The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY, 29;, Patriots In Overalls BLYTTTEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Smart Slack Suits Not So Ponular Nowadays In Wartime England By ft OS KITE HAftGROVK i •^ Servifff Ciuji" Correspond tiTTi LONDON.-K was fy n . while it lasted — but ihe helpless, party- Joviug little ftutiepie is ubou: >is welcome as an incendiary bomb on [he English .scene toriay. "Good-time Girls," they civil them —or "Slackens i-j Slacks." Minister o'f Labor Bovin mav have been thinking or them—the thousands of perfectly healthy Englishwomen shirking 'their war q responsibility—when he Issued his drastic decree drafting male and female labor alike for Britain's de- lense needs. | You can see them in any ol* the .smarter sheltered areas, " weariny either expensive tweeds or per-' J'ectly tailored slacks, bri.Kht oolo -sweaters marching ' the ubiquitous ; tyrban and riding gloves. Thej Good-time Girl seldom walks, sometimes rides a brand-new bicycle, cut usually drives her car into the marketplace or down the High Street, when she doesn't desultorily shop for a lipstick or the illustrated papers astride n horse. a cigarette dan«ling from her lips SHOW CALLOUS DISREGARD Swapping bomb risks in "bhtz zones for golf, followed by cocktail parties, bridge and an evening at the local "nub" playing darts, the war scarcely exists for the Good- time Girl, save perhaps for her presence at- some charity "do" where local celebrities meet! While only an infinitesimal number of women have responded to the count-y's call for women work- f'$. these self-styled evacuees are by >?no\v most unwelcome guests whether they are staying in expensive hotels or have rented large country mansions, in hundreds of provincial towns and country districts. A welfare worker recently returned from a tour of the move expensive evacuation districts stated t,hat "there are still thousands of women showing a callous disregard and indifference to the war eefforc. They are making no sacrifices. COVERALLS, NOT SLACKS" "Yet, other girls- in the same areas; have offered their services ,oing out night ,a,ftei ^ .after , a . harrir-^'ju 's r. 7 slo|ans" as '"Go' To" Tt or Gei'but" .and "Overalls, Not Slacks" are besinnlhe: heaid concurrent with renewed appeals for A. "R..-P. volunteers, g^bi'lanc? drivers-, nurses and '•'first-aid squads. The only alternativee • looks like conscription • of female labor in some form or other, which will absorb some, if not all. of these "teaparty evacuees." Opoort-unities- are not lacking in London for women who want to work. Shorthand typists and efficient secretaries and good clerks or all sort* n re'at-a premium today. The advertisement columns of fl>e newspapers have long lists of vacancies. Many employers are offering, not only ' substantially increased- salaries, but such enticements as shorter working hours and sometimes even transportation to andifrom the office. Office cleaners are being tempted with the ball of bed and breakfast in the firm's underground shelter for a 48-hour week. Stcelc-Cooter Society —Personal PAGE THREE..,,- i'. out in all the decorations/i'i'uesdav Helen Rutlcdgt* received' "Gvf -i'tucks" is the slo^«n hear«t ain«n» ntutiy like the ureasc-jfiaincd girli> above, who. lii orous garb, do ihuir bit. Funeral Services Held For Local Man's Mother MLS. Frances Tomlinscn. 73- •ear-cld mother of Boyd Tomlin-n of Blytheville, died at mi-.f- ni-jht Sunday in Heber Springs. '•k.. at the home of a grandson,' VV. D. Ltiy.son. Funeral .services re held here Tuesday afternoon i the Second Baptist 'church cli- cied by Rev. H. Graham. r-a'lbearers were Johnny Maycoti. 'i:e Piltman. Hull Cutler. Don A.. •yccck. Dwithi Bentlcr and Rr-.'si Jackson. fcurvivcrs include a daughter, ^•lis. A nun I.ay.son O f ilebcr rprijiii's. ni:;<- srund-children an( i 12 gieat-granci-chikiren. Kntertuhi Ol' liml^i Mrs. Dewaru Smith uncl 'Mrs. Marshall Cuinproii were hostesses in one of the most elaborate par- tics ever held hore Monday ni^ht v/hen they cinertainud 30 i'riemls from Sleek- and Cooler at a bridge pnny at the Blue Room m Kenny's. The Vnleniine motif wn.s effectively carried Mrs. hjyh score nwnrd. a brd set; Mrs. Ralph Hall, second high, pillow cases. Mr.s. John Parks Jr. third hi«h. lint^n handkerchiefs and Mrs. Carl Hughes, bridge award, bath powder. Thi! hostesses served k'«'d drinks anu candy during 1 the Barnes and at the clase. of the evening served cherry pie toppwl with whipped cream and coll'ee. * * 4 i'aity Honors Miss Lewis Mrs,. Tom Lewis was hostess to a brkigv party Saturday night, In honor of her house ffuesi. Miss Jewell Lewis of Braggadocio, who .spent the weekend in Cooter. The high .score award, bath salts, v.-ent to Mrs. Velmer Campbell rmcl low .score awnnl went to Mr.s. Jim Miller. The hostess served fruit, cake lopped with whipped cream and iced drinks at the close of the eve- i nlng. Hook Club Has Interesting Meeting There was a very large attendance at the regular meeting of the Book club at the home of Mrs. E. L. Taylor Wednesday afternoon. Huriny the absence of the president, Mrs. Robert, Steele, who is w ° f i Mis. Prnnk Hultnmn «sm« n very jiiu^nvtme program on Chmicnl iDrnma. She 'used for hor topic ft j di-x'ussion of om> of Shakespeare's plays "OtheUa." ; Mr.s. Taylor served a delicious «*lnti i-ourse ju the of Urn I meeting, The next meeting win be held in the home of Mr.s. J. II. Workman and will be In charge of Mrs. P. P. M'cCtitehen. ••• j • Mr- Mr.s, to her Sm >nU ms at ftriils« Elwood Srott \vft.s bridge club of Sleele and friends at n bridge paity afternoon when Mrs. Den W. Burn.s was guest of honor. Mrs. Hurberi Hmli>en.s received high score award, Mr.s. J. B. German, .secpnd high end. bridge award went to Mrs. Leycm Earls. li>l] Thf hostess served sandwiches, pouuo chips, jello with whipptH) cmim mid iced drinks. Mrs. Cameron Eiitertttiii* Mr.s Marshall Cameron was host- CMS to the Young Matrons Bridge dub of Steele and the following guosts: Mr.s. • Byron Weaver, Mrs. Harbert Hudjiens, Mrs. Conrad' Prarne and .Mrs. J. B. German. The high score award went, to Mrs. ITnrbm Hudgens, second high to Mrs. Weaver and bridgo to Mrs. I ^Hflij O»lr;p, \,. M . , ., . Hamm. Tlie hostess servixl sandwiclies, fruit salad cake and Iced drinks * * > * Mr. and Mrs. Cross, Buddy Burnett, Mrs. Dorothy Cross and Miss Jo Wright spent last weekend at Camp Robinson, near Little Rock. - -:re stationed •ft-hcrc nt the camp. ••:; ; ' Mrs. Lloyd Booth niul ,-ion. Slim)- ! | non, of Moniph!.".. spr-m last week- I jead here with rohuive.s. j I Mrs. Tver Ok'tm was hostess to i jn miscollaiifious bridal sliowrr In i | honor of her iliiuv.htor, Mrs. Clu-.s- IIM- Jamos. Monday jjjghi. \v)je;/ a jlnriji* number o! Cootr-r JrifuUs nt- teiidi'd. ! Mrs. Andrew l,u\vll was taken to j:i hospital in Colntnbia over the j weekenci when' siu- iTinninnl lor 'medical troaimont. j Mr.s. Tom Lewis. Mrs. Lewis Lc.s- ,ti«r. Mrs. Tom Cmwi'oni ami Miss , Mttrgfti'iu McCluir necompitniec! | Jowoll Lewis ui l^r honu- in ; Braggadocio Sundu after slu 1 hac! spout ... v ,,,,., licrt* with her brother, Tom L'Jwis', and Mrs. Lewis. i Mr, am! Mr.s. W. P. }>olk return- the iirst of tht- wor-k altt-r a visit with their son Jim Polk uncl family or Flint, Midi. Mr.s. Kuie ViiUglin ot Notfleion, Ark., -is the gm-st of Mrn. Dorn Kmlih and other »-ftlnlives. Mr. am} Mi's. Lowell Kirksey have moved to the tnrm ihov bought at lli.sco. ' Miss Hcva M'cCann ami a uluss* mail- of Southeast. Missouri StHto Twvohors ColU-gi- of Cape Glrurdcau siXJia tl»» weekend herft with !n;-r parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Mc- Caiui, Personal Injury Suit "^ j an accident. Pearson was xepresenfc- . It An 117' T J l ed by Zul B> Harrteoa of Blythe> UndCr Way lOday vSIle, and Ben McCowtney oJ —-— I Jonpsboro; the .^ompnny by Reid A lawsuit in which J. M." Rrwse \ ancl Evrard. und Elmer Rouse,- Jr., sought, a! ~— t ~-- - ;toliil of $13.000 from PliiJlips'IvioLor ;Co. for personal injuries allegedly I summed in ;iu accident near •.Tior- 'ner.svilU', MO.,' lust Aug. 10, v/ns on :triul in Circuit Cowvdvil division, i here /.yesterday before .hKigc G 'K I Keck/ i Chuulo p, Cooj)iM- and Zul B, : HniTlsoji represented the pluln tiffs; ! Reid and h'vnircl the defendem. ... , '^vo other cusc.-; completed late afternoon \ Monday and Tuesday morning were weekend ' decided by a Jury for the dependent In each lawsuit. Boyco Mooro, do- inji 1 busiiH!s,s us Cleaners, liud soushi 5250 dnmajfes from A. S. Burljoro ami Co. Moore was represented by Clavicle p, Cooper; M\o company by Reid and Evrard. Willie Pearson, former employe of the Federal Compress and .Warehouse Co.. a.skcd damages from the company in connection with .. Annual catch of fish in world i.s estimated at about' 000,000.000. with a valuation $701.000,000. the or How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly be~ cause it goes light to the seat- of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ, laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- named bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creormtbsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you. are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis When this model stood beside ber bicycle to display a smart slack suit, it was little thought (bat. {here would come a day when such smart, perfectlv tailored ensembles would bo frowned upon. " eer] a * CIIC e to issue at one time. wav Refunding Bends under the fturt'rrity O r t ,) )n aor referred to m a : >J 8m nmt not o-eeedini? the prln- c *P al 01 ln c State Highway Obli- - ation s issued or authorized to be J/'"*' 1 undci> Act. No. 11. approved " ? ^ n!arv ^. 1934." issuance of refunding bonds. Ana.mst issuance of refunding bonds. NOTICE OF PPECTAL ELECTION! to be Held on j SatuHav, February !5th. 1941. j STATE OF ARKANSAS . : EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT PROCLAMATION I. Homer M. Adkins. Governor of the State of Arkansas, by virtue of the power and authority vested m me by Section 21 of Act No. 4. approved January 28. 1941. do hereby call a Special Election to be held on the 15th day of February, 1941. for the purpose of submitting to the Qualified electors of rhc State the question whether or not the refunding beard shall proceed with refunding the outstanding highway obligations of the .-tote as provided in thai act. The form of the ballot to be submitted to the electors shall be substantially as follows: Ballot The election is being held pursuant to Act No. 4, approved January 28, 1941, entitled: "An Act to Authorize the Issuance of State Highway Refunding Bonds for the Purpose of Calling in and Redeeming the Highway Obligations of the State, to Amend Stction 1 of Act II, Approved February 12, 1934. and for Other Purposes." The question to be voted on is as follows: "Shall the refunding board pro- MIDDLE-AGE WOMEN HEED THIS ADVICE!.' Thousands of women are helped to go 6mU- iug thru distress caused by this period la a woman's life (33 to 52) with Lydia E Pjnkham's Vegetable Compound — famous for over 60 yrs. I Try it! of such special election fpfJl be piven. by publication of this pro"lamation in one newspa- Dsr of general circulation published m epch county in' the state not less than 15 days prior to the date flxH for the election. The election Fhall be held at the regular poi!mg places by the duly constituted election authorities in each county. In testimony whereof. I hereunto ?et my hand and cause to be affixed the great seal of the state m the Governor's office in Little Reck. Arkansas, this 28ch dav of January, 1941. HOMER M. ADKINS Governor p -y the Governor: C. G. HALL Secretary of State. For More Economical, More Convenient Cooking FLORENCE OIL RANGE FLORENCE Here is a practical open front ran^e at an extra low price. It has five burners, three be- ncaJh the cooking ton and t\vo under the oven. Koomy cooking top. Accurate oven J'.ermometer. CONSOLE OIL RANGE Delta Implements, Inc. So. 2nd Phone 80?. Table Top Oil Range Table Top Oil Range One giant and two standard wicklcss burners. One standard bunier at each end ol cooking tcp, the extra-powerful giant burner beneath ll:r oven. Fully insulated oven. Porcelaincd oven lin- ">SS. A heautiful. low-cost unit. This handsome white jwrce- !ain model has red, chronii- i«m-trimmed handles. Three surface burners, two own burners. Its extra bi? oven provides space to cook .1 whole meal at one time. Smooth paneled front, fold- back top cover. Large utensil storage space. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. UP THIS COUPON CLIP THIS COUPON ou luU?l All lOc. 30o. tiOo bottles. CALL 26 FOR AMBULANCE SERVICE \V!u>n you cnll (,'obfo you call the best. Hitte* .safer, more comfortably in nn Ambulance from I.HT US KXTLA1N OUH BURIAL INSURANCE I'OI.IOIKS TO YOU. IT'S SOMETHING YOU NEED! 5 COUGH DROPS SMITH BROS. BUNTEtr LBDCN With OoC Coupon. «M»\] (LIMIT 2) i Coupon (LIMIT 2) Kirby Drug Stores Main at For 2nd — Kroadway Casli This Week Division Knd ^}e|t>iicu Onicj Store '-.ptliciout V*l*nci* CHOCOLATE CHERRIES !£v.;..23 e Luscious cordial centers. HOT WATER BOTTLE or Fountain SYRINGE Your O O c Choice . . O*F Molded in i-piece o( fresh, 'live rubber. Scams won't split. 3 Adult GLYCERINE I SUPPOSITORIES LIFEBUOY or LUX (LIMIT 3} BARBASOLOO' 50 SHAVE CREAM (LIMIT D V W VELVETS 10 C ROLL (Limit 3) >«500 PERFECTION FACIAL TISSUES 25 Regular 98c "Darby" ALARM CLOCK Modern case in choice o£. colors. Easy-jo-read 'o-ione dial. 30-Ft. MOIST-TEX WAX PAPER 2:°9 c Light, White Mineral OU PINT «9J^C BOTTLE ** ^ BAUHE BENGUE 7S*> *!?«! HINKLE PILL* Bottle <ff ^ 100 14 (LIMIT 1) Perfection HAND CREAM \\ a Trea« Of The Week*' HOT CHOCOLATE wtrn TASTY me WAFERS. Ontr . . 1V —rich and mellow flavored! To Hf/p Fight Sort 7/>ro«( Menict 75 C LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC «n«/ Rtgultr 75c LiSTERlNE THROAT LIGHT WITH BATTLRIES I. SO Value EPSOM SALTS ll-lb. -. ! Medicinal * FITCH SHAMPOO 75c CO € SIZE . >Tr MoJtrnhtic 2-Slk U. L. APPROVED BREAD TOASTER Regularly QQc atSBc .-. . O5/ Efficicnr mica unit makes uniform golden brown toast. For 98 35c Vicks Inhaler. .. TEASTFOAM TABLETS 50c <9 >«C SIZE . 94 SHAVE CREAM Giant *>d% Tube . y*i Centaur Quality PLAYING CARDS PiffflcWe or O*f c Iridge Decks .^ / Colorful ncxv designs. SI. 00 Hinds Honey & Almond Cream with 50c Si/e Free Both 89c 1.50 Kolor- bak $1.39 SE1DLJTZ POWDERS hi. 12 . POT CLEANERS Rtal Work Saver! SUPER JUICER Gcts *' $1.98 the juice! . . — Strains! Extracts! Durable Tyson RUBBER GLOVES Big ^*>< Value . . . *iO Non-slip finish. P*g. 80 PAPER NAPKINS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE PINT «»-ffC BOTTLE MtM. (LIMIT 2) WITCH HAZEL Distilled j^^C PINT *•& Gillette K lades MILK of MAGNESIA BOTTLE XI Hudson Bay Paper KITCHEN TOWELS 150-sheet rolls. PUIECOD LIVER (ML our": PUT . Campho-Lyplus COUGH SYRUP «•?*• ^.^c Size Miy ITALIAN BALM Fits Dispenser 3* ^C I SIZE 3*9 BOOK MATCHES VALUE WASH TJtOTHS LOO SIZE MAR-0-OIL SHAMPOO 1.25 SIZE Kellen Uxitivt Qtuoiie COLD TABLETS Tin of20 OLAFSEN ATOL (ABM) VITAMIN CAPSULES TOTTLE gQc 25 ... 99 B*tti« 100 .... L79 ta**lX KOTEX SANITARY NAPKINS Ret Jr. IT Super Bottle 100 ASPIRIN TABLETS Fine Quality 16 (LIMIT ft ALKA- SELTZER TABLETS 60c SIZE 49 10c CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP OMLY . . l c WITH 3-BARS AT 25° 4 BARS 26* Pint Camphorated Oil 59c 75c Schick Injector Blades

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