The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SfX BLYTITEVJLI.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Locke's llomnr Wins For Cowhoys; |-layne§ Siiop Trouncn Builders nv i. \\ HIII:NI> l.cafiuc SlallsticlAii nosil I^ocke's .screeching liomc Mm to ct-ntorfield with one on and tuo away In (be ."cvcnth broke (he spell of Pasilmc nilllard Parlor and gave Die hard riding Rob- inwin Drug Store Cowboys n 6--I . verdict last nifhl. The victory was the third straight for ilio nrst lialf clinniiiions and gave (hem nn- illspiitcd lead In Ihc Coimnerclnl Sofltall l-enuuc. In (lie nleht cap East Arkansas liuilders diop|>ed their third con- scciilive Bsme ns llayne'.s Men's Rliop ixiinidcd mil a G-4 win. in an cffrai lo "shoot Ihe works" Rock Sallbn .sent "Jimmy" Smoih- crninn to (lie mound, n will be re- ine-mbcrod thni itic red headed flingcr handed ihc Robinson crew their only defeat in the half with n 110:11 performance. Jimmy Justified bis malingers selection with another fine gnmc. He nl- lowcrt the hard liitllna leaders bin cigbl lilts nnd should have won. An error by Devil nn Roush's easy loft io center .set, the singe for Locke's wick. It. would have been the third out. Pltcbini; with all iho dinning lie could master. Vcrnon Rimer, crack .side wheeler, |Krfonned brilliantly. He yavc bin llitle lo liit. at, working .smoothly- and ca.s- ily to chiiil: up his ninth victory will but one ( He n'ns touch- fd for- bin ihrcc hits, all coining in 1!ip secoiKl unci third innings wlien tbc cue ailLst, 1 -, scored iliclr vims, llase on balls- kept him In con- Muni Ba. 1 .::! Locke, second sacker, who broke In wlili u biuii; HIM week against Kvsi Ai-knnsas Builders, ttGiiu was Hie thorn In Ihe flesh Two slnvtlci. in addition lo Ills circuit clonl. one nm scored and three driven In WHS his aim lolnl for ihc evening. Rflbin-son gained nn early advantage scorinu three in the second, nflcr Bunch hat! scored on Sinolhernirm's Infield out in Pas- lime's half. With one down Rodery singled to rifilii and stole second. Onnske ixikcd one lo left, Kcorlni; Rodery. and gains (o second on the throw. Brogdon shot one to the same spot, registering Oaiiike. Bmicli galheied in Parker's short fly. Roush s.volled nnd Locke came through, with a safe knock tallying Brogdon. Pnstiint! forged nhentl In the thud. Banuu popped lo Crowe. Thomasson walked. He went lo second on a short passed ball, and tontiniicd- lo "Dilnl,j,vhcn Potter's heave lo Locke was high and scored as Ganske failed lo hold Black- ord's .throw. Glover lined one lo left for- a hit nnd all hands were safe ns Locke threw low to second oil Ix-dbetlcr's roller. Bevill's crush to' center scored Glover, LcribrUer liullmg up at the hot corner nntl scoring after Brogdon's catch of IN MAT TUSSLE The wi-c.ullni; ranlfti wlitnli fans liiivo linen w: m tin fp ,-„,. Borne Mine cnme'i uff j,i M r n;, wlicn Jim Ill-ownInp ileferul!, m^ hcavywclKhl nmt crown axnlnst Jim Loinlos. of Orwco. In Madl- r.ou Rqunrn Oanli-n. ilnnviHin; Is Pliown ahovc, nnd l.otidc ; |,r>! low. SL-iu-k oui—by Smolhmnnn 2; by Ittmer 2. HiTora—Locke 2. 1'otler, Onnsko 2. Uarnes, llcvill. Umpires —Tnylnr and n.unon. Time of e»mr--l:ia. Srcoiid (lanir vast Ark. ItulliierN Ab II I'O A •Vlcnd, c 4 <rnmcr. fs ^ ^loseley. . l .s 2 'iickell, Ib 3 -indwy. If -j nninon. rf 3000 I 1 . Brooks, Sb 2 o 0 ;i il. Brooks. 2b 3001 jllbci-l. cl 2110 EiiKllsh 1050 lollnnd, p 201 Cnllowny 1 rj o Bunch's «?.c-rifice fly. Keihter team scored until the 'fatal'- seventh. Brogdon popped lo lira.'Barms took care of Parker's Ji'jl<:t to left. Bc-vil dropper! FIousli's Si\. ilit Robinson first xickcr i;o- Sns; yi Second. Ixx-kcl broke up the bftli~r,ajuc .rtth Ills smash. T»'o liofhe' runs, by "Crockcll and Charlie Brogdon. a triple by Eoone, f.nd timely hitting by Hayncs prov- «3 th? mill-gin of Charles Kcndig over John Hoiland. in a battle of right handers in the second game Both pjitht-d wcU. Kcndig allowing si>: hits while Haynes ccmbed Holland for len. Going into the sixth with the fccore t!ra 21 1-oll, the Clothiers Ecorcd a pair to win. After Crockett had fanned Isaac bounced one lo left for a sack. Boone followed with a drooper to center. Carter .dropped one tack of first countirif; l!aac. Boone going to third. The catcher scored as Blacknell forced Carter. Edwards struck (Hit. The box scores: First Game Toinls Long Karecl Diamond Slttrs Will Be Ridden by l.wa! Soft hull 'IVnms r \ 1» STANDINGS Nashville. .... New Orleaas Athlll:., Memphis Knnxvlllc ... W. 41 -- nn-i will l;;. ircai'xl to some iif UK- m osl iiniriue i-nU'iluln- njfnl ever .stared heiv uexl Monday. .Tuesday mid Wednesday Ml'.nn jilajvis picked from I'ains In i.:e OnrrtmereJal .Softball Mil! I)P put ahnarrl n troll]!.' of some <ll Hie il'Jllkoys 111 Arkansas iin-l v le for honors In the ilonb'y rldln-i .s'.rilnl! cl iphn- slilji. ' Tne i;imi".s, or wlinu-UT Ilicy inc. Will llC .sponsored by Ilio 10C;ll Blriil- n-'.ss ami Profos-slon'ii Women's clnli. Ni:t tiiat Is us fur us the .sponsors |)!-:>inl<o uj uo. 'llicy will icavn the donkpy-hii.slliig in ilu> ivitiilar soft- bal! players, who may or may not. <ln uny iictii;il playing, :i«-nnllm' lo Hie v.'hinis I jjiiii-li-., i,r lirli- l.llile Rook :i7 42 '111" d!)iil:<>y!i nrc n l;-.iin< : | iroii|ic nnd some of ihcm I'uiv possibly played more .snftball |)i?m [bi'lr riders, bill of cnill-sc (Icilki'y-; will Ijc donkeys In spile ,-.! ininlri!- and .sometimes one of ihcm 'r«rj!cts Ihul nrsl base is to Hie ,-l :! lii ,,ii<l I L .|,,..S o/r lowinds Uilrd biiu- when Ms rlslei- leaps- onto his track titter mak- NATIONAL I.I:A<:HF. I»K a clciin hit anifiiv.. the donkeys w I nnd riders In Uirj (mtfk'ld. | New York ' " The [(linn's W ||| (,? played mirier st - Louis the floodllKhlji tit Haley I-IM:!. Vfslcnluy's ftcsulK Cliiitlanooga (J, Llttk' Rock 3. ChiilunooKu li. l.lule Rock 2. Nashville 8, ijiriiiliiKlirini '2. Atliinia 1, New Orleans 4 (tic, i; Innings, mln. Only Kfime.s sclieilitlcd. Cimifs '1'iHlay Nashville in Ilulc Hock (iilnlitr Atlanta ni Memphis. :il Hlimiiiuliiim Knnxvlllc al New Orleans. Vfslcnluy's lie.sulls Clilcngo -I, New York t). SI.'i !i. llrnnklyn 2. linMnn -f-u, Plil-sbiiigh 1-7 Clnclnniilt -I, Philadelphia I. ice Cold Lak« Holds in Gold TONOr'AH. NPV. ilfPI-llnnsiiBl recovery of gold ore Iroin mine iniliiiK.'. in Hie liolloin of Mnyi I.nndy Ijikn In Maim County Cal • Is cniur-niplated by locul mp n . 'j C. I,. C'oupei- mid O. 11. Kirk- W<XM| rc|ioi-|['il thai, to get lo the UilJhi(;s--/jom which they cx- M-celi-il-to extiacl ft a ton in t'old • Iney will Imve lo dredge llic ore li'i-iiii ihc Ice-cold wnlcis from n d(|illi r,r 20 r,. n . There inc. 135.- uiX) ions of InilhirW In Hie liike.. II wns estimated j Tin- May Lnndy mine, from' which die tailings were extracted.: lins not l)cci) worked -shu-c 1912 •i'he mine (jnlldiinjs cling nn-efi- riously u> (he face of a precipitous mountain. These, llorj^sliot.s Not l.ucky CAMBIUDGE, Mass. tUI'J — U «on'i lio (joort ] U ^ fo ,. Ule t)llcf if Josoph Zaniaflli. niuBcd black-: -niltli, Inys-hnnds tin Ihc fellov;! who robbed |]l.i .shop of six pahs' JI Imrscihocs. ' • (Janifs Tuttay l']]||;.(li-l]iliii, ;,[ Cincinnati New York in Chic-nun. Brooklyn at Hi. l.ouls. lloMon al I'llisbiuxh. 53 PCI M , ' lloMon JJnioklyii . . I'lilhulclplilii Clndnnall . German Air Officials Pleased With U. Si Planes CHICAGO. (Ul>).-.0lflelnl.s of nnniiiiiiy's i.ufi u !lllS]1 nh . ,!„„, exprc.sse.1 .satlsfticlion will, ihc' Nr .,,, Vn ,,. iwrforniinii'c of iti<-h- nrsl liluh-. nclj . oi . 28 2<i .S0!l .441 .375 .VJI Miiillt-rnotorcil Uniicd stnle., inmlc nli-plnncs, nceordliu; -lo li l<. nnhle, United Air Mncs pilot who Is tictinuinlini! nerimin pilous wltli ihe op::nulon of the llircn- mi!c-n-nilninc, iniilil-motorcd Boeings, similar to those used by I G U United Air Lines on it.s cmsl-to- consl route. On ono niRht, el»bi Lnft Hnnta Cfflclals were mkcn Ircm Tiavcn- miindc to ncrlln, lllfl mile.'!, In «i minutes. O.rouse Cn/nniltttcd Sulridt PHILIPSBima, Mont. (UP)—A . Bi'onsc commuted suicide litre 0 with a final net of mockery foi z Daticd for Gilbert In seventh. •a Butted for Ilcllnnd In scv- iiilh. llajncs Men Simp Ah II I'O A} Smolhcrmnn, .ss n 0 Brogrlon. r.s ;i i Sinothennnii. If ;i i liiintcrs who tried in vain to ba,' - fi ill r. lilm. The bird sailed thmiiRli the window of a j>|»rUnt' goods store. Wn.shlnjjlon Clevelund .. llosnm SI. Ijllil.s .. I'lillndeljibia VMlfrd.iy's Kesiilti WasbinRton 8. Detroit B. St. Louis 7-2. Philadelphia 5-fi Cleveland II. New York 5. Chicago n-4. Hoslon o-i. (•umes Tmluy New York al Chicago. Wasliinylon nl St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Iloston at Clevelund. ' The .smiillesl ),erc?enla|;e of nn- shown by rom- Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 7:15. 10-35c fOR HENRY SSSS JUNE TEMPERATURE REPORT PRfDAY, JUNE 22. 1934 More than a great ER GASOLINE t BIGHT NOW . . . *t every Oisucjs in d BltuV 66 shield . . . you caa g«t th« cjt«aUst gacoliu* lhat I'KilliriB has ever of tared I A gasoline io out- th&t It literally tow«ik above Goverr> menl dpeciiicationi. It is not merely a Summci q«lolin«; U iclullly is a luno gasoline—engineered to fit official t*m< lequiremenU 11 determined by U. S Weather Bureau lecords. EVtBV GALLON embodies the perfected result* o! CONTROLLED VOLATILITY, Phillip"- ba«ic And far-reaching coDtribution la gaioliat impiovemeut. Ttiii iclautlllc developmenl Bqiwrely meelB the inue of Summer motor Iron . bles—overheating, knocking, acd loit power. Ol course, Phillips 66 U high teat and tig I, anti-knock. One trial tanklulwill prove that you gel far liner petlormanc* at lei* coat per mile. 60.5°»65.1 . -- .. >,,—. .... b b vnjn.i .nui k.-, uut]jiujjuui]L is .snov. n oy C<>ni- slm creel the glass, nnd fell deiicf mercc. banking, insiirnncc and li- ni the feel of n group or luinters. mince.. - Doonp, c Carter, cf ntnckwci), ib Edwards, if Lend!;, p Toinls Score by Innings: E;ist Ark Hay nes 3 3 10 4 i 1} -i 4 tl| 0 0| 60 00 0 021 Git) 0 002 202 x Summary: Runs—Friend. Moscly ', Lindscy, T. Brooks, C. Brogdon! Ciockcu, Isaac, Boone 2, Edwards Runs bntlctl lu—Moscly, 1'iicfeelt M. Hrooks, Gilbert, C. Rrogdon •> • Crocketi, CinkT 2. Illnck'iell.l Home runs-Crockett, C. HroRdon. Three lilt—Boone. Two bnscl hit—Friend. Sncrirn:t fly—Moscly Base on balk-off Holland I; off. Kcndig. 2. Slnick out -by Holland 5: by Kcndig 2. Errors— Crockett. :, iiliuikvvcll 2. KtMldirT. Umpires—Browning nnd Taylor. Time of game—I:IS. You pay % no more for WALLHIDE i* ; One-day •^ a . • • Painting! HEATHER ANGEL HERBERT MUNSIN Ctireoolor Cartoon Honeymoon Hotel Palletlc-C'iilletL Comedy (i.OOO voles will] cadi p;tit iitliilt liekcl tonight. Saturday Only MAT. & NITE— lOc ... 25c Pastime C. Ledbetter. 2b Barnes. If Thoma.ison. ss Glover, Ib E. Lcdbeller. 3b Ecvlll. ct Blind), ss Browning, c Moore, rf Smothenrmn. p Totals Ab H TO A ^est Virginia Sportsmen ''.estock Fields With Quail CLARKSBURG, W. Va. (UP) — portsmen are making a -go" of ising quail for restocking fields nidi practically were cleared ot ie small game bird by the hard inter. Wild Life Leaguers, especially i (lie central \Veil Virginia dis- •Ict, nrc raising new quail with antnm hens. Many dozens of unll cgss have been purchased rom a Virginia hatchery and dls- ributcd among Ihe sportsmen Af- cr (he o.uall chicks arc strong Hough to care for themselves (hey re to be freed In ihc woods and icarinws. 27 3 20x 6 x—Two out wlicn winning scored. nm Robinson Locke. 2b Ciowe, ss Blackard. ss Potter, c Rimer, p Rodery. cf Ganske. 3b Brogdon, If Parker, r! Roush, Ib Totals Score by innings: Pastime Ah 43 10 3 1 PO A 12 23 4 3 0 1 30 31 3 1 3 1 1 3 1 3 300 206 28 8 21 013 000 0 • Robinson 030 000 Summary: Runs—Locke, Rodery Oanske. Brogdon, Roush, Thomii 'son, Glover, E. Ledbetter, Bund Runs ballot! in—Locke 3, Oansk Brogdon. Bevill, Bunch, Smother mm. Home run—Locke. Sacrlflc fly—Bunch. But on balls — o 2; oH Bimer » Ortanlsts to ll»ve Fthks Code CLEVELAND. (UP)-A "code o ethics" for organists was fornui- iilcd at a dinner meeting of th northern Ohio chapter' of American Guild of Organists th Imagine! Youcanhanu your pictures the day walls and celling* are painted with this new VKollzcdOilpaimlYet Itcosis no more to use Wallhidc than ordinary oil paints. Coaie In loday. See the 15 beautiful petal-like colors. All are washable. Free color card. <)uart the. year'* spsediest . mystery dramql PURE TURPENTINE Gal... $1.00 Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT I Simibte for interior or txttrmr surfaces Rrii Gallon CALCIMINE, All Colors, .... Per Lb. .. . . 12c PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL ... Gal, $UQ Quick-Drying WATERSPAR SAVE TO BUY and With Shirley Grey, Onllow Stcvcnt, Hcdda Hopper, R<lpK Forbcf. Screenplay by Tom Reed From the novel by L. G. Bloehmtn. Produced by Cirl Lfemmle, Jr. Directed by Edf.n L. Maria. Presented bv Cirl Laemmle. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. SKUIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—I0c-:i5< < it easy 10 liMiitify furniture and vroo>l«firl. Dries in 4 liour!~oiie co« ivully cinwigli. 24 rioli colors. '/2'Pt. WALLPAPER CLEANERT~;TE^h7 ~TOc UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL . .. Quart... 70c EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phiffips Motor Co. Br Horace -WaktfltM Don't Forget Agency General Insurance 191 LADDER Strong, 5-ft. size with shelf $1.25 ftft BRUSHES Pure britUei, set in raMer K* Enamtl Rnish . . 2(lc ' Will Brush . . . fi5 c Calcimine Brush . CJ §Q Steel Wool Cleans pots i- puns easier! 5c White SHELLAC GMon Qulclx-dryinj, cle«r WATERSPAR VARNISH 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY Paramount News -Musical Comedy— "Let's Play PostofTico" With Jean Sargent BUY TO SAVE READ this headline forwards or read it backwards— it gives you the same, sound advice. You have certain fixed living expenses- rent, Food, clothing-, light, and other necessities. You save money every week so that these bills can be paid at the first of every month. Whatever else you buy must come from surplus savings, over and above those set apart to cover living costs. To make'those savings buy the utmost value for the money i t s the essence of true economy. Save to buy—then buy to save. Know what you need to buy before going to the store. Know what you can afford to pay before you start out to make a purchase. That is. the one.sure way to get the most, for your money. Make it a habit to read the advertisements in your newspaper every day. By doing so you will learn where to buy the things you need and where your dollar will buy the greatest value. The advertisements will show you where .to purchase better food, better clothes, and yet save you money. They will help you live better and enjoy the good things of life. They help you to buy in order to save.

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