Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 30, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1942
Page 2
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. Ti "- r -N~iT 3P*g« TOMASSETn TRIAL SET FOR APRIL 8 IN B0RO COURT wm-n fifteen Mon Arrested Vea- torday In Kaici In Union City ' , Mnhonsn TomaHHoltl, «ald to bn ft liWliont Of IH-UIKOPOI'L, WllO W|lH m-roHtnd by Htato and local poiion I„ n raid Sunday aflornoon i H {,'olook on nn allogml garnbllnff at tho oornoi- of Union and .<.» ftirnolH, \vlll bo Klvon n In thn borough r.otirl on Ho svan rnloaHod on bonrw iV'vourtoon.oUiop rnon woro Into ouHlody li^ thn raidi imi roloaHOfl undfip homlH of ^S (moh, Tho poIlM- w<l'/.i><l fl ""'JJ.A 1 , 1 . luonoy, u dluo lublo, a oard tublu and lilM'i oliali'H. . 'hi f John J. norniloy and I»n- M,.-ilm^ ,!„,! Anthony fSIMIo ^ l '- lll ^ m :^ Niuwiluuk raiding »(!iu i; »« K I ; MorrlH Hurtnll UH tho Hlit* o '« snutid Nvhlc-li ooriHlHUicI ol Mim «wi yjniid (lai'l riarlnon, 'Donald 1 aigo, r^(iiitii| vtmt VM»I « • «/iiuu ' lohn DUI rou?lcS.n Cl IA St««'» \vll-h TornfthwHtl KUVO H an , ATlKl- addri'HH; .lohn Hlrunt, MUltllo- '^WiSZ ^^ MOVIE CL$$CK .......I.™ lllin, lodiiy ""'I loiijN"!.. IM Uiuwl us follows ul. Uiu follow- Inil ..^Anminr nAII* NEWS. MONDAY. MARCH 30, M48 t^-feif • >c THAT -»pan's Far-Eastern GENT? BILL'S THA-T_ Offeii8iVejd>terapted (Gontfnueo^om v Page'one) v Alc-a'/nr, Nnu'iinlnok •I jjj|)— 4 ! fiom, I'oll, WritoHiury VloUir Piilllduno, 10 WKOII wu fOHonh Hui'ti I'anlmry; VtaitiFklonk M in-napool Hli'oot, iunlcm Oily; JO««P»I 9 llo !» luy '« fN " " Main Hlrool, Nfttw«l.»«U: Snm m - \Vo KfttL tfiroiit, wauu- T T * Illll, NVtilwbury; Ami mill Jnlni nvnniic., Wntarliury. Youths Needed For The Land Army (Cimilliuiml from I'a«o0iio)_ IhSliJTwork IM. l.o ? IU.y. ojjWooi; twnr (Illtl. 5s 10— \vlll bo handled Wl ,»,,, trinohcTM, Naugatuok young K-opln at preparatory HohoolH and jollogtmuan rcglHtcr at tholr suhools n thn HUIIIO way UH hlglrHuhool H'»- „., womnii uncl young worUora IKK uttmullng sohooj can ™K™w Wodniwlny and 'Plunwlfty, 'April 1- nnd li with llio loonl dli'ocloi- o SoiiimullouL I-und Army ut tho .1 ol' Iho NaugiiLuoU DuKiUHO Maplo VVIn'i'O ^ |1( ' Tho majnr.lly of Ihoso in« svill ho HMHlgiuJd to farm In l.l,u vlHnlty of thuh- honu.H i is thai, transportation to an I fi-onrthn .lob. will 1,0 un'uW/j 'ho jiHrtlgnmcnlM to llio JODH NNHI KI haVuiicd by I'Hiiw, vj 1 ' lf ;;;; il11 .luunidout inlorvlowur of Ihn Unlt- (irl staUm Kinployinont Sorvlon or (lonnoollout or th« louul dlrcjotor- of tho UoiinodllouL l/and Army. Sonio of llJfl older roglstranU (rivi-r U'O will bo nHHlgiu'.d to work iiwuV from homo, If Lho consent of- Im ,i«r«nt or gudi-cllun s scoured Tho VoglHtranlH will bn housed (I) with Iho toi'ini'i' for whom thny work (iJ) at ono of tho I'arm Se- ourll-y Administration cuimps m iPlforrt County, 01- (U) In iloiMiil- lor I OH of privates preparatory Hohools looutocl nonr tho Job. progrurn In lino with ^•h rir'^ss?' ^rB^ii;^'%hp« 'New York is none oiner ^ - th . e , e -|- .Billy la in. the A.rmy_now, champion. J.u^'3^^ at ^ D j x . N ew: Jeqe^. ••S^^»c-^— H«ari*flr~p* _ >Y fc . _LL f**+MT SSE3SM-** One)' muiiiaue/,,8aid , ithaif a -, : Japanese bomber toad -been .shot : .do\yn. *>} SaLr^^ aitftudc:- o.f''more: than- 2JiMO te? ~, ^n\bitrerneJ.y,JiIgh; ) :range: Iba .co^um, "bUriyfaiooV:only at '. the, most, pow- s •'-. A. S. •^aified planes: "" -^•ithe;;Jap-;; .iSj v.(.at .least . llyc OL ,d^-been ; ; sunk. or ; - Orakef ord -^ .iurnijig- point [lC--'-CQUpi^"P^!?-*'y*V •*>''' •':'' '^ *"'''• '• STli^iiinii^ |ii^in|q^ . i^ iv.allcy.j ^,* y ,, r -^iie. Japanese.; M&S'.'.tipi -retreat• 27 -m11 cs > •f--* ~ : v-v iin north, •'•'.c' In-, of work thoy do, Who Mhould r 1.', and Kli'l^ Hf ul , UlHli'allon) who ai-i; ahlr, to work on farm , oljH ar( , nvallublo I'or pact t r.u. wh Hnhnol IH In HuHHlun, aii( lor ml Mmo, or HoaHOiml work (lupln« tho HinnnuM' vacation pui-lod, vrtl . nffnl , All nion and women and youngni pooplo not iillmulInK Hohool who am phy«limlly ahlo lo work nn lar lob and who are avallabju lor uui lllm(1 , part Hum, or m»i»ona work at any tlm» t'rorn now until OPOPH arc harviiHtorl, hioludlnK mnployo< m who rtro avallalilfl ovou loi jinrlodM ut'tor work, dip, cun workni'H roKt-^tor — ool MturlMiitM will Imvo an opf.ortiinll,y to ruglMtor at NuUH'i- iuok hlMli Muhool durlnK "l-ann T.abor ttoglHtratlon NYook." Tho ILUIU |'» «C> 1 > ., • i.u.iu.urt (loviH'iilMK lloorullinoul ol Young Wokor.s , for Warllmo Atfrl- oulturo" apiu'ovod by GlilUlmiH LUiruau of U, S, Dopartrnont ol 1-a- hor, U. & OfUoft of Kduottllon, U, S, ndimrinuml of AKi'loullui'o, and tho Uulliul SluLuH Uuiiiloyment SUP- vku>. Thlrt HtuUmiout of policies li - olwli'H tlH'HG provisions (i) reoru u iiuMii of yoimgor woi'korH Lo bo nltumnd HO UH to artHiu-n safoguarrl 0' thi'li- hmdth nnd wolfuru and tn prolool Ihmri from unnnooaHury Inlorforpiioo svlth tholr oduoullon m youlhs UJ and oldw lo bo UHOC bofoni youngoi' ohIUIrun tiro cwllod on: (H)'wiflomvhlu hours of work; M) miultablo wagon at not loss than wUuhllHiuid provallliiK rutuH; (ft) Hub and Hiillublu. U-ansporlal on, Naugatuck ' I 'SUMY lir«:»;''«»"Jl -- , , , SALVAGE COIXiaVI IONS WEHY1)AY DEFENSE 1IDQTRS... :ri3NHis Jii»WJ«n--v .••••••'.;.••-:..• •Tel 2006 so, ciiioss HOUSE ........^M.,^ V ., . J C| At ^np V . Albert Taylor. ' ^%liicd'aii; : defenses appeared ;to; Japanese -raids .in'-.paW'Vn find •port;. -Mor-cisiby,'-' -which; "apparently did no ; ; danTage, and' 'even in the-philippines; '\vhe>e"ant'i-aircraXt' fi-u'ns shot:down, 'ari •.';6nomy; 1 ' ; bOiriber : ' -a.V- ;the':;:- extra- •ordlnary 'aUitude of 27,000' feet.. . '• ; ;j/"fehine^e ; Hr6c>ps,fighting Jn cen- ;'.t i' ^i^'^B-Upn^--''^^^^^^.;^ vaUdcke'd^^eln^rced : ^Japanese:: as- ^ault^vcoiuiWns'i-ani "sel'ssed several' '•vni'affeis' 11 'in "';.:'Toungo6 •" sector 1 ^lierc : " the '.allied 1 " 1 ppptidri \va.9. ;ser• ibu's'-r-but'.-the, 1 -enemy.; was : paying SorljapW;'.the dvighesl" toll "of : the •pncific \var:-for': ; 'pYc;ry;%ard -of ad- A'jmcii?;•' .THeT^ritislV;.wei ; e, about 30 'hiiles -sduth^'prpriome^and iin cbn- Jamea V. Forrestal ^PPi^^p^;., Too l*at« to Classify V-TH'd; Wi' ,__. ...., reels o'tij ,_./ In -black 'mclal conto w ,,v.;, an' .8mm . Kwione 4, 6amcra. . $20 reward for jJ B." Wieszcck, care of Y. ^i^ Naugatuck, Conn. "-'•"•• si fled ad here;, .It is 'a township, with 40C ^ ia , v gyslemu and 1 railway, located'^ •>,-_•_. i~o,tiij n valley. Original- X)./but it is for ^] es •s: : 'tao^Ayijiji; M.h/^enemy; ; ' on ;.thc;,wcst- 5 ern i ^B:urma:'-tiiinkV.7:> ; ; " 1 /' ' ^ v , '' ' Siaftord-'-prlpps '•• offered- In- out, a- Gorman e ; ?Joirt-nbrthwest of Moscow, wheie iS'liad massed 50,000 troops: _.- ''fon'don—11A1?..blast's'iS'uHi snipping •off"the Norwegian coast, J^jtyS' or' -four vessels, and bornlDb iVort of LubocK'- tin ouftii. n ,. plies nre sent. I,o Fitidland ami sian front' .'';.. .-...•. '":•,• ;;l.nt;he,souinwesiernl^cifl i sl i ru6- gle the allies;, \verc > -1,0 selx : e the..offenslye^ ^^^^^ si'bly. two. .. . r^-^.—. "'.•• ; ' clas- ilifeiir'jtteli^ ''ir.iri'ni VR\ hoiiriGii'• arid :the -Uh'ited Na- Unitied. Nations; csp.ccially, American emphasizing' that their, are. directed, not 'only fen se of : Au s tr al 5 a b u I .taking" the southwest lands, . :. '-... ,-..-•. ...- •-,•••.•-.:. '' Strengthened .U. S.. air squadrons •'Were reported in northern Australia. :thV UrVited Na-: . lh j s .•:• broac i plan for. cqunter- as 'postwar, lblowSi '; the ' ;; Bnitislv;;otfer' &.?<>**>•' ;ij.-.^i^rt^nn c'lhhis for Tnaia anu lions uounojift «n »^'.* "'? i'""*- •; iblows me mv.u |o| » , <jj . re ••'-, •-. dominion' 'statu^-'ln/;ian./app.^l'. fW war domination .slatu^.Xpr Jndia^ 1 ii..11 ; .,u,ntn'»in-i••' nnx rf\ nvai••• fl \r\ in the. .'.''_•-•_•».,^'^.^. rifAt-iri' ni 1 'P-hlnGse $15.000 ".because heir Sales-', of •: ha t ural : gas last were 19 'per ',cent over u^ total, the: biggest increase ^ vrd. ',.. •-.-<•,• flWTHE i: FOR •HO % €XtRA -.CWASisfiV .*. " EYES EXAMINED' • . PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED By A. W, WALKER -Optometrist ,il 10:00.u. in. |l'||>'\»I 1J Hl'*»ii'» ««ii" . . 1-un-OOnm Polfco Slatloo-Cnpt.. AnUiony Malone, i,,W-J.Wp,m. nfUHSINfi CLASS Pnlhrrinp.A" 2-30P m. Bed iros' House-Home Nursing Class-Miss Catheiine A, i*" »" - Bi-ooKs. dO-.50a.rn, 3:HO p. m. VtOOp.'m. 7:MOp..m. 7::K)p.m. ,7:!)0 p.m. 7;HOp. m. TUICRDAY, Rod -Cross •House-Mrs. Arthur, L. Sweeney. , ; /; ; C,nJ^^^^^^ GOU11BC) - MiSS SUS " palls—Miss-Susan. Gocohl-ora;--' . .- for IhoHo living away from housing aouom- ancl niodatlons, tlmo uollvlllOH, Thoro IH no tlmo limit for registration of mon and women, b noo IM Kami Labor Registration • U 'it la desired that us mimy poHMibh) roglrftur Wednesday or I'hui'HUay. Diicovering Why People Drink Beverage Alcohol ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL, LESSON By WKWMAN (Tho IntornatlontU Uniform on tho above topic for fwco to ahlno, and broad which •I'M. !Shoplierfl. "li. S. Uubbcr no.—Miss Beriiia i'J..spmuur. ^^ . :•'./ & f "&cl la'? U^f~ '' juJi-^maierj.ui: and moral ; ;.a.l'd 'in ;tiie war^:' agal.nst''.'japan.., ;.;^e /.expressed 'be uchieyed, ••'.";:"'''',"•.'...."'•; 1 ;v'--'.''""".- -V.'-'.v!' ; Ori'-> otii'er fron ts |th e war also- was gaining' . ... ... ', Arotic—'German .destroyers and •plarifes 'attacked -an allied . convoy, cfirryins '•Ame> 1 i can/and. British sup> •plic'S'to Rusisa :and, in a battle in an Arctic snow8.tpr.rri; rlpst one Na.z^ Destroyer wWle sinking; three Unit- .ediS T k'tiohs-'Ships ; .ahd Hitting'a British cruiser, - the' Berlin .-radio has olaim.ed. London^ sources said the attack; , : fi^st..;.made',with Warships : '•'« ..'i'W J \^\, • 'rirt«rr->on 1 \7 .All '\\\ R NO1V 2:30p, m, 7:30 p. m, JO'.'lOa. m. W?&nT^ — i'tX m ^^^li^^^A'lois'a^ ''' ' :: : Snloni ^ ll °^ l 7^!^ c il J ," A ^ 1 Hay ^ B ' Jr '' • '•''•['' ' ' nnd^l'OHs HoiiscH-Mrs. lOlla Boardman ' V PIHST AH) CLASSES . • ,. '.., ^^:r i r;;s^ - s - S^^^A^'^'^ InuiianuerLutl^n^rch^Iiss Bertha B. Schiller. GhiSr^i^w-^- cijrforci A - :TC ° PIO> - !J:UOi», in. 7:30 p. m. 7:30 p.m.. 8:00 p. m, it «rroth thereby ; TT1K1 FJUST roforonco In lo brothorri hud Hold him Into niftvory, had rtoon to bo tho moat Important man in nil Egypt under hi Pharaoh, Ho ImO «torprot«l tho Phuraoh'w droam of tho aoyon pro^ptroua yoara ^ r ®»yP ami * 1 by yoixrw of famine, and Klvon charge of «lorlnp tho n durlnK tho tirno of plenty, w _ of wisely dliitrlbutlne U whon fft 5?imin*h*<J oomo, too, to larael, nnd J»cob, Jo»pph'»i fft nor, d 1 -iin »on« to fyrypt to my n Uuvt thoy might not por oh ,ph rccognlzod hlo brothon i hftd wronged him, but thoy not mwpeot who ho wn». Ho them cjucwtlond ftbout mt nnd younK«r brother, Bon i, nncl told thorn to go homo brlnK Benjamin with thorn M^U he htltl ono brother, Simoon, JS hcStftgo no thiil thoy would ir^y return .with Benjamin, iMMivh JMk^koM ll^mHilf Known Then, whon Benjamin hud opmo with hl» older Jorothora, Joseph made hlmnolf Known to thorn, and Invited thrtn to u fo«*t, Ho cavo th*m fcxid, but to Jionjamln ho *av« ftve tlmftH KS much a« he j;avo thf otUorH, Perhaps, ono commen- f»t0r miKK 0 *^' Jonoph wanted to «e* If tho brothoru atlll wore on- viou* *nd would bo joalouw of Ben- l^mln, They evidently were not, flhn<i <iow|iioro<l this wenknwn iwhloh l»*cl cmiaed thorn to bo NO 'ort^l to Jowph, «nU thoy ate and i 4) tl|-nnk *nd wore merry with •MmY 1 i Th«r<i WM no drlnklnif to oxo«»* In thU JtoMt which Jo«oph mado ior Ihll r«p«ntnnt brothorn, They jut* *nt» dr,»nk and were Jhappy, U '*wi> <^ver think enoupfM and jr,r<, adeflwat* thank* for the ilcKHlnt** of our Maker 7 An the ' j»t **yn, H He o*M#*th the to i^row for the cuttle, and irim for t ha service of man; that ™ivi«y brlnir forth food outi of the Wh, And wlnn thAt maketh tf* d *^ *..,..^k ^ rnan, *nd oil to ™*»<« tho mm«hlno and "showers, all om labors would bo In vnln. Wo nio foci by Qocl's bounty, even given wlno? which .-makoth glad tho ho art of man" If uaocl as It was in&ndod, Tt in formontod liquors that, when drunk freely, people macl-iifl thoy sure! Wo ahould dally bloas tho jfor Ml» gooclnofls to tho children ° f A^quoon whoso namo we do not know Imd a Hon named Lomuol. To him this unknown queen wrote, "It is not for Kings, O Lomuol, it 1« not for kings to drink wine; nor for prlnccH wtrong drink: J^st thoy drink, and forgot the la>v, ftiul pervert tho judgment of any of tho anilctocl." Sli-onff drink la bad for any man or woman, high or low, but to him who IWH charge of tho affairs of a nutlon It la fatal. Hl» Judgment 1« distorted, Things that nhould < be important «eom trivial to him, uncl thlngfl that roally are of m- tlo moment aoom vital.-Especially In thoao ohnotlo days, no one who has u position of trust, should drink, Tho world noo.d» calm, con- iildorod thought and deeds, not muddled ones.' Drinking may make mon In high places forgot the law, and "pervert tho judgment of any of tho aflllctod," M tho queon mother wrote, 3n tho flocoml chapter of Ecclc- «la«to«, King Solomon tells about Ills floaroh for Impplneaa. Ho tried merriment, feasting, great works suoh aa building, planting of vineyards, gftrdcns and orchards, He oven tried drinking and other foUloa, but "retained hla wisdom,' BO that ho eoon found that all , thoao things that ho had tried wore vanity, Mon drink to bo gay, to drown tholr sorrows; thoy upend tho money that should feed tholr families on intoxicating bov- orageH, And after •!!, they llnd It lo not real gaiety they have discovered; that their sorrows have not vanished, but are more troubling than over, and, like King Solomon, thoy fcpl that H all is vanity" worth leas than nothing, Our Golden Text «ums up all that wo oould say about tho evil' of strong drink, King Solomon,! noted for his wisdom, found it to bo the truth, that "Wine is *' mocker „ - * and whosoever orrcth. therejby in not wise,*;/ *•,„.....'.,- / **^-**n-»«^i t /• WI5DNKRDAY, . •i:IJO-3:00 p.m.. 7:30 p. m. 7:!lOp. m. 7:30p,.m. 7:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. 7 :30 p. in. 7:30'p.m. 7:30 p. m. niimsDA 1:30-3:00 p. in, [IMUNT1NG ' * -.Gapt. Anthony Malone. iViiVsi AID CLASSES' ' ,' Y. M. 0. A.—Mrs.'-Frances B. Gordon. n' c-' nnhhpr-Go—Neil MacMillftn. U.S. nubboi L . rjo ._ D - avkl E. ,Rappe, . <i K Rooni-Scrgt, Anthony Farrar. -M -MI I'q Parish' House-Mrs Catherine B. Nixon. Congregational Pa^h HouRO-M^s Adolma F^llo^kins Orange Hall, New Huvon road—Henry G. Lik, MISS uyi •Mrs. i -Amy : B. Pierce; Masonic llall-Robort M. 1 Shepherd. (k i>(i<i.yi^i *»^i"» ...•- :•.-.. ... ,.. '-- -. • • jrf'asse'd ''toy-''Germany:...;^n .'the isor- wcgiari : coast Vliowe'd Hitler's concern 1 ,-over, vmounting .aid'to Russia. Russia—Red army.-blows;knocked theriffe .s of, C. in- th'e; •Toungop-section^o.f ,cp : ]niai B'urrna-guarding 'the appraoh^s to ? n $^ ance. V . ' •Results 'of the British command St. -Nazalre,-Nazl submarine west'coasV of Praneo base on TUU \\uau ^-u^.^ -- - - .,,..Were" described as successful in London,- fietonlng Hghtin.g . — said that-,great Ares had been\ cfl in'the harbor andM,hat ( siOAs, did. damage that, .could not the important German port, of bu-_ be Repaired "in,:less than a.-year. , : • 'The'--'HAP. followed lip j}y raiding beck;:Vrbm:"\,are- sent. •U»?EinlVrid,,,ixnd.:>omb6d .axis ships off Norway." < < Quake Presses for Easter Beautifully Styled and Moderately Priced, "BartetteV Styles are leadiig fields of fashion. m^m?mm^^msm^m .v • -f- ' -* • • • ' ' • — 7:00-iO: j-wum, Slatlon- "•"'• - . P °r H ^M^Ct n A l ^ y . ' .. 5SS-S-' sa^r^^Mro^r / ,. ; 1 .JO p. in. J* 0111 -'',^ J( ,,, oss NUTJimON «' J ASS 2M p. m. ^ lom1D ^ p ,^- | ^ 11 WWW^ 08 '. r> . 7: 3 Oto.K»,,n, •0^»°T^ffi gH -^T 1 .' ' • ••"?r : -:-t :^ ^"•t- 'u'TMur^rs-fcy'c^ 7aoS;lS:' Bemun" M Hous^-Mrs. nosplla- B. , : IflllDAY, April Jl-^FlNGEUPni! \ -MO-^'f^H n m POll'CO rjlalion. ^.,, ' ' >^^0 C ^ffl?.-o -HI - closed on Oood Jjrl W. bwf oSAvlflp'InaLrucLod/no classes will be held. 7 ;30 to 10 p. m. Borough Go'urt Room^-Georgo Grimm. faupus r . • ' 'I, Boom—George Grimm. J. :00-5:00p. ; in. : ,>~. — —~— ~" ; \' ': •' '.' •, ' . Tack Up Jap Exclusion Order .f ••* Order-No 1, which contains detailed instructions to'a» V/l Vil-A 'Ai.yi.*^.".'. .- •• »'••'• TTT _'• Ul -»Aii-nM ' in r\f\m+tlr\ ' K^F A • •esidonts of : Bainbridge Island, in Washington, is.j)osjed byjj : • island iu ideally located for fifth column activities..and, U q- officers said order was to !f or.cstall possibility .of; sabotage. A large numbc of Japanese have already from^astal »^«;tp • numDCl ;°' colony in Owen* Valley at Manzanar, Cal.;theplanning of warfar^ Y ;;, Tactics is the execution of those p Logistics/ the third branch of military science, is the supplying of ; everything necessary to strategy and tactics-in the right amount, at the right place, at the right time. Now, in '.total, war, we must apply the science of Logistics to all of our activities^as a nation-civilian as well as military. WE-ALL are part of the Victory Program. . Our supply^ lines: are literally j life lines of the United Nations. * t! )wer are the controlling factors. strategy—deterraines tactics. Congress has/ appropriated billions of dollars but it cannot *£?™- priate one single second of time., >. . : Time favors;tho^e!who appreciate it as the priceless commodity it •nowis. •"'•• "TT-;- •'• ; •' ; . :: -.'';.'.', ,'/;'•'_.••;-V,.'.' .'' "_;..-. .'•: •"'•' ;;° .:-'... .;..;..';•.; •'..''' . .-;• In war, when we save time ^veisave lives—and we make our indi- vidual^bntiribution tb;Victory. ' ; - - ; '••- v DEPARTMENT; OF LOGISTIC-','. INTERNATIONAL BUSINES^ MA

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