Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 30, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1942
Page 3
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r. and Mrs. H. Neumari Celebrate . , m i MCH, Konry Nounuut ot M , r 'i» i iivVc foli'd l-'t'tduy,' March pfti'ty la honor or muavm'mu'y, If WTO: '»\fr, and , Mr. ,'i» i Mlllv M 'V iii, 1 ' 1 " , rihnt'UiH Myoi'H Mi'- «'Kl Miu Paul . Ml', wul lU'liuuioi' tti.ul. V* Ml ' ;l ' :t . " f 'I',' JM!!' iluHM^Hmi^mrWiJocl. !'S!i -i m'onily.'iU' •iui, SViinda Koloko- 1 ,' i.!.", Nt^« Anuo II|I|MU)I( ' •"/' , , av-uun, nrn »pnMMIn>< n 1 ;<,) choli'onM-lladdon hall ^ ,' is U vMlllMX lii'l'MUAUVdl', P K.un.:. l,nu.lln «r M! IMU'fe uvw- IIIH 1 - _ , _..!•.. • •;"'••• ' ' avvv Hill \VT:i'!IM'lNI> A ,h.i Si' HI" nf lh«- V, M, IS, A, ! ."Uk-H.I wlUv r Atrival |rom "lost" -American', liner which .ed'-.with blnxing llg-hta into 'tho Pacific war y.ono, unaware Q£ tha'at- '.tiick on Pearl IIarbor, nrrlvecj in ;No'w York .with 175 passeugora, 'Aboard thcs ship, twice' reported Hunk by the Japnncsu, was Sally Flo Fulton (above). / ' , , (Central Press) slro,i.\t ,.Spok(! on "Dramatics" lit Uid nu'i'llns of tho Younu; l^o'oplo's Pcl- lowslilp In Dm OonKrognlloiuil 'parish house last night, 1 UN Yn«vr imlillu aful hU'ant HOH, „ i VMI.H..H, liav r.Uurhi(l rrftin I!! Wii,.rl.nry lo •li«tnoAl U'J i^ ft V» - slt '' !t?l ' IH)\IK KUOM 1 ll'un T, '«, 1 UHI.IH ,u u,,. MiM-ln ; !, P ,nU Mr, a , , a student -' ^..Tu" vacation with his VACATION IN fr'MWWA • , . Mi- und Mf«, T, 10m Davis of ,12 IVjMcn nvnnut' uro spomUng a vftim- llod In Klorlda, lUri'l'MNM TO U'OONSOCKK.T MI-H SV, K, MUtln Jias iM'lurnod to I,;,, !„',„„, i,, vvnrinsooki'l, M, I., after Ml 1 - M(Kl MIS, IiHOM W. I-OVO- o( Widnul liM-racn, visrrissT. PKTKUSHUUC; Mr .mil Mr*. Austin I./, Adams ol MMdi-MiVy, AihUln I*. ^"""J',,, 1 '/!- MhilMfM AdiunM, liiirl llnn'lH Whit- (.>iiK>r" AI|;IIUM liuvi! rnturiidd from SI. |M.M<;imi% l-Mu,, whoro lUoy jvWN Mr, A'l-uns 1 fulliur, Wurron A, VISITIM HI-; ni-'ATiiKn. • Mhn imn.Uiy lUuulall, wlio at- |.«fi«U XI')MIM| a I. l-jcltfowond pni'k, Hrliiivlin 1 , N, Y,, l« vlMlllriK lif" 1 fa- HUM', i.:in'.MliT lundull, -of tloorge ITOMKKT IN K, of c, nAf.,r, Till' women or S». Franc-ls' parlsli will ihi-oi TiU'silay aflnrnoon «l '2 o'clock In K, nl 1 (.:. hull for ll'K.I Vv™ VIslTDH I-'HOAI N, V, Avid \cUim of Hr.'toklvn, N, V, Mr. and MIM. OhfU'l'JS 0, of Urovc stroul. CANTATA PIIKSKNTKD vTIm itdiill oholr of. LhV Congregational uluiroh presented Ihc oanlaUi, "AilorumuH To" by Ulokcy ill 5 'p. rn. Sliiulny In tho Congregational eliui'tili, Tho soloists wore 1 Mrs,. Em-. or;/ Vlngllng, soprano, Mrs, Harold ChlltendOM, oonlralio, Omar • Glbb's; tpaor, and Norman Reed, baritone. ;-:'.-Sorvlpes for.-Holy/;\yeelc,:inv the :loca'l patliollii 'ohiu i 9hes : , \ylll-- l)e .as, '• •'•''••' '' '- 1 ''' ''"•' "'' ' '' At St'. Fi'a'n.ois .church-, /opnfcssions \vlil lip •* lifird OfV • tw.con 5 ' ^ pi': m.; and hi tlio the Stations .of the" will • tar.t at.*7.:30 .and evening : afte Gross, '.)vhlcli o'clock.'' . •'•--.' .:'• : '-• '•• "':•' >-,;'•>• ••>• •.'..(•.'•'. ' , Tho Mn sses '...''pn. • jHo ly : Th ursday •• •will 1)0 oclobratqd .at D :30,.;-6-;30 , find 7:.'W in, m., wlUV'-tlic' procession Vta.k-, Ing place after Ihe 7:30 Mass 1 ;,: 'The Mass of the prcf-sanoU fieri .-'on- 0 oprl Friday will' start -at. 7:«o; a..;m. :,0n Sa I urflay , tho • Mass . wi 1 1/ ' be : ' 'ceie- hratod at 7.' a. 'm/Avlth .•Mvc-;i.>lns8lrtg or : Uio." 1'lrrt,. ''IDariter water and pas- J-oraT 'OH n die; ".. -'.'.•;.'., . ••..':.•',-•.;.•.'•, l ' HOLY SAVIOUR CHUHCH • • -Rev, • L o u 1 s • K a ox or o w ski; ; ; , p a s i b r .of- the iloly. Snviour. 1 Pbljsh Na'tlonat nlnii'.olri 1ms • ahn.ounr.ed ' ; thn.')'fpllo"w- InJj- servlc'cs '"for 1 -Holy. Week:;' 4ioh r . tinrsclny;. Mass -at : 8' a. : -!m.; Good Friday,' at 8:130 'aV m-^Mass ol" the 'pre-sonctlflod, and 'Adora'tion of the .'Oross; Saliurday; 7.; a:' m 1 ,, -Blcsslri-g "o ; f tho ;..nres, 'l-lol'y water ' and Iho 'Paschal; fol lowed;. "li'yl 1 . a Mass. '••On 'leister' Sunday," ''a Resurroc- ,tlon'Mass> vylll ;)Ve celebrated at : 6 ••riv; m'. and a \lijgli .Mass at .10:30 :^a., " '' - •V];^::w^:^A^/^ i >/A//7-y«, 7>/£v To Be Appointed >;; .:, ; (C)onUhuc(i/fi'om. Page One) •'•.-"•, "school boys,,ft«<l;;; / .. ' ' "' '•-,.''• Succcssi to lite riioycinenUj .•;• • • Slncoroly yoxirs, j.--';••. : ,ToUu F, >Mcl>o«oiifl)K ' Pour conli'lbiiUoiis: to: l,lic fund nve v : : been • received •';' by .The'• Dally t:\c\vs';before." the - :drlydona's been :qio- DoWN THROUGH THE A6ES MEN HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED 'TO PROTECT:THEIR HOMES:* MEN•:•/&.££WOMEN : HAVE WORKED ! -LONG ' '' -TO _ CARE;; WITH FOOb^CLOTHES, ^EDOCACtlO^THE^ECURftX OF ; MFEri^SUf^NCE^RECREATlbl^ ^Np-ALL ( ' ., v .•'•••THAT' : GbCS''TO'^^^ "' •.;-.: |V : .^:^-••••:'*••.- '.-.''"'*'••''• i --- y> s'(v? '*•'' *':-f •••^ ^••• : '-'-^- v ••>'''''• •FOItMINU FIllST All) CLASS NYoiiu'.n of Union .City, of. all re- I||<|OUH I'nlths, will ga Liver In St.. •Mary's olmron ball tomorrow. evening' at 7:110 o'clock, to organise a Itrsl-nlfl class. Tho class will moot for two hours ea'oh Tuesday eve- Ing for the next ten wooks. H will ho under IMo direction of a qualified Instructor t'urnlHhod by Naugatuplc ohaplnr of Lho American Rod Cross. All womon In' the- Union City dis- 1,1'lot arc invllcd to attend, ^ • IIOMIC Mr, and Mrs. Edward Rogers of Munson Mass., have returned home, ul'ter being tho guests of Mrs. Hogors' mother, Mrs, F. \V. Biggin of Hradley street. uM'rs. JOdward ,1. Mod rath, who has been- visiting her- rather, Matthew Muhdi-, ol 1 Oak sl'.i'oct, returned yesterday to horjiprno In Detroit, Mich, Mr, and Mrs. .filcliard NVorsig . ol . drive, announce the ,cn- of their daughter, Miss M. Wersig, to JaniesH. Melon son ol 1 Mr. and' Mrsi Jainos Mellon' of i.'i Taylor street, \Vatf.rljury, :\o date has been set for the wedding. . Pacific War Council Has Been Created ),\S|'(liN(! VACATION iKibM'l (JiirUT, u Mludcnt a I. (.'or- [uml MM. | lurry (,. Car lor of HIHT flux ivoi'-iH \vltii his parontH, 'Mr, hi"it nnlvi'iNiiy, is spending. . l-ho AIKSSTI'1,1, SPKAIvKH SI ill I Of .•.('.•HOW Nfttt 1 , New Courses HtM/ln I'l. Slmi-lliHiiil, 0 1- 1 co.>i.Mftm:i<: 'Ji CKN'THAf, AVKNUIO •— ;„ (jTK'i'S NK\V KNUMSII UV .JOHNSON HHOH, STWSIl'S CKNTKU ,ST, - DIAL a-27<W IIOI/V' I'Ji SSKS AND SCHNEER ~ STRATOQN^S RESTAURANT 18 PAUK PJLAC«, STEAKS -, SEAFOOD OOOKTAIL HURT' IN AUTO arni'KL', -Mnsn., March HO-(UP) ho'nulil Koi-tu, SO, Harvard's fool- j,i,H (mptnliv i--lo(.'l, und Miss Nancy SVlHT'lur, SiO, of Canibrklge, worn f.rf.|il,c.d .and roloasnd ul .a hospila) vfsUTduy KCN-'i- H^FI'nrlng minor in- liirlPs'whon LlM-'lr uul.omohllc ofasli- inl Inlo.a. U)lQ|>!ionc polo noai- Ills Canaflu l-IftlJlf'-us c.oopr.M'nl.lvo UnUs lifi Mio Unll'd Nations. •. ; ST.' iUAHY'S • Confesftionswilt be' heard-In St. Mary's' church,. Union City, Wednesday afternoon and evening, On Holy Thursday, . there .wiU be , a high Mass .at 7:30 a; -m.^ ;followed ;t)y j a. procession, led by children of Ilia parish, .In which •• ihe 1 -Blessed Saurament is carried to the'reposi- Tlic Mass of tire prc-sanotitled on.' Good 1 Friday wlli be at 9 a. m.-, and Stations of the -Cross will 'take place at B p, m. On Holy Saturday the Mass.twill .be celebrated at 7:30. with the blnssing ; 'orihe-firo, Waster water and. pastoral ca-ndlc, •preceding. ' • ••: _ ,,' .^ '; ;_• t . „ SI, IIEDVVIG'S CHURCH A high Mass will, be . celebrated at 8 -a. m. Holy Thursday at St. Hcdwig'sohui-ch;'.'Union 'City, On Good. Friday,- the; Mass of the pre- Janotlfled, wll.l start at. 8 a. m;, and Stations of'-.the- - Gr.osR.-will, •- take place at 7 p, m, The Mass'on Saturday will i)C celebrated at 7 a. m. and 'confessions will be hoard in the evening at 7 p. m. ^ GUARDSMAN WAS The :'(lalp : /pfv'-lhe^teslJmp.ulai and Miior aelails ,pf Ihe.cclebralion will oc dec!dcd uiron at i-onigh l's mccl- 'hVg oTHlW general committee. 'All 1 Checks and money; orders should I) e made < payable .to Treasurer: •Greyhound' Fund-, :' , ' Salurday at a:. Spj'ingf leld nfter a- brief' Illness; Inter nenl/was j;0j; In* Springfield y.e.s,l c : r<Vay.: X)|fef •daughter,"' Miss Rath lee n Mclnloshj; }.,;a| survives. Mrs: McIJHosli \vas^:\ay^| member of ihe local Women's ;;%$ Benefit association. ,';! ' Now clothes will be short on kip- •pcrs, buckles and other metal, ornaments. Most of the buUbns l.hal nre used will be made of wood, bone and spun glass. OBITUARY ' Mrs, II, K, Mel n tosh ; . Mrs. Bridget )C. M-clnlosh of .Springfield, Mass.» a resident of Na ugh luck for many , years, died PETER PAUL, INO; NAUGATOCJT CONN. Manufacturers of: Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES one GUMS "P -Ci BEFORE- AM * "• ' '• HON.-MOI1N P. MeDONOUCUr .tually started, and many moi i c.,are i expected ;AvJihln a few days • liow IJiat-^lho^anipafsn is officially 'on its way. Thosn contrihutins-wor.c: Nauga tuck tin I ly News '...,. 'JJ>JO,QO .lliirold 10. : Chittenden 5;00 'iloliii )<\ .-McDohough 5.00 p, Thui'st-on^ 1 Sons ,,...10.00 •...... . w.oo -Tlie names of Mui .(loners will J)o; published dally in The News un,1.11 tho completion of the campaign. 'S? JtlFJIRVICI Guarnnleod—Honvy Sicer Bocf» I Mr. and'-Mrsv': GeopgC'P. Jl Lelir;;o|: '003 High 'streat; au'ridunee ;llKJ'- : 'cii- gagem'eat bi- their,,'ghteiv; -Miss Gladys Violet ?.,. ; ,. ( -\to , Herman Trci.chel, ; .'sph. of rylrs.. ; E'dwaj;d-jFredt crick- Grossman,:,178 : High •street. - .', Miss ..Lchv'^iSriiO.-.^adMate, of. the lJniversity^: : of - RpclVesfcei. 1 and; Post colIegOv"Wator.l3ury' ' a- : -j)ei v - of. the,Wat,erb.ur-y. Junior ^Wom- an's' club, and the Waterbur.y;.lVrRnol| of the-American Association i'Qf;. Uni T versifcy Women. 'At- present Miss .Lehr is emplby'ed by .the'l'iquor con- .lirol commission or. ConnccLlout at Mr.' Treichel', who was recently swor.n 'Into ' the .U. /S. Naval Be- serve witlv a 'rating . of - yeoman, second .class ; was-.formerly administrative- assistant,; to 13.' ,L,Hoover, supervisor/ of. Y tho. •division' pC,;spc- '.clal ...inyestiga-tions. , of•-•.'tho--- Immigration • Service for New. England, at Boston, Mass. Boston, .March 30.- (UP) -The scalded, hody . of a U. p. Coas.t (iimrdsman, tentatively - ItfentUiod. as Hurry 'Maichryc, 20,; oC;C eye- land, was found-hv a 'tub Hill o hoi, water in a downlown hotel lioi-c today, . •/ • . . A medical pxnminor was to.ppi- foi-m an autopsy' to determine Iho cause of death, bui,lt was belleyed that Maichryc drowned occident- ally when 'he falnlorr'nnd-iclMnl.o the wator .wl>lle^,preparln^ a bom. IN THE NAVY Boston, Marc~ nfts BHfton,-('2», of .-Wcymoulh, v& K 'enl.-m'oai:-Ki'andso,n of. Jonnthait ^^U- purportedly the Hrst Mm- ,j, c .Mnn 1 l-o, mil at the bat ic of Lexington— was. In the navy. tol,»>. Bacon, "^' ^" G * 2 ,-oiiHtn of T n. "Bacon" of Mns.srichusclts. Order to fad Small Business Ihtorcsted /. Mont.;:OhnliW»n '-.- ^^.ft'BSlnoJ Committee Senator the Somite &m ^ rf N y , H bert p. pat-..&en« r V' "t \ Tamei y. Forrestal, ,Under Sec- .Secretary ot War »ml.iae. AMAZING NlW JlYPE OF HOME LIGHTING PROItCTS EYESIGHT Yoii eyes—and those :of yotir iarnily—must be guarded agdinat strain; and overwork that'conies when you use the wrong kind of light^ ;,; ; Young eyes, especially, need light that Is ; glare-free, shadowiest easy on tiie eyes. It makes studying and reading easier and eliminates the eyestrain that often, bouses permanent impairment of vision. Give your family \he protection, of gobd lighting: in .-every room of your house. w^ i- screw ri$M into old soft '*OFT, DIFFUSEb, GLAHELESS|LIGHT'| THAT MAKES EYERYTHIN^IOOKJ 'SO MUCH BETTER/AND IS S(> TO TOUH EYES. THE A NEVV KIND OF-LAMP• AMAZING SILVERED BOWL .MAZDA | —THAt HAS INDIRECT j RIGHT imo ASK FOR AlFBElE ]SpM3G:TRIAL CONNECTICU IG-HT & POWER Porterhouse H. Y. Sirloin Cube or Bottom -*d. Thick End 00 ™!? L B BaCOn '.SLICED LB Hamburg G ? RO S UND LO Lamb Fores LB 31 c LAMB CHOPS KIDNEY RIB LB 39 LB SERVE A&P FI POR OCONOMY Smelts Shrimp FRESH CUT, II). 25( •1'14« L1 ,29 C •FANCY MEDIUM FANCY GREEN L6ttUC6 ICIIBCRG 2 HDS 1 9° tf% fi tf% i% ' ABAB4I/1O « . _ _ ^/ «•* APpluS Wlncsflps O I-BS AU Bananas 3L BS 29 C Potatoes N.I . 15 UBS 39 C ORANGES CALIF NAVEL-150 SIZE . ^•-.——f^Rcnnot ** UiaPP S DcssortiO 10' Spaghetti ^ 2 ™ll 9 Sharp Cheese lh 35c Shrimp MEDIUM TIN 20 1 .•r^—*•• SOUP IOHOZ'UJ lOmaiO Brockport CAN *t HEINZ STRAINED BABY FOODS CANS 79 HE8NZ JUNIOR FOODS CANS HEINZ DUF MOST-KINDS 15 OZ. CANS i * — Easter is Sunday, April 5th — Special Cards for Relatives, Sweethearts and Children EASTER TOYS "Bunnies" That Are Washable RELIGIOUS PICTURES CANDLES.— Regular Style Also Candles in Different Forms BUNNIES — E(*GS — DUCKS.— CHILDREN - r^iAf rr rriwi rv^o ^ K1 A:s>|> OT/VOC^ S W E E N E Y S si A noNiciu S T P R fc The Card and Gift Shop of Naug-atuck. ' ./*.•!•'•' 12 IIAVIS BKEN APPOINTKI) AN Official Tire Inspection Station BRING YOUR TIRES HERE TO BE INSPECTED Hubbell Service Station 195 RUBBER AVENUE Tel. 4947 For Painting!! 0—0—~0—-O—— Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes —o—0'—0-—o—o~—-o~ CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3807 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better S. Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division We rc-crve All Pfi«% ti Thomas Bros, n || 169 MAPLE ST. Phone 5181 || 11 Auto Body and !l II... Fender Work '• II -Auto Painting-II I 24 Hour || ~i.. 1 Wrecker Service 11 Great Oak Farm OXFORD ROAD MILK — OEBAM CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to AU Parts of Haugatucfc Telephone: 5049^

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