The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE -23, 1984 BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS €14WINED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate pel JIM tor coocecu- Uve Insertions: (Five average worai to ft UB*> One time per line 190 Two times per !ln« per day .. Me Three time* per lln< per dajr .. Me Kir time* per line pel day .. die Winth rate per llm We Minimum clltrfl KM Ads orCereO 10- tnree or $i» nines and slopped before explrt- t'on will be charnco for the number of time* the ad appeared aoo adjustment of bill made. All Claalflefl Advertising copy mibmitted by persons residing out- aide al the city trust be accompanied by cash, FUtet may be ewlly computed frnm above table NO roiponsiDllltv will be taken Tit more than one Incorrect in tertion of any classified ad. Advertising onicitd lor ffreju- M Insertions take the one time i alt. APARTMENTS: room upetaire; .,Ui.-room downitalrt ipl) put. Phopt 303i ' S-eM 3 4 . WARNING OSDKR • A- 8. Ttiomuon; Knlhlecn Tliom- O; TT»«-Ne» r England Securities Company; Jciephtne S. Hall; M.-s. Or Store, Mala am* Bf*a4w»j. FURNISHED Apartment, 1M We«t Kentucky, Phone «M. j-k^-6 Furpiihed BEDROOMS Ur«. Bt Hardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. lok-tf MODERN 3 room furnished or un furnished apartment over Kirby Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-ck-tl Nicely furnished APARTMENT private bath. UghU, water free 619 W. Main. Call 332-J. c k2« FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dou gan. Fhone SFJO-J. 18c kt Nicely Furnished BF.D ROOM Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k6-3C USED CARS PHILLH'S 1 BARGAINS '30 Willys Kr.ijht dan—dean as 4 door ser,in US •29 Plymouth Coach—runs r«od$95 '30 CHEVROLET COOP E. Looks and Runs Good .. 8195 '33 FORI> TUDOR SEDAN. Looks Like New $ '33 CHEVROLET COACH. Real Good Looking. Runs Good S44" TRL'CK BARGAINS '32 FORD TRUCK. Closed Cab. Dual Wheels $29* •32 CHEVROLET T R U C K. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels $333 '31 FORD PICK-UP CLOSED CAB 1933 Auttin four*--A Real Bargain PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~~ USED CAR LOT Cormr lst.-t Walnut Sts. fhore 810 - 811 JBUSINEH3 i>JHECTORY CLEANERS, TAILORS .irwn salts, tend Ironed an* tallw ed shaped are tUee and toot tbese M dari. PhMte 111. Unl^ae Cleaniii( Senke REAL ESTATE Harry Hust and Mrs. Har- Rutt, are warned to appear la le Ch«noery Court for the ohlck- uwba District of Mississippi ounty, Arkansas, within three lonths alter this date, to unswer le complaint filed against ttteni OUR BOARDING HOUSE 0 acres on Highway 61, Improve! 2 miles BIytlievllle, north, J2500. E. M. TERRY 617 Phone 3«6 How would j»o like a home your own in the beautiful Ot- «rks? A 40 acre farm, 1* minute* from town and 15 minute* from a food fishing bole, rood htwe an* ?fent; ef trait trees. Can fee bought CHEAP. Small caih payment, balance easy Crrns. Will consider trading for merchandise stock. J. C. CUAriN, MANILA, Ark. FURNITURE LAWN CHAIRS Uunpalnted »1.8S Painted $2.50 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 2S-ck-6-25 SCHOOL MRS. L. M. BDENETTE anno.Dces tbe »peiiln{ of Mmmer da&ses In tjptnt. shorthand, bwk Call 824-W. . . Zt k7-2 AUTOMOTIVE Save 7i»e and Money by nstng our cnmpkt* stock Ante Replacement Parti Hnbbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phone 47< Wonderful bireains in tood use electric relris«ators and ice boxei. Used and new electric fans CHEA1'. Alsn fan repairint. Baijains in used Deleo litht plant and batteries. t. B. GEE SALES CO. NOTICK TO THE PUBLIC I am now operating the Blythe- vlllc Hide and Junk Co., al rear of Joe Isaacs' store. MEYKR BARTNICK tormerly" opposite Frisco Station COUN1T WC-'HKBRS ONION lor men End women over 16 Due*, tl per year 24pk 6-24 Ready-Mads Slip Covers Approved by Good Housekeeping Choice •« good materials. Fit Guarantee*—li Usual Price Jtis. C. M. Gray, agent FOB SALE PICKLING PEACHES &. PLUMS DR. L. S. BRISCOE. 23-ck-tl For Sale: German Police Puppies CHEAP. Mrs. W. B. Loflin, HufT- inan. Art:. lb'-pk-23 Second Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oak. Gum Pine flooring: brick; tin roofing See J. Mell Brooks. C. M. Baxter or City Engineer L,. B. Tull. 12c k.7-1 Second hcnd furnilure bought art so!4. Iniuire Parkhnrst Co., 1* E. Main, Blythevllle, Ark. 4c-k7- REPAiRING Free Home f*oan Estimates Roolinj. painting. Repairs. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-7-l Tennis Backets Restranf Ovemljht terrke, 4 frata Habbard Hardware Co. «-ck-7 KEEP VOUB !JOME IN QOOD When it needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, . "Th?! House Doctor." Phone 100 FOR RKNT Faetory authorised SERVICF, Fjclory Trained Mechanks Day 67_ phone— Night 3SZ E. B. GEE ' SALES CO. 417 Main St. SUBURBAN Home on gravel roa '4 mite city. Beautiful shad fruits. Reasonable rent. Thorn Land Co. 20o K Three room and..tett) NISHED spartment'. Newly dec orated. Phone 383 or 454. 18c ROOM * BOARD OOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R.- Z East Cherry, Fhone 648. 20c k7-2C SALESMEN WANTED [an wanted by old established manufacturer to handle complete ne of guaranteed food, farm and tousehold necessities. Mighty at- nctive proposition. Good living ght from start with steady In- rease for industrious man. Big alue Combination Deals and Fast selling Specials now In effect. B. Anderson just sold over $330, W. Jack over $308 in one week, o slack .seasons or layoffs. Exper- nce unnecessary. Write McConr on <fe Company, Dept. XDP7B3 Winona. Minnesota. WARNING ORDER Ed M. Johnson nnd J. T. Alforc' re warned to appear in the Chan- Court for the Chlckasawb; District of Mississippi County. Aransas. within three months aftei lie date hereof to answer tht mended complaint filed againsl hem by Peoples Building & Loar Association, of Little Rock. Arkanas, in Cause No. 5733. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1934 R. L. OAINES, Clerk. 23-30-7-14 iN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTHICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ollle Albright. Oscar Bynim. Flossie Blackburn. D«tsy Malone, and Ada Harris. PlalntlrTs. vs. .: A. G. Byrum, .and Marie Dyrum. Jiianita Byrum and Pearl Byrum, Minors, Defendants. WARNING ORDER , The defendant;, Marie Byrum and Pearl Byrum,. Juanita dyrum, jre warned to'appear in thls'Coptt plthln ttiltty (30)'da>-s to .-answer the cotripUlrit of the platntifls,- Ol- lle Albright, Oscar Byrum.. Flossie Blickburn, Daisy'Mai one and Ada Harris. • - . ,• • • . R. L. GAINES. Clerk Ellioit 6«Uln, • D: G.' ' '9-16-23:30 (Seal) WARNING ORDER George R.' Crockell, • Mary F. Crockett, Mrs. M. E. Cox and Charles J. Cox are warned to appear • In .the Chancery Court lor the Chlcfcasawba District of Mis slsslppi County,- Arkansas, within three months after the dale here of. to . answer • '• complaint., filed against them • by Peoples Building & Loan Association, of Little Rock, Arkansas. ":.•••• . •' Dated this of June, 1834. B. L..GAINE3, CJerk By Bliott S«rtain, D O. 9-1G-23-30 Attorneys -for >l«)ntiff. ' Qma*e Cut Off r**l Wat*r ELKO, Nev. I UP) —The! local In Mlnno county, thence hccaiuc of the iitllluillDn oi nban- eastward to Bliicflelcl, will IHJ llic Railroads lor Highways donu'd nillru.ul mul truetlon lines. . . municipal swimming pool Li hay- route of thti second ro.itl. its Iroublca. An earthquake ap- second project alone, nc- mont and MimnliiKton In Marlon parently caiised Die county along ttio rlshl of way -of hot wntcr sprlnf, which fed the |xx>], to slop. Efforts are being miidc to tap Hie cprlni; nt u lower level. about three years ot construction By Kllloii Sarlain, Dainty. " CHII Hiilk'y, stulc Attorneys for Plnlnlllf. Norfolk uml Western rall- onrt trucks between ihc Ki'iilucky lo 1, commissioner. 'Hie lilglmays will to Uiilll on Four-horned sheep lire fount! on Rend Courier News Want Ads. Road Coui'liT News Wiinl ROYAL WKLCOME! OM, GRACIOUS QUCEN,/ OM.MO' smu HIS MMtSlV IK KIN6 BLOMU'S 6CT Wt\- OH,<JU*'V»:fitC COMES t^OUHLS? TVJO BIG DINOSAURS HEADED WAV/ HEVf THAI LOOKS IHXE ALLEV OOP'S OINOS^OR? It IS? ttIO THERE'S K^iG RUZZLE, ON A BfJONT05AURUS "DIONT VOU <3tT DISTRESS SIGN^VtT, PROM WES BEEN GONE TWRF.E WEEKS, AN S HE. LET US KNOW RE7URNG AT1H' HEAD OF 11V TRIUMPV1ANT MOOVIAN ASTRIDE ft GIGANTIC I (V\\H\5 YET THAT TORN GOT TH' PftUACE HtS DISCOVERED SOLD OR A SHOT?T T*OUTE HOME/ HOUSE.' HE'G ALWAVS AM EXTP^ EXPENSE 10 ME,WHENi HES AWAY I DONT GO TO AN\ i SMOWS, I CHA-RGE W\S p 7 ABSENCE. UP AS / TREASURE AMD FIANCE MY LOVER/ BOOTS ANI> HER RUDDIES COOR-bt VOU TX) '.V. WWV WOOLON'T V\t5 OOT OP VOL>, 9ROOO C«= MY BOV WASH TUBRS INVESTIGATING! THfe TIME S'POieO (b Of BEEN SISOT, SHE OUT SH09PI»*, f,t(0 THE LtT 8oV. *6 M\&ftT Of &ONETWN&. SALESMAN SAM SCHEME THAT CMCIiS! (OftWT ME TA COfcLk. AROUND BH'.H.) ftJELL,VHM FRKE OF TH' CCXJWTER AM' PAST TH' MON6V /SCARE Vft HOD LOS TILL, HUH? WHOT'S THE ID6P.R? J NIGHT SET ME TO fS-S \THINKIW—f WANNA kWIW..- Ca^-^. II ,^A"TRYOUT APLAM. **& VOU CON SEE FC-H VOURSECF (OHAT'tL HAPPEN IF fl 6ER TRIES TO GET AT TH' C *SH REGISTER, wrT H THAT' BEAR -' ' < "il . .FRECKLES ANH HIS FRIENDS THE PAY-OFF! OKAY, EVERYBODY. 1 GRAND MARCH... LOOkTATHlM! IT JUST DAV/NED ON HIM THAT HE WAS FRAMED TO DANCE WITH HOMELY LIZ7IE SPARKS....AND WHAT A FACE SHE HAS.'; WOO!! DID YOU KMOW IT WAS ME YOU DAMCIMC wrrw. FRECktES WOULDN'T YOU, IF SPEMT.THE EVENING TAL1CIN' TO A GAL WTTH A FACE TXAT I.CXM<S AS'IF PLASTIC SUPOEON STABTEP TO LIFT IT, BUT WAS INTERRUPTK> •z 'UCDCUE AND S(tW. BETTER HERE ME i SCRAM,CRASH '• HE COMES... kjAs WHAT HE CALLS HE'S LOOK- /A CHICKEN INC FOR 1 WEH HE Hrrs WHY, ER.... YES, LI2Z)E... OF COURSE I RECKLE3 ' : STILL THJNVS ' SSEEKJ

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