"v b a ck ':'• \ n.;'Len i ri grad arcaV;Vwith'loss; ; bf ^.SOO;;-..^"^'- 1 " 0 -» in '' rtl "^ 1 "^ in^ Qn'yyaxmn;. G. : e r;m : a;n;. lirbpaganda ( , fdvir; •riore "iillied- 'surik^-and.' f ifiu: d^ma^ed; in 'Anibr ]c.rin-Bri tislv . . rtf pbrt;.ofV' Murmansk,; :obnf I Jpti rig "' ciai ma ,. fa.i I-,,', '\o •• .clari f y ''" :: convy; . ""' 'cruiser Klelosing. .iie/'^a?,i;clc'stiNyer. / G s er m n.hy~Nh;?i s'. , a;p)u'io; 1 o ss '' •'' ' ' ' off 20,000 enemy soidiers for a week, in the Toungoo area;; on the east Hank. ' ••«...-.• •.- ; The Chinese still .were fighting, in the -Toungpo sector at last' reports but their ' main " opera ti'ons " were north oi' that town where ' tljeyi 1 repeatedly eounte'r-attaokcd theVenc.m but thcii-, > operations wor and captured 'several villages and .the Kyunafah airdrome on Sunday': t.p clcnr.the way. Tor' Allied withdraSynl to their nia'l'n. pq'itions on tlic high'- wa y rii n n i ng : 200.'- nil i es n or th ' to Man ' ' ' . ... The "'critical, state/ 6'f ; ;thc. war in BuiMim niay .'• 'have' becn> : I'ctleof.ecr in Tn^ia, which many observers believe will 'be 'the , next objective of the Japanese iT tlie Burma, satev.'ay, can he conquered. •••'-.. OrcaJ,. Britain's plan fov- granting Indian independence' under .a, dpmin- -lon-forni of -government 'and- thus en- OSE YOUR re are a .tew fact* you most can wisely purchase a diamon h'showing,you our brilliant, coll iamond Rings, we will inform you in etail/ on every point you need know, diamond ring purchase, — caretfully, maximum value assured/ c«nl«r i ildt*. 1 ; K.«o|d»t», ^ ( *»m*lld TIME PAYMENTS , XN,BNITIRE'YEAR.TO PAY AT NO EXTRA .COST Natigafuck Defense Council Calendar For • \Veelc March 28,- i\ot!(ie.s or Defense M««tlnns for Inwni-tion in "This Chinnilnr must life. jit lh'»i Derunsii Counnil llnncJi|unrtnr.s'-or nt th« ficd Gross- Ghnpley House \\y 5i»,M, on ThursUny |ir«eiMllnp JnsorUoii. '. , SALV-\OE (^OLIilfiCITIONS KVEHY'DAY "'..'•. I)K^K^SIO ; H!)QT»^• > •••••^••^••''•••'••••••^•^^ I 11151). GHOSS HOUSIi: ...... ' ..... v- • • • • • • • ... . . ; . ; * el. ^. •sub'n'iariWe. . , ; l : L i Jjya — £& ;n d's t'oj;m,s;'. '. I j ml t. deser/t f fen" tin's, '• tQ. '''palroi; .; opcrailioHs. ; ' • - . ':'; Tlie? atiablis" by.^lArnoV'jpan.. flying •F-ort^ses.' ]ind v ";Aus'tr.aliari'.bo'iribcr.s, . ri oy.thv -'o 'ti. ' Austria] la- .V iiidlcntQ'd' lhat. ,the ; allied air. strength \v,is growing: in' tlie, southwest Pacific. prpducUon^in^.this country •but oricoMrased it "in :thc. ttcich. !;.;:/CommUT'ee- •- Chairman • Harry p. 'Trujpan, 'D., Mo.,: has described .Inc. vpurporled cartel ••: arrangement ^i Oil Uie to tisscri^vil'b co'nyic- ," Parish- said^/Uliat-.whether scye'raT 'contracts' made, with •I-'G- .did'or did ; 'hot fall- within the. boud'ors ; ; set by ..the,;patcnt c stnUites ' ; 6r the ; Shci'mari'- : apt; - they:.:di;d in-- ^iire'-' greatly" ttt-'ihe; Advance of •AnvQrJcaiV^nduptry . and morc^ than r any : ' other, one'' thing; have made •posslbic- our. present, war activities :in- ! aviation, gasoline, toluol and explosives and 'ih-synthctic rubber 11- ' Referrjng^specjfically 16 Arnokl's •chai'ges,';'whicii ; he .'denied,:;. Karj^h -(UP) Milwaukee, .Wise., March di Mnl. Hoxvard-Br.onson, music tment,- called tor sion nor . of '"The' -SI BC-. Spangly ° of S ' BelorcVa nl the . gcmenf* whoso, -hush of ic L'ducnlion's hut sajd;:.' '....'••"• ";•.- " "•'.•' -.-. . .' •'•..:. . "li -seems to me. that th.e. press •and others have gone beyond, the evidence which 1 the ; committee has IVe-fi'r d, per.ijaps, v , and ; probably, through'^ misappi-'dbchsion." ; ;; ; . Standard/ fail's: agreement. with iri; 1929, he:.asserted, was a •'- .iie answer- in J939 . - , . •iionnal- business. transacLion. •hiadG^ c 'parlicular 'point or an ; ing pa Arnold's chaise . .. thai '-an-att.eiiipt'was. m'adc. to insui-e continuance; of .the. cartel-even, if the .'Un'i'Ied. States entered; the \yat). •"Our contracts of'J 020 were to i'uir until" 1947," ,h.e explained. "As : TO ; u seh'tlemeiV'doubtless know, contracts'"such as thcsQ"are,:not, In .law, 'abrogated, but merely suspended when; Lli'e parties' nations are at pai war..- ;> "..'.'-.• ' ' "The- partiqs to such ..contracts must' therefore find: ;some way of getting. aloBg.:with, their own 1 busi: ness' ;; while": the .contracts . arc- so, suspended." In answer to Arnold's charge that Standard had .kept, Germany informed of. developments in Us own process of producing buty] rubber, while keeping- this government in ignorance of the'progress,, Farish "'When the European, war broke out in-.-j930 and Standard took over control of the. C:»«i (German pro.- cess. patents in. the Unlied Slates, It. informed' lh,e War and _w.y do- parlmcnts and- pft'ered its coonera- tibn In-, speeding up the production^ of synthetic rubber," " lie read a long list of documents purporting to,' show that .Standard always had. offered this cooperation, in the synthetic rubbfr program, but that financial difficulties, had stood In the way. •Butyl .rubber, bo said, .was inferior in some respects, to tlie Bi\na process and, furthermore, was ' no I in a stage , ready for ' commercial development until March lOil.. '"From" this time forward, .<our progress was rapid,"....he said; .national: mpralo ;and served if musicians could get IJiKJei*- jK'os^nt "-natio.iiai ; encos": nb'ou'i; the." ; spnffi- the Army, ^avyVand Marines, oach; iise a: n ^ .fo'renl version: He a.siced Ihn,. t u- clinic devise an. arrangement suit- alJ Bi'onson : -hopes "to. convince tlic clinjc' that Ine, answer.;lo ^ wg? -for one 'and. only, one -national; «?P them"]s a;noNVivqrsion,Of:HhQ sojig in the.'lower .key. of .A-flat. a member of tho. Army, new , ... ... , S. Howard'of •> rnilc-o Btonson •contends.that .nt \-Jlal version, by brin.glng the .high notes-source-,of. many • a scjue R large ( 'iudicnce—'Uo.wn, to a. 'range'/' will jTinke the them -''basily singable m national .by- .Mr-'. ijiirnr? «f!TH THE fiBARNM COI1AR »;irJi)cirsaV, : ''Niic cf Average;,Citi'zen.""'. v " he'w' : \arrangeniont ' Us; premjci^;, -before ^ .5,000,, pub lite school inusic ^ !'rsday; Bi'onson \vjif r a- 100-pie.ce, band -from -" in 1 presenting tho TRY i A.. CLASSIFIED A j1 ' IN THE NEWS. > ^rriirfii " A :mH-mrum m EVES EXAMINED-' • I>RKSGRIPTIONS ' FIM. ByA,W,WALKE8 Oi)lomctrisl \\\ — *" ' * . * i .i~ I 68 BANK ST. at CENT] Lovely Dresses for Easter . Beautifully. Styled and Moderately Priced, ' ; . ;i -' '• j' • " •' Quaker 1 Lady." and "Barbette'' Styles are • . . '• . • ' . . . . in the fields of. fashion. TUKSDAY, »lni-«li 31—.. ii'KKMOO p. m. .PolVco Slation—Capt. Anthony Malono.. • • 7 to 10 p.m. Poliuii Station—Gnpl. Anthony Malone. . . ; IUi:i) (IHOSS iNlJTMrnON T,LAS$ Salem School—Mrs.',John W: Hayos, ,fr. "HOME NUTIUTION CLASS Rod Gross House—Mrs, Ella Boardman .- -..- ,, -,.. KIUST AH) .CLASSES-: :.:.".,. •'•••'"• --..; ; :': : ' ; v.-.:•.•• U: S. Rubber Company—Robert Bi Lowell. .' -:• . Gontral Avenue School (Junior Gourse)—;_B; Ronfroc, • • •'• •-•.'.'••::•• U. S. .Rubber' Gpmpuny--Robo»;l, M;-.Shnpherdr MBS .ton B. ROnfroe, Miss No'reno 'Frnlesl. \ ':•.'•;- Irnmnnuoi• fiii'thorhn Ghurch—Miss IBorllia J3. Soh'ill'cr. VIC'I'OHY C;AIU)KNS Ghlkiron'H Library—Mrs. Clifford A. 2:flO p. m. 7,:30 p. m. 10:fU)ft. m, 3:30 p. m. ' 7:30 p. m, .8:00 p.m. WKDNKSDAY, April 1—li 1 . ...... I :.'{Q-3:fX) p. m. Slnlion—Gni>t, Anthony Malone. lo'lllST All) CLASSICS'' . ';. .. 7;3np.m, Y, M; G, A.—Mrs. Frances 13. :; Gordon, . .' 7:30n.'m, -U'/S. Rubber, Go.—Noll MacryllUan. •;.'.'-.,' 'Naugatuck •Gh.enikjal .Go.—Daviiil, B.'-.Rappe; •'••{' 1-Ilgh School SPAying.RiDom—Scrgl,, Anthony ?-l? ._, $t. I 'MJolmdl^.--Pa'iMsjr'Hpuso- r Mi l s,-'Cath'br|rtc'--B, ;Nlxpn;/ v ^ Gongregatlonhr.-P.arlsh ; House~M.lss-Adclma: 1" " 7:30 p.m. 7iilO pun , 7 :!JO p; m, .7:30 p.,m v (j r ( a ng.c .11 a 11,: ^ o\y: 11 a^'n n r oad—11 on r y G: Er)c, M1 ss' Gc 1 i ajv\ 1m, ' v Mrs; Amy 'B'.- fierce,;,/ . •. . ' •' .•••••.:.-.•', .'..^. t,'£..-., 7:HO p, m, Masonic Hull—Robert M. .Shophord, -.'... '' , : 0$\'.*- • . — * •' 4,» »' .""'.- j.. . . I-/.HV-J. ;,-• rilUIISDAY, April 2 PIUN'TJiyC, i-7-G.apC.''Anthony Malone.'.- —Ga'ptV' AiUiyony, Malono. •;' CLASSICS 7:30p,m; .1 itiO-S :00'p, m, '.PoU'co Staliou 7:00-10:00 p. in. '-Pollen Station ' HOME m. . Red Gross,.House—Miss Gathering A. BrooK's. I'loclGrcJssJ'louso—Miss Mary'Claffoy.--- ' ma> cnoss M/'HIUTION CLASS 2:30 p.m. Sfiloin School—Mrs. John-W. 1, Jr.- • lOKNTIMCATION CARDS 7:30 to 10 p. m.. Gourf, Ho.o'm—Tlroirlnsr.H. •Nolan.' , , FIHST All) CLASSES 7:30p, m.' U. S.-IViibbor Go'.—l.Tqni'yvG/Brk'.find-'Mr; -7/30 pi m, J3dthany School- Hibusd—Mrs. Rosctla' B IDrt'w;' A,':Her.nipn,ot,> Oobdmans'f/^^v'J'' 1 . : ' April fl— 'J:30-3:00p. m, 1 - ,;w r ; ' 'v^hiv RntV.Oi'bss,House .will bo ; closed' o?i. Good.v'FrHfl^ Unloss olherwlsp Instructed, ; no''piassos" s S>MlV'l}0^h"el'dW';'; 7:30 ; to iO.p. m.^ Bproiigh:,GbuVt Room—apor^c. .Grimm;-. ; .:.•:• •$^'..', SATUMOAY, April ^—PHOTOOHApffS ^ r-*--'•'';•';'.: --'iy :':^'' [ -^f^''. .'1 ;00-r):00'p i . J m;''.-(yior'ough Gqvu'VnVo^'n'^GQorga; Grimm., .I'.- ' f.-^'^'f. 1 :'^^ > '•-J :30-3:00 p, m.' ;;pblicn >S}.nUori^Gi\pJ,..--Aiuivon^lal^ • li{K>^9!QO ; p/M^£Q)i^^ ^•..^'Ai-., The More Bonds You.Buy^The More Planes Witt Flu i »» , •- ' , •:,:-. l .. • i:. .-•.•• • *-.-,••'..•• * , o^i biiy U. S. Defense Bonds and Stamps, you are arid planes a^4 gijns. Y<^ir mpney is put to work at once to wpvidei: - ment our armed forces need and must have to def€>a.t th<*forces of darkness that' threaten our, lands, our homp$. Lend to the fullest extent<rf your powers, gen-j erously, to the p;oint of sacrifice—NOW, THIS VERY DAY* v^ A ^ S. Deifehse BONDS ll IMPS '•• <* «• •» ' \ cs's.-.-r • i-ii .'. . < -)i,H. •> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^MM! This space is a contribution to National Djef^ense by

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