Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 30, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1942
Page 8
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.IV H \ a.n w :»?& !1 TRUCKTURNED OVER TODAY ON RIVERSIDE DRIVE Traffic on MlvcrnUlo drive WUH d«- )«y(icl for Hovyral liour« today when A Aboard Freight Mw»*' JO-whool truck turned over on UH nldo OPPOH- it« thd plant of tho NniiKaUioK Cnemloal Co, Thft truck wiw driven by John AlftruikM, of 0 Summit ftlroot, WfttortMiry, who clalniucl that hft wet* forcfld to tho cdjto of the pavornont whnn u prlvnlu unto, riding tho mlddlu of llin i'ou<J, forced him to h?avo tho hlKhwny proper to avoid ft oollHIon, llo HUH that HI* rM»t hand wlumh rolled off tho roftd to ft Hootlon whom con- Uruotlon 1» now In protcruMH. 'Th« truck WHH partly londod and the <lwn*K» V/KH «H*M. Troirio at tho deem* of tho aooldnnt WOH_ direct- lul by Alan»Kut« :untll .local pollon took ohargo of th« Hltuatlon. Naujfatuck Fire Alarm Boxes Location ij/i.'rj!' rPJi'f IlW H ! -1 N-••','* HE ifl J5 J7 J8 21 25 20 28 01 02 30 Avu. Scott fltrwit, corner O.M.rv Shoo Co., flubber Arid Water Street Rubber Avonuo and Chorry bl, Town Farm, flubtow Avoinw nifldon Mfg, no., Andrew Avo. Church Blmit at Park Pino/' 0, \, U, Cilovo Co., Mripln Slreo Town Hall, corner Mnplo and (Jhupoh StwitH Miwdosv Htrwil Ha lorn Hohool lllKli Bohool ,1ohn«on fUrwt May Htreot, at Phoonlx Avo, Main Struct, corner Mftf»m St. Main Slront, oornar 'lloluhk ISH NfW flavon Itoncl, conior Street Nazi Sub Base Which : Blasts :al^8•'a:; 1 ;m;-ia:30 p.. m. No ; school, grade^ 1 to 5. 6-Blasts nt 8 a..m-12:30 p. m. NO . ' school, 1 grades 1 to 8., 10 Blasts at 7:45 ; a. m. No school in any department; : — -*•••-•- : ' • ' SABOTAGE! . OUT INBLAST Explosion Which Caused SeVeri^Deaths Is Believed Due To Accident . L *u nAff *r Mnvi n-brint shinvard* have forced the Nazis to construct bomb-proof Severe hammering by the KAF of N"*!^ 011 '^ their submarines,, British Commandoa .hollar, like thl. one at St. NnraUrc ,F£™ { £* «£ «nd a^ forced.attacked this.P-boat basewhich the ; 'h P avo UMd for long range attack, extending as.far as the ^meric^oa^^^y ; \Tf Cm-roll Struct «'W HlKli Slrool at Hill St, ivj Clonusr H/ftfj and May ,Slw>ls /it IHgalund Avo., conior Oalpln SU 42 H(juill«y. Slroot, (sornor Aetna, /i.'i AMlna Htccot, oorncr Cliff - s t, 4ft Wdlmil Sln.'0l, corner Cliff Ht, /«; MlllvHIo Avu., corner Park Avu, 1 /j7 (lUfr Sti'fH.-t, corner pltmwirjl /i« Orovff Slniot, cornat 1 Muy Avo. •Vj (loodyottr Avcnuo 51 IliKli ^ti'ool, corner Orchard M- 00 Main Bcruul, corner Linden St. M Ooun SIron I 50 lllKl\ ainsoi, cornor f)nl« St, 01, lirldge Street near lannber Yard |J2 School* 'Street, corner Anderson Direct M Malleable Iron Works cV'Spi-lng Street, corner Bronnan Street 71 Prospect Strf'-ct, corner Linos Illl'l 72 North Main St., corner Bridge street 73 Loeusl Street 7-1 woodhlne Street, corner Golden Hill Street 75 North Main Street and Golden Court 112 Fool, of Ward .Street;- ' • 113' Olive Slree.t, corner, of..Cherry 114 Spencer Street, corner of Cherry, lid G.M. H. Shoe Co-, Rubber Ave. _ 116 Dunham; Mills' •; 117 Melbourne Court . ' : '121'Corner Andrew Avc, & Scott St. 151 0. Mi R,' Shoa.Co., '-South Water Street' , , , . 312 May .Street' near Ice House 'H2 Hillside Avenue and Millville •.'Avenue 1 413 New Street •' •' '/ii/j Rockwell Avenue at Salem street >j£- •:••,• ^. . _• , ', • • J. 5 Bridgeport,'Conn,, March 30— ('UP) —Sabotage was ruled, out today as lire cause or a terrific explosion at the Remington Arms company plant late Saturday, which took seven lives and injured about 80 persons. Authorities still were searching •for some of the bodies. The burned bodies of two \vomen. and a man were recovered shortly after the blast. , .._ • In a- statement .explaining , tne cause of the explosion, '-the company said: •'. •' ••• '•-... .'•.: '•'\rier a preliminary examination, .oornpany officials Vwere convinced that 'the explosion was \caused m the packing area where primers for military^ammunition were being packed 1 in .wooden boxes. "These prl'mers are more sensitive than ordinary ammunition and despite extra, precautions taken in their packing,: it., was believed, that a nail being driven.into j?ne of the boxes .was deflected, pierced the metal lining .and inititect the explosion. : Steps have been taken to prevent a recurrence." A company spokesman said prop- A WAR MESSAGE PROM THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT IT'S YOUR MOVE NOW THE MORE BONDS YOU BUY.. .THE MORE PLANES * A3d» Wnr upon us 5» ft mnttor of life or (loath for ^ your free America 1 Now, a* never More In nil our glorious hiatory, our Army, Navy and Manno Cofp« urgently need plane*, tanks, ships and guns I Literally billions of dollars arc needed immediately to produce theae and other weapons of defense . . . of offcii^ . . , und of K»c<ory/vThejr must be produced wow! Hie money must )>e secured now! Let's do it the voluntary way, the American way, the Defense Bond way! If vje are to,smash tho enemy out of our seas and blast him from the air over our heads, every dollar you can spare, every dime that is not absolutely required Cor the necessities of .food, clothing, and shelter should be, ye^y wust be, loaiaed to your Government! We must act fast, Start getting your share of United States Defense Bonds uiid- Stamps'today. .Get them regularly* day after day, week after wcel^ If you oiroady bouglit a Bond, now is the time to get morel VOU GET A 125 BOND FOR ONLY $1S.7S FACTS ABOUT DEFENSE BONDS-SERIES - I • • ^ '' 'mi ' '. 1 m^_«,. Uou> Much I>o T/»*y Cottt You Lend Uncl* Sam , $18.75 $37.50 . $75.00 $375.00 $750.00 When 'is maturity? • ,k .§ •: » « Upon Maturity Tow Gmt Bach $25.00 $50.00 $100.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 w ,w »-«^—,- Ten, but you e.n o»h ihc Bond.i at iiny time after 60 days from their issue date. Naturally, tta longer you hold^fhe Bond, up to 10 year*, the more money you u got back. But you'll never get less than you put in. Wh«t» the interest rate? When held to maturity, the« Bondf yield 2,9% per year on your investment, compounded semiannually—you get back $4 for every $3. • When thouldl buy a Bond? Start now;'buy regularly. company/has a PuyrollSavingB Plan, ««ke ^•^•Jv, of " INVEST IN SAJi'ETy.-^ITH FERFECT SAFETY! ^ Remember —Ton c«n utart buying Defence Bonds by buying Deienie Sump* foe M tittle «• NMds Man come from YOU Your Shar^of BONDS * STAMPS This space contributed bv Claytbn iE. -of the new Japanese colony at Man- sanAr-; Gal. The Japanese-Ameri; cam »nd aliens were moved inlanc order. erlv •damage was': not ' heavy,- and that Operations were being resumed in thQ.area ;whci'c -Uie . UJasl.oc- CLIl'l'Cd • ' One of the bodies recovered was identified; tentatively -as »iaj; 0 f ^ lt8 : Helen H...^Pot,ts. Mrs, , do Stegcmen, 57, was said . lo be -nus- ' ''' NINE VIOLENT You'll like the name*. Rogers - Peet ^ yowUI like the clothingf-because good clothing and Roger*-Peet are synoitamaus,..* SO to We take consWerable pride in our display of fine clothing tailored, in the New York manner by Rqgers-Peet by master craftsmen schooled in the art of hand work and the niceties of tinish and workmanship characteristic of good clothes. Gross revenue was- $16,132,305, /n increase of $2,753,266... and operating, expenses totaled $6,679,041,. an increase of .$1,519,113. . . . The net income for tire .«jst two months, of llie'.year . ^.ns Sb60,)(Xi; which compared with .^9,1 0 foi the corresponding period in-JJ-ii. IN CONNECTICUT ('By United 'Press) Air explosion at the Bridgeport plant, of the.Remington Arms com- ] J.pany/; which, took; seven lives, and > j. two -'automobile fatalities brought nonnecucut's "• week-end" violent death-"loll to; nine. ,/ • ... .'•; • , . -'Authorities still were searching for 1 ' some',of. the-bodies'- in 'the Remington", 'blast, ;.whiclV: occurred Saturday afternoon,' -about-.80. persons were'injured ,'in the. explosion. • . . 'Autoifiobile accidents: ..-,: •'• Rose Barker;' 13i- -Nc-w Haven,-.was Snjur'ed^"fa'tally.-.when . the/.bicycle slxc was-pedaling -was struck by; an automobile^ . .; vr ••', . ,"• -••'•• • An ..unjc.lentifle.d. elderly man was killed 7 at/Water-bury wlien-str.uok by a car.'i • • • -^. '•;:'• •'• •' /. '' :; •:••;- •"•" '-, THREE MADE TODAY BY SUPRIME COURT : ---Milfoi'dv Conn.,March" 30—(UP)— Use of'bom'bs an nir-raid-Ava'rnings was discouraged. Iodny after a pre- 7iiature ..explosion of one of the bombs- severely "burned L'eslie T. Keller; .-secretary of the local defense , : council.. . :•.-'. .'•• . : • The premature explosion occurred "durinfcva test ; of .'the bombs.- for..-use as! air'raid w'arnings. .Defense Goun- ci'l Chairman.'- Fred H. Mcrwin described- 1 .this-- type , of warning as "most unsatisfactory." IN ITS INCOME •Washington, March 30— (UP) — The Supreme court, by a. 0 to 4 division, ruled today .that states ,iav prohibit '..peaceful picketing vhich is. not confined directly . lo he labor dispute from which .11 ruling came in a decision Vipholding a Texas slate court in- unction which bar-rcd two AFL unions from picketing a Houston afe ' v ''rlie decision was one .of the .liree . significant;,, rulings handed Jqwn-by;,the court today' on. labor natters."./ ' . . •',.;. Bolh the other labor rulings were unanimous. One. Jicld that enact- tt>nf of the National Labor Rela- law did not prevent states cnacUng their o\vn. labor peace statutes, specifically Wisconsin's. The other set aside.;a New York state court injunction which prohibited'peaceful picketing in a New 'York, city labor controversy. -, . —v—*-~*—:— : • TWO AIWESTS Derby, Conn., , March 3.0 —(UP)— Two-men \vere : hold • on burglary charges today in connection with an attempt, to break .open the snfe of the F; W. Woolworth .&• <-o. store Those held were Thomas MacNarai-,'25, New 'Haven,"anrl .lo- seph Vincent. 31, Hartford. They were 'found hiding in. a: coal shute in the cellar of- the,.store building. INTERESTING FACTS A 1 -nc\V radio set turns, out the lights on signs during -blackouts. The set lunod to n noar-by radio when (lie station slops ing, the radio switches off lights: When, two identical auloniohlH aro driven over the samn i,o mile course, one at 25 miles hour and s thc""other at r>5, the lal consumes V GO per cent more ga line and 800 percent more olCa causes 700 per cent more wear -tires. • The use of chlorine, importoni | the war effort, lias been reslrlole in laundry operations, swimmlnil pools, domestic cleansers and ilar items, . .Tonics E. Baxter, president, \VilllanJ College; "Finishing 1 college is not as dn| matic as dive-bombing." Wife Preservers ____ . T When you buy a suit of clolhes fori] boy, lobk carefully at the fabrics. Soiw are merely printed to look like wool They should mistaken for ww! that has the natter* woven in the cloth. Cherry; Mut, l^'uil «nd Marble Pound-Coke Aj)})lc Siiunrcs HcPinils Cocoanut Cookies Old-i^ Suflar « MpVnsses'.Cookies Honuv Made Hyo. German Ryo Hroml Kuhn's City Bakery] MAPLE ST. TEL, New- Haven, .Conn;, March 30.—, ^The 'Now Haven Railroad system reported today -its net income for February amounted .to $025,739, whereas 'for the same month a year ago it was 900,082. LIBERTY ^ i f An interne from' Sault St. S -Marie, - / * Said—"After, jTve earned ray M. D.«, I'll write thife description On every prescription— Rx Defense ponds—Must take 2 oij3!" Muke btilnrmlMi «•( in thBworld! Sare with Defence V>n«l» and Stamp*— rcjpilarl} / EASTER JOY f Should be expressed, not only in religious thought, but by a renewed effort to keep this good old U, S. A. the, land of freedom, as we have always known it. Naugatuck Savings BanH The Old-Time "Mutual" Brick Building and lot] on Woodbine Street; Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary • *'• Phone 2080 FERTILIZER TIME Fresh Stock Now On Hand — Ammonium Sulphate (21$>; Nitrogen) ' ^ Sheep Manure (Weed; Free) "Bone Meal : — Best Quality g . 8 . 7 — BesJt for Most Vegetables Liberty Lawn Special — (4'- 4) . Vigoro ~~ 20% Superphosphate Nitrate of Soda (16^ Nitrogen) Dricbnure — (Peat Moss and Cow Manure) Peat Moss — Bales and Bags (Imported) Crass Seed — 40c lb. up Bordeaux MixtureV— Black Leaf Forty — Arsenate of Lead Hydrated Lime ajid Lime Stone The Nsttigatudc Fuel Co. . : ,::,:::.:'':. :,: : y , Tel. 22W £i MEItC^HY — LINCOLN

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