Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1977 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1977
Page 16
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Your Individual Horoscope : Frances Drake -.^_ FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8,1977 FtrMay.OctaMr7,OT7 What kind of day will tomorrow be? To find out what Hie ittrs my, read the forecast for your birth Sign. (Mar. Jl to Apr. 20) Keen perception will be important now. You may iudd«Uy get a brand new slant on a puzzling job situation. TAURUS K/—* (Apr. 2] to May 21) °TO8T New offerings may attract you, but do not give up old projects of value. In those fields in which you are trained and for which you have a liking, you nay well speed ahead now. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Review each plan for originality, method of execution AND follow-up. Astute action can make any sincere endeavor easier, register Rains faster. CANCER " (June 22 to July 23) Don't try to force issues. Wait out possible trying moments — not anxiously, but philosophically. Day needs patience, comprehension, a «nse of humor. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) A new contact made now could be diverting as well as thought-provoking. In fact, you should find personal relation•hips In general highly stimulating. Video Recorders NEW YORK (UP1) - Video cassette recorders that permit televiewers to tape and store programs for future watching are expected to have considerably more impact on home entertainment than did color television. -From practically a standing start, VCR's are expected to be a billion dollar industry within two years, reports RCA, whose new playback systems will record up to four hours of programming. It took color TV, which RCA pioneered, 10 years to achieve that level. s OUND CENTER We Special Order L.P.'s CAUnAZA lOGANirOKT O»«" "-»Mon. VIRGO [Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Your intuition in fine working order. A good day for | capitalizing on unusual ideas, experimenting generally. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Some plans may have to be I changed whether you like it or I not Be patient and composed, r for you may well profit by the change. Keep your sense of| humor sharp. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) As with Libra, you may face I some unexpected changes now, I and the day will certainly have some tantalizing moments. But I take all in stride, emphasize] serenity. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Do not become frustrated I over delays, disappointments or persons who get in your way. Meet obstacles with com-1 posure: you can overcome them all. CAPRICORN (Dec, 22 to Jan. 20) Mixed influences. In some j areas you will have to be extremely conservative—notably in budgetary matters. In others, | you can act with gusto. It's up to f YOU to judge. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Orient yourself to beneficial I changing conditions. Take a long, hard, objective look and come to a realistic appraisal. From this you can pattern ] future activities with accuracy. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Even though you • have j remarkable intuition, don't I count on it alone. Back it up j with facts and proper understanding of all situations. YOU BORN TODAY are unusually versatile — especially along creative lines; are imaginative, intuitive and outstandingly, well poised. You rarely miss out on good opportunities because you are always on the lookout for them — through your perceptiveness, foreslghtedness and ability to "separate the chaff from the wheat." There are many fields inwhichyoucouldsucceed-if, ANN LANDERS of course, you are properly educated and make the best use of your potentialities. Notable. among them are art, music, the Uieater, the law, statesmanship, medicine, invention and literature. Birthdate of: John Hay, early Amer, statesman; Elbert Gary, steel magnate. TV KEY O—WTTV—Indianapolis. 4 on CabU :5:—WMAQ—Chicago. Nor On Cpbl» O —WRTV—Indtanopolii. « on CabU r—WLS—Chicago. Not On Cobl» O— WISH—Indianapolis. 10on Cable O—WON—Chicago. 9 on Cobl* 0> — WTTW—Chicago. 11 on Gobi. «B—WTHR—Indianapolis. 13 on Cable CD— WNOU—South fend. 2 oh CabU 03—WLFI—Lafay«tt*."7 on Cobl* ©-WSBT—South B«nd. 8 on CabU ©—WSJV—Elkhort, 12 on CabU Television Highlights 7 p.m. CBS, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman battles an unscrupulous weapons dealer. NBC, American League Championship Play-offs, ABC, Donny and Marie, Robert Young, Paul Lynde and Neil Sedaka, guests. PBS, Washington Week in Review. 7:30 p.m.. PBS, Wall Street Week. "The Man From Dreyfus." 8 p.m. CBS, Escape From Bogen Country. A political czar strips his wife of her legal and human rights. ABC, Movie. "Black Market Baby," starring Desi Arnaz Jr. A young couple fight to prevent a black market adoption ring from taking their baby. PBS, "Canal Zone." FRIDAY 12:00 CCOONEWS 25 «) © ALL MY CHILDREN OBOZO m FRENCH CHEF IB GONGSHOW QD HERE'S LUCY (EXC. THUR.) Archies (THUR.) © AFTERNOON SHOW 12:30 O JIM GERARD SHOW 4-00 ® JB 0D DAYS OF OUR P Op © AS THE WORLD m MOVIE ""• 'Monlka' (WON.), 'The Maglclan'TTUE.), 'Summer > Interlude' (WED.),. 'Wild i. ao Strawberries' (THUR.), 'A Lesson In Love'(FRl.) 12:58 (TtABCNEWSBBIEF 1:00 Q MOVIE •Edge ol the City' (WON.), 'Green Mansions' (TUE.), 4,5$ 'It Started With a Kiss' (WED.}, 'Sand . Castles' 5>oo (THUfl.), 'For the First Time' ; (FRI.) ® IE) 3D 120,000 PYRAMID O BEWITCHED , 1:30 ODQ03DOCTORS Gpffi QD ONE LIFE TO QOD® GUIDING LIGHT O LOVE AMERICAN YLE 'Charro' (TUE.), •Roustabout' (WED.), 'G.I. Blues' (THUR.), 'Girl Happy' (FRl.) O DINAH Q NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB § MISTER ROGERS MOVIE • BRADYBUNCH Qi) ROOM 222 85 MERV GRIFFIN MY THREE SONS FUNTSTONES JQILUQAN'S ISLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY GILUGAN'S ISLAND (EXC. WED.) Big Blue Marble (WED.) § BONANZA STARTREK (THREE STOOGES NEWS ROOKIES IDREAMOFJEANNIE I SESAME STREET I1 LOVELUCY GREEN SIDE OF GARDENING 9 © ANDY GRIFFITH 9:30 10:00 10:30 5:30 3:00 fffi tB ANOTHER WORLD <tXC. WED., FRl.) American League Cnampipnship Playoffs (WED.), National League Championship Playoffs {FRl.) Q ANOTHER WORLD O (D © ALL IN THE FAMILY ffl LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS 2:15 CD © © GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 Q FORMBY'S ANTIQUE WORKSHOP <THUR.) Q (B ©MATCH GAME QFUNTSTONES . m SESAME* STREET (JOINED IN PROGRESS) 3:00 O MICKEY MOUSE CLUB OpGONG SHOW O CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS J EDGE OF NIGHT J©TATTLETALES I ARCHIES )BUGS BUNNY )BATMAN 3:30 M COWBOY SOB'S CORRAL ® ROBERT YOUNG, FAMILY DOCTOR O MIKE DOUGLAS ©MOVIE 'Blue Hawaii 1 JMniJ.), ® ID NEWS FAMILY AFFAIR EMERGENCY ONE ABC NEWS ODD COUP ABC NEWS m CBS NEWS 'THREE SONS BIG BLUE MARBLE NEWS 6:00 O EMERGENCY ONE NBC NEWS NEWS "VAN DYKE SHOW AS WE SEE IT Rights and Responsibilities' from Hickory, N.C., recounts the struggle at Hickory High to set up a system of school x government fair -to students, faculty and administrators alike. E iUNSMOKE IGSHOW HOLLYWOOD Q ODD COUPLE CD MACNEIL-LEHRER REPORT 7:00 O TO TELL THE TRUTH ® O <B AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS The winners In the American League West are host to the American League East titlist. Cp QO QD DONNY AND MARIE Guests: Robert Young, Neil Sedaka, Miss America - ' Susan Perkins. NEW A series of strange occurences in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle area threaten a planned nuclear testing station, ,and Wonder Woman is pined against an unscrupulous weapons dealer who seeks lo control the area. QSTAR TREK The Omega Glory' OJNEWS 7:28 m CHICAGO REPORT 7:30 QNEWLYWEDGAME CD WALL STREET WEEK Host: Louis Rukayser. 'The Man from Dreyfus' Guest: Monte J. Gordon, director of research for the Dreyfus Corp. 7:58 (TjABCNEWSBRIEF 8:00 O MERV GRIFFIN ©THE ABC FRIDAY rMOVIE 'Black Market Baby' Linda Purl, Desi Arnaz, Jr. A young college girl becomes pregnant, and she and the father-to-be are caught in the middle of a desperate struggle with a black market adoption ring out to take their baby. O (B ffi SUSPENSE , 'Escape Ffom Bogen County' Jaclyn Smith, Michael Parks. The story of a ruthless political czar who Strips his young wife of her human and legal rights. (2 hrs,) O MOVIE Then Came Bronson' 1968 Michael Parks, Bonnie Bedilla. Adventures .of a man who leaves his San Francisco past to search for meaning in his life. Traveling on his motorcycle he heads, south and Is n-30 joined at Big Sur'by a u : 3j runaway bride, who is also soul searching. (2 hrs.) 12-00 WASHINGTON WEEK IN THE TONIGHT Host: Johnny Carson. Guests: Phyllis Newman, Dorothy Fuldheim (journalist), Charlie Callas. (f!«»§JBARETTA Tfothin' for Nothln" Barett* locks horns witti a tough nine-year-old street kid who is outsmarting cops «nd crooks alike to help feed his family, which Is being deprived by his mother's compulsive gambling. (R) iTHECeSUTE ADVENTURES WONDER WOMAN OF fflW REVIEW 8:30 QD SOMETHING PERSONAL 'Not Together Now' Sheldon and Barbara, parents of three small children, have been divorced. Their adjustments and emotions are probed In this film, subtitled 'End of a Marriage.' 9:00 m CANAL ZONE Frederick Wiseman's documentary allows viewers to observe how the Panama Canal operates and how the Canal Zone is governed by glimpsing community meetings, schools, commissaries and hospitals. •M.A.S.H.' When Hawkeye is promoted to Chief - Surgeon above Major Burns, General Parker makes a visit to find out why. 'Koj»k: Both Sides of the Law' Five priceless Rembrandt drawings disappear; even though the thieves are caught at the scene of .the crime. (R) O MOVIE 'Hang 'Em High' 1988 Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens. An Innocent man is saved from lynching, then la hired by the 'hanging judge' to bring the lawless to the gallows. (2 hrs. 12 min.) 11:00 O MOVIE 'Strategic Air Command' 1955 James Stewart, June Allyson. A ball -player, recalled to active duty, gets drummed out of the Air Force and out of his active baseball career by a neglected shoulder injury. (2 hrs. 15 min.) MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (T) FRIDAY NIGHT WITH STEVE EDWARDS (T) ffi THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL ffi ABC CAPDONED NEWS 12:30 m MOVIE 'Tower of London' 1962 Vincent Price, Join Freeman. (1 hr. 42 min.). 12:42 O WON EDITORIAL 12:45 ONEWS 1:00 Q THE MIDNIGHT. SPECIAL VIS 2:50 2:55 O MOVIE The Glass Web'' 1954 Edward G. Robinson, John Fors¥the.(lhr.40min.) ONEWS O FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE NETWORKS AND STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE LAST MINUTE CHANGES King Of Klutzes Says, 'Wish Me Luck 1 3S 1 r DECKARD 7 s"RESTAURANT~ 1 715turllngtonAv4>. SUNDAY MENU Children's Plate $1.25 CHICKEN AND NOODLES ......... ..;... . , . . $2.25 ROAST TURKEY AND DRESSING . .' . .-; .... . •; .'. '. ^$2.45 ROAST SIRLOIN BEEF AND DRESSING '.-, .'. . ... . . $2.45 ROAST PORK IOIN WITH DRESSING . . . .... . . . . $2.45 SWISS STEAK WITH MUSHROOM GRAVY ....... $2.45 T-BONE STEAK ............... ____ ---- . . . . . $2.S» . Tomato Juic« Baked or .Math«j Potatoes Cottt* or Hot Tito, Hot tolls Choice of Two: GrMfl,b«an», buttvrcd corn, •law, |»llo, cottag* ch**», faded tolad D«M«rt:$frawb*rfYihortcak«orlc«cr*om f SUNDAY BRUNCH 11 AM-2PM Waff le Wedge, Peach Preserves, Petite Cheese Omelet, Sausage Patty, Toast and Jam 1.95 SUNDAY DINNER . _. 12 Noon to 5 P.M. Roast Breast of Turkey with Dressing, Whipped Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables. $ 2.95 TOSSED SALAD 35* EXTRA Salad Bar 80' •xtro If your fovp I* mar* then 5— pl»o»» melt* a reservation to w* may b*H<tr i«rv* you ffcofl* 759-435 J—U4. 24 E«t » M ^ » » Appearing In The Lounge PAVILLION DUO thro Oct. 1»th •* Dear Ann Landers: 1 was very much interested in the letter signed "Carol The Klutz." I know the feeling well — and I'm a guy. When I was in the seventh grade the class voted me "The Klutz of the Year." All my life people have been telling me "Slow Down," "Don't Hurry," Watch out, there's a plant there," "Look • up, you're going to walk into the fire hydrant." 1 have accidentally tripped waitresses, run into the bishop of our church with my bike, spilled soup on my rich aunt, torn the : sleeve out of the neighbor lady's dress by just'pulling a loose thread. (How did 1 know it was something she crocheted herself?) I orice dropped the whole ; Thanksgiving •. turkey trying to help my grandmother. That same night I stumbled and fell — face first into the pumpkin pie. ' I am what you called' "star- crossed" and nothing-can be done about it. now that I have accepted my late 1 am a lot ' happier but 1 still do some aw fully Klutzy things. -If you take a good look at this letter you'll see 1 started, "Dear Abby," and crossed-out her name and wrote yours I know you can't help me but you can at least wish me luck '-King Of The Klutzes Dear King: 1 do wish you luck but I still say as long .as you resign yourself to being; klutzy you'll be one. The .day you announce, ".I've'done the klutz number long enough — from now on I shape up" — you'll see a big improvement. Dear Ann: Regarding your answer to Jerry in Yonkers who doesn't need to work to be happy and whose statement "work — which I hate" you found so "revealing": It's too bad YOU didn't get YOUR problem resolved earlier. Anyone who finds leisure "hell" exhibits a terrible emptiness,, For one whose work is supposed to give her such joy, your lack of perception is .astonishing. anything but 1 know it must have hurt him when the waiter asked last night, "An9 what ••would your daughter like?" (Any suggestions? -Idaho" Falls Dear Ida: My suggestions are for Clyde. He's the one with the problem. He should lose weight and keep his hat on whenever possible. ' ' Dear Ann Landers: i was not happy to see in your column AGAIN a reminder that all w- Hooray for Jerry who hates HOWS, as well as married work and will settle for a can of" wome n, should be addressed as beer and a story by Faulkner. Down with Philistines like you! —Rebecca In Pittsburgh Dear Pitts: Go back and read that column again, please. I did not say "leisure is hell." 1 said, "My idea of hell would be a life of. leisure." And that's exactly what I meant. If a person who enjoys work is a Philistine than I plead guilty as charged — and I make no apologies. Dear Ann Landers: I am 26 years old, wear a size five dress " and have a baby face. To look at me you'd think I was 16 even though I have two sons. One is seven, the other Is six. The problem Is that whenever my husband and I go out I am taken for his daughter ' When the kids are. with us people think they are my little brothers. Clyde is only 37 years of age but he is bald on top arid his love of beer shows He has a pot-belly that hangs over his belt. Don't suggest: that I wear- more sophisticated clothes! I hate high heels and frilly lady outfits: 1 feel as If I am "playing house." Clyde .never'-"says Shofar, Own*n' «**«»«*4i**«**.** *«*«*«****** *'*"•• WALNUT * VALLEY : REALM ; 10 A.M. To S P.M. TDM., Wtd., Aura., « Fri., & Sot. — Cwstd Monday •„ * UndiSpMi«ti$«rvedM1y * •Primitive Camping • Horttbwh Riding * OPEN SUNDAY J 7:30 A.M. To 8:00 P.M. * (Serving Sundoy Breakfast 7:30 to 10:30) « I SUNDAY MENU I* 1 ' *• FanFrtodChlekvn * • IIQIe»f«lb* * • HMiloef _ ' , V * ,' Salad lor Sat. Evening A $un. Noon ' * Pram togamport I) ml. Northeast on " « , Hood No. 7261. and WON. ' * PHONE 219-6644202 : ! Mrs. John Doe. Maybe I am having an identity crisis, but I prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Jane Doe. My husband' Is alive and well -and we get along fine, but I don't feel that I need his first name as well as his last to Identify myself. ,1 was born Jane. I went through school as Jane. I am employed as Jane. When I receive mail, I want it addressed to Jane because— THAT'S MB. Print this please.—JANE Doe Dear Jane: If you prefer Jane to Mrs. John, request that your mail be addressed to you in that manner. I received a surprising number of letters from widows who informed me most emphatically, that they, too, would prefer to be addressed by their own first. names. In fact, one widow wrote, "My husband's death was a blessed release from slavery. He was a cruel and miserly master. I'd Just as soon not hear his name again- much less * be called by it." . We live and learn. Dear, Ann Landers:. This letter is for "Unsure In Alpena" because your :reply .was in-' complete -and^: somewhat mislading. > ''Unsure" and others should • be aware that with the increase of oral sexual. activity any discussion about kissing should include the answers to these four questions:(l) Whom are you kissing? (2) How are you kissing? (3) What are you kissing? (4) Where are you kissing? In the act of enthusiastic kissing, enough ceils.of the superficial layers of the lips may be abraded as to permit the syphilis germs to enter WITHOUT an obvious cracked or cut lip. Gonorrhea germs can lodge in the tonsils and pharynx. These germs may be . transmitted by deep kissing. \ Warts are a viral infection. When present on the lips', warts can be transferred by kissing to any part of the body — not only thelips. * Herpes are caused by another virus. There are two types — Herpes Simplex I Is supposed to occur "above the navel, " and Herpes Simplex H, "below the navel." .However, with the kissing of various areas being practiced so freely by, some people, ,either type may .occur anywhere on the individual. Therefore, a person with active fever blisters on the lips is • considered infectious at least .until the blisters are dried and peel off, and that person should refrain from kissing because the virus may be spread to friends and relatives.—Leslie Nicholas, M.D., President- Elect, American V.D. Association -...-'*. Dear Dr., Nicholas: Thank ^ou.for your letter. It's enough 'to cut.down on a lot of kissing for a long, longtime. "':•• Got those wedding bell blues over costs... guest list.,, what to wear .. .and other details? . Ann Landers's completely new "The Bride's Guide" will help. For a copy, send a dollar bill,plus a '- t long, self-addressed, stamped envelope (13 cents postage) to Ann; Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. ^ HEALTH • Lawrence E. Lamb, M.O. False treatment for gout By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. . DEAR DR. LAMB — Some friends of mine have recommended pantothenic acid for gout and bursitis. What is your opinion on this? I am already taking alopurinol. Should they be mixed? DEAR READER - To use an.old phrase, "with friends (ike that who needs enemies?" Pantothenic acid has no value at all in treating 'gout, bursitis or arthritis. There have been a lot of false and exaggerated claims recently in quasi-bealth publications but none of these are based on legitimate scientific facts. • Pantothenic comes from a Greek word meaning "from everywhere" which aptly describes its general distribution in various foods. You can hardly eat and not get it. It is essential in the coenzymes used in basic cell metabolism but you undoubtedly have .enough. , , I regard some of the promotion of substances such as pan- tothenic acid as a cure-all for ailments as akin to selling snake oil at an old fashioned travelling medicine, show — one of our earlier forms of. quackery. The real danger in using vitamins in a host of conditions which additional vitamins do not aid is that it prevents the patient from seeking and getting early help for important medical ailments. Better stick with your doctor and -your, alopurinol which does have an important action in treating gout. Pantothenic acid has nothing to do with gout. 1 am sending you the Health Letter number 2-3, Gout, Uric Add,, so you can better understand your problem.. Others who want this issue can send SO cents with a long, stamped. self-addressed envelope for it. DEAR DR. LAMB - My husband has irritation in his right eye and the'doctor said he had a pterygium. He said this was a small growth which might slowly get larger and there was nothing- to do but use some kind of eye-wash for relief. Shouldn't it be removed? I am concerned that .it might be malignant, or become so. Would this condition eventually damage.his eyesight? DEAR READER - No, a pterygium is not malignant and it wilt not become malignant. It is really a folded over portion of the thin membrane over the surface of the eye we call the conjunctiva. It looks like something that should be wiped out of the eye but, of course, that isn't possible. It may have a milky appearance and may have prominent blood vessels in it. As long as it doesn't grow fast enough to cover a major part of the pupil of the eye and obstruct vision it will not do any harm. .It is often a cosmetic problem. Your doctor probably doesn't want to have it removed surgically unless necessary because it often recurs. They tend to recur regardless of the type of surgery if. the patient lives in tropical areas and are less likely to return if a person lives in a more .temperate climate. Since you live in the central midwest that ii in'his favor if it should' become necessary to remove it. Pterygiums are most likely to occur in people exposed to chronic irritation of the conjunctiva from sun and wind. Repeated surgery may cause scarring of the surface of the eye and interfere with vidon which is another reason for not nastily doing surgery unless there is a good indication for it. "KOKOMO'S FABULOUS NIGHT CLUB" , 2006So.PlateSt..Xokomo,ln. OPEN 3 p.m.-3 p.m.-* Mlghti a Week I ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY I DECKARD'S RESTAURANT 7t5BurlingtonAv*. -.-. ' FIMDAY A SATURDAY NIGHT $f KIM", .•Fin* Dining .•Salad lor •.Cocktails • Dancing • Entertainment » Piano Bar ^ •**»*»*»*«* •* « * * * OVEN STEAK '..... ¥115 MEAT LOAF ....;......... $2.10 T-BONE STEAK $191 CLUB STEAK $141 RIB EYE STEAK $1J» SHRIMP lift HADDOCK. '.,..$!.*• ROAST BEEF OR PORK WITH DRESSING...;. :.. $1N FRIED OYSTERS ^ ..$U» tak*d orttatlMd Petalew

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