Muscatine News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa on November 27, 1913 · 6
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Muscatine News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa · 6

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1913
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TEi MUSCATINE NETCQ -TRIBUNE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1913 PROCEEDINGS OF THE OF. PROCEEDINGS OF BOARD OF PERVISORS NOVEMBER SESSION. SU- 'Muscatine. Iowa, Nov. 10, 1913. .1 : 13 p. 'in. The following resolution presented and on onotiou unanimously adopted: Lowe Run Resolution. Whereas, the board of supervisors has caused to 'be constructed tha lengthening of the 'bridge on the Lucas Grove road about AO rods south of Lowe 'Run bridge and tb&t the said board had contemplated the straightening of said road by 'brading, and. Whereas, the state highway commission, in view of the facts, has given 'permission that the improvement Board in session. .Meuifbers present be made by grading and straightening necseary excavation ceive culvert to re- I C. if. andjafl.. 13 63 $297.40 (Muscatine iNews-THbuw, pub. Jaaueti J. Hyaa, Couaty Engineer. County engineer presented report on culverts In various townships and on motion same was approved and ordered on file. On motion, clatai of A. O. Drake. damage to buggy at Riehman crossing, D. & M. Ry., was referred to Co. Atty to make written report at next regu lar meeting. Sun. n&ut and Co. Ena reran were J. W. Hater, chairman: C. Ehrecke.'of said road to eliminate this danger! appointed a committee to investigate! W. V. Daut and J. Sup. PhMlps. D. Buser. Absent ,ous place ana tne expense ae pata I from fae county road cash fund, even and report on all dangerous Ry. cross-! I'uischied A ings in county, outside of lncorpora- sut proceedings, notice. C. 1L stat 33.07 Muscatine City Water Works, water, C. H. and Jail 13.39 O'Keefe. J. J., C . repairs .. 1.S3 Practical Drawing Pub. Co., school books 24.00 Record Ptg. Co.. C. M. stat.... .00 Reeder Co., O. If. stat 8.33 Sohoexnaker, H. C, postage and lerpense 11.53 Thompson, H. O., commission on fines to Not. 1913 32.70 AatbAlter. C. H. Minutes of October session read and though said road is not a part of th.ted towns. on motion approved. I county road system. Bills against 1913 culvert funds In iXo objection ibeJng presented, tha; Therefore, 'be it resolved by thl&IOedar, Bloomlngton. Frukland. Lake, following resolution was read and on board that the work ibe ordered done' Montpelier. Sweetland and Seventy- I Underwood Typewriter Co., C. motion, unanimously adopted. Final Resolution of Necessity Whereas, on the 10th day of Novem- under direction of the county eugl neer. The .following resolution presented, Iber, same (being the day fixed there- and on imotion unanimously adopted for, the board of supervisors terminat ed the hearing in conformity with the Otto Resolution. Whereas, Ceo. Otto has 'heretoore ipublic notk-e thereof, and passed the. agreed to convey unto '.Muscatine Iowa, a strip of ground for purposes, wedge shape 1 therefore, and adjacent to the public road ruu- Be it resolved, by the board of su- ntng northerly along the west line of I r visors of Muscatine county, lowa.lsec. 2, Twp. 77, Range 2V, about 1 statutory resolution of necessity, out county, the 4th day of October, 1913, now, public road that It now finally determines to coa etnuct the culverts described in said resolution of necessity as follows: 150 rods S. of N. E. corner Sec acre. Therefore, be it resolved, toy the board of supervisors of (Muscatine Six townships, presented and on motion allowed and auditor authorised to certify same to township clerks for payuucnt. (See township culvert fund acct. book.) H. C. Schoenuaker, County Auditor. Ter F. W. J , Deputy. county, 'Iowa, that the county auditor "7-4w, Pike Twp. 1 anile west of and is hereby directed to Issue and deliver unto Geo. Otto a warrant on Pike the county fund in the eum of $230.00 upon his delivery unto the county aud-1912, jtor of a warranty deed conveying his inieresi ami unu uiuu mm county. Greiner Resolution. Whereas, Ben P. oreiner, W;n. , Greiner. and Elix. Greiner have toere-ordered . . . . . . olg. Sec. 3, Pike Twp. I anile west of 'Nichols, Sec. 9 Twp. On motion tax .for the year on lot 6, block 40, Smalley's add to S 'Muscatine, property of Saumel ( Bechtel; also tax for years 1911-12. on lot 8, block 143, City of Muscatine, ... t .ii'i,., t n.ltofore agreed to convey unto tribute to public revenue On -motion, soldiers exe '1419 urk a llu.wi , ,o i Trtu.,v-.;Pluli purposes. AA witv rf rfitafln tu! John " , . ' . " t rtf the 'board of supervisors of 'Muscatine Gallon on. lot block 20. Town of, .... On .notion." tax 1912. was ordered ' f" nd. ia drecM l? 1s6Ue nn abated on a. in nw4 ne. sec. 3-76- Jtine county. (Musca- Iowa, a strip of ground . .'forty feet wide along the north line ?mptlons for. ; , d Caroline 01 SeC- 3" TP- Range iv toT iuiic ruuu purjHjsfs. So', therefore, be it resolved by e board of supervisors of 'Muscatine county, Iowa that the county auditor Justice Claims. J. A. 'Rowan, J P., Bute vs. Bates 13.50 T. Elfers, const 3 83 Art 'Hedges, -wit 60 V. Whitman, wit 60 II. Whitman, wit 60 A. Thormaker, wit 60 I J. A. illowan, JP., Sute vs. Wen ninger 2.30 T. Erfere, const 4.23 J. 'A. Rowan. JP. State vs. Boyd .' 3.00 H. Elfers, const 1.23 J. A. Rowan. J P.. State vs. Boyd 3.00 H. Elfers, const 1.25 3w, being owned (by City of 'Muscatine. to each or the above named parties a warrant upon the county fund In the y-x .1 .li,l QMIII tJ "I"" "i J. A. Rowan, J P., State vs. Cary const 4.00 7.93 1.50 3.50 J. A. Rowan, J P., State vs. Dor-alias J. C. Coster, J P., State vs. Doe. II. C. llaney, const 2.2 F. W. 'Hoffman. wit J. A. 'Rowan. JP., State vs. Fid-Jer .60 3.00 Beeson for exemption from taxation on property In town of 'West Liberty, mas not granted. On motion, size of 'box culvert in Sec. 27-77-Sw, Lake twp., was increas ed from 3x3 ft. to 4x3 ft. J. D. Will to their interest and title in said lands I'D to 6ald county. A resolution of necessity presented and on motion unanimously adopted. (Resolution published Thursday, 3.o0 a.7 H. stat United States Express Co., Ex press Vanatta. David, -washing and bd. pris. 163.:0 Wells, Fargo & Co., express .. Ui5 West Liberty Index, pufb. pro. notice 25.57 Western Union Tl. Co., telegrams . 1.03 Whittaker, A. O., supt. ex. . . . 7.00 Woolverton Printery, C. 11. stat 4.00 Ryan, J. J., eng. expense 12.31 Excelsior Products 'Mfg. Co., eng. supplies 6.00 Springer, Jake, culvert and bridge inspector 63.00 Insane Claims. Vanatta, David, expense taking (Russell and Kaasler to iMount Pleasant 18 BOARD OF .HEALTH CLAiMS. Montpelier Twp. Vanderveer, W. I, med. serv- rices 1113.00 SeventyjSJx Twp. O'Brien. Jas. S., labor 3.00 pay the additional cost amounting to," 2?;, ,3- , v , 181.15 and to have use of said culvert' Co as a cattle way; same to be built at in ? "lvert0 Riv" Httd' l presented, showing amount due Ha-once- 1 1.... e. i .... . . i Board -met with Mississippi riVeri . J vuu" . . commission. .83 The following doiweatlc animal caliins were, on uuotion aNowed and ordered paid: Jo. Brossart, I aheop, 13.00; Henry Brown. 1 lamb, 14.00; W. H. Carter, 1 sheep. 14.00; C. IM. Estle, 19 lamb, 176.00; . Eiitabeth Greiner. I motion auditor was authorized to draw warrant for amount due as follows: Monthly Estimate No. 1. Muscatine. Iowa. Nov. 10, 1913. To the Board of Supervisors of tMu-catine County. Iowa: Gentlemen: Itazlett A Lenna-bach, contractors for the grading of Section "G" of the River-toRlver road J. A. Rowan. J. P.. State vs. Gal- agher S.00,c&rren II. Elfers, const J. A. Rowan. JP.. State vs. Gil-key H. Elfers, const J. A. Rowan, JP., Bute vs. Hopewell H. Elfers, const SUte vs. County Nome Claims. Aahcraft. Frank, oil .70 Avenue Cash meat market, aneats 09.00 IVatterson Stores, dry goods 13.26 Cedar Rapid s Oil Co.. oU and gasoline 91.65 Chaudoin, O. A, eloc. supplies .. 2.55 Collins Lbr. Co., lumber 75 EKman. Geo, groceries 37.53 & 111 DOS, repair .. .. 48.10 Hahn Bros. & Co., groceries .. 13.8 Hoffman. John, labor 19.00 .. . ... A n iiuinnan. rjnimei xroceries i.ov 1.50 'lovl lel KM-' rnl Ley sen Shoe Store, shoes .... 9 -o (Morgan, A. rugs ILaiiis give over twice as much light as carbon lamps for the same amoimt of current. ' You can more than double your present illumination without any additional cost for electricity by replacing carbon lamps with Mazda Tungsten lamps. All sizes low est prices. Muscatine Lighting Co. wv .Muncn. J. iu, rvirs ihaan ITiOfl! ITttlr Hnuiwmin. 1 hJ. $3.00; F. U Lindle. 1 ahep, $3.00; . f he rd ro w 1. ruu a .hn.n I2 no- Ued to the following estimate for wor John Sywasstnk. 1 sheep, $5.00. , tVUowing official reports presented and on motion approved: J. P. Coafcer, J. P., 3rd qr.J W. S. WcKee, Clk., fees of office, Oct; H. C. 41aney, Const, 3rd or.; R. E. John- eon, treasurer, fees of office, fiept and Oct", J. Koehler, overseer of poor. Oct. i fexp.Caah, $57.00; roods. $31.00; wood,1 $17.50; total. $105.50. j Oa motion, adjourned. completed as fololws: 4.000 cubic yards of earth excavated CP 26H .$1,060.00 Less 13 per cent 159.00 Amount due Examined and bills ami claims $ 901.00 Jamee J. Ryan, County Engineer, on motion sundry were allowed and ordered ipald: County Engineer presented month ly Est So. 1 on Wapule Creek bridge and on motion same was approved and auditor Instructed to draw warrant for amount due Chas. Winn, contractor. To the Board of Supervisors, Muscatine County, Iowa: Gentlemen: Chas. Winn, contract- paring eaone with stubs and cancelled or ifor the construction of Bridge November 11, 1913. 9:00 a. m. Board ht session. All members present except Sup. Pbifipa. Auditor's list of warrants Issued during Oct found correct after com- J. A. Rowan, J. P., K oilman H. Elfers, const J. A. Rowan, JP Slat vs. Kern H. Elfers, const F. V. Hoffman, const II. Hunk, const J. C. Coster. J P., State vs. Wor-arity H. C. Haney, connt J. A. Rowan. JP, SUte vs. OTktella 11. Blfers, const J. C. Coster. JP, SUte ts. Painter H. C. Haney, const J. C. Coster, JP, SUte vs. Plum H. C. llaney, const .. James Kempe. wH J. C. Coster, JP., State vs. Powell II. C. Haiwy, const J. C. Coster, J P., State vs. Randolph H. C. Haney, const J. C. Coster, J P., 8tate vs Randolph If. C. llaney, const J. A. Rowan, JP.. State vs. Rogers 5.00 1.95 1.92 3.15 a .23 4.35; Albert Berniel, repairs 6.73 k Box Co., besf, 3 Muscat tne 0r. coal Noble & Kaufman, bead 2 50 OlKeefe, J. J., ropalrs j 'Relraager, Oos., harness. . . l'j0j Richards, C. R A Sons, wieat j I q Standard Oil Co., gasoline .. jStellrecht J . barnesa mi Te Strake, J. A flour 276.43 14.23 33.00 .50 4 63 3.00 10.15 20.50 1.25 3.00 1.23 2.50 .95 4.00 2.J5 .70 2.50 .95 2.50 .95 2.50 . .95 2.30 Thompson Bros. Co., bdw. .. Wiggers, O. W., flllln alio.... Woolworth. F. W. A Co., aun- dries '1- 8.77 TOWNSHIP RLUEF CLAIMS, Goshen Twp. 1 warrants, and on tnotlon Issuance an-.over Wapsinonoc Oreek 1 mile S. E. proved. of West Liberty, has completed wort On motion auditor was authorized to as .folio and Is entitled to the fol- ign contract or telephone at HU plant Ofr meUen Supr 4"ut and J. Koeh- ft, overseer of poor, were 1 a comnulttee to take care of temporary emergency relief cases, with poff-er to act. On motion auditor waa authorized to purchase 120 So. 2 Hlirhway maps, 10 to be mounted on muslin, from Iowa Pub. Co.. at $75.00. Bills of A. Brieel and J. A. .Morris were on motion referred to Co. Atty. for InveeUgatlon and roport at npxt meeting. The following resolution presented and on tnotlon unanimously adopted. atahhUipsl.., Tllilwu lowing antount: To earth excavation, 121C cu. yds, it 45c $ C47.30 0 piling 1079 lin. ft J 3'. To concrete masonry, 2$0 cu. yds. $7.75 2,170.00 If. It. Whltahead. groceries Muscatine Twp. American Homo, Finding association, 3 children Fuller ft lliller. Ww. Co., locks Vanatta, 4avld. expense taking iKoepiang children to Or- lhans' home Orono Twp. Coffin. J. F. &Co grocerlea.... (Wspslnonoe Twp. Boy tie Jfc Tafbler, grooerios .... If. Hfers. const 2.63 lEbenexer "Mercy Institute, care pairs .... .. .. 116.15 Joe Rrossart, dragging .. .... 4.00 H. Oarstensen. labor 8 00 I.Mat Conmtock, hauling C0.60 J. C. Efiel, repair and drag ging ..... Joe Elble, repairs Carsten H. (Yank, hauling . W.'H. Ellia t Co., bdw Jacob Gettert, repairs . , W. O. llorria, dragging HolU, Roy, grading , , oil John 'Houseman, hauling 39 (h0' Haxlett 4 Jx'nnabaoh. hauling towa divert to., cwivert ... Asa Johnston, grading iMIke Ijrnnabach, dragging .. F. L. Undle, repairs .. .. .... R. 'Miller, repain Peter uMognsen, repairs . . .... E. Vwc, repairs ...... ...... J. L. Peters, dragging F. A. (Runyon, labor C. V. Salbbath. dragging C. L. Bchaefer, dragging and grading Q. !M. Scott, grading Harry Scott labor Won. Scott, labor 39.4' H. Sohaefer, repair . .. . 6.75! K Schrocfer, dragging 31.13 Henry Scu-ttfa. rRpalr 22.00 j If, Springmeler, repairs .... C.50( 4'eter Strunk, gradln 34.35, $ 19.55 75.00! 1.81 62.K3 333.55 : 8.00 .63 67.00 115.S5 27.00 4.00 , 8.60 168.77 2.00 10.30; 36.50 102.611 19.45 .5 J 14.00 6.40 13.96 I 93.98' 9..i0' 6.00' 1 Mrs. Agnes Miller last Thursday for an all-day sewing. A fine dinner was served by the hostess and the ladles enjoyed a good time. Kay Griffith. postolTlce Inspector, was In our town last Saturday. He Interviewed our postmaster and found the office In good order. He also called on our Tallroad agent nd bud a pleasant chat with him. Uur new district superintendent. Kev. Gilbert 'will preach next Sunday evening at; the M. R church. Come out and he fir htm. Mike WlMte. wit.. John Peck, wit Chas. Brower, wit. . Frank Worley. wit. .60 .60 .61 of Julius Jensen K Wilton Twp. Allen. C4. T, trans aid . . Ht Bacon, C. C, grocerte 1 J A. Rowan, JP 3.01 Meabner, Geo. groceries 1.25 Totil Total lss 13 per cent .$3,093X5 ..3.093 R5 464.07 RESOLUTION. 'Whereas, It appears that the corn- Amount now dw $2,629.75 Jame J. Ryan. County Engineer. Final estimates presented by county engineer, showing amounts due E. L. Cochanour, contractor, as follows, and on motion auditor was authoriied to Umie warrants In payment of same. Final Estlmatea Muscatine, ?owa, .N'ov. 10. 1S13, I Mike Lenebedh, repaira I F. 1. Lindle, repair . . 5.71 J A. B. iMdCinney, repair cstssl oners of "Muscatine, Iowa, priori To the Board of Supervisors of Mu-,Buer, J. O., per diwn and Mm. Lbr. Box. Co , car r.. to tfm year 1841, eold to one Wji. cat in County, law a: tnTteage 10.40. Wairen Piircell, bauting If. Elfers. const J. A. (Rowan, JP., State V. Staf- ' lord 11. EXers. const J. A. (Rowan. JP, State vs. To- bias J. A. Rowan. JP, State vs. Wenak 11. EltVr. const J. A. Kowsn, jr., Btate s. Worley 3.00 II. Elfers, con 1.25 J. A. IRowan, JP, SUte vs. Zarle 3.00 II. Elfers, const 1.23 3.00 3.25 2.30 3.00 .85 Common Claims. . Wra. Baker. Jail supplies and deputy aherlfi $ 2o.35 Dradley. R D., Sopt expense Hourenagle, Frank, care of FraiAItn .0o Brldgs Claims. W. O. "Block Co, gravel and cement ...$129 53 BayfieW Cash Grocery, lbr.... 3.12 W. O. IMock Co, cement Fred Bobnaactt, hauling 36.55, Collin Lbr. Co, lumiber ...... 65.4 i A. 1 Dice Co.. lumber 119.2S Dittmer, Ker Co.. fcxmber .. 73 .63 1 lliller t Fuller lldw. Co, bard- 1 (ware .... 80.06 Jacob Gettert repair 6j.30 John HankJni, repair ........ 7.00 Roy 4toHx, repairs 2 00 84.27 25.32 C. IM. Thm. labor 45 "0.O. I). Webster, dragging G. lAVlnlierg, repairs .... .... J. F- Williams, dragging 13 "3iCbas. Winn, gravel 32.47 1 V lr rVrwrta P1ru fV . rail- verts. , , 6.25 48.00 9.00 9,10 J3J1 90.00 MOSCOW. 8. Scarborourt, certain lots In the' Gentlemen: E. L. Gochanoxir town ot DGoomlngton, "Muscatine Co.Uorapleted the work on 14x24' slab la, wklWn what was known as Cora-! culvert In tie townof Atalisea between solisloners' quarter section, and blo.ks 8 and 9 on Linn street and In among which was lot 7. blk. M. of said ; the N. E, S. W. Sec. 11. 78, 3 lr. of the town of Bloomlngton, now the city of. 5th P. M, Goshftn township and l en-rMueratlno, and. titled to the following final etlmates: "Whereas, It appear" that said. 46 cubic yards of concrete Q Scarborough never placed, a deed of W 30 31.00 conveyance for sakl lot of record, and 33 cuic yards of earth exca- 49.10 7.50 12.50 7600 6.40 hisiChaudoln. O. A, C. H. repair. t'oyner. 31, fpt. erp. Daut W. I)., per diem and mileage nvWon.'E. E, C. If. sut ... Dorsey. W. I, beating piant It doe not appear by Ue proper rec- tion at SO cents orda of Ofuscatine county, Iowa, that said county was ever divested of title for said real estate. Wow, for the purpose of setting at rest any question but that Muecatlne county. Sow. b long since been di-weted ca! title thereto. Be It resolved by the board of supervisors of Muscatine county. Iowa. &5.40 Total $417.41 James J. Ryan, , County Engmeer. Final estimate. 'Vwatine, Iowa, Nov. 10, 1913. To the Board cf Supervisor of Muscatine County. Iowa: Gentlemen: Mr. E. L. Gocbanour 17J0.M. B. Purvia, repair 38 50 6.30 G. M. Scott repairs 14 00 Soott Lbr. Co, cement .. .... 89S 49.65 Henry Smith, maln 915-60 .45 John Tracy, repairs 200 I J. F. "WUllama, rnir .... . 61.53 roof 112.001 Wilson (Lbr. Fuel Co, lum- Ebrecke. Cbas, per diem and J - ber 162.30 mileage 15.00 Wilson Lbr. A Fuel Co, lumber 30 Plater. J. W, per diem and mile- Cbs. Wtan. pay roll, day ibor 6.73 age M 53 1L J. Fuller pit roll, day labor. 133.00 German Am. bank, xcange .. 53 Geo. Fuller, pay roll day hftor. Ginn A Co, ecbool booka 17.44 A, Korneman payroll, day labor la regaVar aeesion that the auditor of contractor for the work on construct a!4 !Mi9ctme co-jnly. Iowa, execute Jng a 3'il' Cor?rte culvert a Quit claim deed for said real esUteiN. E. M of S. W. Sec. 13. ,o EUa K. Bomke. the present owner EweeOand township, bas completed' Metropoctan Supply Co, C. M Howe, 41. 8, postage and C. II. sut 4 Iowa TeL Co, rent and tolls... Johnson. R- E, C. H. stat .... KerobJe, J. 1C, refnod poll Ux. Klelft R. O, wolf bo-JDty ... Leu, C. H, C. H. tat Maxson. l R, drayage In the M-Kee, W. 6, poeUge C. H. 7, 1 w, sut 0.i 90.00 27.00 16.00 22.' 20J3 ot aaid real estate, conveying there-1 tie ork and in entitled to the foBow- by any apparent Uterert of eaW Mus-Jlng estimate: caUne county, lows, (n and to real eatata. said! 30 cub-c yards of concrete, in-I chiding reinforcing and 3 sut v WocsttTe journal, psa. proc. and notice 23.37 "MuaoatiDa UtWzg Co, l?gbt i If. F. Fuller, payroll, day a- 3 00) bor. 23 4 J Geo. Fuller, payroll, day labor. M, Fred Wrier, payroll, day labor. .59, N. Flea, payroll, day labor ... 20.00 J. p. Wunder payroll, day la- 125 bor , - 25 Tbo. Nugent payrollll day I' oor . i-O'i t.;o Roa Claims. SI Ci Winn, payroll, day laJor.$10i.So iW. G. Block, ceaoent and grar- I H 17413 J. R. Baker, labor - 7-5 For the NtwTrlbune. Moscow, la. Nov. 26. W. 8mtU. who was called here by the death of his lather, left last Friday evening for his home In Marked Tree, Ark. Little Marie ColUson played iwlth matches last Thursday afternoon, and the result was the destruction of a chicken-house and a harm fight to save inn awriuiKt. 1 The Ladles Aid society met with Muscatine State Bank .Capital $250,000.00 P. M. MUSSER, ' . President. W. E. BLIVEN, Vice President. B. S. ALNUTT, . Cashier. WM, J. FAYLE, Asa't Cashier. E. C. STOCIvEU, Mgr. Savings Dept. wm You Are Helping. In opening and maintaining an account at tins Bank, you are contributing to the development of tliis community. Your money is not sent out of town to 'develop other communities. Our funds are loaned at home. Wc invite you to open an account with this strong Bank, assuring you f our interest in you and this community. . Every dollar you put into a Savings Account here cams 4" interest. One Dollar Will Start You. "Come in Saturday Night' i Just Think, 25 Shopping Days Before Christmas! . Select your gifts early and we will set same aside for you. - Wecarry a complete stock of everything in the Jewelry line. Drop in and see us; it is a pleasur . fcr us to show ' v goods at all times. no assist, VOLGER The Jeweler. 8 OP IE J

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