The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on September 11, 1891 · 4
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 4

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1891
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A TITE DAILY STAND ATJ) ' . .OX : BEOOIvLYX. FEIDAT. SEPTEMBER 11. 1891. A COSE CALL For Erooklynv- in- the Game - With i ' Pittsburg, Uierhnnrr-Mainly Responsible lor the Defeat of the Smoky City lads Re. wills ot Other Games Flayed Yesterday. I was Indies dny at Eastern Iark yesterday,- and quit & number of the fair sex were prenenfc. They were witnesses to & somewhat extraordinary proceeding, that of Brooklyn winning a game, and It was not altogether the home club's brilliant playing that gave them a victory, bat It waa partly, owing to Bier-bunor's two eaey muffs on thrown balls, each of which wua fpAponsiiilo for a run, and Cork-liiir mull of Burns fly. The gauie was in-teremlBj?, both plicaeTs aruthert. and Kine doing good work. Brooklyn scored the, first run of the gume In the titih inning, iirittlu hit to left for two batus, and scored on Seo-oud iBnsnnan tritrieij' single. Two more wereaddel in the .Tenth inniusr. Burna sent the ball to c?mro, Imt- Ourtiiill muffed, and liuriis got to wecond base. 1'lnlcney got to (scorsd, .Hnkr.ey going to third. 'Milter threw the bill to B.wbauer, to coax Plnkney, and tlie p piad baseman muffed Jt, IMnkney scoring. Th? d:ift mn was scored In the ninth inning on Pfnknoy's single, Gritfin's .sacrifice, and Bk'rfeaiier's mnff. llttsburg did not score until the eighth inning. Lalry hit anfe, bnt was forced at ecoud on Rcilly's hit. Iteilly stole second, end fcorei on CVirkhiir single. 'It looked in the-ninth as though Prrtrfburg was going- to pull through. Shngart was sent to base on talk, and .M.llor and Ioky hit safely, fill-in? the l;isi, Hdolon a.ioriflt'ed to Griflin, end Stiugart scored. Lnlly filed out to Burns. jn-.iu mi. to w rinen. wrai ipr, inn ruin an tthrowh his legs, and Miller scored. Corkhill dosed the inning by flying to Collins. Te score t BROOKT.YK. I PITTPBOnO. , , , R-lH PO.A.K. H.1B.P.OA.B. rmilna. 1. f..O 0 2 U 0 Bierba'r,2b..O 0 3 3 2 Varil, . 8...0 0 4 4 1 ;siiue-.u-t, s.s.1 15 10 3'aly.Isi U....O 0 7 2 Ol-Miiler. c 1 14 10 lmnnr.f.,.1 O 1 0 Oi 1 7 1 0 I'liikaey.Sdua 2 11 OHnnlou. 1. .0 13 10 Or KLn, c f.. 1 3 4 0 O'Laliy. r.t....O 10 0 0 O'iirrn, JU..0 111 liRed.v.Hdo 1 0 3 0 Dailof. 0....0 0 3 2 olt oikbm, o. ti) I 1 1 I Caruu.ers.p.0 2 4 a "jhuK, p 0 0 1 'Z 0 rorali....4 a7l2 2 Totals. .... Ts 6 27 13 3 Brooklyn O 0 O 0 1 "o 2 0 14 llltaUurg ....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2-3 Efirand runs-Brooklyn. 1; Pittsburg, 3. Left on bases-Brooklyn. 4: Pittsburg; b. Firs; base on etrorsr-Brooklyn. 1; - Pittsburg. 1. struck out By Cam titers, 2; by King. 1. Base on balls Off tarn aera, 1. of King, a. Two ltme hits rimu, lionlott. Tare-base hit f'arutuers. Double plays 11F and t'ariuliers. Blerabauer and Hhugart co. Bacnrice hits (initio, O'Brien. Shugart. Hanlon, J,Mlly. stolen basOrithu, O'Brien. Itellly. Wild tltciugaeai others. King (J). I aa-od bail Miller, mpno Moyuaid. Time 1;45. Atluudauce 1.3J0. Otbrr Irfaaue gimes played were: In JSew York New York 6, Cleveland 5. , In Philadelphia Chicago 6, Philadelphia 1. in Boston Boston IS. Cincinnati 6. i American Association. Asseciation games played yesterday resulted as folibws: In Milwaukee Milwaukee 30, Washington 3. In Ht. Louis Boston 11, 8i. Louis a In Louisville Baltimore 3, Louisville 3. The Record. The standing of the club up to date is: NATICKtsX, LBAOTJB. Claw. Won. L't.P.L-1 Clubs Won. L't, P.C C iieaao .....73 tS .6-.'!)'iw''ieveland ...W (15 .444 tiwwm U7 1 tii .Hi Newtork .BO 4J .466; Hittsour ....4!) 6B .iM Pnintcfcjlphui58 54 .oli'CIoinnnali. ..4il 70 Jlf7 ; All Kill OA AafXIATION. Claos. Woo. L't. P.Ci Clubs. Won. L't. P.C Boston 81 33 .7111 Ooluinou .6 06 . i"iO St. Ixmls .. .72 45 .615 Milwaukee. ..49 67 .421! Un!timore... 4 .S70 tVa.hmgcon.a9 T.i Atnlelio (U 54 .KKiLouitViUe..:3! 77 .-Mi .&S6 Brooklyn Canoe Clnb Races. The fall races of the Brooklyn Canoe Club wiH take place as follows: Saturday, Sept. 12 Combined paldlin? and sailing, three miles (record). Junior paddling, oue-biilf mile; for those who hare never won a puddling race. Junior afling, three miiee; for tiwse who have nrver wxin a sailing mati-h; . fUiy-flve feet syuare limit. These two are raws for special prizes presented by the Commodore. amr.iu.v, Sept. lit S.illlng btntllftip, wven-ty-flve square f.nt, three miles, for Commodore prize. Sept.' 2d T-ast races for paddhng and sailing "jWauhattnu Field Opened. The Manhsttan Field, Eighth avenna and 155th ; street. New York, was opened lor inspection by representatives of the press yesterday afternoon. Trainer Jim RMilnson supervised the laying out of tlhe tracks and grounds, and die has done it nobly. The field will be sodded, and when Ithat is done it will be a beautiful In-eloiir. Tae tracks are In excellent shape. There. is a 2110-yard straightaway and a luO-yard track 'wide enough to allow ten men to compete m a heat. The finish line is in front of the. grand stand. The field, when com plerted, will lie without doubt the finest of its kind in the world. Everything Is' In readiness for the Metropolitan Association championships to-morrow afternoon. BERMUDA WINS AGAIN. The Bridge Handicap Falls to the Con queror ot Tennv. Bermuda easily won the Bridge Handicap at Sheepshead Bay yesterday, while Dagone carried off the Sea, and Sound stakes. The summaries: First Race Sweepstakes of J25 each, for three-year-olds, with $1,000 added, of widen tr to second. Sloo to third, out of the stak; even furlongs. lr. H:ilrouck first. Contribution second, iBellevn third. I'eraltn. Esperan- 2ft, Xrinity, Ceiia and aaibond also ran. Time. l:-7 3-5. BettingAgainst Dr. Has- liroaofc, 7 5; Trinity, 4 to 1; Contribution, C to 1; Clia, 5 10 1; Benpvue, 7 to 1; Es- iperansa. 15 to 1; Peralra, 50 to 1; Vagabond, to 1. Htuuli imid 15i:.30. $8.25. S1O.10. Seioond Biaoe A hniioap weepstal5e of S2 vnh. with S1.0O0 addel. of wMdh ?2oo to sec-wnd; Slov u third out of the stakes; one mile nd a furlong. CHtuway H. first, Mslel lllenrr: ecoird, Beporter tliirtL Saunterer, Se nortt. Klnzaakar and Si. John also nn lime, 1:S5 2-5. BettiBt Aeslnst Mabel Glenn, H to ti Saunterer, 11 to 5; Senorlta. 8 1-2 to 1-. -.tiiw. II.. 12 to 1: Reoorter. 12 to 1: Kina- tnakgr, 15 to 1: St. John, 80 to 1. Mutuals jiAiil 148:70, t2S S0, 8.75. Third Haos The Sea and Sound Stakes, for CaJl of lvsy, to ue ran nr over me course cf the Coney Island Jockey Clnb. then over the course: of the w lork Jockey Ciub at the f ill meetings; subscr ptiont $100 each, Hie winner to receive two-thirds of the 'Vn: mW for smrtlne and $2.0fiO. the second ne-nnrvl of sOch stakes and Wv, the third t JK): the borees to run again as three-year-olds et both tracks, the clubs to add si.ouo ad"'- t rmal to the winner of two of the rices. to the winner of three of them, and $5,000 to the winner of four; Futurity cotirne. D.nio r-t llrsit. Candelabra second. Actor third TViihtman. Ludwi. Coxswain, Hellgat-, Anna Ot. a ad Falrplar also ran. Tme. 1:10 2 5. 1iertl-!r F.vpn money. AV:ehtman: 'A t ciranst Dasronet: 4 to 1, Lu-lwie; 30 to 1 each. Helitrate and Canaelabra: to 1 eacn, (oi 'Willi, Anna -B and Aotor. SlutuaVi p-jid f-Jl.tSL JH.20, t-io.a). Fourth Race The Bridge Handicap, for hree-roar-olds: a hsndlc;ip sweepstakes of ?12. .ah f-ir starters. 3t fo.-fi:. for lur. en: ered iy Jan. 1. and only S15 if struck out by iept 1- horses entered by Aug. 1. to pay 75 for te:!; $2,000 lo be addfd by the association; iho .vwnd to receive $.VtO of the added money end JO per cent, of the stakes: the third 10 tper em't. of the stakes: one mile and a half. iHermsda first, India Rubber second. Rey del Viv nhlrd. Tteansey. Russell. Kildcer end I,o7tri,er aPTf ran. Time, 2:20 2-". Ret t'nT-Agalnt Bermuda. It to 5; Rey del Rey, Port er. eacb 3 to 1: Russl. 7 to 1: rcean v; 11 to 1: India Rubber. 15 to 1: K ldeer, 20 Ft1. Mntmls paid $15.75. j:;n.05 j-'h rrVwk Aei-nre Stakes, for three- s-onrcoids and npwarrl. at .0 each, with 1.500 5 added, of which S250 to secoml and $150 to third:1 one mile and three-sixteenths. Chesa-fie-ke firit, Kenwood second,. Tulla Itlackbiirn tVri ! Prince Ioyal alo ran. Time, 2:03 ,1.5. VSnf- to 4 on Tnlla Rla. kbum, 3 tit 1 sji-iinat Chesapeake. 4 to 1 Prince Royal, to t Kenwood. Mutuals paid S10.C5, !l.4). (1-..10: Sixth Ttsce A lndlcaip sweepstakes of ?15 pac'.i. iwl'h 1.000 added, of which $250 to s couil and $1"0 to third: one mile and three ftirlopis on,turf. Icalierg finrt. Snowball see-en-'. PoTford tWrd. Lnk also ran. Time, 0:27. r.etting 8 to 5 aealnt St. Luke, 2 to J Fotrford. 11 to B 8nowall, S to 1 Iceberg. Mutuais paid -i2.0, 10.55, $8.03. ! A Generous Brooklynitp. ilr.i Albert L. Burt, of Brooklyn avenoe, ta well-known publisher, bas siren to tbs C1appf Memorial Library of Belchertown, Maws.-' one buodred Tolnraes of bis standard roovnkrhted works. Bo:b Mr. Burt and Mr. Cii'pp, the founder and builder of the library, are native ot B richer town, and subse-qnnt1v residents of Brooklyn. The library is remnrfaahly n?wrful, and its annual reports r' ow mat it is steadily iu creasing its distrlbu-t on. Jf yen are Uihous, take BsecBH'f ?nu FLATBUSH MERCHANTS DME. t The Semi-annnal Banquet of the Me chanics'; and Traders' Exchanee. Xeariy ttilrty manJbera of the Meobendcs and Traders' iExoirang of FhatiboSh, togoDher vlcli about at dozen Invited gwwts, at doirn hut evening o their second wmlnnual dinner, at Plporls West Brighton Hotel. It vras noarty 9:30 fc'ctock before tno covers wero removed, butf Mils did not dampen ttie- ardor of even tdie eerllettt comers, and every one en- Joyod to tne full the excellence of the Messrs. Pipers cuisine. After conee Had Been ftanden artKinU and jcisrars llffUtwl, Prtldnt John ilvtllTry anconuced rint- speeohniBKing wn In order, auditlhe fun beptin. iSpeedies were made by Public Siiiool Principal Li. Whigan, Oeorgo A. Cuse. Judge Sweeney, Judge uur-ren, A. C, Snyder, J. H. gglsiton, and the ever Trtttv "Jlsdce" Green, who made the hit of tlhe Kx;aslon In an impromptu talk entitled IVmonid RfDiinlaeences." (Sood-feBowrfulp and h-aruioiiy ; were taie order throughout, and the president said tie had no doubt every one would bo eugjr to nftonil the next banquet given by ehei exchange. the ofllcerji of the exchange are: John lIcElven, president; Johh C. Sawkins, vice- president: Alfred E. Steers, secretary; and Everett E. Terry, treasurer. ' Among the 'invited irnestB were John T. Mc- Ksne. who was prevented by official duties from elnR present; "SupePviBor William Ly-nant. Town iDlerk Frank McGIeason, Judge Cnrren; Judge Sweeney, Jutiees Borneciniip. Kel!y and Mcilahon; Col. 11. ti utare, "4uago-Green and William Vallette. Tho fotlowlnir members of the association were also present: J. M-iElvery, N. E. Steers, Judge Sweener, ex-Judge Curren, A. Whigan, H. C. Miller. . Thnrpe, G. Hick, L Harston, J. Koan, S..P. FWier, Jtohn J. Snyder, Sr., P. Mogert, Ej E. Terry, Kd- iicuirveTy, r. Roony, C. Bennett, A. U. Snyder, A. a., taw- kins. A. Thomas. A. Moorehead, A. Simpson, Charles C. Case. James Delghan, H. J. Eirtes- ton, James Hamblin, R. M. Getty. J- Muni' hake. Charles J. Meyer, H. S. Flngg. WilUam Tnrkir, Georep Tayior, F. C. Miller, J. C. Kchem-k, . Wsibster, A. Anthony, Joseph Harper, M. Dixoni and A. Williams. MAYOR GRANT AND THE FERRIES. He Thinks Some of Them Running to Brooklyn Xeed Improvement Badly. The action bf Mayor Grant; of New York, as president of the Sinking Fund Commis sioners or matt city, in ordering a tnorougn investiagtion at tho manner in which the Staten Island, jBay Ridge, Thirty-fourth Street ami Long Island City ferries (tw of which are controlled! : by . the Uolllns Union Ferry s.vndicate)", arej being run. has excited oonsid- er.iiue mtenssq among the urooKiyn users or those lines, ntod already the effeot of the Mayor's ordersjhas beui seen in efforts towards the improvement of the service. The Mayor still thinks; however, that there is a great deal to be remedied, and will see that a thor ough investigation is made. In this connection he is quoted as saying: On the By Kidge route the boats are old, unsinfo anid dirty. They are fretiuently overcrowiied, and there U no disposition shown by the management to secure eomfort for their p i8igers. : The farry-h use and Its approach, though new. are by reason of dirt and inconvenience a dispraee to any company. "When you; try to enter the ferry house, you find that human Ingenuity has been exhausted in devising a plan to prevent the free and easy ingreiRs of passengers, nt seems, as If everything ibout the gates is so arranged as to favor speculators in ferriage and racing tickets. i - TairfyJfoirrtii street ferry Is even worse. The entrance is so narrow tliat twenty passengers make la Jam, while 100 make movement alraoMt ' hnpossl'ble. When yon have succeeded In. reaching the ticket seller, you fluxi yourself li a sort of labyrinth, through which you wamder, deposit your ticket-, and Anally find yourself in a wide room, which seems not to Slave been swept in a week." THE BOY WAS NOT MURDERED. j , , v How the Lie Told by a Colored Youth Brought Trouble to a Family. The storj- , printed yesterday to the effect that Jacob Anmnnd, aged 3 1-2 years, was before Justice Kyun In New Ybrk accused of theimunler of hia younjrer brother, Pesach." by pushing him into the river. Is fo- tiy dlvesteU ojf itt horror. TTesterday after noon the supposed drowned boy was found. alive and wellf with a companion. H not, been new lie water." The arraignment at his bivfher, who was release:!, was on the evidence of Cbarlos Brocbrwart, a, ne;rro buy, who Ti. The law noius that children under years of age oQnnot be arrested for crime. Geploeiats in New Jersey. Th depyrtnents of mineralogy and geology of the Brooklyn Institute and the New York JGneTaJmgical . fclub will make an excursion to Hoxie Qimrries, at Puterson, N. J., to- morrow. Tae parrty will jro by the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad. The train leaves New Ytrk by tlhe Pennsylvania Rail road lerTies, aft the foot of Oortlandt fftreet or Desbmssos istreet, at 1:10 P. M., leaving Jersoy City ntM:22, and arriving at Patereon at 2:07. Connections can be made from Brooklyn by the Annex at 12:40 P. M. Ke- torn trains leatve Paterson at 4:56 and 6:02 P. M., arrivins in New York at 5:50 or 7:10 P. M. At thepe qnarries are found beautiful pseudomorptos of quarU after peotolite, often running into amethyst, chalcedony and agate. Also, prehndte (end various zeolites and otfher minerals. The excursion fare on the railroad is about 75 cents. iiWte - t 1 ... Pain! Thsrt are many klrtda off Pain. Therasenfy ont Pain Klllar (Parry Davla't Sold ovarywhara. Buy right how, and ba prepared. " (LAIN'S BROOKLYN & I.. T. riusijsriiiss directory WATAUa &;(iol( NAMES OF 17 WitLOUOHBY 8TBEBT. 1.GGAL, NOTICES. NEW YORK SUPREME COURT.'-Thomaa H. Elliott, soif! turvivinc executor of the last will ami ttumnt of Lctiben I'ntus, deceased, plaintiff, axuinsS ' Kauaul J. Jnnna. Willi in L Hohh. Mary Koeu. hin vifp, Bcnjatain F. Burtis. tbe Mftnii-s Mftiy iikI llenjnmln binx nctltlous, their Chrln Ian nanis bliur unknown to (! In tilt ; John W. .amiih. Wlliiwm A. StroDK and Emily C. Bon-wel t, def nda ntm. Trial , if any. desired in tne couuty of Kinea.-'-HuniiiionA No. 5. To tin aiKiTf.nani(;il riefenftsnt and each of theiii: You arn bnreby sumDionad to answer the complaint in thisi action. -and to iwrre a ropy of yir anwr on . the plaintiff's attorneys within twenty days aftec tbe serrir of this snmmons, ex-rhiitiTe bf the day of rtf and in cane of your failure to appear- or answer, judgment will be tak?n acinar yom by default, for tbo relief de-maii'Iod in in complaint. Dated Npw Yo k. Anirit 26, ISM. HOADLTC. LAUTERBACH & JOJTN?lON. PlaintlfTa AttoTieya, OfQre ari'l Post OtBce Address. No. 120 Broadway. New York CUT. To William E. Row and- Mary Jtns, his wife, the nam Mary bPinr tv-tltiotia. ber Ohrtrtlan namo b lur unknown ta DlnlnttfT; TIj foreiroine sammona In serred upon yw by publication, rmrmiant to an order of the Hon. Wiltard Rartlott, one of the Jimticea of tiif- Supreme Court of tt State of New York, iiated tbe 2flth day of Aujrust. 3891. and filed with thf amended complaint In the oflVe of th'i Clf-k of ttie County of Kind, at tho County Coort Houwi. In ssld county, on said da to. tho eomolaint belli filed In aald office on August 17, 1881. ' (VST--4 pfaintUTa Aiiorotf. " it' One i - I : thing is (Qertainj KILLER GHOSTS SEEN TO PASS. A Story That lias Created Some Ex- . ci lenient in England. Havlnft been concemed In a moat remarkable and altogether Inexplloable adventure the other CTenlnir, which happened to me In Thomas lane. Knotty Ash, I b&r been induced, at tbe earnest solicitation of many friends, to communicate the followtnc partlcalars' ol the same to the Liverpool public aa being- of more than ordinary Interest. - I was iproomluix leisurely on foot to Broad- ffreen, (he proceeds), when, on passing the church at Knotty A, my attention was suddenly arrested by the stnrnce and uncanny appearance of Its grave yards. The time would then be shortly after midnight. The whole burying ground seemed alive ana gUBteuuuc wiui s mousanu boihu Diuiaa ligtus, which ameartd to oreep in and out - ot the dif-fmufc aravpx, as If tiie departed aolrlts were taking a midnight ramble. I stood petrthed. not knowing wiiat to make of it. at tho same time ez-perivming a feeling of horror which suddenly took complete poewlon of me. Just ao this momtvt the moon, which had hitherto been more or less obscured by a moving panorama of paxtdug clouds, come, aa would eo'm, to my aaslatancc. giving dm for a very short time the bownt of her companionship. And now appeared ttie motb startiiug phenomenon of ail a phenomenon which caused my hair to stum! on an end with fright, a cold numbness of horror paralyzing me in every limb, for. advancing up, the road directly opposite to me, came a funeral train, the cotiin borne along with measured tread, corered with an Inimerae black pall, which puttered up In the midnight wind. At first J thought 1 must surely be dreaming, and. therefore, pinched myself In the arm. to ascertain if this were really the case. But no, I certainly was not, for I distinctly frit the nip. and was therefore sa-usned as to my wnfceruineHS. " What could It all mean? I asked myself aa the cortege gradually approached me. and I began to distinguish the genei-al outlines of the bearers. Thcso appeared to be elderly men, and to -Tare iived in a bygone age. All were dressed in the costume of the latter pant of the eighteenth century. They wore tie wigs, and some had swffda. aa well as walking stu-ks mounted with deaths heads. I observed only one really young man among the crowd of followers, walking just, behind ttie cofhn. ' Hia youth, in comparison with the others, perhaps made me talif esieWal notice of him. He was dressed in what appeared to be black velvet, the whiteness of his mines standing ont in marked contrast to the sombre nature of Ilia general attire. He carried a sword, had diamond buckles la his shoes, and wore his powdered hair in a queue. ' Tike face of this young man was deathly pale, aa were also the faces of all the others secompanring him. Instead of the proes- siou advancing to the rite, at which 1 stood, it turned suddenly and entered the burial giouud by the one situated at a few yards' distance. As the colfln was borne through this gate, all the blue spirit licbts sremed to rise from the graves, as if to meet the cortege, for the purpose of esrorting the body to its last resting place. These awful lights added considerably to the ghastlinem of the scene as they floated over the coffin and heads of the . , mourners. Slowly the procession gilded up the pathway, passing the main entrance of the church, and cout-inu-ing Its way in a straight line, finally disappeared ax the back of the edince. , Where this niost extraordinary funeral went to. or what become of it, I cannot tell: but this much I distinctly aver, that coffin, mourners, and lights-even the pale flickering moonlight all disappeared as mysteriously as they came, leaving me standing In the darkn. frnnsnxM with astonishment and fright. L pou gathering together my somewhat scat tered senses. I took to my hee's. and never stoored runninc till I found mvsHf safe in mv own bouse. In fact. I scarcely remember how I got home. After recoverttig a little from the shock. I immediately aroused a female relative, who had retired for the night, and related to her the above particulars. She assured me that I must have been suffering from mental hallucination, hut, seeing the great perturbation of mv mind, and at the same time knowing my natural skepticism with regard to all Bo-ealled nmernstnral obenomena. she came to the conclusion, th-it. after all. I might possibly have seen wnas nas oeen oesennea noove. The next day I made inquiries at the neighborhood of Knotty Ash. and ascertained from a very old woman that she remembered a story In her youth, bonne reference to the mysterious and sudden death of en old occimant of Thtngwall Hall. who was hastily and ouieiJy burled, she thought, at midnight. In old Knotty Ash churchyard. If so. was this a ghastly repetition of the event, got. up for my esowlal benefit, or was it a portent intended to foreshadow the coming of the dread visitor to myself? Now. as I have before stated. I am no believer In gbosra. but certainly this verv remarkable experience of mine has entlrelv upset all mv previously conceived notions of the subject, leaving me In a quandary of doubt. On the evening upon which I saw the mysterious midnight funeral at Knotty Ash. . I was exceedingly wide swnke; had met seveiftl 'cyclists on the Prescott road, with whom I converpwi. and had liajwise refreshed myself at the public drinking fountain, placed st the top of Thomas lane. Strange that a few hundred yams runner nown ne mad I should encounter so ghostly an exnerionoe an exnerienee T shall never forget to my dying day. From the Tjiverpeoi 1'ostv NOT LESS THAN 25,000 PUPIL Of private, incorporated and en dowed schools in Brooklyn, to gether with, their parents and friends, will b3 interested in to -morrow' 8 School Edition OF1 WWWMMl in which will be given its usual annual resume of the condition, work and prospects of these important institutions. The information is all new and accurate. Portraits,' of President Low, of the Packer trustees; Principal Perkins, of the Adelphi; Prof. Seymour, of the Polytechnic; Brother Fidelis, ,of St. Leon ard's; Profs. Brown, de Villeroy, Scarborough and other leading educators will also be given. The Standard-Union Leads all Rivals and Gains Ground Every Day. . 2 CEfJTS. LEGAL NOTICES, U DFREMB COURT, County of Kln9.-The EL B. O Cianiu Company, paintuft against Edward ionneiiy. dweuda at. summons, with notioe : 'lo the above named defendant: You are here-fav GunimoiuMl to aiunver the comnlaint In this ac- tnon, and to serve a copy of your answer om the plaintiffs attorney, within twenty days after the eerviue of this summons, excliuilve ot the day of service, and iu case of your failure to appear, or answer, judgment will be taken against you by oeiauib iut me rei ueinauuru ui me iXHuyiainc. Dated New York. July 16. 1S01. KXKHr.AN'D. STEWART & EPSTETN. I'ialntiS's Attornevs. Post Office Address and Oiiice, Ho. 51 Chambem streeB, Ne w York. NOTICE Take notice, that, noon ' your default to appear or answer the above summons. judguiauB will be taken against you for the sum of three thousand and six- nunired and seventy and SS-100 dollars. with interest from July 10, ism, ana with costs or this netton, KNEF.r.AXD. STEWART A EPSTEIN. Plaintiff's At torn vs. To Edward Donnelly, defendant: Ton will please take notice that the foregoing summons is served uimxi you by .publication, pursuant to an order of Hon. Wlllard Barth-tt. one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated the 14th day of August), ISitl. ami filetl with the complaint in the office ot the Clerk of the county of KinEa, at Brooklyn. New York, on the 11th day of Aueust, 1S91 . Dated, New York, August. 14. JSfll. KNEELAND. STEWART ft KPSTfTTN'. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Bl Ohambers street. N. Y. Citr. f II lJii SUi'KKilE COUKT. Kjng-j Couuty.' if iaA X desired In KIdjes County. Kebeoca ilituh-ll. plaintiff. tigmnA Edward J. iiaiber. Tbouias uvms. Ktber M. Nevins. tlie wife of said Thomas Nevios, Charlea Hirth, Freierlt k: O. Andrson. Iticbard C Lamb, and Christian Madson, defendants. To the above-named defendants, and to each of thf m : You hereby summoned to answer tno complaint In this action, ami to aerre a copy of 3'our answer on tlw plaintiff's attorney within twenty days after the sf rrice of tJiis summons, ex-c-usira of tho day of service, and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken snlost you by default for tho relief demanded in tne complaint. Dated Jiew York. Antr. 15. 1901. GEO. L. CARUSLB. PlalntifTB Attorney. Post Offloo. Address and Office. Mo. 2 Wall street. New York City. To the defendants. Thomas Nerlna and Ewrhor M. Kevins, his wife: The foregoing; summons ' is seryed npon you by pub-1 Ira t ion, purwiant to an order of Hon, Wiltard Rurttect. a Jurtifv of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated Brooklyn. An-rist 2?Sth, lfiftl. and filed with the complaint in the ffce of the Clerk of tho County of Kin, a the city of Brooklyn, on the 27th day of August, 1891. Dated Kew York. Animst 29th. Iftftl. GEO. Ij. CATtLtRLR. ' Plaintiff's Atto-ner. S Wall street. New York City. ft-fff-M Ill PURSUANCE of ao order of the Hon. Gear? B. Abbott. SuKOgute of the county of Kings, notice Is hereby given, according to law. to all pvr om having d alius against ChAriea D. Oatman, late of tbe city of Brooklyn, deeea&fd, that they are required to exhibit tbe same, with - the Toucher thereof, to the subscriber, at their place of transacting1 the bualuen of said estate, at the omce of Edwin W.Bnl linger, No. 75 Fulton street. In the city of New York on or before the first day of October. 1891. Pti3 Vvcta M. im EMMA 8. OATMAN. ED WIN W. BUIXCfOEJU ROBERT E. BTTUNOEB. Executors. U, V, JOrTNSON, Attorney fa Kzsoatnrs. Ill Bnadwv. N. T. Citr. SS-Sd t itnrday Sultry to warmer. UFmClFR AND 2 BIG i CASES MIXED j HOSIERY SAMPLES, j Open in the morning 2 cases mixed Stockings, samples, made over in Saxony, present season's weight, freshest patterns and colorings. I 29c. for the 50c. to 60c. fancy lisle threads. I 19c. for the 29c. Fancy Cottoa Stockings. Early.- Ai.UDLUi.jr 14 vu v, mgubi BOYS' HORSE HIDE SCHOOL SHOES. XereAreoto" they're to be known aa made from horse hide (not necessarily from horses ear horses, go no fear of tho shoes starting li yon should ring a bjll in tlreir presence twice) j splendid wearers, all izes; parents couldn'ti serve tljelr purse better, or their boys, eitber than bty making a. point to see these horse; hide efloes -when in the store. ; Bors' . '. n.9S Youths' ......... $1.70 Shoe Section Second Floor, j END OF j TENNIS SHOES I $2.50, $3, $4 AND $5 FOR $1.66, To end the balance of the store's stock of Tennis Goods we're going totnrn down the prices savagely assorted learners, as-; sorted colors, rubber and felt soles (Norman & Bennett, mak-j ers) for women, men, misses,! boys. The $2.50, the $3. the M and the $d lines included in the uniform price of .$1.66 Ehoes Second Floor. 4 v ' C0QUE ! FEATHER COLLARS. ; S00 Coqne reather Ootlars will be placed on sale in the morning ati . . . ; . Dont believe these sime Collars can be boutrht "outside the store tinder $2.S5. Front. Left FRENCH 1 TONES CREEPING INTO CARPET EFFECTS. 'Tis startling to observe, as you look over tnis season s collection of Carpets, how the quiet art; tones or tne kronen are super-, seeling the noisy, . mingled efiecta oi other days. Carpets Third Floor. Furniture Third Floor SATURDAY. BOYS' CLOTHING. 225 Boys' strong all-wool School Snits, stvllsbj dnrk plaids, stripes and mediuro. mixtures 5 sizes 4 to 14 yejrs. Price 3.Sl),i instead ofi $u.50, as a leader. A broken lot of Boys' Handsome 3-pleee Short l"ants Vest Suits; strictly all-wool; finest materials, of dark silk mixed cassimeres and cheriots; made in the luest style; 3-batton cntaway; cannot be replace! under; ?9.50 and: $10.00. For to-morrow. $4.98 50 Youths' iLong Pants Suits, strictly all-wool ; in dark mixed oberiots and tweeds; s zes It to 18 years; price $5.00; also, a nice line of dark mixed cheriots, latest cut, double-breasted, braid down side of pants, all sizes from li to 18; $8.95 as against $13.00. Hoys' Qothine Second Floor. FURNITURE TRADE SALE. Oak Extension Tables, with carved claw feet, 8 feet exten - sion, $21.00, now $17.00 Oak Extension. Tables, with extra heavy legs, 8 Xeet extension, $14.00, now $11.00 Some $2.50 from $3.25 Cane Fox- Seat Dining Chairs. High Back $3.75 Leather Seat Dining Chair, for ..$2.75 Oak Corner China Closets, $55.00, now $39.00 hOak Corner China Closets, $69.00 ,now . . Oak Corner $79.00, irovs-.. Oak Corner $55.00, now.. Oak Gajmer S65.00, itW. . Oak CKSrner $39.00, -now.. .$50.00 China Closets, ... .... $55.00 China Closets, ..: ...$35.00 China Closets, ....145.00 China Closets, $25.00 Furniture Third Floor. AND S Entrances Fnl ton b. Oallmtln pL 6c LlTlncston as. LEGAL NOTICES. NY. SUPREME COURT. Kings County. Nellie Morgan. piainuH. against ri-ancis J. ckuitu, def endauL isummoufl : 'Xo ihe abore named defendant: Yon are here by aunuuoned to answer Uie coiuplalnt in this action and to eiye a copy of tout answer on tho plaintiff's attorney within twenty days after the; bernce oi imi summons, exclusive ox toe uay ot service, and in case of your failure to appear, or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default, for the relief demanded In the complaint. Dated, Brooklyn. July 22. 1S01. TUEDWBLL & CATIJN. Plaintiff's Attorneys. Ofnco and Post Omce Address. IMi itomsen Brooklyn. N. Y. To the Defendant. Francis J. Smith: The foregoing summon Is served upon you by publication pursuant to aa order of the Hon. EMear M. Culien, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the county of Kmgs. dat ed tht 2Mb day of July. and filed with the complaint in the office of the Clerk of the county of Kings, on the tenta day of Antra st. lWtl. Bfookljn. August TO. t TUEDWE1 jTj CATLIN-. Attorney for Plalntifl'. ISA Bemrn st.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 8-11-5-1 th .Utu 1-EUl'Lfl of the State of New York, by X she grace of God. five and independent, to Louise Thayer i&bohcld. William U. Sciioneld. Emma S, Wright. Mary L. 8choneld. Tnonui k bcliotield. send Erestinjc: . You and each of you are hereby cited and required to appear before a Surrogates Court of the county of Kinga to be held at the Hall of Records, in the city of Brooklyn, on the 2Sth day of September. 1891, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, then and there to attend the Judicial ettlemojit of the account of Albert B. SchofleM an adminitrator of the goods, chattels and credit of William H. S'bofV'lL deaascd. And that the above named infants then nod there show causa -why a special guardian ffcould not be appointed to appear for them on said iudictal settlement. In testimony whereof,, we have caused the seal of our said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto af-nert. Witness. Hon, George B. Abbott, Surrrcate of. oar wua county, at tne city of Brooklyn. , seventh day of August, in the year of one thousand eight bunnVed and nlneryn" " CL. a josfph w. cy- nerk of Rnrrc- trator.'iat Broadwmr. New York e UIFCti VIEK FOR SALE OR LEASE The extensive property located at the corner of FDLTON AND FRONT STS., now occupied by tub staniM-iiiu. The property fronts 56 feet on Fulton street, 91.4 on Front street, is five stories high, and contains over 23,000 square feet of floor space. it is tne best location m a niton street for manufacturing or storage business. The buildings are supplied witn two steam boilers and engines of large capacity. Possession will be given immediately after removal of THE - STANDARD- UNION to its new building on Washington street. Apply to business office. r TIEIVI&NN'S LUNAR OIL For rainp TIEMAM'S IRON PRESERVATIVE For Alt Klad aflron Work. L. & M. Beady-mixed Faint in Cans or Barrels. j. h. TisriArjrj, 88 FULTON ST. FAMILIES LEAVING THE CITY FOR THE StTMMER 8KASOS CAS HAVE THEIR CARPETS CLEAN E D, STOKK1) AN'! INSURED AT A TRIPLING EXPENSE, AND GT7ARANTKED TO BE BTUSNKD FltEE FROM MOTHS. AMKRIOAN CARPET CLKAK- ING WOEKS, 159, 161. 163 a5TH ST., BROOKLYN. GP. BRUSH. JK. . Late with T. M. STEWART. STEAM CAttPBT C L.EA NSINO WORKS, 327 ana 329 Van Bnren St. and StayTeaaut Art D. S. BRUSH, ASBOCiat4. STEAMSHIPS- ANCHOR LINE. UNITED STATE3 Xf ATT. STEAMERS. Pail from Rew York every Saturday FOR GLASGOW VIA LONDONDERRY. From Pier 54. North Brier, foot West 24th st.. N.T. tbiopta, Sepi.12. 11 A.M. I ctrc&feua, Sept. '26, noon Furneaaia, &eps.ltf, 6 A.M. Anchoria. Oct. 3, 5 A.M. City of Borne. Saturday. Oct. 10. 10:30 A M. Saloon PassaKc. $50. Second Cabin. (30. Steerage. $19. MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE, , NEW YORK TO GIBRALTAR and NAPLES. m StPartiprs at reciUnr intervals. Cabin PassaRP. $80 to $100. PajBPngerw bookM nt tJirootch rates to or frora any city in threat untain or on toe uonnnent. Uratts on London sold at lowest rate. Book of information, tonrs and Bailing llsta furnlabed on miolina tlftn la AecntB. HENDERSON BltuTHEItS. 7 Bowling Green, New York, or JOHN TAYIjOB. 6S Court st. (open Safe- unlay nlgnij. or u. v. k-i uraaaway, Brooklyn- STEAMBOATS- PROVIDENCE LINE Steamers CONNECTICUT & M ASSACHUSET leave Pier (old No.) 23 N. R., foot ot Warren St , EOSTOfl, PROVIDENCE WORCESTER, all points East, and WHIT MOUNTAIN? daily, except Sunday, at 6:00 P. ST0NINGT0H LINE INSIDE ROUTE TO BOSTON AND THE EAST. Steamers RHODE ISLAND an4 NARRAGAN SfcTT leave new Pier 30, N. one block above Canal su, dauy. except sonuay, at o:uu v. M. Hudson River by Daylight. Day Line Steamers, New York and Albany, ftf ouuuoj a. LeftTC Prookiyn. Fulton st (by Annex). .8:00 A.M. ISew YorJc Desltrosses st pier.. ..8:40 A. M. West T2A St a.OO A. M, POB ALBANY, landmz at Yonkers. West Point. lVewburgh. Pouchkeepaia. Klunebeck, CatsklU -Mid iiuuson. NORWICH LINE FOR BOSTON. ALL POI-NTS KOKTH AND EAST. DIRECT ROUTE TO NEW LONDON, NORWICH AND WORCESTER. STEAirERS leare PIES 40, (old number) NORTH ItlTER (next Diet- above DesbrogAea tit. Kerry) DAILY, Sundays excepted. -at 6:30 P. M. Tickets and staterooms secured at 647, 261, 821, 347. 353. 397. 717. 907 and iaa H road way. i Brooklyn. 4 uourt m. ana ahi niuoa. imicesi Westcotfs Exrires. IMer 40. North River, and tcamera. Westoort'a Etui cm will call for and check "KK ixusu ootuia una niuueuuw. ,s CatsUill Mountains. Steanen KAATERSRIUiand CATSRILL Leave Her 33, N. R.,foot of Jay int., every week iav.t ft H. M.. connentinr with Catsklll Moantaia and Cairo K. R. Disentury ol Batumer botel. antl boaramg-noiisea iree M pier. rpHB MONTAIIa KTAIBAT CO -a- (Umltoai. ITie. stPampr frht-iwr island, leaves Now lofk. 1'ier ZA. JS. K-. niesdaTS. llinrsdiiTs. &DH ratiraajs. at o i . m. leaves aas riarua Mondays. V ednesdavs. and frlilits. at 4 P. M. J. F. GILDEBSl.KKVa Art. Office on Pier. t j- SAI'GEUTIES I.1N E for Highland, Hyde Park, Hhinebeck. Ulster Landlne. Barrvtown and Tl. yoli. Dally except Sundays. ! P.M. Foot W. lllhst. 4 UIKIINDICSS SARATOGA. JLAKB X ;koicge. all reports orth. Troy Boats, baratofa or city or Troy leare Pier j, It West Tenth st.. dally, eiceot Saturday. 8 P. if. connect with eijiress trains: low rate excursioil Uclteta: buimay steamer touches at Alpany. LEGAL NOTICBH. N Y. SUIltEil COUKT. Kings County. Hamil ton Co-ooerative and ixMiii Aao- ciatlon, plaintiff, against Thomas K. Kobiuaon anl Agnes ilaria.. ms w ue. aamuei u. Jiuier auu 3iary Miller, hia wile, (the said Mary being fictitious, as the real first name Is unknown to plaintiff), Michael McOrath. George lltu-ns, coniMsing the Ann of tho Brooklyn biatw Mantel CO.. detenuants. summons: To the above named defendants: You arc here- bv summoned to answtr the conmlamt in this a. Hon mid to serve a conv of rour answer ou the plain? iff' s attorney, within twenty ditys .aftr the aervice or mis summous, exciut-ive or tne uay or setvk-e. and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you, by aeinuit. i or ine reiiei uenumaeu ui uie compiauit DatetL July 10. im. TliEDWTTX A CATTJN. 1'IainiifTs Atiornera. Offlco and Post Ofnco Address. 1S Uemen street, Ttronkln. N . T. To Um defendants Samnel D. Miller and Mary Uillec. his wife (the. said Mair beinz Ortltlon. as tho real first name Is unknown to plaintiff: The foregoing jnimmons is upon you uy nuDiica- tion. pursuant to an order of the Hon. Wlilnnl Bartleit. one of the justice of ttie Supreme Court of tho County of Kings, dated the 14th day of 'August, l-ssi. and nled with tne complaint in the office of tbe Clerk of tho county of Kings, on the 10tn oav or August, jnjii. Brooklyn, August 1 .5. 1 R01 . TREDWTTTT, ft OATTJX. Attorneys for Plain!!?. 1S6 Rem?m street. Brooklyn. X. T. 8-1544 0 UPItEitE COUitT. Kincs County. Will iain J. Ga nor and Btideet 'V. McOicnnen, as executors. -tc tiialntiflta, against Thouiaa Haccerty and others, defcnilams. W'm. E. C. JIayer. plaintiffs' attorney. 201- Montncue street. Itrooklyn, N. Y. In pursuance of a jutlguimt of foreclosure and sale of this Court made In the alove-eniitled action, bearing dale the 2(lth day of August. lRfl, 1 will S4-11 at public auction, by Thomas A. Kerri-(ran, auctioneer, at the snies rooms. Xo. 13 WU-louEhby street, in thft citv of Brootlvn. on the ISth day of September. 3S01. at 12 o'clock noon, the following described land and premises: All that CTtaJn lot, piece or parcel of land-, pituate. lying and being in the city of Brookivn. county of Kings .and State of Xw York. bouniWt and des-critwil as followa: Beginning at . polht on tho southerly side of Somei-ff street distant twenty-six (20) feet easterly from the comer formed by the Intersection of the southerly side of Somera Ptreet with the easterly side of Rockaway aTennc; nmnina; tlienco fsmitherly parallel with Itoekaway avenue end through a party wall sixty-nine (fiE, feet thrne and otie-fiunrtor' (3 1-4) finches: trVnce easterly parallel with Somen street eighteen flR feet ami six (fi) inches: thence northerly again parallel with Rockaway avenpe end part of the distance throuch a partv wall n'xty-Dine (6I feet three and one quarter (3 l-4 Inches to the southerly side of fSomers street; and thence westerly alone ib wwith-priy side of Somers. street eighteen flW feet six ffl inches to the point v pince of hegipntng P-fM. nroAlyn, August 27. 1S91. JOHN COTTTtT-KEY, Sheriff. 87-8-41 fUTRR O GATB'S NOTICED IN FUBSUANCK oC mm rder of tne Hon. Geors to. Abbott. aSroKUte ot the county ot Kings, notice is hereby given, according to law, to ail persons having claims against Jumes A. Hkeldlng, Into of the city of Brooklyn, deceased, that they , am rrquired to exhibit tho same, with the vouchers 5f, to the subscriber. Ann M. Skelding, at Na ijarltoo a yen ue. In the city of Brooklyn, on of 9 the 10th day of November nextw .ated May 6th, 1S01. v A.W ' M. SKETJTNf, fliEwMaV SABLES B. fiHAW, Attomay for gxaoufrtx -WBSS-- . importug retailers; 'niton St., opposite DeKali Ave. The ay torn of Rolling every article at a small profit, bat of a thoroujjhly reliable quality, is a rutins principle of this firm. " j - COQUU AND OSTRJCn FEATHER BOAS, $1.4:8 to $30.00. j The largest and handsomest ine ever shown. l FURNITURE. 'New Patterns of RocJcbrs, and also of Odd Chairs, now in stock. i f Upholstered Rockers in the newest colorings of plasa and tapestry, $3.50, 4.00, i$5.00,. .uo, siu.ou, sia.OO, anct up ward. ' ! I Polished Wood Seat Rockers aDd Chairs, $2.50, 3.25, $4.00, $5.00, $6.50, $10.00 and upward. THE NEW AUTUMN STYLES 4 - i In Misses' and Children's Jackets, Cloaks and Suits Now Heady. . THE MOST COMPLETE AS SORTMENT AND THE LOWEST PRICES. j Misses' Jackets, in plain and mixed goods, 14, 16 and 18 year sizes, from $5. 00. j Misses Jackets, in imported cloths, from $8.00. i Misses' Uape Coats, la the latest styles of imported and domestic cloakings, froin $12.00. Children's One-piece Suits, in plain and rough" effects, from Children's Gretchens, with capes, from $4.00. Also a full line of Misses' Two- piece Suits, 16 and 18 year; sizes. BO IS' CLOTHING. New Styles, Well Made and at Popular Frices.y All wool Kilt Suits,' two pieces, 2 1-2 to 5 years, $3.75. All wool Uray striped Cheviot Suits, double breasted, medium weight, 8 to 15 years, ; $3.58j Fancy trimmed Suits, with and without vests, 3 to 10 years, $6.75 to $19.50. An assorted lot of all t wool Cassimere Suits, with; vests,' Autumn -weight, 9 to 16 years, regular $7.25 ciua3ity,-4$5.90 each. j 1 All wool Cassimere : Suits Autumn weight, 14 to 18 years, regular $9.50 quality, $7.55). All wool Cassimere Knicker bockers, 4 to 15 years, 98ctS. Autumn Overcoats, all sizes from 2 1-2 tia-20 years. j AutumReeters, dark sblue, all wool, IP 1-2 to 6 years, $a50. Boys' Derbys, Autumn sfyies, $1.50L - ' j j Boys' Polo Capsj assorted patterns, 85 ct. quality, 50 Jets. HOSIER! A Special Lot of Children's Black Ribbed Cotton jlose, double knees, warranted absolutely stainless, sizes; 6 to 1-2, regular 29 ct quality, 19 cts. per pair. Children's French Ribbed Black Cotton Hose, double knees and spliced heels and toes, guaranteed stainless, sizes .6 to 9, regular 85 and 39 ct. quali(y; 25 cts. per pair. i A special line of Men's French Gray Wool Half Hose, sizes 9 1-2 to 11, 2o cts. per pair. LEGAL NOTICBH. 1 SUPREME COURT. KinjES Cosuiiy. Noao Teb-beits. Dlaiinia. atsiinst. Georco 1. Oifcov and others, ueien-lams. Noan lYbLn-iw. plaintilT in person, Moutasue street, Uiojfcjyn. Action o. 1. In pu. suaiitre u a judgment uf loretou,e and sale of thin Court, made in the above-entitled action, bearing date the 10th day of August. 1801. 1 will soil at public auction, by Thomas A. Ker-rican auctioneer, at tho salesroomB. ISo. 13 Wll- loucuby btt eet. in tne city of Brookiyn. on the Hth day of September. 181U. at 12 j o'clock noon. the following described ? land and premises: All that certain parcel of land situate in the city of Brooklyn. in the county of Kinjn. and State of New Yok. and ditrnbed as follows, to wit: Bedinninei at the southwesterly c-osner of Fulton street and Saratca avenue, itnd running thence westerly alona Fulton street one himdrpd feet: tbne 'outlierty nnrnllel with Saratosra avenue eighty feet: thence1 jcauterly pirallel wltb Fulton Fti-eet one hundred ifeet to CaraiiOfcTi aveni". auti ini"nw uurtat'rij iiioiu; oara-tosn. avenue eighty feet to the place of beeinninc rntel Brookivn, Aueuat 20. 1S01.-TOH.V COURTNEY. Slieritt . 20-6-41 fltHlfi CITY COURT of Biooklrn.-Sarah quauocej AavB.' nt a. .m i ft airainflL Josenii hiODHUl.s. ju nior, and othe.s. defendants. S. ; V.', H. Jk H. Ooudrcr, DLaintilTs attorneys, ! 31 PnS street. N'aw Ynrlc Oit.v Action G.t In i. pur suance of a judgment; of j fore closure and sale of this Coart madrt In the above-entitled action, beariug date tlie 25tht day of Aiiffust, lsll. I will sell at public auction, by Thomas A. Kerrigan, auctioneer, at the sales rooms. Na 13 Willouirhby street, in the city of Brooklyn, on the IKrh dnv of Sentemht-r. ISfn. at 12 -o'clock. noon, ttie followine-drsfribM lanl and premises: All that certain lot of land, with the huiidnes .thereon, situate in the Twenty-fourth ward of tflie said city of Brooklyn, county of Kinus. and State of New York, boun'lert and tlescrihed as1 follhwa, to wit: jscjcinniuK at a point on iae aoutneriy sid of Pari Ac street , beine the centre of party will and distant four hundred anl eighty feet eieht Int-hes, mot or less, eastward from tls? southeast -rlv corner of Pacific street nU ltochster ave nue: nmnlng thence southward at,, right aaeles to I'acinc street, and psrt of the distance tlirough the centre of said party wall one )umded nnrl seven feet, two and three-ebzhthR Inches: thence enstward and paral lei with Pacific street sixteen reet eurnt incnet, more1 or lens, i a pomi. in con- tlnnafclon of the centre of another party wall; thence northward at right angles to Pacifw street. and nart of the distance tliroitgb the cwtre of said party wall one hundred and seven fact two and thre-e'ehths inches to the snniherly . fsifle of Pacific Ftreet. and thmee wcPtwarJ along the mme nlxteen feet eight Inches, mn-e or fe,ts. to tjie point o- p'sce o ivjHrin'riT - T--o1 B-ooklrn. j Arnni!!1 27. 1891. Jim: iAiiJirr.KK. snenrr. i?-27-0-l : OUPRKMBCOUIITL Kitias County. Sophia Sew- O anls, p. am till, afiaiiiid Sarah- Soiuauffcy and Luera, neiendania. s. v. -sewaraaj piain tins atioiney, iiO ifroadway, i tm Yorlr lltr In niiranflnCA Af S Itular- ment- of foreclosure and sale of this court, made In the above-entitled action, bearing data ttie 12th day of August, 3 Sill. I will sell at public auction, hv Thorium A. Kerriiran. auctionear. at the sales rooms. No. 13 Willoujrhby street, in the city of Brooklyn, on tho 0th day of September. IStH, a 12 o elocK noon, ue louowinz aescrineo ianu ana fn-c-miaes: All those certain houses and ' lots of nnd situate in Ue city of Brooklyn, connty of King and StsJe of New York, and known as Numbers t3. 05. 87. ft. 101 and 103 , Dnffleld street, bounded and described as follows: Bcgin-nine at a point on the easterly :alde of ; Dtitllrld street one hundred feot northerly ; Tom the northeasterly corner of Johnson and Duffle. d ; streets, running thence easterly parallel s with Johnson street one nimtrreri reet.; tuence norrneriy ? parallel with Dumeirt street one nuntirea Ann tnirty feet: thence wcgterly parallel with Johnson street one hundred fee to the easterly side of Diifflcld street, and thence southerly alcng the ' easteHy side of Dnffleld street one hundred and thirty feet to the point or ptace or Dcginrunjr. Dat'! Brooklyn, iq. ism i 8-1S-6-25 JOHN COLTRTNST, ftertft L RAILKOAP. "AMERICA'S GBEATEST : RAILROAD." HEYYpn&QEFlTRAL -A.Hudson River Railroad. All Trains a Trim at and depart from GRAND CENTRAL STATION, Fourth Are. and 42d St., New York. The osii Railkoo Station y th Citt. TOAIKS LEAVE AS FOLLOWS I :10 A. M. FAST MAIL AND ONE THOUSAND ISLANDS SI'iXlAL For Albany. Utlca. CiayuM (rxoeps SuuUijJ, Syracuaa. Uocbester. Bataria and Buffalo. !9:2U A. M. SARATOGA TAKE OKORGE AND MONTREAL SPECIAL D6 riarutim 2:20 P. M.. Caldwell (Laks Oeoria). : P. M-. Mob-trul, 8:16 P. M. 10:00 A. M. CHICAGO VB8TI3ULE LIUITKD. due at Chlcsao :t A M. next dar. 10:30 A. M. WESTliliN DAY EJO-KliSS-DaUj, ercept Sundaya 1:80 P. 51. SOUTHWESTERN VESTIBULE LIMITED Due Cincinnati 10:&0. Indlauapolla 11:03 A. M. , St. Louis 7:15 P. M- ImU P. M. WOitLD'B FAIR SPECIAL Dos CM-cago 3:l0 -P. M. next uaT. 4:60 P. M. NORTH SHOHB VESTIBULE LIMITED Din at Detroit U:1S A. M.. Chicago 4:30 P. M. neit dar. 6:00 P. M. FAST WESTERN EXPRESS Duo Chicago 0:00 P. M . St. Louis' 7:45 A. M. 7:00 P M. ADIRONDACK AND MONTUKAL EXPRESS. 7:S0 V. il. BUFFALO. NIAGARA FALLS. THOU-SAND ISLANDS AND ADIRONDACK. SPECIAL. S:w e. ii. Ci.CL.trATi a.d x. liiui ki.-t'RESS Due Cincinnll 7:0 P. M., lutiUn-apolla 10 .JO p. IL. ou Louis 7:30 A. M. 0:10 P. M. CHICAGO NIGHT EXPKE.SS. FISUlilLI, l.NEWBUKGHi. POUUiiliEEPSIH, HHJ.NECLU'F (KINGSTON). AND CATSlvILL MOUNTAINS AND HLDSON 170. 110:80. !11:30 A. M. 13:30. 3.55. o:25 P. M. : nlan far Poiurhkppusie. !b:2U A. 1:30. I20S. 4:65, 6:00. 7:00, 7:30. 8:00. 8:15 P. U : for Catsklll Station (Catskill and tne Catakill Monntaius). 7:30. 10:20. 111:30 A. M ; !3:30. ' 8:55. 6:25 P. M. ; tor GarrUlon (West Point). )1:M. !U:20. -!11:30 A. iL. !a:l5. !3:30. 3:55. 14:55. 6:25 P. M. ALBANY AND TROY !7:SO. 18:10. 10:00. 110:30 A. M-. 1:30.- 13:30. 8:55. 4:50. C:00. 7:30. s:uu. v:ia. :ii:ou f. au: also lor 'iToy 1U: A. M., 7:00 P. M. SARATOGA 18:20, 110:30. 111:30 A. U.. 8:30. 7:00, 111:58 P. M. TjnCAAND SYRACUSB-!7:30. 0:10. 10:00, !10:30. 111:30 A. M., 1:30. 4:60. 6:00. 7:30, 8:00. 9:15. !11:59 P. M. ' ROCHESTER AND BUFFALO-0:10. 10:00. !10:80, 111:30 A. M-. 1:30. 4:50. 6:00. 7:30. 8:00. 9:15. 111:58 P. M. Also for Rochester. 8:00 NIAGARA FALLS 9:10. 10:00. !10:30 A.M.. 4:50. 6:00, 7:30. 9:15. 111:59 P. M. ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS AND MONTREAL IB:20 A. M., 70. !11:59 PjM.: alM for Adiroodaclr Mountains 7:30 P. M. Cape Vincent, Clayton, Ogdensburff and Oswego. 9:15 P. M.. 111:50 P. M. Also for Clayton. !0:10 A. M.. 7:30 P. M. Also for OsweKO. 9:10. 10:00. 110:30 A. M., and 8:00 P. M. AUBURN. GENEVA AND CAN AND AIGTTA 9 : 1 0, 10:00. 110:30 A. M.. 7:30. 9:l 111:59 P. M. PTTTSFIET.D. LENOX. NORTH ADAMS AND TH BERKSHIRE HII,LS Two throuch trains tuv HARLEM DIVISION. NEW TORK CENTRAL 19:01 A. M., duo Pittaield 1:35 P. M-. North Adams. 2:30 P. M.. 3:K P. M.. due Plttsneld 8:10 P. M.. North Adams. 9:10 P. M. NORFOLK AND THE LITCHFIELD HTIJS 13:50 P. M.. tlirougli car for Norfolk, due at Norfolk 7:32 P. M. For tickets and space In sleepinc cars, apply al offices of the company: IN BROOKLYN-333 WASHINGTON STREET. 726 Fulton st, or 398 Bedford ave. IN NEW YORK 413. 7SS or 942 Broadway. 1164 Ninth avenue, or Grand Central Station. Westcotfs Express calls for and checks haSBasje from hotels and residences through to destination. IDaily. except Sunday. Other trains run dally. Above trains, excepting those leaving at 9:10, 0:20 A. M.. 2:15. 3:30. 3:55. 4:50, 4:55. 11:59 P. M.. stoo. ai 135th Street Stotlon. JOHN V. TOUflEY. GEORGB TT. DANTHTfl. General Manager. General rassengerAgena. CENTRAL RAn.ROAD OF NEW JERSEY. FOOT OF LIBERTY ST.. NORTH RIVER, TIME TABLE. SKIT. 8. 1S1H. For Easton. Bethlehem, AHentown. Mauch Chunk. etc.. 4:30. (6:0O for stations to Alientown. 7:oo, 8:45 A. M.: 1:00. 4:00 (4:30 for stations to Al-lentownl. 5:45. (7:30 for Bethlehem and Allen-town) P. M. Sundays. 4:30. 7:00 A. M.; 1:00, 6:30 P. M. For M'ilkeshRrre. Pitttaton and Scranton. 4:30. 8:45 A. M. ; 4:00 P. M. Sundays, 4:30 A. M. ALLi KMC ROUTE To the Sea- Shore, For Freehold and Atlantic Highlands. 4:30. 8:15, 11:15 A: M. ; 1:30. 4:30. 6:oo p. At. Sundays, 0:15 A. M. : (4:00 P. M. except Freehold"!. For Red Bank. Long Branch and points south to Point riensant. 4:30. 8:15. ll:l A. 31.: 1:30. 3:30. 4:00. 4:30. 5:30. 6:00 P. M. Sun days (txcept Ocean Grove and Asbury Park), 9:15 A. M. 4:00 P. M. For Lakewood. Toms -River. Bamegn-t Park and Rarneirat 4:30. 8:15 A. M-: 1:30.4:30 P. M. For Beach Haven. Atlantic City. Vinobind and Rri('ceton.,4:3 A. M-: l:W 1 . M. For Monmouth Beach and Seahright. 4:30. 8:15 A. M. : 1:30. 4:30. 0:00 tr. M. FOB PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, AND WASHINGTON. . ROYAL BLUE LINE. For Philadelphia at 4:30. 7:45. 9:00. 10:00. 11:30 A. l::iO. :uu. d:u. 4:w. a:uu. t:uu. 7 P. M.: 1-':15 nicnt. . 5UMI:iys. u:o . lo:ao. 11:30 A. M. : 2:0O. 3:30. 6:00. 6:0O P. At.; 1:1.1 niirnt. . For Raltiniore and Washington oailv. at 9:00 ai:30 with Dining car), a. m. : z:w. ta:3y uming- t ar . D imi f. fll. : nigut. Trains lMvinc'nt 7:13. 11:30 A. 51.: 1:30. 4:00 6:00.-7:30 r. M. (12:15 nlsnt. eicer Saturdiiy nicht.) SulKlays. 3:30. 5:00. fl.00 P. M.. have connection f4r Reading. Ha- ri'huig and Potts'ille. etc. r or sunnury ano iui-ini.vKrt. via 1'hlla. de'nhia at 7:45 A. M. : (1:30 BlUTcr. Tarlor Carl, 7:30 P. M. (12:15 nJeiit except Saturday n'uthtj Sundava. at 6:00 P. M. Parlor Cars on all dav train. Sleeping Cars or mmnigiir. rrnms. TIcketa and parlo" car laejits can he secured at 71. 172. 261. 415. 1H4 114(1. 1351 Broadway. 737 sixth ave.. t4 w. ia,nn st... i:i4 r;. moth st.. New York: 4 court at.. Ml Hilton St.. '.is Broad way " Brook vn. -w iotk l'im?rer t'onipanv will call for and check bagcaxo fiool hotel or residence to destination. SANDY HOOK ROUTE, For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, etc.,. From Pier 8, N. R-, foot of Rector St. For Atlantic Highlands. Highland Beach. Norman- die. sulmght. Jionmouin iach. ixwig tironeh, at 4:30. 10:45 A. M. : 11:011 SatinLiys onlyi. 3:45. 5:00 P. M. ; Sundays. -9:30 A. M.. 1:00 P. M. For E heron. Ocean Grove. Ashury Park and Point 10:lo A. M.: li:uo siuirnaysonlyl. 3:45. 5:00. I'.' M. Sundays (exo-pc Ocean Grove and Aslmry I'arlit. 11:30 A. M. For Lakewoo.l, Tom's River and Bamegat. at 4:30 A. M.: (1:00 Saturdays onlyi. o:4,i r. M. For Reach Havrn. Atlantic - City. Vineland and B-idgrlon. at 4:30 A. m.; (i:oo r. a.. Saturdays only). W EST SHORE RATEKOAD. N. Y. C. & H. R. H k. Co., lessees. Trains leave West rorty- second Street Station Xew York), as follows, and- twent.v nnnuteet earlier from tlie foot Of Jay St.. New York: Haniilton. Iondon, letroit. and Chicago l0:uu A. M.. "fKift. "0:10 i . M.. wr-.- iuis, -r:ir,. S:15 P. M. Toronto. 110:00 A. M-. :5:15. 8:15 P. M, Bnffilo. I'tica, Syracuse. Rochester. Sus pension Bridge. Niagara Falls. 3:30. "10:00 A. M.. 5 : 15. S : 15, P. M. . and ! !1 1 :35 A. M. i una nn v to I tica-l Kinirston. atrioil and Albany. '3:30. 7 :15. -iu:(hi, : ill :as A. M.. a4:00. 5:15. 8:1B P. M. Cranston 8. West I'eint.' Cornwall, apwdiuwi. -.:j:. 8:2.1. 10:00. io:i&. ::ii:a- a. si.. a4:iN, -Sir, K:ar. 6:30. 8:1.1. 11:45 P. M. Montreal ana uaiuaa. r--it. i .m a. m., j ij I M. Entrant B'.ecpinc cars for BiuT-ilo. Xtigara Falls. To'onto. Detroit. Chicaco and St. Louie on through, trains. ctaraioga ana laiuweu. iviKe Choree. ! Il:a5 A. M. .(iwrlor car attached.) KafltorskiH. IIimtrfT. Hohart, BloomvIIlp, Grand Hotel Stotion and Phoenlolv '3:30 ! Ill :35 A. M Pnrlof car a on : 111:35 A. M. train. New Paltx. T-iskes Mobonk. and "M innewaskas 3:30 A. M.. ! !13:3;A. M. "LKill.v. :uauy.. except ssatiir- day. All puie u ib u",j RimrinT. Ta'enville. C.iiro VniintAin 1 1 Oil SC. i.i.i, ; . 1 1 ..o 2. ai. Parlor cans to Catfkill ! ! a. Leaves B-onklyn. via. Brooklyn Annex. ::i0:4O A. 3-(rfl P. M. .Terspy CltP. P. R. R. Stat'on, !:il:20 A. M.. 3:.i? r. M. ror tickets, time fifties, nanor and s'eepire car accommodations or Information appiy oniws; xrcniiyn. .v.. vasning- nt- Trt Fulton sr. Annex Office, foot of Fnl. ton Ft".; New York City. Not. 271.. 303. 75. H42 Broadway. 14rt i-sowery. i- i-iira. pi., ;x wrsw, lzntn st and West S5hore Stations foot of West Fortv-Becond st.. and foot of Jy st. N. R. C: B. IAiiBKRT. General Passenger Aeent. 5 Vanderbilt a ve. . New York. JJ S00KLYN ANNEX FOR JERSEY CITY. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. LEAVTNG FOOT OF FFUTOX STREET DATX.T, A- M. 6:30. 7:00. 8:00. S:20. S:40. 9:00, 0:2O. 9 :40. 10 :00. 10 :20. 10 :40. 11 :00. 11 :2i. 11 :40. 12:00. P. M. 12:20. 12:40, 1:00. 1:20, 1:40, S:00 2:20, 2 :40 3 :00. 3.2t, 3 : 40. 4 :0ft, 4 :30. 5 :00, 5:30 6:00. 6:30. 7:00. 7:30. 8:00, S:30. 8:00, 9:30: 30:00; 10:30. 11:30 P. M. To Fall River Line. 5:00 P. M. Returning leave Jersey., City on arrival of Jiil trains. Bnegage checked anil tickets sold to iill points. Ask for Brookivn tickets when retnrnina to Brooklyn. F. JANSEN. Superintendent. LEGAL NOTICES. ClUUISTIC COUUi'. Kings County. La?y A. Tir f kor, pUintUl:, agatuit Jane iv. iiai'tis, et ai. ot'fenuiiui. I, Uie uinjensigiifu, duly airpointcu rei-eree by Older ol this Court, dated and euu'ivd hero-iuvon the 20th day of March. 1S01. hereby require each person not a party to tlie action who at the uid diite oC the order had a lien upon any un-dtvidVU sbare or iuurvst of nny of the oweurs or pei-sona iuiei-et-! in the prvpilses hereinafter do-suribeii, or claims against Tboui.tsi J. Hun is, lute of the city of Ri-ookiyn. in said county, dY-cosed. to aiiitar bciore uie on or before the 4th day of (Cn,.-mi.T isil at my othce. -No. 99 Nassau suvei. in the city of New York, to prove his lien orL Claim aim um huh wiwiu, uiw w, jm.uun uui , thereon. Tlie premises described in the above action are aa follows: All that, certain lot, piece or parcel' Of land situate, lying- and being in the city of Brookivn, euuniy of Kinffs and fctato of New York, bounded and described aa follows: Beginning at a point on the easterly side of Vauuerbilt avenue distant southerly from the southeasterly corner of Park and VandtTbilt. avenues 167 feet 4 3-4 inches, and running ihenee easterly and at right anglea with the said Vanderbilt avenue K5 feet: theoce-southeriy parallel with mid Vanderbilt avenue 23 feet; thence westerly again at right angles with eh it! Vand.-ibilt avwmie fet to siid Vender bill avenue, and thence northerly along the easterly side of Vanderbilt avenue 23 feet to tbe point or place of ' W ginning. Daird New York. July 23, JOFTX IT. WniOV. Rcfe-flft. ARN'OTTX RTTCH St WOODFORD. Plaintiff" Attorneys. IS Wall street. New York. 7-23-6-4 TT tiW YORK SUPREME OJt'RT. TUomaa li. i. . Elliott, sole tmrviviuK executor ot the luat will and testament of Stephen Iettus. deceased, plaintiff, against tSanluel J. Jones, William E. lioss. Mary Rosa, his wife, tho name Mary beiuK fie til ions, her (Jiirim ian name being unknown to plaintill, defeudams. Trial, if any, desired In the county of Kings. Summons. No. 6. To the above-named defendants and each of them: You are hereby sunimoned to answer the complaint in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer on the plaintiffs attorneys within twenty days after the aervlee of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, and in case of your failure to appear, or answer, judgment will ba token against yort by default, for the relief demanded in the complaint. Dated New York. August 13. 1PM. H0ADLY. LAUTERBACTI JOFTNSON. PlilntifTa Attorneys." Offlee and Tost Office Address. No. 120 Broadway. New York City. To William E. Ttosn and Mary Horn, his wife, the name Mary bMnc notitioun. her Ch-lstlan name being unknown to plaintiff: The foregoing summons is served upon yon bv publication, pursuant to an order of the Hon. Wlllard Bartlett. one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, dated the 20th day of Aturust. 1$!H. and Mind In the pgice of the Clerk of the County of Kings, at the County Conrt House, in raid county, on said dat, tb comnialnt being filed in said office on August 17. 1S01. KOADLY. LAUTERBACrT A .TOHNOX S-ST-S-e Plaintiffs Attorney HAILROADft. emaeyiifania RAILROAD. 1 THE STANDARD RAILWAY OF AMERICA! ABD Ths Scenic Une to the West KO TRANSFER TRROVOH NEW TORK. TRAINS LEATE BROOKLYN ANNEX : STATION, loot of Fulton Street, as follows: On and after SEPT. 7, 1891, ' THE FAST LIXK. 8:40 A- M. Ptillman Tnrtlbale Sluing nfl Parlor Car. Anive Cleveland 6:25 A, Colombu 6:30 A. U.. Chlcftco 6:00 P. M.. and 86. LouU 6:00 P. M.. and to, Louis 7:00 P. M. next daj. UDooecU alao far Toledo, except Saturday. THE PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED. 8:40 A. M. Composed exclusively of Pullman Vestibule Irawlng and State Ilooui, Sleeplux. Dl lug, SinokliiK and ObwrraUon Caca, iresentiug fltaanclal reports, ateiocrapliers and typewrit-a, baionmma for both sexes, ladles' maid, barber abop. library and all tbe convenieDoea of home er office. lighted by stationary nl morable rit-(-irc URDU. Am Tea v;ixc.nnati x:w a -m., IndianapoliB 11:40 A. M.. and Chicago 8:45 A. aL next day. ST. I,OI IS AND CINCINNATI EXPRESS. 2:40 P. M, Pullman Vestibule Sleeplnjr Cars from iicw joi-k ana uinini- uars rrom .New xora ta tat. tou.B and Cincinnati- PasaetiKer coach New York: to Columbus. Arrlr CiiK-lnnmtl - 11:30 xul St. Loafs 8:00 P. M. next day. THE COLUMBIAN EXPRESS. 8:40 P. M.-PalimAn Vestibalc Sleppiug, Dinlnf, omutviua; ana lTDDsyivaaia xuiiroaa vettiDuia PasH-'nger Coaches from New York to Chkaco. Arrives In ChloaKo 5:15 P. iL next day. I THE WESTEKN EXPRESS. :00 P. M. Pullman Vestibule Sleeping Car New - iww, ua. uuuio, juitiu, vaan ,au- nati. Oevelaod and Mempbia. Dlninc Cars New lork to I'dUadeiphla and Pittsburg to Richmond nd Chk-aga ArrtTet at Columbus 1:35 P. M., Cinclnnaa 50 P. M.. Chicago 9:30 P. M. next day. and St. Louts 7:O0 A. M- second mca-nlDg. Concocts for GLeveland and Toledo daily, except wtumuj. f PACIFIC EXPRESS. 7:30 P. M. Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car New York HO jUKUim :ew InrK rn Momnh VIS. tiwt Khen. andoah Valley; arrives week-days at Columbus t . m. ; ueveiana :so f. M. next day, and daily at Chicaao 7:00 A. M. second mornlnav Connects for Toledo dally, and for Cleveland and (jBaumnus e.xrrir, Mjriirrtv a:w M. Shennndonh Valley Einrefis witn muuueu uiiuoi DieepinE cars to new urieans. BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON AND THE 1 - SOUTH. Washington Limited Express' of Pullman Parlor Cars, with Dinins Car to Baltimore, rta llv. ex cept Sunday. U:4U A. M.. arrive W aabineton 3:50 P. M.; and "Cougressional Limited.' daily, with Dining Car at 3:00 P. M.. arrive WaaiUngton o.o tr. an. ; regular express. 7:30, S:0U A. u., 1 40. 4:00. 4:30. 8:30 and 11:00 P. M. Sun day, 6:00 A. M.. 4:00. 4:30. 8:30 and 11:00 i. m. ior mitlmor only. 12:40 P. M. week davs. FOR LONCt BRANCH, POINT PLEASANT and ln- termeriiate stationa. week-days. K:40. 11:40 A. il.; 2:00. 3:20. 4:00. 4:30 and 6:30 P. If. Sundays. 40 A. M.. and 4:30 P. H. (do not ston at Ashurv Park on Snndav. FOR ATLANTIC CITY. 12:40 P. M. week-days. witn Tnroujrn uay coacn. FOR CAPE MAY, 12:40 P. M. week-days. - j FOR PHILADELPHIA. Express 7:00. 7:30. S:00. 8:40. (9:40 Pennsylvania Lamitea, wito iuiuik -ar, ana v:w n a tn ingrno Lamina, wiui jiniiia ulti. ana iu:-w A- M. 1 ihi noon. 12 -Ut. 1 --ifi -Hi l Isfl 4:00. 4.30, 5:30, 0:00. C-30. 7.30. S-30 and 11:00 i'. m. Acconimou a t ion o :ju f. m. sunday. Express. 8:00. 8:40. 9:40, and (9:40 A. M. I. imtedi 2:40. 3:40. 4:00. 4:30. 6:00. 6-30 7130, 8:30 and 11:00 P. M. AccommodalloD, Far time tables of trains' to local nolnt.q on th rnnsyivania nanroaa oysrem appiy at tne follow ing ticket omces: No. 4 Court st.. 860 Fulton st-1 T and Brooklyn Annex Station, foot of Fulton a The New YorK Transfer Comnany will call fcL.,l tf . and check bapnrBfe from hotels and residences uinsiKn to ui ic i tun. CHAS. B. PI OH. J. R. WOOD. General Manager. General Pass'r Agent. LSG ISLAND RAILROAD. Trains leave Fiatbush Avenue Station for the following eointa and way stations: (".REEXPORT. RIVERHEAD S:29 A. M. ; 1:50 fRaTurdaye onJyt. 2:55. Shelter Island. Eiprosa. f Frldsvs and Saturdays only. 3:22. 4:30 P. M. : Bundsiys. PKK A. M. tAli- HAKHUlt. IMEi HAMl'l l.N A. SI. i 1 :SO (Saturdays onlyi. 2:55. The Hamptons sad Sac Harbor Emress . ("Fridays and Saturdays onlvl. 3:22. 4:20 P. M. : SimdayR. S:W) A. PATCHOijJl B 7:10. b:2H 30:r5 A. M. ; 1:B0. (Sflturlays only) .'3:22.' 4:20. 5:30; SniHlays. 8:50 A. M. liAKYLrON 7:10. - 7:0a. S:2. 10:55 A. M 1:20 1:H0 (.Sarurdayst. 3:22. 4:20. 4:30. 5:30. 6:00.7:00. 10:05.12:00 night. (Wednesday and Saturdavs niKhta only: ftmdnya &:00 A. M. : 8:55 P. M. PORT JBFFEBSON. XORTTTPORT. HI'XTTXQ-TOX. COLU SPRING ft:02 A. M. : 1:50 (Saturdava and July 3 only). 4:30. 5:30. 6:20 (to Jsorthport); Sundsvs. 0:00 A. JI.. :25 P. (1YWTKK 'nil. UUti.-S tAJi. NEA (JLSr'K. ROSLyV-eilK. 0:02. 10:55 A. M.; 2:05. 3:22, 4:20. 5:20, G 20. 7:00. 8:02. 12:00 nJjrht, (Weil, and Sata, only); Sundays, 9:27 A. M.; 6:25. 8:55 P. M. gakue ri.ML'siE.Aij :;o. :,io:ro A. M-: 2:05. 3:22. 4:20, 5.20. 6:C0. 6:20. 7:00. S:02. lO:0o. ia:ou niRni; sunrviys. p-:w. ni&r-dt-n-Clty onlvt. 1:90. 2:55. 6:25. 7:55. 10:15 P. IL KAIt ROCKAWAY VIA VALLEY STREAM 7:10. 10:55. A. M. : 3:22. 7:00. 10:iK. 12:M niht: Simdaya. 1:30. 4:00. 5:45. 6:25. 7:55. 8:55, 10:00 P. M- AItERNB. FAR TtOCKAWAT. via N. T. and Rockaway Beach Railway 7:10, 8:29. 9:50 A. M : 1:20. 3:22. 4:30. 5:30. 6:00. 8:02. P. "M. ; Sunday 0:05. 10:55 A. iL; 1:30. 1:53. 2:55. 5:45 7:55 P. It i. felB RAILWAY. "THE FICTTRESQUE ROUT X-j j of Aniorica." Throuch traina leave Sew orkj foot of Chambers St., dally, aa follows, and five minutes earlier from West Twenty-third St. 9:00 A. M. Via Niagara Falls and Chautauqua LakOj Parlor Car Kew York to Buffalo. Sleeper Homellsville to Detroit and Cincinnati. fc 3:t0 P. M. Vestibule Limited. Solid train for Chicago via ChauuiuQia Lake, with dining car to Chivnco. Sleepers to Chicago. Cleveland and Cin-cinuriitt. No extra charea for quick time and superior service. 6:00 P. M. Solid train to Chicago via Niagara Falls. Sleepers to Buffalo. Rochester. Toronto and Chicago. S:30 P. M. Via Chautauqua Lake and Niagara Falls. So'.id train to Chicago. Sleepers to Buffalo, Cbifflipo and Cincinnati. Ticket Offices. 401. 317 and 057 Broadway. 1 Batxary pi.. Chambers and Twenty-third st ferries, Kew York. SSI AND 333 FTTT.TOV ST.. BROOKLYN. W. C RINEARSON. Central Pasapnger Agent, J.r-GAt SOflCiS. SUPREME COURT. KLnjca County. Ida A. W. ' Maney. plamtinT. axriust Matt A. Poole and another, defendanta. Action No. 1. B. Wright, plaintiff's attorney. 3S Pars: Row. N. Y. In pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure and sale of this Court, mafic in the above-entitled action, boar-inj. date the 1st day of September. -ISM. I will sell at public auction, by Thomas A. Kerrigan, auctioneer, at tho salesrooms. No. 13 'WiUoughby swt. in the city of Brooklyn, on the 23d day of September. at. 12 o'cloct noon, the following; destTlbed. land and prerols: All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land, with the building thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the city of B-oufclvn, bounded ami described as follows: Be-ginniag at a point on tbe northerly side of Decatur street, distant three hundred and fifty feet westerly from ithe northwesterly corner of Decatur street ami Throop avenue, running thence northerly parallel with Throop avenue one hundred feet; thence westerly and parallel with Decatur street eighteen feet and nine inches; thence southerly and parallel with Throop avenue and part of the distance through a panty wall nv nunorea reer to iet'atur wrwr. and thence easterly alonrr Decatur st--eet elchteen feet nine inches to the itoint o- place of beginning. Iwirt prope'-ty to be sold saibiect to the fl-sfc mort-gare nnd 1nte"et. Psted B ooklyn, SepL 2d. lftOl. JOHN COl'RTNKY. ShTiff. 0-2-6-36 WUiUiUUE COLliT. Kinus O niee ani Trust Cooie County. Title Guar- Samuel It. Good anil others, defendants. Charles II. l-iRlsey. piaintin a attorney, ourx twwt. lifAnkivri V Y Tn rniriaice of S iudzment of fot edosure and sale of this Court, made in tlie above-entitled action. Dearing oate tne ist aay ot September, ISitl. I will s-1!! at public auction, by Thomas A. Kerrigan, auctioneer, at the salestooms, N'o. i:i Willraiehbv street, in the city of Brooklyn, on the 23d day of September. 1S01, at 12 o'clock noon, the fol lowing described land and premi sea : All tant eerla-.n lot. piece or parcel or innu. situate, lvlne and betne In the city of Brooklyn, county of Kiings. and State of New York, bounded and dewrtpfd as fo'lows: jtcginninc at- a point on wit? amthirlv side of Decatur street distant forty-three feet ine Inches westerly from the corner formed bv the intersection of the westerly side of italnh avenue with the southerly siie of Deramr street, ninninc thom-e eouthiTly parallel with lUlph avenue. ianrt part, of the distance through a party wall 'one hundred feet: them westei ly parallel with i Iecatur street eighteen feeti sine inches; thence northerly agitn farallel with Rnlph avenue ami part- of th distance throtrh a naty wall one hundred feet to the southerly siite of Hecatur street and ttKmee easterly alo-ig said wmtherly sid of le-catur: street elchteen feet nine inches to the point or place of beginning. Dircd Rnoklm, Septemi-r. 2. 1S01. JOHN COl'RTNTY Sheriff. 0-2-fi-Sft W L'lKEilE COlTKT. King County. Ida A. W. rJ Siney. plaintiff. agains Mary A. l'oole and another. defciKiants. Action No. 2. B. w right, plainufTs attorney. 3S I'aik Itotv. N". . In pur-aiuuu-e of a iudgment of foreclostite and sale of this Court, made in the above-em itled acttM. bearing dute the 1st tiny of September. ISitl. I will sell at public auction, by Thomas A. auctioneer, at the siilesrooras. No. 13 TJUlouehhy street. In the city of Brookivn. on the 231 day of September. 1S01. at 12 o'clxk nn. the following describxl land and premises: All that certain lot. pice or parcel of land, with the buildine the con erected, situate, lying and beinc In the city of Hiooklvn. and boun.ted and rtest-nhijl as follows: Beginning at a point on the northerly ride of TV-cat ur street. Hi at ant three hundred and fifty-eight feet itnd nin Jnchcf westerly from the northwesterly corner of- Decatur street and Throop avenue, running thence mrthe ly parallel with Throoo are, nue and part of the distance through a party wall one hundred fet; thence wertorly parallel with De-eatnr Ktreet eighteen feet nine inches; thence south, erlv find pa rail el with Throop aveone. nnd part of - ... . v, . r.-. it t- Trmll rat hmirlrewl feet to Deeativ stre-t. arnl thence easterly a one Decanir t-rn.. r-iirhteeii fret uln inches to Tne iroint nr place of beginning: said property to be sold wibirv't -to thn first mortgic" and interest. Dateii 5lJLTORa. 2 ISOl.-TOHN COURTNEY. Shr- 'ff'""' 9-2-fl-3fJ r- rT.iirfc rVilTBT Klnrs County. DaTld H. IN nAM. ntBint.irT airainst James H. Watson and others defendants. Ja;ne lrnare. plaintiffs attorney. 115 Nassau rtreet, N Y. City -In pur-auauce of a judgmen of foreclosure aud sale of Uiis Oour maie In the above-entitled action, bearing dato the 4th day of September. 1891. I will ii -r ..iH miction, hv Thomas A. Kerrigan. auctioneer, at the w'esrobmi. No. 13 lughhy street in tbe city of Brooklyn, on the 20th day of September. 1S01. at 12 o'clock noon, the following described land and premises: All that certain lot p'ece or "parcel of land situate, lying and i in k ritv ctt Brooklyn, in the eotmtr of w inoo mtv 1 state of Now Yo:k. boundel and 1e- Bcittve! as fo'lows: Beginning at a point on the smuherlT side of Fulton street nistant two n'-nareu (200) feet, eastward'.y from the southeasterly co -rw- or Stone avenus and Fulton street, ninnine thence, southwardly parallel with Stone avenue, one h mdrert n H)l feen: rnence easterly naniiiei who Fulton street fifty (TtO) feet; thence notbwarrlly and parallel with Stone avenne one hundred (100) feet: thence westward' along the southerly side of Fulton street fifty (50) feet to the point or placa of tyglnnina. Dafd Brooklyn. September 0. 1R91. JOHN COURTNEY. Sheriff, &-6-&-63 INSUJlA!fil OFFICE OS" TH ATLANTIC MUTUAL insurance Company. New Yobh. January 21. 18J1. Th Trust. infsonformitT w(rn th Char&ae erf the Company, submit the foilowing?tacemenc of tsaflalrsori tho31st of December, VU.K Premiums on Marine Klaks from 1st January, lBlm, to SIM Decern lier, li . RiaiJcii 1 Premlunn on Poll riles not marked oil 1st January, id'JU l,3.7.8?l It Total Marine Premiums So.187.152 33 Premiums marked off from 1st Jan. uary, uw, to 31st December, 1SU0. ?3,7ir-'.97t 48 lows paid durlDj tie tame penoa i.ta.4Br si Returns of rremium, a n 1 ax penaes. ....753,15e 68 The Company ha the following; Aet. Tit: uu.,cu 01111,-5 uno state ot .ewlcorlc r T J1""uU'IWUCl 91 fJ.'Jtl 'JM bcvuicu uy chocks au j ottier- wima. Heal Estate and'ciaimV' due tlie Company, esumatea at l.llS.Sii' 11 Premium Norcs and liilbs ilecoivablo l,8U,uW 3 Cash in Bank im m 19 Amount. 812.527,331 (il) SilTDer nrnt inlR.ei H. of Dmtil will be paid to tho holuert thereof, or thair legal representatives, on au4 "--, in r.i ot reorudry uexc mi be,ouJstaodin certiScatss of the issus o? IBBUwill be redeemed and paid to tae bolderi thereot. Or their leal representaciTes, oa aal ' after Tuesday, the Tbiru of February next, fiomwhlcn data all Interest thereon wiit ceai) The certificates to be produced at the time payment and cancelled. A dividend of forty psr cent, is declared oa the net earned premiums of the Company for the year endinir 31st December. 18u, for which certificates will be issued ou and after Tuesdar. tbe fifth of May next. lx' Droraerottho Board. J. II. CHAPMAN. Secretary. TRUSTEES. J. D. Jones, Charles D. Lerertcli, w. rL H. Moore, A. A. Raven. Edward Floyd Joa3 Georite H. Macy, lAwrenee Turnurs, Waldron P. Brown. Anson W. Hard, Isaac Iiell, Thomas Haitian I. George L. Nichols, Gustav Amsinck, William G. llouitoa, Husseil h. Hoadley. Joseph Agostinf. George W. CmpoeU, VernoT H. Brown. Christian de Thomson, Leander N. LovelL Joseph H. Cbapmao, uames uow. Wm. titurgis, Benjamin H. Field. James G. De Pore3t, William DeGroot, William H. Webb, rjoraoe Gray, William E. bodz John L. Riker, George Blisi, C. A. Hand. John D. Hewlett, Charles P. Burdett. Henry E. Hawley,. Charles H. Marshall, JOHN II. JONES, President. VV. H. U. tlOOKG:, A. A. RAVEN, e Vlce-Prea't. 3d lcf-I'rrVt. THE METROPOLITAN Plate Glass Insurance Company OP NEW YORK. Principal Office, 60 Liberty St., New York. p t- CAPITAX. $100,000.00 ASSETS 350,084.83 HEN'RT H ARTE Ar, President. DANIEL D. WHITNEY. Vice-PreaidenU ' El'GENE H. WLNSLOW, Secretary. LEONARD MOOIJY, General Manager for Brooklyn. t JOHN E. SEW ARD, Manager iot Eastern District. - CLARK At PEfDLETON, Managers for Greenpoint. "Tha Hub" of Plate Glass 'Insurance. LARGEST ASSETS, LARGEST IXCOM AND LARGEST RESERVE OF ANY PLATE GLASS IS5UR-AXCE C01IPASY U THE WORLD. PHENIX INSDRaSCE COMPANY, liKOOKLYX, X. Y. Cash Capital, - $1,000,000. Gross Assets.' Dec 31, 1590... $?.???.?! 3 9? UablllUes J.4H.010 o. Borplu. as to Poller RoMfrs X'SSS-J Si 12 Ixasa Paid siou. Organlmion. . J9,bJJ,JJi bkooklyx rHEMx n'ni.rcso. ooubx BmLorxo. Broadway, corxeb pet bt. THE MUTUAL LIFE INSLRANCE COMPANY OF-NKW YORK. NASSATJ CEDAK AND l.liiHRTY STREETS RlCHAilI A. McCCKDY. llesident. ASSETS iw.uw,w irir-PPV T rTFTT!VTOP.V District Ag4p Arbuckle Buiuling. Kooms 1. 14 and lo. 371 Fulton sr.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Solicitors wanted. Apply at Brooklyn office between 0 and 10 A. M. and 4 and 6 P. M. O L'PilEMK CX)LRT, Kings County. George CarU. O pLaiuurf, agiuudt Maiy N. McLaijai aim oUieii. defendants- Jo'ph Al. Gre-nwood, piaintifTa ar-nev 54 Court street. Brooki-n. N. Y. In pursuance of a judgment of and saie ot this court mail-- in the above-entitled action, bearing date the 27th day of July. lbul. I will sell at public by Thomas A. Kerrigan, auo-tionC"er at the salesroins. No. 13 N illoughby sweet in the city of ltrooklyn. on the 10th day of & member 32 o' clock, noon, the following .'.-C' "land and premises: All that ct-rtaln lot piece or parcel of land situate. lying and being in the city of Brooklyn, county of Kings, Nuimfcl and d'.-rir-d as follows. 10 wit: Beginning fit a point on the uori hwestcrly side of Van Voorhis street diiant two. h'inilrtfl and sixty-nine feet and eleven inches southwesterly frora the corner furmcd hv the interse-jtion of the north-wcs'erlv aid.'- of Van Vohis street with th sou'th westerly side nf Ev.-; green avenue; thence running northwesterly and partly through a party-wall as said w;iil now stands one hundred fees to a point di:trt two hurMl i"l and sixty-nine fees seven and one-hslf inches southwesterly 'from Erer-gnen avenue; then-'c souUiwesterly parallel with Tan Voorhis street sixteen feet eleven and three-. uarter inches: thence south easterly partly through r a party w.l 11 one nunareti leer, to :in on ms wiw. auu thence northeasterly along Van Voorhis street seventeen fet ami one-unarter of an inch to the place of Iv'ginning. Tnso'her with all and singular thfl ten ments. hereditaments fnd npnurtninces thereunto he'oneing or in snvwise snpe-iaining. r-tted Brooklyn. A"nx 1 1gf1. T-l V25 JOTTX fDrrtTVKY. Pherlff. rilE CITY OOl'KT OF UliOOKLYN. Kdwih la. and Be. tha M. iTidev. hia wife. lu pursuance of ft judgment of foreclosure and sale. maui aud euicreJ n tue anove-entttietl action, auu i tear ma ,uim; 27th day of August, lsitt. the nndcrsigncd. the referee therein nauil, will scfl at public auction, at the rotunda of the t'oimty Couny House. In th city of Brooklyn. Kings County, on the 23d day of septctnher. lN'Jl. at z o clock noon oi wiai. aay. the premises in 8-iid judgaient mentioned, and therein (leju-rilieH as follows: All that certain lot. piet or parcel of land, with the i improvements thereon e ecte sitnaie. ivine ana nrniE in lik .nu warn nf the. citv of Brooklyn, county of KUiss and State of New York. bounled and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at a pou;i -on uw nortneriy siitq of Lexington avenue di.-tant tliree huudre and twenty-six td-' iw eiisi't iy i;ru tup uorxnettsr-erly corner of Reid and I'iington avenues, running: thence and parallel with Reid avenue HrO hundred 41001 feet: thence easterly and- paral 1,4 with Lexington avenne thirty-four (34t fe?t: thence southerly and stain parallel with Iteid avenue on hundred (100) feet to the northerly side of Islington avenue, and thence westerly along the siild northerly side of Lexiiurton avenue thirty-four (34) feet, to the point or place of beginning. Dated August 20th. 1801. AT.T'KUT W. SEAM AX. Heferee. RFSSmT, vTALDEN. PlalntlfTa Attorner. fi Hw1wtV.T. . v!1--14 if' PTJRf t! A.NCB of an ordsr of tb Hon. Oorg B. Abbott. .Surrogate o the county of Kings, notice IS hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims against John Fred Newman, lata of the city of Brooklyn, iu s.vidj county, deoeawd, that they are required to exhibit tbe same, wlti tbe vouchers thereof, to the subjib-r, at her plae f doing btisinem, at the offlco ofi Hobbs A Criffonl, Ka M William street. In the city of New lark, m. or before tho flrtt day of Deeetuber nezs. Dated May 1- ADA G. TOWVAtf. BuemftU, OBBf OTFTOKD, Attiro- foe Execntrtr. Wm. i WVHam street. K. T. Qtrfc B-lo-27-4

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