The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 15, 1925 · 18
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 18

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1925
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9 38 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. SUNT) A Y MORNING, NOVEMBER 15, 1923. DARTMOUTH SMOTHERS MAROONS UNDER DAZZLING PASS AHACK i i Powerful Green Eleven Crushes Chicago, 33 j to 7; Swede Overlanders Accurate Tosses Big' Factor in Victory. Colorado Aggies Defeat -Boulder; Score, 12-0 t . Hyde Is Outstanding Star in Clash Between 'Ancient Rivals; Aggies Likely to End the Season With Perfect Record. i V HAUHAMSc. Is:: a .r. m. - J5 t.2k S CHICAGO, 111 . N.n II - Bv Up Associated Iycss ) Damn ut'i powerful football eievn, ut 'Litton of ths eajst, tirer gibe cd its OiJura to ths gridiron t na I pi u ip of America, in a most couwiK.ii manner today b crushing iM SJ to 7, before Jo Oou speot tf rs, H saw the Maroons tmfl r in. r ni t f devastating defeat Mn e iw The big Green eleven itr Brown, Cornell and H mwd finNttd lit season todav untied uni unit feated Dartmouth virtually ran awav with the game, continuing Bh Lewild m k forward pass attai-k frm start finish and scoring four of its fl' touchdowns with a rl ui to-e huid by ttwede Oberlander the K n urande" of the oa-t- Opening up with a de pfie fi ward passing offensive in tue r Irt few minute of plav the Dortm mih team fUlcd the aur with pihs u ill the Maroons became di ?is io kji g .it them. In almost evr play oner-lander, Dartmouth's candidate fot all-American honors, was the chitf factor. LANE SHARES HONORS. He was given briUant support and shared honors with Dane, the other Dartmouth halfback, and MiJhail, the quarterback Dane sortd ltue of Dartmouth s touchdowns in snag-glng Uberlanders pase and also al temated with the Terrible c-wede in tracking the Maroon line Oberiander literal)) thiew t udv downs, shooting tne ba-1 aero the field with the accurst) of a Johnny Kiing in pegging a ball to cmiid base. Some of his tosses were good for thirty yards, and he rareiy missed a receiver w henever he cut loose Dartmouth Lritk) stvle of play stunned the Maroons from the start, but in the third period thev began to solve the easterners' stvle and held them while driving through the line to make their most dangerous threat of the game Chicago onlv touchdown was scored in this period and was largely the result of a penalty Inflicted on Dartmouth that gave Chicago the ball on the Orem 20-ard line. Kernweln finally dived across for the touchdown Oberlandor s passing figured in all but one of Dartmouth s tout hdowns Uberlander figured on the end of this score, however as ho punted thirty yards to Curlev. deep in Chicagos territory Curley barely touched the ball, and Captain Darker of the Hanover eleven scooped up the ball and ran eight vard for a touchdown-. Date in the first period uberlander hurled a pass to Tuilv from th 24-yard line. Tully receiving the ball on the 10-yard dine and racing across the goal for the first touchdown Tuilv added the extra point by drop-kicking In the third period Oberlander threw a 20-vard pass to I wane who ran eighteen vards for a touchdown McPhail's attempt to add the extra point was blocked This score was preceded bv a o' clonic running and passing attack that left the Maroons daxsd and the spectators in a fever of excitement PASS, PASS, PASS. In the fourth period Oberlander threw four passes in miocovdon, the last one, fyr twenty five vards going to Lane, who ran the remaining seven yard for a touthdnvvn Dartmouth ended its scoring as the first shadows of night were settling over the field, when Oberlander threw & pass to Dane that was completed back of the goaJ Oberlander figured In twentv paasts and completed ten of them for a total gain of 140 vards Chicago's forward passing attack was a failure, the Maroons completing onlv two out of eleven for thirtv-five vards Dartmouth made fourteen first downs, as compared with eleven for Chicago, but Kemwein had a slight edge on Oberlander In punting averaging forty-five vards tv forty for Football Results RIM KY MOUNTAIN T :! JO Colorado eoil 0 ( fa do i ( olorado Aggie 12 I tu Aggie llnotaua Wlns 0 Vmi k gu srhArti it HoiiUdr high 0 Mif Mgh 4 l4Tt h fh o I h freuhtuen ft Albion Normal 0 Idaho ifh ,D B 1 I frehojfft 11 I A IFIf OAS1 VVsitDgnm i California O Oregon 11 Orrsoa Aggie J4 Ko, i item ielifomiH 21 Montana 7 ( hi forma Acve 0 Nevada 19 fadfic 13 Santa tiara 7 EAST Pr n.'ofon 22 Viie 12 i Kle 11 Str, k Waahingna ant J-fferoo Nfw i rk 27 I r nl.v .1 Bor a tolloge rt Went ieiaa 7 Harvard 1 Brotrn 0 PutalMirf 14 IVnmjHanfa 0 Huhart 13 linffsln 0 ornlt H3 anlatua 0 ltayeite 17 Husquehanna 0 Niagara 7 Ht Bonatature olumb 21 Artur 7 Nary IS Burknell 7 3mbert 13. William 7 Hi ro H Hutgr 0 Ma oo it Now llanphir ft fit hTiiena 11 Notwlch fl Delaware 0 IJarrfn'd 18 rfnjpl 32 Ml Joph 0 loin Hopktna 7 8t Johna 7 Waingin and 7 Maryland 3 (iorgeiwn 41 i eotre 3 llaroi'ioQ 0, I nton Vartnmr 7 Mtddlobiirg S viuhlcburf 3 lafholle T ft (,mre i llv 27 Allegheny ft track Marth 20 I rla out 0 Bowdon 14, Tufta 7 Yal freahmen 34. Harvard frrhms ft At Walla Walla Wath Wtuunan nel lege 3ft ( olIge of Pugect Souod 6 MIDDLE WEST Michigan 10, Oh o State ft Nbraka 0 Kanaaa Aggiea ft WiarMivIn Li MirlUgao btate Ilhnos .1 Wahisli ft Minaesoi 13 Jwa 0 Marquetia ft. South Dakota 0 uirnall S kaoaaa 0 DarOnouth 33. i hicago 7 Miaaouri 18 Oklahoma 14 NwthieMerB 11 Purdue 9 Notre Daiue 2ft, (aroeg.e Tech 10, Butler 10 Dayton 7 St Jui t 0 lxeoa ft Waehiogton U 7 Kolia Mine ft St Tbomaa 12 tehraiho college 9. South Dakota 1 7 Dea Vloioea 0 IJorninfaide 10 Wayne 13 Coe 0, (.arleton 7 i Indiana 32 Rose Poly 7 Ohio t 11 t inclnnatt 2 Baldwin Wallace 7, Weetero Reaerre 80t TH Alabama 34 Florida ft Oeorgia Tech .1 t.eorgia I ft Woatera Maryland 7, Waahlogton leg 3 Klpoa 0 Carroll 27 Furman 9 South ( arollna ft Virginia 10 Virginia Poly 0 fiemaoa 3 Citadel 0 . North Carolina 13 Daridaoo 0 (Wae 14, Hiram 1 John Carroll 7 Btbany 0 lulane 14 Heoauee 0 Auburn 10 Vanderbilr ft. TeQneae H 1)iNialppi A A Jl 0 Oberbn 18 Miami 7 Wooafer ju Warren 0 Anatln 2U Arison A Tega fhnatlan I 3 ArkanM U 0. Southern Metlidit t 7 Bar'or ft M!ssiaippi 1. 10 Miaaieaippl college Keniucky 7. Virginia M I 0 West Vlifinia 14 Peon State 0 less A and M 17 Rice ft McAUbter ift St John udireralty T St Olaf 7 Ilutnliue ft t AN ADI AN Winnipeg 1! Retina 1 Ottawa 8, Hamilton 3. Vucena ft Montreal ft MiGill 11 'Dronto raraltT Balmy Bnr-u lft Varatir ft Camp Borden 14 Hamilton R 4T Aggies Celebrate Anniversary western Umpire Sihommer hi- tape hfrld judtre McUonl Illinois Head linesman Dipvki Ohlcaico Time ot period Fifteen minutes TIGERS NOSE OUT OKLAHOMA TEAM touchtbwn. Tuilv 2 Chicago Touchdow n Kemwein. points after touchil nv i, Diatn Score by periods Chicago e n ft 7 ft Dartmouth 7 7 6 H 33 Official Referee O Pru n Tufts umpire. Majrr Nelv We-t Ioint hetld linesman lTains 3 tie Time of ptnodu ft'te n mtnu'ci WOLVERINES HAND " BUCKEYE ELEVEN lO-TO-O DEFEAT ANN ARBOR. M! h Nov 14 (Bv the Associated T,us) hlo Mau gamest footbaM effort were m t enough to deft it Mu higan here today and tie W'lwrin' avai'irs. themselves of the prt two goxl porttinltiea which i ime scored a touchd u'i ent a field goal in the firit half and um id to 0 Finding a w lk p t in Hie i ent r of tha Buckoe line tha olvtrmcs pounded it inceHantlv COLUMBIA Mo, Nov 14 (By the Associated Press ) The Miaaourl Ttgera undefeated champions of the Missouri Valiev conference, swept aside the University of Oklahoma, Jb to H here todav In their drive for a second consecutive Valley pennant Plaved in a quagmire of mud and cold percing rain the contest wa ne of the hardest fought of anv the Tieers have engiged in this season i oglizer a field goal In he second quarter gave Missouri the winning score Rov lerrone s touchdown and Brockman s added goal point in the Hrst fewf minutes of the rams rave the 'orne'-s a lead Parkins spec-tacular 24-vard en 1 run for a touchdown and Whatman kicked goal I however evened the core Cogliger s field g.Kil from t'lklahoma a 34-v lrd line shortlv before the set ond period ended gave the Tigers a substantial lead over the klahma squad Kariv in the fourth reriod Ja kson carried the tall over the Sooner goal line after the Tigers had pushed the Oklahoma aggregaHon virtual!' the entire length of the field hitman failed to kok the goal Retaliating wnh a smashing offensive the Soone wept the Tigers (I mn the field m an att k that the Missourian wer unable to withstand Limb carried the hall over fhc IP i frr six additinal point . nd TV kman s To Led pi al added k i-ccher j Lmdf nmev er s long and well p'a ed pur l were distinct features of the game an) ad led considerable yardage j M souri a redit Won First Title Ten Tears Ago Saturday Post Season Contest Is Needed When Colorado Aggies downed the University of Colorado in the gridiron i lassie yeaterday they accomplished many tilings. First, they bowled over & serious obstacle which threatened Aggie title chances Second, they won from the university for the first time since 1919 Third, a football team coached by Harry Hughes defeated for the first time one coached by Myron Witham Fourth they kept their goal line uncrossed in major contests Fifth they have beaten the team which knocked them out of three championships in the last three vears and which marred another title by a tie Sixth, thev celebrated the anniversary of the flrat football title ever to go to the Agricultural college It wsh just ten years ago Saturday that the lowlv Aggies the erstwhile practice team whipped the hard-hitting heavv-corfnr Colorado College Tigers and won the undisputed title to the Rocky Mountaju football honor The Colorado Farmers, although thev still have two hard games on their schedule, stand better than an even chance of gninfc through the season undefeated Unfortunately for foothill fans Colorado Aggies and t,ih universttv do not et together this v fR r and unless a pot-easo,i game i arranged the championship honors mav be dividel equally between the two teams This of course pending the outcome of the contest remaining to be plaved h ach sc hool But, rtgy,rdkss of title honors the Fort Collins tudeuts and townspeople feel that ,x goal has been uom-plKhed when Boulder it defeated Three times in the past three years have the state university upset the Fort Collins aggregation just as the Aggies were reaching out for the conference title In 1922 with Colorado the tail-ender in the Colorado end of the loop beaten bv Mines Denver and Colorado college, and with the Aggies eav victory over alt of those schools, Colorado upset the dope bv sneaking a b to ft wm over the farmers giving Utah university a flear percentage claim to tho title In lfij3 with Colorado university and the Vg-giea both undefeated and tied f..r tonforentf honors the uruvtr rv again came through in a 6 to 3 gioje and won the title Again in 1921 with both teams undefeated Colorado npstt the Farmers bv a large .store Tn 1920 the university displayed its jinx qualities to the disroav of the Agvie. in that vear, with he h aimers hans-dovsn winners in ever ga i Boulder was trving to do vonofhing to justify its being in the confer-enoe it did Just before Thanksgiving day and the Fifmers came out of the lontest fed and feeling Iu'k it was no worse Not Mnce 191ft has the Colorado Aggie eleven been successful in a game with Boulder In thit veir thev were winners wjHi n 47 o 7 score Boulder wa successful in the yards, and Cal Boberg and Vere Champion circled the ends and out back of the tackles with equally as much au otn The line played its part noblv opening the required holes and keeping the opposing forewards well out of the play s. There were few long runs Captain Gene Livingston got loose on the first plav of the game, after the kickoff, and broke off h ft tackle for sixty-three vards and a touchdown, but an over-eager Ltabn clipped the lone Colorado plaver whtUwlia giving chaee to the Crimson leader and a 2j-yard penalty from the 6-yard line robbed the fiery I tah captain of the prise run of the dav Boberg twice carved off substantial gams Once he darted off right tackle for thirty -one yards, and nearly escaped for the touchdown, whUh came a few minutes later, and in the closing minutes of the first quarter he made thirteen yards through the same hole In the first period, Colorado College plaved straightefoothall. but beginning with the few miniVes of the sec ond period it usfd almost entirely ft pread formation in a vain effort to violate th Crimson goal line The wold and Biack sweaters were spread entirely across the field in an effort to confuse the I tah players, and from far back the line Carl Brown hurltd long high spirals which went I awr on all but two occasions In Moth the instances, where they auc-th Stubby Peterson Grid-ders Have Excellent Record and Teamwork . .v. . I d the gains were short The war vears 1 lc and 1 18. with h I s however, which constituted hampinnhlp Aggies easy 'Ictors mjpra,lualH lht onlv offenMI Qf the 19j, and 1M6 The ( olorado lrm- jTigr were a constant threat, and ers scored heir first win over Bnul- on s,veral occasions it appeared that dor in 19H aft r suffering eighteen 1 - - straight dofeat Utah-Colorado Game in Detail FIRST PERIOD. t tah won th toss and chose to de turned to the Tixer 3)-ard line The fend the north goa! Field Phelr of Tiger,, on a Tread f-rmanon exe- . ruled a fake pas plav 1 Uhelps was Colorado c'ollege kicked off against h stopped bv Rian ard afYe without wind DeFries is acting capta n of the I gain fn sntther spread pav brow n s Tigers j pass was lntrrepted h Bnhera on The baM went out of bounds and was called back Fields kicked the oval to Howwlla on the I tah 15-yard line and he returned to I tah s 37-vard line Cafrev was hurt on The plav but remained in the game Livingston line went over right tackle for a touchdown j Howells hit left guard for four v rds on the brat plav but the score whs Howells made ix vards thmuch 'he not allowed X tab being penalised for j Tiger left guard How i lipping and the hall waa put on the sards and first down the Bcngals would be successful in the r hopeful attempt At least twice Colorado College plav ers slipped in ba k the Crimson serondarv defense, and u was onlv a bad pass or a fum-fle which javed Utah from being smred upon PUNT IS BLOCKED Taufer kicked off to Hail on the Colo- j The closest that Colorado College rado college 2-yard line Hall re- j came to 1 tahs goal was in the final mioutes of th game, shen Boberg g tluk on the fourth down was blo ked ruled a fake pas plav 1 Uhelps was land though recovered bv Champion. it was the Tiger ball on the Crimson -vard line A pass from Brown to ( Vr U ohe of the few which succeeded, Pi i T I tah s 40-vard lin Fh berg taught thf ball a it bounded from Hill hands ID well tarried he bill, anl was penahred fifteen vards for ho! trg The ball was on I tah s - -vatd Ohio 8tate pissing was ill wis inefeettve Michigan s frrt score came twaid the close of tie fi t qiMit-'r w h n "UendlerS punt wa llosed on thr Ohio Stat f tft f,i n1 and the ball went to M t 1 fti dwn at ter It had b i 'r.el t th t vaxd line P i Ke f. i m -d its supreme m imr i w ue- t h e ( i Wolverine to r w f s w fp- gain Molendo, 'n t t irth d w u threw himself r t e h tdd e 1 Rurkeve frrwaro n t u hU-sn Frlejnan kick TtfMr placement Friedman s Igl trv 1 ' ms MINNESOTA HANDS IOWA WALLOPING MINNEAPOLIS Minn No 14 iKv the As,K'iafd I ress ) Minnesota a n .B hold on fie.t pl.tce in t u Western conference championship sorami b 'todav tarried on the v t ' e ( f si Iroprc lv . 1 t u - vrv over I vv a U Mrnv p 1 t,i d m The Grphrrs victory a h'evrd be-l I . a h ! 1 c li I il i v I f 4 mi t. r1 tf r iavo i v Michigan Mfrg t lie wv t a Uig Ten fiat 4 f f !e f r Mu na- ta Dqln 'g an ftersve dah am. Edward .. It . r , loweU. g 'er- i k e Baer . rg .... H. awkfns rt ... Ped f Vra re . . H -v a Fiedmaj qb .. . YVendrf p,vrT 4 1l Orwnry ,....rh .. , i.nn vl nda . f Kr n t-rgan .7 ft it 1 J M a t e t O n- , h rati orj f T h n - j MMrda Pr r afer irurhdwn Fnedman Fie-d grab- Fneiirtn J i.aiartfr .N nb- i a er tdr e .permr t i v h. r h w r m peviou G i s wept throuai r 2'- Uv using an i --w t pass but gen- k t'u Dne or running th ' Odrk f : mo i 1 lbar eras, nil era,1' hut -d ' v k ch the principal wa t ir , f mnd himself c rrk e m wt of t'l tr1e at end but he pr kr trro gh the line fir aeverwi g irs and prov d-d a real menace In f rwai paloc H wii Ku's h d pa sees that put M f "fs-'a a g el in dancer twice but hp fitfn ej.ud and a stone-wail hne onivei the menace otherwise ?i I-ca ne Urgejr a defensive battle fr the Hawkevea V f nf .a a back, f'eid ajid end in --r te late game eutatltqte vn-wei srepeional mnitarcy ii rr jn (rajf Uf Almquial fet1aw atvd on rdf tackle aed end run ci4 I stfrr hurl rg bia muaruiar f r-" p hmch the line f r good gun Te hra scored two touch- (Caatianeft wa EaLawiag fag ) Tiger 31 vard line The tripping o. i urred on the 6 yard line with a pen nltv of twmty five yard being Im posed Ruhsrd hit center Tor five vards Rhhard wem around Icfi end to the JO yard line gaining vards and frst down Howell hit right guard for six vards Boberg went through right tackle for five vard and ftrat down The ball wws on the vard line Livingston earned the ball around right 1 end to the 5 vard fine 8eo ond down and goal Howells went through right tai kle for two vard Howells gained a vard at right guard Boberg went through center for a touchdown Boberg kit ked goej St ore I tah 7 Colorado college ft TIGERS OUTCLASSED Tbu fr the Tigers were completely out lased laufers right hand was injured It wa taped and he continued plaving Tauter kicked off to J t'heip on his own 7 ard line Theipa returned it to bta own 22 vard line J I help gained a yard through his n right tackle C Brown lost three yards attempting to i ircie his right end J I helps punted to Utah a 37-vard line, whera the baJi waa down ad by th Tif era Howells bit center for three yards Dehrles waa hurt on tha play, but rumed playing Livingston was stopped by Cox without gain. Boberg carried tha ball off right tackle for a 3ft-rrt gain the Tgwra S9-yard ttna, wHora C Brosm tackled him. Bow ails waa hold without gain Ftchsrda plunged thmngh rght tar kle for i vard A pa from Po hrr to Morris put the hH on the Tigrw I-ysrd line Howells rained one vard at rght tackle Rula-ft rsret-d the ball arotjnd left erd snd hurled off two tark'rs going for a touchdown Bo hrg kicked goal -Kora Ltab It, Auora4a couegs ft d the ball on Utah 22 vard line, cnlv to go over when, on the sup cdng play, a forward pass came t rarth a ros I tah a goal line Re-f re I tah bd earned the ball three times the gun which ended tha game w s tired , T h e were no outstanding men for 1 Ai ,ixteiLhr team todav The 1 tah pin vara 'he same.dd 'l that was asked of them, both pl.r- The ball . ,.n ih. Tipr j b kf.rkl and line dieplaytns terlln hardline ( hamp na. m..d. fn e , arda lrlllt, ihrouchout The Tiger banka around the I jaera (eft end garnfd It'll, ihrough the Utah line and Riehard. hit the 1irrr ncI, taekle , ,h r to a, ..rdage from a.-rimnge for four tarda hampmn first,, irrU (S,W nu.fnP Rvan and down t n the Tiger .9 ,rd 1 ne Boberg hit off left ra k.e fm fur'nid' champion made five vards Tiger left end t hampi m bad Irau-tiful interf rem e Roberg s pas to Morr w tn om-plete The ball wa n the Uhr 21-yard line Bobtrga pass wa inccopietc t tah lost the Pall on dits HOPPER DROPS PASS Hopper dropped Brown j I tab .ift-yard line sftr ho hid a Mer field ahead of him f r a tUfh-down Cm another sirMl jIhv Bnwn circled hi own left nd for a gam of five vard He was thrown cut of bounds bv Richard McAIJttr rflaed Hopper at Colorado a left end Brown s nan went to 1 Special to The Trfbnns. PRICE Nov 14 To the Carbon county high achool may well belong the distinction of having tumel out in the past uwo years the moat ambitious football elevens In the history of lnterseholastlc sport In Utah. Last season the Miners participated ,!n eleven games. This year the team has engaged in eight games, and ft would not be unlikely to see the players participate in three more before doffing the moleskins. ACTIVITY PLEASES. P'eaa Carbon county players more than to have one ,du5ln-th Period from th mitWle of September until the DUsmber- They thrive on activity and can always be depended upon to play their best when given a battle every seven daya Both times tijey met defeat this year came when lthout a the w cek before But it is not always the easiest thing in the World to get games for his team, as Coach Stubby Petersen hs found out to his sorrow' The competition in this part of the state is limited, and only occasionally is it possible, or practicable, to go into bait Lake for a game or bring a Salt Lake aggregation down here Stubby is the idoj, of the county for the manner In which he has tak'n a group of youngters to which foot ball practically was unknown at the beginning of the season and roundel out a team that ranks among the best in the state On top of that he had the reputation to uphold gained last year, when his team tied with the I D 8 U for the state championship This year Ptubby has A better eleven In teamwork but he has not the individual brilliant performers of the championship crew Ho alo has been severely handicapped in respect to substitutes Dependable second string material has not been available, although sorely needed WINNING RECORD. When the Westminster college eleven took the measure of i arbon in a recent game played at Salt Lake it was the first time in fifteen contests that the Miners had bowed to an opponent. However, neither :hat game nor the one later lost to srnngIUe by the margin of a single point figured in Carbon's champion ship chances The record of fhe team to date follow Monroe 0, Carbon 13 Jordan ft. Carbon lft. V ureka 0, Carbon ! Westminster 12, Carbon 6. Pavson 0. Carbon 7 Wasatch Academy 18. Carbon 25. gprtngAillo 13, Carbon 12, ine 0 vard lire and jut rusef ?h utairet hed hand of M Aihter Hmwn punted to ( hampion on 1 tah a 2-vrd line, and i hampion returned to M 4ft ) ard line Rt'harda rade fie ards through the Tiger lft tar kle Wbting vw re strong a' guard while! Mvl nd Dvkman were impregnable1 t ta lie Morris and TauW turned' tn IN tr tn kle continuously, while i iffe f nWi to make a single bad pass In the entire game In the bac kfield Boberg probably made the greatest yardage, but it was the interference cn his sweeping and run whnb gave him hi opportunity to ejude the Gold and Black forward HowelN Richards and Champion did f x elieot work t'aptaln Livingstons run In the fir t quarter wa the great et b dividual achievement of tbe dav, hu th t nfrtune nf-havtng bis ee Jawfd bv a Golorad n made neoea- erv h retirement from tbe game 11k nijurv nt serious J m dhl the maior pa.rl of the IDAHO TECH TIGERS DOWN B . Y. U. FROSH ta Kiing d n bv the riser and on tn re-than one oraaion broke through I th line to unset the plav in its incept on Thistfeat was not accomplished hr anv other plaver f Goarh t Meade t xrl Brown plaved a ateadv frame at halfbat k throughout Fits fT.mpion four morr off .ft ' kl' 5'"J i"? .T tukl Ho.,11. rm-hrd ihrouvh .hr 1 r'J1 T, rho p l.k. and often bis paeaes went The length made them TIrm rivhf ur4 for io y.rrt. n1 of i'iH,im.Ttl' b" wa ,,n 'h r 1 r .2 rsrrf...r ,' '"" 1 -::i '0r:ii wh, Pofr, w.. hr'd RhoU, lB on J CR.MSON.TE SCORE attemp'ed nght-erd run being caught Te'f rimon touthdowns ctm In bv Jr rv fu terg punted to Brown on I aub k surceesn tn the first half of the T igef 3ft vard line The Tger game lYrni the Urt piav there returned to the 41-vard Dne. He g j j doubt as to the final outcome Stopped bv Morris ' hut it w we questph.e to what On a spread r a v. Brown gained oae t e ghts the I Ukn wmj ! bund their vard n vard ngt end On a me her i cre In the eeond ha f tn Tiger spread formation, Prown hurl'd t paa t orvht vith a f erreoera which thv M h Bu had narv trfer ptd 1 id fi e I t h v In the tcr irg e. w it h a rlear f eld ahaoofhc t,rrn r ard al'hf'igh t.e Utea carried (ised to Jor pu? if g the h i olhe bejJ threatening r near H goat Castia d as Fag Tvwtf Cestiswd a I alia stag Fags Rpeelat tn Tbe Tribune POCATKLI.n, Idaho. Nov H-Ths Idaho Tech Tigers defeated ths Brigham Toting univer1tv freshmen this afternoon at ths Tech field by the f ore of 20 to IE The visitors scored ths first touchdown In ths second quarter, when Colvin, right haK. circled right end thirteen ards for s touchdown. Collins kicked goal Ths 1 igers sins cored In ths second period, when Robertson, who substituted for Sell at quarterback, smashed ths lins four vards for a tour hdown. Robertson mied the attempted goal kick, Neither team scored in tbe third penod but In the fourth quarter. Johnson left half sent a nice 2a-v-rd pass tn Term left end. who ran fourteen vards for touchdown. 8eU kicked goal Shortly after the kickoff, the Tigers gamed possession of the ball and Johnson sent another nie pass to Tafro who crossed the goal line. Pell kicked goal A few minutes, before ths final whistle, M right right end for the visitor grabbed a fumble and raced seventy srds for a touchdown ! ineup Idaho Tech R T T. Freshmen Tatro 1 . Jciyiscn Pwe! It . .... Mrrt'l Kellr Ig !v Pchmi . c Oviatt Hdu ... Anderson Hscgert ... . rt . 8'mmons Ml rf rg f .ties M qb B es Jchr son ....... Ih . To. ,na Thentjenn ....... rt) foltla LfimhaiL...... ...fb Esvllls COLORADO AGGIES 12 COLORADO UNIVERSITY. ..0 FORT COLLINS, Cok, Nov. 14 The Colorado Aggies turned back the sver-powerful threat of Colorado University here today, winning by the acore of 12 tfi 0. The lctory gives the Colorado Aggies itft sixth successive Rocky Mountain conference win this scasou, and eurmounta the greatest hurdle to their completing the regular season undefeated. since the Boulder aggregation wss looked upon as their most difficult opponent. AGGIES POWERFUL.' The powerful Aggie team smashed through the Bouder line consistently during the first half, and during the first part of the third quarter. Two placements from the field by Hude accounted for the only scores of the first half, and straight football, with Hyde as the chief ground gainer, wored them a touchdown iu the third quarter. After the middle f the third period, Boulder launched an offensive which seriously threatened tbe Aggie goal twie Passes bv Chamberlain and terrific line smashing by Bohn were the chief factors in the state university's advance However, the Aggies held at the erttual stages, and were plunging the ball down the field when the game ended Hvde sensational quarterback of the Colorado Aggies, was the outstanding piavpr of the day He smashed the Boulder line time after time, crashing through for gains arving from three, to eighteen yards Twice he brokb loose for runs of more than twenty ards, and whenever he was given the ball he seemed good for a gain His two place-kicks, in them-We. would have given the Aggies the vhtory In addition to hig marvelous offensive work, he was brilliant on ths defense, stopping the Boulder backs time after time when they were almost free fof long runs LINE HOLDS. The powerful Aggie line held like a stone wall when pressed, and gavs Hyde and his cohorts opportunity for their smashes McCall, Kayser and Clark played brilliant ball on the line. Rankin was Hvfte Hydes chief aide in the Aggie back-field. Bonn was outstanding for the Colorado University eleven He smashed through the line for short gains consistently, and got loose around the ends for several gains Chamberlain s passing was commendable Aside from Bohn, the Colorado backs had difficulty In gaining on straight football. Healy, McOlone and ScoviUe were outstanding on the Boulder line Coach Myron Withame eleven was without the services of Captain Hatfield Chilson, star quarterback who was injured severely in last Vceek s Colorado College combat There was little doubt as to the superiority of the Aggie eleven from the start, with Hyde smashing through the opposing line time after time Approximately 12,000 people watched the game, whii h was replete with colorful plays by both teams When the game opened, Colorado University kicked dff and the Aggies marched the ball a short distance down the field, when they w'ere forced to punt Boulder was unabls to gain, and a punting duel ensiaad, with the Colorado Aggiea doing most of the threatening work. HYDE BREAKS THROUGH. Near the end of the quarter, with the ball on the Aggies 42-yard line forward wall for eight, three, six and twenty-two yards, placing tha ball on Boulder's 23-yard line After two attempts had failed, Wagner dropped back, but missed a place-kick. Boulder punted out of danger, and it was the Aggies bail on their own 41-ard mark when tbe period ended With Hyde leading ths attack, ths ggies again marched toward their, opponents goal, and when the Silver and Gold bald in t shadow of their goal posts, Hyde dropped back to the 20-vard line and mads his first place-kick. Boulder kicked off, and after an exchange, were advancing the ball when Chamberlain fumbled, and tbs Aggies recovered on Boulder's 25-yard lins. Brown skirted right end for fourteen yards, when the Boulderltes again held, and Hvde scored his second plate-kirk, making the score 6 to ft. The half ended without further scoring Immediately after the kickoff In the second half, the Aggies marched dowrn the field, with Hyde, Caldwell and Rankin carrying the oval. Rankin plunged ftver for a touchdown. Wagners tryfor point was blocked. BOULDER THREATENS, i Boulder then began their most determined offensive of the dav. With Bohn smashing off tackle for good gains, and Chamberlain passing accurately. the university team worked the bail to the Aggies' 8 -yard line, but Chamberlain failed to gain the necessary yard on fourth down, and the Aggies punted out of danger for the time. Two passes. Chamberlain to co-vlllef and Chamberlain to Bohn, workcd'the ball to the Aggies' 15-yard mark shortlv afterward, but a pass bv Chamberlain went over the goal line, and the Aggies were charging down the field when the game ended. On the last play. the spectacular Hyde plunged through center for fifteen vards, placing the ball otl his own 47-rard line t The lineup and summary- Colorado U Substitutions Colorado Aggies Montgomery for Wagner. Clammer for Ball, Wagner for Montgomery, Ball for Clammer. Univerafty of Colorado Phlleo for Johnson, Wolff for Sawyer Johnson for Phlleo, Pexton for Adams. Adams for Meade. Dickey for Adam Sawyer for MoNary, Babcock for Dickey, Carter for Pexton, Phlleo for Johnson Aggies 0 6 6 ft 12 Boulder 0 0 0 0 0 Colorado Aggies scoring Touchdown, Rankin, field goals (placements), Hyde (2) Referee, Mahoney; umpire, Bans-bach. hcadlinesman, Schweiger. Firemen and Alumni to Have Return Game Hvde smashed through the Boulder first game. Salt Lake high school alumni will seek to revenge themselves for he f3-36 defeat handed them by the Salt Ikc firemen's basketball team last Tuesday, when they meet the firemen in a return game in th Public Ssfetv building gymnasium Friday evening The lineup for the game will probably be the same as for the PANTHERS CONCENTRATE AHACK AND DEFEAT BOXELDER, 13 TO 0 Brigham City Eleven Succumbs After Hard-Fought Struggle; Wests Line Holds at Critical Times. Taking advantage of Arch Elkrem s fine punting, and following up a cost ly penalty with a Smashing offensive, the West Panthers eliminated the possibility of Boxelder tieing for th Salt Lake division by a score of 13 to 0 yeaterday afternoon on the West high campus Coach Earl Ferguson s team was not outclassed, as an analysis of the play will show; however. West displayed a better defense and seemed to have the driving punoFr when it was most needed "West made ten first downs to Boxelders nine, concentrating their scrimmage energise to two drives that netted them two touch downs in the first half. W est confined their offensive to line bucks and end runs, while Boxelder intermingled end runs with passes The northern eounty lads srme not particular where they attempted to gain via the aerial route Twice in the first half Boxelder trtl to catch West off thetr guards with surprise passes with the bail in their own territory, but the Panther secondary defense was wide awake Bov-elders strategy came nigh to proving fatal to fbelr chance. Early In thft second quarter Boxelder shot one of these passes and Beckstead of West Intercepted on the 40-jard line. Boxelder defense stiffened at this point and a score wss prevented Coach Ferguson has worked wonders with the Bees this season, which wss evidenced at the outset. West kicked and Boxcklet wa downed on their own 33-vard line Wet rooter tood agape while Boxelder ripped off yardage, a will and carried the ba'I well into West territory Two firs na, one from scrimmage and one from a pa, placed the maj on the Panther 4ft-yard line before Yet as able to stop the charging visitor Halted in their tracks, Dv-.der tried a kick from placement that went out of bounds on West s five-yard fine CONCENTRATE ATTACK. Here is where the ju rated toe of Arch Ekdem rnod hi team in good need An exchange of punts, hi which the West punter outd 'rcf4 Clover bv fen to f .Been vsrd. firs Hr m, eluded wth the bail in Waet s possession on the Boxelder 40-ysrd lino. Van Cott reeled off a twentv -yard and two drives bv Flkrem carr'ed tne hall over, the grJ Dne Hodgson fsiled to kirk goaL Bcore, 4 to ft, et high West s second touchdown was scored tn Hx minute later Poxeirte-returned the kickoff to the 2ft-va-d lne but were penalised fifteen vards foe hold nr ad Clover wss forced to punt v rt; received the kik near the si lIm and em the 4ft-rd line ard re,urrd eight vaxda West fWifrei th line frr f r d Wfi and th no arte- eMd i'h the ba.J n Lae It srd 1re The Brisham lad fowht aaliantr to stem the psn'her f'enmve. ftj an Cwtl and Likrem were a of b l daaoed. Wsat weal over ths goal las on straight football, although It took them eight plays to plow their wav there Van Cott took ths bail on ths final drive over Boxelder left tackle. Hodgson kicked goal. Score, West 13 Boxelder ft Thi ended the scoring. Tba second thalf wa a punting duel with Elkrem outdistancing Glover, which yardage was made up by BoxeJUef plav from scrimmage Ferguson s bunch made six first downs in the second half and five of them were accomplished during the third period. However, Boxelder did not seriously threaten to score. Jut before the game ended West started on ajiother offensive drive, and the tired visitors gave way before the powerful line smashes of the Red and Black backfleld. - HESS PLAYS WELL. West was unable to take the ad-vantage of a break tn the second quarter when Glover fumbled a paas from center on a kick formation and Judkins dropped on the ball on the Box-elder 29-aM line. Eikrem was thrown for a loss bv Hess, and three paae. one of which was completed, netted them a scant four yards. Hea, tbe Boxelder husky right Cackle, was a mountain of strength on the defense Time after time the big lineman brought down Van Coft or Elkrem, who, for the most part, were getting good results by crashing the BoxcMer line Call, the Boxelde pilot, got awsv for several brilliant run Once In the second quarter Beckstead twckled him whan It seemed as though the shKty little back was going to make a sensational dash J Peterson was a tough man to get by on the other aide of the line. For Wwl, the work of Owens, right tackle, was noteworthy. The entire forward wall kept the Boxelder backs worried but It was Owen who made their life miserable Boxsider stopped driving at the left side ot the line early In the game, when ft found that side intact. Rmoika showed plenty of fight and the gritty left guard hrok through often enough to de-eerve more than passing mention, Eikrem was. as nul. the eteedylng factor in the Psathrr barkfieid and hi line smashing was commendable, ehlls Van Cott proved te be an admirable teammate lane BmrekJmr- Betey for Glover Lcors by periods West T ft ft Boxelder ft ft ft (U ft ortg Touchdowns. Van Oq sod K krem Goal after toerfcdcwa. Il'rtfvon. Rfre. W Romney, empire. Reg dih, heed lines t tan, kaisp. (1 0 b

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