The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREEJ Association Head Approves Rigid Inspection of Nc\v Mouses »y 1). It. COLMNS Asrislunt Itt the Director of I'roino- Uon lit llie Portland Oment Association CHICAGO, III.—Working at the job of being n home owner can be as much fun as playing around In a dream home and can b? Inflnllcly more profitable. If. instead of being emotional about the bKuitttiil paint, the gleaming metal, and tlie marvelous gadgets, more people would go through the mental process of tnk- , ing their prospective home apart ; to sec wluit it is made of. they would got both fun and profit. Even a dream home must have n tangible shell—including fomulaUoii'i : walls, floors, and root—built, to <lef- ' initc standards if the house is to last. This is the doctrine that the Federal Housma Administration is preaching, it is the principle on which demonstration homes ure foxing built throughout the countrv These houses must be of durable materials that will last and will 1)2 a good investment, both for the . home owner and the bank which might Hnancc the building of such houses. The men who finance house building don't get emotional about atmosphere and color in a house They are more inlet-rated in how a house will look and what its condition will he in 10 or 20 years. There is only one way to be sun about these things.:that is toknon what is behind llic glitter. Among the requirements set up l)y the Federal Housing Administration for Insured long-term mortgages is the stipulation (hat construction must be of proven durability, in this way the Housing Administration is helping the pro spcctivc home owner fi"ht thi Jerry-builder. -; Experienced builders, encouragei *>y the Federal Housinsc Adminis trillion and ^responsible firmnciil ? institution^, tire- creating; attract ively designed, iirablp houses . n durable maleTials at little or m gralcr rost than houses of less per manent materials. These house nrc being built for people who d" their dreaming at, night and lliei thinking by day. Naturally, sue houses are a good investment fo both the bankers and the horn From Shack to Show Place Small English. Type House Will Allow For Expansion Redecorates and Improves I'ulurc Home of Jewel-! i'V Business. Tlic t-'itiodi'lliiK of (ho ts?w s.oii' building imrclmsi'd by J. I/. Ciiiard ttiul the ccmpletiou of lite nmoflulliiB of till' S. l>. Martin liouse an- the chief building AC- livilU's this week. Mr. Ciiianl's building, for his Jewelry ami optical business, Is ui'liiB ri'mwMecl with nn opllcnl rccm nl the rear. This will liuve new equipment llirougboiil. A new lluir is being laid, (lie interior mlmmiled mid tlie windows changed. The buse of the windows will be black, with nold lettering. Mow the displays, Tlie two storv building Is furnace heated. The front of this bulld- Inu was completely modernised tew years ago. It was formerly occupied by the Uootery. The Martin residence, at UOO W. Main street. Is now complete on the outside mid itie fumiU has moved in, but there Is yet some minor work to be finished on the Interior. The ten-room house was brick veneered, a new cnlrimcc made' on the front mid a side entrance added, u new roof put on and u number of dilutes miidc in the Interior. The living room was enlarged to tli by 24 feet, a fireplace made, ccn- Irul balls made upstairs and down, the entire liouse plastered and iscw lighting fixtures 'Installed. A KtciHuc room Is to be converted Into a powder room Inlcr. owners. Q. Do you think a mnkc-be- lleve fireplace is justified? A. Frankly, anything that pretends to be what it Is not in architecture is not goort. If you cannot have a real fireplace but want a shelf, why not just put up a plabi shelf where you want It? It can ' treated in be very attractively a number of ways. room in my garage quarters. Do you Q. I need for sleeping think the second floor under the rcof would bo suitable? A. If Ihe garage is wide enough and Ihe pilch is high enough |o get a room with walls at least 4 feet high where it intersects the roof, with full ceiling height over at least half of the floor area, it slicukt be all right, lie sure you have adequate Hght and ventilation. It would be advisable to Insulate Ihc room, -par- The townspeople of Bntavia, Ohio, objected to the shack shown above: They said' it was a disgrace to the village. The little place was taken in hand by Richard R. Grant, architect, : anci'is now the home of William P. Jcnike, and a show, place of the town. It is an excellent example- of what may, be. accomplished under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing'Administration..'-.'. . • In the original building the gutters were hand hewn from a log'and are still, in good '.condition. All framing is of hand-hewn oak and poplar timbers and floors are of oak planking. 'Hie foundation is of stcne and ;s over 2 feel thick. In addilioli to the necessary rcplastering, replacing:.of. rotted . posts and siding, new heating and electric systems -have 'been installed, as'-.well" (is modernized 'plumbing.--111- cluding two baths and n new'., kitchen. ' ' . ' • ' ! - - . ' ; - • - Old Furniture Basis • For Decorating Plan A pleasant guest room was built around an old four-|)oster mahogany bed with matching chest of drawers, walls were papcreil with a fine silver and white stripe, and Ihe celling paper had an old.Eng- lish chintz design of pink roses. Window draperies of soft pink anil a wing chatr covered with chintz matching ns near as possible the .celling design completed llie room, which was charming iu ap]>earancc and comfortable as ;wcll. Funds for the decoration of rooms arc made available to responsible persons through the Modernization Crddll Plan,'of llie'Fcd- cral 'Housing-.Administration pro- grain. ' V .'''.' . ' Shelves Can Either Help Or Hinder Housewife ticularly over the I along the slope. ceiling and Q. Is uedrctim linoleum suitable for a floor? A. Yes; it is. It comes in all sorts of designs and colors and can be used either with or. without scatter ruys. Q. Our architect says that the slnirs in our new house should be wedged and glued and tongue and grcovcd. I don't understand very well what ho means, but the contractor says it isn't necessary and will cost more. Do yon think it necessary? A. If yon want a good stair job, it is. Without those pro cautions Ihc stair is apt to scpieak and the treads and risers wiil pull ajwrt and open up cracks Shelves can be either the Joy or the • despair of the housekeeper, depending upon whether or net they have been properly placed, arc of the right proportions, aud arc accessible. For instance, book shelves that are in a dark corner and are too deep and too high are of little The lilies of Ihe books cannot be distinguished, the extra depth collects dust, and it is necessary to stand on something lo reach the book one wants. And the same may be said .of shelves in closets, in the kitchen, and, in fact, wherever ^helves oc- ur. Book shelves should, for the most part, be little over G inches deep, for most books arc not over ;> inches deep and any extra room is ju:;l waste space. They should never be set so high that they caimct be readied, unless, of course, they arc In a regular library and steps are provided h which to reach them. Light, either natural or artificial, should Q. What is the best way lo build a corner cupboard In a dining room? A. It can be built entirely o! weed, or it may be built tip ol lalh and plaster with just wooti trim about the opening. It is a matter of choice which method you use. We suggest that you have a design made by some competent architect so it will best fit Ihc purpose for which you intend to use it. be available so that every title can be easily read. Shelves in kitcher.o. too. should be carefully studied. Those which arc lo be used for condiments and cans or boxes which tire used frequently should be no deeper than absolutely necessary. It is exasperating when the |>cpper is needed quickly lo season some concoction on the stove lo have it hiding behind the ginger jar. Each article on Ihe shelf should be In plain view, and Ihis can best be accomplished by having the shelf too narrow to accommodate cans irt more than one row. On llic other hand, shelves that are to hold plates should be at least 11 Inches deep in Ihc clear. Plates • may be stacked ill double rows If necessary. Doors should be provided for dish shelves to keep out the dust, and they should be hung In pairs ever large enough openings to allow for Ihc passage of large platters. Space likewise should not bo partitioned in such n way 'as to' prevent" stbfaee.'of. large plallers .and -dishes."-- • • And so . it.. is_.\vlth .all' shelves. Their .iise'' should.. be carefully studied and' trie-"shelves made to fit. ••'•'•-."•• .; -• •••. •;'•• - •• .' New shelves-, and •' cabinet*., may be '.installed .under 'the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing .Adminislration. Shoe Board Should Be of Dark Color Tli shoe or .base mold lhal Is placed at the junction of Ihe floor and baseboard should be stained to match the floor and not painted like the base. This mold lakes a lot of punishment from mops and sweepers, and furniture, and if It is painted It soon shows the effects. Read courier News Want Ads.' Dressing Table Built , Inside Closet Door Sometimes, where space is limited, a sitting-room effect is dcslreii In a sleeping room. A college girl with this (den In mind cleverly arranged a vanity table on the inside of a closet door. A mirror was hung on the upper half of the space, .and. below the mirror a shelf was built and finished with an. Inch-high railing. Toilet articles, cold cream, and cosmetc. jars found Iheir places on the shelf. Below Ihe shelf was a shoe rack, a chintz ruffle protecting the shoes from dust and completing the vanity-table effect. Bull-in Innovations may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Honsln» Administration. problem of many i>coplc contemplating building, that ot obtaining a house suited to their present day needs, yet suitable for fulure expansion, U solved by a house of this type. Nothing Is sacrificed In llic original home. It Is compact, yet very altractlve. The architectural details [ire [tnlhcnlic, aud the house itself has the appearance of a completed home. Each addition adds to (lie general charm of llic place as well as to tlie lloor spacei a result difficult lo achieve when each step in expansion is not planned carefully In advance. The original house contnlns'thrcc rooms; a living room (the future dining room) with adequate wall space and cheerful windows, a completely modern kitchen with built In cases and provision for range, refrigerator and sink, and a good sized bed room. The bath Is localcd off of the living room, a convenient arrangement where guests wouldVusc the roll-away bod contained In a closet olf tlie living room. A medicine cabinet and modern fixtures' arc provided in a compact space here. Tlie bedroom at llie front of the lipiisc, Is large enough to accomodatc twin beds, and contains 1 two "windows. - Closet space\tliVoughoiit .the house Is carefully considered; ' the bedroom has a large clothes claset and a'linen closet; the vestibule has a 'coal closet, and the bed closet In the living room can accommodate extra wearing apparel. The first addition in most cases would probably involve finishing the second floor of Ihe house. Two large bedrooms, a second bath and three large closets can thus be added lo the house. The short, well lighted hallway on this floor gives access lo the stairs leading Into the dining room, The large living room, which mlglil well be llie third addllior contains a natural fireplace, an\ has two pulrs of French door opening onlo the attractive l>orcl This room Is of the studio tyix. n story-and-ii-hatf In height, teamed ceiling would be partlcu larly attractive here. The final addition (or, nn carllc addition) includes the garage and covc-reil gale. The result is a home lhat typifies the English cottage at its best, yet a home thai Is thoroughly In keeping with the rcc- quli'cmehls of present day Arherl- can living, A feature of the plan Unit deserves particular altcntllon, whether the house is built ns a single unit or allowed lo "grow" with tlie years, is the convenience of ":ie downslalrs bedroom. Parllcu- ii'ly in the house- with an'elderly Krson or with children, this fea- ,ire will be appreciated. The first loor bathroom, of course, ' serves he purpose of an extra lavatory s well as serving the first floor cdrooin. Tlie design, as illustrated, utilizes 'ertlca! siding, shingles and half. Imbcrcd stucco In Its construction. Whcro desired, brick and stone, irlck and stucco, brick and shingles or stone and half 'timbered iliicco might be combined, Local tmlerlal, whether stone, brick or ramc. might well be" ulllked In Its construction while retaining the Sngllsh reeling. -Details are of par- :lcular Importance; these Include the Iron work on the front door, shutters and wood detail hoove llie first lloor windows and doors. The original home, containing three roams, contains 12,750 cubic. . feet; the rooms oil llic second floor contain 3,850 cubic feet; the living room and porch . 4,250 cubic feet, and the garage l.BOO cubic feet. Local building costs can be determined by contractors of the bask ot Ihcso figures. Tito, original house Is twcnty-lwo by twenty-nine feet In size. \ HOOF DUCK If you have a flat root over a l»rch or extension which you wish lo use, us a deck, It should be covered with deck canvas. It i s not advisable to walk on metal decks or graveled roofing. RADIO REPAIRING ft Complete Un* of TntMB >IM) Part, HUB BARD Tint A KATTKKT rt CO. OWN YOUR OWN HOME OWN A FARM Save your money by pulling 11 In a Fnrm. You can pay nil cash or part cnsli nnil the balance yearly. Land values in this valley are gradually increasing. We liavc a few- farms to sell. If you have any farm land lo sell, or If you wish to buy a farm, see me. 797 and" 1 86 G. G. C AUDILL te Including the crew, 3200 persons arc transporter! by the new trans- Atlantic liner Queen Mary'. Lumber Prices Reduced Lumber must be moved before Oct. 1st Some items as low as $1.00 per bundrecl feel See us before building or making repairs. Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. lilythcville, Ark. Phone SOO Small Bui Comfortable Homes Can Be Built For $2,000 Now is the time to build while home loan money is available al the lowest interest rate ever known. If you are interested in . owning your own home let us help you. Phone 40 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. MOOtL JO • Not exactly n salesman. He is n missionary of better household efficiency and economy. He undciitaiiili the chemistry of ivashing clothes tlirouyh scientific tesu worked out in the factory laboratory. He understands the worn Fin's washday problem by having discussed it »iih thousands, liy having personally demonstrated Maytag performance in homes, week after week. • It is the Maytag Man's idea to let you sell yourself, after lie has demonstrated that * Maytag washes faster, better, more economically nnd more conveniently. U|Km Ills courtesy and integrity resls the reputation, of The May tag Company. Welcome the Maytag Man. • Eaij JijtmJ faynunit anjnpj. Hull! -Malar. E. B. GEE SALES CO., INC. 5th & Main - - - Phone 07 THI mirna COMMNT Some day we'll build a. home like that!" This 'couple pays rent. They want a home, lint do not rc.iltrx; they can rnnko their rent money pay for one. , Many couples like these right here in Iisvc not >Wl iuvcstigxili'd I lac FHA financing plan, which makes it pos- sililc for tlie couple of average means (o pay for their own home. \Vc will gladly explain (his plan without obligiUfoti. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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