The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1934
Page 3
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Y.. "u'iu; 2S, ijic<i (ASK.)' GOURIB& PAGE A U T O /%% O Hews and Mote* for the frtotorists G E Southern Ford Dealers Visit World's Fair Tom A. Liillc on Commit- lf-p (or Mooting at l.iltlo Rock Next Week Tom A. Little, of Ihe Shouse- l.itlle ClievroleL company, and possibly some oilier local automobile dealers, will attend n Mute crmvMi- llon ol niilomohili' dr-»lri>. a i.h. lie Flock next Wt-tlnr.sday. Mr. Llule antl HiKsell Phillips, of (he Phillips Motor company of this cltj 1 , are member:, uf the ui> Cnnizatlon committee for Ihc sink-' mmliii;. lint -.1. Phillips is OKI nf Ihe suite nml will be unuhle lo Altenil. A permiineiii ori-nnl/mldii (U Arknnsii.s automobile dr-atw.s isi planned, willi protection of niilo-• mobile owners from ihe liniiasiiion of additional taxation us its chief The rriiivf-nllfln will b; addressed by I'. W. A. Vesper, president of Ihc National Automobile Dealers Association, or some other ivp- rcsematlvc of (Ills nri;iinlz:iiion: Henaloi W. l\. WIllianiMin. I'i.-i- presldem ami genera! nianiift-er ul Ihe Texas Automobile Dealers Association, of San Antonio, Texas; .1. li. CMdv.'eli, field manager ot the Texas iissoctalioii: nnd Foils O. Hmarl. Arkansn,', direclor o[ llir: .N'ulional Automobile Dealers Association, and also cliairman of Ihe Stale Advisory Commillee oi ihe Code of I-'air Competition for Ih« Motor Vehicle nciniling '1'riide loi- the Slate of Arkansas. Senator Williamson will outline Ili2 tax burdens being carried by automobile owners throughout the notion; Mr. Cnldwell will dlsciL^ the le(;lsl:>'ivc. acliviles ol ih? Texas Association in behalf of ihi: automobile owners in (he suite of Texas; and Mr. Smart will discuss rode- (iiiesllons and ihe proper marketing of used umnmohili-s. ' 15 SPORT Model Is Most Recent Addition . to Company's Muster Six Line June 23. — A new model, the Mnsler Sis S|xirt sednn. Is iiiinmiiu-ed by Chevioli'l. It Is a four-ilnnr tlvc- inisseiisjcr sedan will) built-in' • •' "i 1 • . .... '. i i ii.H .. i • — .,..,,-... .a i THIS CURIOUS WORLD "C*: | trunk. New features of niipciminci Celebintiii'.- 'Memphis Branch Day" at Ihe World's Fair, 150 Ford dealers from six southern slates- Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky. Mississippi and Tennessee—arc shown in from of Ihelr special Iratn as li •ivHl al Hi! 1 Illinois Central .station, near the grounds of A Century of Progress in Chicago,on .June H. Tlii- tlealiT.--.. Irom Ihe Memphis branch of the Fnrd Motor Company, S]>cnt most of the tiny at lb Ford Ripotiiilon Hullding on Hie grounds of Ihe World's Fair, and ntlcndcd a luncheon there anil equipment. dlslliiKiitsh il from ulher models of the line. The ni-w« Olu-vroli'l lins llic i'|)|ieaiiiiii-e of Innea.vd slrnmiliii- liili. llnoiigh ilu< adoption of >\ niodiilrd roof line, lo penult the icar panel to lili-nd smrxilhly Into ll.i- lines of Ihe trunk. The enllie i ear |i;,iirl hirludlns! Ilii- trunk, Is ii.ule of a single slumping. Advantage htis l>een taken of nil viifliihii- space iti piovltli> n com- uiiullous bniiruigi 1 compariiiieiil. The trunk Ls 4U'i Inches whip, n 3-4 inches fun- and ufi. mid 13 S-S inches hiuh. The spaie wheel i.s mounted n Ihi' rear of the trunk; spare wheels cuiTled in fender wi-lk be had on oult-r. OF LIGHTNING IS OA/f M/LE AWAY FOP. EACH FtVE SECONDS THAT ELAPSE BETWEEN THE LIGHTNING FLASH AND THE CRASH OP THUNDER, THAT FOLLOWS, MERIDIANS of (lie Ford Compnny. The remainder of ihnlr day l:il:en up will) .-sales meellnp;. entertainments tiutl :i mm- nf Ihe F>:[*->sliioi) nnrl thr- Fulv ;ili'MS| To provltle p>oi<>i-(ion for mink Sport Sedan Is Lalesl|Chevrolet|Master Model .'pare wheel, antl fenders, a spi-rl- ally formed rein buui|>ei-. with Krenlr-r arch, I.s used. The rear iinarli-r windows tilf- Irr from thnw used In nil olhei |l»:n models. A no-drnft venlllaliiiir null, pivoted lop anil hnlloin and )|XTiilr-(l by a T-lian:lle. i-oiiiprl.--e.-; he entire window. The verlicnl ventilator |X).st Is ellmlnaletl by Ibis design. Interior equipment include.'; ii|>- holsiery of mohnlr or Uctlford t-md loplionali, arm rests al nil /.nils, ndjii.siahie .sun defleclor, ndju.slii- hle ilrlvc'i 1 '/. M:II|, assist conls, I ray in fi tint-seal hark, clove cnin- pitrtiiient. rear window shade, me- lal inlii- rail, carpel rnveml I'nol i I'M, dome llKlil. if-vf-rsed oi«'iiin : ; HMcenrd cowl veiillhiior, and l-'ls'n- cr no-drnfl milllallon. The trunk is provided wlih two hasp*, each of v.liieh lncor|)oral(-s n loek; a Mnnlc key flt.s Ixith. OF THE EARTH CONVERGE AT THE NORTH AND SOUTH POLES/ THEREFORE. AN AIRPLANE CIRCLING THE P.'X-fiS CAN FLY FROM rO&Ay INTO TOMORROW- OR. BACK INTO yesreAMx ALL, WITHIN A FEW MINUTES f J |b]4 HC MA IinVKt. W.. IT ONCE WAS CUSTOMARV TO NAIL. A CAT UNDEBNEATW THE FLOOR Of- EACH NEW FOR GOOD iLKK. hanks Congressman for His Service in Behalf of | Dislricls In reality, the crash of thunder occurs Immciliiilely nllor (.ho dlscharne of I'leclrlclly in the lightning flash, bill mutid travcLs sn slowly, fomparecl to liulil, tlml w« fot 1 .1 inlnule :ilier the if the mtiy not hear Ihc lnlni', LS~, fur olT. llmnder ,. Henry Chevrolet has just unreduced a siiorl sedan as r , I four-door sedan equipped with a built-in trunk, graccfiillv streamlined into Ihe hody. rord Himself Drives! Car Off : 'Rouge Plant| .Plymouth SiKM-ial ; Six AnnouiHied Assembly Line . Midi.—Henry Ford ?n;:l V.'rdiir.rday watched the oiii!- inilhunth i-'ord V-« engine ussenin- led into A chassis on the final ns- sernbly line at llic Rouge plant of the Ford Nfnlor Company and tlicn drove Hie cnr off ll-.c line. Edscl B. Ford, president of ihc Company, and other l-'ord officials \m't. pnrt. in Ihe ceremonies. Tin- lij-mlucLicjl Of tlh- iitiu-ltill- lionlli Ford V-ll marlf<.d the establishment by the Ford Motor Company of Iwo new world records in 8-cyhntier motor car production. The production of I.UOO.flOO Ford V-8 cars exceeds llic. production of fi-cylinder cms by Ihe rc- rnalndf-r of the industry belli here abroad. Ford also holds tiie.. dully 8-cylin<!er production record I with a daily lotal of 4All which i was set May fl. j Tile one-millionth i-'ord v-8. a, maroon Fordor sedan Titled with | red wheels and while sidewall tires, was driven to Chicago lo be installed with fitting ceremonies In | the famous Ford Drnma of Trans-! nnrlallon at the Ford Exposition 1 in the Wo/ld'.s Fair ns the rcpre-! senlative of Hie lfi:)4 Ford cnr in llic dramatic cycle which pictures the development of transportalion through the ages. Tnc first Ford V-8 engine was as. c x'mblcd under Mr. Ford's per- jNcw Spccialy Six Offers i Luxtiry Features al F ''• Ircmnly Low. Cost Waller P. Chrysler, whose Plymouth cnr has shown such amaring sales gains during the pnst three years, was snapped by the Candid Camera In the. Chrysler Salon. Chrysler LluildinK, New York, telling two of liis friends abmil the new Plymouth Special Six Jusi- announced. DF.'rnoiT. Mich. - Waller P Chrysler announced a nev: audition to the Plymouth line this week. The car is the Plymouth Special Six. which \s now in full production and i- on display i.l Dwlge Dt 1 Solo and Chrysli- llirolib'houl ihc eountry. The announcement .slales lhal Ihe Plymouth Special Six "is "designed for motorists who wanl luxury fciilurcs at the lowest possible cost, plus ihc lulesl in engin ccring and mechanical advantages." Prices on Ihe Plymouth Special Six start at S5CO, f. o. b., Detroit. Models include a four-door setlan: two-door .sedan; a town wdnn. with Ijnilt-in trunk; rumble seal coupe ami a business coupe. The Plymouth S|wcial Six not. KITCHEN NKXT: IVIifii did (lie fK|in-wl«n, "lillml as a hat" College Coach Held as Killei Plymouth Special Six Sedan jusi an- | nounccri by the Plymouth Motor Corporation. Notice Ihe new type steel : only has unusual labilities, but al perf romance irray of new S. luxe" Vice President and General Mnn- sonal supervision nt the Rouge wheels, ihc dual trumpet hoins. Ihc vakhromc ntiLsh rndintor grille, nger of Ihe Plymouth Motor Cor- I'lnnt. Mnrch 9. 1032, three weeks'; The new Special Six model is now in full piwluction nl the Plymouth Iporation, slated today. iseforc this new Ford engineering p!!lnt nnd ihousauds of :levelopment was first shown lo the ..*.„••, , , ^.Kii- I'iymouth ofTicinls stnte. orders for dealers have already teen received. public. Sonic time next month tlie 22.- OOO.OOOlh Ford will come off the Rouge plant assembly line. There have hern other historic Fords When the ao.OOO.OOOth Ford, a Model A. came off the assembly line April M. 19:11. || i^,.;, „„',. wliich carried it lo all pnrt-; <i| (he United Staie.s Likewise, the 15- DlKl.Cdfllh and Ihe ID.OOO.oOflih Ford's which were Model Ts. Tlie_ 10 - (WUOOlli l-'ord wns mull .lime \ 'KM. Ihe AOOO.OOOth on Mav 25 lf>27. Only :a.Gia Ford cars hnd bwn built up until I9«j. Of iheic 1,?^, WPr ^ A °" <l B " 10<iels bullt ! " HERE CONSRS THE PLYMOUTH SPECIAL. SIX! Here's a head-on These include dual trumpet chromium plntcd horns: glove compartment on the instrument rand: dual (all and slop lights; valchroaic finish radiator grille: •sjwcial all-steel artillery wheels [with 17 x S.25 tires; new interior ,£iin visor, and other refinements. | "With Plymouth sale.s thus far [this year more than double Die | same time last year. Hie introduction of (he Special six now gives ] Plymouth the most complete line .of cars in the low price field," Mr Eddlns stated. "It has been the aim lor the Corporation lo produce In ' HI' -SIAllV K. JIAdUR •SKA Service Stalf Writer Fruity, icy drinks make llic hoi days more Iwarablj and my theory Is that every household should have mi Icebox drink reserve always ready for KUI-MS and family. Ii is iiurrt-silnt: to know dial linger ale antl iniuijnerntilt- ntht-r bullied Ixiveraucs in n cl c w i i h "charged" or "carbonated" water are hcalthlu! drinks. Eli-cording to Ihc Chemical Research of ihe U. S. Department, of AgilciiHure. These br-viT(4ic& aie nf .'.ome ioo<i value due to tlir- sngnr iisrtt in their making, v/hlle Ihe ' liull juices, acids antl exirnct.s njitl olh- e rflavors Irom aromatic herbs am! roots as well as the cailmu dlnxidp gas present, act as ttitili^s nnd mild stimulants. When you are making drinks for iiimm?r refreshment, tnkec.irc lot lo make them loo swcel. A c ngar syrup i.s belter Uian nliiln sugnr. This yon can niaki- :niil keep in a jnr. Adilirif Sparkle- am) l'f|) Ginger ale adds .sparkle :uirl |iep lo a fruil punch. Carbonated water gives a tnng. while tc-a distinctly changes ihe navor. Bui all Give character whereas plain water merely lessens ihe fruity lasle and increases the nmnlily. Keep you:- refrigerator siockjd with tottles of .sugor syrup, fruit syrup and ginger ale nnd you're rcntty for customers al a minute's notice. The excess juice left from canning small fruits lilways cnn be used lo advantage in summer drinks. Lemon and lime juice i;lvc a pleasant tartness (o nil fruil punches and always slwiild IIP Plymouth line f-\\i\ o i i u ti* • — — i »'io\v oi in IDO.i: a total of l.SM model F. cars ! 1>ltim! °" ' built In 1905 and 190G and ihej olher 23.G1G models K, U li nnd' n i n s bunt in 1906-7-s. i Bankers Urganize From 1!H» to 1927. a lolrd of! ' ' this addition to f motor car c'iCliixe in every way. and al the same lime have, all of the mechanical advantages that we know f-fornersville Society-Personal T. A. Hay mid Have. Egbert were ill Nfemphls Wednesday on business. Mr. nnd Mrs. nilcy F. KnlRhl; wenl lo Porlagcvllle S|intlay and remained until Wednewlji', vlsliing Ihe former's falher, .1. T. Knight. Mrs. ThoiniLS 11. Wilkiiw, cap- lain, nnd Miss Irene Mcunlcli, HPII- U-iiiiliL' fif Ilie Cllrl fjcotils. left. Tuesday morning wllh 20 girls for a few days .Ihc W. II. Hiiwt'll cuinii uu.UUh: Black rivet 1 , in Duller counts'. The girls malc- iiig Ihe irip were Virginia IMrks, Roberta nnd Catherine Shumnle, Jjckiu and IJelty Lomax, Anna Ri.lh Seviell, Kilty Adkins, Carlyne WaLwn. Rue. Itiiflin, Annu Maud icennrtt, Fnyc and Maye Parks, Doroihy Oun'. Mury mull Lamb, Julia .lean Lamb, Mnry l«u Langdon, and Carlotla Clenry. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Tinnln lefl Sunday for Clrcenvllle lo spcn weel-. wllh relallvp. 1 ;. Dr. Van II. Bond lefl Wednesday willl liis brother. Dr. John fluml, for 11 two weeks visit with Ihe Inlter ant! with other relatives at Nashville, while recuperating from a recent illness. Appreciation of "unsclfl.ih nnd | Ifi'clive scrvle.!" In te.ialf of dralu- and levre district landowners I pres-'Jil to Con^rcssnmti W. J. >rl\-pr In it lelter from Clifton If. ico'.i, presldeni of li:c Nallonal | sp, l/-vee anil Irrlwitlon (is- oelsillon. As n ri^iilt. nf lei;Lshtlun In Ihe nadim-nt of v.-lik-li Cungrc-.viinan I )rlv(T had mi lm|>oriaiiL ii-ii'i, tin- 1 iroveinenl. tllslrlta debt reductions I nnoimling to Jlii,;!VB.H!i nre In I ii-os[X'cl in AikniiMis nltine. nro-i .UK lo Mr. HcolL 'I'ne loiter to Congressman Drlv-J er. made public by Mr. Scotl, follows: The members of our Executive | Committee, Mr. Tntluu, Sccrelary- Trcnsiircr, nnd 1 want lo lake thls 0|)|:orlunlty of (luinlilnu; you for l-he'l splendStl cooi>eiiitlon tail you liavul given In ihe Interest of driilnage.,1 levre iintl Irrlijallon leg i.s! u I Ion. Youf have at hi) limes assisted us InM hil! oilier Coiigres.iimen 111 our hall. In olher words, vonr nislsi-l mice grently nuled us in .securlngl iitidlllnnal approprlnLloii Hint willl iiiuki it. |ior>sliiic. in reflnnncc nlll trnliini'.e. Kn'fe nnd irrlgatltni dis-| "ricts. ( "Your consltml -ahdl greally assLstcd ILH In sa-1 curing the pn.'fngc of Ihc Siiinnoral llankruplcy ICKlsltillon wliich wllll nnble dnilnage. levee and Irrlgn-l tloji dlsirklf: lo close lonns that" hnve l>een inul will I* approved bj the Drainage, l/wce antl Trrlga-l lion Division of inn U. p. c. The! ge of llic Simmers nn.nlt-1 niplc.y Bill makej! U i>ossil)le lor iho Ijfjiulholders of 111) 2-3 of ihe iindlni; ludcli'.ctlnrss lo force inlnorll.y of ;I3 1-3 to accept loans Ihat have liecn nnd will lie, approved. This legislation will also pevm U initnlciiullUcs, lichool tni- provrmenL tllslrlels. road 'linpTOve- nieiil. M-wer and other taxing units bricadjnsl Uiclr indebtednexs when per cenl petition the federal Court anil Bfi :!-:t of each class of wciirlllcs approve loan, provided the Keiser News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Watson's I baby, who has been seriously li.l IJaptisl hospital, Memphis, [much Improved, and was cxjicctcd !" b i' n " Dodge, De Solo and Chrysler rirnlcrs. . „. , w °-'»o j people want. The Plymouth Siiecinl :5ix is not only one of the most ——Iunusual performers that Plymouth added 11 al all possible. Grated lemon rind added lo (he sugar syrup while It Ls- hoi adds immensely to Ihe flnror of (be fruit beverage. Make a slmpl? syrup as usual. When cooked, mill Ihe uraied rind of Iv.o lemons for every cup of xupnr used and let Whenever it's |:o-slb'.e. make :lie punch several hours before it will tc tiMid. The flavors blend each other ns well ns Ihc ar.d ihc drink Langley Child Dies . lias ever produced, but our en-: rias jgineering tcst.s also prove it lo bc|tarl. and smooth. finer IS.M3.3I3 Model Ts were built nnrt j-hlpped to all purls of the world. The Model A car was introduced late In 1927.. All told 4.527,069 CARUTHERSVILijE, Mo.-At a' Drcwcry Uingley. jr., 17-monlhs- -upkepp." meeting attended by represent- O i rt son or Mr ,, n(1 XIre _ Dr( , W cry j n Cariithersvllle. • economical In operation and cl,^. , _ Ehc In April, 1031. Alodcl A's \vcrc maiiufnctured be- of the First State Bank of Car- forc Ihe 20.000.000 Foi-d was built(uthcrsvillc was elected president;, Requiem mnss was suns at the P S. Payne, cashier of the Bunk Catholic church in (his city Tucs- of Steele, vice-president; and Jes- day at three o'clock, conducted by so Miles, of the Bank o[ Hnytl, 'he Rev. Father McConnack. secretary, of tho Pemlscot County' Death wns attributed lo colitis. Bankers association, which was The child Is survived by his par- Wilson Child Dies ^'••••»« K^k^0 shrub i« i.,, -r-,> n .,, ,„ ,, T nS >l .1" Ideal ih (liiencher nnd cooler for rro iuriler, f[enrgo II. llnrlhiiloiiii-iv, IS. lop iibuln. >\ H a; liinrmn nnrl Jcn'er^.-in <^n|. | r ., r V.TI'Miill;; r'nai-3i mill Jlliysi- cnl ilirennr. ir, linlil in \Vash- inKinn. l'a., jail, aftor athnll- I INK he liroltn. (he neck nf (leorgr T. Manls, 2:1, below, in- I Dunn home. i lo return home (he last of Mils j v.eck. Mr. and Mm. Robert Chiles o O-sccola have announced (he birtl 01' a son at Methodist hospital Memphis, Tuesday noon. Mrs. Chiles v/n.s formerly Miss Irene Nichols uf Kelscr. Edward Niison hns purchased Inn niale impcrsntiator. The coach snid lie :icciilonl;illy .Vllltjtl Manis In a |.»ht nftr-i- tlie latter him. with a fruit punch or "adc" of some, flavor. Persons who would reduce Ihelr weight will especially appreciate this delectable, old- i l ™ lime i-oncocilon. Shruh Mr. and Mis. Warren Lesmcislcr. i iiiitil recently of Jonesboro, arc 1 now making their home with Mrs. | Lesmelslcr's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ff. H. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Jncl: Oils and Mil and Mrs. Tom Williams have moved here from Little Rock nnd have ; taken rooms in (he home of Mr. Mrs. C. L. Nichols. They are I employed ns engineers nl (lie Dycss Is not lesa than. is psr nil of ii:c whole; in olher words, bis legislation mnkes 1 It -possible or nil lashid units lo readjust debt Iniclure lo tilt cKlcnl of f.cnllng lowii lioth iJriiiclpal and Inlerasl. cr merely extension of lime on principal and scaling down of Interest, or any adjustment (lint is deemed to Ihc Interest of all when the required percentage of bondholder* liave sanctioned such nereemeiil "Personally j think oht of the Rrentesl bencfiis Unit Is Rohifr if rctltnnid lo the interest of farmer; Ls that of pcrmltllng them lo refinance thc-ir individual farms tlm the F,-'t!eraj farm" credit ngencie; aflor the districts ara rennanccd The farmers within districts have been uicully dlscrijiiiniucd against lint couldn't lie helped on account of outstanding bonds bslng llea" agalusL n.sRp.s'xxl lj^:ienis and ac- lunlly making 'rtr. si,?- mortgage.' In reality scrontl mortgngcs or liens "1 hope lhal it will be conslslent for you lo give us your full co- oiwratlon next session in securins Interest reduction from four to three p;r cent wliicii would' mean snviiiB In Interest atone of $1,250. MX) annually on loans lolallln; tK5.noa.ara. or a savin" or $25000,000 lo $:tn.000.0ffll to farmers te- fore loans arc rennid lo Iho n.P.C "It I.s Ihc opinion of lh c mem bcrs of our ExccuiivD Commltta nl.'o of other Congressmen that yoi have given more time pmona'llj over period of six yMrs and liav Iwn more conslructivc n:id c-ffcct- ivc in thought and action in be half of this ICBlslniion ilian nnj olher Congressman. "V/e again thank ton for youi unsclruh ati:l effeerivc s=r%:cc. iS^ncd) "C. H. SCOTT." "Prcsitlenr." Jix. quarts r.ispbmles .1 quart ] vltii-ifiii', cianulaled susar. i Wash nnd pick, over fruit. Put] terries and vinegar into a Elone I jnr ant! li-t stand for thirty-six' hours. Keep coieivd willl n cloth. Strain through a jelly bng nnd lueasiiie the juice. Use cup (or cup of sugar nnd Juice. Put Into piescrvinj kcllle and boll ten miti- iitcs. I'oiir sterilized botllcs ! colony. and real, lo serre. Dilute with ice water ups. Children .-.hoiiiil provided Plajinjr 1!o«h*y PliTSnUROH, Pa.—When Forrest • .Jensen] finishes his baseball career, he'll go back to school. Tlie Pirate outfielder Is a registered teacher In Belllngruim, Wash. formed nt this meeting. |enls. one sister, and o'ther rcla- Re»d Coimov News Want Adx. lives. Intci-rncnt I drove cemetery. was in Mnplc WILSON, Ark. — Billlc Lane, Ihree year old son of Mr. antl Mrs. Clins Lane, of Wilson, who died of dysentery al a Memphis Hospital Monday, was burled at Bas- seil Cemetery Tuesday afternoon. Funeral services were conducted from the family residence in Wll- sin by Ihe Rev. U. M. Lewis. Don't Caudill's Agency General Insurance A cloc-k runs faster In weather; the |X:iLdubim. Mill Town Items Mrs. Irene Dradiord nud baby, Chester, nnd J. B. Cunningham and invalid daughter, Florence. f.p*nt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Burks. J. D. Cunningham Ls continuing! to improve from his recent serious Illness. Little Chester Bradford, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Aubrey lirndfcr^ cold who has been very 111 with colitis Snviet Arctic !/-.irtfr iloirarrd KIEV. U.S.S.R. I UP)-Profess™ Olio Schmidt .leader of the famous Cheliuskin Expedition" acros: Ihe norllieni Arctic route, has jusi lir-en elected lo membership in th< Ukrainian Academy of Sclenci here. cold shortens the) for two weeks, Ls Improving n 111- ille. [OYNER & BONIFIELD .1 Fire illajt Out Ynur Life S INSVRK TOD A Y First National Insurance Agency r*! Insurance Phim* 12

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